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Practice of Taqiyya, Deceptions, by Muslims in the West

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Muslims in the West propagate day and night that Islam is the religion of peace.  Recently, Muslims started saying that all religions teach peace and love. When they state all religions, they include Islam too. It is a way of covering up hatred and violence of Islam towards Infidels.

They describe unbelievers as Kafirs (degrading word for non-muslins) (Nejes) impure swines, monkeys, the fuel of hellfire, cruel, and friends of Satan, etc. But if a non-Muslim complains that they are using offensive language against non-Muslims, a Muslim will proudly state that he is speaking the Quranic terms and teachings. They insist that, in the West, they have every right to express their belief and the West has given them right to freedom of speech. In answer to all this, non-Muslims only can tell Muslims that if your Quran teaches you all this kinds of rubbish, then it teaches evil in fact.

Muslims claim that Islam teaches peace and love, most of the time they give references from the Quran. They quote two verses from the Quran mostly (Surah The Table Spread verse 32, i.e. 5:32) and (Surah The Cow verse 256, i.e. 2:256).

Quoting only half of the verse 5:32, Muslims in the West claim that teaching of the Quran is so noble that it equates killing just one human being to killing the whole of humanity. The reason for quoting only half of verse 5:32 is to deceive the Kafirs.

The full translation of verse 5:32 is as follows:

"For that cause We decreed for the children of Israel that whosoever killed a human being for other than manslaughter OR corruption on earth, It shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso save the life of one, it shall be as if he has saved the life of all mankind, Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs but afterwards too many of them became prodigals in the earth."

This verse is the continuity of the previous verses talking about the story of Cain and Abel. In actual fact, Islam has nothing to do with this story. And although it is about the Abel and Cain story of the Old Testament or Torah, no such verse exists in the Old Testament.

Indeed, this verse is basically a quotation from the Talmud, which contain views and interpretation of the Old Testament verses by Jewish Rabbis. The Jews do not believe the Talmud to be revelation from God. But in the Quran, the statement of the Jewish Rabbi has been regarded as God’s revelation.

About this verse, Muslim scholar Ibn Katheer stated in his book, Tafseer Ibn Katheer, that he narrated from Saed Bin Sabeer, who narrated from Aisha, that any one who takes the life of any Muslim or even allowed to do so, he kills whole humanity and if anyone saves a Muslim, he saves the whole of humanity. It means that in this verse, non-Muslims are not included as humanity. Plus according to the Quran, Surah 9, verse 5 (9:5), it is lawful to kill Kafirs, unless they embrace Islam. Verse 9:5 reads as follows:

‘Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them and take them besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush but if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due (i.e. they become Muslim), then leave their way free, lo Allah is forgiving, merciful’.

‘Kill the infidels wherever you find them’.

Imam Jalal ul Deen Suyuti commented on this verse in his book, Al -itqan fi Ulum al Quran. He narrated from Imam Ibn-Al Arbi that this verse has abrogated 120 verses of the Quran, which includes 5:32, as well as verse 2:256, which says: ‘There is no compulsion in religion’. Imam Suyuti has claimed twenty-one instances of Naskh (abrogated verses) in the Quran. Suyuti writes that abrogation is something, which has only favoured the Muslims with. One can understand why Allah has given this favour to Muslims. Sometimes the revelation used to descend on the prophet during the night, and then he would forget it during the daytime (Asbab al Nuzul by Suyuti). Muslim scholars have collected lists of abrogating and abrogated verses from the Quran, which helps to explain away conflicting verses, and offers easy solution to contradictions of the Quranic verses.

Verse 9:5 is also famously called Verse of the Sword.

Some Muslim Scholars believe that the verse of the sword is the final revealed verse on the subject. They find no other verses in the Quran that may abrogated this verse.

Imam Jalal ul Deen Suyuti stated in his commentary on this verse that wherever it is stated in the Quran to have patience and not to hurry to harm the Kafirs, all those commandments have been abrogated by this verse.

Another famous Muslim Scholar Mulana Abul Ala Maududi stated in his commentary in his book, Tefheem-ul-Quran, that the last part of this verse has abrogated the first part of the verse. It’s mean,

That The Peace Treaty which was made for peace between Kafirs and Muslims signed by Muhammad has been nullified. Maududi states that it was the commandment of Allah to breach the peace treaty with kafirs. There is no need to compromise with kafirs any more. Allah has (SAQET) ceased the peace agreement between Muslims and Kafirs.

Quran the Kanzul Aman translated by Ahmad Raza Khan in Urdu and commentary by Maulana Mohammad Naeem ul Deen Murad Abadi has stated about verse 9:5 that Allah has revealed this to Muhammad with a sword, that there will be no more peace (to Kafirs) on Earth. After this verse was revealed, the Kafirs had only two options. First, to accept Islam; second, or you will be slain. He also states that the true meaning of this verse is that Allah wants to tell Muslims that they have to live with Kafirs only in peace until they are financially and militarily secure and strong, and once they become stable offer Islam to Kafirs, if they accept then leave them alone, but if they refuse, kill them.

This verse and like many other verses of the Quran signifies to force conversion. What you see going on in Muslims countries, how Muslims treat their religious minorities – they are all commanded in the Quran and hadith. A large number of verses of the quran teach hatred and violence against Kafirs (non-Muslims). Muslims are terrorists, because they read, believe, and act upon commandments of, the Quran – a manual of terrorism. We see many Europeans, some of them Atheist, after converting to Islam become terrorists. What makes them terrorists? What does the Quran do to make their mind and turn these normal persons into terrorists? In Britain, Muslims constitute only 2.2% of the population, but they are very active in terrorism.

Why is Britain spending millions of tax-payer's money to protect the public? Europe has given them equal human rights, but they are not satisfied and they demand greater privileges than their native inhabitants, because they believe they are superior in humanity than the Kafirs. Human rights do not exist in Islam. They care about human rights only in the West. And they have used and abused the ideas of human rights in favour of Islam, which is an anti-human rights ideology.

Muslim apologists in the West, whenever they quote verse 5:32 and 2:256, they act hypocritical and try to deceive the natives. Islamic apologists try their best to mask the ugly truth about Islam, but their own books of history testify against them. With the advent of the internet and freer spread of information and knowledge, the truth can no longer be concealed. Freedom of speech is the greatest enemy of Islam. Muslim countries, which have no freedom of expression, are trying to force Europe to limit it freedom of expression through United Nations resolutions.

Renowned Muslim scholars have clearly given true interpretations of the Quranic verses. If any Muslim apologist in the West, who does not agree to those interpretations by authoritative classical Muslim scholars, let him rebuke them. And he must first establish his own authority as an Islamic scholar before he denies the views of the classical Islamic scholars.

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written by balam , July 08, 2012
A very truthful study into one of the aspects of Islam by Y.M.I am not in a position to add anything about the article.This DECEPTION permeats into every aspect of Muslim life.Their Kalima is deception because allah is non-existent imaginary god.Their' SALATS' are ROBOTIC exercise to deceive themselves and other people around.The ZAKAT is also a form of BRIBERY.HAJJ has tha strings attatched to get all the previous SINS forgiven so that NEW SINS could be committed and REVENUE into MECCA continues.The muslims SHOUT at KABBA:HERE I COME IN ONE VOICE BECAUSE THEIR ALLAH CAN NOT SEE THEM BEING BLIND.WITH THESE INHERENT QUALITIES OF DECEPTION,HOW CAN ONE TRUST A MUSLIM.I WOULD FEEL QUITE COMFORTABLE WITH A DEADLY POISONOUS SNAKE UNDER MY PILLOW DURING SLEEP THAN A MUSLIM BECAUSE OF THEIR DECEPTIVE NATURE.MAY THE LIVING GOD KEEP ALLAH AWAY FROM KAFIRS.WE ARE LUCKY TO BE INFIDELS BECAUSE MUSLIMS ARE IN-PUDDLES OF SHIT.
Over the past 1400
written by Tanstaafl jw , July 08, 2012
Years of Islamic history over 270 million infidels have been killed by the religion of "peace".
The Islamic method of gradualism
written by Walter Sieruk , July 10, 2012
The deception of Taqiyya is a subtle way of stealth jihad. The jihadists who practice this kind of jihad are practicing a way of subverting America and other countries of the West and gaining power for Islam are being consistent with the kind of philosophy and strategy of Sun Tzu in THE ART OF WAR. Which teaches "At first, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you and opening; afterwards emulate the rapiditly of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to oppose you."
written by Promachos , July 10, 2012
There have been plenty of articles in here about taqqiya. Something new would be nice. Yeah, they practice taqqiya, and? Come on IW moderators! Get authors to actually exercise their grey cells (and ours!).
written by Dwito , July 10, 2012
Get authors to actually exercise their grey cells .

Thanks. But one minute, you said
(and ours!)

Strange!! So far I know, you keep regularly exercising it on women. I mean, the gray matter you carry between your legs!!!!!!
written by balam , July 10, 2012
Mohammad was an expert as Taqiyya Master.When he was militarily weak in Mecca,he preached peace.Then he moved to YATREB{MADINA}he showed his true colours.He tried to convince the JEWS about his prophethood by facing towards JERUSALEM for his prayers but failed to fool them.Hence,he decided to exterminate them.He killed 900 JEWS of QURAIZA JEWISH TRIBE WITH HIS OWN HANDS,RAPED AND ENSLAVED THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN.HOW HOLY OF HIM!!!OBAMA WAS PUT IN THE WHITE HOUSE BY SAUDI ARABIA AND LEFTIST JEWS.HE STARTED HIS STEALTH JIHAD SINCE DAY ONE.HE HAS SUPPORTED THE MOSQUE ON GROUND ZERO.ISLAM WILL GAIN STRONG ROOTS IN AMERICA THROUGH OBAMA'S STEALTH JIDAD IF HE IS RE-ELECTED FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS.HE IS AN ANTI-CHRIST AND ANTI-CHRISTIAN.
written by Reed Wilson , July 11, 2012
Taqiyya is very bad.
written by malem , July 12, 2012
Why "very bad"
To malem
written by Archpagan , July 12, 2012
Are you ready to accept taqiyya played by infidels on Muslims? In the 17th Century, Shivaji, a Hindu warlord, played taqyyia to his Muslim opponent, Afjal Khan. Indian Muslims still ruefully remember that.
written by batul , July 13, 2012
Afzal khan went to meet shivaji hiding a dagger at his back to kill shivaji. Shivaji was well aware of the dirty muslim tactics. He also hide a dagger at his back. While they were talking, afzal khan quickly tried to pull his dagger from his back and kill shivaji, but before he could do that, shivaji pulled out his dagger and plunged into the stomach of notorious afzal khan. Muslims themselves do all bad things then blame the non Muslims for everything.

If anybody has doubt in my words they can read the history and check it themselves.
written by Reed Wilson , July 13, 2012
What if Shivjee killed if killed? It is politics.

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