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Pakistani Ex-Muslim Imran Firasat Facing Deportation from Spain for Making Muhammad Movie

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Pakistani ex-Muslims Imran Firasat, a vocal critic of Islam, who recently created a media stir by proposing to make a movie depicting the life of Prophet Muhammad, is facing deportation from Spain, where he holds residency status as a refugee.

imran-firasatHis movie The Innocent Prophet, was inspired by the earlier movie trailer on Prophet Muhammad,The Innocence of Muslims, made in U.S., which instigated violent protests from Muslims around the world, causing dozens of deaths, including of the U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other U.S. diplomats in Libya. And the Spanish authority was worried of facing similar violence from Muslims at home and abroad as a result of Imran Firasat's movie. Therefore, before the scheduled release of Firasat's movie on 14th December 2012, the Spanish Ministry of Interior summoned Mr. Firasat and quickly conducted a close-door trial, forcing him to sign a document promising not to release the movie in any form, whatsoever. He was threatened that if he released the movie, his refugee status would be revoked and he would be deported from Spain to his home country, Pakistan, where he would face certain death penalty for openly leaving Islam and criticizing Islam under Pakistan’s blasphemy Law (295-C).

Under pressure, Firasat withdrew from the movie, but his U.S. collaborator, controversial Pastor Terry Jones, who already had a copy, took Firasat’s name out of the movie and released it from the U.S. on the scheduled date.

Despite Imran Firasat's best effort to distance himself from the movie by completely taking out his name, the Spanish authority decided to revoke his refugee status, serving him with a letter to the effect within days after the movie was released.

Mr. Firasat has been baffled by the manner his refugee was revoked, because it usually takes 6 months to process the cancellation of refugee status.

He has been told by the Interior Ministry that he is a threat to Spain’s national security. He was inciting violence against Spain both at home and against Spanish diplomatic missions and interests abroad.

Imran Firasat told the IBTimes UK that "They [Spanish authorities] are trying to send a message to the Muslim world that Spain will take action against all those who criticise Muhammad. Criticising Islam and exposing Muhammad are not anymore part of freedom of expression. Muslims can kill Christians, burn European flags and insult Christ. But we can’t even speak the truth about Islam."

Imran Firasat, who feels open examination of Islam is necessary for liberty and democracy to survive in the West amidst its burgeoning Muslim populations, says, he wants to criticize Islam, but without instigating violence among Muslims to avoid vandalism, destructions and deaths.

And his movie, despite being on Youtube for over two weeks and watched by tens of thousands of people, there hasn't been any controversy, criticism or violence, whatsoever. Even then, the decision of the Spanish government to serve Imran Firasat with deportation papers clearly shows how much fear have Muslims stricken into the hearts of Western nations. This is nothing but Muslims' perfect enactment of Allah's divine commandment for striking terror into the heart of the unbelievers in the following verses:

  • Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah… (3:151)
  • “…I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them." This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger... (8:12-13)
  • Let not the unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly): they will never frustrate (them). Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah…. (8:59-60)

Imran Firasat, who has been struggling with financial difficulties, especially after making this movie – which not only ate up all of savings but he also had to take a loan – has one month to defend himself in Court, failing which he may be put on a plane to Pakistan.

Freedom of expression, which the Western world devised as human rights, is the finest achievement that distinguishes the West from the rest. And the Spanish government's decision to deport Imran Firasat clearly shows that freedom of expression is dying fast in the West.

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this was to happen world has already lost war against jihad.
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , December 29, 2012
this was to happen world has already lost war against jihad.
written by abc , December 29, 2012
Send him to bukhara market in Mogadishu!
Maybe he can convert the brothers there to leave Islam!
Stupidity always strikes the stupid.
Looks like it was firasats turn!
Delighted abc
written by M A Khan. , December 29, 2012
Nobody is surprised that this news will delight you, which you express yourself. Seeing Imran Firasat put on the guillotine in Pakistan will delight all Islamists and Jihadis of the world.

But don't you be just too excited yet. Imran may be another sacrifice on the alter of Islam amongst the tens of thousands since the 9/11 attacks. But his battle to save humanity will continue, as relentless as ever.
written by Light , December 29, 2012
Another shill that wants to cash in big money with the Islamophobes by telling them exactly what they want to hear about Islam.
M a khan
written by abc , December 29, 2012
You took the bait and bit.
I wouldn't wish the chap any harm. Look at the facts:
1. Born in a country with blasphemy laws
2. Leaves another country under a dark cloud with a dead man in the background
3. Manages to get asylum in amazing spain.
Any sensible person would have thanked his lucky stars and kept their head down. Get a job, raise a family etc. No not this guy.
4. He gets into financial irregularities with his business partner and scarpers.
Maybe now you think "I am pushing my luck here" nope not thus guy.
5. He joins the hate market and with his sponsors opens a website. Disrespecting and mocking people. All the while his backers are ghosts and this guy is the public face of his vitriol.
You would think he would keep a low profile. Nope not this guy.
6. After some mental Egyptian con artist beat him it to make a film and we saw how well it was recieved. Imran decided to collaborate with terry jones and put out another film. Nobody saw it and nobody cared. He missed the opportunity to be the one.
7. The Spanish authorities pre warned him of the consequences.
Now you would think that he would take a moment to pause and think.
Nope not this guy.
8. The Spanish have revoked his visa, his backers are nowhere to be seen. His options are running out fast.
Let's see if Imran is smart enough to take a moment to think.
With his track record I doubt it.
written by kope , December 29, 2012
one day will come all islamophobe will be deported to some other planet
Editor's Note: Islamophobia is a term invented by Muslims. It has no genuine existence. It was invented to prevent objective thinkers from criticizing Islam
Doubt he will be sent back
written by Kaser , December 29, 2012
With Pakistan's blasphemy laws, he risks to be put to death - probably ample reason his lawyer will use to justify NOT deporting him.
But there will try him, to pass a message to others to NOT produce "provoking" films. Firasat is stressed out and in pain right now - mission accomplished...

The only thing that I see damaged here is freedom of speech. There should be FULL rights to produce a movie criticizing ALL religions WITHOUT any consequences. Religions want us to blindly swallow their outdated, erroneous, supremacist, condescending filth. They SHOULD be the subject of many, many criticizing films. Only after a thorough cycle of criticism is any ideology able to be proven right.

But Islam does not want any body to open the hood and dig deeper... To much muck at the bottom. Islam wants the western world to stay comfortable in believing it's a religion of peace and love - the same Love expressed at Hajj - right Malem?

But I guess Spain, a Christian-majority country, does NOT want Islam criticized because it opens the door for Christianity to be criticized - something Christians do not want either.

In any case, this whole story is again a perfect example of religion's disastrous effects on individual humans and humanity in general - and why they must all be relegated to the dark ages where they ALL belong.
Imran is a warrior
written by Fineliving56 , December 30, 2012

Your list of pure hate is pathatic and it shows your mentality .. just another ruthless islamic mentality … you try to put forth a front of democracy and non violent postes … but do not think we are fooled by your thin veneer.

In Your list about Imran …. # 1 … '' born in a country with blasphemy laws ''

It says it all, about your kind of violent thinking, which it shows you lack of courage to say what you really want to actually mean and say :

'' you support the condemnation of Imran's actions against Islam, and you support branding him a blasphemer ** Because, as you said, he was born in an Islamic country where blasphemy laws, is a live and well, and you stopped short to say, HE HAS TO BE PUNISHED AND HAS TO PAY THE CONSEQUENCES .

The way I see it, your # 1 shows that you are pissed at the fact that, Imran was able to run away from all being killed, and he was able to produce a critical film of Muhammad the thug, outside of his, freedom killer country … so you feel he needs to be forced to go back to be punished by, no doubt, beheading or burning.

You need to know this :

In the next few years .. there will be many more of Imrans … who will be spreading the truth about Islam …

So, what Muslims thugs going to do … try to kill everyone ? … not possible !?

I hope you know … The more Muslims Jihad in the name of Islam, … the more people of the West will wake up and resist …

it is painful to realize .. but it is true, more people have to lose there lives for the tide to shift for Islam.

written by Kaser , December 30, 2012
Deported with what Kope? Last I saw, most of all modern technology is owned by non-Muslims.
What - you're suddenly going to stop praying 5 times a day and devellop "technology" ?
Or use Iranian rockets to deport us to another planet? Expand further Kope, I'm sooooooo curious...

To Editor - I'm fine with being labeled and Islamophobe. I have no problem explaining I do not like Islam.
Nor do I like other religions - which makes me a theophobe. But replace "fear" by "not like" - because I do not fear religions - I do not like them.
I'm also a "Pteromerhanophobe" it seems... I have a "fear" of (or contempt for) liars.

And "god" knows there are countless liars in religion - they lie as soon as they preach their "faith".
written by abc , December 30, 2012
Grow up!
Firstly read the article. It clearly states he was born in Pakistan.
As you know Pakistan has blasphemy laws! Fact.
Secondly it's not a list of hate, it's information on the chap that is freely available on the net! I really couldn't care less what you think my posts hide or do not. Opinions are like aresholes, everybody has them and you are entitled to yours.
My violent thinking? Are you reading minds again? Read my previous post, it clearly states that I do not wish the man any harm. So again you read between the lines and project your opinion.
Why don't you read what I do say and not assume what I didn't say. How have you managed to survive to your age with that mentality?
That's exactly right "The way I see it," unfortunately I do not share your narrow view.
Honestly, why don't you put any thought into your rants instead of bile. You may find your opinions maybe worth something.
Video in Arabic
written by Zawgit Allah , December 30, 2012
For those interested:

http://videos.banatmouz.com/video/1044/براءة المسلمين فلم محمد باسل سام مشاهدة

& the English version:

written by kope , December 30, 2012
learn how islam will take over the west

written by Betty , December 30, 2012
Isn't that your website kope? With your bull da da there? I liked the movie that Zawgit Allah posted, more truthful than yours. ;)
IMRAN FIRASAT , the bold, courageous hero
written by kafir-infidel , December 30, 2012
When i read this sentence of the title of your news , I felt tremendous empathy with him.
My fervent appeal is that we all must organize and protest and send a message to the concerned authorities , including the P M of spain , expressing our revulsion for this action by spanish authorities . We can send a petition signed by all of us. Under no circumstances , we should agree for the deportation. All avenues must be explored , including the united nations .
Here's what the fuss is about
written by Betty , December 30, 2012
another truthful movie about the prophet, just exactly what is happening and has happened or 1400 years

written by Allan Hansen. , December 30, 2012
Thanks to Geert Wilders and Gavin Boby etc. etc.
written by Fineliving56 , December 30, 2012
The fact that you did NOT say '' born in Pakistan '' and you said '' born in country with blasphemy law '' , made me suspicious ..

You have to admit, the mention of that barbaric and savage law, was out of place, in writings of a man who says '' I do not which a man like Imran any harm ..!

If you only were stating the facts about the situation, then come out and say '' blasphemy laws are out dated and should be band .... Quran or no Quran .

Are you THAT afraid to state your conscious when you see unfairness and inhumane treatments of people ?

Quran or no Quran ...

ABC .. state your own thinking ... you can, and you will not end up in Jahannam in punishment .. not the one that described in Quran .. it is absurd and does hold up in the face of logic ... the logic that Allah created us with,BTW ... [ supposedly ]

The reason I am sure, you will not go to Jahannam is For one reason and one reason only ... there isn't one!!! ... Quran proves it the way it describe it ... only an ignorant human could come up with such stupidity.

Jahanam was created to fool the weak minded and the ignorant to make people the mindless followers they prove to be .. and from your post I gather you are not !!

Think about it and free your mind .
written by abc , December 31, 2012
Just stop a minute, take a breath and breathe.
1. I said "he was born in a country with blasphemy laws" because I do not know how many countries have that law. I do know Pakistan has it .
2. We were not talking about blasphemy laws we were talking about Imran.
3. If you are asking if I agree with blasphemy laws then I will tell you. Categorically NO. That's my opinion.
4. As I understand it, and again I am no expert on Pakistan. The law was not introduced when Pakistan was formed. It got introduced many decades later.
The founders of Pakistan did not want Pakistan the way it is headed.
5. I would like to think that all people think freely. We may differ in opinions but that is what makes the world go round. ( that's a metaphor).
6. If I respond to your post then what I write I think, I do not respond with an agenda.
written by Fineliving56 , December 31, 2012
Good to know …

I am glad you categorically DO NOT agree with Blasphemy law … You actually brought back some of my lost hope for Muslims humanity … Your opinion is the right opinion as I see it, on the issue of blasphemy ..

And I just wanted to remind … blasphemy is the law is derived from Quran and Sunna .

One aspect that proves Pakistan is reverting backward IS that, the law of blasphemy is installed, sorry to say .

I also have, no agenda except bringing out the truth .. my truth … which ever it, is as I see it and experience it .

We differ in opinion …but not on everything as I just discovered from the your last post.


Abc,Kope et al
written by Paix , December 31, 2012
The headline grabbing news all the time will lead to everyone's downfall, eventually and sadly.

whatever has happened has happened.You can't undo things, atleast you can stop further escalations. Preach in your community that acts of violence must end, try please.

Remove the word ' Kill' from daily usage and see the difference.

written by abc , December 31, 2012
"And I just wanted to remind … blasphemy is the law is derived from Quran and Sunna ."

I don't think that is true!
abc, Fineliving
written by Kaser , December 31, 2012
It is derived from Islam. My personal take on the subject:

If Clerics and other "scholars" define/create blasphemy laws in the context of Islam, then that is what defines said religion in modern times. This is the Islam we see. Who are we to argue against "clerics", "Mullahs" and whatever else they call themselves.
Abc, moderate Muslims are nowhere to be seen when angry, bearded male muslims rant in the streets to "behead those that insult Islam" and other violent crap.

Their "religion" is used to serve their specific needs. And Islam allows this because it was created to serve the specific needs of Mohammed when he "invented" it.

Abc, you know the Quran is a jumbled mess of texts created by humans. I read and I read, and a normal human cannot retain anything out of it. You have to constantly refer to it.
And, according to Malem and many others, context needs to be taken into account in interpreting the Quran texts. This makes it very very susceptible to anyone's interpretation.

Interpretation means just that. Each individual will read out of the Quran what suits him best according to his specific background and desires. Add to this mix the enormous amount of violent verses, threats of hellfire and other juvenile attempts at control and submission, and you have a volatile situation.

Abc, you will agree the Quran is full of violence against unbelievers... Now leave it to humans to decide how and when to dispense this "god-sanctioned" violence. Contempt for other religions, contempt for non-believers, suicide bombings, acid attacks, ect... and blasphemy laws.

One thing we never, ever see... And that is god himself to help take care of this mess... I wonder why?
Message to Imran
written by Montegue , January 01, 2013
Imran, I admire your brilliant mind and courage. Best lawyers in the West are coming to defend your human rights. I know there are many people working hard to bring you help. Humanity will remember you. You are man of faith can courage.
where is Europe heading to?
written by top , January 03, 2013
This is a shame and a scandal. Where is Europe heading to.....?
Here's a petition for
written by Betty , January 04, 2013

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