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Quranic Verses on Russian Muslim Child's Skin: Miracle or Skin Disease?

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How a Muslim mother in Russia is writing Quranic verses on her little son's hyperallergic skin and fooling the miracle-hungry Muslim masses, who, turning up at her home in thousands to watch the so-called miracle, have turned it into a center of pilgrimage.

Hundreds of sites and newspater are reporting: Koran phrases appear on Russian baby’s skin.

Allegedly, the words appear on the child’s arms, legs and stomach of the nine month old Ali – before fading away and being replaced with new verses.

The local doctors deny that the marks are from someone writing on the child’s skin.

Ali’s parents say that they were not religious until the writings started appearing on his skin, which is verified by their doctor and the imam in their village of Red October, a strongly Muslim region.

Now the boy has become a focus of Muslim homage in his troubled home province of Dagestan, close to war-ravaged Chechnya in the south of Russia.

Local MP Akhmedpasha Amiralaev said: ‘This boy is a pure sign of God. Allah sent him to Dagestan in order to stop revolts and tension in our republic.’

The boy’s mother claims, ‘Normally those signs appear twice a week – on Mondays and on the nights between Thursdays and Fridays.’

‘Ali always feels bad when it is happening. He cries and his temperature goes up. It’s impossible to hold him when it’s happening, his body is actively moving, so we put him into his cradle. It’s so hard to watch him suffering.  The phrases regularly replace each other on the baby’s skin,‘ she said.

Local imam Abdulla has told locals that the Koran forecasts that before the end of the world, there may be people with its sayings on their bodies.

He said that one sign read: ‘Don’t hide these signs from the people.’

The story has attracted considerable attention from not just the Muslim media but it has been reported even by Ruiters India and ABC News.

According to one report (Kizlyar, Russia) – “Up to two-thousand Muslims from the northern region of Russia are daily making the pilgrimage to the small Russian town of Kizlyar to see nine-month-old Ali Yakubov.”

However, this miracle happens to be a skin disease called Dermatographic urticaria  (also known  as  dermographism,  dermatographism  or “skin writing”) is a skin disorder seen in 4–5% of the population and is one of the most common types of urticaria, in which the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked or rubbed with a dull object.

According to Wikipedia the symptoms are thought to be caused by mast cells in the surface of the skin  releasing  histamines without the presence of antigens, due to the presence of a weak membrane surrounding the mast cells. The histamines released cause the skin to swell in the affected areas.

This weak membrane easily and rapidly breaks down under physical pressure causing an allergic-like reaction, generally a red wheal(welt) to appear on the skin. It can often be confused with an allergic reaction to the object causing a scratch, when in fact it is the act of being scratched that causes a wheal to appear. These wheals are a subset of urticaria (hives) that appear within minutes, accompanied by a sensation of burning, and itchiness. The first outbreak of urticaria can lead to others on body parts not directly stimulated, scraped or scratched. In a normal case the swelling will reduce itself with no treatment within 15–30 minutes, but in extreme cases, itchy red wheals may last anywhere from a few hours to days.

As it turns out this alleged miracle that has caused so much uproar is just a skin disease. The writings are made by a selfish mother who torments her child to garner attention.  In a civilized society this woman would be charged with child abuse and her baby taken away from her. But in an Islamic world, hungry for miracles she receives homage.


Dermatographic urticaria (also known as dermographism, dermatographism or skin writing) is a skin disorder seen in 4–5% of the population and is one of the most common types of urticaria,[1] in which the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked or rubbed with a dull object
Dermatographic urticaria (also known as dermographism, dermatographism or "skin writing") is a skin disorder seen in 4–5% of the population and is one of the most common types of urticaria, in which the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked or rubbed with a dull object

skin disease or miracle?

skin disease

Please watch this video, http://www.break.com/usercontent/2007/8/wierd-skin-348175.html, and see how a selfish mother has fooled so many people. (For Muslims, anything goes).

Hat tip to Mufti for resolving the “miracle.”

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if some writes hitler is god on his skin is it a m
written by if some writes hitler is god o , October 23, 2009
if some writes hitler is god on his skin is it a miracle ????

islam is evil and no amount of writing or whatever can wash away the sins of islam.

islam believes in fake miracles but not in the true real proven miracle of EVOLUTION.

if muzzie believe in real miracle of : EVOLUTION
then all world will be at peace bcoz these ppl will cease to be muzzies.

Russia is facing an increasingly...
written by Randy , October 23, 2009
intrnse insurgency in this region. It is not a big surprise that Russian TV is heavilly highlighting this incident. It is in Russia's national security interests that this incident gets a wide audience. Most of all to bring as many Muslims as possible inline with Russia's interests. The statements of the imam points to that.
The doctor mentioned in the report and also Russian leaders are not stupid. They know that this incident is pure 400 percent pure rotting cow dung. This is a propaganda piece for them to pacify the restive Muslims in Dangestan. It will probably work.
written by a guest , October 23, 2009
you are stupid! burn in hell
written by truth seeker , October 24, 2009
this is not the first time muslims claim a miracle and its turn to be just a hoax for more details vist the website
it is the sign of God
written by mati , October 24, 2009
this is a true story if any one not believe go and which it
some one said it is one kind of disease so how the Quranic verses are appearers
i know those nonmuslims never accepts islam from the begining up to now
they have to read Quran and the saying of our prophet then they decide it is a true religion or not
written by imraan khan , October 26, 2009
if you regard islam as evil, i take pity on the religon that you belong to, as far as i know for a person that has some religous back-ground and knowledge it is against a persons religon to critisice another religon....
every person has a right to their own oppinion, be it right or wrong, however when you make faulty remarks to a persons religon then i see the justification in beating up a person for wrong that they do.
written by a guest , October 26, 2009
The pictures of the skin writing on skin infected with urticaria give an embossed effect - when stroked, you can feel the humps of the words.
The russian babys skin is smooth ontop and the writing is below the skins surface.
Explain that!
Muzzies or not - take heed of the message - its aimed at all mankind - not just muslims!!!!!!
ISLAM is Religion of God !
written by Afrasiyab , October 26, 2009
Islam is the Final version of God's Religion and the previous Versions are Christanity and Jewism . Becuase on Jews and Christians the holy books were sent by God as well .

the Non Muslims who are making propaganda remarks here against the Quranic miracle are the people due to which the peace on earth is getting destroyed because their final destination is hell as they are enemy of God !

By the Way the Evolution was a fake theory by Darvin and has been proved wrong by new research showing that man was man before 4.4 million years even !
So the non muslims denying this clear miracle by calling it skin writing or disease are themselves diseased minds and are pathatic ! who are unable to see clear miracle . These non muslims are devils and evil clumsy minds !
written by a guest , October 26, 2009
since when is wikipedia used as a reliable source?
written by a guest , October 26, 2009
So all other religions are able to claim miracles, but if muslims claim a miracle it is automatically false? Seriously, some people are so ignorant. A true religion teaches to respect others and their beliefs.
My opinion
written by Anonimus , October 27, 2009
It could be a sign of Allah but it could be a hoax too.
I think the parents should be forced to allow more medical exhaminations.
It is definetly Dermatographic Urticaria but why all these exhact verses from the Koran?
If this "miracle" would happen under doctors and camera surveillance then there is no doubt and if I was the parent I would allow this to eliminate speculations and give proof to all. But are they?
I don't think we know everything, who is saying the truth?
Parents or doctors?
Are the parents making this up and not allowing other tests? Is it true that it is them not wanting further tests?
Or are the doctors avoiding full exhaminations because they are scared it could be true and therefore it would prove Islam as the true religion?
I pray for the wellbeing of the child and the truth to come up.
written by jorja , October 27, 2009
If this child were taken from his parents by non muslim medicaos the "miracle" would fast disappear. How easy it is to manipulate the minds of those who are uneducated.
written by Islam is Peace , November 07, 2009
Miracles happends in every day of our life but we are blind that can not see the truth around us. Truth is truth False is false. We do not need Miracles in order to become a muslims. Islam does not need to show Miracles. Islam is peace and if anyone wants to read the truth about islam, read the book of God and find out the truth. After you know the truth, you do not need miracles.
don't talk rubbish
written by shaz , November 07, 2009
I think you r are talking alot of rubbish. This is a true miracle you have not seen this baby or seen the verses writen on the baby with out seeing the proof you like to make it out to be a lie when it is not. I have seen it with my own eyes and it's amazing.you need to stop judgeing other people religion and look at your self first and your life problems. smilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gif
written by debbara , November 07, 2009
You don't need a doctor or any exmination, by any one every one has seen this with their own eyes and so have i it's a MIRACLE.
What happened to Jesus when people found out he could do miracles you have got your answer.
to that low level one who wrote the comment first about hittler
written by noor , November 10, 2009
Look you pay for this low level shit, and we will see God will revenge from you and you will go to HELL
written by China Boy , November 13, 2009
a white pale human like jesus is son of God? that what western did... they want all human believe that God is like them... I'm Asian will never believe that animal like jesus is god.
Jesus is black!
written by mwakombe , November 13, 2009
The real jesus is Black not white !!!
It's make sense
written by Chong Kham Chun , November 14, 2009
This more make sense than believe that Jesus is Son of God !
Wont u believe now?
written by Anis , November 15, 2009
Regretting Islam has always been a PROBLEM with non-muslims. Wont u think positive once only?
Another proof is here. http://www.islamcan.com/miracl...ttle.shtml
Watch this.
Wont u believe now?
Wont u believe in ALLAH'S greatness? HIS oneness?
Scientific Proof!!!
written by Anis , November 15, 2009
All of u who dont believe this!!
U must know that u r not the only one to reject this. There are alot as well. Even those who made the coverage, doctors who checked the child everyone, they found nothing. There was no any SKIN WRITING. No scientific proof was found for it. It is a miracle and a warning for all non-muslims.
There is chance for u to accept the truth. And the truth is
Go to Hell
written by Great China , November 15, 2009
Jesus will coming? good
I can kill him smilies/grin.gif
written by SMARTASS , November 16, 2009
This message is for all the haters of god. Islam is a way of respecting and believing in god just like christianity . To all of you who say something bad about islam you might as well be saying that to your own religion. Islam in fact is the cleanest and most accurate religion, Do you see Islamic Believers Swear and disrespect any other religion? NO thats because they believe in god nad would not discourage any believers to stop beliving. Muslims Have never done anything bad against anyone. They are the ones who are treATED UNFAIRLY. wHY THE fuck IS The states in our countries? They are not there to help anyone they keep killing innocent people. Did Muslims come to the states and tru to steal their supplies? NO, and The muslims did not bomb the TWIN TOWERS Your own Americans did , if you paid attention, thats was the goverements plan from long ago , and what better plan then blame the muslims. You FUCKIN PRICKS!!!!! LOOK AT YOURSELVES BEFORE JUDGING ANYONE ELSE>>> AND INFACT GO LEARN SOME HISTORY BEHIND THAT CNN BULLSHIT! YOU FUKIN AIRHEADS!
Russian baby miracle is boring. None have response to my points in faithfreedom.org
written by Moooo , November 25, 2009
"This message is for all the haters of god. Islam is a way of respecting and believing in god just like christianity "

No, islam is all about submitting to god without questions a.k.a slave of god. Wrong mr. sllim.

"To all of you who say something bad about islam you might as well be saying that to your own religion."

Wrong 2nd times. All other religions have adapted modern world or don't have any "world conquest" mission like islam.

"Islam in fact is the cleanest and most accurate religion"

Subjective statement without any proof.

"Do you see Islamic Believers Swear and disrespect any other religion?"

Yes, they do. I have seen it my self (i live in muslim majority nation). You can google it or ask non muslim minorities (other faiths). Swear and disrespect are common trait of muslim, check muslim comments in islamic critic sites . I have seen it a lot, it's useless to lie. Vomitting lies is the habit of muslim (taqqiya).

"Muslims Have never done anything bad against anyone. They are the ones who are treATED UNFAIRLY. wHY THE fuck IS The states in our countries?"

Wrong 3rd times. Islam is bloody from the very start. Check the history of islamic conquest and sectarian wars.

"Did Muslims come to the states and tru to steal their supplies? "

They come to the west for better life. In muslim world their lifes are miserable. They do it to earn good live and converts.

"NO, and The muslims did not bomb the TWIN TOWERS Your own Americans did , if you paid attention, thats was the goverements plan from long ago , and what better plan then blame the muslims"

Wow. Pure propaganda from islamic sites. So, Osama is an american. All the jihadists in indonesia (Al Qaeda) are all kafirs. Great. If US want to attacked muslims, they wouldn't do that. There are plenty ways safer than that. The loss is too much. They attacked Iraq because of Saddam (oil).


I see you are a true muslim. Good words from your islamic mouth. 1 more proof here.


History? What history? Islamic history that you constanly dodged it?
Russian Baby miracle? Where? i've never heard it? not so popular after all, eh?
written by Moooo , November 25, 2009
This miracle is no doubt a hoax, just like other miracles. i made 6 points to this:
1. This miracle is full of political agenda (Russia), that's why it exist only in Russia.
2. This miracle is useless and have a "show off" attribute.
3. The fevers weren't necessary at all. Miracle defies natural order so there was no need to create fever.
4. This miracle is unknown in my country (Why?). But i have seen news about other faiths's "miracle", not just islam. So, "miracle" is nothing new to me, especially the useless one.
5. Where is the international breaking news? and neutral party investigators?
6. The doctors in this miracle were locals (not enough credibility) and muslim (not enough objectivity).
SKin disease
written by Ali Inayat , November 28, 2009
The skin disease seems to cause the skin to protude, expand, inflame

The writings seem to be pigment based, therefore the skin disease can be disregarded.
verses from the quran
written by Time Man , December 06, 2009
lest your ears, and your eyes, and your skins should testify against you; but you thought that Allah knew not much of what you were doing.
( سورة فصلت , Fussilat, Chapter #41, Verse #22)

And they will say to their skins, "Why do you testify against us?" They will say: "Allah has caused us to speak as He causes all things to speak: and He created you the first time, and to Him you are made to return."
( سورة فصلت , Fussilat, Chapter #41, Verse #21)
New Times may have begun
written by Time Man , December 07, 2009
Quranic revelations along the span of life time on earth , are many.
But this phenomena may have mark the beginning of a New Kind of Time.
The Time where Human Skin Testifies .
Next ..... is what the profit Mohamed (peace upon him) foretold ....
Tesitmony will label disbeleivers over their foreheads.....
Then it will be too late for them, and will only live to see more.....and fear more of what it will become of them ....

Think and act now while there is still a chance ..

time man's most appropriate response
written by Javed Patel , December 09, 2009
The time man's response is by far the most accurate response to all those who believe as well as to those who dont.
Even when jesus and moses showed the miracles of god some people would still not believe as if there was a shield preventing them from believing. nothing has changed. It is by the will of god that the chosen will believe. god reveals god all around us. light,rain, trees, clouds, sun, moon, birth, death......... are all miracles of god. yet some will try to expain these scientifically but none will be able to produce the like of a single.
It is only ALLAH. The one and only GOD and Muhammed his messanger as were Moses and Jesus, Noah, Abraham, Lut......Adam.
Evil Zionist Site
written by Ali Ahmed , December 11, 2009
You people are either Zionist poodles or real evil Zionists. It is not hard to know you. Your writings expose every part of your evil thinking. I think you are insecure, hysteric psychopaths who are afraid of everything around you except your kind. You always live in fear creating animosity and hatred amongst unsuspecting groups of people. What is it to you what ever Muslims think and do? Why don't you go and bury your heads in a sand like an Ostrich but for ever if you are afraid of Muslims. Muslims will not go away. They will be here for ever and they will blossom and multiply. Just go to hell.

Evil Zionist Site
written by David Ali , December 11, 2009
You insult and accuse Muslims all the time but you deleted my comment. You could not handle my one paragraph statement that broke your evil bones. You are going to lose sleep over it tonight and for ever. The 911 truth finders are coming after you. You better be careful. Hahaha... Bye.

You people are either Zionist poodles or real evil Zionists. It is not hard to know you. Your writings expose every part of your evil thinking. I think you are insecure, hysteric psychopaths who are afraid of everything around you except your kind. You always live in fear creating animosity and hatred amongst unsuspecting groups of people. What is it to you what ever Muslims think and do? Why don't you go and bury your heads in a sand like an Ostrich but for ever if you are afraid of Muslims. Muslims will not go away. They will be here for ever and they will blossom and multiply. Just go to hell.

now i see why we are stuck as species and we don't evolve further
written by me , December 11, 2009
people still think that there is something big and furious up there.. .. i will gevi u an example of something which you can try yourself to create writings on your on arm ... with a needle or better dental sticks and with youe own saliva write your name on your arm or leg or wherever you prefer and let it dry the bring a clothe with some ink on it and rubbed against your skin and you will see what you wrote earlier on your body .. i ahve done it many times .. so it's very easy for the parents of that baby to fake the wirtings ... she has a clothe in her hand .. you could even do it with hand .... somebody said our body parts will testify against us .. man if our body parts could talk your brain would complaine aganist you for keeping it in a closed box wothout using it...
Help yourself by asking
written by Time Man , December 12, 2009
Ask yourself :
who created your organs ? is it too much for the creator to make it testify ?
OR is it the concept of god that you are having a problem with ?
OR is it the act of god that sent an other book ? and that book was not sent to the children of Israel? who should retain exclusivity of God sent messages?
OR you complain about Allah as the name of God ?
OR fear that you will loose your false sense of identity?

Your brain will testify too, and will complain why the organs testify against you.
It is not an opinion . It is a stage of truth to come. well preserved in a timely holly book sent by God .Our God , all of us.
If you don't like it , then it is a serious problem you are having. and hope you can see one day and soon .
written by faith , December 13, 2009
People I think we are all bulshitting. we are all on this planet , and neither of you can escape from it ,so we have to live all togheter in peace there are some facts that some people just don't like muslims but that's because they don't know in the turkish langueage they call that cahil . you can't blame them . they just don't know what muslim is or what islam is they only watch television , en see all bad things, but there are so many moslims which are always so carefull that they even not hurt an ant when thay are walking. i see on this forum all kind of people and i see one thing and that's hate and hate will turn hour heart's in to a stone . be kindfull to each other . and god had never say to people to do bad things he said this; Be Kind Be mercifull for my creatures that lives on earth dont touch them don't harm them. so god has never said go and hurt people . i think people just don't believe everything, we have brains so we can learn what's real and what's not real. people who don't believe . i have respect for you and i want to say something , never give the fault on a religion because of what people human's are doing. just look a bit further and seek self the truth look how beautifull everything is . and how perfect everything is , and if you see something what's not perfect be greatfull that i'ts not more bad.

Iam sorry for my incorrect english i hope that everyone can learn about my text
asli khan
written by saqlain syed , December 17, 2009
a huge mirrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccccccllllll
religion of peace on which planet !!
written by blind faith , December 22, 2009
Strange that some people here claiming islam as religion of the peace like other religions !! But this claim seems to be converse to its application we have been observing in day to day news from all around the world.
Which is destruction, terrorism, suiside boming, jihad .

We haven't seen such an application in any other religion like Judaism, Christianity , Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism .

No other religion teaches kill Jews, Christians , fakirs !!

in Islam, sounds like action is speaking louder!
written by m , December 25, 2009
i am a muslim . such pictures will not strengthen or weaken my faith .
i find islam marvellous and is the real solution to all the problems of the world.
whatever the bad things this site is trying to claim about islam,islam is in my heart because i know that any fair person can find the real truth about islam not your truth
barking dog seldom bite
written by MS , December 26, 2009
It's a miracle no one can deny it. Except the people who are doubtful about there own existence. They do not why they are here in this world. There job is nothing but to mock.... No one sees the miracle with a closed eyes and their eyes are closed. As always...... Michael Jackson learnt that on time......
Canadian Muslim
written by Abdul , January 03, 2010
I wonder, wonder... why people jump all over Islam, go crazy and scream with insult. I wonder what did Islam do to have so many - ignorant about it - people. I think, last 20 years, after the fall of communism, the media has been pouring anti Islamic views directly and subliminally into the mind of the masses, to create diversion of their wicked deeds.
Except those paid to do so, others please stop and think.

Thank you.
Islam is the Best.
written by Muslim Sister. , January 16, 2010
Islam is a true religion, who are you to say its not...??? you ain a muslim...
Islam is Life...You talk bulls***!! Go & rot in hell you S***face! Us muslim's do not believe in fake miracles...you do. Us muslims believe in real miracle, the russian baby is a miracle who allah sent. And the person who worte the top comment dont be writing S*** like that on this website...DUCK OUT...STOP HATIN....ISLAM IS THE BEST! ISLAM AINT FAKE! ISLAM IS REAL! ISLAM IS TRUE!
written by ME , January 17, 2010
LOL try to play it off as skin disease. This is an ANTI ISLAM site, that posts so much f*ckin bullshit, its ridiculous. No mother would do that to her child, because simply, its a sin in Islamic laws, that you claim so much to know about.
end time
written by fa , January 19, 2010
No wonder the bible made us to understand that at the end of the world we will be seeing different things, i think we have come to the end of the world, whatever you are doing do it well, because you will be judge according to your work, either good or bad and moreso, none is expect to judge anybody either muslim to judge christian, christian to judge muslim or the TWO to the idol worshipper, GOD is there looking at each and everyone of us, WA BERU RE NIBODE, OLE O NI GBE.
Proof ??
written by Sarah , January 19, 2010
No mother can do this harm to his child but those who don't want to believe will always have fake reasons to give. Give a proof that his mother changes verses every week.
& For all those muslims and non-muslims, there is no point of using abusive language for other religions. Talk with proofs ! & if you don't have any, be quiet unless you find some.
Alhamdullah who made me muslim
written by musim man , January 23, 2010
i personaly thank to Allah subhaanahu wata alaa who bestowd his bounty of islam upon me
and peace and blessing be upon the prophet muxamed.
do not die with out being muslim
written by abuabdellah , May 22, 2010
it is time to believe In ALLAH, the almighty creator and sustainer.
what ever the people disagree with miracle the the truth is can't change.
the only way is Accepting islam with a brief data.
why can't muslims think logically.
written by yasmine , May 31, 2010
Reading all these comments by ordinary Muslims is making my head spin. It's totally absurd. Any sane person will know what is writing, how it evolved and anyone claiming that, writing is appearing on a babe's skin on it's own is off their rockers. This is what indoctrination leads to. It stops our capacity as human beings to think logically. This is why we need site's like these. Most religions of the world have accepted rational criticism, reformation and historical analysis and interpretation, all except Islam.
written by Informer , June 25, 2010
Being muslim is a beautiful thing and trully peaceful... I am proud to know that the quran never changes unlike the bible with old testments and new testments just to better fit the life of an individual...quran is the book of god with no changes accepted and islam is the religion in wich all mankind will fallow in the resurrection of Issa i.e(jesus) those whom never read the quran never criticize it because quran teaches peace & Isa i.e (jesus) is not the son of god because god did not beget or has he been begotten... for the islamic miracle wether is real or not it does not affect anything of what my heart believes and thats allah (swt)atheist for one second justf think if everything started from a black hole or evolution or waten
whatever then who started all that? I believe in the begining of everything there's god, they say muslims dont think logical think logical unbelievers when you cook a food and u set it on a table.. your the creator of that food and when this world was created allah was the creator of it.. when you invent anything your the one behind the invention and allah (swt) invented us... nothing comes out of no where to appear right infront of us unless someone had the abilities to present it right before us..god exists and we are his creations and muhamad(phu) was a messenger as was issa i.e(jesus) so fear god and no other for in the hearafter you will face him and his army of angels rank upon rank....
Miracle or Hoax. What the letters actually say?
written by Servant of God , July 11, 2010
Your "skin writing" shows signs of Keloid, swelling. I did not see any signs of swelling on the baby's skin. Having said that, why go looking for miracles or hoaxes. This is absurd and a grave waste of time.

The Sleepers of Ephesus were denied faith by their brutal king. They believed, and sought refuge in a cave. Only the Quran gives the exact details of their duration & drama. Dear friends, the only thing sure is where we are all headed one day - the grave. Prepare for it with good deeds and intentions. The After-life is real, and the Judgment is real. God is very real and Merciful to the Innocents. What have we sent forth for our salvation. The Grave is a very grave place. Prepare yourself a wonderful garden instead of the Fire with proper visa - Belief in the Almighty Lord & His Messengers, Prayer, Good Deeds, Patience, Humility & Good Intention.

Miracle or Hoax.
written by Servant of God , July 11, 2010
Here is what the writings on the baby's skin says in various language translations:- Quran: Chapter-41:53

سَنُرِيهِمْ آيَاتِنَا فِي الْآفَاقِ وَفِي أَنفُسِهِمْ حَتَّى يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ أَوَلَمْ يَكْفِ بِرَبِّكَ أَنَّهُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ
Transliteration Sanureehim ayatina fee alafaqi wafee anfusihim hatta yatabayyana lahum annahu alhaqqu awalam yakfi birabbika annahu AAala kulli shayin shaheedun

Mufti Taqi Usmani We will show them Our signs in the universe and within their own beings until it will become manifest to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough about your Lord that He is witness to everything?

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the Truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things?

French Nous leur montrerons Nos signes dans l'univers et en eux-mêmes, jusqu'à ce qu'il leur devienne évident que c'est cela (le Coran), la Vérité. Ne suffit-il pas que ton Seigneur soit témoin de toute-chose?

Japanese われは,わが印が真理であることが,か
written by knightforked , August 07, 2010
Dr Ali Sina,

I have been studying religion for a long time and Islam specifically. It comes as a surprise to me that most of the comments here seem to have appeared from seemingly educated muslims and yet they refuse to accept medical truth over unexplained miracle. This clearly shows that it is hard to convince people who have been indoctrinated since childhood on the basis of logic and reasoning alone. 'Allah' must be laughing sitting in his theater watching this comedy!

By the way I am a great admirer of secularist humanists like you, Dr. Arif Ahmed, Bart Ehraman and many more who are propagating a wonderful and fresh air of humanism. All we can hope is that one day (miraculously) people will understand why they need to critically analyse religions and specially Islam.
Do Not Accept without Proof - Al - Quran
written by Islam Person , September 02, 2010
Assalaamu alaikum Wa rahamathullahi Wa barakathahu,

In Islam, nothing is accepted without any authentic proof. Be it suggested by a Mufti or Imam, should be according to Quran or Hadith. The Media is a media to mediate wrong speculations about Islam. This is rock hard proof. And the other people always try to look over criticising the good deeds in Islam. I'm not in contrast with this current context. But stop criticising a religion. Besides try to find out the real truth and try to dig good among yourselves, also do good to others. Pray for good, think for good, could be for your family too, but be good.

Do not criticise till the time you prove it is wrong.

Allah Hafiz,

"La Ilaaha Illallaahu, Mohammed-ur-Rasoolallah (p.b.u.h)" - "There is no other god than Allah, and Mohammed (p.b.u.h) is the messenger of Allah."

To Islam Person
written by kngihtforked , September 08, 2010
I think that is the biggest lie of all, that in Islam nothing is accepted without any authentic proof. I don't need to heed at media to form my opinion about Qu'ran. A simple and critical reading with an open mind of Qu'ran, Hadith and Sunna is all that is required.

And why should we stop criticizing a religion, specially when it's motives are strongly political and would affect us collectively as a human race? Not only Islam is not progressive but it's whole ideology would throw us back in stone age with Sharia law, you may be one of those who are progressive but I am sure the ones who would go for Sharia law even in west have more voice within the Islamic circles even if likes of you outnumber them.

We as homosapiens have come a long way from caves, crawling and hiding for survival to building a great civilization on this lone planet. Scientifically we still have a long way to go in coming centuries and millennia...only if religions would let us.
written by Sandra Dollard , September 14, 2010
Very Informative,

I'm happy that more and more people are putting out this relevant information.

I have my own similar article candida die off

the truth
written by nana , December 30, 2010
first talking bad about islam is wrong, and any muslim will clash back if you are crossing the line, and no its not a hoax i went to the small city me and my husband we spent 2 weeks, travelling back and forth to the child's home, whats funny christians had nothing to rpove or jews,googles and science would tell you the quran knew verything that would happen before it happens, and no we did not do 9-11 its truly the americans, the free maysons and illuminati who are trying to cover up for the government.. whats funny the quran spoke about free mayson before it even began..and we are about war we should have let hitler kill all the jews,or everyone forgot were the jews arised from in germany but it was the kind palestinians and arabs that sold a peace of there land to help them,and look what now the jews do to palestine say what hitler did to them..and the states should shut up or they forgot they are behind saudies ass kissing there butts without immagrits westerns would not have nothing.how about the natives kick all the european out, because in the end understand you westerns hate muslims due to we have and own everything the government comes in poor contries thinking they will take it over many of you dont know much about islam,and by 2013 its going to be the number 1 religion in the world. all evil prevails from the westerns and europes but remember who owns the oil in the world and most of it, so how about you go be your governments toy and see which virus will be poppin in the country, hahah aids was man made by christians and jews the mixer of chimp and pig compound that will never ever have a cure and allah gurantees that..hope anyone who ever speaks bad of a muslim will suffer the harsh punishment of sickness and health.
written by hannah , January 18, 2011
Negative perception of Islam in the West
written by Muhammad Waseem , January 22, 2011
Dear all,
Islam has provoked some laws which are called as "SHARIA". But at the same time muslim scholars have been asked to take decisions on ground relities & changing era. Just for example that the Holy Prophet Muhammad has asked the muslims to get their knives etc. ready for war if there is one. But we muslims are making or purchasing all weapons of modern technology for the purpose although "Muhammad" (peace be upon him) had never asked get the tanks....
I just want to say that it is some muslim scholars (so called) who are taking the matters to negative side, further the west is only looking to them & has made their mind regarding Islam. Believe me these so called scholars are very less in number but are mostly in news due to their teachings. One should not take them as true portrait of Islam.
Further, as in Christianity, there are some groups in Islam who have some differences regarding some matters. We should always look towads brighter side of the matter.
Regarding the matter of criticism of religion, we as a muslim are not allowed to criticise any religion. Every religion of the world is sacred & has respectable teachings. It is only the so called followers who change their way as per their own wish & become negative sign for their religion.
We as a muslim, de believe that Jesus was Allah's messenger & therefore is "Holy"for us. It was the reason the Indian muslims raised protests when He was acted by an actor on Indian TV.
Best regards,
Purchasing weapons in Islam -->> to Waseem
written by Editor, M. A. Khan , January 22, 2011
Brother, are you aware that the Prophet bought weapons and horses for use in war in exchange of the captives (women and children) he took after slaughtering the men of Banu Quraiza in 627?

Moreover, after he ordered expulsion of the Banu Nadir and Qainuqa Jews from Medina, he ordered them to leave their weapons and helmets behind and took possession of them. Do a little reading before dismissing the learned scholars. They say: "A little learning is a dangerous thing".
I have the condition
written by Emily , February 23, 2011
I have the condition and it is really just a pain. it itches and comes up like someone has scratched you. This is no myricle. It is a condition that is a bloody pain!!!
Hindu are best Muslim Hater why
written by asfar , September 29, 2011
Most of the comments posted here are by Hindus who worship anything like, cow, dog, rat etc. but try to find fault in Islam, this website is run by Islam haters Hindu and not by ex-Muslims as it claims.
written by vampire , October 11, 2011
So, All religion Except islam is a disease. huh
written by salma , October 17, 2011
lailahailelah mohammed resoulolah(saw)
written by sead hashim , November 03, 2011
ALLAH is the greatest
Stupid cruel attention-seeker tortures her baby
written by Crazy muzzes , November 09, 2011
It's extraordinary how muz posters on forums eventually crumble into paranoia, rage and insults, quoting chapter and verse from their laughable book. They can't help but drag every obsession from 9/11 to Zionism. They have zero confidence, just fantasy and self-delusion.
written by Anonymous , November 18, 2011
Nana you are a twisted FREAK
written by Vinny , November 18, 2011
islam is not a religion it is a cult of theives, murderers, rapists and pedeofiles. Mo is not a prophet, the koran is a hodgepodge book made up from the the torah the new testament and arab folklore. al-lah is a moon god of the past.
sead hashim....no!
written by Amboyduke , November 19, 2011
Everyone knows Muhammad Ali is the greatest!!!
Not Allah!!
written by THE INFIDEL , January 20, 2012
A Valid Point
written by ... , January 20, 2012
"The pictures of the skin writing on skin infected with urticaria give an embossed effect - when stroked, you can feel the humps of the words.
The russian babys skin is smooth ontop and the writing is below the skins surface.
Explain that!"

Atheist that I am, but this is certainly valid, I don't see any bumps, might it be a rare case?

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