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Imran Firasat’s Deportation Case Moves to Spanish Court

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Earlier we have reported that Pakistani ex-Muslim Imran Firasat’s refugee status was revoked by the Spanish government on the ground that he was a national security threat because of his criticism of Islam, particularly his making of the movie “The Innocent Prophet”. His identity card was also abruptly confiscated, paving the way for his possible swift deportation to Pakistan.

As of latest, Imran’s case has moved to the Spanish court, where he will defend himself against the government’s plan to revoke his refugee status. He will be represented by The Legal Project, a New York based organization, which has a large transnational clientele, “includes authors, bloggers, journals and politicians.” It is dedicated to “…protect the right in the West to freely discuss Islam, radical Islam, terrorism, and terrorist funding.

In an interview with the World Net Daily (WND), Imran Firasat said, “Muslims are involved everywhere in terrorism. Christians are being persecuted in Islamic countries to the maximum level of torture and suffering and Islam is trying to invade the Western world and kill our values. Who will stop this all?

He added, “…for me, the truth is that Islam is a man-made religion which was created in order to govern the world. It has several contradictions in itself. It teaches killing (Jihad), hate non-Muslims, discriminate women, rule the world at any price etc…

Interesting about the case of Imran is that it was exactly the threat to Imran from Muslims for blaspheming Islam that the Spanish Interior Ministry granted him refugee status in 2004. And today, due to the same threat from the same community for the same reason that the Spanish government has revoked his refugee status and is determine to send him back to Pakistan to face certain death.

On Imran Firasat’s case, The Legal Project noted, “The Spanish government has revoked Imran Farasat’s asylum status because he made a film. Besides denying him his right of freedom of expression, the government is now trying to facilitate his transfer to Pakistan where Imran will face certain death for blasphemy. It is downright shameful. The Legal Project plans to take every measure possible to make sure that does not happen.

Sam Nunberg, an attorney with The Legal Project, explained to WND that “The Spanish government is reneging on the fact that they granted him asylum in the first place…

More fundamentally it is “…a violation of his right to freedom of expression to be able to speak out against Islam,” added Nunberg.

This, to Nunberg, amounts to the Spanish government’s implementation of Sharia law.

Imran further told WND that “The Spanish government wants to set an example for all the Western countries that all the countries should do the same thing with the anti-Islamic bloggers and activists what Spain has done to me. My status has been revoked and I am on the verge to be deported, not because I have violated any Spanish law, but it is all because of the fear from the Islamic world.

On his fate if deported to Pakistan, Imran added, “I know if I would be sent back to Pakistan, I will be killed on arrival for the blasphemy. What I consider is the truth. Muslims consider that the blasphemy. They do not have the capacity to bear the truth. That is why they kill brutally … everyone who speaks the truth about Muhammad.

On this point, said Nunberg, Imran’s case “would be the first case where they [the Europeans] flat out extradite someone to an Islamic country to be killed for blasphemy.

On the fear of the increasing encroachment of the Shariah law in the West, Imran said, “Then a day will arrive in a very near future when expressing your view on Islam will be declared a legal crime according to the Western constitutions. Anyone can criticize Jesus Christ and insult the Christianity and nothing happens. But criticizing Muhammad for his cruel acts and corrupt life doesn’t fall anymore under the right of liberty of speech.

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written by Michael C , January 13, 2013
Islam is the threat to national security - not the person warning.
written by fine , January 13, 2013
That, freedom of speech is being choked to death, in Spain … it is spreading all over Europe.

If Imran end up sent back to Pakistan the land of inhumanity, It is a gigantic set back to us all ..

The Muslims thugs of the world, will celebrate a victory in succeeding, in terrifying the world to silence and suppression….

It is not Imran's fault, Muhammad was the worst thug that ever walked on earth ..

it is not his fault, Muslims wrote and documented Muhammad's shameful acts … and he only made a film about it??

It is not his fault, Islam is and was the biggest li* humanity ever fooled by …. why he is being punished .. why ? …

so it is all right to have all Islamic information sit in books … but it is a crime to bring out in films … why ?

I am saddened and dismayed!!

The Petition is almost complete …. I wonder when the names are all in, if it has any effect on the outcome of Imran's court case.

anyone knows?

This mentality of ''you made me do it'' Muslims display, has to stop …. they shift responsibility of the violence they are committing, off themselves, to the people who speak out …and they were only within the law.
Dimmis of Islam
written by Milad , January 14, 2013
No matter how much you tell this people that there is hate in the Quran the 'dimmis' do not want to hear.
Two kinds of Dimmis (according to wordpress.com)

First Kind (of the 21st Cent): Any Non-Muslim person living in a Non-Islamic nation who is psychologically suffering from Islamic imposed guilt.
This guilt could be coined as Islamic Stockholm Syndrome. Because of this false guilt mixed with fear, a psychological Dhimmi becomes an apologist for Islam. A situation where an abused wife defends her husband in public as a wonderful spouse. OR, as Sir Winston Churchill put it - An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Not knowing that the crocodile only gets bigger and he is next. (This Dhimmi is more dangerous to Non-Muslims than the terrorist.)

Second Kind: Is a Non-Muslim that is a Christian, Jew or Zoroastrian living in an Islamic nation. This person exists under a protection treaty that allows them to “live” in an Islamic nation as long as they will willingly suffer under the restrictions placed upon their lives.
written by vbv , January 14, 2013
Haha ! the europeans are so scared of islam,they shit in their pants at the very thought of islam. Hahahahahahaha!!! Just a century back they were the colonizers of this world ! What a fall !!!
written by malm , January 14, 2013
written by fine , January 14, 2013
Shamata …is nothing but vindictiveness …. that what you are doing .

No one cares about your goodbyes to Imran … bigamist snake

Why don't you come here in the US and live …. see how welcoming the west will be, either you leave one of your wives over there, or bring them both here AND you and them have to get ready to be called .. '' jail birdies ''

Have safe trip coming here LAD … and remember he is better then you ..LAD
written by Kaser , January 15, 2013
Well, "malm" certainly shows his true colors here - his contempt shines through like a beacon of hatred in an otherwise sad situation.
Sending Firasat to Pakistan is akin to a death sentence because we all know how intolerant and savage Muslims living in Islamic countries can be towards apostates.

That must be the "Love" Malem was talking about at Hajj - LOVE of killing apostates.

malm, since this amuses you, buy a popcorn (halal of course), drink a cola (halal of course) and watch Imram's story unfold.
He's got more balls than you ever had or ever will have.
to Malman
written by Infidel and MP , January 15, 2013
Lad be worried about your brethren getting killed in Pakistan.

Leave Imran alone.
Calm down
written by abc , January 15, 2013
I'm sure malman made the point sarcastically!
He knows how easy it is to wind up the old dear!
written by fine , January 15, 2013
Well … that is not an excuse ..in fact it makes it worse

To be sarcastic is out of place, where a man is about to have his life snatched away from him, with sure death … either by beheading or rugim !!

You tell me … my little boy … how easy for you to wind up …

killing an innocent man is not good enough for you? .
written by abc , January 15, 2013
Bollywood boy Imran is not going anywhere. He is just getting a slap for not listening to the authorities. There is no way Spain will extradite him.
written by Kaser , January 15, 2013
About Malem - yeah, you might be right, he does pretty much just pop his gopher head to be smacked by us, then retreat and pop somewhere else. Malem, the Whack-A-Mole.

And I agree with you abc, I doubt very much he will be deported.

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