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The Plight of Muslim Societies

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When I was living in the Middle East, I once asked a dear friend, an American lady, who was living there, this question: What do you think the main difference between the way we Arabs think and the way you Westerners think?

Even though my question was vague and general, I meant it to be that way. I wanted to see what is most distinct in her mind about the Arab culture and mentality, and the western culture and mentality.

Please keep in mind that she was a learned lady. She answered my question with a lengthy answer, which can be summarized thus:

Arab culture is a culture of secrets. Westerners do have their secrets, but they like most things to be out in public. Arab culture is a culture of shame without truth and openness. The western culture is a culture of “helping the other”, not shaming him/her. And it is a culture of honesty and public records. Arab culture is a culture of “forcing” things on the individual without any reflection. Western culture is a culture of choices, and critical reflection on things.

She said many other things that I can not recall exactly. At the time, I have not been to the west yet. So, I am sure she said many things I did not quite grasp. But these were the points that remained stuck in my memories.

After I moved to the West and lived for many years, I believe she was hitting the nails on the heads in her answer.

In the Middle East, my brain was saturated with “hate the Jew” through textbooks, religious edicts, Qur’anic verses, cultural proverbs, newspapers and other media outlets. This saturation of the mind with “hate the Jew” teachings cannot but force a certain view about Jews in ones mind. It took my many years of living in the west and dealing with many Jewish people to I realized that Jews can be a wonderful people—a process, which I may call “detoxification”. I have dealt with many Jews, who were involved in regular activities of volunteering and charitable activities, and had expertise just for the public good, a trait hardly seen in Arab culture.

My dealings with individual Jews in the West led me to question certain Arab cultural “truths”, which I had been brainwashed with while growing up in the Middle East, and which I believed in. For instance, I had been led to believe in the Arab cultural truth that the 1967 war was no more than an aggression by Israel against Arab nations. I researched this matter based on credible publications and neutral documentaries. And my conclusions caused in me what Thomas Kuhn called a “paradigm shift”. The main instigator of the 1967 war was Arab countries. The prime culprit for the breakout of this war was the then Egyptian president Jamal Abdul Naser. Of course, other Arabs leaders played a supporting role to him. And the entire Arab world suffered a crushing and humiliating defeat in a war, they proudly instigated, at the hands of tiny little state of Israel.

Since then, I have stopped trusting the Arab media or politics. I have decided to do independent research of my own to arrive at the truth.

Let’s go back to the central issue to be addressed in this article – the hopeless realities in the Arab and Islamic countries. The hopeless plight in Islamic countries results from ignoring the facts of life, and avoiding, not addressing, them. And I am convinced that Islam, which Muslims embraces as the complete code of their life, is responsible for creating this plight in Islamic countries. Islam numbs the minds of individuals and nations. It stands in the way of searching truth. Islam’s blinding spell over Muslim societies makes them disinterested in truths and leaves them in ignorance. Please allow me to explain.

The search for truth, no matter what the topic is, requires us to think critically. Critical thinking helps us investigate every truth neutrally and continually, and correct our views about them, whenever needed. This fact can be shown best in the development of sciences. Earth is flat was “Truth” for the greater part of human history. But then, scientific investigation told us otherwise about the shape of the earth – that it has an extended spherical form – different from our age-old truth that earth is flat. And we corrected ourselves.

We believed that the concept of “time” was absolute. Certain phenomena challenged such “Truth”. So, we thought in a critical manner, and ended up changing our view of time to a “relative” one. Critical thinking is, thus, crucial to searching truths, which drives scientific advancements and developments.

Islam destroys this critical element in human thinking, at least in certain matters. Islam may allow critical thinking, but in matters of religions and whatever entails it, are off limits to critical thinking. In the West, people can question the morality of Jesus. One can question the Pope’s intentions. One can challenge any norm. Not in Islam. In a Muslim country, you question Muhammad’s prophethood or veracity of the Quran, you will be dead meat. Ex-Muslim Mark Gabriel was an Al-Azhar professor. He studied Islam critically and understood how evil the foundation of Islam. So, he stopped believing in the Qur’an. Guess what happened to him? He was spat on and attacked by his colleagues at Al-Azhar University and by his family. A university professor in the West Bank questioned the existence of Muhammad due to certain historical facts. Guess what his students did to him? They threw him out of the second-floor window.

Muslims dispute Ali Sina’s assertion that Islam is a cult. But facts on the ground prove his assertions to be true day in and day out. Cult members cannot accept the fact when their leader is found to be a despicable criminal. In an exactly similar way, Muslims not only fail to accept the evident truth that Prophet Muhammad was a despicable criminal, highway robber, a mass-murderer, an enslaver, and a pedophile, polygamist and rapist. They just ignore those facts, give them a divine color, and to go the point of emulating them even today.

When Muslims hears that someone had burned the Qur’an, which could even be a rumour, all hell breaks loose. Cult mentality sets in, and Muslims go berserk. They may kill Christian nuns and missionaries anywhere in world, although the alleged Quran burning occurred at a far corner of the world. They may burn kills Jews, burn Jewish temples and Torah, or destroy Ahmadiyya mosques.

Islam is a cult that found great success because of the age it was born in. In sixth-century Arabia without functioning government, tribal force and might ruled the day. Muhammad utilized that to his advantage. He founded and open “tribe” system, called Islam. In this system, it was easy to join, but impossible to leave alive. Until this day, the punishment for apostasy is death. In that open-to-enter and closed-to-leave tribe system, Muhammad managed to attract all the criminals and renegades from other tribes. He lured them with the greed of loots and female booties for rape, and it worked. With the greed for loots and women, Muhammad set up a successful tribe system – open to entry but closed to leave. He proudly said expressions like “I was made victorious with terror” and “I am the only prophet that God/Allah made loots halal for me”.

This paradigm of Islam’s foundation, however horrendous and despicable it may be, is all to evident sacred Islamic texts, yet Muslims in the 21st century hold their unshakable belief in them to be divine truths world emulating at all times. That’s how Muslim culture does not allow development of critical thinking and self-reflection. Far from it, it suppresses it.

  1. “Muslims are not allowed to leave Islam. If they do they are to be killed”. Muslims are not allowed to reflect on this Islamic teaching.
  2. “A Muslim man is allowed to marry women of other religions (Jewish and Christian). A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim”. Muslims are not allowed to question why Muhammad taught that.
  3. “A Muslim is not allowed to drink a glass of wine (a healthy thing if done in moderation)”. A Muslim is not allowed to do that or reflect on that.
  4. “A Muslim woman’s body had to be covered, when in fact exposing your skin to the sun in moderation is a good thing. It helps manufacture vitamin D inside the body, an essential nutrient for the development of bones”. A Muslim is not allowed to challenge such teachings

The list is long. The fact remains that Muslims are not allowed to use their brains in a critical manner if any such use challenges Islamic teachings or Muhammad’s behavior, which is considered sacred Sunna. One Muslim medical doctor in Minnesota still recommends certain forms of female genital mutilation because, in one Sahih hadith, Muhammad taught to do such an evil and immoral thing that destroys female sexuality.

To develop critical thinking, one has to be taught in schools the freedom of thought and the freedom to reflect on anything that is taught or comes to ones mind. True education allows the individual to view nothing as sacred, and to question any learned or perceived fact. Such ability is not instilled in children in Muslim societies. If free and critical thinking were allowed in Muslim societies about anything and everything, I believe, Islam will take its rightful destiny in no time amongst many historical religions that human civilization surpassed. It would be buried in the desert sands of Arabia where it truly belongs.

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written by vbv , July 03, 2012
Islam is an arab cult. It makes you a zombie with herd mentality. It is enslavement of mind as well as body. It is even worse . Shakespeare had said in one of his plays "sonewalls do not a prison make". It is not physical barriers alone but far worse is a closed mind sans the power of thinking that makes muslims prisoners shackled by terror of disbelieving, terror of the nightmare of death, torture and incarceration should they even so much as have an opinion that does not conform to the diktats of this barbaric arab cult. Islam is certainly a code for the goons to control the masses and force them into submission and coerce them to act to the diktats of mullahs and the despotic autocrats. that is why muslims are so backward and hardly produce any intellectuals.
Islam-a deceitful cult
written by balam , July 03, 2012
The Muslims never question why WINE is HARAM for Muslims on earth but HALAL in JANNA?
Interesting Article!
written by Gnostic , July 03, 2012
The author comes to the heart of islam. We must characterise this cult or religion without polemics. Reveal that Islam is only trying to hide the truth. And the article also touches the political dimension of islamic not-thinking.

Muslims must not only hate the jews but also muslims considered to belong to the wrong side such as shia muslims, alevites, alawites, zaidites or jesides. There are no politics in islamic countries because there are no workers or employers and no unions or true political parties, but clans and tribes.

Bookprinting was forbidden for hundreds of years throughout the islamic world and there is still so much censorship and so many people cant even read.

In Algeria, I heard, millions are without a job but the government is now building one of he biggest mosque in the world. Morocco already has one mega-mosque while more than half of the people still cannot read. Yes, and the king of Morocco is one of the richest kings of the world with his fingers in almost any business in his country.

It is so much cheaper to build a mosque here and there than to build schools, health systems or to create jobs.

How can the Moroccan king, who is considered to be a billionaire, believe in god? Does he? But why then doesnt he do anything against, poverty and illiteracy. Morocco is rich with its natural resources such as fishing rights, phosphate and many others and it is also richer than many countries with almost no illiteracy!
Thank you Ibn Kammuna for another very good and open Article
written by fineliving56 , July 03, 2012
I believe critical thinking is the key to open the minds of Muslims … and as the author wrote ,Islam destroys that natural ability, Muslims were born with but they lose completely after, Islam goes through their minds.

A Muslim feels fearful, sick and disgusted with one self, when their minds tries and sneak in, some questioning of the actions of early Muslims …. and right away, the Muslim mind blames it on Shaitan [ Satan ] who [ muslim think] is trying to invade their mind and sin …. so they rush to their little rugs, facing the Ka'aba and they stick their heads on it and they pray and pray to Allah to help and get rid of these thoughts of Questions [ critical thinking ] to go a way.

I am saying this because that what happen to my mind first when I started questioning Muslim women's plight all around me … I remember to be stuck to my rug for long periods of times … at one of the worst nights … I most have prayed 30 Rak'as … I prayed to my Allah to save me from The devil … to not let him pull me and make me think of the unfairness of it all … to except the facts of life for Muslim wome, in Islam and not question the fact that Allah gave permission to my father to beat my mother… The next day .. My pryers did not DO one d__m thing … Life, as usual, went on as it was .. It was so disappointing and a let down … Allah did not help in any way … in fact it only got worse … and because of that, I remember the questioning got even loader and loader to the point of no return ….

even then I still gave excuses to Allah … I convinced my self … Allah has nothing to do with all the unfair Ayas against women in Quran … I rationalized to my self by blaming the lying, greedy Muslim men, who added the hated ayas to Quran I convinced my self that they did that, to have the chance to own muslim women's bodies,take half of their money and own their mind …

I told my self Allah is innocent of it all … I kept held love for IT … I still prayed under my breath but only that .. I remember only praying but now I know I only prayed out of guilt, fear and desperation …. Resentment was their with no acknowledgement.

What is so strange, I still did not blame Muhammad … I dissolved him of all blame because of the preconceived notion that I held, that he was peaceful [ of course he was far from it ]… only men around him who did all the killings and even that did not wake me up … some time I get so angry with my self for letting my self cary around that much gullibility and nativity.

Islam and slavery
written by Xyz , July 03, 2012

I do not see violence in gulf countries against burning of Quran or caricating of Muhammad. The gulf countries where Islam originated have in fact become quite humble with the passing of time and modern as well with lots of petro dollars. As of today Islam and muhammad are just a symbol of pride for gulf arabs. The real problem prevails in countries other than gulf where people feel pride in violence for Quran and Muhammad.

Saudis and gulf Arabs call westerners " rafik" meaning friends while they call non Arab Muslims "maskeen" meaning slaves. Which is 100% true as non gulf Muslims do not own any symbol or personality to take pride in. The poverty and slave mentality of non gulf Muslims have made them violent.
Different islamic Species
written by Gnostic , July 04, 2012
Not all muslims are equal. There are, at first, the Rich Gulfern Muslims (RGM). They are proud of their wealth, proud of islam and proud of being arabs. They hardly ever work because their wealth derives from nothing bnut oil. Many make contributions and donations in order to build mosques in poorer countries in order to spread islam even more, and some even spend money in order to support terrorism, maybe with the intention to keep the oil prices high.

Secondly, there are the other arab muslims who are not so rich because they have not so much oil and because they are simply too underdeveloped. Their only hope is islam and thats why nothing will ever change.

3. There are many non-arab muslim countries even worse than that because they have no oil at all such as Pakistan, BD and Somalia. They all belong to the poorest in the world and they dont have anything but islam and some mosques build with the support form the RGMs.

4. There are some muslim countries which have made some democratic progress because they are less islamic and there was a strong secular movement. Turkey, Indonesia and Tunisia belong to this group but they are all in danger because there are always islamic movements financed by the RGMs, islamic zombies who wish to destroy anything different from their primitive view. We can only hope that progress will succeed and not the braindeads.
written by fineliving56 , July 04, 2012
I agree that the gulf countries have advanced in material things but that happens only due it's oil and the richness they collected from sell it … they did not advance in thinking at all … in fact they have the most backward kind of thinking ..

They still behead people for witchery, adultery and other crimes …I just a video of beheading that happened last month …also they still cut hands for thievery just like in Muhammad Time ..

They still think they have the right to sleep with servants and they sell and buy slaves …

They conceder themselves above all other Muslims from other counties Arabs and non Arab alike … they are the most conceded people on this earth … beautiful Syrian women who were stupid enough to be lured by their money, marry to Saudis only to disappear, not too long after … it happened to several girls from my city … families stopped letting rich Saudis enter their homes and take their girls .

Also … The word you mentioned '' masakeen for plural and ''miskeen'' for single... does not mean a slave … it is an adjective to describe a slave …it means *poor or needy or beggars …
Arabs call slaves … '' Abeed '' for plural which literally mean servant and Abed '' for single man servant …

Blacks are called abeed because most slaves and servants were blacks .
written by Xyz , July 04, 2012
Dear Fineliving you are right..by modern I meant materialistically and to an extent mentally. E.g all gulf countries except Saudia have night clubs, bars and alcohol is available. Islam is not forced on people. No one raises eyes to women wearing skimpy clothes. We can see westerners (and other nationalities) men and women as part of society in gulf countries.

My point is that gulf Muslims may be conservative within themselves but at least they are not hostile to other cultures.
written by kope , July 04, 2012
white people put jews in gas chamber not arabs

soon jews will be in gas chamber again by white men
written by vbv , July 04, 2012
I agree fully with Xyz. Muslims in the arab countries have not raised the hackles so much as the nonarab muslim countries for such issues as Salman Rushdie or Muhamad's cartoon. It is countries like Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Somaliaetc that are more fierce in their defence of islam and its founder Muhamad. Infact Pakistanis think that they are arabs , while they are ethnically indians - while they hate indians , especially hindus , very vehemently. These pakis think that it is below their dignity to be in any way related to indians. They are dismissive of their true ancestry like Ashoka, Maurya, Gupta, their common indian roots that trace back to the Indus-Saraswaiti civilisation. For them , history starts with Mohamad Qasim who arrived in Sindh from Arabia in the 11th century. Such is the poison of islam that they abhor their own heritage to lick the arabs shitty arse. Recent example is the desecration of world heritage sites in Timbuctoo. With muslim brotherhood in Egypt , I would not be surprised if the muslims fanatics decide to bomb to smithereens the pyramids and ancient monuments in Egypt. This arab poison is designed to destroy all civilisations and submt to arab supremacy , while in reality the arabs are the most uncivilised and barbaric people .
written by balam , July 04, 2012
written by fineliving56 , July 04, 2012
Yes, thank you …. And I like to correct what I said ….

when I said '' I agree Golf countries …. '' … I was trying to zero on the Arab Muslim in Saudi Arabia not all Arabs in the gulf … I agree with you on that there is so many freedoms in countries like Dubai for incidence …

Syrian relatives of mine who migrated to Dubai have 4 married daughters … 2 are covered of their own choice after they grow up not covered in Syria, and the other 2 daughters dressed as modern as any western women and no one bothers them at all … Islam is symbolic and sharia is not implemented like in Saudi
To fineliving56
written by Archpagan , July 04, 2012
So, going by your experience as a Muslimah, Islam practically means stifling one's own conscience. We have to hit at the conscience of Muslims every now and then.
Excellent Article
written by DaDoc , July 05, 2012
Thank you for sharing.

To add on, I wanted to share something I heard (and wrote down) from one of Ibn Warraq's lectures I attended some years ago:

"Islam lacks a sense of universalism, rationalism, and self-criticsim."

Socieities cannot improve and move forward so long as they reject those principles listed above.
Islam is dying
written by Tanstaafl jw , July 05, 2012
And no Muslim can see it.
Four lies
written by Malem , July 06, 2012
Where is the article authors proof of the 4 supposed facts of Islam funny the last one wear it cleaims that a muslim womens skins has to be covered, another lie perpetrated by a person who is ignorant of Islam, you would think this website would at least bring some reputable authors/articles to their phobes
To Malem
written by Archpagan , July 06, 2012
Your moronic responses yield more than sufficient proof. A 'devout' Muslim like you are fumbling for words. Shake off the burden of Islam from your head and become free.
written by Lakshman , July 06, 2012
How Ibn can plan so it reaches to millions of arabs?
Thank you Fine Living..
written by Ibn. Kammuna , July 06, 2012
Thank you FineLiving and others for your kind words. I really appreciate that.

To Malem,
Brother, this article is not about just 4 facts. Those were just given as examples. Please read the whole article. Its about being able to think critically about any and every thing. Muslims do no/ can not do that regarding anything Islam-related. Else, they will leave Islam. How can anyone read about the Bani Qurayza story and remain a follower of that mass-murderer? How can a Muslim read that Muhammad had an "eye" for Ayesha when she was just 6 years old, and not believe that Muhammad was a sick man?and a pedophile?..The list is long.
Have a good day
Ibn kammuna
written by abc , July 06, 2012
Come on you have to do better than this! You think you are the only one in the world who thinks critically? Just google " Muslim philosophers" and read about their contribution to modern thought.
"else they wil leave Islam" yeah right!
Next bit just highlights your lack of critical thought!
Banu qureyza were punished for treason using their own Jewish laws advised by a rabbi, you seem to have forgot that bit.
As for aisha(ra). The proposition was not put forward by the prophet. So having an "eye" is just a ridiculous statement to make. He knew she was engaged to another.
As he and Abu bakr were like brothers!
If your post is a result of critical thought then just pack up and go home!
written by fineliving56 , July 07, 2012
Your post is an excellent example of '' how a mind have the ability to convince it self of plain non sense, lies and pure absurdity ..

I have no hope for you to wake up … I have a feeling, if Quran says " a men can sleep with his sister " [ after all it allowed a man to marry his daughter in law fallowing what Muhammad did ! ] … You actually will fined a LOOP HOLE to justify sleeping with a sister.

What do I expect, from someone like you who BELIEVES if a country like England was populated by a 95% Muslims *SHARIA* IS EXCELLENT KIND OF LAWS TO ABIDE BY .

When you posted that , I knew you do not care about humen at all … all you care about to proof Islam is RIGHT

Sharia says … killing a man is righteous for every Muslim to do , just because the man changed his mind about something he was born to like Islam and want to think differently and tell others what he thinks …

Because you believe in Sharia as you have posted before, you believe ,as sharia orders … you have the right to kill another humen, because he or she left Islam and talked about it !

I have no respect for anyone like you…. abc !!!

You talk about us as haters … what about the hate that is glaring form your non other then your brothers the divout Muslims [a thousand of them ]when they burn a retarded men ALIVE because he rumored to burn few pages from Quran ??!!!

Where is your condemnation of that kind of hate that Muslims are displaying on a regular bases ???!!! … not just hate … it is pure Murder the cruelest of kinds …

At least we are not killing anyone … we are killing bad ideas !?

You and Malam make me sick !!! … becouse I have not read your posts that says '' it is wrong and we are sorry for the innocent retarded man '' … and becouse you sow fit to diffend Islam as usual instead , it is proof to me you are as sick as the killers for condoning and not condemning .
written by Malem , July 07, 2012
More whining eh? Yet not one of the phobes was able to prove any accuracy to the 4 points the author made. Why? because they are a bunch of lies. Sharia is NOT the Quran, and only the Quran is the authority, I have said that many times to you but it appears you are challenged in your brain like the others
written by fineliving56 , July 07, 2012
So … are you saying people who believe in Sharia are challenged in the brain too … like your brother abc and others like him who said they do …

You are a minority … so you do not count…. and I told you that too !!!

Like I said … where is your condemnation of the burning of a retarded man …alive supposedly because he burned pages of Quran …. huh ?

You still have not done that and tells of a cold hearted man …Muslim Malam !!!
fineliving take your meds
written by abc , July 07, 2012
You seem more rabid than usual. It's ok I understand my post has got to hurt especially when it's the truth and cannot say anything else. So you just scream that I'm lying. Prove it the post is right there.
Anyway that's not enough then you have to throw in a perversion.
What is wrong with you?? Do we need to know something about you and a male sibling???

What is unreasonable to say that the rule of law should be dictated by the majority of the population??? Answer me! What that population choose is upto them!

I have posted in the past what I personally think about apostates.
Sorry to disappoint you but they mean nothing!

Keep your fake outrage and crocodile comments.
Sad old joke!
Muslim guy, cool it geniuses
written by Ibn. Kammuna , July 07, 2012
Listen guys,
when I mentioned the 4 points. They were meant as an example. But you seem to want proof. Lets talk about drinking wine. "Infidel" scientists showed a positive correlation between drinking wine and reduction of heart disease. Drinking a glass of wine with or after dinner is a good thing. Now, you may say I am lying. That is fine. Research it yourself geniuses. By the way, Beer, in moderation, is also good for the digestive system. Did you know that, geniuses?
Also, I need to talk a little bit about the Qurayza massascre That Muhammad did just for booty. You may say Muhammad did that because its Jewish law (this is nonsense, but lets say you believe that). That is fine, I thought Muhammad came to be a "Mercy" to mankind? Did he not? Don't you think he had better options, geniuses? That criminal beheaded between 600 and 800 men in one day, then enslaved women and children. Now, geniuses, do you think every individual who was beheaded was "guilty" of something?
You Muslims have no shame really. Otherwise you would leave that cult of death and terror.

To Fineliving: Brother, ignore those "geniuses". I plan to do the same after this comment. Cheers and have a good day
Ibn Kammuna
written by fineliving56 , July 07, 2012
Yes, I think that, what I am going to do … ignore the Muslim geniuses and leave them to their genius minds that tell them to stay Muslims geniuses …


I just like to say …. I am a sister, not a brother .. just, minor correction .

Now …. after I became an ex Muslimah, my other half of my brain, Islam tried to tell me I lacked according to Quran, when it says, my testimony in court is worth, only ,half a man's testimony and I would need another women to remind me ….

I found it is all wrong … I had a full brain after all ..hahaha ….

it's Just that ,the discrimination,destain and hate Muhammad had for women, made Muslim women, think that ….

Imagine that !? …. we Muslim women had, have and always, will have, a full brain !!!.

I just like to say, I used my full brain to rid my self of the iron, humiliating shackles that Islam had me tied to, like I should have done long before .

Thanks for courageous and continuous work to expose the real Islam

written by abc , July 07, 2012
Yep I'm aware of the benefits of a glass of red wine with food to reduce the chances of heart disease. Does it ever stop at a glass? Take any big city in the western hemisphere and see the benefits of wine and beer on a Saturday night!
Oh by the way dr malem I request you prescribe cigarettes for all your Alzheimer's px.
"infidel" ( a Christian term to describe Muslims ibn?) scientists say there are benefits.
Who needs aspirins when we have the benefits of wine!
Ibn k
written by abc , July 07, 2012
what kind of revisionist history have you been reading. Abu sufyan only converted on pain of death and qureyza tribe were attacked for wealth.
Just because sina and spencer say so does'nt actually make it so. Ibn I had you down as a learned guy but now I'm having doubts.
Let's forget for one minute the source of the story and assume its true!
The punishment is still valid because of treason and jewish law!
Sure the prophet came as a mercy to mankind. Banu nadir were spared, mecca was not attacked. However qureyzas treason could have finished the Muslims, it could have destroyed the fledgling state in medina! That is much more serious.

written by malem , July 07, 2012
More whining, is there anything else you are good at besides lying to your family and friends? I condemed, and the person is mentally challenged and NOT retarded, have you no shame? why do you call him a retard?
To abc
written by Archpagan , July 07, 2012
Muhammad came as a scourge of mankind, destroying civilizations in large part of the world. It's time to rebuild them by destroying Islam. Correct your history book.
To Malem
written by Archpagan , July 07, 2012
Dr. Malem, Koran is the delirium of a sick man wicked to the core of heart. A merciful god can not preach hatred of man and instigate to kill , rape, and commit adultery /incest. Koran is so unholy, fit only to be used as toilet paper. Only a criminally disposed person like you can see virtue in such a book.
To Dream the Impossible Dream
written by Stuart Parsons , July 08, 2012
Gentlemen ! Gentlemen ! There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever the the Quran Sunnah and Sirah reveal Muhammad murdered all who spoke out against him. Then with his deluded followers, to whom he promised much booty and captive women and girls to rape, he lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to the absolute political and religious control of Arabia. His god was a mythical character, Gabriel only existed in his tortured mind and 1.5 billion have been indoctrinated to believe pack of nonsense for which their is no real evidence whatsoever.
To Stuart Parsons
written by Archpagan , July 08, 2012
You are absolutely right sir, carry on; wishing you best.
written by Malem , July 08, 2012
"merciful god can not preach hatred of man and instigate to kill , rape, and commit adultery /incest. " Prove where this is in the Quran? You cannot as you make the stuff up as you go along, nice try
Ibn Kamuna.
written by Reed Wilson , July 11, 2012
The Plight of Muslim Societies should be no better than it is. They are Quran rejectors and hadis followers. The hatred for Jews is inculcated in them through ahadith.

May be Persians of those days had special hatred for Jews. We have to study the history which I dont know. I know that the authors of all ahadith are erstwhile Persia.
written by nahid , July 12, 2012
As I am quiet new in Jewish, looking around for some Jewish information> Got something important here. Nice to get it.
Have you seen this video http://goo.gl/Fvyjz ? It helped me get over my internal anger.

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