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The Islamist Delusion -- Quranic Science

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If many dubious utterances of the Quran are accepted as divinely inspired miraculous science as Muslims claim, then many statements of the ancient Greek philosophers, dating hundreds of years before Muhammad, are even more miraculous, divinely-inspired and accurate science.

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written by vbv , December 28, 2012
How can bullshit like quran claim legitamacy of science ? Arabia was never known for progress, innovations, science, freethinking,etc like Greece, Rome, India, Babylonia, China,etc , all of which predates the birth of Muhamad and his barbaric cult of islam by several centuries. India, China, Greece, ancient Egypt, Sumeria, etc had great civilsations ,cultures, medicine and surgery , good knowledge base for those times, while Arabia thrived in banditry, plunder and slave-trade. Quran just plagiarised stories from the Bible and also some scraps of information from other cultures to calim some kind of legitamacy, otherwise it is plain bullshit not worth the scrap of paper it is written on.
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , December 28, 2012

written by Jye , December 28, 2012
*shakes my head*
The"science" of Islam
written by Walter Sieruk , December 28, 2012
Muhammad thught that"stars were created by Allah as missles to throw at devils." This was the "wisest of man" and he gave the information that eventually went in the composition of the Quran.

[Source: THE ISLAMIC INVASION by Robert Morey p. 205
Quran's non exciting Science
written by Fineliving56 , December 28, 2012
The video is words of logic and reason … music to my ears

There is hundreds of proofs of absolute errors in science supposed facts in Quran …. we have been talking about for long time now, and we will keep doing that hoping for any spick of "" UH ""moment will happen in the brains of Muslims … but NO …Allah forbids !!!

All we get from them is…. dodging, lying, obfuscating and the absurd notion of us misunderstand the Arabic language and just about everything else in Islam.
look how an educated Muslim science man, deal with the absurdity of Quran when teaching
written by Fineliving56 , December 28, 2012
In The locale Islamic school in the city I live in, there is in name ONLY "" Muslims'' science teacher [ I know that by his own declaration ] . He was teaching evolution in the class and the next day, the head honcho [ means, he who paid the most in building the school ] ask to talk to him .

He said to him '' every year we have a problem with teachers, teaching evolution to Muslims kids, I want to tell how to deal with that one, and what to say when the subject comes up,

you have to say this :

'' Science tells us evolution is correct, and Quran tells us there is no such thing ,dam and eve [ they just dropped from heaven .. hahaha ] …. so to remedy that problem, we say : "' we should NOT * intertwine * the two … the only way to solve the problem of it's contradictions with science i,s to separate the two and never talk about Quran in science class, and never talk about science in Islamic class ''

Viola …problem solved

So …

Do you see how SOME muslims deal with the stupidity of what Quran contains … yet other Muslims , still try, in vain, to brag about the NON EXCITING * CORRECT* science facts [ not ] …

Like Reed Wilson did … apparently he gave up on that notion … thanks to Allah … alhamudullah al azeem

written by Sita , December 29, 2012
Today there was a video of Akbaruddin Owaisi an MP,who addressing Muslim audience,saying he'll wipe out 100 crore Hindus,rivers of blood etc.The video was latrer ,probably due to protest/dislikes.
written by Sita , December 29, 2012
* removed.sorry! The sentence should read as the video has been removed since,probably due to dislikes!
written by abc , December 29, 2012
"In The locale Islamic school"
written by Fineliving56 , December 29, 2012
So… you do NOT comment on the video or the subject matter in my post .. but you DO comment on an English mistake ..

No surprise in there … ???!!

Really …. You got Nothing to say about the "" facts "" in the video …. common ????
written by abc , December 29, 2012
I wouldn't want to disturb your rant!
I have to stop laughing first!
written by Fineliving56 , December 29, 2012
If you only know, how really disparate you sound, trying to have something to say, in answer to the irrefutable facts that article, contains ...

Keep laughing ..

It beats crying at your joke of a religion .... .Abc
Reed Wilson and Malem
written by Gnostic , December 29, 2012
Where are they? Did they already leave islam?
written by abc , December 29, 2012
If that's what you think and it helps you sleep at night it's ok by me.
just on holiday
written by malem , December 29, 2012
More amusing to just read the rants
'' Dahaha ''
written by Fineliving56 , December 29, 2012
An Arabic words thats means …'' to spread, or to flatten ''

In Quran 79/30 ..Allah ie Muhammad, said :

'' and when the earth spreads ''

Mr. Niek …was lying, as usual, when he changed the meaning of the Arabic word '' dahaha '' and made it sound to mean '' oval '' … where it absolutely does not means that at all .

The word '' Oval '' in Arabic means '' bai'dawi '' … which comes from the word '' bai'da '' means '' an egg ''

As we all see '' bai'dawi '' is not '' dahaha ''
Islam and Science
written by Gnostic , December 29, 2012
Concerning the video I would say it is not really hitting the nail in some cases. Embryology is not only drawn from ancient roman sources, but it is also wrong and total nonsense. Sperm turns into clot and clot into a bone?

The quran asserts that meteorites are the same thing like stars. But in one aspect the video is very precisely hitting the point: Most quranic verses fail to be scientifc because they are just too unspecific. Any science must be expressed in clear words which do not allow any doubts or uncertainty. The quran is just the opposite of that.
abc, Malem
written by Kaser , December 29, 2012
Nice to see you guys here!

As for the contents of the video, it's among dozens of similar videos/texts/editorials on the subject.
Exposing the Quran's mistakes, errors and blatant "written by humans" content is like dismantling the Apollo missions' conspiracy theorists that the USA did go to the moon...
You knock-off each argument one by one... Until the "conspiracy theorists" aka Muslims tell you that you simply do not understand and that you need to study the Quran further.
Or uderstand proper context... Or read it in Arabic... whatever.

Abc, Malem, you are both quick to criticize the "rants" you see here. Do I understand that it's easier for you to do so than to argue against the contents of the article?
Are you unable to defend your "religion" against such attacks? Malem, surely Allah "the greatest of communicators" should allow you to argue against the video?

You cannot argue against it because you both know The Quran is nothing but human-generated "muck" - much of it stolen from other religions...

Malem, you were born into Islam and it serves you well - I can understand we will never know what you really think about it because you will gain nothing by revealing to us what a fraud you probably think it is...
But abc, you joined willfully - I guess you cherry-pick what suits you out of the cult, and ignore the bad parts? Does it not bother you that Islam is arrogant and supremacist as to even say only the Arabic Quran is the true Quran?

I hope my rant was entertaining to you two boys.

Fineliving, as usual, I love your posts.
There is No Islamic Science
written by De Doc , December 30, 2012
The great myth being taught to the credulous and ignorant Muslim mobs today is the concept of "Islamic Science". No such thing ever existed of course, but the silly and stupid imams and slick Islamic preachers sure try to promulgate the idea. The most damaging part of this bizarre revisionary history is that the polymaths of the ancient Islamic world all conceived their ideas totally and completely independent of the countless innovators of their past and instead owe their genius to inspiration from Islam. It fits well with their anachronistic beliefs, for how could any non-Muslim know or invent anything? I fully expect some ignoramus Muslim to start telling us that humans did not know how to shit before Muhammad arrived on the scene (Malam comes to mind...).
Quranic science = sperm flows from backbone and ribs Malman to confirm as a doctor
written by Infidel and More Proud , December 30, 2012
Origin of Muslims AKA 86:6, 86:7

Sahih International
He was created from a fluid, ejected,


Emerging from between the backbone and the ribs.

Indeed, they are planning a plan,

Q. How do you plan a plan


But I am planning a plan.
Q. Who is I Moh or allah
Islam and Science
written by Gnostic , December 30, 2012
The author of the quran was probably influenced by ancient scientists which was wrong in many fields. However, Muhammad used this ancient information because he needed it. It is an important claim of islam that god reveals himself through the miracles of nature. Accordingly, there are many descriptions of nature in the quran.

However, most of them are wrong, such as the descroption of mountains as pegs or that sperm comes from the backbone and many more.

Others are only trivial such as the description of the bees. That they produce honey which is good for ones health is nothing special; however, there are many much more interesting fact about bees NOT described in the quran: That bees are social creatures with their own language, that their eyes work different from ours, that honey is bad for babys and even dangerous and - most importantly - that bees are important for pollination!

Instead only that bees eat and produce honey - where is the revealation here? This is only something everybody knows!

My view is that the quran does not reveal anything new at all! It is no revealation! Anything written in the quran is either already known or totally wrong!

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