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Church Buildings Ablaze in Protest in Central Java, Indonesia

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Roving mobs of Muslims on Tuesday attacked and vandalized five buildings, including two churches, in the small Central Java town of Temanggung following the sentencing of a man on trial for contempt of Islam.

Indonesia, Java churh set on fire by Muslim fanatics

Judges at the district court in Temanggung on Tuesday sentenced Antonius Richmord Bawengan, 58, to five years in jail, as the prosecutors had requested.

The verdict angered members of hard-line Islamic groups, who thought it was too lenient, setting off the spasm of violence.

Read more on the incident here: http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/home/churches-ablaze-in-protest-in-central-java/421562

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written by Abu Taleb , February 14, 2011
Well, an Indonesian muslim once said that the non muslims should be grateful to be allowed to live in Indonesia. So the non muslims should not complain at all. It is always the non muslims' faults anyway.
written by duh_swami , February 14, 2011
It's interesting how Islam has perfected the art and craft of 'create a mob', sometimes rent a mob...It would seem that there is always a Muslim mob of eight or ten mobsters, up to eight or ten thousand, waiting around a corner, or in a mosque somewhere for the signal to attack some Christian Church, home or individual...or some unlucky kufr passer by...
Exponding the Truth
written by Walter Sieruk , February 14, 2011
From another news source it read that the Christian man was handing out Bible tracts exposing some of the errors of Islam. That being the case it only shows that many people arn't really at interested in knowing the truth about their religion. It also shows that the fountations of Islam is so weak that it can't stand up to criticism.
written by The Great Buana , February 14, 2011
Sorry, its out of topic but I would like to point my finger to the muslim activities against Valentine not only in neighbouring Malaysia but also in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and many others. While it is forbidden to fall in love and to have a lover and to enjoy love with him or her, inbreeding is appreciated. Is it a sin to love somebody? And why is inbreeding encouraged? It is not Valentine that is causing genetical disorders but inbreeding. Thus, I would consider inbreeding to be sinful and not to find a partner outside of ones family.
under Hussein Obama - vicious Islamic-rule is rising!
written by Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) , February 14, 2011
Indonesia used to be moderate, where Muslims can even convert to Christianity openly and Bali is of such mixed Western-Eastern balanced harmonious civilization; but now Indonesia is being overtaken by Arab/Iran-funded Muslim fanatics – look at the oil/gas-rich Muslim fanatic-controlled Acheh. OIL-RICH countries of South-East Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Mindanao of the Philippines, Southern Thailand are being targeted - we can notice this eerie pattern becoming more vicious since Hussein Obama, the suspected Islamic Trojan horse and Islamic Nazi Muslim Brotherhood agent came into power! Look at the oil-mineral rich once Christian dominated Nigeria, Kenya and the Ivory Coast - all being overtaken by suspected Arab/Iran-sponsored Muslim terrorists and fanatics!
Walter sieruk
written by specedchilipapper , February 14, 2011
I want to add that a thief and murderer will never want his lies and crimes be exposed, truth is always the most dangerous of enemies for a paedophile. so he orders it to be quashed for all times. hence islamists pig like snorting at anything exposing their child molesting "prophet" or his "teachings".
World over sick-ularists are afraid of Muslims
written by non believer , February 15, 2011
Though many people (those self styled "secularist"/intelligentsia) in private agree that Islamic practices are barbaric, they want to be politically correct.Take Indian Press for example. Lot of reports on Hindu goons' misbehavior against valentine day celebrations. Agree that this should be condemned, but nothing would be said against Muslims' ill treatment of women or their loudspeaker menace etc. The English media made big hue and cry over ban of hijab in France. The anchors concluded that the freedom to wear hijab is not that of the woman but of the men in the community. Their reason" Minorities must be allowed to practice their religion. Any interference will hurt the sentiments of the community." Even if they don't allow others to practice their religion.
Disaster strike
written by Rick , February 15, 2011
The more they do bad things to christian the more disasters will fall on that country..!vengeance is mine..say the Lord!
To duh_swami
written by Archpagan , February 15, 2011
Muslims have a peculiar tendency as well as infinite capacity to convert any local issue into a pan Islamic one. If called upon to narrate atrocities on Muslims, any Indonesian Muslim will blithely tell you about atrocities committed on Kashmiris, Chechen or Palestinian Muslims. But, they would conveniently forget that around 2,50,000 Hindus were massacred in Bali island alone in 1965-66. Record of Pakistan is the worst in this respect. In 1947 there were as many as 17% Hindus in the then West Pakistan. But, they are barely 2% now. Hindu have been forced to leave or convert to the barbaric cult of Islam.
Another muslim mob attack
written by Abu Taleb , February 15, 2011
In this morning news, there was another attack by the mob, this time to a pesantren (Islamic school) in Indonesia. The mob was unknown, but I think we all know who. I think, the pesantren is from Shia sect, so of course the "good" muslims were following Quranic verse and sunnah to attack the heretic and 'dhzolim" people.

I think it t is a real miracle that some muslims are not becoming pedophile, murderer, rapist, robber etc after so many brainwashing from their ulamas.
Unity has strength
written by Simple_Logic , February 16, 2011
To Non-believer & Arch-pagan

What u said is correct , but u must know that unity brings strength. perhaps that is why they r surviving & also flourishing . the followers of other religion do not demonstrate such unity because individual ambition is above religion , be it so called self styled english media persons , anchors / Politicians particularly leftist who require guaranteed no. of votes which can be attained only by communal unity.

to bring unity, one should boycott these people completely but this is far from reality
To Simple_Logic
written by Archpagan , February 16, 2011
I fully agree with you; their unity is that of Brazilian Piranha fish or African wild dog. Such unity is against our values too. So, it is better to boycott them.
written by Simple_Logic , February 16, 2011

I have seen Many Islamic Book shops selling book titled " Controversies in Bible " openly but never such a horrible reaction happened from the side of Christians
Started 1400 years ago.
written by Brown Superman , February 16, 2011
In Malaysia, the bulk of muslims are malays (who were the earlier migrants from Indonesia's various islands) and they treat the local chinese and indians like dirt in every manner, even though the latters are citizens too. These malays shamelessly chaim to be the true sons-of-the-soil (bumiputra).

The aborginal people (yes, the natives) had been driven into the deep jungle about two centuries ago. Even the natives' hunting and food gathering grounds have not been spared.

During the last 4 decades, thousands of temples have been hammered flat (with bulldozers), by the muslim government of the malays. A church was prevented for 25 years from being built in a city (Shah Alam), despite money in millions being dumped in foundation works after plans approved by the local authorities. In another state (Sabah), the government revoked its approval after actual contruction works proceeded.

The worst scenario, a church built for the poor natives (near beggars by wealth status) in the midst of jungles was pulled down in minutes, quoting a reason "Not built on own land". If such atrocities (actually started 1400 years ago in the Middle East) could be done to the original people of the land, all others like churches ablaze and temples desecreted are small matters.
written by Voice of truth , February 16, 2011
Islam is a drug. It is also an incurable disease that germinated in heaven with an angel called Lucifer. he continues on. Devil is a book writer. he also writes books and sometimes forge even God's seal put in ignorant men' hands whom he can deceive to mislead million others for ultimate destruction. He is also a impersonator like an angel of God, a prophet of God, a peaceful man, he is so deceitful that natural man cannot easily recognize him unless man seeks God's discernment of the Holy Spirit.

Devil has no truth, he has one leg, so he cannot walk straight well with one leg, so he has to limp. One who don't have truth cannot stand the facts or test, so no tolerance to those oppose his lies. it cannot stand against the truth. he cant face the truth. he is resort to violent when you question him. In order to cover up, and further his cause, he uses force, fear of punishment, and murder to hold his kingdom of evil who he has hijacked some time back.

But the good news that some folks may not still know is that he has been defeated over 2000 years ago by the Jewish-born, incarnated Christ, the Son of God, at Calvary's Mountain, a place close to Jerusalem, in Israel. He came down from where this bad guy had been cast out for his rebellion against God's kingdom using the freewill he was given at his creation, discovering that God gives us freedom of choice with a freewill. Christ did that to redeem humanity from this pathetic creature, the devil. This Jewish-born Jesus is so powerful, then we found he is the ultimate power but not this liar, the stupid loser who was fallen from the highest.

Bible calls that devil is the murderer, father of liars, accuser, power hungering freak. The good news is that Bible says His days are numbered. He knows that and he has changed his colors to a angel of light, and going like a roaring lion seeking whom to destroy. But God's mercy endures upon those seek Him in these times of peril in last days of earth's history. He even called himself a religion of peace! This is the ultimate destiny of the devil and it's legions. The Holy Bible records that the devil ("Root") and the followers ("branches") will be reduced to ashes under your sole (Malachi 4:1-3) at Christ's Second Advent which is very much near according to his word of prophecy.

To Brown Superman
written by Archpagan , February 17, 2011
You are quite right. Malaysians are such barbaric that they even convert dead bodies. If any non-Muslim accidentally die in company of Muslims, they instantly claim that the man had embraced Islam before death and conduct Islamic burial, rejecting the entreaties of his relatives. Non-Muslim spouses of Muslim men/women are forced to convert to Islam. If they resist, it is bluntly told that on death he/she would be buried as Muslim. Orphaned non-Muslim children get converted to Islam unknowingly and renamed. Such instances are to be found aplenty. Question of allowing conversion out of Islam is a far cry in such situation.

Non-Muslims are not granted business license if they do not comply with the principle of employing at least 50% Muslims. Hindus are very often denied university education in spite of meeting required standard. Malaysians employ every dirty tricks for the sake of their dirty religion. Actually, Muslims constitutes just 52% of the population of Malaysia. That is why they behave in a paranoiac manner in regard to religion. Malaysia must go the Sudanese way one day.
True face of Islam
written by lw1 , February 19, 2011
BBC 16/2/2011 Luton protestors lose appeal
Five Muslim men who disrupted a march by soldiers who had just returned from Afghanistan have lost an appeal against convictions for public order offences.
The men were convicted of using threatening and abusive words during the protest in Luton in 2009.
The five argued they had a right to freedom of expression, but their appeals were rejected by the High Court.
Judges said their actions went beyond legitimate protest and were personally abusiv to the troops.
The words and actions of these monsters were shown on television and were really shocking , no person would tolerate their behaviour, but there was no burning of mosques in Britain,-- and even if it had happened the culprits would be sought and punished.
In most Muslim countries it would be mob (Islamic) rule and behaviour and the authorities on most occasions would not punish the culprits.

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