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Tarnishing Imran Firasat: How Muslims Lie?

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Apparently a Muslim, living in France, pretends to be the wife of the Indonesian murder victim, in whose case ex-Muslim Imran Firasat was implicated by Indonesian authority, and makes claims as if she saw Imran kidnapping her husband or have decisive evidence against Imran...

Muslims are divinely sanctioned by their religion to lie to get things done in the interest of Islam.

Take the case of Imran Firasat. He left Islam, and now even criticizes it and seeks its demise. It is Muslims' sacred duty, as per the Quran, to kill Imran simply for leaving Islam. After all, Muhammad also killed each of his disciples, who had left Islam in Muhammad's life time. Given Imran has also started a campaign to discredit Islam, spilling Imran’s blood is the most sacred duty to the world’s 1.5 Muslims.

While living in Indonesia with his Buddhist wife, Imran even started writing songs that discredited Islam. So the state of Indonesia, one of the world deadliest places for non-Muslims to live in, has tried its best to annihilate Imran by framing him into a kidnap and murder case, so that they could hang him to death. And funny enough, they tried to implicate him into the murder case after willingly deporting him from Indonesia. And Imran was lucky enough to land in Spain. Meanwhile, Spain had given him asylum.

When they tried to frame him into the murder case, and asked to hand him over, the Spanish authority smelled something fishy in the case. Spanish detectives launched its own investigation before complying with the Indonesian request. And when it found no credible evidence to link the murder to Imran, it asked the Indonesian authority to present its evidence in a Spain court, so that they could review them before handing Imran over to the Indonesian authority. Despite repeated requests, the Indonesian government did not send its law enforcement officials to present the evidence they have against Imran. Eventually, Imran was cleared of the allegations by the Spanish court. Readers may read more on Imran's acquittal case here.

But Muslims won't and can't let the case rest. How should and could they? They have to execute their sacred duty. If they give up, hellfire would await them for sure. So, they continue inventing falsehood against Imran. And they would go to the point of pretending to be the wife of the Christian murder victim, in whose case Indonesian authority tried to implicate Imran. One such pretender, apparently a friend of our dear Islamist reader ABC, posted the following comment to our recent post:

Hi I'm the wife of murdered victim by Imran
written by Imran's victime murdered , June 05, 2012

My name is Selvi Magdalena, im CHRISTIAN. 
Imran killed my husband Victor Rizki on june 2010 and he fleed to Spain after that. 
All what he talked on media about how he suffered because Islam, all are bulshit. 
Because he met his wife in japan, there was no authorities who killed his family or threated his family likes he told in media (those said by his wife in Justice). 
But the fact that he killed my husband is the truth.
Indonesian authorities searched him and want to arrest him because he mutilated my husband. 
He always said that he hate moslem ppl but why he killed my husband whose not moslem and he killed my husband on my daughter just celebrated her first birthday.
He wrote the petition to the Spain government and used media only to make ppl forget about all his criminal act!!!!! 
To all the ppl, plz help me find justice for my husband and my family!!!!!! 
Thank you.

Just look at the post. As if this pretender wife of the murder victim has seen with her own Imran kidnapping him (her reporting the case to the police gives no such inkling). If not, she is a master detective, who has done her own investigations, and found decisive evidence, although Indonesian law-enforcement authority failed to produce any.

And guess what? ABC jumped in immediately, twice before anyone could, to lend credence to this pretender's lie:

written by Abc, June 05, 2012

"I hope you get justice.

I wouldn't count on any help from the bigots that post here.

They will just repeat imrans lies because it suits their hate agenda!"


written by Abc, June 05, 2012

"Imran is being supported by some Christians in Spain. Maybe you can appeal to their good nature to see if they can help you."

ABC is even trying to incite the Christians of Spain against Imran. What a trick? Christians of Indonesia are the most endangered species in Indonesia, thanks to Islam and Muslims, not an ex-Muslim and foreigner, with no evidence of having any link with underworld gangs to be able to engage in kidnapping and doing the grisly killing of Victor Rizki (which is rather a hallmark of how radical Muslims kill).

Now why I say, this person is a pretender? It's because this post originated from an IP address in France, not from Indonesia where murder victim Victor Rizki's wife Selvi Magdalena lives. Maybe a good friend of our UK-based reader ABC!

We hold that until the Indonesian authority produces clear and convincing evidence as the Spanish authority has requested, Imran remains cleared and innocent of the murder charges as the Spanish court has determined. We also believe that Spanish justice system is honest enough to consider any credible evidence and decide Imran's case accordingly.

Until then, let us just wow at audacity of how Muslims lie!

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Abc the Muslims … you are embarrassing
written by fineliving56 , June 07, 2012
So … Who has the red Muslim face now … huh ?

You most be very desperate !!!

How slow and clueless you have to be,to not realize a web site like IW, would know for sure where each and every post comes from. … WOW

Abc … how biased can you get? … and to think you are accusing us of being just that !? ..

Weather you have a hand in arranging, this fake post from the wife of the murdered Christian man or not, … it does not matter … just the fact you jumped [ 3 posts ] to confirm it as true without any evidence what so ever is a proof enough of your clear biases … I mean anyone could have written this fake post from the wife of the murdered man …

We all know … all posters could write any fake name right on top and it goes through … only the admin is the only one, who would know exactly where each IP address comes from. … thanks for that

You know about the old say …. " the lying rope really is short " …. this fits it perfectly
The BIGGEST Lie is swallowed "line sinker and hook" by Muslims
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 07, 2012
Muslims hold the "critics" of Islam to a very high level of truthfulness. If a person is not clear in his opinion then a Muslims could very quickly launch into the "your lying mode" accusation. How often can this seen here on this site, by them Muslims. Sure, someone can be unclear and if some doubts arise it should be normal to ask for clarifications not so with many Muslims. When they hear/read something they dislike then they yell "liars". Yet and this is the funny part of it all, they themselves are trapped by one of the LARGEST lies ever told to humanity, they are lied to by a 7'th century desert-dweller who invented the "deity allah" which turns out nothing more but a CONCEPT of how a deity could act. NOTHING "ABC", "Muslim & Proud" and others here on this site have written could be used to verify the existence of their stoned-gawd allah! Muslims hold on and defend the biggest LIE in order to have a RELIGION, a view of Life which helps them explain life on this earth.... If violence would not be part of Islam, one could laugh about it, but alas.......
I think...
written by bundypig , June 07, 2012
his stupidity comes from the inbreeding.He doesn't think before he posts and then he screws up like he did on this occasion.Keep on following islam queenie, your day is coming, then you will answer to God for your beliefs. And I'll guarantee, there will be no eternal erections for you nor any virgins at all, because you are a, by your beliefs, a murdering thug and really just a punk, who uses a primitive ideology to do heinous acts.
written by Amboyduke , June 07, 2012

A wannbe psychopath!!!!
written by abc , June 08, 2012
I expected a incoherent response from you and you did not disappoint.
Of course everybody knows about IP address and locations, im not living in hicksville usa.
desperate? spare us the details of the fineliving household please.
Biased? you had better take that up with the jakarta globe. The link is on my first post.
At least its a newspaper not a hate website? so i suggest you take a look at where you get your information.
You got that bit right, anybody could have written that post???????
written by abc , June 08, 2012
how you like that WOW!
as he goes into...
written by bundypig , June 08, 2012
meltdown, this is really getting good now, the imbecile is thrashing around like a drowning boy lol
written by Editor, M A Khan , June 08, 2012
If you copy-cat others' user names again -- I have warned you repeatedly -- that will be the final ban on you.

Your shamelessness in boundless. You certainly proved once more how accurate the title of this article is.
written by Abc , June 08, 2012
What do you mean copycat anybody!
I only use two machines!
My phone or my laptop!
Clarify your comments please!
written by Abc , June 08, 2012
Where are the two comments on response to your dribble above.
You going to sensor me?!!!
here's our own abc (queenie)...
written by bundypig , June 08, 2012
doing his thang, breakdown wewp wewp la te do da day

Kidnappings and brutal murders
written by Yibel , June 08, 2012
are Muslim traits. for example:

In Syria, aLmost the entire Christian population - nearly 60,000 - of the city of Homs, the nation's third largest, have been forced out of their homes by anti-gov't forces as the fighting continues. Reportedly only 1,000 Christians remain. Opposition forces are attacking churches and other Christian centers and Christians have also suffered KIDNAPPINGS AND GRUESOME MURDERS. Some Christian families, unable to pay a ransom for their relatives' release and fearing that they may be tortured, have been driven to ask the kidnappers to kill their loved ones at once.
written by Editor, M A Khan , June 08, 2012
Stop playing with my patience.

You jolly well know that you posted a number of comments in "M A Khan" name. Quite a few readers must have seen those comments.

I'm not censoring you. I have deleted those two comments posted by you in my name. Don't do it another time.
M a khan
written by Abc , June 08, 2012
IF I have mixed the title and name boxes then I apologise.
I got no problem holding my hands up.
However with every post I would have written "abc".
Besides I have no advantage in doing anything like that, your own natural posts hand me the refutations I need!
well again...
written by bundypig , June 08, 2012
you do Bark like the Loon you are. All that's printed on this site is truth about the 7th century way of life for desert dwellers and their camels. Because you want to lie and try and make it different doesn't work here. It is an ideology thinly disquised as a religion, but the lid has been removed and the jinns are free now, and they're telling all they heard. Fineliving has your number so you try and belittle her at every step. MA Kahn knows islam from inside out so he knows your lies. Robert Spencer debates any muslim at any time, and defeats them all. And you lose every time you post your drivel. Maybe your mum needs to take your computer time away for a while so you can re-group, because your just a pain in our asses here.
Muslim abc … it seems you can not help it
written by fineliving56 , June 08, 2012
You can not behave for long !!…. the ugly Muslim self has to show it self, one way or another …

You say The admin here is trying to silence the truth !!?? …. what truth .

Are you talking about the truth of islam ???

You know perfectly well, The admin and all posters here are stating what Islam teaches and dictates … do not blame us for how Islam looks … blame Muhammad and his Islam for it's ugliness …

The two posts that was posted under the admin's name and was deleted , were clearly written by someone who is pro Islam

so why would the admin of IW , write posts that are pro Islam … he deleted them because he did not write them …do you get it ?

If he had posted them, he would have left them …right ? !!!

You are saying you did not write these two Posts ? … if that is true ! .. fine … all you have to do is deny it … you do not have to be so nasty !!!

To Abc
written by Archpagan , June 09, 2012
Islam can survive in the modern world only through falsehood and chicanery. You have internalized it very finely. You may also pat yourself that IW has dedicated an entire article at you.
written by Amboyduke , June 09, 2012
written by abc , June 08, 2012

how you like that WOW!

My oh my, you ARE a Queenie Gay muslim...!!!
We all knew on here...LOL
Does A.B.C. stand for "Any Big Cock"...???

Be careful...they'll stone your ass...!!! LOL

That-a-boy...I love it when I annoy you...!!!
M a khan
written by Abc , June 09, 2012
written by Abc, June 09, 2012
Do you think you can really silence the truth so easily? Don't peg your own posts on my line scum. YOU wrote those posts, don't backtrack and blame it on me. Bloody Hindu, sorry "Ex-Muslim"

Someone is cloning me again! Get a life!
written by Abc , June 09, 2012
You should know the rules by now, where is the picture!??
Firstly it's m a khan? Not Kahn! He is not German.
Secondly "your" should have been "you're" in your last attempted sentance.

"your a pain in our asses here"

Thanks man! I appreciate the complement!
written by Abc , June 09, 2012
"That-a-boy...I love it when I annoy you...!!!"

Likewise since you talk loud and say nothing!
written by Abc , June 09, 2012
Has khan gone and left you incharge?
Thought not!
If I mess up I will square it with khan and vice versa!
What does it matter if the "truth"
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 09, 2012
First of all I find people like ABC so utterly hilarious....... Yet my major beef is with their FOOLISH religion they hold as the "truth" for all eternity.

What does it matter if the "truth" is being exposed? Will Muslims turn their back on a patently FOOLISH religion when the "truth" is shown to them?
No matter how much "truth" is shown to them, they hang on to their backward RELIGION, which is nothing but a huge portion of paganism in a new cloth, thrown in with a mix of a hefty dose of Jewish fables from their "oral tradition" and very little from Christianity, but only because MuahamMAD had almost no access to Christianity.

As to the truth that "stoned-gawd" allah is a real deity, the "creator" of the universe, for this assertion NOT one shred of tangible EVIDENCE was ever presented here, all they can require people to have is "blind" faith in their demented stoned-gawd allah and the lice-ridden MuahamMAD. Yet MuahamMAD claimed that unbelieving people turn into some sort of zombie to experience the punishment in the grave, while Muslims can see the "paradise". Yet when faced with this truth Muslims run...
man you just...
written by bundypig , June 09, 2012
keep getting weaker and weaker, give up and go suk mums tit, you are a follower of a medieval system of life and we don't care about you. Just you keep awaiting on your virgins, better yet, go blow yourself up and get them sooner. Here's a great little news brief on some of your inbred bros. hahahah they blew their own stupid arses up. Made me think of you and your "qualities". Is it hard to tell where your family line begins and where it ends when your mums your aunt and 1st cousin all at once?

dumb arse...
written by bundypig , June 09, 2012
Secondly "your" should have been "you're" in your last attempted sentance.
sentence hahahhahahhaha
@ABC -- ID cloner
written by Editor, M A Khan , June 09, 2012
Someone is cloning me again! Get a life!
Thank you for alerting to this. This person from Birmingham indeed cloned 4 user IDs at a go.

I am putting him on notice to stop doing this in order to avoid a ban.
Announcement from minarets
written by Yibel , June 11, 2012
in Syrian city: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, ending Friday.” The ultimatum expired on 8 June, Muhammad's Death Day. Happy Death Day to you...

An exodus of Christians is taking place in western Syria: the Christian population has fled the city of Qusayr, near Homs, following an ultimatum issued by the military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba. Sources have reiterated that groups of Salafi Islamic extremists within the armed opposition consider Christians as “infidels”; they confiscate their belongings, carry out mass executions and are ready to declare a “denominational war”.

Just as in Egypt and Libya, the U.S. is backing Islamic supremacists and jihadists in Syria. In angling for the toppling of Assad, the U.S. is supporting Islamic jihadists who, once in power, will make life significantly worse for Syria's Christians.
written by Dwito , June 11, 2012
Just as in Egypt and Libya, the U.S. is backing Islamic supremacists and jihadists .................... who, once in power, will make life significantly worse for Syria's Christians.

They(Obama admn) knows that all well. These politicians are wise fools. Follow Churchill - The stupid feed crocks hoping it will spare him at last. Still he prepared the horrible 'division of India' plan, hoping the Muslims worldwide will be under his control. Even the present situation of Europe did not help open their eyes. After a few decades when common Am's will face the same fate, they will not blame themselves but the muzzies. As if only the Qur'an is solely responsible for their fortune.
Besides Muslims, the stupidity of christian's mind also does not cease to amaze me for long.
written by Jye , June 12, 2012
Just lurking, but I had to add, if we're doing the grammar correction thing, it's 'censor' and not 'sensor'. Also I'm pretty sure I noticed a 'their' that was supposed to be a 'there' in another threat. Just saying ... D'oh!
*goes back to lurking*
written by Jye , June 12, 2012
written by Dwito , June 12, 2012
Dear Jay, did you mean me in your above post? Sorry, i can't understand. The "their"s you mentioned is perfect in their meaning at the respective places.
However, the other word "sensor" is not mine.

I would be glad if you point to another flaw - the stupid feeds crock............

Anyway, thanks for your sincere effort.
written by Abc , June 12, 2012
Yes twitto he meant you and your rambling.
Not very smart are you?
written by Dwito , June 16, 2012
Sir, I am glad to see you return in usual business again. Sir, our long standing friend Yibel has made two posts addressing me. It was your reformation time that might have caught some problem. I thought it was usual and waited for normalcy. But sir, after your happy return, I am shocked to see, those two posts of my friend have been missing. Kindly arrange to return them so that we could engage with our opinions.

With sincere regards,

Dwito Sotta.

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