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Europe’s Lemming-Like Rush to Become an Islamic Paradise

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europe-islamic-paradiseIslam is a complete code, system, or way of life. It only believes in a single state, culture and law, guided by the Quran, prophetic tradition and Sharia. All else must go. While Christmas doesn’t symbolize the same old religious significance any more, it still is the signature cultural festive event in secularized European tradition. While Muslims are evidently making vigorous push for its obliteration from the Western tradition, the native populace, particularly the politicians, are as willing to let go of it. And when Muslims are projected to become the majority in Brussels by 2030 according to sociologist Felice Dassetto’s book, “The Iris and the Crescent”, that is going to become a reality in double quick time in the iconic European city of Brussels, the headquarter of the European Union. Given the situation are even worse in places like the Swedish city of Malmo, and Muslims dominated areas in Oslo, the rest of Europe is all set to follow suit.

Year 622 CE. The Prophet of Islam had tirelessly preach his religion in Mecca for 13 long years. With only 150-200 converts, mostly from amongst the lowest of lows in society, Muhammad’s prophetic mission was all but a failure. It was a stroke of luck that he found refuge in Medina at about this time, where he moved to with all his disciples.

The rest is history!

Within two years, he put himself in a position to be terrorizing force in Medina, the city that gave him refuge at his time of difficulty. He expelled the Jewish tribe of Banu Qainuqa in 624, and Banu Nadir a year later, and eventually exterminated the Banu Quraiza tribe in 627 via mass slaughter of their men and enslavement of the women and children.

Thus he became the untouchable force in Medina, terrorizing everyone on his way. What a remarkable difference just a few years can make?

Well, that’s all just history, one may think. Many more remarkable things have happened in history. Not any more.

It seems, when it comes to Islam, the same is as much possible as it was ever. If one has kept eyes wide open at the world, especially toward the West, he/she would see many signs of Muslims moving toward achieving similar remarkable things. Major Muslim-dominated areas from Norway and Sweden to the UK and France have already becomes inaccessible to non-Muslims. Rife with disproportionate violent crimes, yet ambulances do not dare enter many of those areas without armed police protection. With Muslims growing much faster than rest of the population, 10 times faster in the UK (2006 estimate), thanks to unfettered breeding amongst them, such no-go zones are on a path to fast expansion.

In Islamic doctrine, the Universe is a property of Allah (Q 24:42, 34:1):

“And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and to Allah is the destination.” (24:42)

“[All] praise is [due] to Allah, to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth…” (34:1)

And Allah has made Muslims, the only followers of the true and righteous path (i.e. Islam), the owner and ruler of the earth (Q 6:165, 24:55):

“And it is He who has made you successors upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you…” (6:165)

“Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them…” (24:55)

As a result, the ultimate goal of Islam is to bring the control and ownership of Allah’s world to the hands of Muslims. And Allah has commanded Muslims to wage incessant war against the infidels (non-believers of Islam) and commit mass slaughter and enslavement in order to attain the control of the entire globe, and establish Islam over its every nook and corner in the process. For example, Allah says:

“…fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah (alone)…” (Q 2:193)

“And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah…” (Q 8:39)

…some ye slew and ye made captive some. And He [Allah] caused you to inherit their land and their houses and their wealth…” (Q 33:26-27).

The divine commandment and design of the Almighty Allah can never fail. It will be achieved in one way or another. The Prophet’s exploits for establishing the rule and supremacy of Islam in Medina was basically a precise application of the above-outlined design of Allah, and he did it with stunning skill and success leading to establishing the first Islamic State in history.

In extension of Muhammad’s above protocol for realizing Allah’s dream of establishing global Islamic dominance and supremacy, Muslims had achieved numerous further successes – from the shores of the Indian Ocean and Africa to the heart of Europe. Indeed, at one point, it seemed the entire known world would submit to the feet of Islam. But, thanks to some strokes of luck, Christian Europe, despite conceding much of its territory and sustaining terrible wounds, was able to hold its own and eventually beat back the Islamic invaders from within its shores.

But for Islam and Muslims, that was only a temporary set-back. Can Almighty Allah’s “ultimate dream” be permanently frustrated by mortal human earthlings? Muslims’ taking of territories in European countries – block by block, one no-go zone after another – is actually achieving the same objectives, which Muhammad had achieved by sword in Medina in the 620s. In fact, this new protocol that is being applied by today’s Muslims in Europe is not of their own devising. Instead, it simply the application of a divine protocol of Allah, whereupon He helps Muslims acquire the lands under non-Muslim control bit by bits. For example, Allah says:

“…Then do they not see that We set upon the land, reducing it from its borders?” (Q 21:44)

“Don’t they see that We set upon the land, reducing it from its borders? And Allah decides; there is no adjuster of His decision. And He is swift in account.” (Q 13:41)

Denmark and Belgium on irresistible Islamization drugs

Conceding territories to Muslims, one block after another, is a familiar thing all across Europe. As Muslims come in, native Europeans and other immigrants take on a flight, often heading to far-off lands, as far as Australia and North America. Over five million native Britons have left the UK permanently, mainly to Australia and North America. About 4,000 Britons leave every week.

And in this game of capitulation to Islamization, all countries of Europe seem to be in a competition. And two small nations, namely Denmark and Belgium, seem to be competing to take the top spot, as if they are on a high dose of addictive Islamization drugs, willingly giving themselves up to Muslims like self-destructive Lemmings.

The latest incidents in Denmark’s capitulation to Islamists was the decision of the Egedalsvænget tenants' association to cancel the traditional Christmas party and display of Christmas Tree. Over half of the residents in town of Egedalsvænget are Muslims. The Board of Directors of the community, 5 out of 9 of them Muslims, refused to approve the spending of 7,000 Danish kroner ($1,200) for the annual Christmas event. Yet, the same Board had approved the spending of 60,000 kroner ($10,000) for communal celebration of the Muslim Eid festival with great fanfare.

After turning down the fund, the board’s Muslim member Ismail Mestasi defended the cancellation of the Christmas party saying: "No one wanted to take on the responsibility (for organizing the event)… I was asked to get the tree. And I didn't want to."

But this lie of Mestasi was soon exposed when non-Muslim board member Karin Leegaard Hansen said, she herself had offered to take the responsibility, but her proposal was shot down by the Muslim-majority board in a vote.

As if in order to stay ahead of Denmark in Islamization, the mayor’s office in Brussels, Belgium, decided to remove the traditional display of Christmas Tree in the city center and replace it with a lighted structure.

Traditionally the city center of Brussels, the Grand Place, is adorned with a 20-meter Christmas Tree during the festive Christmas season. This year, it has been replaced with a 25-meter new-age-like structure of lighted boxes (see video). Moreover, the traditional "Christmas Market" in downtown Brussels has been renamed as "Winter Pleasures 2012."

It should be noted that Brussels has a burgeoning Muslim population, over a quarter of the total. Muslims and their natural ally, the socialists, constitute more than half of the members of the mayor’s office.

While respective authorities in both Egedalsvænget (Denmark) and Brussels (Belgium) have sought to distance Muslims from both developments, critics have claimed that the Muslim issue is really at the heart of these changes. After the new light structure was raised in Brussels on November 30, replacing the Christmas Tree, critics have refused to accept the mayoral office’s explanation, saying that it was done certainly to avoid offending Muslims. They pointed to a recent fatwa regarding Christmas Tree. To the query – I dont celebrate christmas in any way but my 11 year old daughter loves the beauty of a christmas tree when decorated. is it permissible for me to have one in my house throughout the year? – the fatwa said:

"It is not permissible to imitate the kuffar [a derogatory Arabic term for non-Muslims] in any of their acts of worship, rituals or symbols, because the Prophet [Mohammed] said: 'Whoever imitates a people is one of them.'"

"So it is not permissible to put up this tree in a Muslim house even if you do not celebrate Christmas, because putting up this tree comes under the heading of imitating others that is haram [banned], or venerating and showing respect to a religious symbol of the kuffar. What the parents must do is protect their children and keep them away from what is haram, and protect them from the Fire as Allah, may He be exalted."

"You should explain to your daughter that it is haram to imitate the disbelievers and that it is obligatory to differ from those, who are doomed to Hell and to dislike what they venerate of clothing, symbols or rituals, so as to develop respect for her own religion and adhere to it."

The bottomline of this fatwa is that Muslims not only must refrain from celebrating Christmas, they must also “differ from” and “dislike” the religious rituals of Christians and others, who are doomed to Hell. Too often have we seen that Muslim politicians in the West are more interested in promoting the religious beliefs and ideals of Islam than improving the material interests and well-being of Muslims and the wider community. Therefore, when it is obligatory for them to “dislike” the signature Christian religious rituals such as Christmas, it is easy to see how the Muslims and their allies dominated Egedalsvænget board members and Brussels mayoral office could allow the celebration of Christmas to go on as usual.

The real reason behind cancellation of the Christmas event in the Danish town became all too obvious, when two journalists from TV2 News, who came to cover the controversy, was attacked by masked Muslim hoodlums, bombarding their vehicle with bricks and cobblestones. The attackers destroyed the van and chased the hapless journalists out of the area.

Critics have rightly pointed out the respective authority’s Muslim-appeasement and Muslim’s Infidel-phobia behind the cancellation the Christmas events in the two cities in Denmark and Belgium. Danish Conservative Party spokesman Tom Behnke, pointing to the ongoing campaign for converting Denmark into an Islamic state, told  DR News: "I think it is deeply alarming that our integration efforts are so ineffective that the moment there is a Muslim majority, we do away with good-old Danish traditions and introduce Muslim traditions instead. We are living in Denmark, and people have to adapt to the situation that applies here.

Expressing support for the celebration of festivity of different communities, Behnke added: "There is no point in wanting to convert Denmark into a Muslim country, [just] because you yourself have a Muslim background. That must never happen. On the contrary, we must have mutual respect for one another. This is a lack of respect for Danish traditions and culture. We must not have a Denmark where Danish traditions disappear as soon as there is a Muslim majority."

Uproar surrounding the incident in Denmark has forced the Danish police to initiate an investigation into the accusation of potential racism over Muslim board-members’ quick approval of the 60,000-kroner Eid party fund, but refusal of the 7,000-kroner Christmas celebration fund.

And one can easily see how things are turning around in Europe in the response of Danish police to the controversy. Police has slammed the TV2 journalists for provoking Muslims in trying to cover the incident by saying, "You choose to enter a tense area. One can argue about whether it is wise. I probably would not have done it.

While trying to justify the Muslim youth’s rage and violence against TV2 journalists, Danish police is also referring to the growing number of no-go zones in the suburbs of Copenhagen and other Danish cities that are increasingly becoming autonomous enclaves ruled by Muslim youth gangs. There are areas where even the Danish police fear to tread.

Much of the underworld criminal gangs have come into Muslim hands. And on March 6, 2012, a nearly 140-strong Muslim gang – wearing masks and bullet-proof vests and armed with crowbars, darts, hammers, knives, screwdrivers, wooden clubs and rocks etc. – raided the district courthouse in Glostrup, a Muslim-dominant suburb of Copenhagen, where two Pakistani Muslim gang-members were being tried for attempted murder. In another incident in August 2012, a gang of 80 Muslims raided a hospital in the city of Odense in an attempt to kidnap a member of a rival Muslim gang, wounded earlier in a shooting and stabbing incident at a shopping center in the Vollsmose district. The vandals, prevented by fortified security forces from snatching the shooting victim, left after destroying an ambulance and four police cars.

Muslim-dominated areas of Denmark are rife with immigrant-gangs-perpetrated criminal activities, including drug trafficking, illegal weapons smuggling, extortion, human trafficking, robbery, prostitution, automobile theft, racketeering and murder. In 2012, there have been as many as 50 shooting incidents in Copenhagen involving Muslim gangs, comprising ethnic Arabs, Bosnians, Turks and Somalians, and even some Iraqis, Moroccans, Palestinians and Pakistanis. Muslim immigrants not only have overtaken the criminal underworld in Denmark, such activities have also proliferated exponentially across all of Denmark over the past years.

A central commandment of the Quran is to extort special tax or jizya from non-Muslims living in Muslim territory (Q 9:29). In accordance with this divine decree, Muslim gangs in the heavily Islamized Nørrebro district of Copenhagen have been demanding extortions from non-Muslim native owners of shops and bars, and threatening them with failing with violence and vandalism if they fail to pay up.

Yet, some courageous non-Muslim business owners, such as 67-year-old Jane Pedersen, the owner of the Café Viking bar, despite repeated threats by Muslim gangs, have refused to pay. Upon refusal, her bar was vandalized by Muslim gang members in August. Still refusing to give in, she reported the incident to police.

Denmark: Here Comes Islam, Out with Christmas

And very recently, even the Holy Cross Church in Nørrebro was told that the house of worship stood in “Muslim territory”, and they must pay to operate in the area. The church authority also refused to pay extortions and reported the incident to police. Courageous as they were, they are being barred by police from talking to media about the incident.

To cap all these up, earlier in October 2011, a Danish Muslim group, named Call to Islam, set up banners reading “You Are entering A SHARIA CONTROLLED ZONE – Islamic Law Enforced” in the Tingbjerg suburb of Copenhagen. Launched in imitation of similar banners run across Muslim-dominated areas in Britain by the “ShariaForTheUK” Muslim group, the aim of the Danish group was to set up vigilante patrol units for enforcing sharia, such as banning selling of alcohol, drinking, gambling, music, discotheque, porn and other un-Islamic activities in Tingbjerg, which they planned to expand to other areas of Denmark in phases.

The situation is no better in Belgium. Instead, it is probably worse, particularly in Brussels, where Muslims make up over 25% of the population, and two Muslim candidates, named Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, from the fledgling Islam Party won seats in Brussels municipal election earlier this year. Immediately after winning the election, they made their primary goal as elected representative loud and clear: Implement Islamic Sharia law in Belgium.

"We are elected Islamists but above all we are Muslims," Ahrouch said. "Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people. As elected Muslims, we embrace the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. We believe Islam is a universal religion. Our presence on the town council will give us the opportunity to express ourselves.

Ahrouch told the French language Belgium Radio TV: "I think we have to sensitize people, make them understand the advantages to having Islamic people and Islamic laws. And then it will be completely natural to have Islamic laws and we will become an Islamic state."

When the interviewer retorted, "An Islamic State in Belgium?", Ahrouch replied: "In Belgium, of course! I am for the Sharia. Islamic law, I am for it. It is a long-term struggle that will take decades or a century, but the movement has been launched."

Eurabia: Here I come!

So, it is very easy to see why the Christmas Tree, which is offending to Muslims, would not be displayed anymore at the Grand Place in Brussels soon as these Islamists were elected to the municipal council. And Bianca Debaets, a Brussels councilor from the Christian Democratic and Flemish party, told Brussel Nieuws of her apprehension that an argument about religious sensitivities of Muslims had prompted the Brussels City Council to replace the Christmas Tree with the light sculpture. "What will be next? Will all Easter eggs be banned in Brussels because they refer to Easter?" wondered Debaets.

As Muslims in their media relations campaign are claiming that Christmas Tree is not offending to them or they are not against it, a petition has been launched for signing by Belgium Muslims, which says, "they are not against this tree.” Quite predictably, about 80 of Belgium’s 600,000 Muslims have signed it.

Islam is a complete code, system, or way of life. It only believes in a single state, culture and law, guided by the Quran, prophetic tradition and Sharia. All else must go. While Christmas doesn’t symbolize the same old religious significance any more, it still is the signature cultural festive event in secularized European tradition. While Muslims are evidently making vigorous push for its obliteration from the Western tradition, the native populace, particularly the politicians, are as willing to let go of it. And when Muslims are projected to become the majority in Brussels by 2030 according to sociologist Felice Dassetto’s book, "The Iris and the Crescent”, that is going to become a reality in double quick time in the iconic European city of Brussels, the headquarter of the European Union. Given the situation are even worse in places like the Swedish city of Malmo, and Muslims dominated areas in Oslo, the rest of Europe is all set to follow suit.

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written by bakr , December 24, 2012
OMG!!! It seems islamic fanatics never rested since time of Muhammed. Today we relish our freedom of speech, choices due to European renaissance. If the stupid quran tries to tie us with its medieval rules, we should take action against it from now. No mercy should be applied to those who try to change our world and emerge an Islamic world.
Only by telling the truth ceaselessly can muslims be weaned away from Islam!
written by Only by telling the truth ...... , December 24, 2012
Only by telling the truth ceaselessly can muslims be weaned away from Islam!
written by kope , December 24, 2012
talk is cheap
When push comes to shove
written by Kaser , December 24, 2012
Western acceptance, tolerance and openness is being trampled, disrespected and spat on.
But once Islam thoroughly settles in, and takes it's rightful place as the hateful ideology it really is in the eyes of non-muslims, the term "Islamophobia" will be authorized and will no longer be something to be afraid of saying. I'm an Islamophobe because Islamism is a threat to my Atheist way of life.
But I'm afraid it will need to get worse before it gets any better, governments are slow to act and always looking for ways to appease, the people are not.
Again, all the horrors depicted above MUST be the work of the young, angry Muslim males. The women are absent, as usual, locked in their homes while "hubby" goes proselytizing, all for the love of Allah and protection for Kuffars from the "Hell-fire".

To Kope: Talk is cheap? Yes, for you it must be because you are unable to hold a discussion, both through your lack of cognitive functions and your having chosen to defend an un-defendable ideology. I guess you would prefer violence Kope? The way of Mohammed?
“[All] praise is [due] to Allah, to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth…” (34:1)
written by Kaser , December 24, 2012
Can you believe people follow a religion whose "supreme being" had to tell his "prophet" to lay down in his "book" that the humans he created must "praise him" !!!
Does he really need this praise? Must we make him feel important? Is he unsure about himself?

When you read such idiocy, you realize most intelligent Muslims ignore these blatant human-originated writings, there is nothing godly about them.
Malem, abc please help me understand why a supreme being would need to write something like this in his book?
Europe at Cross Roads
written by Amit , December 24, 2012
So Europeans really are that clueless about Muslims and Islam. That really are shocked at Muslims behaving in Europe exactly as they do elsewhere in the world. They thought it was all the infidels fault in all those countries. India they thought was partitioned because Hindus could not get along with them so they needed their own state. They thought their own European countries would avoid Muslim partition of their country because they were so much better and nicer and would be fair and generous to them. So now they are shocked to be treated by Muslims just like the other infidels and shocked that block by block their country is de facto partitioned. If they haven't realized it yet, as the Muslim population grows, the partition is going to cover larger parts of land if Muslims are not yet able to take it all over. Look at India look at Serbia. Heck look at Lebanon. That is where Europe is headed. And lastly look at Egypt to see a completely vulnerable infidel population, and then Saudi Arabia where all native Arabian infidels were long ago vanquished. Saudi Arabia world wide is the ultimate goal.
Euopean watchin bambie
written by Christian 1 , December 24, 2012
Mos europeans have watched bambies and think the world is so rosy. Human equalities and other BS. Moslems are so lucky europeans are so naiive. Soon europeans will be watching ben laden and listening to prophet versus. Soon they will be looking for home somewhere else.
I actually do not know what to say about this Islamic reality in Europe
written by Fineliving56 , December 24, 2012
This Article made me angry to no end … how could people let the canser go this far without doing anything ?

All Euripeans have to do is… look what is happening in each and every Islamic country RIGHT NOW ..in 2012!!!


Look at the cut up corpses lining up the streets in … Aleppo .. Damascus … Hama … Homes … Muslim on Muslim horror …

Do you think … Muslims on a Eurpeane going to be, any better … right there in your land where you and your ancestors built it inch by inch … look what they did in Aleppo… the ctiy in unrecognizable ….

If you think they will NOT take their WAR against each other and against you, have it in your cities … you are native …. blind … .. and you are shooting your own foot .

Wake up … and take charge ….

kick all the Muslim criminals OUT to what ever they came from … empty prisons of Muslims and you will see the fear of deportation, others will have, if they are thinking to commit crimes.

Stop all benefits and free food and medicine for them … not democratic ? … tough .

Limit the amount of children they will have … one for each …anymore ?! … then your are out …
see how fast some Muslims will pick up and leave …

I know that, is not a democracy … but who said, they should have IT, when all they want and do is install a dictatorship of Islam/ sharia all over Europe !!

You have to be as touph and ruthless and them … or you might well, give it now .

The problem with civilzed people is that they think through their own mind and THINK Muslims savages ,THINK like them so they treat them as they treat thier own people … THAT is the biggest mistake civilized people will ever make … THAT will be the end of them .

America … need to take charge before it becomes next in line to give it's land up and way of life .
written by kope , December 24, 2012
muslims will take over europe very soon
written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012
I believe you …

you and your brothers are THAT kind of savages … do you think Europeans going to hand it to you ?

They might, and it looks that way … if that article is correct !!

So … if that happens .. you ,Muslim will have to kill all the Up risers of Europeans who are surly try to fight back .. just you Muslims are doing in your Muslims countries … right ?

So … when Europeans go, to buy bread for their children, you will b0mb and kill them all and leave body parts all over … right ?

Then what ?

I tell you what …

they will wake up then … and kick your sorry, you know what, OUT ..OUT … and push you right over the moderation Sea …

if they do not … that will be a lesson for the rest of us … don't ever think , it will happen here in the US … they wrote the book on how to become independent .
written by Kaser , December 25, 2012
You are so right.
But you see, there is one positive angle to the vile stench Islamists are spewing into Europe. And that positive angle is that people are seeing it.
I do not think Europeans are going to give their countries away. But this Islamist arrogance is a relatively recent phenomenon. Give it some more time, and Europeans will wake up. When a city falls, or a entire country falls, they will wake up.
Islamism is nothing else than a modern Fascist doctrine disguised as a religion of "love" and "peace".
Yeah - "love" and "peace" only if you're part of the cult.
North America is slumbering right now, but I'm certain it's got one eye open...

@Kope - no thanks to you, aside from your one-liners, I'm certain you pretty much cower behind your keyboard.
Got a regular day job Kope, or do you leech off your home country?
fineliving, kaser
written by kope , December 25, 2012
western people need religion which make sense to them

islam is ONLY religion can satisfied them
written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012
Exactly …

Europeans will wake up when they see what would happen to one or two of their cites when they gone under Islam …

Look what they did to Hitler … first they coward under complete control … but some of them woke up and tried to assassinate him when they new he was crazy, control freak … and his fall was the hardest …

Muslims are no different … in fact they love him and they act like him and their fall in Europe will be worse then his …
written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012
Hahaha … funny stuff

There is towns in Europe where it's old churches are empty shells everywhere … almost everyone is atheists or agnostics … I watched a a report about that.

No one need religions .. we need humanity and love of each other … NOT … a low self esteem jealous God, who like to kill you if you do not pray and thank him for his gifts.
written by dave1543 , December 25, 2012
One mistake is calling Islam a religion. It isn't a religion, it is a psychosis, and people afflicted by it exhibit a subhuman, barbaric mentality and behavior. This article is evidence.
written by kope , December 25, 2012
written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012

Hahaha … funny stuff

There is towns in Europe where it's old churches are empty shells everywhere … almost everyone is atheists or agnostics … I watched a a report about that .

No one need religions .. we need humanity and love of each other … NOT … a low self esteem jealous God, who like to kill you if you do not pray and thank him for his gifts .


atheism does not satisfied human only angery people reject god

written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012
Do not busy your little brain with what, and how people going to be satisfied with … your prediction is lousy .. it shows how you are looking through your cloudy religious binocular .

I left religion 4 years now … and I never been more happier and more relaxed at heart … it was not easy but once I was sure of my self , I never looked back …

Religion is for the fearful, weak minded and superstitious … most people are not do not … so disbelieve going to be the future …

Humans will replace religions with spirituality …
written by kope , December 25, 2012
what is spirituality ?
written by PJG , December 25, 2012
Ha! So funny! Kope asks what spirituality is! He doesn't know!
Merry Xmas
written by abc , December 25, 2012
To all who celebrate it!
written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012
Are you kidding ?

Do you have a dictionary ?

I know why you do not Know the meaning of spirituality … it is because you are a "" Muslims"" and Islam lacks it …all Islam is concerned about is, the needs of all kind for the Muslim man except the needs of his soul …

Islam fakes it a little, here and there … but it does not fool people who are aware ,the ones who do want to rationalize everything in Quran .
written by Kaser , December 26, 2012
You have to ask what is spirituality???
Look it up in your Quran, according to Malem, Allah is the "greatest communicator"... So therefore I'm certain Spirituality is clearly explained in there...


If you don't find it, then I recommend you read the biography of Mohammed. This surely must be the "spiritual' reference to follow. What a grand, loving and compassionate human being he was... He must have had a lot of "spirituality"... You know Kope, when Muhhamad had to kill humans, kill many many humans, it was purely to defend himself and his newborn faith. When he raped slave women, it's because his brand-new Allah authorized it... Otherwise he would NOT have done these deeds. Because it's a well know fact it's OK to rape women as war booty.

His spirituality also allowed him to have sex with little girls. When he married many women, and when he put people ot death, it was all done through spirituality. Faith. All done in the name of his "Muslim-loving" god.

So look it up Kope... Spirituality as er your "loving" and "joyful" Mohammed/Islam. It's all written. Malem can help you understand it all because it might be a bit complicated for you, with the need for "context" and all...
But don't loose "faith" Kope. You will discover Islam's true spirituality... It just takes years of Madrassa education, Quran studies, and reading a lot of 1400 year old scriptures. And consulting thousands of Fatwas. And praying 5 (or 3??) times a day.

You'll make it my boy...
written by Claude , December 26, 2012
Religions are not bad. Religions exist because men search for a meaning of life. Absence of meaning is absurdity and absurdity is not a satisfying answer. Mind needs meaning.

Do you think that without religions the world would have been a better world ? Not at all. Greeks explained evil with the myth of Pandora. Jews and Christians explained it by the myth of original sin. Buddhist and Hindus by something else. Religions did not create evil. They tried to find an explanation. An their answers are mythical because there is no rational answers. Mythical answers are still answers for the heart. They relieves men from despair and anguish and give them room to act with optimism.

Religions surges spontaneouly from men's psyche. Even atheism can become a religion. There are good religions and bad religions. Buddhism, Hinduism, Animism, Christianism, Judaism and many others, today, are good religions.

The only religion which dishearthen men is Islam. Islam is a bad religion. It is not a religion. It is a sect. It is based on fear, sectarism. violence, blind submission. Allah is a despot. He is irrational, arbitrary, cruel, narcissic. He is Muhammad's alter ego. Islam is not a religion, it is a counterfeiting. Just look at the muslim world and you can see what is Islam like in a mirror. Muslims are the victims of Islam and they don't still realize it but they will.

When Europe becomes Muslim .....
written by lw1 , December 26, 2012
Where will the asylum seekers, many of whom would be Muslim, go, when the violence in Europe starts -the type of violence in Afghanistan or Syria?
At the moment Europe and even Australia, sometimes in unsuitable boats, are the destination of many Muslims, among other asylum seekers.
United Nations called on Saudi Arabia in July 2010 not to deport Somalian refugees.The forefathers of black people were originally enslaved by Saudis and later on traded these slaves to Europeans. So in the West Indies or USA or later migration to Britain, these people have ended up there because of Saudi's treating black people as commodity.
Even now Arabs' term of abuse for a black person is 'slave'.
If you are black, why are you a Muslim?
Islam is a false cult where Arabs are first class Muslims. All the other Muslims are second class.
written by Rationalist , December 26, 2012
Demography will be a key factor for the survival of Europe. Once, it is damaged to the point of no return, Islam will triumph no matter what the rest of the world does to oppose it. Glaring examples are Kashmir, Kosovo, Bosnia, Pakistan, and Southern Thailand..... All other theories except controlling demography are, in my opinion, as good as arm-chair professor's gibberish. It is impossible to deconvert large masses of Muslims through logic and discussion.
A small error, I think
written by jonmc , December 26, 2012
M.A. Khan writes:
" It is estimated that more native Britons leave the UK than immigrants come in, primarily making Australia or North America their new home."

I'm not sure if this is a badly written sentence or a straightforward error.
Net immigration to the U.K. is currently running (as it has for the past decade or so) at about 10K p.a. according to the Office of National Statistics, therefore there are 10k more immigrants than emigrants.
Amongst the emigrant numbers are many who are leaving on the expiration of vizas, work permits etc.
If M.A. Khan meant that many more native Britons leave than return each year, he is, of course, correct.
The population of "native Britons" (not the easiest group to identify btw) is falling due to a very low fertility-rate (~1.68 children per woman, 2 is replacement rate obviously) and emigration.
To Claude
written by Archpagan , December 26, 2012
I fully agree with you regarding utility of religion in human life and society. A general belief in the law of karma can keep crimes under check. Religion imparts a meaning to life and help us maintain emotional balance during crisis in life. It gives us hope and whereas rationalism and science only accentuates our misgivings and depression. Psychology is a poor substitute for religion because apart from God it has no place for concepts like soul and consciousness.

But I feel Muhammad copied most of his ideas from classical Judaism and Christianity as organized by St Paul. Muhammad was no doubt a veritable demon, but the Jewish ideas of 'correct God' or 'chosen people' and Christian ideas of 'only savior' or religious conversion are no less harmful to human society than Islam. That is why Europe discarded Christianity from public life and adopted ideas such as Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as social values.
Thanks jonmc
written by M A Khan. , December 26, 2012
For pointing out the error. It was written from memory of reading an article a few years ago. It has been corrected now.

Over 200K Britons leave the UK permanently every year. 10K more than that number of immigrants come in.
written by abc , December 27, 2012
Have you turned into a cheese eating surrender monkey?
Do you even believe the bollocks you write?
A hindu nationalist talking about liberty, equality etc!
You save me from going to comedy clubs.
Keep up the good work!
Dear lord
written by abc , December 27, 2012
Who writes these articles. Another nut crawls out of the woodwork and has based their work on crazy bat ye'or work.
That crazy Giselle litmann has a lot to answer for!
To abc
written by Archpagan , December 27, 2012
I see your verbal diarrhea has relapsed. If you have visceral dislike for the site and its posters why do you visit this site? Things discussed here are beyond you capacity of comprehension. You are adept only at slang used by slum-dwellers.
written by abc , December 28, 2012
क्योंकि आप मनोरंजन मुझे एक जोकर की तरह
The Fire is being lit
written by Gen. Dostum , December 28, 2012
Muslims must not forget that a lot of unnecessary killings took place not so long ago in the heart of Europe!
All that can be repeated; only Muslims need to know their actions will stoke a similar flame again, only this time it is the Muslims who will be burnt.
Don't push the boundaries of tolerance too far; Kope take note
written by M A Khan. , December 28, 2012
Another nut crawls out of the woodwork and has based their work on crazy bat ye'or work.
Good try but won't work any more. People can see all these even with their eyes shut.

Bat Yo'er could have been, and indeed has been, condemned much for her writings over the years. A lot of those critics might be shaking their heads in shame today. She was accurately prophetic. We don't hear anyone damning of Yo'er any more, do we?
M A Khan
written by abc , December 28, 2012
Well let's see shall we:

Pamela Geller, admin of the anti-Muslim site Atlas Shrugs, declares: “Bat Ye’or is the world’s foremost leading scholar on Islam.” Amazing how the “world’s foremost leading scholar on Islam” has no educational background and absolutely no credentials at all from a recognized university; truly amazing that anyone can become the world’s leading scholar on Islam with just a library card, a keyboard and internet connection, and of course the key ingredient of all–an all encompassing hatred of Islam.  Can one imagine the world’s leading scholar on Judaism being an Anti-Semite?  This just in: the world’s foremost leading scholar on Judaism is an Anti-Semitic Hamas member. Absurd!

Adi schwartz from the newspaper Haaretz says this about her:
"Bat Ye’or’s opinions have made her a controversial figure, as has the fact that she is not an academic and has never taught at any university. She conducts her research independently"
She is a nut with a library card!

M A khan
written by abc , December 28, 2012
Bat Ye’or has an axe to grind; there could be no one more biased than her.  Her antipathy towards Islam stems from her stormy past: in 1957, she was expelled from Egypt during the Israeli invasion of Sinai.  Although one can and should most definitely sympathize with her plight, it seems that she has–like so many racists before her–reacted to bigotry by becoming a bigot.  She was wronged by Muslims, and now she wants to take vengeance.
Just because her insane ideas fit "your" view of the world.
M A khan
written by abc , December 28, 2012
Professor Robert Wistrich, head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism- calls her a nobody

David Aaronovitch, a journalist for The Times, labels Bat Ye’or as a conspiracy theorist

Craig smith of the new York times labels her a nut!

Adam Keller from gush shalom, mr hari from the independent all crucify her work!

She does not have one iota of credibility. You want to argue otherwise then let's hear it!
@abc, Old stories!
written by M A Khan. , December 29, 2012
So, you are recycling old stories -- 5 years to decades old.

Talk about Eurabia or the Islamization of Europe, America etc., has heightened than ever before. But Bat Ye'or, who foresaw that reality before anyone could imagine, has not been in the critics ire in recent years, has she? Certainly the number of her critics are dwindling.

Johann Hari's article instigated massive violence and vandalism in India. Go ask Hari about Ms Yo'er now. He might start shake his head in shame.
M a khan
written by abc , December 29, 2012
That's your rebuttal? The points still stand and are still valid.
I expect better from you.
M a khan
written by abc , December 29, 2012
She has not been in the critics ire because she has nothing new to say.
She has found a well paid speaking niche in the hate market.
That being said even David duke has a niche.
Woman's gotta eat even though her world view is repugnant
To abc
written by ASrchpagan , December 29, 2012

You know Hindi too or are working in a syndicate? I don't mind being a called joker by people who celebrate their matriarch's rape and patriarch's forceful conversion. perhaps you are hankering for a remake of that history and that is why you are throwing up shits on this site.
written by abc , December 29, 2012
क्यों नफरत है, भाई? मैं तुम्हें बलात्कार के बारे में बात करनी चाहिए कि भारत में क्या हो रहा है अभी दिया नहीं लगता है कि.
written by you can call me V , January 02, 2013
Hey.. you should see the state of Britain, it is being colonised by 'Muslims' and they're out to take over. It's all got a very fascistic feeling to it, a great deal of Islamic supremacy and thuggish gang behaviour. Mostly it seems to be coming from Pakistanis who are young, drug users and are uneducated, but their elders are equally as backward and filled with hatred and intolerance, it's clear that they're the driving force.
Many street preachers are proselytizing on our streets, they're very agressive spreading disinformation from ipads and laptops of a bastardised brand of Islam that has no historical fact or proof. They can't answer criticisms or questions without their technology. They're from mosques that are distributing free literature that is heavily influenced by the likes of Zakir Naik and other hatemongers.
We're paying Pakistani and other Muslim families huge amounts of money in benefits, and they're breeding faster and faster than any other communities. They're clearly taking and sending much of this money back to Pakistan to fund lavish homes and lifestyles..it's no wonder there's a financial crisis.
I grew up in a time where we accepted everyone regardless of race, origin and religion. Over the years I've witnessed Islam dismantle race relations and communities, it resembles the start of something very sinister and worrying. My father once told me about the rise of fascism in Britain just before WWII and the present situation has many similarities, Muslims have DEVELOPED an increasingly open ignorant and hostile attitude towards the Jewish and Christian (non muslim) community it's based on propaganda.
We desperately need to confront the street preaching Islamic jihadis with facts and truths, without fear of reprisal and intimidation.
Call me v
written by abc , January 02, 2013
Whatever mate!
1-1.5% of a population are taking over?
What coffee are you drinking?

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