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Are Muslims Complicit to Islamic Terrorism?

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It is the Mayhem and Murder Islam, Inc. that is breeding terrorists. Without Islam, there would be no Islamic terrorists.

Fight terrorism, not terrorists!

Sounds absurd? Why?

islamic-statue of liberty

Aren't all kinds of well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning people, who are alarmed with Islam Mayhem and Murder, Inc., have been proclaiming that their fight is with Islam and not with Muslims?

Geert Wilders says that his battle is with Islam and he does not hate the Muslims. No one, please, should take my criticism of Muslims as hating them. I certainly am critical of their belief and feel that Muslims must wake up to the destructive nature of their creed. The Muslims not only need to leave or reform Islam, they owe to themselves and the rest of humanity to actively work at putting an end to one of humanity’s most harmful dogma.

To my thinking, Islam is the problem because there are Muslims who take its holy book, the Quran, as gospel and carry out its divisive and deadly provisions. Without Muslims, Muhammad’s Quran would be just another historic relic sitting on library shelves, next to Hitler's Mein Kampf, gathering dust and criminals of the world have to find other instruction manuals to guide their activities.

What good is it to burn the Quran or desecrate it? The fire from burning the Quran only energizes the already zany fanatical believers of Allah to further engage in their world-dismembering acts.

People who keep proclaiming that they have nothing against Islam, but their battle is with Muslim terrorists are an enigma. Perhaps these people are the politically correct; the delusional who rearrange reality to their fancy; or the naïve who are incapable of dealing with facts. These people are either incapable or do not want to see that it is the Muslims, the active jihadists as well as their masses of supporters who are and remain culprits committing much of what is repugnant and harmful to civilized humanity.

If the fight is with Islam and not with Muslims, then in the interest of fairness we must apply the same standards to other criminalities.

We should condemn arson, but not arsonists: Rape, not rapists: Theft, not thieves: Murder, not murderers, and all other forms of crimes, but not the people who commit them.

Terrorism has no external reality, without terrorists. For as long as there are people who cling no matter how loosely or tightly to Islam, humanity, including Muslims, stands to suffer the consequences. Yet, sadly, many Muslims refuse to recognize the fact that it is their sickly belief system that is at the core of leading them astray and inflicting great harm to all.

It is foolish to wage battle against beliefs that promote mayhem and murder while giving a free pass to those who adhere to those beliefs and whether or not carry out their dogma.

“When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Quran 8.12

I fully realize that not every Muslim is a card-carrying hell-bent jihadist. Yet, by being a Muslim, the individual, willingly or unwillingly, directly or indirectly, empowers the zealot jihadist Muslims who live and die to further the cause of Islam.

In what way does your average peaceful Muslim support the work of the not too insignificant cadre of Islamist terrorists, you may ask? In multiple ways. For one, by paying his religiously required tax known as Khums (one-fifth of his income) to the imams and mullahs. What do the Islamic clerics do with the funds? They make a very good living by not breaking a sweat while day and night preaching hatred of non-Muslims, and training wave after wave of impressionable young as soldiers of Allah.

These clerical parasites are equal opportunity haters and promoters of violence. They do not limit their campaign only against all non-Muslims. They even exhort their happy jihadists to wage war against each other whenever it suits them and they can get away with it.

Just look at what is happening these days in the lands of the religion of peace. In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bahrain, and even the Islamic show cases such as Egypt and Turkey. Repression and slaughter are in full operation.

Syria’s in-power Alawites and their Shiite allies are engaged in shocking butchery of the Sunnis, even under the eyes of the impotent United Nations observers. In one recent brutal attack by the Alawites forces of President Bashar Assad, some 90 people, including many children were murdered.


I hardly need tally the criminality and horrors of these Muslim-inspired regimes. Peace, tolerance and respect for others are alien to the followers of Muhammad, no matter which sect they belong to and irrespective of where in the world they live. No sooner in power, in any place, they shamelessly and brutally begin their mayhem and murderous practices.

This primitive chauvinistic creed is custom-made for the savage male where women are systematically abused in every imaginable way. Not only women are officially worth one-half of a man, they are to serve as a man’s property in the tragically ordained manner. Four women to a man in regular marriage and as many women as a man wishes in temporary marriages. Woe upon a woman who thinks of herself as an equal-rights human and violates these Islamic draconian laws. Honor killing awaits the fate of any woman who steps outsides Islam’s misogynistic boundaries.

Give the ringleaders of this creed of violence credit. They have perfected their skills at their trade of spreading Islam, the means of making their parasitic living.

These so-called clerics make “good” use of the funds they extract from their followers. For one, they buy the ever ready-for-purchase politicians to further their cause through legislations that would muzzle freedom of expression by any voice that dares to expose Islam for what it is.

For yet another, with their coffers flush with funds, the clerics enlist lawyers and launch lawsuits to destroy any person who speaks the truth about their barbaric beliefs and practices.

For another, they intimidate businesses that in any way fail to toe their line by boycotting their products and services. They force other businesses to withdraw their advertisements from any print or electronic medium that may report honestly about the horrors of their belief.

Tolerance is a great social virtue that becomes vice if extended to those who do not practice it and to criminals who take advantage of this noble human attribute. Muslims are the most oppressive and intolerant people of the world and they justify their intolerance on the teachings of their holy book, the Quran.

Persecution of religious minorities in Islamic states is legend. Yet, these very intolerant people come to the welcoming Western countries and demand one-sided tolerance from their hosts. Over time, these Muslims increase their demands to the point of aiming to subvert the civilized hosts and transform them to their failed savage system ruled by the Sharia Law.

Keep in mind that Islam operates by stealth when not yet quiet powerful, just the way Muhammad himself operated. Then, gradually builds its power to the point that the soft approach no longer is necessary to subdue others and impose its will.

The stealth soft strategy is presently playing out in the United States. Islam’s tentacles are expanding into the body of this free and welcoming nation. In 2000 there were 1209 mosques in the United States of America. By 2010, the number has almost doubled to 2010.

If nothing is done, before very long, we end up facing the Islam Mayhem and Murder, Inc. operating with its full evil force.

Islam is a bad idea, and Muslims are guilty of living by it and promoting it. Some Muslims take up arms, following the examples of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in their aim to vanquish non-Muslims. Other Muslims empower the frontline jihadist by supplying them with material support and manpower. In the same manner that an army can’t fight without the essential logistics supplied them by civilians, the soldiers of Allah will be incapable of waging their death and destruction campaign without the support of the generality of Muslims. It is long overdue that Muslims be held accountable for the so-called religious belief that controls their actions: actions aimed at destroying anything and anyone non-Muslim.

It is imperative that we see reality and deal with it. No euphemism, no sugarcoating, no politically correct posturing. It is time to abandon all pretenses and place the blame where it belongs. It is the Mayhem and Murder Islam, Inc. that is breeding terrorists. Without Islam, there would be no Islamic terrorists.


Amil Imani is the author of Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and Operation Persian Gulf.

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Nazis and Japanese Imperialists were the problem
written by Guy Macher , May 31, 2012
Muslims are the problem today. We didn't fight fascism and imperialism, we fought Nazis and Japs. Islam is only a problem when its doctrines are acted out by devout followers. We must wake up. And remember, Muslims started this war.
Religion of peace or piece
written by Vineet , June 01, 2012
Dear Amil

"Persecution of religious minorities in Islamic states is legend."

Very well said. At the time of formation of Pakistan and Bangladesh, they had around 20-25% minority (majorly Hindu) population. What are the stats today - and then they call it a religion of peace but it should be religion of piece. Trying to cut down everyone to pieces.

Think of a world only of Muslims - it would be a very bad world for sure - they will loose their reason of existence, since they only want to convert people to Islam.
I would rather love to die than to live in Islamic world.

A code from a primitive tribe is Islam and nothing more

written by y.m , June 01, 2012
Good article by Amil.Islam would collapse if monarities were given religious and basic human rights in muslims countries, infect the universal declaration of human rights are contrary to almost every thing islam believes in.The Quran is a curse upon mankind and is an abomination that will destroy every decent western achievement of human civilization,and in this destruction the western gullible politically correct persons will help them.If western politican apologist never speakup then people would persue justice themself.European leaders are either looking in the wrong direction Or they are in mass deniel.I dispise islam but pity the muslims because they are ignorant.The love for the quran has made them brainless zombies.
Gott ist aller Menschen Vater!
written by klaus-peter falk , June 01, 2012
Denn er ist ein Gott der keinen Krieg und Terror will.Das sind die Menschen die
nicht an Gott glauben und seine Erlösung.Denn alle Grausamkeit kommt vom
Fürst dieser Welt,der die Menschen schwer beeinflußt,mit seiner Böswilligkeit.
Denn er kennt keine Liebe und auch kein Erbarmen,denn er ist Herzlos und
brutal in der Persohn die er darstellt.Und macht jeden auch dazu der es zulässt.
Denn die Bibel Gottes Heiliges Wort beschreibt alle Dinge die in Unserer Welt
passiert sind und noch folgen werden.Darum seid Wachsam und habet acht
auf die Zeichen der Zeit.Denn der Mamon ist der Welt untergang.Und der
Reichtum bringt die Menschen um.Jeder der nicht ablegt seinen Stolz und
seinen Hochmut,der wird zu fall von Gott gebracht werden,und ins Verderben
gehen.Denn bei Gott ist ist Barmherzigkeit und Frieden und auch Erlösung wenn
man auch Barmherzig ist.Denn Jesus Christus spricht:Meine Kraft ist in den schwachen Mächtig.2. Korinther 12,9
same thing
written by curmudgeon , June 01, 2012
it is unuseful to parse the difference between muslims and islam, between "peaceful" muslims and violent jihadis, between moderates and extremists. the fact is that islam (thats muslims, folks) is at war with the west, and the west must fight back, or be genocided. it isnt just the violent or the extreme muslims are warring on the west. they all are, and it is time to go to war against those responsible for the sustained 14 century attack on civilization: all of them. if they worship a god of evil and venerate the worst criminal who ever cut a throat or raped a woman, defiled a child, enslaved the innocent, or committed genocide, then they are warring on the west, and should be warred back on. if the west ever responds rationally to the islamic threat, and some muslims think maybe they really dont worship a god of evil and venerate the worst criminal who ever lived, they are welcome to say so, and join any other, or no, religion. otherwise they should be expelled from our western countries, and given an opportunity to experience perpetual bliss in a muslim majority country--exactly what they are striving to turn our countries into. if we do not evict them, they will most assuredly evict us, and it wont be to another country. what they have planned for us is another world--the underworld. do unto them as they are doing to us, and do it now, while we still can.
written by Saif Ul-Haq , June 02, 2012
If people were attacking Christians and they fought back would you call them Christian terrorists. You stupid f**ks!
written by fineliving56 , June 02, 2012
The people who working the morning of 9/ 11 were not fighting muslims ...…. No one was fighting the Muslim that day when were killed by the hands of Muslims !!!!????

Stop calling people names you are only increasing the disgust non Muslims feel for Muslims … do you get that !???
written by Dwito , June 02, 2012
do you get that !???

Forget about it.
Saif Ul-Haq
written by Dwito , June 02, 2012
Well saif, we are stupid and more. But should not it be your part to erase our stupidity? Com'n boy. Help us. correct us. Islamise us. Insallah, you'll get less pain in hell.
written by xyz , June 03, 2012
My dear brainwashed brother,

The article explains a lot about Muslims killing Muslims throughout the history and even today it's happening in abundance.

Can you enlighten us why Muslims attack Muslims and why Muslims kill Muslims ??

You will not understand but Islam is the root for this menace which forces Muslim to kill Muslims and non Muslims. The base of Islam is hatred. If Islam had any element of love it will not divide into sects from the day one.
To Saif Ul-Haq
written by Archpagan , June 03, 2012
You are a beastly follower of a beastly prophet. You can find many more divine message beyond that stinking garbage named koran. Find that out. It is your holy duty if you consider yourself as a member of civilized human society.

Other religions of the world are not so fragile as Islam. You resort to violence to protect Islam because Islam is indefensible by logic and reason. You are such a stupid as not to understand this simple truth. Islam was kicked into the head of your forefather, forcibly erasing ennobling ideas of your remote ancestors. Since then your generation have been zombiefied. If you have self-respect, kick Islam out of your life.
To Vennet
written by Archpagan , June 03, 2012
Think of a world only of Muslims. That would be starting point of 'MUSHAL PARVA' for homo sapiens.
The Mullah's of Iran
written by Walter Sieruk , June 04, 2012
Amil Imami wrote is the above article. That "I headly need to tally the criminality and the horrors of these Muslims- irspired regimes." An example if this is the Islamic regime of Iran thaty isso cruel and heartless that in the first chapter of the book by A TIME TO BETRAY by Reza Kahlii he wrote that he observed Iran's observied Iran's Revolutionary Guards who 'paraded teenage girls' and 'barely out of their childhood,barely old enough to think think for themselves' taken to a place to be raped then murdered." This Islamic of Iran is truely murderous, viscious and evil to the extreme.
Furthermore, to think that Obama and some other leaders of the West actually feel that they may be able to have "rational talks " based of reason or some kind of "shared values' with the wicked fiends who are the dictators of Iran is both foolishness and folly.
Stealth Jihad
written by Walter Sieruk , June 04, 2012
In his above article Amil Imani wrote that his readers should "Keep in mind that Islam operates by stealth when not yet quiet powerful." and "The stealth soft strategy is presently playing out in the United States."
In addition, on the subject of stealth jihad, the jihadists who practice this kind of way odf gaining power and subverting America for Islam seem to be using the kind of philosophy/strategy as taught by Sun Tzu in THE ART OF WAR. Which reads "At first,then exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapitity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to oppose you."
written by Abc , June 05, 2012
Stupidville USA is missing their village idiot!!
written by Abc , June 05, 2012
Been reading geller, spencer and shoebat!
The trinity of ignorance!
written by bundypig , June 05, 2012
Your getting to him now Walter, he can only try and make you seem to be wrong, when he knows Spencer has NEVER lost a debate against any muslim stooge.Keep up the great work, it makes me laugh when he gets to this level, he's such a dork that queenie lol
Stealth jihad and the many mosques in America
written by Walter Sieruk , June 06, 2012
Amil Imani in is above article wrote concerning the subject of stealth jihad and the construction of many mosques in America. He wrote "In 2000 there were 1209 mosques in the United States of America. By 2010 the number has almost doulbled to 2010." In addition to this the former Muslim and Hezbollah member, but now a Christian,Daniel Shayesteh,in his book ISLAM THE HOUSE I LEFT BEHIND on page 99 reads "The mosque is vital for estabishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslims in a non-Islamic society or country symboliizes Islam's claim over that society or counrty, even with a non-Muslim majority."
written by Abc , June 06, 2012
Well if Daniel shitstain says so then it
mudt be true!
The Mosque is NOT IMPORTANT?
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 06, 2012
Well if the Mosque is not important to the Islamic community than why were Muslims in Europe so OUTRAGED over the ban of the Minaret the swiss people agreed upon? Why get so bend out of shape over virtually nothing? Muslims whined about their freedom of practicing their religion was taken away and people would not show up on time for the prayers! The "Minaret" is soo important for Muslims that they should not miss prayer in the MOSQUE. If the Mosque is not a place to teach the kooraan and other Islamic teachings, why spend the citizens of Athens about 16. Million Euros building one? Why if the Mosque is not important they spread in the Western World like Mushrooms? MuahamMAD also stated a prayer in the Mosque is 50 times as valuable than one at home!
I know at least ONE location which was adapted as a Muslim prayer-room, and one person giving out flyers to inform the neighborhood made it clear that it is important to Muslims to foster community cohesion.

And "ABC" has again only one avenue left open to him to belittle people, who simply DO NOT share his POV.
Spreading like noxious weeds
written by Yibel , June 06, 2012
The Muslims in Thailand are planning to build a mega mosque in a small town in northern Thailand - right next to a modest Buddhist temple. The town is mostly Buddist with only a few Muslims. The mosque will tower over the temple - showing Islam's superiority - and the screeching call to "prayer" will drown out the peaceful prayers of the Buddhists.

The Muslims terrorists are making their move to take over all of Thailand. If you build it, THEY will come!
Proud k
written by Abc , June 06, 2012
You never cease to amuse. Let's indulge you.
1. The minaret is a place where the azan is done in the data of old.
It would be the equivalent of building a church without a bell tower.
Would the bell tower be banned too? thought not.
2. Bent out if shape because it's discriminatory to one element if the Swiss citizenry.
3. A masjid has hundreds of functions. Prayer, teaching facility, counselling, funeral house, a wedding venue, etc etc etc.
4. If course there is social cohesion. You meet the people a couple of times a day at least so you know how things are in their world.
Spreading like noxious weeds
written by Abc , June 06, 2012
You mean like the mega church just finished in Karachi, or the one in Qatar.
Do you mean exponential rise if churches being built in Iraq.
After the Christian terrorists killed a million plus Muslims and destroyed the country based on lies.
Kind if like the bible.
speaking of amusement, abc
written by Yibel , June 08, 2012
"exponential (sic) rise if (sic) churches being built in Iraq" Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!
Exponential? Is this your new big word for the day?
BTW - Adjectives (exponential) do not modify verbs (rise)! So your sentence is nonsense.

However, it did give me a laugh - picturing churches rising above Iraq and going faster and faster the higher they get! Or perhaps Iraq's anti-gravity fields cause a rise (in what?) IF churches are built? abc, you never cease to amaze and amuse!

However, the facts are not funny at all:
The persecution of Christians throughout the Islamic world is reaching epidemic proportions, and this includes Iraq. This persecution is rooted in the Islamic worldview inspired by Shari'ah and consists of: Destruction of churches and other Christian symbols; sexual abuse of Christian women; forced conversions to Islam; apostasy and blasphemy laws; theft and plunder in lieu of jizya (extortion payments); burning of Christian shops, homes and businesses; overall expectations for Christians to behave like cowed "dhimmis" (barely tolerated citizens); as well as simple violence and murder. Or a combination thereof!

Because of the anti-Christian violence in Iraq, they are leaving!

In 1990, there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq; today the number is estimated to be fewer than 500,000 - and falling rapidly. In its most recent annual report, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom wrote, “The consequence of this flight may be the end of Christianity in Iraq.”

It is Muslim terrorists who are destroying Iraq - bombing mosques, churches, government buildings, shopping centers, etc. and kidnapping and murdering fellow citizens - with their ongoing, nearly 1400 year old Sunni-Shi'ite hatefest.
We have to find an antivirus to fight the BIggest ever VIRUS found on this earth
written by ABC , June 08, 2012
Now its high time to Kill these virus disguised in the name of TTTHH-IS-SLUMM..Muslims Gone your time..The world will fignt against you.Its Imminent..

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