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Stereotyping Muslims

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I am old enough to remember the good days of air travel when people actually enjoyed the experience. Those were the days when people dressed for the occasion and looked forward to their journeys in those humble propeller aircrafts. Passengers didn’t have to endure any of today's inconveniences such as taking off their jackets, belts and shoes and go through security checks. That was before Muslims made their only contribution to aviation, which is aviation terrorism.

Nations around the globe take the credit for making the dream of flying a passenger aircraft possible. While the rest of the world was working hard to make air travel safer and more comfortable, the Muslims were working exactly in the opposite direction – to make it an annoying experience fraught with danger.


Jihad Massacre in Paris: A Fruit of Multiculturalism

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The Quran commands: 'Fight the Kuffar until faith in Allah alone (i.e. Islam) established al-together and everywhere.' (Quran 2:193, 8:39)

France and the wider Europe stands far from that ultimate goal of Allah. So, the attack in Paris and all such jihadi attacks in the West are committed by Muslims to achieve that goal of Allah.


After the Paris Attacks, Lessons Must Be Learned, Actions Taken

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I was saddened and horrified by the attacks in Paris last Friday. I like France and the French people. Paris – associated with culture, love and romance – is my favourite city. It was heartbreaking to follow the events as the bad news got worse by the hour. Most of us were angered and saddened but certainly not surprised, knowing the kind of enemy we face. The Friday attacks were the deadliest on France so far. In a way, they were French equivalent for 9/11. Like many others, I knew it was only a matter of time when bad things start to happen to our world. I am afraid that things can, and will, get worse unless we do something to stop them. I come from an Islamic background and know what is in the hearts and minds of Muslims. The amount of hate in the hearts of some Muslims, once released, can produce enough energy to destroy the world.



Jihadi Massacre in Paris: Submitting Myself to the Service of Islam

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Waking up this morning, as I opened the internet, the google news showed the headline: “140 Dead in Terrorist Attacks in Paris

I tried to get an idea of who may have committed the atrocity: Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack... An eye-witness said, hostages were butchered at the shouts of “Allah Akbar”.

Just about when I was starting get a picture of who may have committed the horrors in Paris, “tak, tak, tak”. Someone knocking on the door.

“You have courier mail.”

A delivery from Amazon.com. My wife was surprised.

“I have no clue that you have ordered stuffs from Amazon”, she said.

“I have no clue either,” I retorted.

Then it downed on my mind that my good friend currently residing in Saudi Arabia told me a few days ago that he will send me a few books, so that I can get an idea about the true Islam.



European Civilization Kneeling Down to Islam

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Islam has attempted to conquer Christian Europe since its beginning. In the year 654, Muslims invaded Cyprus. Immediately after that, they started attacking the peaceful Christian communities in the Mediterranean. During 711-788, they conquered the Iberian Peninsula, first Spain, then Portugal and Andorra, followed by the Southern parts of present-day Italy including Malta in 827.

However, Christian Europe prevented the Arab invaders from conquering entire Europe. They fought the Arab invaders tooth and nail, and eventually expelled them from the European continent. Islamic Arab invaders were able to enslave over a million Christian women and girls, who were sold to the Islamic territories. During their campaigns of conquest, they used to rape the enslaved women and girls, and treat them barbarically – the same tradition being followed even today by ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. Islam, since its birth, has always been a religion of sexual cruelty.


The West Already Lost, but Islam Will Lose too

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The war that has been going on between the West and Islam is obvious to all except those Westerners who live in denial and refuse to believe their eyes. What we actually see is a new kind of war the like of which never been fought before. In fact the word ‘war’ may not be the right expression to describe what has been going on. In wars, the fighting is in both directions but what we see today is that Islam is fighting against the West while the West is fighting alongside Islam!

Islam will lose

Islam has no place in this age of the Internet because its true nature can be easily exposed. It simply has no strength to survive an intellectual challenge. The ideology was not well constructed but a random collection of myths and ideas that make no sense to any person with common sense.


Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz on the future of Islam

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The primary requirement for solution to an ideological problem is to be honest about any inherent problems that ideology may have. Maajid Nawaz is one such aspiring Muslim reformer willing to recognize that Islam has inherent problems and seeking reformation of Islam on that basis. One may question whether his method will work or not, but we certainly can appreciate his honesty.


The Tsunami of Muslim Refugees into Europe – An Impending No-Go Zone for the Jews, Christians and other Non-Muslims

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Asylum seekers or Islamic invaders?

There has been an increasing infiltration of supposedly helpless predominantly Muslim refugees from the war-torn Middle East and North Africa into Europe over the months through illegal routes. But in recent weeks, there have been a massive surge in their illegal intrusion into Europe that has put the quantum of the intruders already on the shores of Europe to unmanageable numbers, despite tens of thousands of them being absorbed by Germany and Austria within a few days.

The fact about these illegal intruders is that they do not belong to the most helpless, desperate and vulnerable section of the masses in their home countries. Instead, they are predominantly from the well-off section of the society, people who can arrange for tens of thousands of dollars to pay the illegal human-smugglers and finance other costs on their complicated passage into Europe. People who can arrange that kind of money in those countries are considered well-off, and certainly not the poorest and most desperate. It should be noted that a vast majority of the well-off to rich section of the masses from the Muslim countries are willing to risk tens of thousands of dollars for the good life in Europe and other Western countries.



Aisha and Muhammad (Movie)

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The movie on the tragic story of little child Aisha... lives on

(This will be our future video channel on youtube. Also available at other links on youtube.)


When Prophet Muhammad Smiled and Laughed

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Islamophobes unfairly show the rude and cruel side of Muhammad only. But he also has a soft and graceful side, a smiling face, which should be revealed to the world too as matter of fairness. Even Muhammad’s favorite child-wife Aisha indirectly told in anger that Muhammad was like a tyrant and never laughed.

Narrated 'Aisha: I never saw the Prophet LAUGHING to an extent that one could see his palate, but he always used to smile only. (Sahih Al-Bukhari 3:73:114)

Narrated 'Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet), I never saw Allah's Apostle LAUGHING loudly enough to enable me to see his uvula, but he used to smile only….” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 6:60:353)

'A'isha, the wife of the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him), reported: I never saw Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) LAUGH to such an extent that I could see his uvula-whereas he used to smile only….” (Sahih Muslim 4:1963)

But there were occasions when he did laugh.


The History of the Niceness of Muslims

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The Quran describes Muslims as being nice to each other and harsh against the unbelievers (Q. 48:29 “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves…”). Some may argue that it is wrong and unfair to look only at the Muslims’ harsh side and make a judgement. This article browses through Islamic history attempt to see how nice the Muslims have been to each other. The following is only a small selection of events that come to mind.

The Quran correctly says that reminders benefit the believers (Q.51:55 “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers”). Let us hope that this reminder helps the unbelievers as well, although judging from how the West is dealing with Islamic invasion, this only seems more like a wishful thinking.

The Rashidun (the rightly guided) Era

There are conflicting reports about the nature of Muhammad’s death. Some Muslims insist it was a natural death while others (including Muhammad himself ) believed he was poisoned by a Jewish woman (probably a convert to Islam). Some even accuse Abu Bakr and Omar of plotting to assassinate Muhammad towards the end of his life. The Muslims’ split regarding succession surfaced immediately after their leader’s death and remains unresolved up to the present day. Abu Bakr’s era was marked with the a blood bath ( the Ridda wars) on a scale Arabia never experienced before.


The Evolution of Muslim Mall Ministries

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muslim-dawa-jesus-liesMuslim street preachers and mall ministries are working desperately to connect with the American public. Their dilemma is that when they model their Salafist imams and handlers, they appear too much like the Islamic terrorists we have all come to recognize. Here is a dawah couple in a Los Angeles shopping mall just a couple of years ago.

Of course, the shoppers were scared off because the street preachers looked every bit like Khalid Sheik Muhammad, the mastermind of the 9/11/01 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and Samantha Lewthwaite, the “white widow” alleged to have been involved in the 2013 Kenya shopping mall attack which left 67 people dead.

In 2015, another group of mall preachers, dressed in thobes and headgear, offered free Qurans to the shoppers, but there were few takers.


Brutalities of the Barbaric Sharia Law in Indonesia

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Many western Leftist intellectuals and media personalities are quick to cite Indonesia as a model of moderate, peaceful and democratic Muslim nation. A peep into what goes on there in name of Islam...


The Ideal Father-Daughter Relationship between Muhammad and Fatima?

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Daughters of Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad had over a dozen wives and many sex-slaves in his harem. Only two of those women were supposedly fertile. One was the wealthy old lady Khadija, his first wife, whom 25-year-old Muhammad married when she was 40. The second fertile woman was the Egyptian Coptic slave-girl Mariyah, sent from the harem of the Egyptian king after Muhammad sent him a threatening missive, demanding that Muhammad be accepted as the king and prophet of God. Soon after arriving in Muhammad's harem, Mariyah gave birth to a son, who died after a few months. Islamic scholars claim that all the wives of the prophet, mostly in their 20s or pre-20s, were barren and could not bore him any children.

According to Muhammad's biographical scriptures – the hadith and Sira – Muhammad supposedly had four daughters, all of them from Khadija. But hadith scriptures give a high level of coverage of his very loving daughter Fatima, while saying very little about the other three daughters—namely Zainab, Ruqaiyyah and Umm Kulthum.

In Islam, Muhammad is deemed to be the perfect human being and the ideal father, leader and prophet. The Quran also identifies him as “excellent example of human character” for Muslims to follow until the end of the world. We can, therefore, assume that the relationship between Muhammad and Fatima was the ideal father-daughter relationship that all Muslims must try their best to emulate for all eternity. Let us explore the supposedly ideal father-daughter relationship between Muhammad and Fatima in this essay.


Honoring the Victims of 9/11 Jihad Attacks: Let's the Tell Truth About Islam

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9.11-attacks-world-trade-centeIt has been 14 years since the 9/11 attacks by Islamic Jihadis in the USA that murdered 2,973 innocent people. The attacks were carried out in the name of Islam, to carry out the command of the Islamic God.

On this anniversary, let us honor the fallen victims of 9/11 by exposing the evil ideology that Islam is. Let us tell the truth about Islam for what it is.

Declaration of the truth of Islam # 1: Muhammad was a fraudster

For the sake of the 2,973 fallen souls of 9/11 Jihad attacks, let us declare without equivocation that Muhammad was cunning and cruel fraudster who never communicated with God, even if one exists. Allah was a fabrication of Muhammad, just the alter-ego of Muhammad himself. In other words, Muhammad and Allah were one and the same. Muhammad’s claim that God transmitted divine to him via Angel Gabriel was a blatant lie and the verses of the Quran were his own fabrications, a product of his own brain and thought processes. The Hadiths and Sira of Muhammad are living testimonies of a criminal par excellence, who utilized God's name to justify his endless crime humanity.


The Dilemma of the Middle Eastern Refugee Crisis

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The world is facing the greatest emigration crisis since World War II. Waves of emigrants leaving war-torn Middle East and North Africa have overwhelmed Western countries’ national security apparatus and resources of humanitarian aid organizations. Many innocent people are dying. The generous West has naturally responded: “Let’s do something!”

The West is already doing an inordinate share of the relief effort for truly displaced people who have been driven from their homes by violence and persecution. Where is a similar response from the Muslim Arab Gulf States?

If Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia justify rejecting refugees out of fear of terrorism, why is that concern irrelevant in the West? Where is the Islamic “compassion” and “brotherhood” for those in need? Meanwhile, Germany will be accepting over 800,000 refugees in this year alone.


Dajjal – The Blind, Barren and False Evil Messiah of the Jews

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In Muslim, especially the Arab, culture, ‘Jew’ and ‘Dajjal’ are the most derogatory terms used to identify a person. Terms like ‘Satan’ or ‘pig’ comes only next. Let us first to learn a little about the Dajjal of Islam.

In Islamic scriptures, Dajjal is mentioned as Messiah ad-Dajjal. The term 'messiah', commonly used in the Jewish and Christian faiths, literally "anointed one", referring to a person who acts as a saviour or liberator of a people. In Islamic scriptures, the added term Dajjal to Messiah gives a negative meaning to the term 'messiah', - meaning a ‘false savior’ or oppressive villain. The term 'Messiah ad-Dajjal' in Islamic scriptures is used to refer to the person in the most derogatory term possible.


Mental Disorders and Islam

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Most people in the civilized world must have noticed that individuals who convert to Islam, and the ‘Muslims by birth’ who suddenly turn religious, develop new tendencies, such as:

* They turn against culture and life beauties, such as music, paintings, cinema and other arts.
* They adopt a serious life style, with less humor, jokes, laughs and other manifestation of happiness.

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