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'Infidels Rise': Courageous Gay Student Fights Back at Islamist-Leftist Allies at Hunter College

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Everybody gets amazed as to why so many infidels in the West, specially the leftists and gays, love Islam. The Quran calls them lowest of creatures and worst beasts (8.55, 98.6) and orders Muslims to slay them unless they convert to Islam (9.5). In an ideal Muslim country, you can catch and keep them like a cow (Imam Hamza Misri). Gays are not even given an option; they are to be killed right away. There they are burnt alive, their temples are destroyed, their women are raped, but their love for Islam and Muslims does not diminish. They flock to pro-Palestine marches and shout pro-Muslim slogans louder than Muslims themselves.

European infidels are letting Muslims settle in their countries in droves and offering them their countries in a platter. Forecast is that within foreseeable future, whole Europe will be Muslim majority. Once Muslim gain minority, non-Muslims of Europe will be treated like animals getting burnt and raped. They will become like Copts in Egypt, Hindus in Pakistan, Christians in Indonesia, Buddhists in Malaysia, Non-Muslims in Nigeria, Assyrians in Iraq, Zoroastrians in Iran, Buddhists and Sikhs in Afghanistan and animists in Sudan and so on.

Muslims hate most the infidels of the most powerful country, the USA, which Muslims call the "Big Satan". That country elected an Islam-loving infidel, with middle name Hussein, as the president, who loves azan and declared at the UN that future is not for those who insult Muhammad. He filled the White House with Muslim brotherhood operatives, is bringing in Muslims from Africa in large numbers, and helping Islamists to take over moderate Muslim countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Syria and giving billions of tax payer dollars to America-hating radical Muslim groups.

Why are these infidels so deaf dumb and blind – and eager to commit suicide. You ask a Muslim, he will say "Allah made them like that and they cannot help it". The Quran says in aya 2.171: "They are deaf, dumb and blind."

However some educated infidels (thanks to MA Khan, Ali Sina, Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, Geert Wilder, Robert Spencer etc.) are trying to fight these Islam lovers. Here is a very brave gay student in Hunter College fighting back the Muslim-Leftist allies single-handedly. “Look it up in the Quran” is his weapon.

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written by Just A Reader , January 18, 2013
There is a big challenge in front and just creating website and a Youtube will not be enough. The only people who can really help are those who left Islam after practicing the religion for many years. They can only tell the true story to the world. May be some apostate cleric could be more useful. Why to practice a religion even knowing it will only do evil , is it because the religion is inherited? DO WE NOT TRY TO GET RID OF GENETIC OR CONGENITAL DISEASE THEN WHY CAN NOT WE FREE OURSELVES FROM THIS DISEASE.
written by youcancallmeV , January 18, 2013
Islam doesn't do truth.
It can't bring itself to admit that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, even though when Muslims go to Jannat there are boys like hidden pearls available....
All in all there's the hypocricy, it's not allowed on Earth and is punishable by a horrible death but in heaven it's entirely a different matter...the Q'ran makes Jannat sound like some type of whorehouse.
Here on Earth Afghani males openly indulge in bisexual and homosexual behaviour, Pakistani males would have everyone believe that no Muslims are ever homosexual, ever have been or ever will be.
In Iran, gay men are hanged, while Iranian ayatollahs are caught on film kissing young boys on the mouth.
The facts are that Islam is very confused sexually, superstition and hadith, rules and fear governs Islamic sexuality.
written by Narinder , January 18, 2013
Best way to stop islam teach youths in school Koran verses which are full of violence against infidels so that they can fight like this gentleman in vdo.
written by youcancallmeV , January 18, 2013
Maybe they could start with exploring Islamic literature....they might examine the homoerotic themes in Islamic poetry, the bits which celebrated male homosexuality.
Mohammed was scared to recognise his repressed feelings towards 'beardless youths'...he liked their eyes apparently.
written by youcancallmeV , January 18, 2013
In Afghanistan British soldiers expressed their discomfort at adult males indulging in the paedophiliac practice of 'bache bazi'(boy play) around Kandahar.
In Arabic countries it's known that homosexuality is an expression of power and aggressive masculine superiority.
written by youcancallmeV , January 18, 2013
Ever wonder what the crime statistics are for gay bashings in western countries, perhaps where 'straight' Muslim males exercise violent acts upon homosexual victims.
Editor: Typo in sentence 9
written by Ravi , January 18, 2013
Word "minority" should read "majority"
kid got guts
written by Nada , January 19, 2013
The kid got alot of guts but he better be careful they might jump him at alater date no muzzie wants to hear the TRUTH about piglam.
Hindus love for islam
written by Ravi , January 19, 2013
Great article. Unfortunately most of my country mates ( hindus ) also suffer from the same stockholm syndrome after being enslaved and brutalized by muslims for thousand years (100 million were killed in that period). In India they kiss the behind of muslims and give them special priviledges. They even pay them subsidy to go to Haj. In USA it is the same story. They went in droves to vote for the islam loving Obama for presidency. Even greatest Hindu leader Gandhi loved islam. He used to read quran and talked highly of their pedophile rapist prophet.
written by youcancallmeV , January 19, 2013
nine 'Asian' men in Oxford have been abusing vulnerable girls aged between 11-16 over a period of 8 years. One of the children was branded with the letter 'M' for Mohammad and was loaned out for 'torture sex' , she also endured a backstreet abortion ...Slave owner, Mohammed Karrar made £600 an hour. The girl was repeatedly raped by large groups of men..This gang has 79 charges against them, they've used alcohol, gifts and class 'A' drugs to coerce the 24 girls into a world of sexual exploitation.
It's not the first time that a gang of 'Asian' men have targetted white children as sex slaves it's happened before in Rochdale in the North of England...
Quite why the term 'Asian' is used by the media is a mystery, the gang are Pakistani and Morrocan..they're Muslim and they're paedophiles.
This is your saviour
written by abc , January 19, 2013
A gay kid who has learnt a few buzz words from a hate site?
I'm sure he will grow out of the hate once puberty hits him
written by youcancallmeV , January 19, 2013
You never grew out of your hatred abc...that's why you constantly turn up here with your own peculiar brand of ignorance and denialism.
you're often using derogatory terms....'retard central' for instance, that was one of yours. What have those with learning difficulties ever done to threaten you, or a gay person, have they ever threatened to harm you?

written by youcancallmeV , January 20, 2013
Whereas you'll never grow out of your indoctrinated hatred abc.
written by fine , January 20, 2013
Proof anything this site, said or brought about Quran and Hadeeth and Sira al rasool THAT is invented or added or omitted , and we will address it and refute you ..

You can NOT call this site as '' hate'' site when everything it brings, IS BROUGHT FROM YOUR TEXTS … and filmed actions YOU [ Muslims] are doing …. YOU … this site is about Islam and Islamic things are brought to light .

get to work …. Muslims !!!
written by abc , January 20, 2013
This shows you have nothing to say. Denialism? Like a little kid in a school playground. I occasionally come here because the likes of you amuse me.
"retard central" is probably mine, I write as I speak it.
Mind you if the shoe fits.
Gay is not a derogatory term and no I have not been threatened.,
written by youcancallmeV , January 20, 2013
I amuse you abc?
you don't sound amused, rather insecure in your beliefs.
Your denialism cannot stand up to the facts and evidence, so you resort to insult and taunting.
written by Shibli Zaman , January 21, 2013
You apostates are running scared as kuffar are either converting to islam or falling in love with islam as this article correctly points out. Allah has his own designs to give victory to islam. Europe is turning muslim so rapidly that you guys yourself are amazed.. So will USA . Mosques are being built at every corner .My city has masahaallah has now over 50 and growing when theer was one only 25 year back. Soon you will hear azan five times a day in your own home on loudspeakers and you will not be able to do anything as president Obama will allow it with his executive order. By the way it was Allah who put Obama in office.
written by youcancallmeV , January 22, 2013
and..... when that all happens you'll find out about the real face of America, you'll find out exactly why the NRA isn't keen to give up it's guns and why the place calls itself 'the land of the free'.
By the way...it was the constitution that put Obama in office, not some jumped up xenophobic moon demon.
If you want to leave Islam ...
written by lw1 , January 28, 2013

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