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Speed of Light in the Quran: Busting Islamist Lies

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To Islamists, there is no scientific discovery, made by the infidels, that is not mentioned in the Quran by Allah, aka Muhammad. Mention of the speed of light in the Quran, Islamists claim, is one such scientific miracle. Dr. Ali Sina's smashes the Islamist rubbish regarding the claim...


Hello Mr. Sina,

I stumbled upon your site when I tried to search about the claim that the Quran contains a secret code that reveals the speed of light.

I am forwarding to you my email to the site making this claim and their response to me. Would you like to answer them?

Anonymous Inquirer

Assalamo Alaikum

I read your site and was absolutely fascinated about the discovery that the Quran has been so accurate in giving the speed of light much earlier that scientists discovered it. However, upon trying to find you again I Googled “Speed of Light in the Qur'an” and right beneath your site I found another site that seems to debunk this claim quite convincingly. Does the Quran mention the speed of light? by Ali Sina.

I am very interested to read your response. I doubt you have not seen this site because it is right beneath your site in Google search. But I did not find any reference to it or rebuttal of it in your site.

I hope you will refute this person and I look forward to your response.


Here is the response from  www.speed-light.info/

First, Ali Sina is not a physicist. This is why he referred to a webpage that does not even have the solution!!! The solution is at my website. My physics is perfect. He knows this however he did not even mention my website. Why? Because Ali Sina does not want anyone to see the solution.

Second, Ali Sina is an ex-Shia and he is comparing the verse to the Shia belief, not to Islam (Shia don't accept the Quran as is, nor accept the hadeeth...). So this is his/their problem.

Dear Anonymous Inquirer,

I have already refuted Dr. Hassab-Elnaby’s arguments and his claim that the speed of light is coded in the Quran.  I went through his site after you sent the link to it and found nothing important to refute.

In the chapter Variable Speed of Light, he explains that the speed of light is affected by gravitational field. In other words it slows down when passing close to massive objects like stars and black holes. However, for an observer from any point in the universe, the speed of light in relation to the rotation of the moon around the Earth is constant.

In the next chapter Effective Speed of Light, he talks about the expansion of the universe and how the speed of light is affected by it whereas the relation to the rotation of the Moon around the Earth observed from anywhere in the universe it is constant. It is basically the same argument made in the previous chapter.

These arguments do not add any meat to his claim. They are completely irrelevant to what he wants to prove. The general theory of relativity or the theories of how the universe will end have nothing to do with his claim that the speed of light is equal to the orbit of the Moon multiplied by 12000.

In logic these arguments are called non-sequitor. They are true arguments on their own, but they have no relevance to what he is asserting. His objective is to confound the reader. The claim of Dr. Elnaby is already refuted.

a) I explained that Dr. Hasssab-Elnaby’s calculations are wrong and that light in one day travels much less than the distance the moon travels in 1000 lunar years. This is a simple mathematical calculation and there can be no ifs of buts about it. The subject is closed. Elnaby’s math is wrong.

b) I also showed that his translation of this verse is wrong and that “affair” does not mean light, magnetic forces, waves or speed of light. If we are to take the 1000 years mentioned in the verse 32:5 literally how can we reconcile it with the verse 70:4 that says the day of God is 50,000 years? Also how could Muhammad go to the seventh heaven and come back in one night escorted by Angel Gabriel when it takes angels 50,000 years to travel this expanse?

c)  Dr. Elnaby also uses a wrong parameter to measure the speed of light. The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is expanding. How can one measurer something constant like the speed of light with something variable like the orbit of a planet? This is like trying to measure a table with an elastic tape. It is impossible to get the right answer because your instrument of measurement is not constant. If you ask me, how tall is your desk, and I respond, it is as tall as my son, my answer can be valid only once, because my son keeps growing but my desk does not. Likewise, you cannot measure the speed of light that is constant with the orbit of the Moon that is changing.

d)  Moreover, the same analogy of a day of God being equal to 1000 years of what humans count is stated in the Old and the New Testaments. Assuming this was a miracle shouldn’t the credit go to the Psalmist who said it first?

Dr. Hassab-Elnany cannot respond to my refutation. Instead he attacks my person saying I am not a physicist and that I am an ex-Shiite and the Shiites are not Muslims because they interpret the Quran in a wrong way and they do not accept the hadith of the Sunnis, etc, etc. These are adhominem – attack at the person. They are logical fallacies. Instead of undermining my credentials Dr. Elnaby should refute my arguments. Okay, I am not a physicist and he is. How does he feel when disproven by a layman and beaten in his own turf? The truth is that the errors committed by this zealot Muslim are so elemental that you don’ have to be a physicist to refute them. Any eighth grader can do the mathematical calculations that I did and show Dr. Elnaby is wrong.

I did not know about his site. Now that I know I placed a link to it in the same article that I refuted him. Will he reciprocate and place a link to my rebuttal? Okay I am just trying to be funny. Of course he won’t. He does not even allow comments on his site. That is a good thing because people will only conclude that Dr. Elnaby is not comfortable about how I dismantled his comic theory. Sorry! Did I say comic? I meant COSMIC theory. He has spent a lot of time developing his theory and building his site. It must be painful for him to watch the big bad wolf Ali Sina, an ex-Shiite kafir blow at it and bring it to the ground. Maybe next time, Dr. Hassab-Elnaby will build his cosmic theories with solid arguments.

Ah, I forgot! Solid arguments don’t exist in Islamolandia swamp. Jews come up with theories such as General Relativity and Muslim? Oh well, Muslims scramble to find something in the Quran to say Muhammad said it first. This is the sympthom of the inferiority complex affecting the entire ummah who have never acheived anything and cling to their religion for thier self esteem. Little they know that it is their relgion that keeps them ignorant and in such a state of misery. People are the same everywhere. Humans are one race. There is no superior or inferior race. There is no reason for Muslims to be the most wreched people of the world. The only reason they are, is because of Islam. It is funny that despite all these scientific miracles stated in the Quran not a single Muslim has been able to decipher them to win a Nobel Prize in science. They only find them when a kafir makes a new scientific discovery, and then realize they were wrong when another kafir disproves the first kafir’s theory. Then they try to find another verse to prove Muhammad said it first.

Who said Islam is a rigid religion?  While Bin Baaz, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia discovers that the Earth is flat by reading the Quran, Dr. Elnaby discovers the speed of light in the same book. If America is the land of opportunities, Islam is the religion of possibilities. Anything is possible. You can interpret the obtuse book of Quran in any way you like. Just use your imagination and twist the facts a little and see how many discoveries you can make. This book allows you to interpret it in any way you like. Isn’t that a miracle?  Silly me, I thought a book of guidance must be a "clear book" (5:15) "easy to understand" (44:58,  54:22,  54:3254:40) "explained in detail" (6:114) "conveyed clearly" (5:1610:15) ...and with "no doubt" in it (2:2).

Dr Ali Sina is the editor of Faithfreedom.org and the author of Understanding Muhammad.

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speed of light...
written by odiwala , December 01, 2009
hmmm...good...then there should also be mention of dinosaurs or computers , internet etc etc...also about virus world and last but not least sea species which actually occupy 70% of earth...
written by Machmoed elchalid , December 01, 2009
Speed of light?

Nothing can travel at a greater speed than light. E=MC2 shows that whenever the speed is larger than the speed of light, the mass is getting invinite small=no matter.

Koran or hadieth mentiones that lightning is a an angel that travel with the speed of light (comparison with lightning) but then again...the whole universe is getting bigger and bigger at the speed of light (in the beginning it was faster) so if the angels travel at the speed of light, they will never get to reach earth or it will done in billions years because the universe is getting as big as they travel. Allah didn't know that if someone travel at the speed of light it lasts (for human perception) eternal so therefor Gibriel must been sent when Allah created the universe 16 billions years ago. Scientists also discovered that this universe has come forth out of an another universe (big bounce) but that's an other story.
Neither Mohammed or Allah are scientists...........
written by tanstaafl jw , December 01, 2009
The Qur'an was written by human beings over a period of time. The difficulty with using the Qur'an to "prove" something is the lack of anything in it that remotely resembles the scientific method. Arabia, at the time of the prophet, was an intellectual backwater. The writers of the Qur'an had do access to Greek, Roman, Indian or Chinese scientific discoveries. All of the current interest in "Islamic" science, is a reflection of the inability of Muslims to deal with the modern world.
written by Machmoed elchalid , December 01, 2009
My physics is perfect. He knows this however he did not even mention my website. Why? Because Ali Sina does not want anyone to see the solution.

Maybe Ali Sina is convinced it isn't a solution at all. There are some verses that are real and there are verses that are not to be taken litteraly. So how does this physicist know that this/these verses are to be taken litteraly...he doesn't...he is assuming. The koran also mentiones that Allah is very near and therefor Allah must be in humans, but ofcourse a phisicist find this rediculous.

Furthermore: Humans call it a day because the earth rotates in 24 hours around it's orbit. Humans need a time to rest and a time to act etc. Allah does not need days or nights cause he doesn't need the rest or whatso ever... so what purpose has a day to Allah that's so longer than the day of the humans...NO PURPOSE AT ALL!! again it's nonsense. A phisicist is a scientist, but this person who call himself a phisicist is blasphemie to science. Now i know why the muslim scientists never achieved something that's valuable to mankind. They can't even get the oil out of their ground...westerners are doinig this for them. PHISICIST...you should have become a comediant..you're funny!
muhammad was doctor
written by ayesha's crying soul , December 01, 2009
muhammad was a doctor also, he reaserched a lot to female genital organs and used to do many experiments, with harem girls.
There are lies and damed lies
written by Kohi , December 01, 2009
islam is about lies that is TRUTH the muzzieheads just don't want to use there poor little brains to understand.
Humans Races
written by COMMON SENCE , December 01, 2009
i completely disagree with Ali Sina that "there is no superior or inferior race among humans"
In fact the day humans started using brains (even before that) their is a clear distinction whites are on the top (maximum scientists, discoverers, philosophers and modrenity etc coming from white race). Then comes colored races and black humans are at the lowest (slaves, africa always hungry and poor etc). Can Ali Sina refute this fact.

similarly how would you compare a 5 feet tall philipino race to above 6 (feet or more) to white race. there are thousand of differences i can write for superiority of one race to another.

Today all other races are followers of white race. In fact this fact makes us ponder wether humans are a result of evolution (many evolutions) or god created one human superior to other.

written by vbv , December 01, 2009
Quran is an arabian bullshit,and if you try to deduce "science" in such bullshits ,you deserve to go to a "loony bin". Muslims ,ofcourse , make all claims about a book that has some 6600 verses of babbles and superstitions ,as though it is some kind of 'Btritanica Encyclopedia'. Quran is just a a babble of primitive arabian bedouins ,plagiarising a lot from the Bible. It is plain "Bullshit"!
why no mention of dinosaur,dna,genetics,electricity,internet in islam ???
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROON , December 01, 2009
why no mention of dinosaur,dna,genetics,electricity,internet in islam ???

why no mention of movies,icecream,popcorn,xxx movies in islam ???


opps sorry xxx is mentioned as unlimited xxx with 72 big breasted with houries.

written by Machmoed elchalid , December 02, 2009
White race superior?

White people think/believe they are superior to other races. Muslims believe they are superior to nun-muslims. I'm tired of this bullshit. White people who enslaved lots of people just because they weren't white. Muslims enslave/dhimmiesed non-0muslims just because they were/are not muslim.

White supremacy was dominant in the United States before the American Civil War and for decades after Reconstruction.[4] In large areas of the United States this including the holding of non-whites (specifically African Americans) in chattel slavery. The outbreak of the Civil War saw the desire to uphold white supremacy cited as a cause for state secession[5] and the formation of the Confederate States of America.[6] White supremacy was also dominant in Apartheid-era South Africa and parts of Europe at various time periods; most notably under Nazi Germany's Third Reich

In some parts of the United States, many people who were considered non-white were disenfranchised, barred from government office, and prevented from holding most government jobs well into the second half of the twentieth century. White leaders often viewed Native Americans (known as First Nations in Canada) and Australian Aborigines as obstacles to economic and political progress, rather than as settlers in their own right. Many European-settled countries bordering the Pacific Ocean limited immigration and naturalization from the Asian Pacific countries, usually on a cultural basis. Many U.S. states banned interracial marriage through anti-miscegenation laws until 1967, when these laws were declared unconstitutional. South Africa maintained its white supremacist-like Apartheid system until the early 1990s.

There is only one race and that is the human race. Under the skin there is no difference at all.
Superior whites...
written by duh_swami , December 02, 2009
White people think/believe they are superior to other races.

HMM, some certainly do, but I don't think that holds for everyone...

Man has achieved superiority over other men since Cain slew Able, probably even before that. When men of powerful ego achieve power over other men, brutality occurs...Also slavery...The perpetrators of slavery and abuse, even genocidal mass murder, have historically come in all colors.
Sometimes the illusion of superiority is not racial, or even religious, it is a case of the individuals love affair with himself. 'I'm not a racist', 'I'm superior to everyone'...But racism exists, and lots of colors are guilty...including whites...

written by Machmoed elchalid , December 02, 2009
I convinced that not everybody thinks that way...thank God! I agree with you that almost every individual thinks he/she is. As long as they just think they are it is not a problem....yet. I believe there is just one race...the human race and actually you said it yourself...it doesn't matter what the color of the skin is, they all could act the same in a lot of cases. Like Einstein believed...it's necessarity that drives life. Everything that happened in history and what will happen now and in the future is just because we believe it is necessary.
Machmoed elchalid
written by COMMON SENCE , December 02, 2009
Can u refute the facts that the modrenity and scientific revolution and industrial revolution came from white race?

sorry but you are talking like muslims. I am not a white but i should say the truth.

Race has little to do with it...
written by duh_swami , December 02, 2009
Abraham Lincoln said that all men were created equal, and they were...But their creation is where the equality stops and unequality sets in. Humans are not all equal...in fact pure equality is impossible...There will always be someone or something that's just a little more 'equal' than you are. Just as not all humans are equal, not all religions are equal...and, not all religions are good. Some people would argue that no religion is good...Here is a test...'If Allah created all this suffering...he can't be good, and if Allah is powerless to stop it, Allah is not God'...A religion founded on a powerless god cannot compete with equality or goodness...
written by vbv , December 02, 2009
Muslims claim that everything that science has invented and has yet to discover/invent are already found in the Quran. This is the most absurd,ludicrous claim by these illiterate zombies. Did Allah know of the existence of TV,automobiles,mobile phones,airplanes,rockets,computers ,internet,.....even soap,pencils,papers on which they print the Quran,etc. They have no compunction to usurp the fruits of "kaffirs' " inventions and discoveries in the most brazen manner without batting an eyelid. They did not even know how to extract oil from the Earth's crust,which required the knowledge and the technology of the "kaffirs" .Only lunatics and zombies like saladin,etc can believe in a bullshit like the Quran and the sunnah,which is nothing but a primitive ,barbaric mafia manual which can only take humanity to the dark age of ignorance,superstitions and fear.
written by Machmoed , December 03, 2009
Commen sense,

You should tell the truth...here is an other truth or fact from wikepedia:

In the history of astronomy, Islamic astronomy or Arabic astronomy refers to the astronomical developments made in the Islamic world, particularly during the Islamic Golden Age (8th-13th centuries), and mostly written in the Arabic language. These developments mostly took place in the Middle East, Central Asia, Al-Andalus, and North Africa, and later in China and India. It closely parallels the genesis of other Islamic sciences in its assimilation of foreign material and the amalgamation of the disparate elements of that material to create a science. These included Sassanid, Hellenistic and Indian works in particular, which were translated and built upon.[1] In turn, Islamic astronomy later had a significant influence on Indian,[2] Byzantine[3] and European[4] astronomy (see Latin translations of the 12th century) as well as Chinese astronomy[5] and Malian astronomy.[6][7]

A significant number of stars in the sky, such as Aldebaran and Altair, and astronomical terms such as alhidade, azimuth, and almucantar, are still today recognized with their Arabic names.[8] A large corpus of literature from Islamic astronomy remains today, numbering approximately 10,000 manuscripts scattered throughout the world, many of which have not been read or catalogued. Even so, a reasonably accurate picture of Islamic activity in the field of astronomy can be reconstructed.[9]

Islam has affected astronomy directly and indirectly. A major impetus for the flowering of astronomy in Islam came from religious observances, which presented an assortment of problems in mathematical astronomy, specifically in spherical geometry.

The last 500 years, yes the white race went and still ahead of this developments but it wasn't always like this.

Look at a large scale of time and you will see that non whites where much further in almost everything.

Fact: americans/Europeans are going to muslimcountries (Maleisia for example) because they are much further in some medical fields.

I like hounesty!
Burden of Proof
written by Anti Clot , December 03, 2009
Who claims to have the only holy book written by god? Who has to demostrate what? And is there a single piece of evidence, any undeniable fact? No, but there are many errors and inconsistencies in the quran and that makes the claim that it is written by god only laughable. Logical errors, scientifical errors, historical errors, grammatical mistakes, thoughts that are nothing but stupid, promotion of violence against others - must I say more?
Machmoed Astronomical errors
written by COMMON SENCE , December 03, 2009
Machmoed can you prove that this little bit of astronomy done during the islamic golden age was actually done by non-whites.

Has any islamic or non-white discovered that the earth is not flat, i dont think so

Anyways i was talking about modren scince, modrenity, scientific and industrial revolution that has transformed the world as we see it and as we live in it and finally the internet.

Can you name one thing made by non-whites out of a needle to cars to aeroplanes to computers to spaceships to internet to whatever you can think of.

Honestly i cannot name one

Therefore whites are the preffered and efficient and intelligent humans above others (either by evolution or by god)
written by duh_swami , December 03, 2009
Fact: americans/Europeans are going to muslimcountries (Maleisia for example) because they are much further in some medical fields.

I'm not so sure of that...What medical fields are you referring to?

Not only that Machmoed, Wikepedia is not a reliable source of most information...
written by aftab ali , December 03, 2009
muhammed ( shit be upon him)
written by The Grand Kaffir of Infidelistan , December 03, 2009
The only reason anyone goes to Malaysia for anything medical is for boob jobs or liposuction as it's cheaper there than in Australia.
written by vbv , December 04, 2009
Claims of islamic advances in astronomy are dubious for the simple reason they have their origins in other cultures and civilisations ,such as India, pre-islamic Egypt(Ptolemy),Greece,Rome,Chaldeans,etc. The works of these people have been usurped and translated in arabic ,given arabic names ,just like what the muslims like to claim nowadays like "the Big Bang Theory" of the origins of todays cosmos, or embriology,etc. If muslims were so great ,why they are dependent on the non-muslims for everything ,even to extract oilt in their lands? The simple truth is muslims had no great love for knowledge. In India they had destroyed the Nalanda and Taxila Universities which predates islam by atleast a thosand years , and burnt all the books in them and butchered all the scholars there. Islam recognises only their barbaric quran and the Hadiths ,you have evidence for this backwardness in Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia,Somalia,Sudan,Pakistan,where mullahs decry everything that modern science has invented except weapons and bombs to carry out their "jihad".
Muslim Thinking
written by Anti Clot , December 04, 2009
Here again we can apply what Feuerbach teached: That people find in their reigion what they wish to find. Islamists wish to have science and then they find it in the quran accordingly. As if the authors of the quran had any modern science in mind. However, until today the muslim world has NEVER ever tried to apply modern methods and tools to really understand the quran. About its sources such as bible, talmud and apokryphs, the historical context, Sitz im Leben and so on. Not only modern fundamentalists, but also the traditionalists have no true knowledge about the quran. All they know is scharlatanism.
written by Machmoed elchalid , December 04, 2009
Commen sence,

You're talking about the last 500-600 years. You are wright about this! Maybe Wikepedia isn't that reliable..true, but why would this be accepted by the most of scientists if there wasn't a single word of thruthness in it? It is written and ofcourse the winners tried always to write the events in a positive way to their society.
written by Machmoed elchalid , December 04, 2009

You wrote: Claims of islamic advances in astronomy are dubious for the simple reason they have their origins in other cultures and civilisations ,such as India, pre-islamic Egypt(Ptolemy),Greece,Rome,Chaldeans,etc.

Ofcourse i can't refute this, cause it's totally true. I never told you that they did it on their own...they used what they found at others and then they went on developing a bit that's all.
written by Machmoed elchalid , December 04, 2009
The medical field what i'm talking about is about stamcells etc. It's not that they don't have these techniques in the west but it is still a sort of taboo because of it's riscs. In east asia they do this for a longer time now and they are quite goog at it. On discovery channel there was this american who was a bit angry with the west because of this. A lot of westerners are goning to asia to get this medical ettention. The results are staggering. I'm sure this will be the case in Europe and US soon.
written by Detective supernintendo piggy pet poopsy , December 04, 2009
'orientalists' from snouck hourgronje until geert wilders haven't changed at all - always showing their hatred toward their subject. however, I agree with the inferior syndrome islam and muslims suffer from.
God's intervention
written by Demsci , December 04, 2009
I also believe that the Quran is just the work of men, not God. But when we ask Muslims to leave Islam, we ask a negative thing from them, to give up something precious.

But what if we say to them: Why do you deny that God did not intervene in human history since Mohammed?! If HE intervened at all, maybe HE intervened ever since also every now and then? This would mean that Muslims start their journey with the Quran and Hadith, but then promote, expand.

By adding to Quran and Hadith all these other possible interventions of God, since Mohammed. They only have to give up the RESTRICTIONS of Quran and Hadith, the incompatibilities with later potentially Divine revelations then! So, we really should offer them MORE of the good they perceive in Islam already.
White supremacist clap trap!
written by saladin , December 05, 2009
I knew this islamophobic hate site was a draw for white supremacists,racists,fascists and christian fundamentalists.

Same kind of hate speech,just a different genre.

Common sense;Do you know the coloured peoples of the Earth,had mapped the constellations,observed the solar calender,mastered mathmatics,philosophy,engineering,agriculture etc etc,while your superior white race were still in their caves in the caucusus mountains?

Probably not eh?White supremacists are blinded by bigotry and hatred.
Logical argument by Saladin
written by Surprised!!! , December 07, 2009
Saladin cannot have logical arguments about Quran only !!
written by markk , October 20, 2010
"After a period during which the influence and importance of Buddhism in India declined, the university was sacked in 1193 by a Turkic general, apparently incensed that its library may not have contained a copy of the Koran."

So the general was offended that an older, more advanced civilization than his own could have the heretical impertinence to regard his precious holy book as worthless and irrelevant, and so decided to destroy it in order to assert the supremacy of his own religion and culture.

Some things never change. I think we can see similar examples of Islamic cultural envy in the world today, motivating similar acts of mindless destruction, but this time directed against western European and American culture. Some people simply cannot tolerate the humiliating thought that other cultures might be superior to their own...

I guess you could say that's why only 3 Mayan codices exist today--the rest were burned down by missionaries who couldn't stand such a heathen civilization enjoying such fancy pyramids and advanced calendars and astronomy, which were inspired by worshiping gods other than their own.

And now, even though we have their 3 codices, their monumental inscriptions and the writing on their pottery to read, we have a far from substantial idea of what the Classical Mayan canon was like. All because Christians had a "with us, or against us" mentality.

Muslims aren't alone in having a history of ransacking and attempting to annihilate cultures they deemed to be heretical to their religious beliefs or a threat to their own sense of cultural superiority. Christians did it too - most notably, as you correctly observe, in Central and South America. And that is a lasting stain of shame on the Christian Church - and specifically the Roman Catholic Church, and the Vatican.

Who knows how different the world, and particularly Central and South America, would be now if the Mayans and Incas had never been destroyed by the Conquistadors and their damned Christian missionaries, but allowed to survive and flourish. I think the world would be far more culturally diverse and interesting, for one thing...
Lightning or verse 70:4 is fastest?
written by Zafar M. Khalid. , June 24, 2011
Assalaamu 'alaikum.

I am a Sri Lankan, a retired aircraft Mechanic and for the past three decades involved in multilingual Islaamic Publicaions. Most of my publications are sponsored while the rest are sold. I have compiled almost eight books based on the Qur'aan on a Q & A basis where the answers are obtained from the Qur'aan. I have also compiled PROPHECIES ON THE LAST and the second edition is awaiting publication.

The verse above is, The angels and the Spirit (i.e., Jibreel) will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years. 70:4

I got a Maldivian student to calculate one second of the angels speed and it was a little more than half earth year. Could you please throw more light on this.

Zafar Khalid.

E mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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