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Islam’s Gifts to the World

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A pictorial presentation of some of Islam's great contributions to the world.


two-tongued Tariq Ramadan
Two-tonques Tariq Ramadan---the most influential Muslim intellectial.


Islam-lover Barack Obama





























Yasir Arafat

Ahmadinejad moneky


Obama genuflects to Saudi King


No other religion offers a short cut to heaven and 72 virgins just by killing infidels by blowing yourself up.

Hamas children show on how to kill Jews and go to heaven


Hijab: Great Arab invention




33.59: Hilali-Khan O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way).








Here is a neighborhood lady police in Islamabad, Pakistan:

neighborhood lady police in Islamabad


Muslims are the first to determine that explosives in the rectum cannot be detected:

Rectal suicide bombing

Advantages of rectal suicide bombing:

Face remains in tact making showing during funeral pleasant. Besides Allah can recognize the shaheeds and reward the 72 virgins to the right man instead of confusion between hundreds of suicide bombers who are mostly minced meat. This it in following image (caution: very gory picture): http://infidelsunite.typepad.com/.a/6a0111685b4b71970c0120a584fcfa970c-800wi.

Explosive Public Performances:

burqa suicide bombing


Shukrana salats (thanksgiving prayers) give additional blessings for thanking Allah for his favours.

After safely passing security on a suicide mission:

Prayer after security

After a massacre:

Muslim prayer after Jihad massacre


Muslims are pioneers in this work.

world trade center attack, 9/11


Female Genital Mutilations:

Prophet promoted female circumcision, which keeps women pious. Female circumcision removes the very sensitive part of the sex organ, eliminating their sexual pleasure.

female genital mutilation, islam

Male circumcision:

Male circumcision, removal of foreskin of the penis covering the very sensitive part, was acquired by Muhammad from the Jews. Male circumcision enhances the sexual pleasure for men.

Islam: mate circumcision


quranic control of women



33.59 Hilali-Khan O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies (i.e. screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way).

[You make another look at the neighborshood lady police in Pakistan (above) to understand Islamic control of women.]














(Islam allows sex with captured women)

Islamic female-women spoil of war for sex



Islam allows sex with captured women and slave girls. During Islam’s early days of Prophet Muhammad and his followers, slave-markets of Islamic capital were bursting at the seems with gorgeous captured women from all over the world as Islamic armies conquered half the known world in 100 years and captured thousands and thousands of beautiful women. Our prophet always got 20% of them and after sampling them once or twice gifted them to friends and relatives or sent them to the slave market.

Islamic sex-slave market egypt
A beauty from Egypt disrobed and ready to be sold

Islamic sex-slave market persian sex-slave
A Persian beauty disrobed for inspection
by potential Muslim buyers.


Islam (Quran  4:24) allows acquiring temporary wives with money. One does not have to be rich to cough up big bucks to buy a slave-girl and have fun. For a few bucks a poor man can also have fun with one or two women for a night.

Islamic muta marriage: divine sanction for one-night stand


Since Islam allows unlimited number of captured women and slave girls, many rich Muslim have large harems.

Islamic harem.


Quran 65:4 allows sex with little girls:

Islamic pedophilia pedophile muhammad


Islam is the only religion, which has duas for all occasions, even before and after defecation.

Islamic Dua/prayer for defacation


Recently a woman was sentenced to flogging in Malaysia for drinking beer.

Islamic flogging of women
A girl, fully hijabbed, being flogged in Aceh, Indonesia.


(Islam requires killing of blasphemers and apostate)

Islamic punishment for blasphemy/apostasy


Punishment for drawing Muhammad's cartoons or naming any animal (or even an stuffed one like teddy-bear) Muhammad is death by beheading.

death for drawing muhmmad cartoons


Islam allows four wives, which can be changed and replaced at will. Imam Hasan Bin Ali, Muhammad’s grandson, had married over 70 women in his short life. But they must be treated equally (although Muhammad made Aisha his favorite wife).

Islamic polygamy

Equal Treatment of All Wives:

If you give one wife a hell of a beating, all must be beaten up also.

polygamy equal treatment: beating all wives equally


Muslims are the first to come up with this useful warfare technique. They got this idea from hostage dramas on TV.

Hamas uses civilians as shields in war


(All European countries will be Muslim majority in the near future due to population explosion of polygamous Muslims)

islamic: high breeding to conquer western countries

islamic conquest of Britain

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written by vbv , October 16, 2009
Very picturesque and grotesque. Islam in all its beauty well potrayed hahahahahahahaha!

Let us now see the reactions of the muslims! Hohohohohohohhahahaha!
written by Archpagan , October 16, 2009
Sorry, there is an important omission- castration of slaves and their utilization to guard harems.
yes agreed !!!
written by yes agreed !!! , October 16, 2009
yes agreed !!!
written by a guest , October 16, 2009
quran is a gift to the world

please read my blog, read how islam will win the
clash of civilization.


Why Mo hates dogs
written by ha ha ha ..... , October 16, 2009
Do you know that Mo was chased by a dog (perhaps was bitten too) when he was a young boy? After he grew up, to take a vengeance to the dog, he simply made dogs haram, even only touching their hairs. Different case with pigs. Once, he dreamed that he was the reincarnation of a pig, so he made pigs also haram. ha ha ha .......
yes koran is a gift to world like aids and swine
written by yes koran is a gift to world l , October 16, 2009
yes koran is a gift to world like aids and swine flu
frm u filthy arabs.

if it wins it will be due to the stupidity and politican correctness of us kafirs.

but islam=falsehood will loose,and truth will win.

each day i see more and more muzzie leaving islam.

i am ex-muslim from india,and i have myself helped over 500 muzzies leave islam.

i left islam in 1992 when no one even thought of being an ex-muzzie.

when i struggled for ppl to see the real face of hate=islam till 2001 i cud hardly get 5 ppl to leave islam.

from 2003-4 after ffi-isw r launched the rate has accelerated.

and in last 1 yr alone over 300-350 ppl have left islam by my effort alone.

and these ppl r also helping others leave islam.
so domino effect is starting and it will accelerate till hate based uideology of judeo-christianity/islam is destroyed,and humanity prevails.

so we can safely say that islam will be destroyed by ex-muslims.

u have tortuted and killed our forefather,now we will take revenge on u f-ing arabs and muhamed-pigs.

islam will loose for sure,and we ex-muslims will
make it loose.

we will ensure that islam looses,and people like u r slaughtere in the streets,or converted away from

u threaten to use voilence so will we,we will use yr ways to eliminate u and convert world to kafirism=truth=humanity again.

better to worship mother india than to worship fake imaginary allah.

vande bharat mataram

Do we have a whole series of Mo cartoons
written by Bravo , October 16, 2009
We need to draw the whole history of Mo, with all his suras and deeds. Let the world know what Mo was and his followers were and will be till this disease is there.
Please all cartoonists and artists use your skills and make muhammed cartoons and sell in the internet.

Muhammed may be wanted to draw paintings, but he was not good at that, so he banned paintings etc, similarly he was talentless and in mecca he was mocked when suddenly he started telling others who were more intelligent than him that he is some sort of prophet.

Islam is not funny , its dangerous and it attacks and finishes any host infidel nation or society by infiltrating like parasite.
written by Geowyn , October 16, 2009
This is the Peace of Islam
I do not agree
written by JohanM , October 16, 2009
I do not agree that "Male circumcision enhances the sexual pleasure for men".

It might have been a thought behind the Islamic practice of "khitan" that male circumscision enhances the pleasure but it is far from the truth.

Foreskin is the most sensitive part of the Male body.
written by Reminder , October 16, 2009
To all muslim,

These drawing reminds all the muslim tchances are your ancestor could be the victim of these atrocities. After many generation, all these has been forgotten and you are now defending Islam and Mo for all the bad things they has done and hurt your ancestor many generation ago.
Great Post
written by Vijay , October 16, 2009
This is one of the most entertaining and hillarious articles on islam I have seen any where. I laoughed my a-- off at some of the cartoons. They are all very factual and from real life. One comment: I will title the cartoon with the man with his head in sand as "Ignorant moderate muslims". I recommend all to forward it to all your contacts.
written by Salman , October 16, 2009
Wow, what a true pictorial about the gifts of islam. Hillarious. Congrats to islam watch for the most entertaining post. This collection should be published in mainstream publications.
Loved it
written by John , October 16, 2009
Loved it. Ali, you have great sense of humour.
written by Shibli Zaman , October 16, 2009
I will be the one laughing at all of you and the hindu Ali Khalaf on the judgement day.
written by Shibli Zaman , October 16, 2009
Ali Khalaf are you ashamed of your hindu name?
To Shibil Zaman
written by Marc , October 16, 2009
Do you have any brains? Can you tell us with what name ex-muslims like Salman Rushdie , Ayan hirsi Ali, Taslima nasrin, Wafa Sultan etc should speak.
Does ex-muslim who studied koran , hadith, islamic history and kept his eyes, ears open to all world happenings and used his brain to come out of this cult can be blaimed on other religion?
Why do you think Ali Khalaf is a hindu or jew or christian?
As you 'think' him as hindu, it shows that you are from Indian sub-continent. The pakis and indian muslims consider chinese as friends while consider enemies and want to kill hindus who are there neighbours and same ethnic group to which there ancestors belonged to before 'sword of islam' forced them as muslims and after few generations these muslims became enemy of the hindus in India and ready to kill hindus for pleasing chinese.
Also muslims hate the local non-muslims or the nearest non-muslims like uighur muslims or chinese muslims hate non-muslim chines the most.
The Iranian shia muslims hate zorastrians, jews and bahai the most. They hate sunni muslims and Bahai more than sikhs, buddhists and hindus. While they hate all non-muslims, but muslims attack the nearest non-muslims.
Infact if you see fanatic pakis they think that Taliban is a hindu organisation. Yes there madness is beyond doubt.
Middleeast muslims hate jews and christians the most, they think that US is controlled by jews. How funny?

Also dont you feel ashamed by being muslim 'Shibil' ?
How come 'Mother Teresa' who helped poors throughout life wont get heavan , while your filithy mujhahids/jihadists will get heavan for killing non-muslims.?
Think of it for sometime, if you have brain and come out of this cult. WHy transfer this dangerous ideology to your children and make them suffer and let others suffer through them? Come out and be part of humanity not against it.
written by SK , October 16, 2009
Its funny how people talk about Islam without knowledge. I do not get how people can hate something so much so blindly.
Either its plain ignorance or just immaturity. Whatever be the case, I think whatever religion you belong to or if you are an atheist, the comments and pictures shown above are just as immoral and unethical for any human being.
Nevertheless the least you can do is research about what Islam has to say regarding this than just laugh it off and develop more hate towards the religion.

I think if you look in the past or through your own experiences you will know that, evil is always more appealing and attractive but eventually its always good that prevails.

So, please all of you or at least the smart ones among you and especially the owners of this website, whoever you may be, and whatever real purpose you may have, sit down research THOROUGHLY about Islam, talk to or listen to REAL scholars of Islamic knowledge, not the random Moulanas you see on the streets and on televisions but well-known scholars who hold proper Islamic knowledge, people like - Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Dr Zakir Naik, Sheikh Feiz etc. (all available on youtube) and clear your misconceptions.
And please, to gain any form of knowledge it is essential you learn with a fresh mind and form your own opinion rather than that of Tom, Dick and Harry.
May Allah Guide Us All...

P.s- this is a sincere request, i do not intend to argue with anyone, Islam does NOT teach us to argue or point fingers.
written by SK , October 16, 2009
one more thing i would like to add, please do NOT judge a religion by it's followers, WE humans are imperfect and because of our ignorance and stupidity we have made the world what it is Today.
Most of the people who have converted out of Islam have done that not because of hatred out of the religion, but because of the people who call themselves Muslims and do the opposite of what Islam tells them to do.
Trust me, sadly but truly REAL Muslims are very rare, and we have become like this because of our ignorance and less knowledge of our own religion.
It is sad to see young Muslims arguing and abusing other people on forums and comment boxes like these, when this is completely condemned in Islam.

Nevertheless if any of these words affect any of you, please make an effort to understand Islam.
And Insha'Allah (god willing) we shall all see the Real Light of Islam amongst all this Darkness.
sk awe 2: we do understand
written by Plain Talk , October 16, 2009
How's a little Bukhari; LXll,25 for a little enlightment?

Those words affect millions of young boys all over the world, who are being raped by men, with the blessing of Islam.
What's forbidden? Here's a little more enlightment, "The rapist of the boy is not allowed to marry the mother".

As satan is willing, how's that for the REAL LIGHT?
Islam is spreading the darkness.
AwE.. yet again..
written by SK , October 16, 2009
Mr.Plain Talk,
I do not know what Bukhari you conjured up in your mind and are misquoting, because as far as im concerned your Citation "LXll,25" does not make sense. Please elaborate, and tell me the Volume No, Book No and the Hadith No.
Now now lets play fair shall we?
written by JohanM , October 16, 2009
I think Sheikh Ahmed Deedat is no more. I have seen some of the Islamic knowledge of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Zakir Naik on youtube.
I tried to be open minded but believe me I found both of them just shouting on the questioner if any question is uncomfortable to them. In fact they resort to the insult and character assasination of the questioner. Instead of any sense of spirituality they just blabber and make fun of other religions.

I would encourage you to please see these people once again in youtube, keep your mind open when you listen them. You yourself will find them that they resort to insulting others to show how good Islam is.

These two gentlemen are actually proponent of Wahabbi ideology. You have mentioned about Islamic knowledge but you would agree with me that these two scholars are actually spreading the Wahabbi ideology among the muslims and hoarding them towards extremism.

You seem to be a reasonable person having respect for all other non-muslims.

I do not understand the term REAL muslims and REAL LIGHT OF ISLAM. The people who behead their victim call themselve REAL muslims too. Do not you know they behead them islamically and shout Allah-ho-Akbar later. They also claim that they all are going to get all the Islamic perks and rewards in this life and after life.
written by SK , October 16, 2009
and yea MR.Plaintalk Im sorry but did you say "Satan Willing?"
Wow i think people in their right frame of minds would'nt even say that. That really does make me doubt your intellect and field of comprehension of yourself and what is around you.
written by SK , October 16, 2009
Hey Johan,
thanks alot for understanding my point of view, i must tell you it makes things simpler when some one is reasonable and calm in a discussion, so thanks alot again.
Yes you are correct about Sheikh Deedat, he has passed away.
The fact that Zakir Naik and Sheikh Deedat seem to come across as aggressive is for the simple fact that they are addressing an audience of hundreds if not thousands, and it is but human nature to try and be loud and clear and to the point in debates such as these, so that everyone hears you. If you see any interviews of these people you will find that they are very calm and composed people.
Another point I would like to stress is the great mental power of both these people. I am sure you have seen their videos and the way they authentically quote from memory, I am sure it would have surprised if not impressed you.
Now the Wahabi ideology is something which is a topic that i would prefer you to clear out straight from a scholar, since I dont believe i would be able to justify the complexities in explaining it, and this is why I am going to give you a link for this website, please note that this website has authentic content and you can refer to it for any information regarding islamic matters.

The links for explaining the Wahabi concept:



Link concerning Ahmed Deedat:


Thanks once again.
You Should not Agree, since it is False.
written by SK , October 16, 2009
These are the ACTUAL benefits of circumcision and it is not done to reduce the sexual drive in Men.

"Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali al-Baar (a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK and a consultant to the Islamic Medicine department of the King Fahd Centre for Medical Research in the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah) says in his book al-Khitaan (Circumcision):

“Circumcision of newborn boys (i.e., within the first month of life) brings numerous health benefits, including:

1 – Protection against local infection in the penis, which may result from the presence of the foreskin, causing tightening of the foreskin, which may lead to retention of urine or infections of the glans (tip) of the penis – which require circumcision in order to treat these problems. In chronic cases, the child may be exposed to numerous diseases in the future, the most serious of which is cancer of the penis.

2 – Infections of the urethra. Many studies have proven that uncircumcised boys are more exposed to infection of the urethra. In some studies the rate was 39 times more among uncircumcised boys. In other studies the rate was ten times more. Other studies showed that 95% of children who suffered from infections of the urethra were uncircumcised, whereas the rate among circumcised children did not exceed 5%.

In children, infection of the urethra is serious in some cases. In the study by Wisewell on 88 children who suffered infections of the urethra, in 36 % of them, the same bacteria was found in the blood also. Three of them contracted meningitis, and two suffered renal failure. Two others died as a result of the spread of the micro-organisms throughout the body.

3 – Protection against cancer of the penis: the studies agree that cancer of the penis is almost non-existent among circumcised men, whereas the rate among uncircumcised men is not insignificant. In the US the rate of penile cancer among circumcised men is zero, whilst among uncircumcised men it is 2.2 in every 100,000 of the uncircumcised population. As most of the inhabitants of the US are circumcised, the cases of this cancer there are between 750 and 1000 per year. If the population were not circumcised, the number of cases would reach 3000. In countries where boys are not circumcised, such as China, Uganda and Puerto Rico, penile cancer represents between 12-22 % of all cancers found in men; this is a very high percentage.

4 – Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Researchers found that the STDs which are transmitted via sexual contact (usually because of fornication/adultery and homosexuality) spread more among those who are not circumcised, especially herpes, soft chancres, syphilis, candida, gonorrhea and genital warts.

There are numerous modern studies which confirm that circumcision reduces the possibility of contracting AIDS when compared to their uncircumcised counterparts. But that does not rule out the possibility of a circumcised man contracting AIDS as the result of sexual contact with a person who has AIDS. Circumcision is not a protection against it, and there is no real way of protecting oneself against the many sexually transmitted diseases apart from avoiding fornication/adultery, promiscuity, homosexuality and other repugnant practices. (From this we can see the wisdom of Islamic sharee’ah in forbidding fornication/adultery and homosexuality). "
[Paragrapgh taken from ]http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/7073/circumcision]
written by SK , October 16, 2009
sorry made a mistake up there I meant to write *enhance the sexual drive...
there is no jehova/allah and there is no final jud
written by there is no jehova/allah and t , October 17, 2009
there is no jehova/allah and there is no final judgement day.

man is not created from mud/dirt by imaginary jehova-allah.

man is evoled by nature from 1 celled organisms.

proof is in our dna and genes.

islam is a fraud like judaism-christianity.

there is no final day judegement but u r judged by yr actions and karma every single minute of yr life.

u r a liar like yr fake prophet.
yes islam says kill infidels dont waste time on ag
written by yes islam says kill infidels d , October 17, 2009
yes islam says kill infidels dont waste time on agruement !!!!!
islam is fake and muhamed created....as imperfect
written by islam is fake and muhamed crea , October 17, 2009
islam is fake and muhamed created....as imperfect as stupid arabs.

that is why we superior humans do not believe in hate based fascist ideology which is child of hatebased judaism--- islam.
Mr SK Plz Reply
written by COMMON SENCE , October 17, 2009
Dear Mr SK i have 2 questions bothering me plz do reply

1. why ahmad deedat was paralysd (he could not even speak) for 9 years of his last years of life (plz reply in islamic perspective)

2. why zakir Naik is not ashamed of distorting quran meanings when he says "dahahaaa" means ostrich egg because it resembles earth shape

in 1500 yrs no islamic scholar translated the meaning as ostrich egg in all quranic translations u will find "dahahaa" meaning "to spread"

zakir Naik is distorting twisting quran to please muslim zombies and he is successful (although he should be executed for doing so as per islamic laws)

Tell me how can you trust such people???
written by JohanM , October 17, 2009
I am little less concerned how big crowd they are adressing. Specially when you are having the benefit of modern sound systems. When you are representing the religion then one must behave like a religious and spiritual person not like a political person who is adressing the political rally. They not only seem agressive but highly agitated, animated and highly sarcastic about others faith.

What makes me feel sad about these two gentleman that they make fun of other religion and do personnel character assasination of the questioner if he has any difficult to anwser question.

I am always impressed and surprised by their memory and the immense talent these two gentleman have. But instead of using their talent in right way they mostly use their talent as apologist and hide the wrong people behind Islam.

When it comes to interviews we know one has to look cool and calm. Afterall most of the interviews pre-arranged and pre-edited.

Well you have provided some knowledge about Wahabbism but unfortunately it is from Islamic source and that too from Wahabbi source. I would have appreciated if you have provided me some independet, more secular or other non-wahabbi islamic sources regarding the Wahabbism.

Whatever I have understood so far ( again as per you my sources are highly corrupted) by reading about the present day religion fueld terrorism that all trails lead towards the Wahabbism which is extremely intolerant in nature and highly puritanical. They are even responsible for destruction of any other form of Islam. For example they are destroying the Sufi shrines in Pakistan. They brand other muslims who differ from them in thoughts as non-muslims.

You have tried to make me understood the Wahabbism by a scholar. This is precisely the problem this site islam-watch is trying to adress. When will we open our mind and heart to understand that these so-called scholars are the biggest scum on the earth. God has given us a brain, heart and above all the consciousness? When will we use them? These scholars hoard us to the path where they want us to go.

Thanks again.
[Paragrapgh taken from http://www.islam-qa.com/en/
written by JohanM , October 17, 2009
Again.... This is the source.... Highly biased Islamic source.....

[Paragrapgh taken from .]http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/7073/circumcision].

229 deaths per year estimates this to be the number of deaths due directly or indirectly to infant circumcision in teh United States. Actually the number of deaths from circumcisions are UNDER counted and UNDER reported.

That too in USA. Just imagine what could be the death rate due to circumscision in the country like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia and various other Arabian countries. Where a lot of circumscion is done in dubious conditions and that too in a society which believes in "hush hush" if anything goes wrong.

These so-called benefits derived from the inconclusive studies actually underweigh from this single fact alone "Infants death due to circumscision".
Mr SK If Islam was good
written by COMMON SENCE , October 17, 2009
Mr SK simple logic if islam was the best (as u believe) we would not need people like ahmad deedat or zakir naik to shout everyday on on top of their voices "islam is the best"

it is something like that

"if mercedes benz is the best car make everyone knows and wants to drive it" no need to shout for that

because islam is so ugly this is why people like zakir naik are trying to wash it everyday with their nonsence

any educated person on earth would understand what is good and what is bad and everyone would follow islam if it was the best, the simplest the purest system

if u look at the audience of zakir naik on peace TV you will not see a single sane educated person all are labours collected from streets for some payment

over the centuries we have seen people like zakir naik coming and going but they could not clean the ugliness of their religion

believe me if islam was a god given system

1. muslims would not fight over caliphate minutes after muhammad death and divide into sunni and shia

2. muslims would not kill muhammads family

3. islam would give equal rights to women

Muslims would not end up in the situation in which they are right now where only option they have is to become a suicide bomber

For me this is the biggest joke that after 1500 years still zakir naik has to inform the world that his religion is the best

For me zakir naik is a "LOOSER" and all the muslims are LOOSERS
To SK & Shibli Zaman
written by Rationalist , October 17, 2009
Do everybody a favour. Just refute (with evidence) whatever hadith, sura or book of bokhari that is being quoted on this website as untrue. Don't come up with lame phrases like 'real islam' is not like this... or is meant to be interpreted in a particular way. So when muhammad, the old fart, says kill all infidels don't tell me he wants the indvidual to subdue 'vices' like anger, hate jealousy etc. If he wanted you to do that that's what he would have written.

The truth is shit would still smell as bad even if you were to describe it in the most flowery terms. Same goes with Islam, conjured by an illitererate arab, you wouldn't trust to leave your camel with unless you are willing to take a chance on your camel being buggered.
written by BALAM , October 17, 2009
i pity u muslims bcoz u r below hate
written by i pity u muslims bcoz u r belo , October 17, 2009
i pity u muslims bcoz u r below hate.

u hate someone who maybe a human.

but u r muslims r scum of the world-arabs
and their puppets.

we humans do not hate u muslims we pity that u r
scum of the earth and will never know love humanity truth freedom from fear [ fear=islam ] and real peace.

To all Kuffar and hindu Ali Khalaf
written by Shibli Zaman , October 17, 2009
If all the scientific facts in the quran cannot convince you then nothing will.
to Shibli Zaman
written by Archpagan , October 17, 2009
Do you think 'Shibli Zaman' is a Muslim name? No, it's a pre-islamic pagan Arab name.
written by Hisham , October 17, 2009
Very entertaining presentation .
written by Shibli Zaman , October 17, 2009
There is no such thing as pre -islamic. Islam was the first divine religion which came with the first human who was Hazrat Adam PBUH. All religions were created later by humans. For your info Jesus (pbuh) , Moses (PBUH), Noah(PBUH) and all other prophets were muslims and islam was their religion.
written by Archpagan , October 17, 2009
Please get your head examined first
to shibli zaman
written by COMMON SENCE , October 17, 2009
have you heard or read the word "ISLAM" in any religious book before muhammad named his religion as islam.

Has any so called prophets (adam jesus moses noah...etc) used the word islam as their religion

u r just any other innocent brainwashed muslim zombie...sorry to say
Thanks for Feedback
written by SK , October 17, 2009
Hello Again,
Ive read all of your replies and thank you for them, but please i want to stress again please do not be aggressive and keep it as calm as possible, i know we all have emotions and we all want to show them, but its better if we just have a calm and peaceful discussion, after all we can only benefit through proper reasoning and calm discussion.Also, like mentioned previously by one of the commentator, that Islam tells us to kill infidels, that is absolutely misquoted, incomplete and out of context, it was done in a scenario when innocent people were being killed by the pagans inspite of a treaty between them, and i would also like to stress, that the first war that Muslims fought was after many years of injustice and violence shown towards the Muslims. There was a time when the Prophet lost his wife, uncle and his family and his family and companions were boycotted and they were made to starve not for days but for YEARS!
Do you think any human would bear that his family and companions are ill treated, starved and killed for so many years without even complaining? Well the Prophet and the Muslims did, the war only came after it was absolutely out of control.
Imagine being kicked out of your own house, robbed of all your belongings, losing all your rights, seeing your friends being killed and harmed and starved for years? Would you not want to fight and save yourself and your near ones? What would that do to a person? We do not realize the intensity of that situation because we all live in good houses, wear good clothes and drive good cars. Just put yourself in that position and think.
Well, the Prophet still did not resort to violence, most people would go to extreme lengths to do anything. But he bore it silently.

Brother Shibli Zaman Assalam U Alaikum, thank you so much for being patient and persistent may Allah reward you for that.
Brother Rationalist do not worry I will refute with all the daleel and evidence, because i do not believe in making up my own stuff, as it is forbidden to do so and that is only the work of hypocrites.
Brother Common Sense i will answer the 3 questions you have opposed, and just for some information, the coming of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was foretold not just in the Bible but also the Hindu scriptures.
Brother JohanM i will reply to the Wahabbi topic, and regarding the extremist view and rest.

Like i have promised i WILL answer all your questions please be patient since I am a University going student and it is my Midterm week and i have assignments which is why I am a little tied up, I am sure you will understand.
I will reply to you soon.
Please Watch
written by SK , October 17, 2009
Brothers i would like to share this video, especially Brother JohanM, since you mentioned that Dr. Zakir Naik is violent and insults the questioner. Even though i do not agree Dr. Zakir Naik would do such a thing, and i have not seen him do such a thing, but just for the sake of argument please show me any link where he would do that.
The Video is where a Hindu brother claims that Islam is all about killing and violence and Dr.Zakir Naik is replying to it, giving the Islamic and Hindu points of view.

The link for the video is:
Watch this one too.
written by SK , October 17, 2009
Please watch this aswell very short video, I found it beautiful:

Watch this too!!!!!
written by SK , October 17, 2009
Okay im sorry for the comments again and again =P
but i thought i'd share this video.
Its a terrorist bomber who claims to do everything in the name of Islam. But it is something COMPLETELY contradictory to Islam and you can very well see that this man is Brain washed and is psychologically disturbed. Its people like this who spoil the name of Islam. =(
This in fact is one of the biggest sins in Islam and people who do such acts are promised the Hell-Fire.

To Common Sense
written by Shibli Zaman , October 17, 2009
Quran is the oldestand the original book written by Allah and it's original copy is in heaven (as mentioned in Quran). The book was changed and corrupted by jews and christians. Then Allah sent it again to prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Please read and understand quran before commenting.
written by hawk , October 17, 2009
What's brown, smelly, hangs out with buttholes and has curly pubes allover it? Give up?.............. Dingle Berry!
Nope Muslim
Unislamic sources
written by SK , October 17, 2009
Since you think the Islamic source is biased, lets look at some western websites, and Non- Muslim doctors' opinions:

1) http://www.urologychannel.com/...fits.shtml

the list of doctors for the above website is on this link of the same website:


This is an American website and American clinic you can read about it on the Website

American Doctors again.

This is an Award winning western website.

An American Christian doctor

I do not think that, what you are saying regarding deaths in America due to circumcision is true, because if it was All these doctors would have mentioned it since they are American and are more in touch with the Medical related issues. Please Quote your sources if you are giving statistical figures, as it will help me to understand the situation better and research on it.
You can find many more sources online if you research which support the idea of circumcision.
written by Someone , October 17, 2009
1. You are quoting from Islamic/American sites which are heavily biased towards circumcision as it's a practice held in high regard by both communities.

2. Many of the benefits of circumcision are negligible and obtainable by maintaining good hygiene and using protection during sex.

3. Sexual pleasure for both the male and the female is higher without (male) circumcision.

4. Circumcision is not without danger. While the risk is little, it's still there. Boys have lost their entire penis thanks to circumcision more than once.

5. Circumcision is one of the most stupid things to practice when you believe that every child is created/designed by God and you call your God "the best creator" (you can find this in the Qur'an). The "best creator" would not purposely develop every child with something that can only be detrimental to health and should be removed as soon as possible.
written by R. Pandit , October 17, 2009
Great article.True reresentation of islam and muslims. Who knows it more than a kashmiri pandit.
written by Rationalist , October 18, 2009
You have time to post claptrap videos but not the time to refute the text being quoted on this website. Why don't you be honest and say that you cannot prove the texts quoted on Islam Watch are lies?
To SK & Shibli Zaman
written by Rationalist , October 18, 2009
Here's a joke I would like to share with you.

A hunter, out in the woods, spots a grizzly. Aiming his rifle, he fires a shot. BLAM! The grizzly disappears and the very next second, the hunter feels a tap on his shoulder. He looks around and sees the bear standing behind him.
'Drop your pants' The grizzly says. Done, the grizzly ambles off.
Furious, the hunter goes away and comes back with a machine gun. He spots the grizzly and fires a burst. The bear disappears and sure enough, there is a tap on his shoulder. It's the grizzly again.
"Drop it' the bear says and the hunter obliges.
Mad with hate, the hunter fetches a bazooka and hunts for the bear. Spotting him, he aims and fires. The rocket explodes and the bear disappears in a ball of fire and smoke.
Satisfied the hunter turns to leave when he sees the grizzly standing right behind him. Without a word, the hunter quitely loosens his belt and his pants fall on the ground.

The bear has a queer look in his eye. Bemused, he asks the hunter "Are you sure you're actually in it for hunting?"

Well, the question is what are the muslim's looking for in Islam? To contribute to peace and harmony and brotherhood in the world or bedding 72 virigin houris in the afterlife by blowing up infidels.

The sooner you can answer this honestly, you'll be at peace and believe me so would your neighbours be.

An arab has taken you for a ride for the past 1400 years. No credit to him, but you do yourselves a disservice when you fail to use your intellect and reason.
to Shibli Zaman
written by COMMON SENCE , October 18, 2009
a thief never says "i am the thief"

"because it is written in quraan this is why it is true"

this is your logic

you have to come out the hole to find the truth
to SK
written by COMMON SENCE , October 18, 2009
my english is simple

i asked about word "ISLAM" in previous religions and not about Muhammad

Now you are also acting like Zakir Naik "distorting and twisting" it will not help you
written by hahaha....lol... , October 18, 2009

this is really hilarious,really my stomatch is acheing after laughing so hard.

thanks to u i laughed so hard in months !!!!

I Asked for Citations or References.
written by SK , October 18, 2009
Please i will repeat, if you have such information then Cite or Quote your sources, it is stupidity to believe in Vague opinions of people without enough evidence.
With regards to the websites i have chosen they are purely American websites and not Islamic. Also, these are professional doctors with their experience being almost as much as our age,they are much more qualified to give verdicts about medical procedures than YOU or ME.
So please if you are making such statements, let us All know the sources you are using and dont just blindly shoot in the air.
To rationalist
written by SK , October 18, 2009
I dont think you understand the questions posed to me are many, not just by you. For me to reply to them I have to refer to books and websites which is time consuming, let alone typing all of it. I have posted these videos since I see them regularly and thought i'd share them.
Like I said be patient and i will reply to the questions very SOON.
To all critics of islam
written by Shibli Zaman , October 18, 2009
If islam is so clearly bogus and is not a religion but a hateful violent cult with a prophet (PBUH) who robbed killed and raped as you all say, , then why the most advanced nations of the world accept it as a religion and give it tax free status effectively spending billions on it and allow mosques to be built on every street? Why the leaders of the free world like Obama , Bush and Carter declare that it is a great religion of peace and why the future king of Britain Charles say the west badly needs islam . Why did t christian president Obama only bowed down to Saudi King and not to any one else? I am witing for an answer. If you dont have an answer let me tell you why. Islam is the only true religion and Allah's hand is behind it.
Be peace Upon me
written by Rakesh , October 18, 2009
oh really! You are very intelligent. You know all about Adam and Jesus Moses Noah. Do you know about me? I am Rakesh. Rakesh (BPUH)
written by HinduOnline.blogspot.com , October 18, 2009
Hello Blogger Friend,

Your excellent post has been back-linked in

- a blog for Daily Posts, News, Views Compilation by a Common Hindu
- Hindu Online.
to Shibli Zaman
written by COMMON SENCE , October 18, 2009
i told you r innocent

have you ever seen obama bush carter charles ever praying "NAMAZ"

"difference b/w muslim and non muslim is namaz" Hadith

if any one of them bows to saudi king it is due to OIL and not ALLAH

if you minus OIL from islam what is left behind im sure you will understand (1.5 billion zombies)
Insecure cult, nothing more to isssslam
written by joe , October 18, 2009
Muslims are also not allowed to insult or disagree with the teachings of the prophet.

Apostates are killed.......

Islam DOESN'T LET you argue. As soon as a 'kafir' insults islam you are told to walk away.

FACT: your profit, err prophet, married a six year old girl. Aisha. His favourite wife was a child, yes. FACT

Muslims can't stand to hear the disgusting facts of their violent, political cult.

Your beloved prophet KNEW his theology had more holes than cheesecloth.

In the koran it says that allah has blinded some to the truth.
So, if I DON'T convert to islam, it's not islam's fault, it's MY fault. Brilliant!

Mooooo-ham-mud was nothing more than an insecure, self-protecting, jew-killing, child-marrying, slave-trading, overly-superstitious, voilent cultist.

written by Someone , October 18, 2009
1. You used Islamic sources in your first post and then American sources later on. You do realize circumcision amongst Americans is almost as normal as circumcision amongst jews and muslims? Non-jews/muslims outside of America pretty much never circumcise.

2. You're following a logical fallacy which is appeal to authority. Being a doctor doesn't make you knowledgeable on the subject of circumcision, especially not when you earned your title in America.

3. You don't need references or citations to debunk your claims. Common sense is all you need. For example, you say one benefit is helping prevent STD's. This can be achieved by using a condom or getting your partner checked before having intercourse. Another one, penile cancer is a rare condition for both circumcised and uncircumcised men and even circumcised men get penile cancer.

4. Your sources only talk about the benefits, not about the downsides to circumcision.

5. Here's a source: http://www.doctorsopposingcirc...eskin.html
written by A.B. , October 19, 2009
Well, if u r right,then please tell me: who created the first unicellular organism????? and pleae also tell me who created atoms?????
There is only one god
written by A.B. , October 19, 2009
Just as a small question please, can u people tell me how was earth created, or found or big banged?
thank u
to A.B
written by COMMON SENCE , October 19, 2009
ur question has a simple answer

earth was created by GOD and all religions are man made

God bless you
written by Sam , October 19, 2009
Great collection..My favourites are asshole explosives and Mohammad cartoon. Captured women are lovely. I bet Prophet Mo had hell of a time with those captured beauties.
written by Aryan , October 20, 2009
Today you want to kill, harass, rape, convert- people and then waiting for your prize at the day of judgment smilies/wink.gif You are soooooooooooo stupid child.
Bastard don\'t give us that \"Taqqia\"
written by pugo , October 20, 2009
U proved that ur a bastard just as ur illegitimate prophet. Stop doing "Taqqia" which is used to convince non muslims. Just as that bastard actor Shahrukh khan said.... ooo ye mere allah ka islam nahin hai. Violence allah ne nahi sikhaye. All the non muslims know that islam is a curse on humanity. u'll see it disapper. insha bloody allah!
Dog in a Mosque
written by lw1 , October 20, 2009
Earlier this yearin Leicester, England, a mosque is allowing guide dogs into the mosque.
written by JohanM , October 26, 2009
I know India is not an Arabian country and so are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Indonesia. I am an Indian too and know the demographics of India very well. What I wanted to say that among Muslims (indian muslims included) circumscision is practised in haphazardous and unhygenic manner and lots of death of infants result due to this (India included). Various Arabian countries (i.e. Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Mali, Maritania, Chad, Egypt, Yemen, Djibouti, etc.) also have this problem.
written by anonymous , October 26, 2009
That too in USA. Just imagine what could be the death rate due to circumscision in the country like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia and various other Arabian countries

Correction India is NOT an arabian country and hindu's form the maximum number in india
written by sanjay , October 30, 2009
wake up
written by skai , November 04, 2009
SK. I don't have to listen to your Islamic scholars, as I can read Quran and see what it says Sura 9:111" Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them Paradise, they will fight for the cause of Allah, they will Kill and be Killed" Sura 5:51" Believers,take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors, for they are friends and protectors of one another.Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their number, Allah does not guide the wrong doers" Quran is full of hate towards non believers. As for your real islamic scholars like zakir naik ,Who would NOT debate with Dr,Ali Sina of www.faithfreedom.org ( I suggest you to email zakir naik asking him to debate Dr. Ali Sina) As for your shiekh ahmmad you can see him on you tube ,what a terrible death he died,I suggest you watch it. What ex-muslims and non muslim people all over the world have realised that Islam is EVIL, as are the majority of muslims. So I suggest you to break from the shackles of Islam and be a free thinking man and join the race of humanity,if you can understand that, for your own good.
written by skai , November 04, 2009
shibli zaman, please tell us "all the scientific facts in the quran.." would be nice to know about them. Meanwhile can you tell us what has been invented by the muslims in the last 1400 years or say 200 years? The problem with you muslims is you been listening to zakir naik for too long. I suggest you log on www.faithfreedom.org www.inthenameofallah.org
written by skai , November 04, 2009
shibli zaman, ,you say "..please read and understand quran before commenting." Sura 9:5. When the sacred months have passed ,slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor due,(tax) then leave their way free.Lo! Allah is forgiving ,merciful. Sura 9:123, O' believers ,make war on the infidels who dwell around you .Let them find firmness in you. Know that Allah is with the righteous . Your quran is full of hate towards non believers. I do read quran so don't give me your BS. Quran is a book for evil doers, like your mo-ham-mad(may pi*s be upon him)who at the age of 52 married 6 years old Aisha. www.faithfreedom.org
Mohammed in Bhaivashya Puran
written by Mahendra , November 05, 2009
Yes, Mohammed is mentioned in Bhavishya Puran. What follows is a translation:

Bhavishya purana (futuristic mythology)(Circa 3000 B.C)


[From the third part of the Pratisarga Parva.]
Shri Suta Gosvami said: In the dynasty of king Shalivahana, there were ten kings who went to the heavenly planets after ruling for over 500 years. Then gradually the morality declined on the earth. At that time Bhojaraja was the tenth of the kings on the earth. When he saw that the moral law of conduct was declining he went to conquer all the directions of his country with ten-thousand soldiers commanded by Kalidasa. He crossed the river Sindhu and conquered over the gandharas, mlecchas, shakas, kasmiris, naravas and sathas. He punished them and collected a large ammount of wealth. Then the king went along with Mahamada (Muhammad), the preceptor of mleccha-dharma, and his followers to the great god, Lord Shiva, situated in the desert. He bathed Lord Shiva with Ganges water and worshipped him in his mind with pancagavya (milk, ghee, yoghurt, cow dung, and cow urine) and sandalwood paste, etc. After he offered some prayers and pleased him.

Suta Goswami said: After hearing the king’s prayers, Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic demon named Tripura(Tripurasura), whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost. Therefore, O king, you should not go to this land of the evil ghost. By my mercy your intelligence will be purified. Hearing this the king came back to his country and Mahamada(Muhammad) came with them to the bank of the river Sindhu. He was expert in expanding illusion, so he said to the king very pleasingly: O great king, your god has become my servant. Just see, as he eats my remnants, so I will show you. The king became surprised when he saw this just before them. Then in anger Kalidasa rebuked Mahamada(Muhammad) “O rascal, you have created an illusion to bewilder the king, I will kill you, you are the lowest..."

That city is known as their site of pilgrimage, a place which was Madina or free from intoxication. Having a form of a ghost (Bhuta), the expert illusionist Mahamada(Muhammad) appeared at night in front of king Bhojaraja and said: O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all. Still I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion by the order of the Lord . The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything. They should eat animals without performing any rituals. This is my opinion. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha. Therefore, they will be known as musalman, the corrupters of religion. Thus the demoniac religion will be founded by me. After having heard all this the king came back to his palace and that ghost(Muhammad) went back to his place.
written by molana , November 13, 2009
I piss on quran....
Islam- the ultimate religon
written by Tajamul Hussain , November 16, 2009
dear brothers and sisters,
i was very sad to read the comments posted regarding the religon islam. Islam is the complete code of life and hoy quran is the holy revelation of Almighty. Everything made haram in islam have logical and proved medical, social and so and so reasons which non muslims dont want to understand. you can find the trend of conversions to islam in western countries. By mare making some number of muslims to accept other religon does not change the meaning of islam!!!. Researches and big discoveries have already proved what has already been quoted in holy quran. recently scientests in NASA briefed about the moon split!! which most of you may be aware about, it has been quoted in holy quran nearly 1400 years ago!!!!. if any body want to see the pictures of the moon split, i can send the mail to him. this is i think the biggest evidence for non muslims to understand the truthness of Islam..... may allah guides all astrayed...

feel free to contact:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
w0w... such education...
written by Ford J Shortland , November 24, 2009
G'day everyone!

Just making a side comment here. I find it very interesting the "educated people" on this site who are having or attempting to have educated conversation but still insist on saying that "we are not hateful like you stupid arabs" etc. Excuse me, but i'm pretty friggin sure that calling Arabs stupid would insinuate hatred!!! *rolls eyes*

You really are quite small minded people in the USA aren't ya? Makes it very easy for other people to hate you... Muslims, Aussies, Brits... Grow up and get over yourselves, ok?

Here in Australia we do things different, mostly we all get on, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Straights, etc etc etc . Sure we have a few hardcore idiots (on all sides), but mostly we're all good mates. Just the other day I was having a chat with a muslim, a christian, an atheist and a pagan and we were discussing the "war on terrorism" and a whole lotta other issues without any trouble whatsoever!!!


To be perfectly honest, I cannot say that I exactly like a lot of Islamic law, and I do see that a lot of the Qur'an seems to be written for the benefit of men. (Yes, I have read it, the whole thing, infact I own a few Quráns, and religious books of many other religions including my own.) I still don't see the need for all this hate.

The Qurán does not specify that all Muslims be suicide bombers, there's room for choice in there. You cannot blame ALL Muslims for the things SOME of them do. And to call Arabs stupid, to insinuate that ALL Arabs must be Muslims or must be responsible for suicide bombers is ridiculous and proves your racial intolerance. I have met many an Arab that is not Muslim. I've even met a Jewish Arab! Open your minds people!!!

The world needs love, not hate. You CANNOT hope to end Muslim/Islamic hate for the Western world by hating them back!!! HATE DOES NOT BREED LOVE!!!!

The good ol' "what you give is what you get" comes into play! As much as that seems childish it IS truth! Most religions agree on this too. If you want to reap corn you sow corn. If you want to reap love you sow love! It's as simple as that!

I call for an end to all this hate!

Everyone calm the hell down and learn to love your fellow humans, whoever they may be!

We're all on this planet together, we all only get 60-90 years or so, make the most of it!!! Choose to be happy and healthy and free! Anger is no good!!! to you, to your body, to your friends or family, or to the world around you. It breeds ill health, shorter life span, hatred, war, death, disease!!!

Seriously, look after yourself and your planet. You want your kids to live in a war free safe world?!? Don't BREED war by hating!

Ok, that's my bit done. :)


written by Knight , January 21, 2010
More than comic the sad truth the liberal and progressive world needs to see and hear!
Breath n Think Deeep
written by i.am.a.muslim , February 26, 2010
..it was midnight..
i have read, have looked, drank some water, and think.
i LOVE reasons..
what are we? why are we..?..?
i LOVE the way the debate is going
(aside, of course, from all of the emotional influences)
i just want to say that
everyone should keep heads clear
that we all want to live HAPPILY...want to have TRULY GREAT LIFE..
want to LOVE and BELOVED...
that everywhere lots and lots of people are SUFFERING-
the war(s), the increasing rate of crimes, murders, rapes, robberies, drugs abuse, free-sex-related-diseases--like HIV, son kills mother, father rapes own child, homicides, the increasing VICTIMS, the fall of world's economy...
so, the questions are.. why are these problems happening all around the world?how can everyone live in harmony? what is the system for mankind to have a MEANINGFUL life?
even with all those ideas-capitalism, secularism, liberalism, Marxism, self-regarding and other-regarding-problems concept, ...-and all that, there are still problems (either from political, or economical, or social aspects) coming out from those theories ..
so FOR ME , ISLAM has construct a way of life from simplest aspect of personal hygiene to ruling a multi racial country.. it gives way for humans to function naturally not ANIMALLY.
we all a learner including me, so speaking to everyone and myself, let us learn and LEARN with truth and just WHAT IS THE BEST WE CAN GIVE TO OUR LIFE,
and MY answer is...Islam
Islam -Barriers and Hurdles for Moslems
written by Auroman , March 27, 2010
These Photos Catroons Really Make us all think that what Really Islam has Contributed in the Progress of this world ..and what the Muslims have Given to this Word....in past 1400 years...
they are still living lives of backward class People...
Their Contribution in the Field of Science...and Modern Hi-Tech world is almost Nothing....
What are the New Inventions or Discoveries have been made by Moslems?Nothing!!!
They still dont allow Muslim Women to Play and Take Part in Sports ....many Muslim Women just have to Kill their talents inside their Islamic Burqahs and Abayas and sitting at Home ...

In Today's World For Opening Industries or Business ..or for Making House or Buying Cars or other House-hold things We need Finance and Loans...but Taking Loans is 'HARAM' is Islam...so these Moslems cant take Loans too...
Islam is like a Big Hurdle ...a Big Barrier in the Progress of Muslims and their Islamic Countries...Pakistan Bangladesh ..Most of the African Islamic Countries Like Somalia Sudan etc...Backward class poor countries...
Arab countries r rich Only n Only because of their OIL not because of their talents ....
The Day their Oil Reserves will get Dried they will become Countries like Somalia and become Islamic Pirates as Somailian Islamic Pirates ...

I call every Muslim to break the Barrier of this most backward
irrational barbaric and cruel Religion which has hold them and stopping them to live with freedom peace and do progress in their personal and social lives...or You all Muslims will be left behind in this Modern world .....
The More
written by King , May 23, 2010
The More you Insult,The more we grow.....!

Allah Akbar!

learn islam from islamic site...not haters!

You are right T-T
written by yuno44907 , May 31, 2010
Man i am an believer but you are still right. All of this informations are ture. You defeated us today. I will not talk about gods reality, atheism, deism bcause this is not subject. This things never happened in Turkey and never will happen. Everybody becoming atheist in Turkey. Maybe some of that things happening in eastern Turkey but i cant know that. Trust me, Turkish Islam is friendly. Turkey is not Iran and noone cowers her body in Turkey. So Turkish girls are dressing like yours. Islam is religion of braves and hard guys; that last thing i wanted to say so dont be enemy, you can give more damages to us with friendly still. I am agnostic. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I hate jews. I hate Britania. I hate this language. I hate France. I hate Islam to.
allah akbar=allah is greater than any
written by tamer , June 16, 2010
there is no god but allah and mohamed is his prophit as will as jesus and moses
quraan is allah's speech to the humans and is protected by himself
remember u read this one day ...............
Where is the truth
written by mohamed mohy el deen , June 20, 2010
Lie. This is not the image of Islam and surely not all Muslims are terrorists. Look at the killings and rape in Europe and America who can do it to see homosexuality, and homosexuality, and Schimmel. Islam confirms the that Christ's right and Mary and Muhammad the last of the Apostles. Known to the world where is the tomb of Prophet Muhammad Fine tomb of Christ, that he had been killed. That you're a liar, let us invite God to punish the liars in hell
written by MOHAMMED TAHIR KAZMI , June 23, 2010


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Exactly the type of BS the internet spews out daily
written by John Smith , July 10, 2010
Alright, this website has to be by far the most insane piece of drivel I have ever seen in my life. If you want to even look credible, try first of having correct spelling and punctuation. Secondly, having the images in some sort of organized shape and order would have been a pleasure. Whats pathetic however is that I have to point out these issues before even getting to the part where this is exactly the kind of stuff which gets us bombed in the first place. How about next time you guys want to spew out hate by over generalizing their texts, you try and make the site look somewhat convincing, and not have it done like it was by some 12 year old.
No War for Religions
written by faqi , July 20, 2010
Dear all,
WE all are human, and GOD has created us. Rather than keep fighting and saying bad words about other religions isn't the good idea.
All religions are created by GOD, and he has created those religions to test the people about their believes. All religions should be respectable for everyone, and we shouldn't target any religion specifically.
written by sardar , July 25, 2010
umade all this to reserve a place in hell
what this ?
written by rema , August 26, 2010
sorry this picture is from you you did it we are muslim we are proud we are not like that picture and Islam is Peace is Mercy I'm muslim girl am so proud and Honored in my Islam we are like all Human we have feeling we are help all the world We respect other religions .. we are love life and have fun in life you are lie we are not like this ... How you can lie about this ? islam is is a great religion if you want know islam http://www.inspiredbymuhammad.com/
To Rema
written by Editor , August 26, 2010
"We respect other religions"

Dear Rema, if you think you love other religions, then ban the Quran first that insults the Injil, Torah and, worst of all, the polytheistic religions.

You are Muslim girl. So according to Allah/Quran/Islam, you have half the brain of any man, you deserve half the inheritence, your testimony before Sharia counts only half of a man, and you are decreed by Allah to be only 1/4th of your husband or less (if you throw in unlimited number of sex-slaves a Muslim man can have) in marriage. You can definitely say: "I'm muslim girl, am so proud and Honored in my Islam."
written by Tousif , August 31, 2010
This is really a horrible and false information about ISLAM. . Who ever has given this information have no sense of respecting other religion. . I am a Muslim l n M PROUD 2B A MUSLIM. . n ill always b. . . Both Girls n boys in Islam are treated equally . . This is truly a big misconception about Islam. .. People who are spreading this wrong information are truly not human beings. . .!!! If they have no Idea about our Islam they have no rights to give such a bad image of our Religion. . If they get to know what Islam is all about they wouldn't even dare to tell so bad publicly. . .!!! the peoples who have posted this have no brains. . !!! If u have any doubt about our religion it can be proven to u with proofs. . !! These stories might be about Ur Forefathers any ways n sense not at all related to ISLAM. . !!!! If u have got even a bit of what i have commented u would dare to again tell anything like this about Islam. . N for heaven sake remove those ugly pics which might be resembling Ur forefathers. . . !!! Dare if you give any such fake information about Islam. . U people have no rights to do this. . U r not human beings. . .!!!!!!!!!!!!!:'smilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gif
i love islam
written by mcarthy , September 08, 2010
you can not judge a book from its cover

media is deceptive all this has nothing to do with it

Muslims deserve heaven we are just jealous
the caravan is goings and the dogs are barking....
written by bjaoui abdellah , October 02, 2010
The insult of islam lead to no where ....muslims are still muslims , by the way , more muslims are comming from other religions ...and they are really the welcomes ....
right or wrong , who cares people get the core of things not the left behands of he things ...muslims
or are shit cult ....no religion asked people to clean up after sex ,or even cleanning their holes from the dirt but islam did .....full stop we are muslims are the best ...and you are giving us more power to go ahead ....you are enemies ...and enemies always exsist and give excuse why he is enmy ,full of hate and we are still here with el jihad ...alaho akber alaho akba ...alaho akbar
bull shit
written by huda , October 28, 2010
THIS IS THE BIGGEST BULL SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN. THIS BETTER BE A JOKE OR U GUNNA GET UR ASS KICKED. although it is pretty funny. it is not true :) AND yess i am a muslim so stop makin up these lies about our prophet and grl slaves and all that junk. all LIES. loser.
written by WOMEN OF ALLAH , November 02, 2010
huda plz be with me
written by WOMEN OF ALLAH , November 02, 2010
we can split on ur mouth...the enemies of islam..
stop spreading these kind of a shamefull stuff.
shame on your thiking
written by lati , November 06, 2010
you people who blames all above negative comments is not bloody baster son of bitch all humanity may cruse him and his birth, and spit him and his soul
shame on your huminty
written by lati , November 06, 2010
you people who blames all above negative comments is not only bloody baster but son of bitch, rental woman and all humanity may cruse him and his birth, and spit him and his soul. God may ruined him with his bad thoughts
written by masroor Ahmad , December 07, 2010
written by ME , December 10, 2010
Really? like reallly? what is this? i am a 16 year old ank know that 99% of this is false. What is wrong with people? ehat has out world come to? i mean 4real all this hating on Islam for what? do u see muslims posting christan hate sites or anything? no. no you dont. you want to know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT EVIL AND HEARTLESS.
Muslims should be proud of Mohamed
written by Guy Macher , December 25, 2010
Why are Muslims posting lies here? Mohamed was a liar, looter, rapist, and murderer. That is clear from the Hadith and the Koran. Muslim barrows are told to be like Mohamed! And yet the liars here say Mohamed was not a liar, looter, rapist, and murderer! He was! The Muslim holy books say he was! Donlt doubt and disrespect your holy works!
what a shame!
written by DRExo Makillo , December 26, 2010
why would anyone want to treat children and women this way? Women should have rights to and marriage should be taken seriously. Marriage is for one man and one woman. You say women cannot cheat on their husbands but yet their husbands can be married to other women. There should be equal rights for women. Why do you take away a womans sexual pleasure but not a man? We were all born the same and should be left that way. No man has the right to take put their filthy hands on a child and cut on them. You will surely burn in hell for that. As for the men who claim that marriage is so important to them why do you find your self committing homosexual acts so often???
think clearly please
written by embun , December 31, 2010
friend, try to find a valid news source, do not look for clear water in the gutter, there was clear water source and it is al-qur'an
written by safiya , January 07, 2011
All you who curse Islam,
I hope you rot in HELL,
because Islam will succed in the end.
Long live to ISLAM
written by ferdaws , January 13, 2011
f**k who ever trying to show down the best religious and topest religious Islam....
you don,t know about islam
written by ashraf , January 16, 2011
islam is pace.islam give us to right way of life.
Islam is a relign of Peace & Respect
written by Samiullah Khan , January 18, 2011
I say nothing, just don’t believe in this website material. Islam respects all religions. Just read the Holy Quran and decide what is right and what is wrong. Latest research proved that the ways which has been given by the Islam are right. For example there is a research conducted in Europe on different patients, those people who wash there face many times in a day are less hopeless than who don’t. A Muslim does ablution five times in a day and there are less suicides rates in Muslims. The Holy Quran told us those things 1400 year ago but European scientist proving now. Islam and Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) are an example for us to live a peaceful and respectful life. Islam never teaches hate, suicide bombing, vulgarity. Islam is religion of peace.
written by shakil khan , January 26, 2011
Dear all,

Islam is the true religon and to inderstan this religon, you must read the Holly book "QURAN" first and understand it. Please don't that we all are human, and GOD has created us. Rather than keep fighting and saying bad words about other religions isn't the good idea.
All religions are created by GOD, and he has created those religions to test the people about their believes. All religions should be respectable for everyone, and we shouldn't target any religion specifically.
written by zubair , January 29, 2011
written by blank , January 31, 2011
AFTER YEARS OF HATRED I CAME TO THIS SIMPLE YET ESSENTIAL CONCLUSION THATS EASILY FORGOTTEN , I ADVISE YOU TO READ WITH AN OPEN HEART AND REFLECT ON YOUR OWN ACTIONS.This marginalisation of people needs to STOP. Perhaps if such hate filled messages stoped from both muslims and non muslims , we can meet half way as humans, focus on universal themes and making the world a better place. With humanity as our commonn ground we can all do better. DONT PAINT A SIMPLISTIC VIEW ON LIFE, where its us against 'them" . WHEN WE DE-HUMANISE THE OTHER, ONLY THEN DO WE LOSE OUR OWN HUMANITY. such attitud is what leads to sucide bombers, terrorists and the images above that corrupt the minds of people.

whatever you are in life people are going to criticise it , be it your appearnace , values or beliefs. cooperate with those that spread the message of peace and and are willing to make a positive change in the world wheather muslims or non muslims and get away from the politics that is biased and serving for the agendas of corrupt governments.

If you are involved in drawing such images and involved in any hate speech/actions against any one , i ask you to question your individual values in life. I can assure you that mocking and patronisng the belief of others is not going to make a positive impact in your life. dont waste your life refuting the beliefs of thers ,when you should focus on your own.As a muslim person please dont impose your beliefs on others, if someone isnt a muslim

written by Geowyn , March 05, 2011
Muhammed was a kiddie fiddler, he liked little girls. Babies in fact. Deny that muslims.
Your fake prophet couldn't handle women so he had to marry a child.
You are all nuts.
written by Just another fruitcake , March 13, 2011
Reading some of these letters I am so glad that my parents did not bring me up into any religion - my father dismissed it for what it is - crap... and my mother said it was all hogwash.
Both were right and now as I fade away (over seventy ) I've watched all my life as you fight and hate each other while trying to push your crappy ideas of gods and demons down each other's throats.
YOU all fight each other over these stupid, primitive gods and idols, muslims, jews , christains and catholics you are all f**king crazy to think there is some sort of fantastical being deciding whether it wants your soul in heaven or hell.
As I die from this planet the very last thing I want to do is wake up in some heaven with a bunch of pious, brainless c**ts as you all are.
I'm looking forward to being worm food and not some plaything of the gods.
become buslim
written by Noorullahhelmand , April 11, 2011
Hi All guys in the world.my Name is Noorullah.if a person who accepts islam.and that see in dams day damage he can tell me you told me.to become muslim.now muslim is good or pagan.you will see alot of thing this world is passing.if some boddy see damage that all sin in me.in one Condition to that man offer prayer and Recite Holy Quran.and do more work of islam.please Consider about that.thanks alot of to pay Attention to me.
written by WLLIAM ROBERTSON SMITH , April 16, 2011
must read by all muslims
written by manoj kumar,hyderabad,india , April 20, 2011

i need any positive answer for this article

written by SALAN AZIZ , April 24, 2011
To all my Muslim brothers and sisters i appreciate u have tried hard to explain the kuffar ( non believers) about the truth but u know they will not going to understand because As Allah said in the Quran whose summary is i have marked to their (kuffar) hearts they will not going to understand until Allah himself give them hidaya i am feeling very pity for them at the day of judgment we will not be ask about they all who are here we are safe becouse we have deliverd the Allah true msg that ALLAH IS ONE n ONLY AND MUHAMMAD PEACE BE UPON HIM is his MESSENGER thats it our work is done now its on them whatever they gonna decide .... BUt its my prayers that May Allah give them hidaya Ameen .... PEACE BE UPON U ALL
Some points here
written by doesn t matter , May 05, 2011
hi every body.
a country used nuclear weapons (hiroshima, nakasaki) for the best of the humanity!!!!
they steal resources of other countries and support corrupted government just because of their own interest.
Christianity which never considered a women as a person. they had to make it clear just 100 years ago!!!! they claimed her having a soul (maybe like a dog)
you cannot divorce if you got married in church!!!!!
by religious rule:if i rape a women. she has to marry me!!! what a smart religion..
as priest, you are not allowed to get married..... the consequence: a child for every priest!!!!! thank you church
so far the only religion who limited the number of wifesis islam. neither in christianity (who never considered woman as person) or judaism, we find a limitation for the number of wives. so please shut the f**k up. FYI, if you want to marry a second time, your first wife have to agree and she has the right to claim the divorce if she doesn t accept that.
people talking about islam is the source of hate in this world: 55 billions victims in the second world war was because of islam i think.
i m not looking to convince anybody of my own faith. just leave us alone. we are evil. you are angels. we hate you but you love us. we are the anti-christ and we don t diserve to live. just leave our contries and let us (we stupid) in the darkness.
written by V.Kumar , June 04, 2011
Excellent Article. True picture of islam.
Islam is my life
written by kelly khan , June 25, 2011
Islam is a beautiful religion and I hope britain becomes muslim soon inshallah. Im a blonde blue eyed revert and proudx
written by Malem , June 26, 2011
If we all just followed Allah we would live in a better world!
written by muslim , July 01, 2011
salam i'am a muslm and i'm proud to say that also i want to say to the people whom painted this pics islam is biger than that is greatest and you well never anderstand it because they are base there information and ideas at the outside of slam ( pic , tv,non-muslum people , etc ) and they will never feel the happiness even that the have money , everything in live pleasure ,;,,, ISLAM IS A RELIGION of forgeveness ,love alkhayr to the other people
we don't wish dead to you but we wish ALHIDAYA T THE ISLAM .
Actual situations on the grounds
written by Overview , July 01, 2011
The shia and the sunni are fighting and killing each other among themselves from Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq to ME countries nowadays. Good Muslims are being tortured, raped and killed by their despotic Muslims rullers in Libya, Syria, Yemen and others. Many of these oppressed Muslims are begging AND CRYING for the Christian countries like the USA and Nato for SOS (SAVE OUR SOULS). Why Saudi Arabia never want to save them.?
Pure nonsense
written by Incredible , July 01, 2011
U cannot f**k when u are sick, what more when u are dead or yr body is blown to pieces. How to f**k the 72 virgins when yr penises has been eaten by worms and bacteria, or were blown to pieces in suicide bombing.
Why only 72 only to service for the billions of u fellows from the 7th century ?
Greatest joke in History ?
profound knowlege of Islam
written by Awakening-for-good , July 01, 2011
All you Muslims should read alisina org. to gain profound knowledge of true Islam.
why prophet was a mother f****r also.
written by naveed mohmand , July 09, 2011
it has been now proved that khadija the first wife of prophet was actually his mother who had abandoned him due to some problem. after few days her husband died and she remained widow, then came mohd she was seduced by his charms and she married him not knowing that he was her own son. she was told by the tribe who raised mohd. so... whose religion is it ? MOTHER f**kIN RELIGION...........
@ naveed mohmand
written by Cerebrum123 , July 09, 2011
I'm not a supporter of Islam so let's just get that out of the way ,but I do not know of ay proof that Khadija was Mohammed's mother. It wouldn't surprise me ,but I would rather you post a source if you are going to be spreading info like that especially here in a place where we need to be sure that what is said is the truth.
written by PollyHampton34 , July 19, 2011
Don't you know that it's the best time to get the personal loans, which would make you dreams real.
Islam’s Cultur-Enriching Gifts to the World? Well, It's The Deadliest Poison!
written by kiefman , July 31, 2011
The Truth has only one Voice & face. Also...
Islam’s Cultur-Enriching Gifts to the World?¨

Well, It's The Deadliest Poison!
Just Look At The West & Aknowledge How Fast Is Dying!
Shibli Zaman prove one fact and you will get Nobel Prize
written by Mozlem , August 25, 2011
Prove on fact and Nobel foundation will award you nobel prize.
Overview Why Saudia Barbaria is not saving good muslims
written by Mozlem , August 25, 2011
Saudi Barbaria pays US blood money to save its arse otherwise it will become a democracy!!!
bjaoui abdellah cleaning holes and shit
written by Mozlem , August 25, 2011
Muslims were such dumba asses that someone had to tell them to wipe wash their arses or clean after sex. People in other relgion already did it without telling. Muslims also had to have their dicks peeled so they do not become dirty by not cleaning. And shave their pubes so they dont get lice and on and on.

Need more enlightenment
please wake up before it too late
written by peter , September 24, 2011
i'm coptic christian my country was invaded by muslim and they slave my ancestors and now they slave us although we are the natives ......please why u let terroristic muslims immigrate to u countries to destroy it and we are the christian minorities who are persecuted in islamic countries and need this immigration???although we had nothing toward west or american or even israel...please help us.............. god help u to overcome them.......
nice and informative work
written by ankur , September 27, 2011
great website... highly informative and enertaining at the same time !
reality of Islam
written by s.sreenivas , October 02, 2011
when i see the future i feel saddened because of threat of Islam poses to humankind. but some of the letters posted here by geniune Muslims(ex) creates hope all is not lost

Let the saner voice prevails
some lie in here
written by leokurd , October 05, 2011
those people who are shiha are not right muslim like Iran and some Iraqi muslim shiha and so some people are circumcise them girls who are Arican i don't know how islam-watch can say that those are muslim ?! so your mean is that (all bad human is Muslim and all kind people are chris or Jew ? nooo you are wrong . you could not understand of islam and dont remind ! we have millions of islam people in the world just now and in future ....
written by leokurd , October 05, 2011
خۆتان و ماڵپه‌ڕه‌که‌تان درۆزنن وه‌ بزانن که‌ 11 سێپتێمبه‌ر کاری موسلمانان نه‌بوو به‌لکو به‌ به‌ڵگه‌ سه‌لمێنرا که‌ ئه‌مه‌ کاری ئه‌مریکیه‌کان خۆیان بوو
the truth
written by muslim , October 13, 2011
The information in this page is far from truth, it basically twists facts, change them or shows them out of context, to understand islam and islamic teachings, one has to do some reading like reading at least couple of books of reliable source (i.e written by reputable muslim writers) then one can know what islam is.
written by Islam is not a religion. It is an idealogy. , December 05, 2011
Great Post.

Insult and humiliate the Islamists.

Smooth-talking, self-serving Muslims.
written by Shazeb Ahmed , December 05, 2011
You are the terrorist........ 9/11 program is your own polilcy to against Islam... Islam is the religion of peace, you show wrong....... One Night Stand is not in our Religion.
You always learn from Muslims & now say up on muslims...... why you can attack on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Japan..... So its prove that U ... Israel are terroris.
written by Shazeb Ahmed , December 05, 2011
Shia are not Muslims..... OK
& they are always wrong..
You read the Quran from heart ... only 1 time.....
then you understand what is the teachings of Islam
Quran is not for the use of toiletpaper.........
its a book of Peace & Success
Muslims have been launched in China, far more than the Armenian massacre genocide
written by aq , January 12, 2012
Muslims have been launched in China, far more than the Armenian massacre genocide
written by aq , January 12, 2012
I do not understand English, which I translated with Google:
Hello, everyone, I am a Chinese, I like this site,
For Muslims, as we are Chinese and you want to be compared to the extinction of Muslim hatred of the object, for you people in Western countries should know that Muslims waged Armenian genocide, and you can not know Muslims waged in China than in Armenia larger-scale genocide genocide, in 1864, Muslims launched the "Tongzhi back to chaos" This incident led to at least 20 million Han Chinese died.
Muslims in China previously, the Mongol invasion of China in 1271 brought about a small Muslim, Muslim as deputy to assist the Mongolian people Han Chinese oppression of Mongol rule, they lived in China, China's absorption of nutrients and growth.
Han Chinese regime in 1368 to overthrow the regime to the Mongols back to Mongolia Mongolia, but the good of the Chinese emperor to forgive the evil Muslims, allowing them to survive in China continue to grow,
Did not think "peace / good" Muslim civilization in 1864 in the hinterland of Xi'an Han Chinese manufacturers that led to the death of tens of millions of Han Chinese ethnic massacres, Muslim villages one by one by one the city's targeted killing is not Muslim Han Chinese, and want to dig up all the Chinese symbol of the ancestors of the "tomb"
After the founding of the communist regime to conceal this for political purposes far more than the Armenian genocide of the Holocaust and their descendants, but to forgive so Muslims in China are now constantly claim to green China.
This is the true face of Islam, is not strong enough in their own fashion and paperback good, wait until the local ethnic breakdown when exposed the true face of frenzied killing native peoples in order to achieve the purpose of extermination of all non-Muslims.
---------- Muslims in China, launched around 1864 led to the death of tens of millions of Han Chinese, the Holocaust, this is not deliberately fabricated the story, this is a historical fact, the confidence of your own if you do not check under the Qing Dynasty historical documents, this has a well-known generals quelled this genocide, and those who defeated the Muslims fled China to Russia to set up a so-called Dungan family, key words are "Baiyan Hu" "Tongzhi back to chaos."

written by aq , January 12, 2012
Here is the history of Chinese literature records:
The war dramatically changed the ethnic distribution of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. During the war, Muslims in Shaanxi and Gansu provinces of Han Chinese to slaughter, according to "China's Population History," a book of statistics, the Muslim rebellion eleven years before Xianfeng (1861), Gansu population of 1945.9 million, the post-war Guangxu six years (1880), the only remaining population of 495.5 million people, the population loss of 1455.5 million.
Massacre of Muslims in the northwest of the Han, showing the counties of Gansu County. Gansu town original County records: "the fall of the four townships Baozhai exhaustive, but the whole county alone, cover four townships escape from a dangerous person who, after birth, into the city shelter. Is the beginning of 九日 ... (Muslim army into the city) ... ..., the city erosion , deceased, unknown number. "According to" History of the Chinese population, "Volume V statistics, before the massacre Muslims in the former county town of population 269,000, 234,000 war damage, the loss ratio of 87%. Xuantong "Annals of Gansu new" Tongzhi year record volume 47 (1863) August, Muslim army "stuck Pingliang subtlety ... ... member of the official who 百馀 dead section, People's Idea of ​​the hundreds of thousands dead." "History of the Chinese population," records, four counties of Gansu Jing states, eleven years in the Xianfeng (1861) is a population of 928,000, the war killed 822,000 in population, loss of 88.6%. According to the book projections, Tongzhi years Pingliang government (including the Hua Ting, Lund, Ping Yuan, Haicheng, Guyuan) Population loss of 2.491 million, accounting for 88.6% of pre-war population. Tso into Gansu, the described "distance towns Zhaibao, tragically Shalue. People extravagant relic. Flat, Qing, Jing, solid room. Miles barren, Mi Wang bones huangmao, smoke cut off, curse of being miserable, real the world are nothing.

written by aq , January 12, 2012
thanks aq
written by M. A. Khan, editor , January 12, 2012
The google translation was not very good, but it gives some idea of an unknown chapter of Muslim genocide in China.
written by aq , January 12, 2012
The Chinese government to rule the purpose of intentionally conceals the Muslims in the massacre, the massacre of 6000000 Hitler but Jews became the greatest in human history a demon, but Muslims start more fearful massacre resulted in 20000000 people death, is not known, it is time to let the people of the world know Muslim evil

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