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The Islamist Delusion – From Islamist to Cultural Muslim Humanist (Book)

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"The Islamist Delusion – From Islamist to Cultural Muslim Humanist" is an insider's look at behind-the-scenes Islam. Written by a prominent anti-Islamist activist over the course of 8 years, detailing his reasons for leaving Islam and becoming an agnostic humanist.

islamist-delusion-saif-rahmanA comprehensive and objective study for Muslims seeking a fair and balanced analysis; and for non-Muslims interested in gaining rarely insights.

A single incident some eight years ago kickstarted the journey for this book. My Muslim cousin came to stay with us in the UK when he was over on holiday from Pakistan. I knew his stay would prove contentious as previously he had told me that as a Muslim I had to believe in all of it as it stood, or I had to admit I was no longer a Muslim. This time I was prepared for the inevitable question of "Why?" I had subsequently left Islam. Sure enough it soon came and started the ball-rolling till 4 a.m., as he attempted to refute each one of my contentions, but this time to no avail.

The following day, prior to boarding his flight back to Pakistan, he made me promise one thing. As he was well connected, he asked me to put together all my arguments that he failed to answer, so he could take them to a learned scholar of Islam. I did so, and was looking forward to his response. I also copied them to all my siblings. After 3 months, my brother received a phone call from the cousin, saying that he hadn't forgotten and was still working on the reply. It’s been 8 years, and I never did hear back from him.

Nonetheless, it was an invigorating exercise. Over the course of the next 8 years, I became an ex-Muslim activist and the original letter (contained in next chapter) was used as a skeletal working document, which I regularly updated with new findings. A comprehensive Scribd online blog was borne. It was heartening to see it climb to 46,000 views and being powerful enough to influence many of its Muslim readers to leave Islam.

To connect with a wider audience, I developed the blog for use in visual media, and from it spawned my 'ExMuslim Confession' YouTube series. It flourished as it climbed to half-a-million hits, but along with its success so did the harassment. My more vocal presence was paralleled with increasing resistance, reaching up to 139 death threats to date. Undeterred this spurred me on to make the blog ever more mainstream, and the original Letter-Blog-YouTube Series finally matured into the Book you see before you today…

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written by kope , December 23, 2012

your book name was Allah Delusion' now The Islamist Delusion

the next name would be The Saif Rahman Delusion

this is your old friend kope

written by kope , December 23, 2012
dont dream million doller you are not robert spencer
Saif Rahman
written by Fineliving56 , December 23, 2012
Success .. a wonderful achievement … congratulation

I am sure you knew the threats WERE coming, as sure as, the sun rise … the threats ** sometimes** are just that .. threats .. if you have good protection, it will be useless and it, only achieve to prove, how low the Islamic self esteem, is really is.

Just look what the above post from our Muslim resident, Kope, indicates.

He is the one who barges how islam, will dominate and rule the world in the near future … and here you and me and all the other ex muslims, ARE being born everyday as time passes and the internet is alive and well .

Kope is choosing to forget that, and keeps marching on … today, he is using sarcasm to defend Islam … which is out of the norm … we all know love of laughter does not exist in a Muslim mind, death and destruction, does.
Saif Rahman
written by kope , December 23, 2012
Saif Rahman wrote

((( The following day, prior to boarding his flight back to Pakistan, he made me promise one thing. As he was well connected, he asked me to put together all my arguments that he failed to answer, so he could take them to a learned scholar of Islam. I did so, and was looking forward to his response. I also copied them to all my siblings. After 3 months, my brother received a phone call from the cousin, saying that he hadn't forgotten and was still working on the reply. It’s been 8 years, and I never did hear back from him. )))))

tell us what are your questions i will answer then all

written by Kaser , December 23, 2012
Answer mine kope!! Answer mine !!!

If you believe Allah is the creator of everything and earth was created 6,000 years ago:
1- How do you reconcile this with the fact all scientific proof points to the contrary - that earth is 4,500,000,000 years old?
2- Why did Allah bury dead dinosaur bones and then give us science to determine they are 65,000,000 years old?
3- Why allow about the same number of girls and boys to be born if each man is allowed 4 wives? Why not create humans with 4 girls born for every boy born?
4- Why give "faces" to women but then order them to veil themselves in public? Why not design women with a flap of skin to hide themselves in public?

If you believe men are indeed superior intellectually to women:
5- Why are women gaining (and in some cases surpassing) men in many scientific fields?

And about your "Quran":
6- If god is the greatest, all powerful god of the universe, why is the only available scripture from him, the Quran, so cryptic and convoluted?
7- Why did god have to use a "prophet" to pass his message to the entire world? If he created humanity, why not talk to us directly?
8- Why does the Quran need "context" to be understood if it's the perfect word of god for all humans for all eternity?

And on the continued violence:
9- Why does Allah allow the killing of young children by suicide bombers? Why does he not intervene and stop the bombings?
10- Why does Allah allow girls to have their clitoris cut? After all, Allah designed girls with clitoris, so how dare humans change this! Please explain.

Let's start with these question Kope.
Islam and Islamism
written by Gnostic , December 23, 2012
When talking about islamistic delusions this refers to political islam and we should strive recent political topics. How much time will it take tor Egypt to become an islamic republic like Iran? And how long will it take untill the economic collapse of the islamic world?

But I dont forget Kope either. Here are some more questions:

1. How did Noah feed millions of species in his Arch and how did he provide them fresh water every day? There are around 6000 species of mammals, 9000 birds, 5000 reptiles and more than a million insects. And how did he catch them?

But there is even more wrong with Noah. Two of each species is not enough because of incest. On the other hand, most plants do not need two per species as referred to in the quran because they are monoicous.

2. Surah Joseph mentions Dirhams but coin havent been invented during that time. And of course Dirham derive from greek Drachmas which is even more ridiculous.

3. Birds can fly because Allah allows it but this is also wrong. They can fly because they push back the air like a swimmer pushes back the water.

Only 3 examples out of hundreds ...
written by Kafirwala , December 23, 2012

kope is not an educated person. Nor does he know deeply about Islam and Quran. All he has got is the madrassa education he received and a few slogans like ' Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world', 'Islam will dominate the world', etc. When you ask somebody some questions, you have the minimum duty to ensure that he comprehends the questions. I am afraid, you have overlooked this minimum requirement while you asked an avalanche of questions to this dimwit.
All of Quran defies logic …
written by Fineliving56 , December 23, 2012
What about ….

1- Why, would Allah TEST humans [ as it claims ] by sacrificing, few innocent human babies and born them with body disabilities, like the people who are born with 2 heads or two hearts or more arms and legs that they need .. while these babies have DOEN nothing to deserve this kind of painful existence … ??!!

What is really worse … Allah brags that, HE DOES NOT born people with 2 hearts in IT'S QURAN while in fact we all know ALLAH DID … COUNTLESS TIMES !!!???

So …which is it … is Allah giving us a test by sacrificing innocence .. or did Allah LIE about giving us a test ? …

I do not know which is worse …

Allah as a liar ….. or Allah as cruel, sadistic joke ??!!

And what about Noah's fairy tale …

If Noah, only had 1 male and one female of each species, what did Noah do, when the only Lion ate the only 2 deers there is … we all know in the wild all big animals eat the smaller ones , how did he manage to manage all these animal without loosing them ending up as lunch ?

defies logic is an under statement

written by Fineliving56 , December 23, 2012
My post that adds to the big list as why Quran and Islam defies logic, has gone for a visit .. it will come to be posted… I am sure
abc and Malem...
written by Kaser , December 24, 2012
...Please also feel free to answer these questions.
While, as Kafirwala points out, Kope has probably an IQ in the two decimals, abc and Malem are much more learned and educated.
So, what's it going to be guys, care to answer these questions using your logic - or are you going to take the usual cop-outs?
Be original for once...
written by Fineliving56 , December 24, 2012
A deadly air strike on a bakery killed in Hama Syria .... estimated 300 people parched at once with body part spread all over the place ...

I just sow the video with one eye closed ... it makes the heart weep ... No word could describe the bloody scene ... no words
written by kope , December 24, 2012
you people are not worth my answer
to Kopi
written by Infidel and More proud , December 24, 2012
Dear Kopi
If you have the minerals to answer and would like to protect your Moallah , Islam or whatever why dont you buy the book and refute it in full rather then ask questions here as a knee jerk reaction. Lets see your debating powers..
written by Kaser , December 24, 2012
Back to your comfortable one-liners hey Kope?
You avoid answering because you simply cannot...
written by M , December 24, 2012
The fastest growing religion in the US is atheism.

Perhaps people do convert to islam, but how many leave it?

One of my friends 'converted' and 15 years later is now an atheist.

Why? Because he feels it is an evil, corrupt religion and not a 'pure' one as his local mosque claimed. Suicide bombers, the fact that muslim countries are not real democracies and that islam is used as a tool of repression for all, not just for women.

He has had to leave my local area and start 'afresh' elsewhere, as local muslims didn't seem too tolerant of his decision to leave islam.
written by Fineliving56 , December 24, 2012
atheism is not a religion … atheist is void of A religion

The future is going to be about the void of religion after, people discovers, the absurdity of religions … I think it going to be replaced by humen's occupation with self to try to survive mother nature and it's ruthless self .

There is a TV show named '' walking dead '' … it is worth watching, if you take away the gory scenes and dead bodies cannibalize … the main goal of it, is a reminder of what would happen when our world is destroyed by disease or nature disaster and humans revert back to tribal social beings … religion would be the last thing people would think about … they would be too busy trying to stay alive, to prevent from becoming extinct .

I do not like silly TV series … but this one I did watch and discovered that it was not concerned about popularity, so it sneaks in, the question of God's existence and peoples experiencing disappointment towered God's silence when humans where facing near total destruction… and what is amazing?! ..it is very popular.. it has the highest ratings … that speaks volumes .
written by IKBA , December 24, 2012
talk is cheap.we are not interested in your religion, if it is.As far as we are concerned.
Islamistic Delusions
written by Gnostic , December 24, 2012
Islamistic Delusions are about to arrive very soon. They are inevitable because islamists do not have any clue how to solve contemporary problems.

All the islamists can do is to have a look into the quran for answers. They have no imagination how outdated they are and thats why they will fail and the whole movement will change the direction completely.

We are about to see anti-islam and anti-islamism very soon and everywhere!
written by M , December 24, 2012
Fineliving56, atheism is considered a 'religion', as is a form of belief.

The right not to believe in a god.
written by Kaser , December 25, 2012
No M, you are wrong and Fineliving is right.
Atheism means "not believing in a god" It DOES NOT mean "believing" in anything other than a god either.
Some people categorize it as a religion because it comes out in polls and census data.

As an atheist myself, I know ALL religions are wrong, not just Islam. I do not "believe" they are wrong. I know. More and more people are abandoning religion (becoming Atheists) because they figure out religions are wrong. Science has done enough work to prove they are ALL wrong. The Malems and abc's of the world WANT to believe even though deep down they know it makes no sense.

This is the reason ALL religions require "faith". "Faith" because ALL religions are based on believing something which cannot be proven true.

And when people believe in different "religions", that's when the shit hits the fan.
Because we all know, religious fanatics believe their religion is the TRUE religion, every other religion in WRONG.
Hence proselytizing...contempt...segregation...hatred...violence.
written by saif rahman (Islamist Delusion) , December 26, 2012
Is that the same Kope I used to know from CEMB Exmuslims?
written by saif rahman (Islamist Delusion) , December 26, 2012
No Hope Kope I used to call you :D Anyway how you keeping these days - Why did you disappear & Which groups do you visit these days? I'm mostly on my facebook group here these days so please come & join us.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/122954901147377/
written by saif rahman (Islamist Delusion) , December 26, 2012
btw it happens to be available for free on XMAS day, allaying for pacific time zone - think their might be another hour left if you want to grab a copy

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