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Indonesian Ulema Council and Militant Group Threaten to Exterminate Pakistani Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat's Family & Children

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imran-firasat-family-childrenAnd the Spanish police blamed him for his problems and adviced him to make peace with the Islamists…

Brave Pakistani ex-Muslim Firasar Imran – who petitioned to the Spanish government for banning the Quran for its violent and totalitarian ideology and has received many death-threats himself – has now received a letter from the "Ulema Majelis of Indonesia" (Ulema Council Indonesia) and a radical Islamist group, threatening to annihilate his family living in Indonesia. Shown below is threatening email:


This letter from the nationally respected Ulema Council was followed by another from an Indonesian Islamist group, "Front Pembela Islam" (Islamic Defenders Front), also threatening to kill Firasat's children in Indonesia:


The Islamic Defenders Front has been involved in numerous incidents of violence and murder of Christians and Ahmadi Muslims, as well as attack and vandalism of their places of worship.


It should be noted that Imran Firasat is married to an Indonesian woman, and his family and children live in that country.

Imran is used to threats of violence and murder from Muslims. But this time, with threats to massacre his vulnerable family and children living in Indonesia from a extremely violent and dangerous militant Islamist group, egged on by the respected Ulema Council of Indonesia, he went to the Spanish police in Madrid on May 13 to lodge a complaint. But the police treated him dismissively, refusing to take in complaint and reminded him of lodging complaints in the past too. Police officers blamed him for the threats against his family and children by going against the Islamists. Only when he pleaded that this time the threats were against his vulnerable children living in Indonesia and threatened to report the case to the interior ministry, the police reluctantly filed the complaints, but without mentioning the letters of threat against his family and children. And despite taking in the complaint, the Spanish authorities have done nothing of note, when the threats of massacring his family in Indonesia come from well-known Islamic organizations there.

When he asked for protection, police officers blamed himself for the mess in his life by messing up with the Islamists. When insisted on a solution to ensure the safety of himself and my family, officers said: "Remove your website and stick with the Islamists."

Officers also told him not to come any more for lodging further complaints on the issue, advising him deal with his mess with the Islamists by himself.

It may be mentioned that Imran Firasat's petition to ban the Quran has been accepted for review by the Spanish Parliament.

And despite the threats and these setbacks, says Imran,

"No matter what I will continue fighting until everyone is free of Islam. I can not convince anyone to join but no one can force me to leave my battle for awakening the world about the dangers of Islam and Islamism’s growing threats against the Western world."

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M a khan
written by Abc , June 01, 2012
Maybe you can get Imran to move to Australia?
Dan, khan and Imran. Sounds like a creepy house in neighbours!

Abc … Hey,Mr Humanity
written by fineliving56 , June 01, 2012
What? …. nothing ? ….. you have no words of compassion for the killing the whole the family because the son left Islam ? .. the whole family ? … Mr Humanity !!

Muslim soft heart Muslim, Nothing comes from you except .sarcastic stupid remarks … Shame on you Muslim !!!

Not only you are embarrassing your self… you are embarrassing all humen race for that post you posted …. Muslim !!!

These Muslims are still humen who choose to leave Islam and their innocent family have nothing to do it … and that what only come up with ? !!! … by making a joke of it ,

When you do that you are condoning the murder and the threat of Murder of that family

You make me sick Abc … you make me sick !!!!!!!!
written by vbv , June 01, 2012
abc is a typical muslim,zombified and inhumane. Maybe he should wear a suicide belt and blow himself up to go to Allah's brothel with its 72 whores. Hahahahahahahaha!
written by Abc , June 01, 2012
here we go again. Someone get fineliving a humour transplant.
Taking the selective moral high ground again fineliving.
Some things are so obvious that you shouldn't have to say.
Of course it is wrong to threaten the man or his family regarding his beliefs.
Im hoping khan found the post funny!
Advice for suicide bombers
written by Guy Macher , June 01, 2012
To avoid the embarrassment of a bomb failure among filthy kafirs, it is advisable to test the device at a local mosque on Friday. Allah will protect the innocent Muslims!
written by Dwito , June 01, 2012
Of course it is wrong to threaten the man or his family regarding his beliefs.
Im hoping khan found the post funny!

Khan may, but we are perplexed!! Did Allah do the mistake then? But we knew He is all knowing!! wrong knowledge?
Some things are so obvious that you shouldn't have to say.
Soliloquy? I presume.

Taking the selective moral high ground again fineliving.

Unexpected complements! Thanks!

here we go again. Someone get fineliving a humour transplant

Why to call someone?? the biggest doctor is here, it's you sir.
written by Editor, M A Khan , June 01, 2012
Muslims are supposed to kill Imran for living Islam. To save life, Imran fled to Indonesia, where he wrote some songs criticising Islam, and Islamists there were after his life. He fled to Spain, and then they tried to frame a murder case against him, so that he can be brought to Indonesia and punished. But Spanish police investigated and cleared him. Now ABC wants him run again.

Well, perfectly Islamic!!! Can't complain.
Firasat the hero
written by Abc , June 01, 2012
Read all about Imran.
A true islamophobic hero:

written by Dwito , June 01, 2012
Oh! What a source of info! more reliable than Quran, indeed!!
Dumb and Dumber
written by Isha Merdeka , June 01, 2012
Spanish Police have detained a Pakistani man accused of stabbing a man to death in Indonesia and then chopping his body into pieces, the interior ministry said on Thursday.

Police arrested the 32-year-old father of two as he was about to enter a metro station in central Madrid, it said in a statement.

They identified him only by his initials but Spanish media gave his name as Imran Firasat Sulaeman, who in 2006 was given permission to live in Spain on humanitarian grounds after claiming he faced the death penalty in Pakistan for marrying a non-Muslim and criticising Islam.

Indonesian authorities had issued an international arrest warrant for his arrest following a kidnap-murder in Karawang, about 60 kilometers east of Jakarta, in June 2010.

Sulaeman and his wife are accused of contacting the victim with the pretext of hiring him to create a web page, and then kidnapping him for ransom, the interior ministry said.

“The crime culminated in a lethal knife stabbing and then dismemberment, with different parts of the body placed in bags and suitcases within refrigerators and then dispersed around Karawang,” it said.

Sulaeman’s Indonesian wife Jenny Setiawan, a Buddhist, was arrested in Indonesia over her suspected involvement in the murder but he returned to Spain at the end of September.........

November 26, 2010

written by Isha Merdeka , June 01, 2012
And two e-mail is also not possible from the MUI or FPI, it could be a conspiracy of accomplices FFI

imran is innocent
written by davidspain , June 01, 2012
what you find in indonesian website about imran firasat that he murdered someone was actually an islamic conspiracy against imran as he is an enemey of islam and islam sayd kill those who oppose.

if you wnat to know the truth and be assure about imran´s innocence, then read the following story:


blaming is easy, proving is difficult. when Spain asked Indonesian authorities to come to spain for prosecuting him, they did nt appear and never produced any rpoof. its not the first time that muslims try to frame someone falsely. it is the muslim tradition and strategy to eliminate those who go against islam.

written by pipo , June 01, 2012

You're as corrupt as your creed...zero credibility, zero integrity
written by ABc , June 01, 2012
Im just holding a mirror up. If you don't like what you see then so something about it.
written by Rastus , June 01, 2012
Islam IS the religion of "piece", and if you disagree, you will end up in pieces.
murder accusation against Imran
written by Editor, M A Khan , June 01, 2012
Indonesia is a country where Christians and Ahmadiyas live in constant terrors, who are murder by Islamic mobs frequently, and rarely anybody is duly punished for that.

So, a country where militant Islamic zealots holds the street, an accusation of murder against an ex-Muslim must be taken with due scepticism. And in Imran case, the Spanish police not only thoroughly investigated and duly cleared him and his wife of the charge, but the Indonesian authority also had all the opportunities and tried their best, but failed to produce any incriminating evidence against the couple whatsoever. The Spanish police repeatedly asked the Indonesia authority to produce their evidence, but they never bothered to respond.

A life sentenced for criticizing Islam

06 NOV 2011 | Raquel Cespedes


Firasat Imran, Pakistan's 33, has been attacked and harassed for expressing publicly their opposition to the Islamic religion.

Fear has defined its past nine years. Has been threatened, mutilation, humiliation, shame and courage cost him to prison. Despite suffering permanent conviction, Firasat Imran has not been intimidated and continues today to fight for their cause, notice of the atrocities, he said, Islam preaches.

The Pakistani national was up to 26 years a staunch believer in the Islamic doctrine, but when he fell in love with his current wife, Buddhist religion gave him aside. Also his family, friends and society in Pakistan. The law in Pakistan (94% of the population is Muslim) prohibits, under pain of death, the marriage of couples of different religions. "When I realized that my religion did not understand love, I began to question the meaning of my faith, "she told The Gazette.

An agent with a knife amputated a phalanx of left thumb and his wife was raped by police Despite being rejected and reviled by their relationship, Imran and his wife, Jenny Setiwan, fought against the intolerance of his surroundings and decided to continue together. His disobedience cost them more pain. In 2004, Pakistani authorities were subjected to brutal interrogations. In one, an officer with a knife amputated a phalanx of left thumb and his wife was raped by the police. After paying a large amount of money as a deposit, Imran decided to flee the country to safeguard his wife and son.

After a tortuous journey through various shelters in Germany in 2004 made ​​landfall in Spain, in Santander. The couple tried to rebuild their lives. They settled in the city of Cantabria, had two more children and began proceedings to which they were granted the status of political refugees. The Charter of Liberties of the European Constitution contemplates that one of the reasons why You can ask the permission of residence, where it is shown that the transfer to their home country may cause a safety hazard. Finally, I was awarded that degree in 2006.

They were free, left behind years of persecution, torture, insults and aggressions. Years feeling like a stateless, all for your opposition to Islam. This impotence led him to create a blog in which he expresses his dissatisfaction with the old belief that in his opinion, encourages the violation of human rights. The impact of his views attracted the attention of the press in the region, but also the Muslim community. "Criticizing Islam is dangerous," said imperturbably, without changing her expression throughout the conversation. The speaker on the net cost continuous death threats and even physical assaults. "Criticizing Islam is dangerous"

Fearing for the integrity of his wife and two children decided to leave Spain for a season and fled to Indonesia. While in the Asian country, Imran did not stop his anti-Islamic campaign in the network and on the street. "When I hear that an Islamic terrorist has been slain and caused dozens of deaths, when I see that a person has been arrested in Egypt for criticizing Islam or someone has been killed for denouncing the evils of this doctrine, I can not suppress my intolerance this religion, "says blunt, staring and this time, his expression changed.

Imran says Agran received support from Indonesian society and that did not please the authorities.
Indonesia is the country with more Muslims in the world. Continuously closed his blog and the nightmare repeated again. Threats, assaults, robberies at home. But that does not silenced its critics. In 2010, the police arrested him without charge after. The judicial system in this country, nothing guarantees and very corrupt, allowing for unlimited detention, although there were no objections. "I had to bribe the authorities to achieve freedom," says Imran.

Three long months of conviction and the Jakarta authorities provided no incriminating evidence against him On July 7, 2010 was deported to Spain . Without his wife and children, Imran returned to the country they fled under threat. I had to rebuild their lives again, and get enough money to bring his family, the only ones who have never left. But with little time to assimilate the new challenge is raised, the Jakarta police made ​​an international arrest warrant for kidnapping, murder and dismemberment, condemned the death penalty , which he also accused his wife.

Due to their status as political refugee National Court denied his extradition. The judge in the case, Santiago Pedraz, urged the Indonesian authorities to provide evidence that incriminated Imran and opened the option that the trial be held in Spain.

Waiting for reply, Imran spent three months in prison of Soto del Real (Madrid) and his wife was imprisoned in Indonesia nine months. The time spent behind bars and the Jakarta authorities provided no incriminating evidence against him. "There is no evidence. Indonesia wants to punish me for my criticism of Islam, but as in Spain it is not a crime of the murder are invented for me to apply myself and there extradite its own doom, death" sentence outraged.

The case has been filed and his wife was released. "I was lucky," agrees. It is surprising that someone who has faced adversity such claims to be a graceful. "Spain is a democratic country and has been shown that I am not a criminal, but if I had been in Iraq or Pakistan Afgansitán, I would be killed."

The press that one day he gave his gallery wrapped and to express its particular vision of Islam, was nicknamed the 'Ripper's Kebab'. Justice has expulpado, now wants the company will too. His ordeal did not end with the murder charge, but added allegations of fraud and theft brought by managers who disapproved of his role as anti-Islam preacher.

Even today still receives threats and feels persecuted. "I have police protection because I fear for my life," he says. Imran has suffered the scorn of their faith, religion was the pretext used to inflict and condemn as a criminal.

With a deep voice, but no less emphatic, says will not fail to write and publicize their particular vision of Islam. "For me, Muhammad is a prophet. A prophet speaks of spiritual things, not jihad (holy war) and murder." He is convinced that hatred is the plague of ensañanza in mosques. "In these places you talk about revenge, it is said that non-Muslims are worse than dogs and so we must kill them."

Imran has a wish. Yes, you still have the strength to dream. "I bring my family to Spain," he says smiling.

Violent Verses of Islam

Firasat Imran wrote 'The Quran, the guidance of the Jihad. Violent Verses ", which shelled the warring parts of the Muslim holy book. "For me, Muhammad is a prophet. A prophet speaks of spiritual things, not jihad (holy war) and murdering " he explains.

Verse 2 "At Bacra" Chapter 191. "Kill them wherever you find them and out from where they drove you out. Challenging your belief is worse than killing"

Verse 2. Chapter 216 "You are required to participate in the war"

Chapter 56 verse 4. "Those who disbelieve in our verses are cast into the fire. Whenever you eat the skin they are roasted, to know the punishment. Allah is Exalted"
Mr. Khan, editor.
written by Dwito , June 01, 2012
Sir, this could make a whole new topic.
To Abc
written by Archpagan , June 02, 2012
You said M.K Gandhi is respected all over the world. He said people resort to violence when they are on weak moral ground. Now see, how aptly it describes Islam, its founder and followers.
written by Abc , June 02, 2012
""I wanted to know the best of one who holds today's undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind....I became more than convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet, the scrupulous regard for his pledges, his intense devotion to this friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the 2nd volume (of the Prophet's biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of the great life."

These are the words of Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi!
Inspired by the prophet muhammed (pbuh)
Ghandi simply as Dhimmi!
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 02, 2012
Gandhi is just smearing honey to the lips of Muslims. And it worked! I lost "respect" for this man when it surfaced how much he was supporting Islam, and the same crime committed by Muslims or Christians would receive a different judgment by him.
Besides Islam spread outside of the Arabian Hell-hole AFTER the death of the lice-ridden profeet. And in this "conquest" the sword played a BIG role. One has just to remember that in its TRULY peaceful time Islam's founder was unable to get the support of a LARGE following, faced with the sword it became another matter entirely.


the very first paragraph:

Conquest of Arabia

Map detailing the route of Khalid ibn Walid's conquest of Arabia.
After the death of Muhammad, many powerful Arab tribes broke away in open revolt against the rule of Medina. Caliph Abu Bakr sent his armies to counter the rebels and apostates.[33] Khalid was one of Abu Bakr’s main advisers and an architect of the strategic planning of the Riddah wars. He was given the command over the strongest Muslim army and was sent towards central Arabia, the most strategically sensitive area where the most powerful rebel tribes resided. The region was closest to the Muslim stronghold of Medina and was the greatest threat to the city. Khalid first set out for the rebel tribes of Tayy and Jalida, where Adi ibn Hatim—a prominent companion of Muhammad, and a chieftain of the Tayy tribe—arbitrated, and the tribes submitted to the Caliphate.[34]
Quote End]

Gandhi turns out be a Dhimmi par excellence!

What a great "religion/society" NOT! Islam is is being shown in this case again. Even if the accused was guilty of the crime of killing someone, this does not give OTHERS to treaten to KILL his wife and children. Many people abhor the thought of punishing another person simply because of asosiacation. And make no mistake, it comes easy to certain Muslims to kill innocent lives, even over a small thing of burning "some book" called the holey book of Islam.

But what saddens me with no end, if this case in Spain were involving a MUSLIM, who received treats to his life and family, not only could he most likely get police protection, but also for his wife. These people see the mess Islam is, but at this point in time are unwilling to help to prevent the crime.
written by Metal.edan , June 02, 2012
Dear all,

I think since fpi emerges in indonesia...the minority also government are afraid. I am not optimis tge goverment concern the minority. Indonesia government is still busy to corrupt and prepare the election 2014.

Save indonesia from radicalist islam

To Editor M.A. Khan and Isha Merdica
written by fineliving56 , June 02, 2012
Thank you …. for bringing the truth about Imran and posted the translation of the article of the real story of Imran .. not what *hear- say*, Isha Merdica brought forward … it saved me a lot of web search .

To Isha Mirdica … the Muslim

Now … who is … dump and dumber and red faced …Isha ??? … Please investigate before you accuse people of wrongs …

You say he cut up a man in pieces ?? … how could you ??

It is so clear you and Muslims like you, are so easy to believe an ex Muslim would do such heinous thing … and do you know why ? .

Because believing this about ex Muslims makes you say to your self '' All is good … Islam is good … only the criminals and killers leave Islam and they left because they are bad " …

You say that to your self, so you can stomach the ability to stay as Muslim and the same time have no conflict inside your soul …

Isha… You Know and I know and the whole world know by now , Muslims are violent because Quran dictates it and allows it … and people who leave Islam , they are the ones who could not stomach such things in Quran …

It is a matter of mental survival …

I do not Know if you know this … but I am one of those ex Muslimahs and I like to say to you … the only time I felt OK to be a humen being is when I left Islam …EVER
written by Abc , June 02, 2012
Talk about hypocritical!
You of all people are telling people to investigate whether something was true or not.
What was quoted was from an Indonesian news paper. Like mr khan told me "if you have a problem then take it up with them". I suggest you do the same.
Sure it's easy to believe that ex Muslims hate Muslims. You just have to conversate with khan, or see what they saying at ffi. So don't talk like yours don't stink.
There is no conflict in the soul. You are just a bunch of lost folks. Discraced in this
world and the next.
Yeah we know all about you: deaf, dumb and blind flailing in the dark!
Proud k
written by abc , June 02, 2012
The more you write the more you amuse.
Ghandi was a dhimmi? Dhimmi to which empire?
Wtf are you on about??
Gandhi was wrong
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 03, 2012
ABC the amusement would be entirely on my side if Islam had not the violent side to it. After all some of its "theology" is just plain foolish and clearly wrong. No need to try to build up another "smoke-screen" using Gandhi here. Even if I used the wrong word this in no way releases Islam from the VIOLENCE its breeds. So it is no wonder that critics of Islams or people who reject it are being hounded...

And maybe just maybe you should read the whole portion of my above post, and not the "title"... And I meant to say "Gandhi would be a prime example for a Dhimmi.."
Proud k
written by Abc , June 03, 2012
This is what you wrote in your first post:
"Gandhi turns out be a Dhimmi par excellence!"

And you now claim you wanted to write:
"Gandhi would be a prime example for a Dhimmi.."

Do you even have an opinion.
Squirm to the left and if that fails them squirm to the right.
written by fineliving56 , June 03, 2012
Common …really ?

Ex muslims hate Muslims ??? ……Don't you mean the reverse ???

Isn't...the Muslims who hate ex Muslims … Isn't more like despise to point of want to eliminate ???

When is the last time you heard of an ex Muslim killed a Muslim because he is a Muslim ??? …Huh …

you know and we all know,perfectly well that we only hear reports of many … many Muslims try or kill ex Muslims, … these are every events because their hate for ex Muslims …and the reson is, they left Islam

Muslims do that to ex Muslims because they are fallowing the dictation of Quran and the inventor of Quran, Muhammad the pedophile .

BTW … You wrote Discraced !! what is Discraced ? … I thought English is your first languish ?

Do you mean disgraced? … if you do!! ...you have no room to say anything about that …

A Muslim man like you who thinks another man [ Muhammad] is a **perfect** man when that Muslim, know Muhammad, was sexually aroused by a child girl and there for raped that child girl under the excuse of marriage is a DISGRACED MAN .

To Abc
written by Archpagan , June 03, 2012
Gandhiji knew neither Arabic nor Persian. His knowledge of Mo was limited to some hagiography in Hindi authored by Mullahas. Above all, Gandhi was a philosopher saint, who was a dismal failure in politics. India got independence in 1947 not due to Gandhi. Many Asian and African countries attained independence around that time without having any Gandhi. He tried his level best to ingratiate himself to Indian Muslims, so that, he can become leader of all Indians, Hindus and Muslims alike. His achievement in this direction is a big ZERO.

In general, Hindus have widespread misconception about Mo and his religion until Islam was exposed and demystified by great writers e.g. Dr Ram Swarup, Sita Ram Goel and Nobel Laureate V S Naipaul.
written by Abc , June 04, 2012
Naipaul is a Hindu fundamentalist and a bjp supporter.
What do you think he is going to say???
Islam Must be Removed
written by Cappy , June 04, 2012
Islam must be removed from civilized society.
Hi I'm the wife of murdered victim by Imran
written by Imran's victime murdered , June 05, 2012
My name is Selvi Magdalena, im CHRISTIAN.
Imran killed my husband Victor Rizki on june 2010 and he fleed to Spain after that.

All what he talked on media about how he suffered because Islam , all are bulshit.

Because he met his wife in japan, there was no authorities who killed his family or threated his family likes he told in media ( those said by his wife in Justice).
But the fact that he killed my husband is the truth.

Indonesian authorities searched him and want to arrest him because he mutilated my husband.

He always said that he hate moslem ppl but why he killed my husband whose not moslem and he killed my husband on my daughter just celebrated her first birthday.

He wrote the petition to the Spain gouvernment and used media only to make ppl forget about all his criminal act !!!!!

To all the ppl, plz help me find justice for my husband and my family!!!!!!

Thank you

written by Abc , June 05, 2012
I hope you get justice.
I wouldn't count on any help from the bigots that post here.
They will just repeat imrans lies because it suits their hate agenda!
written by Abc , June 05, 2012
Imran is being supported by some Christians in Spain. Maybe you can appeal to their good nature to see if they can help you.
written by Abc , June 05, 2012
"Abc … Hey,Mr Humanity
written by fineliving56 , June 01, 2012 "

Anything to add to your sanctimonious diatribe?
only stoned-gawd allah is allowed to change his/her opinion?
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 05, 2012
Even though YOU never state CLEARLY if YOU are all for the enforcement of Shariah all over the world, yet YOU DEMAND that others are 100 percent clear each and every time they post here on any topic.

I'll clarify my stance on people like Gandhi. First of all humans have the freedom to CHANGE their opinion if they get new information about a certain topic. Consider my previous statements as "abrogated" because I got something better now. If your "stoned-gawd" allah can change his words why not we mere humans? Do you hold us to a higher standard then your gawd? That Allah abrogated a significant portions of his former "revelations" does not bother you a bit? allah abrogated his command that one man should marry only ONE wife, and Jesus confirmed it, yet your lice-ridden profeet stated that up to 4 wifes a man can marry concurrently if he has the means to do so? You jump on any small errors people make here yet you believe a very sick and demented person to be the BEST example to follow and defend him to the last?

If allah abrogated the OT and the New Testament why could he not do the same with the kooraan? There is almost no indication in the OT that when the Jewish Messiah comes, that he will bring a new word of Jehovah (the name given to this deity) a name NEVER once mentioned in the kooraan. Much less did Jesus give a hint that somebody after him will come with a "new word" or revelation, yet your MohamMAD claimed that he brought the "last" truth? Well how can you Muslims be so darn sure that allah does NOT change his mind and abrogates the kooran? If one "holey book" in the world needed abrogation than it would be this one. But hey this is another subject and do NOT get me going in that one!
the last time about "Gandhi"
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 05, 2012
First you agree with me that in Islam society there are people of second class status called "Dhimmis". Now to me (and this is the new insight I got lately) the worse case of submission to ISLAM is done by these who do NOT live under Islamic rule and not FORCED to do so (as Gandhi did not live in a Islamic state) and yet they SUBMIT on their own to Islam. Gandhi praised Islam, therefore in this point he was WORSE than a Dhimmi, because HE could REJECT Islam just es well as he rejected Christianity.
he said something like "I would be a Christian if there were only Jesus Christ and not Christianity"

Anybody in the past or today who agrees with Islam or helps to accomplish its goals is a "Dhimmi" for me. That is my stance on this point. Yet this just a minor issue, if one believes the hadiths then MuhamMAD must have thought that humans who are dead are some sort of zombies... he could hear them screaming in the grave, while others COULD not, contrary to what he said!

So the "Islamic Scholars" all agree that this teaching of the "punishment in the grave" is sound and solid. And if one uses the brain it is clear that these "dead" people are some sort of zombies (at least for certain amount of time).
Now if you believe MohamMAD who indicted this, do you believe dead people are zombies, and be clear on that point just like you demand others to be clear on some minor issues.
Muslim side trakings
written by fineliving56 , June 05, 2012
No answer for the Question I asked !?

When counter answer does not come foreword from Muslims to our questions ...instead, just we get random words designed to demean .. that will be taken as '' Muslims can not deny ''

so .. the answer to my question would be '' yes we hardly hear of news of any ex Muslims killing Muslims but we hear of news of every day killings and beheading Muslims on ex Muslims .
written by Abc , June 06, 2012
Got no comments for selvi, oh great humanist?
Keep doing your job of appeasing whilst all the while claiming your innocence.
Muslim Abc
written by fineliving56 , June 08, 2012
I am glad I did not comment in answer to your joke of a post …before the new Article where clearly stats your Selvi is not the same Salvi …

An impostor lives is France who is posting as salvi …your Salvi ??!! … Who turn out to be the joke …huh ?

You know who is the bias ? … it is no I !!! … it is you !!!

My main thing here is to present the truth even when it some times it serve the cause of islam instead of against it ….

for example … my post was clear on the issue of ablution in burying the dead in Islam ….i was agaist of the idea that Muhammad was inviting a man to sleep with his dead doughtier's body and I explained why it is not possible

And the issue of sleeping with Muslim dead wives in the first 6 hours after death, I explained how I have never seen or heard of anything like that while I lived and raised in an Islamic country like syria ….

what would have prevented me from just agreeing with the charge? … nothing …

I had enough with lies being raised as a Muslim….. lies Islam is all about .. so leaving it is all about finding the truth and leave lies behind .

I am sick of lies

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