Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

I have no connection with any god, religion or sect

Most people equate spirituality with some form of religious belief. However much they might want to separate the two, a hint of religion always manages to show up in spirituality. It is for this reason that the word means nothing to me. I have no connection with any religion, any God, any sect. 

I only believe in secular humanism. I was very young when I began to argue and agitate for equal rights for women. Even as a little girl, I could never understand why there were different rules for the boys and a distinct set of norms for us girls. I think it was my ability to question that made me special. I never got a reply that quite satisfied me. And my quest just continued.... If I can do something for those who are oppressed and exploited, if I can help improve their lot, if I can create a consciousness among women, I would say that I have found contentment. 

I would still not call it peace - I'm never at peace - but I would say a significant milestone has been achieved. I'm not a very courageous person. My strength comes when I see women struggling. Their struggle gives me the resilience to keep fighting for their rights. 

My approach to all predicaments is the same - get to the root of it and eradicate it forever. There's no use finding superficial solutions to perennial problems. I am a woman of science. I believe that a scientific answer is the best way to sort out a complication. Blind faith is not my cup of tea. I do not believe in bowing my head before anyone or anything.


(As told to Anubha Sawhney)
The Times of India
Feb 19, 2005

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