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‘Islamic Civilization’ - The Biggest Lie Known to Mankind

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By Ali Hassan (Translated by Ibn Kammuna; Reviewed by Jon MC)

I can say with confidence that the only civilization attributed to religion is the so-called “Islamic civilization”. Other civilizations do not base themselves on religion. We do not hear about the “Christian civilization”, the “Jewish civilization” or the “Buddhist civilization”.

When I was a student in the Arab schools, I studied a curriculum module or unit called 'Islamic civilization' which was taught by a Salafist Imam. His whole curriculum was a biography of the Salafists “Ahlu Sunna” group; a group that wants to follow the works of Muhammad’s times and the early Muslims. All we studied was “so and so said...” and “the Shari’a tells us to do such and such...” the whole curricuum was designed for “Islamic brainwashing”. The instructor Imam never gave a smile in his lectures and taught topics that had no relation to civilization For me, this class was “the straw that broke the camel's back” and that led me to go and finish my studies in the lands of the heathens.

The class that I took with this Imam was no more than an insult to my intellect. The course was filled with mumbo jumbo about Islam along with some inherited beliefs about the Jews and the Persians.

Who is the genius who came up with the term "Islamic civilization"?


But wait for a minute ...!

Those who coined the term “Islamic civilization” speak about (at most) the seven centuries before the Ottoman Empire appeared on the world stage. We can’t speak about the “Turkish times” since that is the Turkish time and not the time of the Islamic civilization. I am talking about the seven centuries where the lands Muslims ruled were in their “golden age”.

Now, greater civilizations of the past left us witnesses to their accomplishments. The Romans did. So did the Greeks, the Mayas and the Chinese. The great Egyptian civilization of old left us the Pyramids – one of their witnesses to their accomplishments.

Where is the evidence for the Muslims civilization? Is it the Ummayyad Mosque in Damascus? This was no more than a Christian church that the Muslims took over and converted to a mosque, just to annoy the Christians and make their life as uncomfortable as possible.

The old civilizations had their greatest accomplishments in the proximity of their origins. For Muslims this is the Mecca and Medina areas. But there are no accomplishments there. All there is is a pre-Islamic black stone enclosed within a mud cube. There is nothing worth mentioning in Mecca or Medina. Even in other areas Muslims accomplished nothing. In the example of Spain, Muslims took over buildings by force from the original natives, and stayed there, unwelcome, until the natives had enough power to get rid of the Muslims. Had not the Muslims been kicked out of Spain, we would have today Kandahar instead of Marbella and Waziristan rather than Mallorca and Mogadesho instead of Barcelona.


How beautiful you are, my mind, when you are in the right environment!

Thanks to my studies in the lands of infidels, my mind had a healthy development and the ability to do critical thinking. In comparison, education in Muslim areas is just indoctrination.

An example of intellectual theft by Muslims is that they invented the concept of “zero” without which computers would not have been possible.

This is a lie, the concept of zero came from the Indians. The same applies to “Arabic” numerals that have their origins in Babylonia.

What Muslims like to teach and brag about are half-truths.

Muslims claim they translated the Greek works of Socrates, Arstotle, etc. and that without the Muslims' translations such origins of European civilization would have been lost.

This is not quite accurate.

True, the translations were made in lands dominated by Muslims, such as Iraq and the Levant. But it wasn’t the Muslims who did the translation. It was Assyrian Christians. At that time the Khalif was forgiving and did not follow Islam (philosophy and logic are considered heresy in Islam) but fortunately the Sultan was a heretic and allowed to these translations to be made.


The exact term is “Islamic primitivism”

The Islamic religion is an invasive Arab culture that seeks to destroy, and destroyed, the cultures of native peoples. The only reason that the Giza Pyramids in Egypt are still standing is that when Muslims took over Egypt and ruled over the native Copts the Muslims did not have knowledge about bombs and explosives at the time and so could not destroy them.

This was not the case with the giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, which are 2,500 years old. When Muslims learned to use explosives, they destroyed it while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is greatest). The civilized world watched their TVs in horror as this spectacle was taking place.

In India, three thousand Hindu temples were converted to mosques, and the consequences of such actions still exist today:

Natives of the Indian sub-continent lived together in harmony until The Muslims showed up on the scene and viciously converted temples into mosques.  Along with the Muslims, war came to India and this ultimately led to the division of India into  two states: one is the world's largest democracy (modern India) and the second is the world's largest shelter for Muslim terrorists (Pakistan).


Islam and Medicine

Nowadays one is nauseated and gets migraine (headache) from all that Islamic bragging about the contributions of Islam to Medicine during its “golden age”. This is nonsense.

During the Abbasid dynasty, The Khalif (Sultan) did not follow Islam. He was, rather, a good drinker of alcohol and spent his time attending to pretty maids.

In fact it was the apostacy of some Abbasid rulers that allowed translation of non-Islamic works, the development of knowledge and a movement to establish the rule of the intellect over Islam to thrive.

As for Medicine, it the Christian Assyrians who led the field. Muslims try to take credit for that to deceive the world. Some of those Christians were “Islamized” either through poverty or the sword. “Jizya” was a heavy tax and an Islamic protection racket. It is no wonder that some of those Christians were “Islamized”. In our days, this is seen as no more than a Mafia style operation. And, by the way, this is what is happening nowadays in Egypt. A Coptic boy may declare he is a Muslim to be able to marry a Muslim girl he loves. Later, he may regret what he did, but then it is too late. The court system will not allow him to go back to his Christian faith.


Forced Islamization of scientists

Muslims boast about Al-Razi (Persian), and Ibn Sina (Persian) and Al-Bironi (Persian), and  Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (Persian) and Al-Farabi (what is now Kazakhstan) and Al-Khuwarizmi (what is now Uzbekistan), and Al-Bukhari, Al-Tirmidhi, and Al-Sijistani, Bashar ibn Burd, Abu Nawas, Abu Hanifa, Taftazani, and Abu Faraj Isfahani, and Ibn Al-Roumi, and Ibn Bakhtaishou’, and Haneen ibn Ishaq, and Al-Rumi,  etc. .. etc. .. Muslims brag about those as if they were the cousins of Prophet Muhammad, or as if they were descendants of the Quraish tribe. Those people were not even Arabs. What happened is that the Arab Muslim invaders went into other societies, and did two things: One was destroy the culture and sciences of the natives, the second was to Islamize what they could by the sword (or the power of taxes through Jizya and other means). Do you get the picture?


To Summarize

The true inheritance of the lie called “Islamic Civilization” exists in one place and only in one place: The Qur’an. Nothing else is Islamic civilization. What the Muslims did is destroy other civilizations that existed before them. They, the Muslims, had the goal of erasing the original identity of such societies. They replaced man’s intellect with the Qur’an; a book that has stories about Christians and Jews in its first half and calls for cursing them, destroying them and killing them in the second half - in addition to elevating the status of Muhammad.

That is all that Islamic civilization contributed to the world. So, one cannot help but laugh when the words “Islamic Civilization” are mentioned.

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Islamic Civilisation?
written by Gnostic , May 28, 2013
There are in fact many islamic elements that are not very civilised.

Philosophy is not welcomed in islam, perhaps because muslims deny the human right to have ones own thoughts. Humans are definetely denied the right to have their own laws, any law must derive from the ancient books.

The result is an islamic society that lacks some characteristics of a civilisation. Honour killings are common as well as never ending revenge killings such as in Iraq and Syria. Muslims are sometimes killing doctors if they fail to heal.

Another characteristic of a civilisation is that there are achievements. Islamic achievements? Islam is indeed leading in terms of illiteracy, wife beating, cursing others, beheadings, chopping off hands and feet.

Islam is behind in Human Development, education and there are hardly any Noble Prize winners and in sports there are also not many muslims who ever won anything at the olympics.

If there is some success then in relatively moderate and secular islamic countries and not because of islam but in spite of islam.

written by vbv , May 28, 2013
This whole thing about "islamic civilisation" is plain bullshit. It is just arabian barbaric practices of destroying the real civilisations and imposing the uncouth barbaric diktats on brainwashed people. That is why any muslim would always say that before islam came the whole world was in a state of "jahilya" and islam and muslims came to enlighten the world. What a nauseating crap of a lie !! The reverse is actually true: islam and muslims take everybody to ignorance,superstition and absolute 'dark ages' - a deep hole where the power to think independently is lost and human beings are reduced to herds of mindless zombies ruled by cruel mullahs and dictators. Islam is anti-civilisation. It has nothing to do with civilisation but just promote arab supremacy and its accompanying uncouth barbarism.
You DO hear about the Judeo-Christian civilization, too.
written by JBD , May 28, 2013
The other great civilization that can credit its religious underpinnings is the Judeo-Christian civilization. It owes its basis to the secularism inherent in that religious tradition, mostly the Christian portion of it. The inherent recognition stems at least from Christ's remark about rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar and rendering unto God that which is God's.

A secular civilization with open inquiry is what led to the greatness of Western civilization beginning in the 11th century.

It's strong religious component gave it a solid moral compass but not restrictive laws governing personal behavior on a religious basis. Each man or woman could reach for God their own way satisfying one of mankind's greatest urges, spiritual comfort.

It's strong secular component led to innovations such as corporations, universities, guilds, merchants, and greatness without a drag anchor of rigid religious laws. As long as a person could find spiritual comfort their own imagination and ability was the only limit to a person's activities.

Note that Western civilization built on all that came before it. Other civilizations had all the pieces. Only the Western civilization put them all together with its love of inquiry and innovation. The biggest difference between it and other civilizations is the secular-religious structure. It's easy to conjecture a connection. Fjordman has put these pieces together very nicely in a series of essays worth finding and reading.

The Satan's Realm!
written by PCS , May 28, 2013
Islam is the Cult of the Devil! It propagates rule by the Devil,of the Devil's Laws & for the Devil's Slaves-Muslims.Anybody & everybody else has to either die or be a slave. The word 'Civilization' has no meaning in Islam. It is actually a "Destroyer of Civilizations". Islam is a truly 'Humanity-Phobic' ideology. To call it a religion is a sacrilege. It has nothing to do with spirituality, though it might want u or deceive u to believe that. Any Islamic Republic is in the true sense of the word-"A Satan's Realm".
written by Reed Wilson , May 28, 2013
Ibn Kammuna. I have no reason to disagree with you. Your article provokes thought. But there are people who dont bother.

I too dont buy the terms such as Islamic literature, Islamic architecture, Islamic scholar, Islamic history etc. So also like Jewish history and the like.

You already said 'coined'. It is product of mint of vested interests and they are clergies who thrive on religion and make it their loaf and butter. No religion has given space to clergies. They are rather condemned (Matthew 23)

Keep on doing good job friend. I pray for more power in your pen.
Doubts about Islamic Civilisation
written by Gnostic , May 29, 2013
There are, among others, some requirements for a civilisation islam does not really meet.

There is no civilisation possible without a state. Many muslims obviously do not recognize borders nor laws or social contracts because they are dreaming the dream of an islamic Disneyland.

I mean the islamic state never really worked. The first muslims were looting but this is not a sustainable economy.

Early muslim leaders also realized that many laws of quran and sunnah simply do not work in reality.

While the quran does not allow friendship with non-muslims, even early muslims realized that it is necessary to hire them, to trade with them and even to establish alliances with them.

They also needed to raise additional taxes not mentioned in the quran and to take interest.

It is really impossible to observe all islamic laws and thats the reason why an islamic civilization cannot exist.

Some will survive for some time by selling oil but I do not see any successful islamic civilisation not depending on oil,

Others such as Turkey are widely secularized.
you are right.
written by Samsung , May 29, 2013
I'm a Palestinian, the biggest and most dangerous lie of all history is the Islam Civilization. Muhammed was a sex addict, butcher, and a pathetic butcher. Islam is a cancerous disease, if it gets in your mind, it will be hard to get rid of.
Excellent Article
written by Worldpeace , May 29, 2013
Excellent article, wonderful comments, even from honourable RW.
excellent atricle
written by ben , May 29, 2013
excellent ! a must read !
authenticity of DNA tests rejected by Islamic scholars in Pakistan
written by AE , May 30, 2013
Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan today has rejected the authenticity of DNA tests in cases of rapes. The council which is a body of 20 religious scholars including some retired judges. Majority of these scholars belong to sunni (salfi) tribe of Islam. The Council in a press release said rape must only be proved in the sharia courts through ways and testimonies laid down by islamic scholars in the past. Sharia laws make it mendatory for a rape victim to produce two witnesses who had seen the act of penetration with their own eyes. Else she is held for the charges of being a rape victim and under other laws such as liable.
Small correction
written by Kaser , May 30, 2013
I would probably say that "IslamicCivilization" is the second biggest lie known to mankind.

The first lie, the absolute biggest lie, is to have been told the story of "creation/god/heaven/hell"

This is BY FAR the biggest lie.
And it's still being proagated to this day.

When will we humans truly get out of the dark ages...
The key question?
written by Gee em , May 30, 2013
How do we stop the Muslim and evil that is Islam?
Stopping Islam; take example from world war 2
written by Infidel and MP , June 01, 2013
2 Bombs stopped world war two.
Same will work for Islam, simples.
written by Elena , June 01, 2013
Islam is a giant leech on the universe. They are like the Star Trek enemy, the Borg -- it's all take and take and no give back. Resistance is futile, yet we will resist anyhow.
written by Elena , June 01, 2013
Islam is a giant leech on the universe. They are like the Star Trek enemy, the Borg -- it's all take and take and no give back. Resistance is futile, yet we will resist anyhow.
How to defeat Islam?
written by Ibn_ Kammuna , June 01, 2013
It is not one man's job. Yet, the solution is simple, but will take time. Every one of us has a duty, moral duty that is, to tell the truth about Islam when there is a chance. Truth is powerful. But we need to study the facts about Islam from the Qur'an, Hadith and Sirat. We need to learn Muhammad and his life. All we need is t tell the truth when there is a chance. We can say it kindly that Muhammad was a pedophile, and here is why (you need to have the evidence from Islamic surces). We can say Muhammad was a despicable thug, thief and looter. We can say Muhammad was an assassin and a rapist. We just need to know the evidence from Islam's history. Islam will be defeated. All of human history is an endeavor toward the truth. This, also, applies to Islam. All of us and every one of us has a moral duty to tell the truth about Islam and about Muhammad. Islamic teaching are horrible..beating women..Jizya...polygamy..Taqiyya..etc. We just need to stand for the truth when one can.
Peace, we all need it inside and out
Ibn_ Kammuna ,
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 01, 2013

You said it much better than I could (even though I drafted a response). Lets take for example the Scientology "church", now today there not very many people who become devotees in it simply because the public has been very good educated about it. And this is the avenue we all should proceed on. I see my contributions here as one of such a endeavor, even though sometimes I get the notion I'm preaching to the choir if you catch my drift.. :-)
Europe's meltdown
written by Yibel , June 03, 2013
Muslims rioted in Sweden for a week, burning cars and attacking police. This is just the latest in an unremitting Islamic campaign, a continent-wide jihad initiative leaving death and destruction in its wake. And it isn’t just in Sweden. It’s in France as well, where there have been periodic Muslim riots, featuring the same car-burnings, screams of “Allahu akbar,” and attacks on police.

Last year, Belgium was shaken by a Ramadan crime wave, with threats of jihad grenade attacks on public buildings. A devout Muslim called for the murder of members of a pro-freedom political party in Germany. In Italy recently, a jihadist was arrested in Rome and there were police raids in Milan, Palermo, Cagliari, Cuneo, and Salerno. But Muslims nonetheless are violently rioting and attacking non-Muslims in that country. In Spain, a jihadi plotted to poison the tourist water supply. A jihadi trio was arrested “in possession of explosives and poison.” The EU is getting swallowed whole.

Mass Muslim immigration is the problem. And it's coming to the US and Canada. Recently, at a Los Angeles rally, Muslims chanted “Long live Hitler” and “Put Jews in ovens.” The Boston bombing and the attempted blowing up of a Canadian train are just recent events in a long string of thwarted terrorist attempts since 9/11. breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/05/31/europe-meltdown-cautionary-tale

We need to stop immigration and start monitoring mosques. We need to stop giving out student visas and stop giving money and weapons to Islamic countries. We need to get out of the UN - And just say NO to more "refugees" We need to deport undocumented (illegal) aliens. And we need to start doing these things YESTERDAY!
An attack on Freedom of Speech
written by Yibel , June 03, 2013
Obama's DoJ says "anti-Muslim" speech can be punished using federal civil rights laws. Bill Killian, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, is reportedly vowing to use federal civil rights statutes to clamp down on "offensive and inflammatory speech" about Islam according to the Tullahoma News.

So far, the Department of Justice has not responded to questions about what guidelines it draws concerning offensive speech and Islam, or whether the department believes that civil rights statutes could be used to stifle criticism of Islam.

The conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has accused the Obama administration of using federal law to specifically protect Muslims from criticism.
"In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights," the group wrote in a blog post.

"Anti-Muslim" speech almost certainly includes truthful expositions of how jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. And so that means not only that this Justice Department initiative is an egregious violation of the First Amendment, but also that it is furthering the willful ignorance about the jihad threat that renders us all less safe.
written by Kaser , June 04, 2013
Would not worry too much about this.
Just read from the Quran at any able-bodied person and Islam's vile passages are obvious.
Hard pressed to find a judge that would condemn anybody from reciting passages from any book.
Especially from a book claiming to be from god itself.

Also, fanatic christians, evangelists, god-fearing preachers and other non-Muslim religious extremists DO NOT want Islam to be criticized, dissected and neutered. Because if they allow one religion to be dissected and castrated, THEIR religion could be next.

And they don't want that.
What, me worry
written by Yibel , June 04, 2013
Kaser, this is a bit long, but worth watching. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is the secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). In this video, he explains how criticizing Islam is abuse of freedom of speech and must be suppressed. No doubt US Attorney Bill Killian would agree!
written by Reed Wilson , June 04, 2013

To AE. You write "authenticity of DNA tests rejected by Islamic scholars in Pakistan".

Your concern is genuine. What 'Islamic scholars' have to do with rape when there is no mention of rape in Quran? ,
cut the nonsense “reed wilson” !
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 05, 2013

So you say “rape” is NOT real, because you make-believe fairytale book does not speak about it?

It only proves that the allah/MuahamMAD combo did not know anything!

Tell EVERY woman who got RAPED ( and I do not give a figs leaf WHERE it happened) that she just had unvoluntary sex with a person she really DID NOT want to have it with. Tell every under-age girl that got RAPED that in Islams holey book this crime is not real.

You claimed to be nearly 80 years, shall one assume that you reached this age and now are such a DEMENTED person who will claim some crimes never take place because his fairytale does not address the issue? Or worse yet YOUR DEMENTED profeet did not want to MAKE RAPE A crime, so he did not CALL it such?
Rape is divinely sanctioned under Islamic law
written by Yibel , June 05, 2013
MUhammed told his followers that the earth and everything on it belonged to Allah since everybody but Muhammedans were infidels or kuffars (non-believers), Allah has awarded kuffar lands, property, women and children to the true believers, the Muslims. This provides the justification for divinely approved criminality of every kind.

Muhammed (Allah's perfect pattern of conduct - Qur'an 33:21) led the way by raiding caravans and attacking peaceful towns and raping the captured women. He soon attracted an eager band of followers wanting to follow his example. This tradition of Allah giving the Muhammedans permission take whatever they like from the infidel kuffar (non-believers) continues to the present day.

Murder, rape, theft, fraud, child prostitution, etc. are not viewed as crimes when committed against non-believers. Predatory attacks on the infidels are OK, and have Allah's blessing when they are carried out as part of the Global Jihad. Islam is an international criminal conspiracy.
written by Kaser , June 05, 2013
Thanks for the link.
This attempt to establish a world-wide blasphemy law needs to be kept in check indeed.

But I see it like this: how weak must Islam be in the eyes of it's followers to bring them to try and pass such laws...
written by youcancallmeV , June 05, 2013
This world wide blasphemy law breaches two articles of human rights...
Freedom of speech (A:19) and freedom of thought conscience and religion(A:18).....
Islam and Islamic countries breach human rights with alarming regularity and in the most brutal of ways.
Update on Department of Justice meeting
written by Yibel , June 07, 2013
First Amendment loving, free speech supporting patriots turned out en masse in small town Manchester, Tenn. Tuesday night (June 5) to protest the upcoming DOJ stance that Muslim bashing on social media may lead to federal civil rights charges.
Conservative activist Pamela Geller was among the 600-800 protesters who filled the conference room, according to Bill Hobbs who live tweeted from the event.

The American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee sponsored the event, called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society,” which featured the top two U.S. Department of Justice officials in the state, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Bill Killian, and the special agent in charge of the state’s FBI office, Kenneth Moore.

The DOJ officials discussed the fact that not all American Muslims are terrorists and those who trash Muslims on social media may be violating civil rights. You can read more here from BizPac Review’s, “DOJ warns Muslim bashing on social media may be federal offense.” more at:
written by youcancallmeV , June 07, 2013
fundie/conservative Christianity is equally as threatened as radical Islam, these guys love the conflict....
They'll both try to screw your 1st Amendment and civil liberties.

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