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Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam -- Declaration of Human Rights or Human Suffering and Islamic Bigotry? Part 1

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It has been about 23 years since the Organization of Islamic Conference "gifted" the world with their Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam. Here is a link to this "magnificent" piece of bigotry: http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/instree/cairodeclaration.html

I do need to inform the reader that this work has been criticized in the UN at the highest level. My goal in this article is not to reiterate the multiplicity of criticisms leveled at this document. Rather, I would like to take the reader on a journey through this document. It is a document that, in fact, documents how bigoted and supremacist Islam is. Do not take my word for it. Read my quotes below, and judge yourself.

The document starts with,

Keenly aware of the place of mankind in Islam as vicegerent of Allah on Earth;

Recognizing the importance of issuing a Document on Human Rights in Islam that will serve as a guide for Member states in all aspects of life;

It seems to me, right from the start, that the writers of this document assumed that Islam gives correct guidance regarding human rights. I assume that those writers thought that human rights truths in Islam are self-evident. However, this document did not address this issue, but stressed that Islam will serve as a guide for member states. One would expect that what follows will, in fact, enrich the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees equal human rights to every human being and all member states agreed on, decades before the OIC had a voice on the UN stage.

Let us continue with this quote:

Reaffirming the civilizing and historical role of the Islamic Ummah, which Allah made as the best community and which gave humanity a universal and well-balanced civilization, in which harmony is established between hereunder and the hereafter, knowledge is combined with faith, and to fulfill the expectations from this community to guide all humanity which is confused because of different and conflicting beliefs and ideologies and to provide solutions for all chronic problems of this materialistic civilization.

It seems to me that those writers of the document do not have a good grasp of the history of Islam. I have written a review – Having a Big MAK – about M A Khan's book "Islamic Jihad". This book is, in my view, a natural continuation of the late Anwar Shaikh’s “Islam: The Arab Imperialism”. I mention Khan’s book “Islamic Jihad” because it contains an extended history of the spread of Islam in most parts of the world. Reading that book, one get a complete grasp of the degree of “civility” Islam brought to the world. Examples are many. Whenever Khalif Umar invaded an area, famine followed the year after. The Muslims destroyed all agricultural activities in their paths. This well-balanced civilization that the OIC writers talk about can be seen clearly when Omar ordered the burning of Alexandria Library in Egypt. At the time, it was one of a handful of libraries in the world that contained a massive amount of human knowledge. This civilizing role of Islam can be seen clearly when the Muslims destroyed the great Persian civilization, and replaced it with asinine Islamic rules and values. Persia brought to the world the first human rights declaration [see here http://amilimani.com/2010/04/iran-islam-cyrus-the-great-3/ and http://www.iranchamber.com/history/cyrus/cyrus_charter.php] and Islam replaced it with asinine rules like whether one has to have his hands open to the inside or the outside during prayer, topping that with polygamy and reducing women to subhuman creature. On top of this, there were beheading rules, gouging eyes out rules, cutting of limbs rules,… One has to be a fool to believe that human culture and civilization always moves toward advancement of human society with the passage of time. This is a lie. In fact, Islam proved that this is a lie. Islam destroyed the great cultures of the Middle East, be it Hebrew, Christian, Phoenician, Aramaic, Persian, and yes, Arab culture too. You see, Arabs lived a tribal life and had their inner struggles. But they had some great elements in their society. They took into their families other’s children and young lads, and adopted them. Those became full members of the adopting families. Women before Islam had great roles – poets, business leaders, tribal leaders, etc. With the advent of Islam, great religious tolerance, which Arab tribes were known for, vanished. Adoption was canceled by Muhammad after lusted for and married his daughter-in-law Zainab Bint Jahsh, wife of his adopted son. Women were reduced to a level of domestic animals. The great variety of Middle Eastern cultures was put on a downward and vanishing spell for the last fourteen hundred years. Millions of people were killed, tortured, enslaved and raped in the last fourteen centuries, all over the world, because of Islam. The reader is advised to read M A Khan’s aforementioned book to learn the details of such Islamic atrocities throughout Islam’s history.

The above quote speaks about the Muslim Umma being the “best community”! One can’t but view this as an expression of Muslim bigotry. A Muslim thinks he is better than a non-Muslim by virtue of being a Muslim. This superiority concept is one piece of evidence that proves Ali Sina’s view of Islam being a cult correct. Cult members usually view themselves as the correct ones, the guided one -- the sole possessor of the truth, and everyone else being misguided, or gone astray. If this is not bigotry, I do not know what is.

Let us continue with the OIC’s Human Rights document. It states:

In contribution to the efforts of mankind to assert human rights, to protect man from exploitation and persecution, and to affirm his freedom and right to a dignified life in accordance with the Islamic Shari'ah.

A given assumption here is that man’s freedom and right to a dignified life has to be in accordance with the Shari’ah. Why? If the OIC’s claim has been proven elsewhere, then I have not seen it. If it is an assumption that all humans agree to that, then this is not the case. Far from it, most humans – including a majority of Muslims in many Islamic countries – despise Islamic Shari’a. It would be ridiculous to assume that most human beings like to see some Shari’a concepts being implemented. Examples can be many. Amputations of human limbs, beheadings, and public lashings are just a few examples of how evil Shari’a laws are. Most humans, most Muslims included, would hate to see Shari’a punishment rules being implemented.

The document continues:

Believing that fundamental rights and freedoms according to Islam are an integral part of the Islamic religion and that no one shall have the right as a matter of principle to abolish them either in whole or in part or to violate or ignore them in as much as they are binding divine commands, which are contained in the Revealed Books of Allah and which were sent through the last of His Prophets to complete the preceding divine messages and that safeguarding those fundamental rights and freedoms is an act of worship whereas the neglect or violation thereof is an abominable sin, and that the safeguarding of those fundamental rights and freedom is an individual responsibility of every person and a collective responsibility of the entire Ummah

The above quote is very troubling to anyone concerned about human rights. It establishes Islam as the source of Human Rights. It also denies any human being the right to ignore human rights as found in Islam. It sees the world with the eyes of a presumed divine entity, and derives human rights from that entity. This divine entity has to be the Islamic entity “Allah”. It totally excludes all other presumed divine orders – religions and belief systems. The quote above is actually no more than bigotry and discrimination by the OIC members against anyone, who does not believe in Islam or the Islamic divine entity. The quote above talks about the fundamental rights being the responsibility of the entire Ummah. Well, this seems like a document for Muslims and not a document of human rights for all people.

In part 2 of this work, I will delve into the declaration articles themselves of the OIC Human Rights Declaration.

>>> Read Part 2

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written by Worldpeace , July 08, 2012
An excellent article, Ibn Kammuna. Ardently waiting for the next.
written by vbv , July 08, 2012
Humanrights under islam is the worst and most cruel joke you can ever think of. These barbaric nuts talk of some "divine" dispensation under the diktats of their imaginery loony spook Allah. There is no such thing as divine. It is all made by lunatic, deluded nuts with sadistic and criminal bent of mind. What peace and sanity do you find in islaic nations? Nothing at all. It is just persecution of nonmuslim minority, and butchering them at will. Not to speak of various sects in islam that cut each others throats claiming their particular brand of islam is the true one. You find oppression of nonmuslims, women and nonbelievers in any islamic country. You find only madness , violent reprisals, bombing and boobytrapping civilians,etc , all in the name ofg islam. What about their socalled blasphemey law that is a convenient tool to avenge or settle personal scores. In islamic society only the clergy and the autocrats have all the freedom ,while the common laity are crushed by them mercilessly. That is 'islamic humanrights ' for you. It is plain bullshit , a passport for oppression and injustice to decent folks and a tool for destruction of civilisations and bringing it under the arab dictatorship.
written by balam , July 08, 2012
Human rights are given by human beings with humane hearts.How could one put Muslims in that category of humans? TAKE HUMANITY OUT OF A HUMAN BEING AND YOU ARE LEFT WITH A' GOOD' MUSLIM.
written by kope , July 08, 2012
balam think drinking cow piss makes him human
written by HenriMaurice (Ex-Muslim) , July 08, 2012
Sometimes I just wish God had bothered to kill Mohammed before he had invented that decrepit religion....sigh
written by Reed Wilson , July 08, 2012
Ibn Kammuna. It is excellent again Ibn. Thnks.
written by Gnostic , July 09, 2012
In fact the Declaration of Cairo is a declaration against Human Rights and in favour for Allah who receives all power. But how do we determine what Allah wants? It is called Shariah which is nothing but the man-made interpretation of man-made scriptures and allthis is executed by scribes whose only qualification consists of the knowledge of islam.

There can be now law worse than that. If this becomes the achievement of the Arab Spring we will see nothing any more but darkness.
Islam is the bane of mankind
written by Guy Macher , July 09, 2012
Any disinterested person have to agree Islam is a blight on mankind, a festering boil on the Earth, a cancerous madness which consumes the minds of its followers. It is a curse from Allah, aka Satan.

Eradicate Islam, first from the West, next, from the Islamic hell holes, then, from the annals of history.
written by Guy Macher , July 09, 2012
...has to agree. Even thinking about Islam is dangerous! Hahaha! I think even the resident takiya expert would agree.
Islam means,subjection of non belivers
written by dead or alive , July 09, 2012
I as a non beliver have to move aside,even if i am blind with white cane and let the ones with no odors coming out of their a$$holes to pass by first.Kope,Abc,Malem and the others muslims got the worlds cleanest $hit.
written by malem , July 09, 2012
Lad why are you sniffing our behinds?
written by dead or alive , July 09, 2012
Because muslims stick their a$$es in the face of humanity.
written by Ibn. Kammuna , July 09, 2012
Thank you all who said kind words about the article. I really appreciate that.
Reed Wilson. good to hear from you again brother. You are a genuinely good man. Thank you
Some readers just try to be rude to others. Why? We live on earth only once. Why make rude and be rude. It doesn't pay.
Cheers to all.

written by Infidel and More Proud , July 09, 2012
So you think cow urine better then camel urine?
Reading most of your posts sshows only your ignorate and narrow minds.
written by Alex , July 10, 2012
Attacking all muslims and calling all of them barbaric, rapist inhuman is shameful manners. While most people in the world are descent and loving people, one can not generalize that one faith and or ethnic are all evil. All I can say is you are shouting in the wilderness no one hears you or pay ant attention to your HATE propaganda. There millions of reasons that I can find in your faith and culture that have done worse and many be more that what you claim mulsims and ISlam have done. Do not forget the Nazi death camp in the name of Christianity.
Reading most of your posts sshows only your ignorate and narrow minds.
written by Alex , July 10, 2012
Attacking all muslims and calling all of them barbaric, rapist inhuman is shameful manners. While most people in the world are descent and loving people, one can not generalize that one faith and or ethnic are all evil. All I can say is you are shouting in the wilderness no one hears you or pay ant attention to your HATE propaganda. There millions of reasons that I can find in your faith and culture that have done worse and many be more that what you claim mulsims and ISlam have done. Do not forget the Nazi death camp in the name of Christianity.
Alex, calm down
written by Yibel , July 10, 2012
No one here is attacking all Muslims. It is the ideology of Islam that is under the microscopic for examination of its tenets. Islam is a totalitarian belief system that is all encompasing and intolerant of all other belief systems, legal systems, and political ideologies. Islam is hate - of Jews, of Christians, of Hindus, of Buddhists, of Sikhs, of atheists, of agnostics, of apostates from Islam, of Sunnis by Shi'its and Shi'ites by Sunnis, and both hate all other Muslim sects, etc. Read the Qur'an, the aHadith and Sunnah. Read some more articles on this site. Become informed!

As for the Nazi death camps - Nazis were NOT Christians. Aong with the 5-6 million Jews that were murdered, 6 million Christians also died in those camps.
Hitler hated Christianity. All that "love your neighbor as yourself" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" made him want to vomit. He wanted to conquer the world, and cleanse it of all other ethnic groups but pure Germanic, Valhalla lovin' warriors of Odin. BTW, the Islamic paradise with its big busomed virgins, and lots of drinking, wenching, and gluttony certainly resembles Valhalla.
written by abc , July 10, 2012
100% correct. That is exactly what the posts do.
Infact goebbels would be proud!
You are correct hitler was a Christian!

written by pipo , July 10, 2012

"You are correct hitler was a Christian!"

But you see Abc... all Christians will deny and reject that (and with good reason), while all Muslims will always be proud of their prophet Muhammad being the most excellent muslim in history.

I hope you can appreciate the difference.
Deador alive
written by Malem , July 11, 2012
So you admit to this strange behavior, that explains why dogs follow you around chap
written by Kuro-chan , July 11, 2012
Why is Kope obsessed with urine. No one else here even mention or talked about urine
Ibn Kamuna.
written by Reed Wilson , July 11, 2012
Yes my friend "Some readers just try to be rude to others". I think they think as if they were authors of the brand of religion.

Religion is to be followed. God is not goading you to proselytize and do salesmanship and resort to revile.

Cheers to all.
To Reed Wilson
written by Archpagan , July 13, 2012
Someone called Clement 'the Islam-watch Pastor and Clement grabbed it eagerly suffixing that words after his name. Now I wish to award the title 'Islam-watch sandbag' to you. Will you accept?
Islam-watch sandbag.
written by Reed Wilson , July 14, 2012
Archpagan. Clement is more generous. I dont deserve titles. Internet ghost was appreciated by friends and family. Jesus Christ was mistaken as ghost. He proved he was not.

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