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Behind the Muslim Prayers

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What do Muslims pray five times a day? Bigotry and hatred of the infidels...

Infidels of the world need to educate themselves about Muslim prayers. Since the prayers are recited in Arabic, few non-Muslims realize how anti-Semitic and anti-Christian the Muslim prayers actually are.

A prayer is defined as a reverent petition to God. It could be a prayer of praise, of thanks, or of supplication. Nothing warms the heart more than having someone say, “I/We prayed for you.” For most religions, prayers are, for the most part, spontaneous expressions of the individual’s inner yearning for making a connection with the supreme power. It is mainly a personal thing between God and devotee.

Muslim prayers, on the other hand, follow a very elaborate, seventeen-part formula. The full cycle of a prayer is called a rak’a, and it includes bowing, kneeling, and reciting certain phrases and statements in a specified sequence. These prayers are repeated five times a day, and each prayer includes multiple rak’as. While there is room for a spontaneous supplication in the dawn prayer, the rest of the prayers stick to a strict formula. The guidelines for prayer cover 118 pages in Reliance of the Traveler, 166 pages in The Guidance (Al-Hidayah), and 273 pages in Fiqh us-Sunnah. It is estimated that fulfilling the basic prayer requirements, including the necessary ablution, consumes two-and-a-half hours daily.

So, what do Muslims actually pray for? The only supplication in the rak’a is the recitation of Al-Fatihah (Surah 1 of the Quran). This is what they pray for:

Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom You have favored,

Not of those who have incurred your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray.

The phrase ‘those who have incurred your wrath” comes from Surah 2:61 which says,

Shame and misery were stamped upon [the Israelites] and they incurred the wrath of Allah; because they disbelieved Allah’s signs and slew His prophets unjustly; because they were rebels and transgressors.

The phrase “those who have gone astray” comes from Surah 4:44 which says,

Consider those to whom a portion of the Scriptures was given [i.e., Christians]. They purchase error for themselves and wish to see you go astray.

So, the only supplication in the standard Muslim prayer is asking Allah to keep the Muslim from the path of the Jews and Christians. This prayer is recited seventeen times a day by devout Muslims.

The Friday prayer is even more offensive to Jews and Christians, as it requires not only two recitations of Al-Fatihah, but also Surah 62 – The Friday Congregation – and Surah 63 – The Hypocrites. Surah 62 specifically condemns Gentiles as being "in gross error," and Jews are compared with "a donkey laden with books." Surah 63 condemns "hypocrites," those who have renounced their Muslim faith. "They are the enemy. Guard yourself against them."

There is nothing arbitrary about the daily or the Friday prayers. The requirements were established in Reliance of the Traveler, paragraphs F8.17 and F18.12, over 600 years ago.  The Quran urges Muslims to “keep up prayer” forty-four times. (Examples:  Surahs 2:43, 6:72, 11:114, and 31:17). But the question that Muslims might ask of themselves is whether these prayers are actually communication with the Creator or just a ritualistic exercise contrived to have them continually swallow the poison-pill of anti-Kaffir hatred and bigotry.

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friday prayers
written by fakeman , July 16, 2012
mosques are the places where muslims preaches hate and violence against non-muslims.
I thanks dr M.A Khan for revealing the truth of real threat
Definition of rak’at or rak’a in Muslim prayer SALAT.
written by Reed Wilson , July 16, 2012
M. A. Khan. Thank you Mr. Khan for the article.

You state "The full cycle of a prayer is called a rak’a, and it includes bowing, kneeling, and reciting certain phrases and statements in a specified sequence". I am pleased to know the definition of rak’a in SLAT.

I could not find definition of rak’a even in Hadis. It is not in Quran. The word rak’a or rak’at is not Arabic word.

I shall be grateful if you kindly give me the source of this information.
And now we know the rest of the story
written by Hogrider , July 16, 2012
We know that political Islam comprises 86% of the doctrine of Islam. This probably pushes it towards 90%. Looks like not even the religious part of Islam is benign.
Reed Wilson … I do not know when going to realize you are limited when it come to Arabic ?
written by fineliving56 , July 17, 2012
Reed … Who is feeding you, the wrong information about Arabic language in Quran or otherwise ?

Raka 'a … IS an Arabic word … it is past tense for mals … the root word '' Ruku'e '' … it means '' to bend the body and bow and to bend the body and kneel down on one's knees …

It is used when Muslim bends and reads Quran and bend down and put head down on hand that is resting on floor and knees resting on the rug for all 5 Salat that ordered by Muhammad

Rak'at al Salat … used to be 50 Rak'at when first Quran came to Muhammad … apparently, Muhammad had a talk with Allah and he reduced them to only 5 out of mercy for Muslims .

Muhammad was so thoughtful !!!

So … Rak'a IS an Arabic word … verify before you write wrong information about the language of Quran

To finch a Rak'ah … it should includes, both acts .

Raka'a or Baraka is used to discribe a camel when kneels down to rest ..

So .. again .. which translation you are using here to translate Quran or hadeeth for that mater

You are posting the wrong information about the most basic elements in Islam … the Raka'at [ plural of ruku'a ] Al Salat
written by jesus christ , July 17, 2012
false informarion... infact ure paid to write false stuff on islam... stupidity like this makes islam growing likeca rocket...
written by Reed Wilson , July 17, 2012
You are being harsh fineliving. Ruku is different and raka'at is different. The raka or raka'at used commonly which is standing, bowing, prostration is not Quranic word like Wuzu.

Definition of Rak'a or raka'at I could not find anywhere due to my limitation. I was excited by Mr. Khan's mention and requested him for the source.

I am with you fineliving for fairly long time. Yet you apprehend that someone feeds me.

This typical of Arab arrogance. They consider non Arabs as ajmi or without tongue. A very authentic Arabic dictionary of very high standard is Taj ul Uroos which was written by Murtaza, an Indian. Munjid is compiled by a Christian scholar.
written by Reed Wilson , July 17, 2012
Baraka has nothing to do with raka'at of Salat. Baraka is camel sitting for long rest. Rakat is not sitting only.

You can help me fineliving for the meanings of Wudu which I am searching for long.

Also if you could find for me the meaning of Fatima.

No Arabic dictionary is giving me meaning of both words, so popular among our gullible so called Muhammadans.

islamic prayer is insult to entire humanity
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , July 17, 2012

there is no god but imaginary allah and muhamed is his prophet

this efectively tried to nullify the spiritual experiences of entire humanity.

so basically its nazism in anotehr form and shud be banned.

what if someone says :

kill those who dont believe in evolution ?

specially jews christians muslims who believe in creationism ??

islam is bad.that is all.
Reed Wilson
written by fineliving56 , July 17, 2012
I am sorry if I seem harsh … and, I do not mean to sound arrogant and I am not .

It is just, when I read your sentience you wrote '' the word Rak'a and Raka'at is not an Arabic word '' … I thought why would Reed post this untrue assumption, without any research .. so I thought may be , someone who is Arabic is lying to you and you wrote what he or she says to you … and that both surprised and annoyed me … I have to admit .

Beside … you will never catch me asserting any English words to be correct or not … I know how bad my English,is and I will never claim otherwise.

I know you usually DO fine job of researching Quran and you post them in such calm style …. the only problem that I have that annoys me, is you take what you research and you interrupted as you like and how you think Quran should be interpreted and then you posted as the truth …then someone refute you with real proofs , you say '' I am only, presenting what Quran says ''

You look at Quran in such an abstract way … it causing your argument to look deformed and to sound invalid .

Reed …. the word Raka'a used for, when Camels kneel and sit and, the word Baraka [ sitting or kneeling [ this word have the same spilling of onther which that means means, abundance of something] used for Camels too .. that is why they means the same …

please …if you do not believe me …. ask any Arab about the root word for Raka'a .. he or she ,will tell you it is in fact like I said '' Ruku'e ''

The last letter in word, English language does not have …. so the leters '' E '' or "' a'' is the only way to use, instead .

I read your post to me in another thread and I appreciate you being a gentlemen … we have clashed in the past … but I hope we converse without harshness anew

Reed … about the word '' Wudu "' and '' Fatima "
written by fineliving56 , July 17, 2012
Wudu or Wada'a meaning :

Is a root word … just like '' Ruku'e '' is root word .

Wudu … means '' purity, cleanness, cleanliness; ritual ablution before prayer .
Twadda'a is used for male and it is past tense

Twadda'it is used for female , past tense

Tawadda'u is plural, male, past tense

Twadda'ana is plural ,female, past tense

Of course the list is a lot longer .. when we go for present tense and others.

Quran did not mention that word when it should have been, when it was talking about washing before Salat … in Q / 5/6 .

Fatima meaning :

It is an old Arabic name for females and it excited long before Islam was created like the name Muhammad and all other Muslim names that we know.

As you might know, Fatima is the name of Muhammad's daughter who was married to Ali bin Abi Taleb , she was the only one who had Muhammad grandchildren and she died 6 month after the death of Muhammad .

The actual meaning of the name Fatima is '' the one who abstain , the who is weaned …

Fatima comes from root word, "fatim" .. means… "abstaining or weaning ".

Feel free to ask me if you need Arabic translation any time … I'll be glad to help .
written by Reed Wilson , July 17, 2012
fineliving. Thanks for wudu and fatima. It have been better if you quoted source.
written by abc , July 17, 2012
Beats sitting on pew on a Sunday in church singing kum ba ya and battering a tambourine!
Prayer you call it???
written by Reed Wilson , July 17, 2012
fineliving. You write "As you might know, Fatima is the name of Muhammad's daughter who was married to Ali bin Abi Taleb , she was the only one who had Muhammad grandchildren and she died 6 month after the death of Muhammad"

How do I know all that? It is all hadis. It is too much of expectation from me. For me Fatma is a fiction. Discriminated by Muhammad of hadis.
why wine is haram on earth but halal in imaginary jannat ? any jihadis care to explain ???
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , July 17, 2012
why wine is haram on earth but halal in imaginary jannat ? any jihadis care to explain ???
written by Athiestforlife , July 17, 2012
2 1/2 hours a day times 1.5 billion wastes approximately 4 billion man hours each and every day. Try to figure out how many days, weeks and years are wasted on this useless practice. Out of 4 billion wasted hours what has God done for any of the Muslims, if he exists? All they have is poverty, ignorance and waste.
written by Gnostic , July 17, 2012
Many muslim scholars even call for death penalty for people who do not pray!

Praying in islam means to control the minds of all people in order to turn them into brainless zombies!

2 1/2 hours every day? What if the people would use the time for working or for thinking about how to solve their problems!?

If you follow the link below than you will find out that the more people pray, the more are they behind in development (as long as they dont have any oil).


There seems to be no religion that makes people more fatalistic, more helpless and more stupid than islam!

Many muslim countries are facing demographic, economic and ecological desaster but all the people do is praying!

It is like sitting in a train which is about to hit a wall very soon but instead of using the break the people pray that all will go well.
written by Nyere , July 17, 2012
A rakah is a unit of the set of prayers. For example

Fajr has 2 rakah, dhur, asr and isha have four and Maghreb has 3. Thus a total of 17 units. Think of it like an exercise. Doing two sets of pushups with 10 reps.
written by Infidel and More Proud , July 18, 2012
RW, ABC care to tell us where in Quran do we find the Rakas and the number / times of Salat ?
Reed Wilson
written by fineliving56 , July 18, 2012
I understand !! … you do not trust anything you read on the internet especially from an Arab women who left Islam … it OK !

Reed, think of it this way … It is similar to, me to ask you, "" what is the meaning of any easy English word like … trust …. communicate …. trail. would you have the need to open a dictionary or to understand and know the exact meaning of these words … of course not !!!

You wouldn't ask meanings of words you use everyday to language you are born to … DO YOU ?

The reason it is so confusing to you, is because Arabic is not your native language … does that make sense … Reed ?

Any way … I looked in my old dictionaries … both .. English/ Arabic … and Arabic / English and both have the same meanings …

The books for Arabic / English are :

The hans Wehr Dictionary of modren Written Arabic … Edited by J.MILTON COWAN … third edition .



English - Arabic :


more deception
written by Guy Macher , July 18, 2012
The deceiver seeks to make this a discussion of Arabic. The lesson in the article is that Islam is a violent, hateful, supremacist doctrine, thus making it incompatible with the civilized world. Raka, ruku or ratshit is besides the point.
Answer to why wine or liqour will be halal in jannah but not on earth and on salat
written by M.YAHYA KHAN , July 18, 2012
WELL firsst of all i have to commend the adminstraor of this page onwwaging a stupid and meaningless war on islam (YOU IDIOT). Secondly as you know wine has been referred to as "sharab" if i am correct.Sharab merely doesnt mean wine but It commonly refers to non alocoholic drinks.
And it is also a test for the believers or true muslims because GOD (ALLAH) set us some boundaries and testing us but he gives us good news for future you know in heaven.
Moreover if you are so obbsesd in finding faults in ISLAM then llok at your religions i am not saying that your religions sponsor you nudity vulgarity gayism leasbians killings but you donot follow them even I read about bible even in bible women have been ordered to cover their bodies but your women are walking talking prostitues in bikins etc and you are lustful men who wont even stop their mother or sisters from wearing such type of clothing (AM I NOT RIGHT? GET MAD AND DENY IT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT BUT YOU SHOULD ACCEPT THIS FACT)
And you say why muslims offer nimaz five times a day well we show obeidience to ALLAH and when muslims get together in a MASJID at least they meet eachother they get to know eachother better spread love
Moreover it can be proven scientifically to have benefits

It is a common knowledge that a human being is exposed to extra waves of radiation and lives, in most cases, in the middle of electromagnetic fields which affects the cells and increase energy.

So, as stated by Dr. Diaa, Sujood frees the body from the extra waves that cause many diseases
Even stillhttp://myjourney-shagufta.blogspot.com/2007/05/benefits-of-sujood-sajda-or-prostration.html if you dont belive me then follow the following link
written by balam , July 18, 2012
What is the Arabic word for CAMEL's FART.THE QURAN SOUNDS AND SMELL LIKE THAT.Fatiha is Mohammad's production of Islamic LORD'S PRAYER for Muslim which is demonic in nature where as the LORD'S prayer taught by JESUS-THE LORD AND SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD IS DIVINE. CHRISTIANITY is a relationship with GOD AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.Muslims waste so much time and energy on those ROBOTIC HATE FILLED REPETITIVE EXERCISES.No wonder they are so full of HATE and Backward.They will never change till ETERNITY.
Funny article
written by Malem , July 18, 2012
Article is written by a person who is bent on presenting false data as truth.
Reed, the postions in prayer are Ruku, Sujud, Julus and Qiyam, or better known as position of Bowing,Prostating ,Sitting and Standing. I think you mean Salat and not Slat correct?
Now if you are truly a follower of the Quran Reed as you say you are, you will note . The Quran does not say How many times there are to pray, i.e. Pray 5 Times, it instead mentions times of Privacy which is 3 times. It does NOT say what to recite for any prayers. Finally it never says what is the format of movement

So in the end the crap written above is just that, crap!

It doesnt Mention jews or Christians it says Guide us to the Straight Way the way of those on whom you have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who earned Your Anger nor of those who went astray>

written by Lynn , July 18, 2012
"So the only supplication in the standard Muslim prayer is asking Allah to keep the Muslim from the path of the Jews and Christians. "

Is this really how the Muslim would understand and interpret these prayers? Even your everyday, average Muslim, who grew up saying them?

Shocking. It is not how I would have interpreted.
written by Reed Wilson , July 18, 2012
Dear Mr. Khan. What I understand from Quran is that traditional prayer is NOT slat prescribed by Allah. It is rather following Allah or in other words it is following Quran. Thus uniting the followers for same purpose.

'Namaz Khwndan' or Namaz reading indicate that majority of muslims are in state of Sukaaraa, because they don't understand what they say during Salaat.

Because Quranic salat serve many purpose. In Surah Hood, verse 87, where the nation of Prophet Shoiab asked him as why his Salaat forbade them from spending their earning to their own wishes.

11.87. قَالُوا يَا شُعَيْبُ أَصَلَاتُكَ تَأْمُرُكَ أَن نَّتْرُكَ مَا يَعْبُدُ آبَاؤُنَا أَوْ أَن نَّفْعَلَ فِي أَمْوَالِنَا مَا نَشَاءُ ۖ إِنَّكَ لَأَنتَ الْحَلِيمُ الرَّشِيدُ ٘

"O Shoaib, does your Salat command that we give up that which our forefathers obeyed steadfastly, and that we may not spend from our belongings as we may wish?"

However traditional Namaz do not serve that purpose.

Regarding intoxicant, It depend on the type of intoxicant, if it is creating a condition in which an individual is unable to know about his/her speech, then this is forbidden in light of verse 4:43.

In Surah ankabut, verse 45, Allah informs us that the effect of Salaat wipes out evil from human character.

إِنَّ الصَّلَاةَ تَنْهَىٰ عَنِ الْفَحْشَاءِ وَالْمُنكَرِ ۗ وَلَذِكْرُ اللَّهِ أَكْبَرُ ۗ وَاللَّهُ يَعْلَمُ مَا تَصْنَعُونَ ٘

Verily, Salaat roots out the obscene and the vice."

Means wherever Salaat is established, people there would stop committing obscenities and vices. However Namaz does not fulfil such proclamation too.

Sallat comes from word Salla, which is defined in verse 75:31 and 75:32,

75.31. فَلَا صَدَّقَ وَلَا صَلَّىٰ ٘

75:31. "for [as long as he was alive] he did not accept the truth, nor did he Salla"

75.32. وَلَٰكِن كَذَّبَ وَتَوَلَّىٰ ٘

75:32. "but, on the contrary, he gave the lie to the truth and turned away [from it], "

Two opposites are defined, like Takzeeb is used against Tasdeeq and Salla against Tawalla

Tawalla means finding way to escape, So salla means sticking to the straight path (Quran).

Therefore, Musalli is he/she who follows exactly the balanced path shown by the law of potential development.

This can be further clarified when Allah gives an example of His creation who use to do Salat.

24:41 Do you not realize that God, He is the One Whom all beings in the heavens and earth glorify, and the birds, with their wings outspread, as they fly in columns. All of them know their Salaat and Tasbeeh (mission and strife). God is Aware of what they do to fulfill His Plan. cont.

written by Reed Wilson , July 18, 2012
Infidel and More Proud. " RW, ABC care to tell us where in Quran do we find the Rakas and the number / times of Salat ?

RW may care to tell you where we may find number/times of Salat. He cannot tell you the Rakas in Quran. Raka or raka'at is not a Quranic word and seems innovation of Hadis.

Hadis, too, does not define a raka'at.

written by Reed Wilson , July 18, 2012
Infidalproud. I am of the view that raka'at is not even Arabic. The Arab converted sister here, who is authority in Arabic language, opines that raka is Arabic word derived from baraka which means camel sitting. May be!!
Reed Wilson
written by fineliving56 , July 18, 2012
What is the mater with you !?

Go back and read my post again and see what I said .. I said '' Raka'a and Baraka both could be used, and, are used to discribe a camel sitting '' ..

But , They are two different word and they are not derived from each other. .. but people used them to describe sitting Camel

I did NOT say .."' Raka''a is derived from the word BARAKA like you said … read my post again and see for your self … Reed

written by Reed Wilson , July 18, 2012
fineliving56. The mater with me is that you informed me that Raka'at is Arabic word and I thanked you for that.

written by balam , July 18, 2012
Thank you for educating us.Arabic is used by most muslims as a SMOKE SCREEN to fool.Even Zakir Naik often uses that as a tool to fool public on PEACE T.V.Thanks again.May the living GOD bless and protect you from the wolves of Allah.
written by Malem , July 18, 2012
Prayer times are specified in the Koran such as the dawn prayer in (24:58), and evening prayer in (24:58) As for the noon prayer it is mentioned in (2:238) and can be translated as The Mid day or middle prayer However there is no afternoon prayer ever mentioned in the Quran. Terms mostly used are Salat and Duah, however they are also tied to each other as one cannot perform Salat without also performing Duah.... It can be confusing to those who are not versed in the Quranic Arabic like balam and fineliving....

Malem and Lynn question whether Al Fatihah is talking about Jews and Christians
written by ChrisLA , July 18, 2012
The following quote is from "interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran" by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilal and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khanz:
"Narrated Adi bin Hatim: I asked Allah's Messenger about the Statement of Allah -- 'not the way of those who earned Your Anger' -- he replied, 'They are the Jews.' and 'nor of those who went astray' -- he replied, 'The Christians, and they are the ones who went astray.' (Sources given: at-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud)

The following is posted on the EsinIslam website:

Al Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 12, Number 749: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "Say Amen' when the Imam says "Ghair-il-maghdubi 'alaihim wala-ddal-lin; not the path of those who earn Your Anger (such as Jews) nor of those who go astray (such as Christians); all the past sins of the person whose saying (of Amin) coincides with that of the angels, will be forgiven.
written by balam , July 18, 2012
If the Quran is to be followed,then the Muslims should pray only three times a day according to those verses you have quoted.Imagine,how much time and water you would save.Your Sala't are nothing but regimental robotic exercises like army drills.The Allah is a lifeless idol who can neither speak nor hear. .Why Do You Shout in Mecca at the time of HAJJ:HERE I COME ALLAH? IS YOUR ALLAH BLIND THAT HE CAN NOT SEE YOU?WHY DO YOU KISS THE BLACK STONE?IS THAT NOT SHIRK?
About praying
written by Gnostic , July 19, 2012
The Gospel of Thomas, the Reflections of Marc Aurel and the Confucian Analects are all casting doubts about the sense of prayers. This clearly reveals that the idea that prayers are useless is not new as well as the thought that there is much hypocrasy concerning prayers. Oh, please look how faithful I am! This is what islam is about! Unlimited bigotry and superstition!
news alert
written by dead or aliive , July 19, 2012
Remember that guy who was atacked by a mulim at a halloween parade because he dressed up like a zombie Muhammad?Remember the local judge threw out the assault charges against the Mulim?Well this guy is going to whip a copy of a Koran with a cat o nine tails whip at the state capital in Penna. in September.BTW This man so far has 571 death threats against him since the parade.
Another Perfect Example...
written by Winterize , July 19, 2012
These comments are another perfect example of the direction most muslims go when interacting with those who do not believe as they do. "Never talk about the actual substance or meaning" "Never talk about the source (that M... guy) who changed his mind over and over about what Allah actually said or meant to say or said and then restated or....what was the question, again?" "Never talk about comparisons of islam with other religions" "Never ever ever ever talk about the similarities of islam with other religions of the region...Abraham is OUR PROPHET because we are true believers. He doesn't belong to the unbelieving Jews who believe in him...What was the question, again?" "Never talk about how muslims kill thousands more muslims every year than infidel unbelievers..." All of arab and persian and pakistani culture boils down to me against my brother, me and my brother against my father, my family against the clan, my clan against the tribe....etc, etc. The violence comes from the cultures. The M... guy wrote his culture into his koran along with all the religions around him at the time. And violence is all most non-arabs get out of is since they have to interact with "their" religion in a foreign tongue that makes no sense to most people on the planet. Is arabic the only language in heaven too? Are women beaten and tortured for misbehaving in heaven? If allah is god then probably....
written by dead or aliive , July 19, 2012
Islam is a confusion religion.What can logical people expect from those who put faith in such nonsense.l
To Jonab jesus christ
written by Archpagan , July 19, 2012
Assalaam-wale-kum. Will you provide us with the 'right' information Jonab . Khuda Hafez.
To Reed Wilson
written by Archpagan , July 19, 2012
The statement "There is no God but Allah" is not a prayer. A prayer must contain some supplication. It is only renewal of the oath of fealty or self-disablement from the lure of infidelity. Such session has to be held 5-times a day . Islam is really a horrible cult. How do you relish uttering Surah 62 on every Friday?
written by Reed Wilson , July 19, 2012
Archpagan. The definition of information has no right or wrong. It is essentially right if it is information.

"The statement "There is no God but Allah" is not a prayer". Yes it is not prayer. The Arabic Salat is translated wrong as prayer. I have tried to give quranic concept of Salat in my post for Dr. MAkhan on 18th above. It is not even renewal of oath. It is remembering/reminding what God asks us to do.

Juma congregation, I think, is the only congregational salat prescribed. I did not find, so far, if people were going to mosques 5 times every day in first century. If you have such report, please tell me.

We find in Quran 5 times recapitulation or Zikr. It could be individual. If one goes for 5 times congregational, Quran does not forbid.

You ask "How do you relish uttering Surah 62 on every Friday? It gives opportunity to tell you that the names of suras is not part of revelation. People have given the names for convenience. I prefer Number of Sura. Sura 62 does have mention of Friday but it is not exclusively for friday.

One reads Quran in Salat to remind what God asks us to do. Sura 62 is not a requirement in Friday congregation.
To reed
written by pugo , July 19, 2012
Why are u defending a murderous cult like ISLAM> Lets be honest Muslims leaving islam would be much more humanized period. No arguements on that Why do they need to follow a mass murderer paedophile muhhamad whose aim was to rule the world for isla,. WRON CULT EXTREMELY WRONG IDEOLOGY
to Malem and Lynn, additional info
written by Yibel , July 20, 2012
The classic Qur’anic commentator Ibn Kathir explains that “the two paths He (meaning Allah) described here are both misguided (paths),” and that those “two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the believer (Muslim)should beware of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth (Islam only) and abiding by it. In comparison, the Jews abandoned practicing the religion (Islam), while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why ‘anger’ descended upon the Jews, while being described as ‘led astray’ is more appropriate of the Christians.”

Ibn Kathir’s understanding of this passage is not a lone “extremist” interpretation. In fact, most Muslim commentators believe that the Jews are those who have earned Allah’s wrath and the Christians are those who have gone astray. This is the view of Tabari, Zamakhshari, the Tafsir al-Jalalayn, the Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas, and Ibn Arabi, as well as Ibn Kathir.

Note: Islam teaches that everyone is born a Muslim (that is, a believer in Isalm), but is trained to be a Jew, Christian, etc. by parents.
written by Malem , July 20, 2012
I presented what is in the actual prayer, you presented "interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran" . An interpretation of what HE feels is the meaning, my god man that is an interpretation of and interpretation...

Yible, show me where in the Quran it states that "Islam teaches that everyone is born a Muslim (that is, a believer in Isalm), but is trained to be a Jew, Christian, etc. by parents." it doesnt, so that is a just rumor and garbage
Thank God Its Friday!
written by dead or aliive , July 20, 2012
Is it not a$$ up time for abc and Malem?
written by Atheist , July 20, 2012

You are one sick, disgusting animal!

It may have escaped your attention that the discussion is about the cult of Islam.

That you find it necessary to throw abuse at Western women, whom you describe as "prostitutes in bikinis" only reflects back on your own mysogynistic, twisted mind. I'm not having some uneducated muslim tell me what my daughters, granddaughters and myself should wear.
written by Amboyduke , July 20, 2012
Just this week in Toronto, a black African muslim "convert", originally from Montreal, was spouting that western women deserve to be raped if they dress a certain way that intices his "bros" to unleash their carnal instincts. He said that in muslim countries where the women wear those black fabric coffins (burquas) there is no incidents of rape, but the truth is the women in those countries are also molested and raped on a scale that is worse than in the west.

These f**ks are just too crazy for words...and we keep on tolerating these hate-filled lunatics.
They are a master at blaming their victims for their crazy acts.
i.e., "that woman caused me to rape her because of the way she was dressed. It's ALL HER FAULT...!!!"
They do it all the time and about every subject under the sun.
i.e. rioting and killing because someone draws a cartoon of mohammad; Their fault.
i.e. someone "insults" their syphillis infected "prophet" and they want to kill him; Their fault.
i.e. the Yanks burn some korans in Afghanistan and they go on a killing spree. Meanwhile, those same korans were being used to smuggle secret messages to the taliban...not to mention that the "proper way" to destroy a koran is to burn same. Their fault.

These bastards hate the "West" and everything about it and will stop only through deadly force. You can see it building week by week...and God help our grand kids of our generation doesn't erradicete them from the face of the earth.
To Malem, Reed
written by Archpagan , July 20, 2012
@ Malem
Instead of ChrisLA put your question to those Muslims who refer to conversion of non-Muslim to Muslim as 'Reversion'.
@ Reed Wilson
I see you prefer muddy water to clean water.

written by fineliving56 , July 20, 2012
You Muslim MAN…. is a tool

You talk about western women as prostates?

Let us say they are [ which they are not ] for argument sake, they still, are ,better then Muslim women who have as much as, self a steam as bug … sorry to say ….. whom they let them selves to be owned and be used by husbands who already have wives …

Muslim women agree to share their husbands with other women by splitting the days of a week between her and her [' Derra ] other wive . .. sick !

By the way … a lot of Muslim women when they do not have enough attention from their husbands due to their [ husband ] distraction with others wives, turn to other women for affection and they think it is not haram …

The under radar lesbianism that is going on in between Muslim women in the Islamic world is vast and everywhere … husbands do not know about what is going on behind their backs … the parties called '' Istekbalat '' or the team '' bint al ishre '' of wives who are lesbians is between women and if you do not believe what I said … go ask someone who is from the Islamic world .

Do I have to tell you about glass houses .
Praying is wrong!
written by Gnostic , July 21, 2012

1. Praying is waste of time because it is useless!

2. But praying is even worse because people imagine that they do something useful while they are only wasting their time.

3. People who rely on prayer fail to do what has to be done.
Sodomy permitted for Jihad
written by Infidel and More Proud , July 21, 2012
RW, Malman , ABC et all , Mulims can practice sodomy to widen their bacsides for Jihad.
Allah will forgive them. http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/3496.htm
written by malem , July 21, 2012
I believe that is your area of expertise.
Fineliving your are starrting to behave like a qurd
The Muslim man who calls him self … Malam
written by fineliving56 , July 21, 2012
the truth about Islam, hurts Malam so mush that he starts equate women with animals …. wow

He equated me with a donkey last time and now he does the same with a Monkey !!! ?

What a gente-muslim-man … he is ?

Sawfa la onazel nafisy li makanit Insan wisik mithlak … Muslim
written by fineliving56 , July 21, 2012
I have nothing to say about your link … I am just shaking my head … speechless !!

Isn't funny, how Muslims like Malam, try to shoot the messenger who is reporting the Islamic message that , they, the Muslims, acting out .

Someone has sodomised that fellas brains
written by abc , July 21, 2012
Here is a complete refutation of your non sense..


I think it is a hoax
written by fineliving56 , July 21, 2012
What convinced me is the name … "'Dima Al Qasam "" …

I have never heard of such a Arabic name … no one names a son '' the bloody butcher '' …first I believed it because the video of this Shiites Imam looks so professional and appeared not to be a joke … then I listened, and read it, again and I thought about the name '' bloody butcher "is so strange and I read other web sits puting daubt, as it is, a hoax or a joke … I felt it might be .

But you know what is so funny is that, how could Muslims blame non Muslim of believing such acts done by Muslim when A MUSLIM like that shiites imam Khalk in the video RUSHED TO BELIEVE IT, AS TO BE TRUE AND MADE THAT VIDIO as he thought sunni Muslim would do sodomy for Jihad … Shiites Muslim believed it before any non Muslims did …

It shows how far Muslim's hate could go directed to other Muslims from different sects .
written by malem , July 21, 2012
I never said you were a monkey, I said your behavior was sounding like one, thayt is much different. I realize your english skills are mediocre but you should try and read the statements before commenting on them. I was in mashta last week very nice and not ruined yet!
written by fineliving56 , July 21, 2012
You want to split hairs … go ahead, I am not interested

I do not care …

The fact that you put my name next any animal name … that is enough for me to know, what kind of a man, a Muslim man, you are …

That is how you talk to women … wow ?!

If it was not for the admin asking us to keep it civil, You really, would know exactly, what I think of you …. MUSLIM !
written by Archpagan , July 21, 2012
The Islamic holy book begins with the word 'La' ('La ilaha illallah') meaning 'No'. So, Islam can be rightly called a 'Negative Religion'. In my professional life I have to deal with a class of people who begin almost all of their speeches with the word 'No'. Guess who are they.
written by Reed Wilson , July 21, 2012
Infidel and More Proud. " RW, Malman , ABC et all"

I think it is et al and not et all.
written by Malem , July 21, 2012
Thank you for your kind and womanly words, they warm the heart, Ramadan Mubarek!
written by fineliving56 , July 21, 2012
At least I did not say you are behaving like a Monkey and a Donkey, LIKE YOU DID ..

Yes, of course, the 30 days of Ramadan where Muslims stop being nasty as usual, to others, and after that, We should except, the mud slinging, to come back with zeal.

Ramadan Kareem

To all readers

We should expect to have a breather from all Muslims bad mouthing … all Muslims are orderd Ramadan where they are ordered by Allaho ta'ala in Quran to be NICCCCE …

But not Kope … I doubt he even care … his hate for the ex Muslims, the white race and westerners is so apparent …. he is beyond reach, Ramadan will make a Muslim like that even more unpleasant .

written by Promachos , July 22, 2012
Islam is supposed to be subission to the will of Allah. Yet, Muhammad allegedly had Moses negotiate the number of prayers G-d wanted Muslims to perform from 50 to 5. WTF? How is that submissions. Perhaps if more Muslims spent their time praying 50 times a day we would have so many problems. Right?
written by fineliving56 , July 22, 2012
Muhammad supposedly [ wink wink ] begged Allah to reduce the number of prayer Muslims have to do a day, from 50 to 5 prayer …all, out of mercy for Muslims. Allah,supposedly, gave permission to Muhammad to do it … lol

All …. lies … lies … and more lies … this story Muhammad, invented was designed to make Muslims feel in debit to him for saving them from marathons of prayers all day everyday of their miserable lives .

Muslim's brains are paralyzed … unable to think an inch further then their little rugs they pray on …. sorry to say
Evil Islam
written by Vluk , July 22, 2012
This proves yet again that Islam is an evil terrorist religion.
written by Reed Wilson , July 24, 2012
Promachose. You write "Yet, Muhammad allegedly had Moses negotiate the number of prayers G-d wanted Muslims to perform from 50 to 5. WTF? How is that submissions?

You are right that it was an allegation. We cannot base our questions on baseless allegations.

written by ex786 , July 24, 2012

mosques are hells on the earth the places where muslims preaches hate and violence against non-muslims.
written by ex786 , July 24, 2012

mosques are hells on the earth the places where muslims preaches hate and violence against non-muslims.
written by Reed Wilson , July 24, 2012
Dear ex786. Muslims dont teach anything in mosques. There is no difference between mosques, cathedrals, churches, synagogues, temples and like. In all such places God is not followed.

One thing is common amongst them that there are clergies who are begging for charity by misguiding people.

mosques are hells on the earth the places where muslims preaches hate and violence against non-muslims.
written by Reed Wilson , July 24, 2012

Lasst para of the above post is to be deleted. It is repetition of ex786's post.
written by Paul Stevens , July 25, 2012
Here is the difference between your filthy religion M.YAHYA KHAN. Christians and Jews do evil things...you are correct. BUT the bible condemns that. Your koran (written by Satan) demands stoning women...killing those who leave islam...subjegating others and on and on. Your religion of islam was born of hell and Satan when he spoke to that maniac Mo.
Stoning of women in the Holy Bible.
written by Reed Wilson , July 26, 2012
Paul Stevens. You write "BUT the bible condemns that. Your koran (written by Satan) demands stoning women"

I did not find stoning of men or women and stoning punishment for ANY offense in Quran. However we find Jesus Christ awarding stoning punishment in New Testament and also in old Testament. I quote:

John8 Jesus went unto the mount of Olives.

2 And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.

3 And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery; and when they had set her in the midst,

4 They say unto him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.

5 Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?

6 This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

So was the alleged verdict of Jesus Christ that the adulterer be stoned by one who is not adulterer. Jesus did not bother for the male accomplice.

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