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'Hypocrites' According to the Koran

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The Koran has a lot to say about “hypocrites”. Muhammad and Allah are very troubled by both their existence and their activities. However the Koran is rather less forthcoming about the nature of the hypocrisy itself in many (though not all) cases. Thus, to find out the sort of attitudes and actions that cause the Koran to level the charge of hypocrisy against people we have to turn to other sources. Muslims have faced the similar problems in understanding many of the verses of the Koran. Consequently there are many commentaries (Tafseers) on the Koran which therefore address this and other problems. Muslim Authors (e.g. “H. Yahya”), though drawing on the same sources as I, seem to concentrate on the “characteristics” (all very bad) of the Hypocrites (to help Muslims identify them), rather than on what was the cause or nature of the “hypocrisy” in the first place.

This article does not claim any originality. On the contrary, all that is being undertaken is a drawing together of the Koran verses related to hypocrites and the Tafseers on these verses in order to clearly identify the Islamic understanding of this word.

To that end presented below are the verses related to “hypocrites” in the Koran (Hilali-Khan translation{1}) and identified in ibn Kathir (D).

In a departure from my normal methodology of presenting all the relevant evidence, I am simply giving the results of the study and the references used. The reason is quite simple: length of article. The “longer form” which did indeed present the verses and included a summary of the Tafseers{4} was running at over 26,000 words and I leave it to your imagination as to the length of the article with Tafseers quoted verbatim.

I thought that this was rather too long for publication here and so decided to omit the details. However, in the interests of veracity I have provided a list of Koran verses that support each “type” of hypocrite identified, as well as a list of the Tafseers used to arrive at my conclusion.

Anyone wishing to check my accuracy is thus enabled to do so.

In the original article I arranged these verses chronologically{2}, not in the normal sequence of the Koran{3} because this gives the view of how the Koran's attitude changes over time.

Regrettably, this aspect of my investigation is lost in this short version, but it has no bearing on the overall conclusions.


Hypocrites in the Koran

As will be seen from the list below, there are many types of hypocrite{5} mentioned in the Koran. In some cases the actual verse of the Koran contains the word “hypocrite(s)”, in others the verse is related to hypocrites by the writers of Tafseer, thus the use of some verses may be less obvious at first sight.


According to the Koran, hypocrites are:

  • ·Muslims who are :
  • ·“weak”, “half-hearted”, “imperfect” or “doubters” in faith (29:10-11; 2:10-12,20; 8:49 (al-Jalalayn); 3:154, 156; 33:12-19,72-73; 4:88,140-142; 57:14; 47:16; Sura 63; 24:47-50; 48:6; 9:45-49, 124-127; 5:52).
  • ·“fake” Muslims”, i.e. those that have only the outward practice (orthopraxy), but no Islamic belief. (107:4-5; 2:8-9,10-12; 4:142; 13-14,19, 21; 59:11-12; 33:72-73; 24:47-50; 4:72; 48:11-16; 9:61-63,64-68, 97-98; 5:41)
  • ·“bought” Muslims, those induced to convert through bribery (33:60-61; 9:58-59(?)), often, therefore, weak or fake Muslims also.
  • ·incomplete in their professions of faith (2:13-14; 5:41,61). This applied in particular to the Medinan Jewish “converts” who (according to Shafi) professed belief in Allah and the last day, but not Muhammad (not surprisingly!), thus outwardly they were quasi-Muslim, whilst inwardly they remained Jews – a special case of b).
  • ·Muslim through fear of violence, despoilment or murder from “true-believer” or “sincere” Muslims (3:154 [ibn Abbas], Sura 63; 58:14-19; 9:56-57, 97-98).
  • ·apostatising from Islam, either open (rarely) or un-declared. (29:10,11; 2:16; 8:49; 4:88, 115, 137-138, 142; 33:12-19,60-61 [ibn Kathir]; 47:25; Sura 63; 58:14-19; 9:45-49, 64-68, 73-74 [though Maududi views this differently], 9:94-96, 124-127).
  • ·lax in prayer (107:4-5) or other Islamic duty (2:27, Sura 63)
  • ·reluctant to follow Islamic (Sharia) Law, or who only use it if doing so offers them an advantage (2:10-12; 3:72-73; 4:60-61, 115; 24:47-50, 9:124-127).  See also 2e (below)
  • ·close friends with non-Muslims (2:10-12, 4:140-141; 5:52) (elsewhere the Koran says Muslims can be friendly to non-Muslims).
  • ·unwilling or reluctant to wage jihad, fight non-Muslims and die for Islam (2:204-6; 8:49; 3:121; 47:20-21, 29-31; 3:156,167-168,188; 4:72; 24:53; 61:2-4; 48:11-16; 9:42, 45-49,  53-54, 56-57, 64-68, 81-83, 86-87, 94-96, 97-98 ){6}. To “turn away” from fighting in Jihad renders the Muslim an apostate (47:20-21 – Shafi).
  • ·inclined (originally) to challenge Muhammad. Today this has morphed into any rejection of Islamic orthodoxy (3:156; 4:140-141; 33:1, 36-38, 48, 60-61; 58:14-19; 48:6; 9:58-59, 61-63, 73-74).
  • ·Take the part of non-Muslims in a dispute or discussion (2:27; 4:88; 59:11-12; 33:1)
  • ·“subversive Muslims”. People who pretend to be Muslims in order to undermine Islam from within (2:204-206; 33:60-61 [ibn Kathir, Maududi]; 3:188; 47:16; Sura 63; 24:63; 58:14-19; 48:6; 9:42, 61-63, 64-68, 73-74; 5:41). See note {7} below.
  • ·Liars, either to other Muslims and/or to themselves (by hiding sins). (2:204, Sura 63)
  • ·Are only Muslim for personal gain (2:204-206; 9:75-78, 97-98) – related to c) also.
  • ·Non-Muslims who:
  • ·choose (in terms of a decision or act of will) to remain non-Muslim (2:16,27,44; 4:140-141; 3:72-73; 47:16; ). (I think the 'rationale' is that non-Muslims “know” that Islam is “true” the moment they hear about it. See also {8}).
  • ·pretend respect for Muslims (2:13-14, ), though perhaps this is so out of fear.
  • ·Showed interest in becoming Muslim (and may have been bribed as an inducement{9}) then did not convert (8:49 – ibn Kathir).
  • ·Lie to Muslims (3:118-119; 3:173,188; Sura 63) to “harm” Islam (3:188)
  • ·reject Shariah Law as their legal code (2:10-12; 4:115;) or who only use it if doing so offers them an advantage (4:60-61, according to al-Wahidi and Maududi; 3:72-73)
  • ·Seek to harm the Muslims in some way, e.g. undermine their faith, betray them to enemies etc. (3:118-119)
  • ·argue with or disapprove of Muhammad or doubt his actions etc. for some reason (33:36-38 )
  • ·mock Muslims (9:79)
  • ·selfish people (Maududi), both Muslim or non-Muslim.
  • ·peacemakers or arbitrators (either Muslim or non-Muslim) between Muslims and non-Muslims (2:10-12 – ibn Kathir). I should state that I find this view of ibn Kathir's odd to say the very least, since it is contradictory to K.8:61 “But if they [non-Muslims] incline to peace, you also incline to it, and (put your) trust in Allah. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.”See also {10}.
  • ·those who say “bad” things about “good” Muslims, thus one is a hypocrite as well as a “blasphemer”{10} to criticise Muhammad! (24:11-26)
  • ·to be treated as non-Muslims. That is: any hypocrite (Muslim or non-Muslim) is to be treated as if they are Kaffirs. (2:8-20 – Shafi extended commentary; 9:73-74 Maududi, 9:84 Shafi).
  • ·Are witches and wizards. (See ibn Kathir's commentary on Sura 113.){11}



The word “hypocrite” in the Koran is both a cypher and a catch-all for Muslims as well as being applied to non-Muslims.

It is a cypher because it can mean an apostate from Islam, [see 1f) above]. The identification of apostates as a group within “hypocrites” is important because Muslim apologists often say that the Koran does not speak of punishing apostates. Linguistically this is true: the word “apostate” does not occur in those Koran verses, but given that “hypocrite” is a cypher for apostate, the Koran does speak about apostates, by defining them as one “class” of Muslim “hypocrite” – the problem is to dissect out when this particular meaning is relevant.

It is a catch-all in that any failure on the part of a Muslim to live a less than fully Islamic life (except under Darura{12} or Maruna{13}) makes a Muslim a “hypocrite” (K.66:9 may be understood in this light). This is the case even if the person converts out of fear for his/her life – s/he is a hypocrite if s/he does not become a fully orthodox (or “true-believer”) Muslim{6}.

Almost amusingly a person bribed into Islam{9} is also a hypocrite, not having full faith in Islam – to which one is almost forced to ask “And what did you expect, Mo? Sincerity from someone you bribed?”

Another important category of Muslim “hypocrite” is the Muslim who doesn't want to see Shariah Law (in all its barbarity) fully enforced – and that not only within the Muslim community, but upon all people of course.

Also declared “hypocrites” are those Muslims who form close associations with non-Muslims, Muslims should only be “best friends” with other Muslims and should not take the part of a non-Muslim if they are in dispute with a Muslim. A corollary of this is that some Muslims understand this to mean that they must shelter and support (at least through silence) those Muslims who indulge themselves in terrorist activity or the preaching thereof{14}.

Somewhat ironically perhaps the Koran text itself thus tells us that “Quranite”{15} Muslims are also “hypocrites”, as are “Reformist”{16} Muslims. And so are “peace-loving” (“moderate”) Muslims - those unwilling to kill in sword-Jihad against non-Muslims. Thus the definitions of “hypocrite” as applied to Muslims acts as a “lock-out” on any attempts to reform Islam: such attempts can only be made by those the Koran – and thus Islam – itself calls “hypocrites”, since they are seen as “challenging the message of Muhammad”.

In fact the Koran and commentaries make a Mussalman's willingness to “wage (sword) jihad in the way of Allah with their possession and their person - i.e. risk life and limb”{17} (K.4:95; see also: 9:20,88; 61:11) a touchstone for being an orthodox Muslim [see 1j above for the negative confirmation]. Any one who isn't so willing is also a “weak” or “half-hearted” Muslim – referred to in the Koran as “those with a disease in their hearts” or similar to describe anyone who has any doubts about Islam's teachings.

The final group of (notional) Muslims that are declared to be “hypocrites” - and to be fair this category has the merit of being deserved – are the “subversive Muslims”. These are people who only joined Islam in order to undermine it from within. Not surprisingly, such folk are frowned on by the Koran{18}.

Turning to non-Muslims, the Koran more or less declares all non-Muslims “hypocrites” - at least those who have heard the message of Islam. The notion here is that once a person hears{19} the message they “know in their heart” the 'truth' about Islam. Therefore any failure to convert is the result of their hypocritically refusing to acknowledge this 'truth'. This is implicit in the word used in the Koran to describe non-Muslims - “Kaffir”. This word means “one who covers (up the truth)” and was originally used (and occurs in this sense in the Koran) for the “tillers of the soil” who “cover up” the seeds after planting them.

Again it is ironic to note that the Koran regards as (even greater, perhaps,) “hypocrites” those non-Muslims who “make nice” to Muslims whilst disliking or fearing them. The irony is that the Koran tells Muslims to do just this to non-Muslims if the Muslims are in fear of the non-Muslims (K.3:28) and the Bukhari hadith tells Muslims to “smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.” (also quoted in ibn Kathir on this verse).

The final two major groups of exclusively non-Muslim hypocrites (or, perhaps, hypocrites “twice over”) are those who don't want Shariah Law enforced on them (though why someone would not want a legal system enforced on them that discriminates against them I simply cannot imagine – and, yes, I am being sarcastic) and those who actively seek to “harm” Muslims.

In this latter-most case (that of “harming”) one can well see that persons who try to subvert Muslims particularly from within the Islamic community could be seen as “hypocritical” since they would have to be operating in a covert way. However, this is not the only meaning attached to the “harm-doers”. Given that the Koran says that all non-Muslims really “know that Islam is true”, then  “harm-doers” can be understood to mean anyone who says anything “nasty” about Islam (even if true!) since anything that “disturbs – or challenges – the 'spiritual' peace” of the Islamic community is deemed harmful.

The Koran makes it clear that the particular hypocrisy of selfishness applies to both Muslim and non-Muslim alike and given that selfishness is one of mankind's least attractive traits, I find myself in agreement with the intention of the Koran (to castigate such people), though the language is curious since it is predicated on the idea that such people are aware of their “wrong-doing” which is not a given for all and why call them “hypocrites” at all? Why not just stick with selfish? The only reason I can deduce (and it is only a deduction) is that hypocrites go to hell, therefore lumping everybody with whom the Koran disagrees together as “hypocrites” is a convenient way of saying “and you're going to hell too!”

A curious form of hypocrisy is that of “telling tales” about Muslims. It is fair enough to call  “tattlers” hypocrites for spreading nasty rumours about nice Muslims{20}, however there is a further implication and that is that Muslims should “cover” for one another by simply not believing that the “best of mankind” and such “superior” people as Muslims{21} would do illegal or immoral things. This, I suggest, is a less-than-healthy attitude in that it means that the victims of abuse will have little or no chance of redress since the prevailing mind-set is simply not to believe them.

As will be seen from the above the word “hypocrite” is used in the Koran to describe a wide range of people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who do something – anything – that is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Thus the most succinct definition of “hypocrite” within the Koran might be “not a true-believer Muslim”.

An interesting point which bears on this topic is the idea of “the four (types of) hearts”:

  • ·the heart that is clear like a shining lamp - the [true] believer's heart.
  • ·the heart that is covered and tied up – the non-Muslim's heart.
  • ·the heart that is upside-down – the apostate's heart.
  • ·the heart that is clad in armour – the “hypocritical” Muslim's heart in which is a mix of faith and hypocrisy.

The point here is that the “shining lamp” of the believer's heart will enable them to see their way as they cross the “narrow way” into paradise. All others (without such light) will inevitably lose their footing and fall into hell – thus one element of the importance of being a “true-believer” Muslim.

This leaves the problem of defining a “true-believer” Muslim. This is a major issue within Islam itself as can be seen from the habit of various groups of Muslims to declare other groups of Muslim non-believers or apostates by declaring Takfir{22}. A corollary of this is the need for many Muslims to be seen as “true-believers” and thus avoid any risk of censure within their community. This in turn leads to increasingly literalistic interpretations of the Koran, because this is easier to defend, whereas a more nuanced approach to Koranic exegesis opens the practitioner up to the charge of not being a real Muslim. Thus we see the increasing “radicalisation”{23} of Islam today as group after group seems to want to outdo the other in orthodoxy and self-righteous pietistic behaviour, a sort of “race to the bottom” in Islamic interpretation{24}. Thus in the “Arab Spring” Countries of Egypt and Tunisia for instance the “moderate Islamist”{25} governments are being challenged by the “radical Islamist”{25} Salafists and one is left wondering what more “radical” group would arise to challenge the Salafists if they seized power. In other words Islamic interpretation is like a set of Russian dolls in that “inside” every group is another yet more orthodox in its interpretation. (Another analogy is the rhyme about fleas{23}.)


Note and References.

  • ·I use the Hilali-Khan translation because it comes from the Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia and has the imprimatur of the highest Saudi religious Authorities. As such, it is the nearest thing to an “authorised” version that exists. Where the English of this translation is unclear I have compared it to some 14 others and amended the phraseology for clarity.
  • ·Arrangements of the Suras by chronology are always somewhat speculative since the effort requires that events alluded to within the verses are tied to Muslim-authored histories and Biographies which were often written down many years after the events. Thus it is debatable as to whether these sources can be deemed in any way independent. Furthermore, even if it is so allowed, all that can be truly dated is the passages to which such historical links can be made because the Hadith show that Muhammad appended new recitations to older ones on the same or similar subjects.
  • ·Approximately longest to shortest with no reference to chronology.
  • ·The Tafseers used are: al-Jalalayn, al-Wahidi (though not technically a Tafseer), ibn Abbas, ibn Kathir and Tustari for “ancient” sources and Maududi and Shafi for modern (20th century) ones.
  • ·Ibn Kathir has this to say at the start of his Tafseer on these verses: “The revelations about the characteristics of the hypocrites were revealed in Al-Madina, this is because there were no hypocrites in Makkah. Rather the opposite was the situation in Makkah, since some people were forced to pretend that they were disbelievers, while their hearts concealed their faith [in Islam].” Thus ibn Kathir sees no hypocrisy in pretending to be a non-Muslim if you're actually Muslim, it's only hypocrisy to pretend to be Muslim if you're really a non-Muslim. According to Islam, when a Muslim pretends to be a non-Muslim s/he is practicing “Maruna” to blend in or to avoid unwanted attention!
  • ·This is another very important point since it implies that to be a “true believer” Muslim one must be (at the minimum) ready and willing to “fight in the way of Allah” as part of Jihad against non-Muslims. As such it means that pacifist Muslims are, by definition, hypocrites.
  • ·At the start of his Tafseer on Sura 2, Maududi has this to say: “During this period, a new type of "Muslim," munafiqin (hypocrites), had begun to appear. Though signs of duplicity had been noticed during the last days at Makkah, they took a different shape at Al-Madinah. At Makkah there were some people who professed Islam to be true but were not prepared to abide by the consequences of this profession and to sacrifice their worldly interests and relations and bear the afflictions which inevitably follow the acceptance of this creed [i.e. “half-hearted” Muslims]. But at Al-Madinah different kinds of munafiqin (hypocrites) began to appear. There were some who had entered the Islamic fold merely to harm it from within. There were others who were surrounded by Muslims and, therefore, had become "Muslims" to safeguard their worldly interests [i.e. fake Muslims]. They, therefore, continued to have relations with the enemies so that if the latter became successful, their interests should remain secure. There were still others who had no strong conviction of the truth of Islam [i.e. half-hearted or even fake Muslims again] but had embraced it along with their clans. Lastly, there were those who were intellectually convinced of the truth of Islam but did not have enough moral courage to give up their former traditions, superstitions and personal ambitions and live up to the Islamic moral standards and make sacrifice in its way [i.e. reluctant Muslims].” Thus Maududi states that hypocrites or “Munafiqin” can be: half-hearted, reluctant or fake Muslims, or fifth-columnists.
  • ·(4:97-99) This verse and its commentary is more important than might be suspected at first sight. Recall that the “hypocrites” here are quasi-Muslims who continue to live amongst non-Muslims despite their being Muslim lands open to them where they could lead the “full life of a Muslim” (Maududi). What then of Muslims living today in non-Muslim lands? How can they justify their continuance there? Maududi in his commentary to this verse answers the question directly: “As regards "migration in the way of Allah", it is an obligation with two exceptions: one may remain there to struggle [i.e. wage Jihad] for the establishment of Islam and to change the system of life based on unbelief into the system of Islam; just as the Prophets and their immediate followers did in the initial stages of their mission; or one may remain there in a state of great disgust and repugnance as long as one is unable to find any way out of it.” In other words: provided the Muslims are engaged in Jihad to bring that Country into the Darul Islam, they are allowed to remain there. The second point to consider is this: those “quasi-Muslims” fought against “true-believer” Muslims. Thus the second cause of their vilification is precisely this: that Muslims fought on the side of Kaffirs against Muslims. Implicit is that doing so make the Muslim a “hell-bound hypocrite”. On this basis it is understandable why Muslims in non-Islamic Countries are often under-represented in Law Enforcement, the Military and the security services. (See also Koran 25:52 and 28:86 for example.)
  • ·(8:49) This oddity needs a little amplification. One use of both Zakat and war-booty is for it to be given to non-Muslims “for the reconciliation of hearts” to Islam – i.e. as a bribe to induce conversion (or otherwise benefit Islam). If, therefore, some of the Pagans at Badr had previously been bribed by Muhammad in an unsuccessful attempt to induce them to convert their characterisation as “hypocrites” makes more sense. (Let me add that such bribery is the only reason why Zakat may be given to non-Muslims, in the case of war-booty an allied non-Muslim force also receives its due share.)
  • ·It is very odd, if not downright perverse, to hear and read Muslims call those who “insult the prophet” blasphemers because only God (or a god) can be blasphemed, which means that (according to Islam) it is impossible to blaspheme Muhammad!
  • ·This, incidentally, explains the Muslim outrage over the “Harry Potter” films even though none of the characters were expressly Muslim.
  • ·Darura – necessity. This doctrine permits a Muslim to set aside parts of Islamic belief and/or practice at necessity. Thus if Muslims can't kill apostates due to the law of the land, they may, without wrong-doing, set aside that portion of Islamic law. But note that this does not mean that they reject that law, merely that it is set aside. Indeed, under “Darura”, such things must be re-instated once conditions permit.
  • ·Maruna - flexibility. A Muslim may “disguise” his/her faith by acting “Un-Islamically” if doing so accrues a greater benefit to Islam. An example of this was the 9/11 terrorists who wore western clothes, drank alcohol and visited strip-joints (reportedly) so that they would not be identified as “Islamists”.
  • ·Americans, in particular, may be aware of CAIR's (openly short-lived) campaign to stop Muslims cooperating with the FBI, see here, here and here.
  • ·Quranite Muslims are those (usually Sunni Muslims) that make the (baseless) claim that it is only the Koran (Quran) that need be followed. The claim is baseless since the Koran itself declares almost fifty (50) times that Muslims must obey Muhammad (as well as Allah) and follow Muhammad's example. Since Muhammad's words are not found in the Koran (at least thus Muslims claim though careful textual analysis controverts this view) the Muslim must turn to the Sunnah and in particular the Hadith (especially the Sahih collections of Bukhari and Muslim) to find Muhammad's orders, directions etc. and the Sharia Law (which is the out-working of the commandments in the Koran and the example of Muhammad). Thus the Quranite Muslim is actually disobedient to the Koran s/he claims to uphold as the “one true Authority” by neglecting the Sunnah and Sharia.
  • ·“Reformist” Muslims are a broad Church of Muslims. At one pole are those who seek to virtually re-write the Koran (at least in translation) to white-wash into non-existence all the “nasty” verses. Others seek to “open the door to” ijtihad (personal interpretation, often based around the “history” of various verses) and thus use exegetics and casuistry to achieve the same end.  (To be fair, these groups are trying to produce a civilised form of Islam.)  A milder form are those who merely tone down nasty verses (again usually in translation) by use of interpolation and/or selective use of sources. The irony, perhaps, is that if we define “reform” in the terms best known in the West (i.e. the Protestant reformation), then a “reformist” Muslim is a Wahhabi and supports Al-quaeda.
  • ·In fact “sword-Jihad” (jihad bis Saif) is but one of four types of jihad; “Jihad of the heart” aka “Jihad of the soul” (jihad bil qalb/nafs), “tongue-Jihad” aka “pen-Jihad” (Jihad bil lisan /qallam) and “hand-Jihad” (jihad bil yad) are the others. Of these, only “heart-Jihad” is aimed at the Muslim, the others are aimed at overcoming the non-Muslim in various ways. Some Muslim writers subsume sword-jihad into hand-jihad.
  • ·Those with a sense of irony will note that the Muslim Brotherhood considers “undermining from within” an entirely legitimate practice when applied to the overthrow of the West, it's only “hypocrisy” when people do it to Islam.
  • ·I should add that some Muslim writers regard “hearing” as meaning more that just having Islam preached at one, but equally others do not and this latter opinion has more weight in the Koran.
  • ·The origin of this goes back to the allegation of adultery levelled against Aisha by some Muslims, much to Muhammad's (and Allah's) discomfort. These allegations were dealt with by “revelation” of verses – thus we can see just how upset 'Allah' was by this.
  • ·These sentiments are found in: K.3:110 “You are the best community...” and K.3:139 “... you are superior...”
  • ·“Takfir”. I should state that Islamic tradition frowns on those who declare Takfir on others who are Muslim, yet this has been firstly a ploy used in history and secondly a technique used today to “justify” Muslim-on-Muslim (“green on green”) killing. This same doctrine lies at the heart of the 1400 year Sunni-Shia fratricide, thus the use of Takfir – even though “officially” frowned on – is endemic in Islam.
  • ·I would argue that “radicalisation” is the wrong term; rather it is either increasing orthodoxy or increasing literalism, i.e. reform (as in a “return to the origins”). Thus Muslims “radicals” are really Islamic reformers.
  • ·I should note that all strands of Koran interpretation have been around almost from the inception of Islam. Which has the greater following at any given time has depended on a very wide set of conditions in history as can be seen from the alternation of “liberal” and “oppressive” periods in Islamic history and it is clear that a “liberal” period is always followed, sooner or later, by an orthodox back-lash, just as we see today with the increasing “radicalisation” (reformation) of Islam.
  • ·The terms “moderate Islamist” and “radical Islamist” really have no meaning. In the first place both groups agree on the same aims – a worldwide Islamic Caliphate – they just disagree on the (level of) use of violence entertained in achieving their goals and the degree of tolerance they permit those Muslims who don't fully accept their methods.
  • ·For those that don't know it: “Large fleas have, upon their backs, little fleas to bite 'em. Little fleas have smaller ones and so ad infinitum”.


Bibliography and Further Reading.

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  • ·“What is the definition of a Hypocrite in Islam?
  • ·Muslims be careful from the Muslim hypocrites [sic]
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Remarks on the 'study' of Islam
written by NoDhimmi , February 22, 2014
The more I find out, the less I want to know. Whilst admiring your effort and determination, it is a pointless exercise in the scientific sense, because to a rational mind Islam is murderous dangerous nonsense from start to finish.

Yes, study of this ridiculous belief system reinforces those who have seen through it but does NOTHING to de-convert the zealous believer who has been trained (as you point out) NOT to think.

We have a monstrous problem with muslims which can be attacked in only two ways, as I see it- firstly, by rescuing children from the indoctrination and properly educating them. Impossible, on the macro scale- how to penetrate the closed minds of over a billion ignorant people?

Or, secondly by going to war against Islamic countries. This of course is a hellish concept, a monstrous problem. It has worked in the past at stopping the spread of Islam AND reversing it, in some instances.
The Japanese had the code of bushido, another supremacist dogma of violence supported by the concept of their God-on-Earth Emperor (c.f. Muhammad??) and it took extreme violence and two atomic weapons to destroy that evil cult and reform the Japanese to a pacifist democracy.

“smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”
tells us all we need to know about the religion of peace...
What Allah wants
written by Ming the Merciless , February 22, 2014
In the institution, no one cares what you think, but they do care what you do. Acting out thought negativity is frowned on, and if serious enough will get you strapped down to a bed with injections of tranquility producing happy juice.
Similarly, I don't care what Muslims think, but I do care what they do. One of the things they do, is jihad. Jihad makes all kinds of violence and atrocities possible because it is acting out Mohammad's/Allah's though processes, that call for all kinds of barbaric acts. One of the roots of this is the belief that scripture, in this case Quran, is the very word of God, and describes what Allah wants, and how he expects Muslims to act. It's always amazing to me that so many people claim to know what 'God' wants (Christians also) when they can't even prove their 'God' actually existed. or exists. And they get this from a book, and what others who can't prove anything either tell them. The result is that scripture leaves the idiot in full possession of his idiocy. Just exactly the way Allah wants it...
So, Ming...
written by NoDhimmi , February 22, 2014
Do you have any suggestions? Talking here doesn't achieve much- we don't see hundreds of muslims saying, 'I see what you're saying, perhaps you have a point'. Not even ONE.

This group seems more and more an exercise in futility. Getting our feelings expressed may help US a little but....
written by The Great Buana , February 22, 2014
While the term "hypocrites" can also be found here and there in the New Testament it is really extensively used in the quran. But why?

In my view the early muslim community was in need to polarize the world into muslims and infidels in order to have a reason to fight war. Moreover, it was necessary to put high pressure on the islamic community in order to keep them together. Thats why anybody who did not follow by 100% was called a hypocrite aka infidel.

This worked during the time of Muhammad because there was no dispute about his leadership. However, today there is no undisputed leader any more and muslims are killing each other and declaring each other to be apostates and so forth.

Islam will never work again because muslims will never achieve unity. It is in the teaching of the quran to be intolerant against others, to declare others to be infidels and to kill them.
written by NoDhimmi , February 23, 2014

Islam in action- UK
To The Great Buana
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 23, 2014
You wrote:
"Islam will never work again because muslims will never achieve unity. It is in the teaching of the quran to be intolerant against others, to declare others to be infidels and to kill them."
I totally agree with you !
The socalled UMMAH is a figment of the muslims mind .
There is clearly NO ummah.
HATING ALL PEOPLE who think otherwise as THEY do is the CORE of islam. See f.i. how sunni ,shia , amahdi , etc . "love" each other, not to mention Jews , Hindu's, Christians , animists, atheists etc.
To NoDhimmi
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 23, 2014
Dear Nodhimmi.
It is exactly as you say:
"We have a MONSTROUS problem with muslims which can be attacked in only two ways, as I see it- firstly, by rescuing children from the indoctrination and properly educating them."
"Or, secondly by going to war against Islamic countries. This of course is a hellish concept, a monstrous problem. It has worked in the past at stopping the spread of Islam AND reversing it, in some instances.
But I am much more optimistic.
The TRUTH about Islam is spreading trough the media especially THE INTERNET faster and faster . Remember the down fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt recently.
And I do think that many muslims read our criticism of their creed .
Why else are the zealous ones trying to stop us as much as they can , using all kinds of obvious LIES and ILLOGICAL arguments ?
You are right about the the ZEALOUS fully brainwashed believers can almost never be reached. But I think there are much, much more "normal" thinking whishy-whashy muslims . And these " HYPOCRITE muslims" are the soft spot of islam. In this was the almost allmighty catholic church was brought on its knees hundreds of years ago.
Someone said: "You can fool many people for some time , but you can NOT fool ALL people ALL the time. "
I'm sure of it: Islam will( and must!) be defeated one way or the other , JUST LIKE hellish NAZISM , which it really is in disguise .
So : GO ON with your good work here !!
Islamic Mind – Re: IWTK
written by The Great Buana , February 23, 2014
Thank you for your comment.

I would also like to elaborate that muslims are also always looking for a strong leader instead of a civil and democratic government.

This is absolutely the case in Egypt where people began to admire Al Sisi and to gather behind him who in my eyes is nothing more than a Mubarak 2.0 .

The same thing is happening now in Turkey with Erdogan whi is more and more turning into a Supreme Leader and it happened in the past in many islamic countries with leaders such as Nasser, Saddam, Assad, Gaddafi and many more, even the Kings and Emirs are much like shepherds while the people are not more like sheep.

Bassam Tibi, a well known professor of politics, called this the struggle for an Imam which is always in the muslim mind after the dead of Muhammad.
To JonMC1
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 23, 2014
Dear JonMC1.
As usual a very, very good article indeed !
And you come again with PROOFS from the islamic scriptures themselves.
Everybody can check it. DO IT MUSLIMS !!
Wonderful job you did .
written by Truth Seeker , February 23, 2014
Changing of Muslims is impossible. What is seen today, as their population increases, Terror Attacks increase in Geometric Progression. Aggressive criminal mind is created at childhood, pre-adolescence stage, that get embedded in the mind. Consequently, most of them are very confident, killing of Kaffir will lead to get Visa to Jannah, because that action is morally right, as per the teaching. Besides they are prevented from giving ear to any other Teaching. Violator invites own death in the hands of Fanatics.
Ironically the invention of Guns, Bombs etc were done by so called Kaffirs, but making and using of them are not prevented for self certified supremacists by the so called Teachers!?
written by taseen , February 23, 2014
if u can stop the oppression,stop it.i
'40 miles of bad road'
written by Ming the Merciless , February 23, 2014
'Hypocrite', the Movie, takes place in the Land of Ummah. The Ummarians say one thing while doing something else. They sing songs about peace while waging war or preparing to wage war.
They chant about 'beautiful', while creating ugly. They like death a lot and do their best to share it with non Ummarians.
It's almost impossible to get a Ummarian to tell the truth about most anything. There is only one road in to Ummah Land, named Shahada (sometimes called the road to ruin), and one road out. It's name is apostasy. (Sometimes known as the road to freedom). For Muslims, the choice is clear, you can either stay on the road to ruin, or you can get yourself on the road to freedom. The choice is yours,...But I think most of you have already made it.
To taseen
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 23, 2014
You wrote:
"Media is Evil" and
"if u can stop the oppression,stop it.i "
What do you mean by: "Media is evil"?
What do you mean by: "Stop oppression "?
What do you mean by: Stop it.i"?
What do you mean by : "Oppression"?
In short : What are you talking about? Be more clear , please.
To NoDhimmi written by IWTK (I want to know), February 23, 2014
written by NoDhimmi , February 23, 2014
You are absolutely correct. My determination has wavered recently, I think I'll try to adopt a different approach- towards the 'hypocrite' muslims, those who are able and willing to think about Islam.

TGB makes good points re muslims being followers of 'strong' leaders; indoctrination generates that desire to be lead like sheep, not having to think too much. Yet in Egypt by dumping Mursi they showed that at least 30 million are NOT sheep- maybe Sisi isn't ideal but he's 100% better than the Muslim Brotherhood!

Another aspect is the western appeasement via Obama, Cameron and the host of liberal clowns who can't or won't see what Islam really is. This is just as hard a problem to crack as conversion of muslims.
Do not fret guys
written by Fine , February 23, 2014
The FB page I am on now, reading in almost in silence due to complication from people telling my family I am criticizing Islam in closed arab atheists Page .

If you could only read what I am reading there the arabs are waking up and smelling the stench of Islam .. when I got there 2,3 month ago there was 17000 likes now they are 20,802

it is true there are few Muslims among them trying to defend Islam but fruitlessly, they are literally being wiped the floor with using science and logic I almost feel sorry for them if it was not for all the cussing and cursing they do … they get band on regular bases for their efforts.

You might not see much results here, but it is happening .. mark my word.

To brave Fine
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 23, 2014
Dear brave Fine.
You wrote about FB:
"If you could only read what I am reading there the arabs are waking up and smelling the stench of Islam .. when I got there 2,3 month ago there was 17000 likes now they are 20,802 "
That is really WONDERFUL. I am so happy for you and for all sane thinking and really peaceful people in the world.
I'm absolutely convinced that the EVIL CULT ISLAM will be eradicated and I'm sure that ALL "muslims" will be free people in the near future .
More and more "muslims"are fed up with this retarded creed , they can not stand the stench of it anymore .They want to be really proud people to !
These free "muslim" peoples will then start developing their countries and they will start to contribute to science and peace in the whole world.
They, the then ALL ex-muslims, will be peaceful human beings like the rest of us.
But till then....be careful , dear brave Jude . A wounded animal is a dangerous animal.
Peace ,again, to you and all your FB friends.

re: Nodhimmi
written by The Great Buana , February 23, 2014
You are right that Sisi is way better than Mursi. But we must also not forget that he depends on the petrodollars from Saudi Arabia and if he raises the prices for bread, which is absolutely necessary, the people will overthrow him again.

Egypt is almost bankrupt but the common people still expect gifts. They would not accept real hardships like in Eastern Europe after the collapse of communism.
Sisi, Egypt
written by NoDhimmi , February 23, 2014
I don't know the financial facts but recently Russia signed off on a very large deal with Egypt, did it not?

"Saudi Arabia is the largest contributor to a $12 billion aid package pledged by gulf countries since the July 3 coup that ousted President Mohamed Morsi, dwarfing the $1.5 billion in annual U.S. aid that congressional leaders are pressuring the Obama administration to suspend"

“It’s not about expansionism,” said Gamal Soltan, a professor of political science at the American University of Cairo. “The Saudis are doing these things out of fear rather than greed.”

This is a [well deserved] kick in the teeth for Obama after his support for the Brotherhood. The Saudi foreign minister has promised to bankroll Egypt to avoid a Brotherhood resurgence.
written by NoDhimmi , February 24, 2014
Speaking of which, all western nations once that bought influence in the ME are in this category and Uncle Sam is heading the charge to the financial cliff.

All signs point towards that which happens when all is lost- WAR. Western countries need it as much as any, despite their protests and delusions about 'economic recovery'.
written by The Great Buana , February 24, 2014
Obama as well as other western politicians were concerned about the military coup because it was against democratic rules.

The MB was strong while in opposition because they were free to criticize anything and to promise everything. It belongs to any democracy that the lies of radical parties like the MB get unveiled while in power.

In this regard I would say that the coup might have come too early. The failure of Mursi was not yet obvious enough. But I agree that the situation in Egypt is improving somewhat and many egyptians are now leaving islam – because of the experience.

You can find figures of apostates in many countries here:

written by Jude , February 24, 2014
very long and naughty... but kinda 'liked' this article a little bit. ;)
To Jude
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 24, 2014
You wrote:
"very long and naughty... but kinda 'liked' this article a little bit."
Look who is back with, OF COURSE, an almost meaningless comment .
Point out what you mean , girl :
1) What do you mean with "long" ? Is it to difficult for you? Is it NOT
2) What do you mean wiyh "naughty" here ? I WANT TO KNOW !
3) what do you mean with your: kinda "liked" it ? What did you like and what not about this article? What's wrong with it? I WANT TO KNOW ! ;-)
I'm glad that you did not completely left this site, like so many other defeated muslim-cowards . However, I still want you to clear up many questions I ( we!) asked you . COME ON , don't let your beloved islam and prophet down. Till now you run , when the question and our truthful answers became to difficult for you and your ustadz . ;-)
To brave Fine
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 24, 2014
I see , I have made a mistake in the reply I wrote to you on 23-2-2014.
I wrote :
"But till then....be careful , dear brave Jude "
It should of course be :
"But till then .......be careful, dear brave FINE ".
I am still amazed by the foolishness of this muslim-girl Jude , so her name cropped up unwillingly . Funny ...is it not ?
written by Ming the Merciless , February 24, 2014
It seems there are many ways a Muslim can be a hypocrite.
And no wonder, the Quran and other Islamic literature are all about hypocrisy. All religious supremacists are hypocrites and bigots. It comes with the territory and is caused by blind belief in scripture. Belief in scripture is to believe what some men wrote down. Men who were not eye witnesses to godly events themselves, so they got these stories from an earlier man who was not an eye witness either. Both the Quran and the Bible fall into that trap. Essentially you have to believe in the integrity and honesty of early writers who have dubious credentials, and equally dubious motivations. But as with all corrupt religions, you are a hypocrite or worse if you question those writers and their hypocrisy. So scripture creates a line of hypocrites following other hypocrites.
You can make the choice to be in that line or part of it, or not to get in it. As long as you keep your nose in scripture and your eyes glued to verses, you will continue with self imposed hypocrisy.
Are there hypocrites in Paradise?
written by Ming the Merciless , February 24, 2014
When a Muslim dies a hypocrite, does he go to Jannah?
Since all Muslims are hypocrites by ideology, is it only dead jihadi's who get into Paradise and access to the fab 72?
According to Tabari, Mohammad was having a conversation with followers when he told them only one Muslim in a thousand will get into Jannah, and that maximum capacity of Paradise was 10,000. So where does that leave the other billions? Allah doesn't seem to care, he didn't promise Paradise to everyone anyway, especially the billions of hypocrites who failed one or more of his tests.
written by Betty , February 24, 2014
haha a puppet to men, what a woman

written by Betty , February 24, 2014
whats there to say about this, is there any comparison to any other religion or, as islam is, any ideology?

boy love...
written by Betty , February 24, 2014
this is what islam is made of

To ALL (especially muslims)
written by IWTK (I want to know) , February 24, 2014
Per definition is a HYPOCRITE : a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives. A deceiver , a whited sepulcher inshort: a person who is inwardly evil but outwardly professes to be virtuous .
Now look at surah [3:28]:
"Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them."

The fake god allah(=mohammed) commands muslims to be HYPOCRITES !

Much, much more can be found about this topic on this very good and HONEST site :
It is made , I quote : "To help people assess Islam, this site presents core Islamic texts. So readers can verify that we are correctly presenting these, each text includes reference links. The links lead in some cases to passages in a Qur'an-and-Hadith database at a university, in other cases to the earliest Muslim biography of Muhammad. When citing the Hadith, we cite only the canonical collections, whose reports most Muslim scholars of Islam deem authentic."
An other quote :"Al-Bukhari [compiler of the most canonical hadith collection] recorded that Abu Ad-Darda [a companion and pupil of Muhammad] said, "We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.'' Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, "The Tuqyah [or taqqiyah, deception on behalf of Islam] is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.''
Read it ...muslims ! and see how EVIL your cult islam really is . DO IT !
ALL muslims are hypocrites
written by NoDhimmi , February 24, 2014
hyp·o·crite noun ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit
: a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs

Muslims can't agree on what Islam is- suffi, wahabbi, shia, sunni, on and on goes the list so they MUST all be hypocrites.

Quite apart from a "religion" that supports lying
Waking up?- the only positive after the Rigby murder...
written by NoDhimmi , February 24, 2014
Also, last May (2013), a poll by the British research firm, YouGov, showed that nearly two-thirds of Britons believe there will be a “clash of civilizations” between British Muslims and white Britons, and 34% believe that Muslims pose a serious threat to democracy.

@IWTK: re hypocrites
written by Jon MC1 , February 24, 2014
"Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them."
The fake god allah(=mohammed) commands muslims to be HYPOCRITES ! "

Yup, this is a grand irony: You are a HYPOCRITE if you're a non-Muslim who pretends friendship towards Muslims "by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them", but you are NOT a hypocrite if you are a Muslim and do the same to non-Muslims.
The hypocrisy of such dual standards is quite breathtaking.
Remember: In Islam it's okay to trick non-Muslims if you're Muslim, it's not okay to trick Muslims if you're non-Muslim. Only the latter is "hypocrisy" according to Islam
written by Ming the Merciless , February 25, 2014
Islamic hypocrisy has been pretty well covered. It's clear that
hypocrisy is alive and well in Islam, and the only escape from it is apostasy.
written by Dwito , February 25, 2014
Last month in the evening, while i was passing through a crowded filthy street of old delhi, suddenly an odd noise of scuffle came from ahead. Usually some a ten fifteen crowd, centered a couple of middle aged muslims with usual beards, and headcaps, pointing finger to each others nose, accusing both kafirs etc. I normally tried to pass by avoiding the milee. the aired consultation suggested that one of them has failed to keep an oath made in the name of Allah. thus the kafirs, murthads, hindus, and hypocrites too.

I wander, who of them is a true muslim?
written by Dwito , February 25, 2014
Islamic hypocrisy has been pretty well covered. It's clear that hypocrisy is alive and well in Islam.....

It's the first weapon of islam to spread into the enemy's land. Violence next. Time proven unmatched infallible Bramhastra.

......and the only escape from it is apostasy.
Sorry man. Hypocrisy is not patented to muslims anyway.
written by Ming the Merciless , February 25, 2014
Sorry man. Hypocrisy is not patented to muslims anyway.

I didn't say it was, I said hypocrisy is alive and well in Islam, and it is...
This is probably not a Hypocrate by muslim standards
written by The Great Buana , February 25, 2014
Here is a link to a picture from german tabloid Bild:


A proud german jihadi in Syria. (real heads were replaced by the magazine in order not to offend the readers)
Hypocrites gone wild...
written by Betty , February 25, 2014
Goodness, are all male muslims like this?

written by Jon MC1 , February 26, 2014
Interesting point.
According to Islamic teaching oath-breaking is a serious matter and reprehensible UNLESS by breaking your oath you can do something that brings more benefit to Islam.
Thus of the two pious gents you mention, either could be the hypocrite depending on whether, in this instance, oath-keeping or oath-breaking was more "Islamic".
I should add that according to some schools of thought an oath made to a kafir is worthless (or perhaps pointless might be a better word choice) because the Kafirs are axiomatically deemed to be inveterate oath-breakers, so it's okay for the Muslim to get his "retaliation" in first.
What is really un-Islamic in this case is the pair of them calling the other a "Kafir". This is Takfir which, despite it's ubiquity in Islam, is frowned on by most Mahdabs, though some authorities e.g. ibn Tamiyya (not "Tamiya" the plastic model company, please note) support it.
written by Ming the Merciless , February 26, 2014
The 'Religion of Peace' wages war. The 'beautiful' religion practices ugly. The respecter of women abuses, beats, rapes and kills women. The champions of honesty rob, and steal.
Is there anything hypocritical about that?
written by Dwito , February 27, 2014
This analogy may be taken seriously why muslims cannot develop in prosperity.

A long long time ago, when I was a young boy, around 18 to 20 and an argumentative Indian, tempted to take anybody on anything, an old man, not less than 60 smiled and asked me - my son, can you tell me whether a nation can stand on chit?
Alas, there are nobody in 1.5 billion strong islamic nation who could just ask the question!!
Islam and progress
written by NoDhimmi , February 27, 2014
why muslims cannot develop in prosperity

I believe Islam forbids it, more or less.

005.101 YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble.

005.102 YUSUFALI: Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith
-- apostasy!

"It is this dark fatalism which, whatever the Koran may teach on the subject, is the ruling principle in all Moslem countries. It is this which makes all Mohammedan nations decay." - Sell's "Faith of Islam."
To Jon and IWTK [ had to come here the other thread is closed ]
written by Fine , February 28, 2014
I am afraid I was able to confirm Abu Talib's poetry only from Islamic views or sources, they are many on the internet. I know Abu was a poet and good one his body of work contained 80 long poems and the part I posted,and you asked about was one of them, there is a book that is on line [ in arabic ]

Here it is : http://ia600409.us.archive.org.../TaaLB.pdf

In this posting, the same poem by Abu Talib was mentioned in hadeeth [ sorry all in arabic, but I read and confirmed it]


To think about this issue logically, one will reach the conclusion, that the uncle of Mohammed DID write this poetry and it is not fake for 2 reasons :

1] He wrote it to save his own life, from Muhammad's side, because when Muhammad and his Islam became stronger, fear of elimination was REAL as we all know, I think Abu Talib thought to save his own life from Muhammad's followers by writing FLATTERY poetry to APPEASE MUHAMMAD AND HIS FOLLOWERS.

[ as I explained in my article Pagan poets used '' praise '' to save their own necks from Muhammad as Ka'ab did ]

Abu Talib did say he believes Muhammad and said that the only reason was preventing him from converting to Islam is to avoid hurting his clan's feelings and unleashing bad treatment from them .

2] He stayed as Pagan, to save himself from the other side, his Pagan clan's scrutiny and shaming.

It seems that Abu Talib's action was an act, … he killed two birds with one stone so to speak .

Here is one hadeeth[ amoung many ] that refers to the same issue, and showed Muhammad's resentment of Abu Talib refusal to convert .

Narrated `Abdullah bin Al-Harith bin Naufal:
`Abbas bin `Abdul Muttalib said, "O Allah's Messenger (ﷺ)! Did you benefit Abu Talib with anything as he used to protect and take care of you, and used to become angry for you?" The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Yes, he is in a shallow place of Fire. But for me he would have been in the lowest part of the Fire."

حَدَّثَنَا مُوسَى بْنُ إِسْمَاعِيلَ، حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو عَوَانَةَ، حَدَّثَنَا عَبْدُ الْمَلِكِ، عَنْ عَبْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ الْحَارِثِ بْنِ نَوْفَلٍ، عَنْ عَبَّاسِ بْنِ عَبْدِ الْمُطَّلِبِ، قَالَ يَا رَسُولَ اللَّهِ هَلْ نَفَعْتَ أَبَا طَالِبٍ بِشَىْءٍ، فَإِنَّهُ كَانَ يَحُوطُكَ وَيَغْضَبُ لَكَ قَالَ ‏ "‏ نَعَمْ هُوَ فِي ضَحْضَاحٍ مِنْ نَارٍ، لَوْلاَ أَنَا لَكَانَ فِي الدَّرَكِ الأَسْفَلِ مِنَ النَّارِ ‏"‏‏.‏

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 6208
In-book reference : Book 78, Hadith 232
USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 8, Book 73, Hadith 227
To Jon MC1
written by Fine , March 01, 2014
In concerning the issue of moving the Qibla from Jerusalem to Meca :

The Quran had useless explanations and excuses, as you know ...

First excuse, Allah [ i.e Muhammad ] said in [ Sura 2 - Al-Baqara : Verse 142 ]
Allah owns the East and the West, and if Allah wants to change the place of Qibla then it is his business.

Then Quran gives another excuse [this remind me of human like behavior, giving so many excuse to one question when one is cornered ]

The second excuse : the change was done as a test to see those who would follow the Messenger from those who would turn on their heels (i.e. disobey the Messenger).

Here is a Hadeeth that mentioned this issue [ among others :

Narrated Al-Bara:
We prayed along with the Prophet (ﷺ) facing Jerusalem for sixteen or seventeen months. Then Allah ordered him to turn his face towards the Qibla (in Mecca):-- "And from whence-so-ever you start forth (for prayers) turn your face in the direction of (the Sacred Mosque of Mecca) Al-Masjid-ul Haram.." (2.149)

حَدَّثَنَا مُحَمَّدُ بْنُ الْمُثَنَّى، حَدَّثَنَا يَحْيَى، عَنْ سُفْيَانَ، حَدَّثَنِي أَبُو إِسْحَاقَ، قَالَ سَمِعْتُ الْبَرَاءَ ـ رضى الله عنه ـ قَالَ صَلَّيْنَا مَعَ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم نَحْوَ بَيْتِ الْمَقْدِسِ سِتَّةَ عَشَرَ ـ أَوْ سَبْعَةَ عَشَرَ ـ شَهْرًا، ثُمَّ صَرَفَهُ نَحْوَ الْقِبْلَةِ‏.‏
USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 6, Book 60, Hadith 19
Arabic reference : Book 65, Hadith 4533

Muhammad first, wanted to appease the Jews and get on their good side so he made the Qibla to Jerusalem hoping for their support, in pay him back in appreciation of his gift, by converting to Islam. But when Muhammad found out, they did not believe him and thought of his Quran as a joke, he abandoned this idea turned the Qibla to Meca after 16 month of '' Alwahi ''

I do not think Illah ''Habil '' came to consideration in Muhammad's mind…

If I find anything more about this issue in Pagan's poetry I will posted to you .

written by Fine , March 01, 2014
My post to you about Qibla is taken away

it will be posted soon

written by Templar 1981 , March 01, 2014
alah was mohamed`s bitch
written by Jon MC1 , March 01, 2014
Abu Talib: I agree with what you write, but the bukhari hadith (as well as the Sirat) shows that A.T. remained a 'pagan' rather than being a "closet" Muslim.
I wondered about non-Muslim sources because I always worry that Muslim sources will put words into people's (esp. pagans!) mouths for polemical reasons.

re Qibla: I'm aware of ol'Mo's reasons for changing the Qibla and I agree with why he first chose Jerusalem and then changed to Mecca. You may indeed be right as to Mo's reasons - it does seem that he changed it to Mecca as the result of a "hissy-fit" when the Jews rejected him.
Reviewing the Koran on the change of Qibla we find that either Allah says:
1. because I can / want to. (No explanation given.)
2. to test the believers.
3. To make sure you are facing Allah.
Now: why are you facing Allah when you face Mecca?
alah was mohamed`s bitch
written by Ming the Merciless. , March 01, 2014
I think it was more likely Gabriel. They had a 22 year affair, and we do not know for sure what they were doing together all those long nights.
Facing Mecca?
written by NoDhimmi , March 01, 2014
Muslims, please explain-

IF you are exactly opposite Mecca, it is IMPOSSIBLE to 'face Mecca' because both your head and your ass 'face Mecca'

Why din't Jibreel tell Mohammad this? Because Jibreel/Allah were both completely IGNORANT of the (near) spherical Earth!

No surprise, since neither of them existed.
To NoDhimmi
written by IWTK (I want to know) , March 02, 2014
You wrote:
"Muslims, please explain-

IF you are exactly opposite Mecca, it is IMPOSSIBLE to 'face Mecca' because both your head and your ass 'face Mecca'

Why din't Jibreel tell Mohammad this? Because Jibreel/Allah were both completely IGNORANT of the (near) spherical Earth! "
I never thought of it this way !
Very funny and TRUE ....Hahahaha!
Thank you .
Re: facing Mecca
written by Jon MC1 , March 02, 2014
You could just do a hand-stand ...
strange but true
written by Ming the Merciless. , March 02, 2014
You can get to the east by traveling west. There is no such thing as up, or down. And a free lunch is hard to get.
Are you confused Muslims?
written by Ming the Merciless. , March 02, 2014
Allah 'sent down' several aya's. That would mean that Paradise, or 'Heaven' is up. but if it is up, why is it that the most powerful or weak telescopes cannot detect it? The skys have been called the heavens, but there is no heaven in sight.
The same is for Hell that is supposed to be underground, or down, but people have dug holes for mining purposes 10,000 feet deep, and never encountered it. Since neither Paradise or Hell can be located in the up and down, or sideways, exactly where are they?
When Allah created the earth
written by Yibel , March 05, 2014
And the earth was tossed about with its inhabitants like a ship, so Allah sent down an angel of extreme magnitude and strength and ordered him to slip beneath the earth and bear it up on his shoulders. He stretched forth one of his hands to the East and the other to the West and took hold of the earth from end to end [Note: this again presumes that the earth is flat]. However, there was no foothold for him, so Allah created from an emerald a square rock, in the middle of which were seven thousand holes. In each hole there was a sea, description of which is known only to Allah. And He commanded the rock to settle beneath the angel’s feet. The rock, whoever, had no support, so Allah created a great bull with forty thousand heads, eyes, ears, nostrils, mouths, tongues and legs and commanded it to bear the rock on its back and on its horns. The name of the bull is al-Rayyan. As the bull had no place to rest its feet, Allah created a huge fish, upon which no one may gaze because it is so enormous and had so many eyes. It is even said that if all the seas were placed in one of its gills, they would be like a mustard seed in the desert. This fish Allah commanded to be a foothold for the bull, and it was done. The name of this fish is Behemoth. Then He made its resting place the waters, beneath which is the air, and beneath the air is the Darkness, which is for all the earths. There, beneath the Darkness, the knowledge of created things ends. (translated by Wheeler M. Thackston Jr. from Great Books of the Islamic World, Inc., Distributed by Kazi Publications; Chicago, IL 1997, pp. 8-10)

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