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Is Mutilation of Dead-Bodies Prohibited in Islam?

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Over Pakistani soldiers' killing and mutilating dead-bodies of Indian soldiers, Muslims are claiming that mutilation of dead-bodies is prohibited in Islam. But this is a sacred tradition in Islam, which was initiated by Prophet Muhammad himself.


The following are a few news-headlines for the past few days in India over Pakistan army’s killing Indian soldiers in border skirmishes and mutilating some of the corpses.

  1. Pakistan kills 2 Indian soldiers in J&K, 1 body mutilated: Indian Army
  2. Mutilation of bodies of Indian soldiers 'inhuman', Pak attack 'highly provocative': Antony – The Economic Times
  3. Pakistani Barbarism At The Border – India Today
  4. Jawans' mutilation: Intercepted call reveals Pak army units congratulated each other on Indian soldiers' killing – India Today
  5. Indian Army reiterates that Pakistan ‘mutilated and beheaded two of its soldiers’ – News Track India

Killing, beheading and mutilating the dead-bodies are the tradition of the Arabs that Islam carried on from the early days of it. Unfortunately, this fact is unknown to the “Infidels” and the ignorant moderate Muslims. The learned mullahs of Islam and Islamic terrorists on the other hand know this fact very well. It is very unfortunate that the same learned mullahs from India condemned this hideous crime as brutal and states that such acts are prohibited by Islam.

Are they saying the truth?

Is this another lie from the Muslim scholars?

Generally, common infidels believe that all religions teach peace and nothing but peace. That is not true at least in the case of Islam. These misinformation are another Islamic traditional ‘deception scheme’, called Taqiyya.


Islamic books written by modern Muslim scholars and the mullahs are very active in hiding the truth about Islam, which they understand are not reasonable to civilized people. They may hate or give respect to the same character, whenever they feel it as feasible. Abu Sufiyaan is one among such characters. Friday mosque goers might have heard his name in the sermons. According to mullahs, he was an evil Quresh leader, who waged wars against Muhammad and killed many Muslims. He was more or less like a devil to pious Muslims. Abu Sufiyaan’s wife was Hind bint Utbah.

To know about the mutilation of dead-bodies, let us turn back the pages of Islamic scripture, which leads to the days of Muhammad himself.


Muhammad’s grandfather Abdul Muttalib had several children out of his multiple marriages according to the Arab customs. As Muhammad was Abdul Muttalib’s grandson through his Abdullah, so as Abu Sufiyaan through Harith, his another son. So, Abu Sufiyaan was Muhammad’s cousin. With sound family background, Abu Sufiyaan became the leader of Muhammad’s tribe – the Quraish. He also became the custodian of the Kaaba. It was the pagan temple with 360 idols at Makka and a covetous source of income for the custodians, collected from devotees from all over Arabia.

On the other hand, the ill-fated orphan Muhammad became a shepherd, insulted by others on his poor status. The offended, grown, greedy Muhammad was determined to grab the custodianship of the rich-revenue-generating Kaaba from Abu Sufiyaan. To challenge mighty Abu Sufiyan, Muhammad needed immoral support which he could obtain only by bribing. To achieve his goal, he trapped the wealthy entrepreneur woman Khadeeja by marrying her. The “cold war” began with that, and in due course, it regenerated into surprise raids.


Islamic scriptures never mention the relationship of Muhammad with the Quraish leaders. They are one way or other related to Muhammad. According to Islamic scriptures, Quraish leader Abu Sufiyaan’s wife (Muhammad’s cousin-in-law) Hinda lost her father, uncle and brother at the battle of Badr, aggressively launched by Muhammad. So, she took an oath to take revenge on Muhammad’s (also her husband Abu Sufiyaan’s) uncle Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib, who supposedly killed her father and brother. To succeed in her oath, she motivated her black-slave Wahshy Ibn Harb to murder Hamza. She offered her Wahshy his freedom and her jewelry in return if he managed to murder Hamza. Wahshy succeeded in doing so in the Battle of Ohud, which was fought with mutual agreement between Muhammad and Abu Sufiyaan. Hind, who had accompanied by the Meccan warriors to Ohud, is claimed to have opened the belly of Hamza and chewed up his liver as a prominent sign of revenge, before spitting it out. Others also mutilated the Muslim corpses, making garland of ears and noses.

When Muhammad saw this, he was so furious that he promised: ‘If Allah gives me victory over the Quraish (his own tribe) at any time, I shall mutilate thirty of their men!’ His angry Muslim disciples too promised: ‘By Allah, if we are victorious over them we shall mutilate them in a way which no Arab has ever mutilated anybody.’ (Al-Tabari, Vol. 7, p. 133)


After the fall of Mecca to Muhammad’s army, the leaders of the opposition camp Abu Sufiyaan and his wife Hind were cornered. According to Muhammad’s customs, they deserve death. But the selfish, Arab imperialist Muhammad always applied double standards towards his own family members. So, instead of punishing Abu Sufiyaan, especially his wife Hind, he reward them by appointing Abu Sufiyaan, Muhammad cousin, the governor of Najraan for leading the opposition camp in wars for the long ten years against Muslims. Abu Sufiyaan and Hind are now in the list of “Sahaaba”, the pious companions of Muhammad.

Although Muhammad spared Abu Sufiyaan and his wife of killing and mutilation of their dead-bodies, when they surrendered meekly and embraced Islam, the above hadith clearly indicates prevalence of barbaric custom of mutilation of dead-bodies in Arab culture. And Muhammad disciples engaged in mutilating dead-bodies under Muhammad’s command on other occasions. There are several ahadith, which reveals this fact. In fact, even before Hind's vengeful mutilation of Hamza's dead-body in Ohud, Muslims have done it in Badr. Let us take a look a number of such incidents that happened under the command of the pious prophet:


During the surprise attack on the Meccan caravan at Badr, Muhammad wanted to look for Abu Jahl, the wiseman from the opposite camp, who knew the greedy intentions of Muhammad.

At the end of the battle, the Prophet wanted to look for the archenemy of Islam, Abu Jahl. And,

Abdullah bin Masood found him on the verge of death breathing his las… Ibn Masood then cut off his head and took it to Allah’s Messenger who, on seeing it, began to entertain Allah’s praise: Allahu Akbar.’ (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum, Chapter: The Battle of Badr, p. 267)


People of the desert knew well about the value of water wells. Muhammad didn’t spare the water wells too.

When the prophet ordered that the corpses of the polytheists be dropped in to a well… He stood over the bodies of twenty-four leaders of Quraish, who had been thrown into one of the wells and started call them by name and by the names of their fathers… (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum, The Battle of Badr, p. 271)


Women should not be the leader of any state is the policy of Muhammad. Yet, in his days, Umm Qhirfa, an old lady, was the chieftain of a tribe. She was killed in an unspeakably barbaric manner by a band of Muslims, sent by Muhammad.

“A riding party led by Zayd set out against Umm Qhirfa in Ramadan. During it, Umm suffered a cruel death. Zyad tied her legs with rope and then tied her between two camels until they split her in two. She was avery old women. Then they brought Umm’s daughter to the Messenger. Umm’s daughter belonged to Salamah who had captured her. Muhammad asked Salamah for her, and Salamah gave her to him.” (Al-Tabari, Vol: 8, p. 96)



This incident explains that how the great Prophet mutilated the apostates of Islam.

Narrated Anas: The Prophet cut off the hands and feet of the men belonging to the tribe of Uraina and did not cauterize (their bleeding) till they died. (Sahih Al-Bukhari. Vol: 8, Book 82, Number 795.)


Tabari 9:34:

“Khuwaysirah came and stood by the Prophet as he was giving gifts to the people and said, ‘Muhammad, I have seen what you have done today.’

‘Well, what did you see?’

He said, ‘I don’t think you have been fair.’

Allah’s Messenger became angry. ‘Woe to you! If justice is not to be found with me, then with whom is it to be found?”

“Umar ibn al khattab said, ‘Muhammad, allow me to kill him.”

Ishaq 595:

"The Apostle said, 'get him away from me and cut off his tongue.'"

Conclusion: We are tired bringing out these Islamic facts against their Taqiyya (deception) campaigns. Unless the ‘infidels’ and the unaware good Muslims explore these facts by themselves, it is very difficult to overcome this misinformation campaigns, orchestrated by the oil wealth. Remember! A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

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written by Al , January 24, 2013
Moslims looooves to persecute, kill, terrorice and molest people!!
Just like Moham did (Q: 3.515)
written by Jimi , January 24, 2013
I think you guys make up stories to insult Allah and his sock puppet. Umm Qhirfa and Khadijah? A women leader and a women business person? Before Islam in Arabia women were buried in the sand at birth. Of course I'm not sure where the women came for Poligamy. Allah knows best
written by Jimi , January 24, 2013
That is you insult " Mohammed and his sock puppet". We know women had no rights before Islam. Therefore how could Umm Qhirfa be a leader in the quarish? And Khadijah? A women business person with money. How is this possible and avoided being buried in the sand at birth? And Arabs before Islam practiced polygamy. So if they were bury girls in the sand to die where did the women for Polygamy come from? Someone makes lie. Allah knows best
barbaric act
written by dead or alive , January 24, 2013
Another terrorist tactic committed by Mo to contol the masses thru fear.Those people who do that are insane.
History Of islam
written by fine , January 24, 2013
is going to be the reason for the ultimate down fall of Islam and it's lying fake prophet Muhammad.

All we have to do is displayed for all to see and keep do it …

Good Article

Hind was a Qurashi, Jahilya … a Pagan Qurashi and she acted as her tribe have done at that time …

so .. what was Muhammad's excuse for wanting to mutilate 30 men for revenge for killing Hamza, other then, he was in no way a prophet who supposedly sent to get people off THAT kind of inhuman acts as Tabari documented ??

Muslims cannot go around that fact anymore … Muslims are fast becoming or already is laughingstock of the world, because Muhammad's disgusting actions.

written by abc , January 24, 2013
Is there any factual content in this dribble? Help me in struggling to find any.
Firstly the Pakistanis deny any acts of mutilation.
Secondly modern warfare ordinances can detach a man from his head pretty easily, such as a high velocity sniper rifle.
Taqiyya? Do you even know what it means or is it another buzz word you have ignorantly picked up?
Hind was a pagan who mutilated the dead hamza.
On learning of his uncles fate the prophet may/may not have said what tabari the historian said. Note that is not found in the 6 canonical books.
Did he carry out that threat? NO!
Surprise attack at BADR? What book are you reading?
Wise Abu jahl? Because jahil means wise in Mirza world!

Facts and the Lies about umm!

Now this clarifies certain points.

1- It was the Tribe of Fazara, which was headed by Umm Qirfa, who first attacked Muslims who were merely on trading journey.

2- They killed Muslims and took their merchandise.

3- Muslims made a counter attack to punish the trigger-happy tribe.

4- There is no authentic report whether Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered her killing specifically. Infact it was Zaid bin Harith (RA) who ordered her killing as she was, being the leader of the tribe, responsible for all that happened. And we just read Zaid himself had seen their aggression and merely survived it.

5- Her killing was perfectly justified as she led her tribe to commit violence against Muslims. She was no innocent a woman and was rather a hostile enemy.

6- The manner she was killed was not ordained by the Prophet (PBUH) but was carried on by the people who had undergone the terror practiced by her men. It was a reaction by such people; nevertheless it goes against the mannerism taught by Islam. And though such a behavior is deplorable, it is Umm Qirfa herself who is to be held responsible for such a reaction.

7- No authentic report makes any mention of her head being brought to the Prophet (PBUH) and then paraded in the streets of Medina. This is a myth and a lie! The books these slanderers produce as a reference are no authority as they are not written by trustworthy people and no authentic report in any of the classical books gives even a hint to such a happening.
to Malman
written by Infidel and MP , January 25, 2013
Malman do you also follow your profet (poo be upon him) in your antics?


Apostle’s love making was outstanding and was watched (and admired) by all his wives….

Muslim, Book 008, Number 3450:
written by fine , January 25, 2013

Muhammad's wives fought for him … he had his pick every night from 9 wives all in one room … isn't amazing ? … like you would pick a random number for lotto … Islamic love is nothing like it .

Here it is :

'' Anas (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) had ninewives. So when he divided (his stay) with them, the turn of the first wife did not come but on the ninth (day). They (all the wives) used to gather every night in the house of one where he had to come (and stay that night). It was (the night when he had to stay) in the house of 'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her), when Zainab came there. He (the Holy Prophet) stretched his hand towards her (Zainab), whereupon she ('A'isha) said: It is Zainab. Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) withdrew his hand. There was an altercation between the two until their voices became loud (and it was at that time) when Iqama was pronounced for prayer. There happened to come Abu Bakr and he heard their voices and said: Messenger of Allah, (kindly) come for prayer, and throw dust in their moths. So the Prophet (may peace be upon him) went out. 'A'isha said: When Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) would finish his prayer there would also come Abu Bakr and he would do as he does (on such occasions, i. e. reprimanding). When Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) had finished his prayer, there came to her Abu Bakr. and spoke to her ('A'isha) in stern words and said: Do you behave like this? '' .
written by fine , January 25, 2013
Look at this one …

Aysha was not a push over ..she was not happy with Muhammad, the sex maniac, having his 9 cakes [ all his wives ] and eat it too [ all women who give them selves to him free and clear orderd by his allah , aside to all the slaves and captured women ]

Aisaha voiced her displeasure and said this :


'' 'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported: I felt jealous of the women who offered themselves to Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) and said: Then when Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, revealed this:" You may defer any one of them you wish, and take to yourself any you wish; and if you desire any you have set aside (no sin is chargeable to you)" (xxxiii. 51), I ('A'isha.) said: It seems to me that your Lord hastens to satisfy your desire. ''

I have a feeling Aisha was ON to him [ as a liar ] but was too scared to say more, what she said in the hadeeth

any person with half brain would read this hadeeth and realize that '' Allah WAS Muhammad and Muhammad was allah '' ..all one and the same .
written by youcancallmeV , January 25, 2013
Hey abc, your '7 certain points' that you describe ....
It looks very much like the internecine squabbles of a load of backward and murderous goat herding bandits.
And...all you have managed to prove is that very little (nothing) has changed, and there has been no progress in the Islamic mentality. In fact, there has been nothing but a rapid and accumilative barbaric regression, your odd little rants follow a definite pattern of mass hysteria and personal insecurity.
written by abc , January 25, 2013
Keep thinking that champ if it makes you sleep better at night.
As for the rest of your post well the less said the better.
The 7 points tell me that Mirza is a good bullshitter!
written by youcancallmeV , January 25, 2013
You're a pretty good bullshitter too, abc....
Look at all that Islamist propaganda you keep on spouting.
written by youcancallmeV , January 25, 2013
You never did answer when I told you Mein Kampf was a popular gift for Eid...
Is that how you received your copy?
written by abc , January 25, 2013
Oh that's right you have the monopoly in the truth and anyone who disagrees with your narrow world view has to be bulshitting!
written by abc , January 25, 2013
Did you get your copy as part of your business course/call centre course in sunny bangalore???
To all the morons
written by vbv , January 25, 2013
Khadija ,the first wife of Muhamad, was a businesswoman before she married Muhamad and much before islam was fabricated by Muhamad to fulfill his lust and lechery. It is a canard, a big lie to say that women before the advent of islam were buried alive. Women , before the advent of the barbaric misogynistic cult of islam were much better off : there were poets, philosophers,writers, thinkers amongst women. After islam was enforced women went behind veils and sacks with peepingholes with noself-respect or freedom to say anything since they were literally put under the thumb of men under this male chauvinistic, immoral ,antiwoman cult of islam. After the advent of islam you cannot find any women in Arabia with an independant business like Khadija or any thinker or writer. It was dark ages for half the humanity. Womenhood was denigrated and made mere an object of male lust in islam. Women in islamic countries have no voice or face , they are utterly suppressed by the mullahs. Khdija was older than Muhamad and was running a business before she even married that fraud and conster Muhamad. After that Khadija's business went bankrupt and Muhamad resorted to highway robbery, slave-trading , plundering for his livelihood with a band of notorious brigands and murderers who spread this poison in the name of a socalled religion.
Women and Islam
written by Kaser , January 25, 2013
One only has to look at Saudi Arabia to see pure Islam at work regarding women, tolerance of other faiths, ect...
rules of islamic prophethood
written by Infidel and MP , January 25, 2013
Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 5, Number 270:
Aisha said, “I scented Allah’s Apostle and he went round (had sexual intercourse with) all his wives.”
Such sexual capability and stamina is Allah’s miracle, which is only given to prophets.
Prophet Sulaiman used to have sex with 100 women in one night.
Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 74i:
Allah’s Apostle said, “Once Solomon, son of David said, ‘(By Allah) Tonight I will have sexual intercourse with one hundred (or ninety-nine) women each of whom will give birth to a knight who will fight in Allah’s Cause.

If I screw 32 women in one night that I will be a bigger prophet then MO innit abc and Kope
To all
written by fine , January 26, 2013

Please watch

Those Muslims in action … although I did not bring this video to show the display of stupidity that cant be missed … I brought it, for all to see and read what is being ** displayed across the video ** while showing the body of the man who lost his face in the explosion.


It was nothing but, part of Quran that tells the Shohada [ martyr ] ... they will, not be dead when they die as a martyrs , in fact they will be alive and well in heaven with everything, heaven have to offer … and you all know what I mean .



If that is true … If it was not about Islam and the struggle for power of Islamic sects in Syria .. ** then why, the heck QURAN VERSES ARE ALL OVER THE VEIDOS ?

Why the words '' Allaho Acbar'' heard in screams of war all over the videos ?

You will see one of the Ayas from Q/3/169 ….that is used to display over the video of the man who, died without his face to satisfy Allah [the dead God] .. after the shahada .. which is the last words, a Muslims should utter before death .

'' Ashhadu ana laillah illa allah wa ishahadu ana Muhammadon abduho wa rasooluh ""

Here is translation of the verses dispalyed in the bloody video

Quran 3/169

"" Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their Lord they have provision."

I rest my case
written by fine , January 26, 2013
My post disappeared … I hope it will be posted and show Islam in action .
written by youcancallmeV , January 26, 2013
I've never been to Bangalore abc, I've noticed that you like to make references to India or Hindus in almost all of your insults...Don't you like Indian people?
We can tell that you hold a lot of deeply held personal insecurities and hatreds regarding Jewish people, gay people and those with learning difficulties. that's hardly the healthy attitude of a rational adult.
And...it's an awful load of intolerance that you're carrying and you've made it more than clear that your abuse/hatred is fuelled by the Quran, Islamic supremacy and that you've confused barely understood political ideaology with religious beliefs.
Embrace Jesus Christ the Savior of all Mankind
written by Biff Henderson , January 26, 2013
There is only one worldwide cult that demands worshippers to perform human sacrifice. Islam. So all your squabbling and nit-picking over hadith is a useless exercise. The Qur'an and the Sunna, Sharia Law, all demand human sacrifice to please Eblis(Allah). I pray that Muslims throughout the world come to know Jesus Christ and embrace the truth.
written by Kaser , January 26, 2013
That's changing a violent, false ideology for a much less violent, but nonetheless false ideology.
Whatever christ was, and indeed, he must have been a fantastic orator, he is, sadly, not the "son of god"
No more than Mo is the "prophet"

If Muslims come to know Jesus, they will still be locked into the false teachings of religion.
Jesus is being abandoned in the Western world Biff, at an accelerating rate.
People are realizing they do not need religion to have morality, justice, respect and love for others - god or no god.
written by Biff Henderson , January 27, 2013
With an assured smugness you drove it home, there is no G-d. Your version of a moral compass is the new godhead and that is all one needs. Numbers don't lie...the collective con'science' of an enlightened, rational populace cannot agree on error...Muhammad said the same thing about his Deen. If you understand the Trinitarian concept of G-d your reference to Jesus as "son of god" in derisive lowercase the mocking attitude of a peacock that revels in his self-righteous infallibility. Your pride is oozing, it's spilling out and soiling your dainties for all to see. If you have no understanding of the trinity go back to the book learning you hold so dear and give it a peak before you declare a "self-evident" TRUTH. Why do you choose to travel down the road of petty attacks against a faith that in principle is your moral ally against a cult that seeks to tear mankind apart? Your position and your need to shout it to the rooftops is what is of import to you. Bravo!!! Mission accomplished. If your vision of a kinder, gentler world unburdened by the shackles of religion is your utopian dream alienating those that would share your vision on religious grounds does not seem like an act of one that is acting with enlightened self-interest. Put your religion aside and practice the ideals you hold as truth. As for now, you earned yourself a big FAIL. Work on it and I will work with you on my end with you in my prayers. G-d Bless.
written by fine , January 27, 2013
To announce abandonment of a religion, has to do, more with searching for truth, then petty need of bragging and shouting from the roof top ..

It is true, This is a site to discuss Islam, but for people who leave religion all together, they feel the need to talk about the religion they left too because that is their experience with religion and there is nothing wrong with that .

Morals do not come from outside of us, and not from any religion, it comes from inside our brians … we are born good and wholesome, .. religions only terrorize us into being good with the fear of H e l l fire and mass humen flesh barbecues ….


Doing good is a lot sweeter and effective if it comes from the NEED TO DO GOOD FOR THE SAKE OF DOING GOOD FOR OTHERS … doing good, that comes from FEAR and guilt, is not true goodness …. the on going talks of burning for eternity, takes away from it's wholesomeness … don't you agree !

As for, shouting over the roof top … coming from a Christians with their churches on every corner and bell wrings and the subtle forced prayers in gatherings .. door to door preaching with pamphlets, is bit strange .. dont you think?

Do you know how many times, my door bell was rung for preaching Christianity during the last 35 years .? .. when they find I was a Muslimah , the zeal get reinforced … No thanks, seems not a good answer.

Dont get me wrong .. I love all my Christians friends, I feel safe and calm with them a lot different from my Muslims friends … but my best friend is closeted atheist previously Christian … I could say anything to her ..she accepts me as I am and she never preach to me … she knows I am still holding on to my believe in a higher power as agonistic … we laugh when I call it '' my security blanket '' … she never pushes .

Muslims are notorious with for forcing their religion … with their five time Azans … that is actual '' SHOUTING OVER THE ROOF TOP " . or Jami'i ..' mosques ''

I find Atheists, a group that the least bit pushy out of other groups who feel the need to advertise about themselves .. they believe '' , in live and let live ''… but I understand why they feel to speak out … when religions are everywhere, being taught to their children without their consent by coaches and teachers …

BYW ..they have the same right as you, in voicing their opinions … you just did ..didn't you ?

Our freedoms should stops, when other's starts .
Pitching the Benevolent Atheist Credo
written by Biff Henderson , January 27, 2013
Muslims have a twisted sense of morality that sanctions torture, flesh mutilation, human sacrifice, rape, enslavement, banditry, humiliation, and misogyny that is viewed as a form of worship to Allah, the Best of Deceivers, and this supremacist belief system is faith-based. Let's apply some common sense and ask yourself what is likely to appeal to a people that wants to please G-d; a belief system that turns way from hate and worships G-d or a belief system that rejects G-d's existence altogether? I will recount the story of an ex-Muslim who was asked; what is a good Muslim? He replied a good Muslim follows his conscience, not the Qur'an. In their heart of hearts they know Islam is the face of a diabolical beast that is ripping away at their souls, poisoning it with hate. They witness the twisted behavior of their brethren that is a mockery of the faith. Every man and woman, driven by fear, perpetual suspects with failings that if found out will taste the lash or worse. This unhealthy psychosis, ingrained from birth is all they know. The sure ticket to Paradise is to rationalize human sacrifice or to die while attempting this feat as a form of worship. What is emphasized about Allah's Paradise concerns physical luxuries and the pleasures of the flesh and little is said about experiencing the boundless love the Creator has for them. You counter a sentient being is finite and then you are no more. Be nice and rainbows will dazzle the eye and butterfly wings will brush your face. Were all Super Mario, jumping and skipping and hopping, collecting coins and in the end it doesn't matter.
written by the matrix , January 27, 2013
the problem is muslim from their childhood are brainwashed so much that they don't want anything other than that book kuran. the book which was not written by God but by many people in a group in a random order. It is a book of violence not words of God. So muslim should start reading this book not from their childhood but when they become adults than they will understand what is this book which they are reading daily 5 times forcefully. but it is not possible, bcoz every muslim must read it by heart from his childhood and he is completely brainwashed that this book is everything but in reality this book is nothing(it may only contains 100 verses which are good among all only 0.02% of whole book). so killing and humiliating dead bodies is not new to these true islamist who daily read their holy book. so it is completely justified by their book ...so it is of no surprise, pakistanis have done it each and every time they return bodies of indian soldiers.
May god wisdom to all reader of that book
He he
written by abc , January 27, 2013
"Why do you choose to travel down the road of petty attacks against a faith that in principle is your moral ally against a cult that seeks to tear mankind apart? "

Hey mr, why do you attack my tripartite god?
Enemy of my enemy is supposed to be my friend.
Which god will you be praying to tonight??

Biff, Fine
written by Kaser , January 27, 2013
Part 1:

Islam is a very violent Cult. I know that, you know that, most muslims know that. Many, sadly, ACT on it.
Islamism and it's attempts to control us all is the problem.

Part of Islam's spread into western society is based on our freedom of religion rights, don't you agree?
And those, like you, who want Islam gone are part of "competing" belief systems.
This removes much of yout credibility of discrediting Islam, don't you think?

And, in the West, since we have this freedom of religion, those that wish to practice Christianity must respect the wish of Muslims to practice Islam.
We cannot single out Islam. If we do, we might also want to remove satanists, and other fringe religions.
(FYI, I think, myslef Islam should be placed in the same bin as Fascism, Communism, Nazism, ect... But that's just me...)

So, as you correctly noted, I am an atheist and a secularist.
I believe all religions that teach about invisible super-beings are wrong. That's it, that's all.
You see Biff, When I am faced with religion-induced contempt (rarer and rarer), the: "poor lost soul...you do not know the love of Christ...you will burn in hell... ect... ) fall off me like water off a duck's back.

And I have mountains of proof to support my atheism and secularism. You will also agree with that Biff.
Please, don't tell me that I lack vision or an open mind, that I am scared, or that I am righteous in my delusion, or that I think I'm better than believers, or that I am stuck on the material aspects of this world, ect.... I heard them all. And it's because religons lash out to atheists Because we a threat to their belief system.

End part 1
Biff, Fine
written by Kaser , January 27, 2013

Part 2:

Because religious belief systems are based on a state of Mind I refuse to accept - faith. Blind faith.
Faith and logic clash. Because one deals with emotions and values, the other, facts.
Faith is purposefully ignoring facts in favor of a concept indoctrinated by other humans.
This is the ONLY way religions can progress through the ages. And just because billions follow these religions, it does not make them true, no more than when people believe the earth was flat did it make it true.

I used the same "assured smugness" to shout there is no god that you yourself use for the contrary.
You call mulsims to Jesus christ to "save" them? I call Muslims away from religions to "open their minds"!
Same end-goal, no more Islam. Therefore, you are a proselytiser. I am an educator.

You might disagree with my position Biff, you are a religious man. I am a man of science.
Your attitude is similar to Muslim's contempt for apostates, don't you agree?
So you see, Religions are intolerant, regardless of which cult because not agreeing means I challenge your values.
And when our values are chllenged, we get aggressive.

I will not pray for you, because I know nothing will come out of it, but I will wish you health, happiness and prosperity.
I will fight for your RIGHT to be a Christian, just as I will fight for a Muslim's RIGHT to be a Muslim.

But I will work hard so that muslims understand (and admin) to what Islam is.
And I will work to educate non-Muslims to the true nature of Islam.
I will proudly side bwith you with when the goal is eliminating Islam.
Just don't ask me to go to church with you...

And don't pray to save my soul. My soul, my life, my being are entirely up to me.

written by youcancallmeV , January 27, 2013
Hey abc,
you aren't praying to god, that much is obvious.
written by abc , January 28, 2013
Your Sticks and your stones may break my bones but your words mean nothing to me!
written by youcancallmeV , January 28, 2013
Oh sure they do.....they're goring your self righteous piety and zealotry. You're having to examine your personal experience of humanity.
written by youcancallmeV , January 28, 2013
There are certain aspects of your personality that you're having to scrutinize, there are indications that you are experiencing personal inner conflict as you are confronting your indoctrination and programming.
written by abc , January 28, 2013
"deeply offensive", "racist", "Poisened rhetoric", "Intellectually stunted", "insecure", "emotionally unstable", "no empathy", "lack of interpersonal skills".
You got anymore? Must be time of the month for you?

How's that for introspection?
written by youcancallmeV , January 28, 2013
Ahhhh....derogatory remarks aimed at women, shows how hung up you are regarding menstruation.
to Kaser
written by Yibel , January 28, 2013
You say that you "will fight for a Muslim's RIGHT to be a Muslim."

Then you are fighting for a Muslim's right to kill unbelievers, and establish shari'ah:
Fight and kill unbelievers until “religion is Allah's,” i.e. Islamic law rules ALL.
"I (Allah) shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks (BEHEAD THEM), and smite every finger of them!’” 8:12
“Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s entirely; then if
they give over, surely Allah sees the things they do.” 8:39
“Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to terrify thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them that you know not; Allah knows them. And whatsoever you expend in the way of Allah shall be repaid you in full; you will not be wronged.”8:60

And kill apostates:
“They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

And beat wives (4:34), and enslave, and steal, and rape, and pillage, and molest little children!
written by youcancallmeV , January 28, 2013
There's been a couple of Muslim paedophile gangs at work in Rochdale and Oxford..So, the 4:34 hadith is the one that they believe entitles them to disregard British law and behave in such a perverted, barbaric manner towards children.
written by Kaser , January 29, 2013
You did not understand what I meant.
If, as a society, we give ourselves freedom to think, to associate and to believe in whatever we want, then we have to assign these rights to everyone, including Muslims.

Yibel, imagine if some ruling group decides that Mulsims must be eliminated because we hate Islam. How different is that than the holocaust?
How different is that than what we see Islamists do day in day out in their Islamic countries against anything they perceive as Haram?
Yibel, preventing freedom of Religion is WHAT ISLAM DOES. It's what the Saudis do. They are backwards, retarded and fundamentally incorrect.
I fight for our RIGHT to believe what we choose, but I DO NOT fight for any ideology. Especially NOT Islam.

Now, that being said, if Islam continues on it's current path, it will become a threat like communism or fascism, and will have to be treated as such.
For now, exposing Islam is the solution. Educating Muslims is the solution.
REFUSING ALL ISLAMIC demands for special treatment is the solution.
Not accepting veiled women is the solution. Banning ALL religious labeling on food, such as Kosher and Halal is the Solution.
We have to eliminate Islam's presence in our lives, our governments, our institutions and our workplaces.

As you know, I do not like Islam, and I want it eradicated from the face of the earth. I don't like Christianity either, but it's quiet and gentle - no problem there.
As a religion, Islam is a fake. A travesty. It is hostile and non-productive.
It dishes out torture, misery, hatred, contempt, violence. It needs to go back into the dark ages.

AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, it tries to change our lives, our societies. THAT is what I fight against.
Eliminating Islam needs to be done by destroying it. By neutering it. By castrating it. By making it irrelevant.

I hope I made myself clear.
The Prime Goal of the Civilized World
written by Yibel , January 29, 2013
"Educating Muslims is the solution." Nice, Kaser, but rather naive. How do you plan to change the minds of about one billion people (and counting)?

By "REFUSING ALL ISLAMIC demands for special treatment is the solution."

That would be a denial of their religious beliefs. Their Qur'an tells them that they are special, and the best people, and that only Allah should be worshiped. They are under Allah's orders to spread Islam BY THE SWORD - to make a slaughter in the land - to enslave all of mankind. That is their religious belief!

How is this different from the Nazis? Should we allow the Nazis to rise up again? How about the Aztecs - they ripped out the still beating hearts of their victims as an offering to their sun god? That was their religion! Muslims chop off people's heads as an offering to their stone gawd! Where will you draw the line -

"Not accepting veiled women is the solution." That is their religious belief. How do you plan to ban something when you say everyone has the right to believe what they want and that their beliefs should not be impared?

You say: "Banning ALL religious labeling on food, such as Kosher and Halal is the Solution." Well, halal and kosher are simply methods of slaughtering animals. While, kosher slaughter was the most human method of its time, the halal method requires slitting the jugular vein and trachea, leaving the animal to die slowly, strangling in its own blood - while a ritual dedication to the stone gawd of the Ka'aba is chanted. As a Christian and an animal rights activist, I find the halal slaughter method to be cruelty to animals and absolutely unacceptable. I want it stopped. Period.

IF "Islam continues on it's current path, it will become a threat like communism or fascism..." Kaser, Islam is ALREADY a threat! The Prime Goal of the civilized world should be terminating the issue of Islam. NOW! By whatever means necessary!
written by Kaser , January 29, 2013
(Posting fom my ipad, so excuse typos, keyboard less practical)...

Yibel, I understand very well your point, believe,me. I agree with you that there is a threat right now.

What I am sayinf is that we have to use the same rights the constitution gives all people. We have to use an approach that does not discriminate individuals, but discriminates the ideology.

Banning Halal food is a step. Te veil, simple, it is a form od sexual discrimination, ban it. The hateful sermons, close the Mosque. The manifestations in the streets with hateful signs, arrest the individuals.

Otherwise what to do? What do you propose?
A Clear and Present Danger
written by Yibel , January 30, 2013
Kaser, you ask "Otherwise what to do? What do you propose?"

As the brainwashing of Muslims has been going on for nearly 1400 years, "educating" Muslims is a lost cause. Even a sane and civil conversation cannot be pursued with a Muslim as all critics of Islam are considered by the brainwashed ummah to be blasphemers deserving of imprisonment, torture, or death. Reading the comments of the Muslims who post on this site should have made that very clear by now. De-programing would be a better approach as ISLAM IS ONE VAST INSANE ASYLUM whose inmates are deranged by a superiority complex inspired by a mass-murdering terrorist thug who disguised himself as a prophet entitled by his so-called God to absolute power over men.

Actually, the ones we need to educate (or reeducate) are the NON-Muslims. We need to make clear the danger of the global threat from Islam, via jihad (warriors) and shari'ah (law). We need to start pointing out this simple fact -

ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION! Islam is a POLITICAL IDEOLOGY which has declared war on all non-Muslims. The Qur'an is a war manual full of hate literature. Muslims are ideologically-primed with murderous hatred of all kuffar (the non-believers who are considered to be liars and lower than fecal matter by Muslims) and their intent is to dominate and subjugate us. Islam's legal system is alien to democracy.

ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION! ISLAM IS A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY! Say it loudly, over and over, in letters to the editor, and in repeated letters and e-mails to politicians.
Education is the key
written by Yibel , January 30, 2013
Kaser, you ask "Otherwise what to do? What do you propose?"

The ones we need to educate (or reeducate) are the NON-Muslims. Unfortunately, our education systems throughout the western countries have not been honest about the true nature of Islam, so we are facing an uphill battle. Right now, African countries are having first-hand, up-close-and-personal, hands-on education on the nature of the beast. If we don't want to go through the same learning process, then we must reeducate our populations - and especially our politicans - to the danger that Islam poses to our way of life, so we can begin to take measures to protect ourselves.

We will need to stop Muslim immigration. It is suicidal to let people into your country whose only aim is to destroy your identity and to subjugate you. Muhammedans within our borders are a Fifth Column. The Muhammedan ummah is the sea within which the jihadis and the shari'ah assassins swim, and from which they emerge. You never know when one of them will develop the disease "Sudden Jihad Syndrome (SJS)" and Go All Jihad on you!

Canada's recent breaking off of diplomatic relations with Iran, and the expulsion of Iranian Muslim diplomats from Canada, was a good start. Bravo!
What to do, continuing on
written by Yibel , January 30, 2013
We will need to pass laws outlawing all the violent/hate language portions of the Qur'an and the aHadith; outlaw shari'ah; and outlaw jihad.

We will need to stop all weapons sales to Muslim countries and prevent Iran from getting the Bomb, by whatever means. Iran is belligerent and has made it clear that its goal is to wipe Israel off the map, for starters!

We need to stop aiding Muslim countries. Period. Saudi Arabia has more than enough money to help its fellow ummah, so western countries don't need to. No more jizya!

ISLAM IS A POLITICAL IDEOLOGY, and must be recognized as such. Mosques are nothing more than command and control centers for a foreign political and military state that seeks the overthrow of non-Muslim governments; Imams are political and military representatives of a foreign state that calls for the overthrow of our governments. Some, if not all, countries have laws against sedition and treason. These laws must be enforced. Remove Islam's command centers!

We must work on getting our countries out of the UN, an organization which is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the 56 Islamic countries - the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The UN is the reason why Western countries are taking in so many Muslim "refugees." They are forced to by UN mandate. Remember: The more Muslims there are, the more jihad plots you get!

Demand that our governments investigate, shutdown, and confiscate the assets of all known Muslim Brotherhood front groups and their members, and have all their members investigated for treason and sedition.

Remember - You cannot "make nice" with evil oppressors! We couldn't "make nice" with the Nazis. We found this out the hard way. And we will not be able to "make nice" with Islam. If we don't want to find this out the hard way, AGAIN, then we had better do some reeducation - FAST!
More like indoctrination
written by abc , January 30, 2013
That is what you are proposing.
Stop immigration and deport the Muslims! Well done yibel, but havnt we seen these policies before by a short chap with a moustache.
Tell me what are you proposing about converts and indigenous Muslim population!
written by ZAID , January 30, 2013
written by youcancallmeV , January 30, 2013
Far easier to let the likes of abc, Malem and Kope have their say.....let them prove that Islam is rotten to the core, let them reveal their Islamic supremacist agenda and their hatred for humanity. They're revealling their perverted ideology to the world, laying out their ignorance and bigotry for all to see. Far more effective to let them spew their bile on a forum like this.
They're the voice of the ordinary Muslim, caught up in the grip of mass hysteria and contented in being manipulated by the many Hitlers that 'interpret' the quran, it's a well known fact that most of the Islamic world is illiterate. Look at Kope's blog..there's a seriously screwed up uneducated individual in desperate need of education, therapy and potent medication.
The fact is that they're getting found out, they're being prosecuted for their sex rings and paedophillia that they've directed at white children...
They're being found out.
written by youcancallmeV , January 30, 2013
Just read all about a huge number of those Muslim 'converts'.....I always thought that the correct term was reverts.
Anyway... one was an SS doctor of death, others members of the Nazi party and far more an assorted bunch of criminal lunatics.
written by youcancallmeV , January 30, 2013
It looks like the criminal lunatics only joined up to kill....and the Nazis so as they could run the show.
What's the matter
written by Yibel , January 30, 2013
abc? Worried? Afraid that you'll get deported back to that fun place, the land of the pure, home of the rampaging mobs of wild-eyed demonic crazies, aka Pakistan - when it's discovered that you're a member of one of those front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood?

Well, here's what's next on my to do list:

As Muslims will NOT assimilate, nor change their intense hatred of us non-Muslims, and given that they fully believe that poorly written, evil, hate literature known as the Qur'an - Islam must be outlawed. All Muslims must be required to self-deport to the Islamic Turd world country of choice - or become apostates from Islam.

Islam must be outlawed for the same reason the Nazis were outlawed - they flunked Kindergarden 101. They never learned to play nice in the Sandbox!

And as Islam has already declared war on us and we are offically The Dar al-Harb - The House of War - and considering that Islam has been attacking us for nearly 1400 years - it is high time we stopped dangerously misunderstanding the global threat from Islam and took Islam seriously. When they say they hate us and want to kill us = we should believe them. They aren't lying. Their actions prove it!

We are now in a new phase of a very, very long war that only took a breather following their Gates of Vienna defeat. But...they're baaaack!
written by abc , January 30, 2013
Worried? You must be joking. Thankfully there are are more sane people than idiots like you and V. Thanks for your honesty in the post, it's quite revealing.
So tell me where you would send a half Indian Irish person?

Big words dar al harb! So if that's what you define yourself as the please tell where I can find a dar al Islam. Without one the other cannot exist.
Dar al Islam was finished in the early 1920s before the formation of turkey.
Caliph abdul majeed II was the last head of dar al Islam.
If you are going to spout off terms then at least know what they mean.

written by abc , January 30, 2013
So how are you going to gather these people and deport them?
How are you going to identify them firstly?
What happens in your world if they refuse to go and refuse to become an apostate?
Come in yibel give us some details?
To abc
written by Archpagan , January 30, 2013
All Pakistanis are inveterate liars. Holy Taqquiya i. e. falsehood and duplicity are their state policy and the staple diet of their people. It is no surprising that such a country is crumbling under its own weight and on course of irreversible decay.
written by Kaser , January 31, 2013
I agree with your objectives of eliminating Islam. Sooner than later.
But this is an altogether new conflict. The enemy is partially within our borders with the same rights as you and I.
This is radically different that other menaces we have faced in the past.

Yes, step 1 is to place Islam on the same footing as Fascism and Communism.
Second step is to make ALL religions ILLEGAL except in worship centers and private homes. NOWHERE ELSE.
Then, Hijab, Burka and other garbs be made illegal on the basis they denigrate women.
Then, REFUSE ALL Islamic demands for special treatment. ALL OF THEM !
STOP teaching creationism and christianity and other religion or derivatives. ALL of them.
CLOSE all religious schools. Schools will teach only USEFUL courses. Religion? People can go to Sunday schools - AT THE PLACE OF WORSHIP !

Let's start with this and see what happens...

Oh wait... "in god we trust" ... Damn !
Oh, I forgot the most important one...
written by Kaser , January 31, 2013
If any bearded robe-wearing hate preachers march in the streets with placards that say:

-Behead those that insult the prophet
-Slay those that denigrate islam
-Freedom can go to hell
-Islam will rule the world

... and other similar message???

Simply bring the riot squad, crack some skulls, arrest people, pepper spray the rest and have them face jail time for inciting hatred, public disturbance, ect...
Islam 101
written by Yibel , February 01, 2013
Dar al-Islam (Literally meaning "Abode of Islam") includes those nations that have submitted to Islamic rule (ex. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan) - which is to say those nations ruled by Shari'ah (Law of Ah). Dar al-Islam are also those Muslim lands and territories (whether or not they are governed in accordance to Shariah) and enclaves, such as No-Go Zones, with predominately Muslim populations.

Islam means Submit! The rest of the world, which has not accepted Shari'ah and so is not in a state of submission, exists in a state of rebellion or WAR with the will of Allah - Dar al-Harb, the Abode of War.

Islam's message to the non-Muslim world is the same NOW as it was in the time of Muhammad and throughout history: SUBMIT or be conquered. The only times since Muhammad when Dar al-Islam was not actively at war with Dar al-Harb were when the Muslim world was too weak or divided to make war effectively. During times of weakness, "killing and being killed" (Sura 9:111) is encouraged on an individual level and it is acceptable for Muslim nations to declare hudna, or truce, at times when the infidel nations are too powerful for open warfare to make sense.

According to the majority of jurists, Islamic territory taken by non-Muslims becomes Dar al-Harb when Islamic law is replaced. Examples are Spain, Cyprus, the eastern EU countries, Israel, Turkey, India, as well as any other lands that were once conquered by Muslims. These countries must be reconquered!
written by Kaser , February 01, 2013
Thanks, I know all this.
This warmongering attitude was fine 1,400 years ago.
But nowadays, it's got to be defused. It has to be made to look like an abomination from the dark ages of humanity.

You know what? The bearded, robed buffoons screaming their hatred in the streets are doing wonders to discredit Islam.

Watch it fall...
written by Yibel , February 02, 2013
Kaser your statment: "Religions are the single most prolific source of death, conflict, misery, violence, torture, contempt and hatred."

While you completely ignore the fact that the biggest atrocities of the 20th century were not religious in nature: WW1, WW2, communist gulags, Korean War, Vietnam War, Pol Pot massacres in Cambodia, Hutu massacres of Tutsi in Rawanda. Even the holocaust genocide of 11 million Christians and Jews (WW2) was an atheistic endeavor to get rid of people of conscience - MOST of the "conflicts" and bloodshed around the globe today ARE correlated to solely to ONE "religion" Islam.

Ethno-Religious Moro-Muslims VS Philippines' natives. On going...
Ethno-Religious Malay-Muslims VS Thai natives. On going...
Ethno-Religious Islamic-Hausa-Fulani VS Igbo Christians in Biafra Nigeria - 1960s-70s (3 million dead). Currently Boko Haram killing Christians...on going
Ethno-Religious "pure-Muslim" Pakistani VS Bangladeshi (regarded as the impure) genocide - 1971 (3 million dead). Currently, Bangladeshi Muslims killing Bangledeshi Hindus...on going
Ethno-Religious "Palestinian" and Lebanese Muslims VS Christian Natives Maronites in Lebanon. 1970s-on going...
Iran-Iraq war - 1980s (a million victims - at least). Racism (Arab supremacy vs Aryan-Iranians) with its "we are the true Muslims" motivation, on both sides.
Ethno-Religious Arab-Muslims VS native Coptic-Christians in Egypt, hate crimes - still on going...
Ethno-Religious (mostly separated by origin/ethnicity as well) Shiite VS Sunnis, and vice versa in Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan. (Bloodshed still going on, full force).
Syrian Muslims killing Christians...on going
Mali - Muslim forces killing non-Muslims, mostly Christians and other Muslims...on going
Genocide in the Sudan of 3.5 million, since the 1950s, and still on going...

Every Islamic terror act, anywhere, is a clear-cut case of intolerance. It is always Muslim against the "other." Islamic Jihad massacres = hate crimes en-masse!
written by Kaser , February 02, 2013
I was referring to the last 4000 years. But who's counting...

And yes, the atrocities you mention above have each a specific reason (or reasons) for being, I won't list them all, but there is a religious component in some of them. Most of them involve intolerance, greed, search for power and a desire to control others.

You are right Islam is by far the worst (past, present and future...). I won't list here atrocities commited by Christianity, beause this is disinformation relative to the sheer volumes of Islam's contribution to humanity's misery versus other religions. Many Islamist apologists are quick to talk about the crusades, inquisition and other similar events.

The Quran, Islam, Mohammed is simply another example of humanity's need for spirituality combined with man's need for control and power.
Islam is the worst of them both.

And I agree that it must be eradicated.
solutions to the muslim problem
written by Yibel , February 04, 2013
since you ask, abc: "That is what you are proposing. Stop immigration and deport the Muslims! Well done yibel, but havnt (sic) we seen these policies before by a short chap with a moustache. Tell me what are you proposing about converts and indigenous Muslim population!"

The Imam of London, Sheikh Omar al-Bakri Muhammad, said recently: “We make no distinction between civilians and non-civilians, between innocent and guilty — only between Muslims and infidels. And the life of the infidel is rubbish!”

A Muslim belongs to a cult called the ummah. That is where he/her allegiance lies.
Since Muslims cannot be loyal citizens of non-Islamic countries, they should pick an Islamic state of their choice - and go there! Willing or not!

"The precept of the Koran is perpetual war against all who deny that Mohamed is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force." John Quincy Adams

Abc, the only country with an indigenous Muslim population is Arabia. The Muslims should stay there - but without airplanes so they can't go around flying them into buildings! Apparently, Muslims can't fly and chew gum at the same time!

Would that "short chap with a mustache" be Charlie Chaplin?
written by abc , February 04, 2013
So according to you Omar bakri is the sheikh of London. Are you out of your mind?
That's your problem he is a nobody who you have made into a somebody. Omar bakri was expelled from London and now resides in Syria.
Does pat Robertson represent Christianity?
Go somewhere else willing or not??
Spoken like a Paulian!
It's funny how far your opinions are from what Jesus son of Mary taught.

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