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Tropes about Islam

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Trope: “A significant or recurrent theme; a motif.” (OED).

“A common or overused theme or device.” (Mirriam-Webster).

In the west there are a number of such tropes about Islam that are widely used. What unites all of them is that they are false. Some are bare-faced lies, others are more subtle and contain various grains of truth within the myths and falsehoods. What follows is a discussion and a few examples of some of these.


The “Islam is the religion of peace” trope.

This is the Daddy of them all and so widely used that it has become a mantra.


Dear Muslim, Stop Running Away from the Quran

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Muslims are becoming more and more annoyed when non-Muslims criticize their sacred book, the Quran, or their moral code, called Sharia Law.  However, their campaign to demonize any criticism of Islam as bigotry or “Islamophobia” just isn’t working. Cudgeling socially unacceptable religious beliefs is a long-standing American tradition dating back to the witch trials of Puritans (1692), the doomsday cult of Johannes Kelpius (1708), the polygamy of the Mormons (1849), and the exhumation of corpses by the Branch Davidians (1987). Islam has more socially unacceptable beliefs than any of those other religions.

When confronted with shameful beliefs drawn from the pages of the Quran, Muslims usually run away from their sacred book.  No, they don’t physically run away, but they use any number of ploys to avoid directly discussing the ideological problems.


75 Reasons Why Muslims Must Stop With Their Terrorism Condemnation?

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Recently, I came across the article “75 Reasons Why Muslims Must Stop With Their Terrorism Condemnation Ritual” by Ismail Ibrahim.

I thought it deserved something of a reply.

In the interests of brevity (how well achieved you may decide) I will not go through it point by point, rather I will group the “75 reasons” under heads, thus I regret that you will have to look at the original article to follow my reasoning.

A. Tu-toque reasoning. Otherwise “It's ALL the fault of the West.”

Points #1, 16, 33, 37, 39, 40, 41, 59, 61-a classic, 65. (10 instances.)

B. Irrelevancy.

Points #2, 19, 67. (3 instances.)

C. Muslim supremacy aka “we're fine as we are and don't need to change”.

Points #3, 8, 29, 30, 35, 51, 57; (6 instances.)


The Peaceful and “terrorist” Muslim groups

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What do the following organizations have in common?

Al-Qaida, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Boko Haram, the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Abu Nidal Organisation, Abu Sayyaf, Aden Abyan Islamic Army, Al-Badr, Al-Nusrah Front, Al-Shababb, Ansar al-Sharia, Ansar al-Islam, Ansar al-Deen, Army of Islam, Boko Haram, Great Eastern Islamic Raiders Front, Harqat al-Jihad al-Islamic, Palestine Liberation Front, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Taliban.

I'm sure you know.

These are just a few of the many Islamic terrorist organizations slaughtering Christians and Jews, other non-Muslims, those belonging to other Muslim sects and even those of their own sect whom they consider “not Muslim enough”.

Their overall aim is the violent imposition of Sharia law wherever they can; as Boko Haram, IS, and Al-Shabab have done in northern Nigeria, Iraq-Syria and Somalia respectively.

Most are off-shoots of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) aka “Ikwan”, though the MB will often disown them publicly.


Jihadi Massacre in Nice, France: Islam’s War on All of Humanity

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On Bastille Day, a day of celebration of independence in France, a Tunisian Muslim drove a transport truck 3 miles through a street in Nice, filled with revelers, massacring 84 including 10 children; 202 were injured, 80 critically including 50 children.


CNN: Native French people to blame for the attack

Commentators on CNN were quick to place the blame for the horrendous mass-murder on the native French people stating:


Former Convert to Islam and Street Preacher Sees the Truth and Leaves Islam

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After 16 years of being an Islam apologist, expert and preacher, American convert Ismaa’eel eventually leaves Islam and out on a mission to tell the truth.


Orlando Gay Massacre: The Real Islam in Action

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Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

The shooting massacre of gays in an Orlando nightclub by an Afghan-born Muslim Jihadist Omar Mateen that killed 50 adds to the list of darkest days in recent US history alongside 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, and the San Bernardino massacre. All of those attacks were carried out by pious Muslims inspired by the teachings of their religion, Islam.


Some Thoughts on Diversity and Multiculturalism

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It seems that diversity and multiculturalism, along with political-correctness, form the “core ethos” of Western societies.

Despite brave words by the former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the “failure” of multiculturalism, nothing has changed – except for the worse.

Brown's words were lost when he left office. Merkel on her part clearly “repented” of her statements by opening the borders of her country to >1 million Muslim migrants in 2015 alone.

Francois Hollande said he was in war with Islamic terrorism after the Paris attacks, and then proceeded to 'fight' it with “solidarity” marches (we now know where we went wrong with Germany's Hitler, a few marches through London would have stopped his attack on Czechoslovakia cold).


Muhammad Phobia and Muhammad Syndrome

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Muhammad Phobia

Many Muslims and their supporters claim that the Western world today suffers from a debilitating psychos, called Islamophobia, more accurately, Muhammad Phobia, an intense phobia toward the ideas left behind by the prophet of Islam.

The term Islamophobia is utilized by Muslims and their supporters to smear those kafirs, who oppose the implementation of Prophet Muhammad’s abhorrent ideas on their societies, as racists and bigots.

The prime directive of Muhammad’s ideas is the utilization of terror to intimidate the kafir people leading to the Muslim conquest of their societies through a process of Jihad osmosis, step by step imposition of Sharia Law and subjugation of the kafir societies. A truer manifestation of Muhammad’s ideological directive is reflected in the following statement of his:

Allah's Apostle said... 'I have been made victorious with terror' (Bukhari (52:220)



Jihad - Holy war or plundering raids? Muhammad's early Jihad raids; first success at Nakhla

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Our second video on the "Jihad: Holy War or Plundering raid?" series.

Muhammad's initiation of Jihad in Islam. Bloodshed, murder, and capture of booty in Nakhla Jihad raid.


Muhammad’s 'Final Sermon': The Fake versus Real

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Muslims sincerely want and need to be following a prophet who models today’s most cherished humanitarian values -- universal equality, civil rights for women, and a faith for all peoples and all times. After all, Islam is now competing in a marketplace of ideologies, some of which actually ensure those values. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reach back into the well-documented history of Muhammad and find those values. So, instead, Muslims have re-written history. Be aware! When Muslims tell you that Muhammad espoused universal equality, equal rights for women, and a “perfected” religion, they may be quoting from a fake “Final Sermon” of Muhammad. Here it is:


Muslims are coming?

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During the Third Reich, comedians and ordinary people used comedy to express their deep contempt for the Nazi regime. Those were very brave people and many of whom had to sacrifice their life for their bravery. Quoting from the bookDid You Hear the One About Hitler?:

“Jokes reflect what really affects, amuses and angers people. They provide an inner view of the Third Reich that possesses an authenticity one usually misses when reviewing other literary texts,” says Herzog, 33, whose book “Heil Hitler, The Pig is Dead” -- the punchline to another Hitler joke –- goes on sale in September. “Political jokes weren’t a form of active resistance but valves for pent-up public anger. They were told in pubs, on the street –- to let off steam with a laugh. This suited the Nazi regime which was deeply humorless.”

Unlike the Nazi era comedians’ attack of Nazism and exposing the evils of the regime, recently in New York City, Muslim comedians Dean Obeidallah and Negin Farsad, producers of the “Muslims are coming” documentary, began a humorous campaign not to use comedy to attack and expose the evil of Muhammad and his Islam but to humanize him by putting a happy face on his monstrous ideology. One of the campaign ads read:

“Our hope is that our posters will inspire people to remember why bigotry and hate towards any religion or race is harmful to everyone. There is just no room for this type of fear mongering—especially in a packed subway car during rush hour,” Obeidallah said in the April release.



The Jihad: The CAIR-Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas-Hezbollah Jihadi Nexus

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A telling presentation by Juhdi Jasser:


Unveiling the Muslim ‘Lone Wolf’ Jihadism Phenomenon

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The ultimate mission of Islam is to conquer the world for Allah, where Islam will be only religion practiced (Quran 2:193, 8:39). Non-Muslims, who refuse to embrace Islam, will be slaughtered wherever found if they are idolaters, and relentlessly fought and subjugated into dhimmis if they are People of the Book (i.e. Jews and Christians). In order to hide this brutal face of Islam, Muslims have created terms such as Islamophobia to malign those, who question and expose the brutal nature of Islam, as racist and bigots. They excuse barbaric terrorist attacks by radical Muslims by reciting the rare peace verses of the Quran that have all being abrogated by the abundant violent verses, and call these Muslims as Self-radicalized, despite the fact that those terrorist Muslims commit the horrid acts of terrorism by obeying the violent verses of the Quran that command them to terrorize and kill the kafirs. Now-a-days, individual Muslims, after reading the Quran and being inspired by its violent verses, are engaging in acts of terrorism on their own, and to hide the Islamic inspiration from their actions, Muslim organizations and the media are calling it the “Lone Wolf” phenomenon.



Germany: Muslim Sex Attacker Thrashed by Brave Woman

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Muslim sex attackers, be aware. Kuffar women are not always weak and your sex slave.


Protocols of the Elders of the Muslim Brotherhood

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The two best-selling Western books in the Middle East are Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Mein Kampf. Both of these books fuel the anti-Semitism that is endemic in the region. Protocols is probably one of the most boring and ill-conceived books in history. It is basically a digest of 24 evil strategies (protocols) Jews will use to take over the world. After each set of strategies there is a short narrative (“argument”) explaining how that particular strategy will be achieved.

Example: Protocol 10 – Destruction and imperceptible abolition of constitutions melting the government into an autocracy.

Argument: These measures will give us the possibility of eliminating, little by little and step by step, all that which we may be obliged, at the beginning, to introduce into the government constitution, in an endeavor to acquire our rights, so as to bring about, unobserved, the abolition of every constitution and, when the time comes, to merge every function into our autocracy.

These protocols seem so authentic to the Muslim Brotherhood that they were actually written into the HAMAS Covenant of 1988 which says in Article 32:


On Islamic Extremists

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I was recently (Jan.2016) talking with a friend of mine on a wide range of issues. We had moved onto a discussion of Islam in light of the recent (Jan 1st 2016) mass sexual attacks in Cologne and (as we subsequently found out) other German cities.

My friend said “the Islamic extremists are just a tiny minority of course.”

My reply, made without much thought, was “I don't believe that.”


Having had time to think about that I would now say that we were both right, because it depends on what you mean by “Islamic extremist” and a “tiny minority”.

Without definitions of those terms to give a common frame of reference any discussion becomes pointless.



Sexual Jihad by Muslim Refugees in Germany

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Gone are the days of the German oompah bands. This rapid jihad that is sweeping Germany for years and recently accentuated by massive influx of Muslim asylum seekers and illegal infiltrators from the Middle East and North Africa by Chancellor Angela Merkel's open door policies, culminated on New Years Eve in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart in Taharrush – an Arabic phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped, raped.

To understand Taharrush, view this July 1 2013 horrifying You Tube video of a 22 year old Dutch journalist being raped in Egypt:

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