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Islamic Barbarism: Man Burned Alive in Pakistan for Alleged Quran Burning

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It appears that Islamic barbarism, which had a fascinating year in Pakistan, will end the Mayan ‘Dooms Day’ year on a high. Even if nothing further of the sort happens during the next 9 days when the year ends, it will still have a glorious finish with a man just burned alive for alleged desecration of the holy Quran.

quran-burning burning_human_alive
In Pakistan, rumour or suspicion of burning or desecrating the Quran or
insulting Prophet Muhammad incites Muslims to burn the accused alive!

According to a 'The Times of India' report on 22 Dec 2012, a Muslim mob raided a police station and snatched a man, accused of burning a Quran, from the police custody and burned him alive.

The victim of this barbarity was a traveler, who stayed overnight at a mosque in the village of Seeta in Sindh province. The next morning, charred remains of a burned Quran was found next to the mosque. The man, who spent the night alone in the mosque, was suspected of doing the misdeed, and locals beat him up and handed to the police. A few hours later, a mob of some 200 unruly Muslims raided the police station, dragged the man out, and set him on fire.

The latest incident once again brings the world’s attention to Pakistan’s blasphemy law, which has spawned repeated incidents of violence, death and persecution over flimsy accusations of blasphemy. Such incidents are often instigated by rumors of desecrating the Quran or insulting Prophet Muhammad. Under blasphemy law, people have even been arrested for just discussing or writing about Islam, making mistakes in homework on Islamic subjects, or for not joining protests, organized against insults of Islam. In some cases, the accused are set up over financial disputes and land-grab plots.

Accusations of blasphemy and violence over it has been on a steep rise in Pakistan, which has claimed at least 53 lives since 1990.

One recent case was that of Rishma Masih, a Christian teenager, which received international attention. She was accused of burning the Quran, and some burnt pages of it were discovered in a bag of rubbish she was carrying. Given Rishma was only 13 years old and mentally unstable, her case roused international outcry, including protests from US politicians. This forced the Pakistan authority to do proper investigations into the case, and it turned out that a local Imam had set up Rishma in a land-grab plot so as to instigate Muslims to terrorize the local Christian community and drive them out of their homes. It should be noted that most cases of blasphemy accusations are rarely thoroughly investigated, neither do lawyers dare properly defending the accused in fear of themselves being charged with blasphemy and murdered by Islamic extremists.

The most notable amongst blasphemy incidents in recent years was the case of the Christian woman Asia Bibi, who was sentenced to death by Pakistan’s court on flimsy accusation of blasphemy. While Asia Bibi still lives on, thanks to international attention to her case, two prominent politicians – Minorities Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian, and Punjab governor Salman Taseer – were assassinated by Islamic extremists because of their speaking against Pakistan’s blasphemy law. Salman Taseer’s personal bodyguard Mumtaz Qadri, who killed him, was greeted with rose-petal by lawyers in the court, while the judge, who found Qadri guilty, had to flee Pakistan to save his life.

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written by Rationalist , December 22, 2012
Pakistan: A nation that is full of Islamists whose ancestors were raped, coaxed, and cheated to accept Isalm is the epicentre of Jihadi terrorism. All Pakistanis suffer from Stockholm syndrome because they support the ideology of the invaders (Arabs, Persians, Turks, Mughals, Mongols etc) who perpetrated mass genocide and forced the remnants to accept Islam.

f**k islam
written by ATOZ , December 22, 2012
Religion of 'Piece' at work !!
written by Vineet , December 22, 2012
Well what else to say apart from that its Relion of 'Piece' (cutting down people to pieces) at work !!!

Part of the day's course for them. And then stupids of the world want to engage them in meaningful dialogue.
written by Worldpeace , December 22, 2012
See how dangerous Islam is. It is pure misnomer to it a religion of peace. How useless paper and even more useless evil writing be better than human life. You burn billion copies of the book and the same day have reproduced. Not so an individual life, it has gone forever. No Muslim is a good human. Malem, abc, et al, you guilty in conscience of this crime.
written by berq , December 22, 2012
Nice article Mr,Khan.In the west it is easy to bash the christianity because the freedom of speech is guarantees.Also Christ,s teaching moral is to high.You can not compare his teaching of love with Muhammad.But in Islam if someone speek out aganist Mohd or Quran Muslims in Pakistan burn them alive.It has happened in pakistan many time recently.Imagin this what if christians acted like muslims?If in the west christians rioted violently at every percieved issue to bible?What if christians in the west assassinated some Mullah,s those produces hated verses of the Quran and denouncing christianity day and night?Muslims are forcing christians in the west to forget teaching of Christ and to react violently on what they are doing in their Muslim lands and particularly in Pakistan.Why in the west muslims not speek up aganist religious discrimination in their muslim lands?Teaching of Islam is not only pure evil but dalusional and mental problem.
written by bakr , December 22, 2012
Okay, this is real islam, where a human life inferrior to a bullshit "Kuran"!!!
Abc, Malem
written by Kaser , December 23, 2012
Please enlighten us and explain how this act absolutely cannot be caused by Islamic fanaticism? Explain again how Islam is absolutely against such violence?

Another poster said not to judge Islam through Muslims... This is an impossibility. The followers of the cult actually define it. The scriptures of the Quran are in such an "unusable" state, all Muslims are free to interpret them as they please... Or as the local "clerics", "scholars", "imams" and other "Islamic references" wish them to be interpreted.

What a f**ked-up religion that spawned f**ked-up cultures and to this day is still the source of so much misery...
How can this be
written by Betty , December 23, 2012
How can a person's life be worth a book? It isn't even proven that he burnt the book. This shows the backward nature of Islam, and the people that follow it. Where are the *moderate* Muslims on this, why aren't they speaking out against such cruelty? Because *moderate* Muslims is just a lie and Taqiyya and/or Kitman to befuddle the masses.
Merry Christmas to all on here that love peace, real peace and freedom!!
written by vbv , December 23, 2012
abc,Malem,et al are keeping their traps shut. These brazen obfuscators cannot countenance these stark , ugly and barbaric realities of islam and muslims. Pakistan is a country whose people think they are arabs , or byproducts of arab/turkish/iranian/central asian muslim barbarians invasions that they have forgotten their true origins. Theiy suck up to the arabs and their rapacious conquerors. They are products of this invading marauders. They despise their hindu ancestry and lick the shitty arses of their invaders from the islamic world.
written by FOOL , December 23, 2012
A living human for a dead book !
I was thinking of converting, reverting, oh whatever, to Islam ( to be able to take 4 wives at once, I must confess)
Not any more.
written by rawana , December 23, 2012
Non-Muslims have 7 intestines while Muslims have 1
Ibn 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying that a non-Muslim eats in seven intestines whereas a Muslim eats in one intestine.
Sahih Muslim 23:5113, See also: Al-Muwatta 49 49.69, and Al-Muwatta 49 49.610

how believe these kind of religion?
written by rawana , December 23, 2012
1. we can pray towards mecca in flat earth, but how we can pray towards mecca in a round shape earth. some one please help me
abc, malem et al..
written by Duke Indian , December 23, 2012

When a news item like this comes out, it is really amusing that the muslim apologists like abc, malem etc. will go away and hide like rats in their hellholes. They will not come out of their hellholes for sometime. If the crime is not specific like this and details are not given, they will come and say that it happens in every society and Islam has no hand in it. Sometimes it is cultural and Islam is not to be blamed, they will argue. Earlier, the ploy was deny the news item altogether and say it was not reported anywhere and it is the Islam hater's fake discovery. When it comes out in the national dailies, nowadays that stand also will not do. So what else to do for these fools than going in hiding? Any sensible person can see that the blasphemy allegations against the non- muslims in a muslim country will be always fabricated. Because, nobody will think of insulting Mo or Quran in an Islamic country as it will spell their doom. So, some miscreants will be doing it and the poor non- muslim will be made the scapegoat. The frenzied muslim mob never think of anything and kill these hapless victims. This is what really is happening and no muslim, liberal or non- liberal says anything against this diabolic religious frenzy of these bigots. How sad and pathetic!
Evil Imam
written by Fineliving56 , December 23, 2012
So ..

To achieve the most sinister effect in his endless Jihad against anything and anyone, non Islamic, that Imam ..

1) Using, Rishma, a helpless Christian Girl …

2) using, the sure insane reaction of Muslims to burning Quran.

I do not know which one is worse … using mentally handicap girl to do evil .. or .. using hurt feeling of his ** Muslim brothers ** and their sure neurotic crazy reactions that never fail to come .

I know humans do Evil everywhere in the world … but the Evil of Islam is ** installed** in the LAW of Islam on the other hand, the law of other nations does not .

That IS the real difference Muslim defenders, FAIL to admit or realize .

Have Muslims no compassion
written by Truthseeker , December 24, 2012
Luke 9:54 And when his disciples James and John saw [this] (When the Samaritans had rejected Jesus), they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

Luke 9:55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

Luke 9:56 For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save [them
Kaser/ duke Indian
written by abc , December 24, 2012
I would not burn a book period and I certainly wouldn't want to harm another being!
I offer no excuse for what those degenerates did in Pakistan. They are a stain on mankind. It's a long road for rehab for Pakistan!

Duke Indian.
Hide from you? Hellholes? Someone has an inflated ego. Maybe its compensating for other shortcomings?
The difference between you and I is that I apply common sense and do not tar everybody with the same brush! The above story is horrific, both your brain cells should know that. You do not need a post from me to confirm that.
For example there is quite a horrific rape case in India going on right now. Where a poor lass got gang banged and the inserted rods into her and destroyed her intestines and she is very poorly. You will not catch me saying that it's what Hindus do!
Common sense!
Stay classy!
To abc
written by Archpagan , December 24, 2012
If such incident had happened in Pakistan, the people there would have charged the lass with adultery. But see how the people are reacting in Delhi.
written by vbv , December 24, 2012
you sick nut, these kind of things occur very commonly in muslim countries and go unreported , unlike in India where the people are getting agitated demanding the culprits be given severe punishments. In muslim countries a rape victim dare not lodge a complaint - for sharia law (that bullshit barbaric code which defies commonsense - absolutely stupid and misogynistic) would demand four male witness to the event , failing which the girl would either be stoned to death or given 200 lashes in public , while the male culprits go scotfree. Pedophilia , incest is legal in islam - infact the sharia even allows an old man to sexually assault a babygirl. There would not be so much of an outrage like in India or other nonmuslim countries since in islam women are just a piece of property for men.
written by abc , December 24, 2012
Missed the point as usual!
It went straight over your head!
how we can pray towards mecca in a round shape earth. some one please help me
written by Stick your bum up! , December 24, 2012
"written by rawana, December 23, 2012
1. we can pray towards mecca in flat earth, but how we can pray towards mecca in a round shape earth. some one please help me

written by lw1 , December 24, 2012
You are right. A woman who is raped is already traumatised, and Sharia demands 4 MALE witnesses.If there were even 20 FEMALE witnesses, they are unacceptable under Sharia. This is degrading to women.
Women definitely have not got equal rights under Islam.
written by Duke Indian , December 25, 2012

You just cannot escape like that, Mr.abc. Islam is responsible for what happened in Pakistan. Islam makes the common people in Pakistan degenerates. Islam is a big stain on the collective civilisation of mankind. Why you are reluctant to admit it?

The blasphemy laws have been devised in Pakistan to oppress and persecute the unwary non- muslim only. He is always punished/ killed for the crime he has not committed. The religious frenzy of the mob is always the culprit and it is a by- product of Islam. If a hapless woman is cruelly raped and thrown into the gutters in New Delhi, nobody will find fault with the rapist's religion. Likewise, nobody will find fault with the religion of the assassin for the massacre of school children in Connecticut, USA. But, that is not the case when a christian girl is abducted, raped and cruelly murdered in Pakistan. The crime was committed , not because the perpetrators are criminals, but because they are muslims. It happens not only in Pakistan, but also in Egypt, Iran, Somalia, Sudan or Nigeria, in short every muslim dominated country. Anyway, you don’t have any sympathy for the culprits and call them degenerates. Why don’t you see the real culprits are not these degenerates, but the ‘ism’ or ideology that makes them degenerates? That is Islam. That is our point. Why you don’t see the obvious? You just cannot deny the truth all the time.

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