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Muhammad, Cross-Dressing, and the London Muslim Patrol

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written by kope , March 03, 2013
david wood have paranoia disorder
written by abc , March 03, 2013
comment deleted due to a rude commenter and filthy untruths
written by dead or alive , March 03, 2013
Muslims would be happier living in mid east than western countries.Why stay in west ?Deporting Muslims away from people who are 1400 years ahead of Islam is the only solution.
written by dead or alive , March 03, 2013
Also ;Shore lining with white cane and have to tap side of Mosque to get my bearings.I would be beat up by the Muslim patrol?abc,malem and kope, would you watch the beating?If it pleases Allah,You would watch hapless victim with oily grins.
Islam / ALLA /MO gets curioser and curioser , the more you know !!!! cross dressing by MO and sucking the tongues ....!!!!
written by kafir-infidel , March 04, 2013
We are not knowing the details of the Mo's activities - his visiting pimps and prostitutes and weird acts !!!!
Now we know from the hadis ..... All this information from ISLAMIC books must be made available to all people , both moslems and nonmoslems. Please underline and preserve this information. Mo s pimp was ALLA , as ALLA readily, complies with Mo's demands ( let us say idiosyncracies , fantasies of MO !!!) .
The existence of ISLAM in this world is really an affront to humjan civilization and a deep stain on human conscience !!!! Nobody needs to be a moslem or follower of that monster MO . Any human being on this earth is 1000 times better than MO. Even serial killers, rapists, crooks, cruel butchers are better than MO the profit profiteer. What do you say KOPE , ABC , MALEM ? DO you think you have any conscience ?
LOOK into your self everyday morning in the mirror and ask the question why do you want to follow that monster butcher, liar, theif , lecher, killer , rapist and pedo ? Think about it . You are accountable for your self by the law of karma !!!!! Are you ready to take the steps needed to live like a good human being ?
Cracks-me up
written by Kaser , March 04, 2013
The "prophet" sucked on boy's tongues !!!! I read this also.
I did not know that the "prophet" also wore women's garb!

Malem, Kope, abc - your prophet is a boy tongue-sucking cross-dresser...
With 9 wives! One of then married when she was 6 years old!

Islam's sexual perversion stem from the prophet himself!!
What a prophet for us all humans for all humanity!
Poor Mulsims,no wonder you don't want to enter into a Quran/Hadith debate !
written by Malem , March 04, 2013
Kaser I must commend your acting talents. This video you are in is good from an acting standpoint, not so much in content. Are those your own clothes or are they supplied by the producer of the film?
written by abc , March 04, 2013
That's not kaser! He is ok!
It's mr khans wet dream!
written by Kaser , March 04, 2013
No Malem, I don't weigh 240 lbs.
Did you manage to hear what he said while watching the clip, or were you too turned on? ;-)
written by dead or alive , March 04, 2013
The video is constructive for any simpleton to under stand the follies of Islam.
written by youcancallmeV , March 04, 2013
Another Islamic paedophile sex ring in Leicester UK.
how to handle the ISLAMIC killing,truth and facts about ISLAMIC cruelty, wickedness, bigotry, ISLAMIC HATRED,ISLAMIC fascism , ISLAMIC intolerance ?
written by kafir-infidel , March 05, 2013
Exposing the ISLAMIC bigotry, ISLAMIC hatred, ISLAMIC fascism, ISLAMIC slavery, ISLAMIC savagery and ISLAMIC intolerance are indeed praise worthy. But , DAVID WOOD has to go far beyond this . DAVID wood is arguing from a disadavantaged position , a position of weakness. The same applies to the ex.moslems and originators of the web sites, ISLAM-WATCH. ORG and FAITHFREEDOM .org and many other sites which are determined to eradicate ISLAM and thereby make this world a better place for all humanity. THe advantage for ISLAMISTS is that they are already entrenched in INFIDEL/ Kafir lands ( much against Mo s and ISLAMIC tenets - According to Mo , any moslem residing in infidel /kafir land is haram and such moslem is worst than kafir !!! ).....SO, ISLAMISTS enjoys all kindness, compassion, liberty, freedom, rights generously given by infidels / kafirs and are free to attack Infidels and kafirs in their own country , without any reprisals or even a small punishment !!! compare this, to a situation in a Moslem country. Infidels and kafirs are not allowed to do any thing against ISLAM . ISLAM is strictly implemented and kafirs /infidels are treated as slaves with inferior status and moslems are given special privileges under ISLAM !!!! This is a theocratic , religious apartheid state which is actually a fascist state which implements suppression, oppression and destruction of kafirs / infidels by using ISLAMIC authority. So, here , what we have to do is to take fight ( of justice, morality, kindness, equality, nonviolence , freedom, democracy , gender equality ) to ISLAMIC countries and pointing to ISLAMISTS to join the civilized , peace, freedom, democracy , loving world of civilized human societies . We must insist and see that ISLAM must comply with all human values, principles , morals, accepted by civilized countries and societies . We also must tell ISLAMISTS that there is no place in a most civilized, progressive, peace, freedom , equality loving world of unbelievers, for the most regressive , dark ,cruel ,fascist, vile theology of ISLAM. This must be repeated and asserted through all available means, media, diplomacy and dialogue and directly pointing out , confronting the inferior and dark theology called ISLAM. Let us take the fight to ISLAMIC lands .
I agree
written by dead or alive , March 05, 2013
With kafir-infidel.The biggest hurtle to reaching the hearts and minds of Muslims is a world power political system who s motto is,`Never waste a good crises`.Other words,Order through chaos.
written by abc , March 05, 2013
I thought the process has already started.
A million Iraqi babies enjoyed the food for oil programme.
Then the adults danced in the streets as democratic missiles rained down in them.
Oh they enjoyed it so much we did it twice.
How they cheered when they were left with liberty loving depleted uranium.
That jaunt to the gulf was so good that afghans felt left out.
They love your brand if drone democracy especially when you kill their children and call it collateral damage.
Yes we will make the world a peaceful place even if we have to destroy it!

written by youcancallmeV , March 05, 2013
Wouldnt have happened if Iraq hadn't invaded Kuwait, Saddam Hussein had plenty of chances to prevent the whole conflict. He didn't have to torture his people and steal their wealth.
Wouldn't have happened if Saddam Hussein hadn't repeatedly threatened Israel with attacks by chemical weapons.
Wouldn't have happened if Saddam Hussein Hadn't gassed the Kurds and the Iranians....
Wouldn't have happened if Osama Bin Laden hadn't claimed responsibility for 9/11.

That drone democracy is a direct response to IED dictatorship, or indocrination to martyrdom where women and children are coerced into being a part of the device...
Children need not be killed at all, Palestinians don't have to place missile barrages in schools and residential areas when they attack Israel with Iranian built missiles.
to abc
written by Infidel and MP , March 05, 2013
Watching too much Islamic propaganda EH.

And it is happening in Syria.. Wahabi democracy
And it is happening in Bahrain.. Wahabi democracy
And it is happening in Egypt.. Wahabi democracy
And it is happening in Pakistan.. Wahabi democracy
And it is happening in Bangladesh.. Wahabi democracy
And it is happening in Afganistan.. Wahabi democracy

ABC unless muslis cry drone no one is gonna pay any alms would they. Look at the money flowing through Afganistan and Pakistan. Read the artcle where once whole of able bangladesh applied for US greencards..

WTF the origion of Wahabism does not have any democracy..
written by Malem , March 05, 2013
You have developed a policy to use Drones on your own people, enough said. You can no longer say you are peace loving and free democracy when you pick and choose without oversight who out of your own population you wish to Drone into heaven...silly pepole
written by abc , March 05, 2013
Seems to have a memory like a goldfish.
Saddam was our guy in the east. We armed him all sorts of wonderful weapons to keep his population down and to fight the Iranian mullahs in return for cheap oil.
We probably have an invoice receipt for the chemical weapons he used. Im sure Washington/Whitehall know this.
How outraged were we about the use of Chemical weapons??
We reacted 10 years after the event?? All of a sudden we developed morals and a love for the kurdish.
Lying weasley hypocrites!
I miss the stupid REED Wilson
written by pugo , March 05, 2013
I miss the idiot wilson advocating and defending the treachorous cult of murder thta's iSLAM
written by youcancallmeV , March 05, 2013
Never heard of TDG ltd, abc ?
It's corporate headquaters were pretty nondescript and based in London....they were largely responsible for all procurement of western arms and technology that was supplied to Saddam Hussein's regime.
They were an Iraqi owned company, part of the Al Arabi Trading Group. They bought into many western companies that were involved in the arming of Saddam scandal...Matrix Churchill was one of those firms.

It's rather obvious that you've never even heard the names Safa Habobi or Fadel Jawad Kadhum. They were the directors of Nasr State Enterprise for Mechanical Industries...a key defence firm involved in the arms scandal...
They were employed by Kamal Hussein.
dear benevolent abc
written by Infidel and MP , March 05, 2013
abc from were the attacks on Saddam carried out.
certaily not your backyard and also not from Iran.

Oh they were carried out from Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, KSA and Qatar aprt from numerous ships. BTW all these countries are muslim caliphates (of some sort) and westerners are not occupants in either of the above.

Drones to afgansitan fly from pakistan and to sudan from KSA.
written by youcancallmeV , March 06, 2013
Ahhh....I see that Male M totally misunderstands UAV technology and their lawful domestic applications.
written by malem , March 06, 2013
No misunderstanding lad, read it for yourself, your going backwards. Remember how fast Rome fell? Well you are passing them quickly, but keep sending us money :) http://security.blogs.cnn.com/...-possible/
written by youcancallmeV , March 07, 2013
You're the ones doing the crucifixions......lad.


Just remember, pride goeth before a fall.

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