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Assassinations: Prophet’s Holy Tradition Takes Center Stage in the Muslim World

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Assassination, or secret killing, is the most dreaded weapon to demolish an opposition or to silence critics. Authoritarian, fascist and fanatic regimes have historical used assassination with great effectiveness. Today, from Tunisia to Bangladesh, assassinations by Islamist fanatics have been terrorizing their secular and progressive opponents.

In Islam, assassination was one of the violent tools that Prophet Muhammad used in its founding days. Here’s a brief list of the Prophet’s assassinations:

1)   Abu Afak: He was famous poet, aged 120 years. He wrote a poem, condemning the Prophet’s murdering a man named al-Harith. Hearing of what Abu Afak has written, “The apostle said, ‘Who will deal with this rascal for me?’” And a disciple of Muhammad, named Salim b. Umayr, went forth and killed him at the dead of night. (Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad, p. 675)

2)   Asma binte Marwan: She was poetess and mother of five children. When Prophet Muhammad assassinated the heavily-aged fellow poet Abu Afaq, Asma wrote a poem, condemning the tribes of Medina that had invited such a violent person and his murderous gang to their otherwise tranquil city. Ibn Ishaq writes, “When the apostle heard what she had said, he said, ‘Who will rid me of Marwan's daughter?’” A disciple of Muhammad, named Umayr, went to her house that very night and killed her. In the morning when informed Muhammad of his killing of Asma, he said, ‘You have helped God and His apostle, O Umayr.’ When Umayr went to Asma house, she was sleeping with her breast-feeding baby on her cheast. He carefully removed the baby and plunged the sword through her chest so violently that it got stuck into the wooden bed below. (ibid, p. 675-76)

3)   Kab bin Ashraf: Kab was a Jewish Prophet and critic of Muhammad. When Kab heard that a large number of the Quraish died in Muhammad’s aggressively plotted Battle of Bad’r, he reacted, “Is this true? Did Muhammad actually kill these, whom these two men mention? These are the nobles of the Arabs and kingly men; by God, if Muhammad has slain these people, it were better to be dead than alive” (Ibn Ishaq, p. 365). He felt so devastated at the death of so many Meccan noblemen that Hasan bin Thabit, Muhammad’s poet, wrote, “Does Ka'b weep for him again and again / And live in humiliation hearing nothing?....” A Muslim woman, ridiculing Ka’b, wrote: “This slave shows great concern / Weeping over the slain untiringly…

Ka’b not only expressed grief at the slain Meccans, he also wrote a poem urging them to take revenge on Muhammad (ibid). When Muhammad heard about it, records Sahih Bukhari (5:369), “Allah's messenger said, ‘Who is willing to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His apostle?’ Thereupon Maslama got up saying, ‘O Allah's messenger! Would you like that I kill him?’” Maslama also said that he will have to lie and deceive in order to kill Ka’b. Muhammad gave him permission to do that. Then on one night, Maslama lured Ka’b out of his house, saying he wanted to discuss something with him. When Ka’b, disregarding his wife’s concern, came out, two armed Muslim associates of Maslama, who were hiding nearby, came out and fell upon Ka’b and murdered him. (see also Ibn Ishaq, p. 367-68)

4)  Abu Sufyan: Meccan leader Abu Sufyan was one of Muhammad’s numerous fathers-in-law and chief opponent. Muhammad had sent Amr bin Umayyah al-Damri with another accomplice to Mecca for assassinating Abu Sufyan after the disastrous Battle of Ohud. The plot to kill Abu Sufyan failed, but the assassins killed 3 other Meccans before escaping to Medina with another Meccan alive. (History of Al-Tabari, Vol. 7, p. 147, Ibn Ishaq, p. 673-674)

There are many more cases of Muhammad’s order for assassination, which were either completed or failed (See Benjamin Walker, Foundations of Islam, p. 317-319; also see List of Killings Ordered or Supported by Muhammad, WikiIslam). It continued until the last day of the Prophet’s life. A Yemen-based Prophet and opponent of Muhammad named Ayhala ibn Kaab, known as Al Aswad (the Black) to Muslims, was assassinated on the night before Muhammad’s death. (Syed Amir Ali, The Spirit of Islam, p. 217; Benjamin Walker, p. 319)

Muhammad’s assassination of opponents and critics was so useful in breaking down opponents and terrorizing critics into silence that it remained an effective tool over subsequent period Muslim rule to the extent that there developed an entire Islamic sect in the Middle Age, called Hashashin, whose members made a living by working as hired assassins. And from this sect-name, Hashashin, the English word “assassin” and its derivatives originated. This tool remained active in Muslim societies and communities to this day. In recent history, prominent Islamic assassinations are that of moderate Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat, and failed attempts on the life of two Muslim intellectual giants, namely Nobel laureates, Naguib Mahfouz of Egypt, and Orhan Pamuk of Turkey.

tunisian-chokri-belaid-assassinated by islamists

While Islamic assassinations have remained a continuous phenomenon, after the rise of the Islamists following the “Arab Spring” revolutions in the Middle East, it has found a renewed and reinvigorated favor for terrorizing and silencing opponents of the Islamists as well as the critics of Islam. In Tunisia, traditionally the most secular Arab country and the first to experience the Arab Spring, secular opposition leader Chokri Belaid, opponent of the ruling Islamists-led government, was assassinated outside his home by unknown assailants, days after a bearded Salafi brand cleric gave a fatwa, declaring Belaid an “infidel” who must be killed “not according to me but the prophet!”

After Tunisia, Egypt was the next country where the Arab Spring empowered the Islamists, and brought the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood party into power. And soon after secular Chokri Belaid’s assassination in Tunisia, Islamic fatwas permitting the spilling of the blood of the opponent of Islamic agenda were declared. Appearing live on TV, Dr. Mahmoud Sha’ban – quoting the words of Prophet Muhammad from a Sahih Muslim hadith and Sharia Law that calls for beheading those who oppose the leader – issued a fatwa, calling for the murder of secular leaders Muhammad el-Baradei and Hamdin Sabhi, opponents of Islamist Brotherhood government in power. The fatwa sent down fear across the secular-camp politicians in Egypt. And days after Dr. Sha’ban’s fatwa Dr. Tawfik Okasha, Misr al-Youm (“Egypt Today”) TV show host and a vociferous critic of the Muslim Brotherhood, was attempted for assassination outside his house. He was saved by his bodyguards, who fire back at the assassins.

Islamic assassination has also been active in the West, which saw the assassination of Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh in November 2004 for making a movie, Submission, depicting the Islamic oppression of women. Prior to that Pim Fortuyn, a gay politician opposed to Islamic excesses in the Netherlands, was also assassinated in May 2002 by unknown assailants. Apart from these, a number of attempts to murder the critics of Islam have failed, while many plots to assassinate the critics of Islam were uncovered and frustrated. As of latest, Danish journalist and historian and critic of Islam Lars Hedegaard, also founder and president of the International Free Press Society, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt outside his home in Copenhagen.

And Bangladesh, another predominantly Islamic nation in the relatively quiet corner of South Asia, has just joined the fray of Islamic assassination. Bangladesh is no stranger to the phenomenon of Islamic assassination, as two of her top intellectuals and writers, namely Dr. Humayun Azad and poet Shamsur Rahman were both targeted for assassination. And most recently, terror of Islamic assassination reappeared with a vengeance in the course of Bangladesh’s own “Arab Spring” of sort, wherein the young generation of secular-minded Bangladeshis took to the streets in the hundreds of thousands for a prolonged period, demanding death penalty for the Islamist pro-Pakistan war criminals of 1971 currently under trial. Those war criminals are also the leaders of the country’s leading Islamic party, the Jamaat-e-Islami.

And in the face of the vigorous and determined call for death penalty of the Islamist war criminals on the streets in Bangladesh, members of the Jamaat-e-Islami Party has undertaken the path of assassination of the leading organizers of the demonstrations – many of whom turns out to be apostates and critics of Islam. On the 15 February 2013 night, leading organizer Ahmed Rajib Haider, nick-named Thaba Baba – a 35-year-old architect, atheist apostate and talented anti-Islam blogger, the brain behind the well-known Dhormockery (Mockery of religion) website that was previously banned by the Bangladesh government – was intercepted by unknown assassins on the way home and murder him by slitting his throat before dumping his dead-body outside his house. Thaba Baba's assassination comes after attempt on the life of Asif Mohiuddin, another apostate and popular anti-Islam blogger, who was attacked with axe but survived weeks before the ongoing demonstration. And after the murder of Thaba Baba, Islamists are circulating of all kinds of hit-lists of anti-Islam bloggers and secular-minded organizers of the anti-Islamist demonstration, sending down chilling fear across the vibrant Islam-critiquing blogging community and organizers of the demonstration.

Bangladeshi anti-Islam blogger and activist Ahmed
Rajib Haider (Thaba Baba) murdered, supposedly
by Islamists

Islam-critic blogger Asif Mohiuddin survived axe-
attack assassination attempt, supposedly by
Islamists. He is again on their hit-list.

At the outset of the demonstration, with tepid support of the ruling secular-leaning Awami League government, the protesters seemed to be in a firm position to intimidate the Islamists and get their wish for implementing death penalty upon all the Islamist war criminals. But with the tool of assassination, successfully murdering Thaba Baba, which they seek to continue using until all vestiges of atheism is wiped of the country’s soil, Bangladesh’s own version of “Arab Spring” – albeit an anti-Islamist one – suddenly seems to be all in disarray. What worked for the prophet of Islam 1,400 years ago works as effectively in today’s Bangladesh, despite a secular and somewhat anti-Islamist government in power.

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written by l , February 23, 2013
anti islamists should start slitting the throats of islamists at sight of them. we should strike terror and kw of electricity in every neuron of islamists
written by Jimi , February 23, 2013
If one Muslim is turned away from his religion because of blasphemy it is too many. Because we don't want people to lose their faith in the one true religion that we must kill anyone who makes fun of, insults or in anyway defames Islam.

Our prophet and Allah was clear on this. All scholars agree. Some Muslims weak in their faith do not accept these rulings. And it is up to pious Muslims everywhere to see that god's law for man, the sharia, is enforced wherever possible. It is therefor mandatory that blasphemers and those who insult Islam be killed on Friday after prayers.
All this happen and there is NO islamic state spowned ..yet
written by Fine , February 23, 2013
So what are we going to look for, when Muslims DO have an Islamic state with head of sneak ''Kalifah'' .. and to think people like abc still support it and justify it in any way they can and still think of themselves as democratic, good and peaceful !!??
Muhammad was the first Muslim assassin, but he was too much of a coward and too much of arrogant to do it him self, he sends others to do the bloody, messy deeds.

I learned something new in this article, [thanks] ... I never knew that the English word ''assassins'' is originated from the Arabic word ''Hashashin'' .. it is actually ''Hashasheen'' with stress on [e] in the end.

these assassin Muslim group named ''Hashasheen'' are well known but I never made the connection between the 2 words.

It all just make sense ...

[ assassin > ashashin > Hashashin > Hashasheen ]

Hashash[ah] is a word to describe a man or a women who is greedy in money and food and all things.

The word "Hashasheen" also evolved, in street talk, to refer to people who use drug ''hasheesh'' so they called them "Hashasheen"

Thanks for the Article ... the sad thing is that the Islamic source themselves going to be the down fall of Islam .. what THAT tell us !!??
written by Kaser , February 24, 2013
Hey Jimi, will you put into actions your threaths?
Or are you just a loudmouth here? Simply spewing your vile filth, and then go back to your little cave and BE the true coward you are?
You clearly advocate killing those that are not part of your cult-of-death aka Islam.
Jimi, this is why many many many people are working very very very hard to make sure Islam disappears from the face of this earth.

Jimi, your fake prophet Mohammed copy/pasted his God concept from Christianity.
Mohamed's fake Allah will never win, never intervene and never manifest himself, because he simply does not exist.
Have you ever heard Allah? Have you ever seen him? Nope.
But still Jimi, in your religion-induced fever, you claim to act on his behalf...

Jimi, I am sorry for you. You were probably born into Islam, not your choice really.
But now, you can learn about things non-Islam. Get the vile Quran, the fake divine book, out of your head.
You are not lost Jimi - drink a good, cold pint of beer while eating sausage/pork and sauerkraut - a truly divine feast if there ever was one...
Kaser on the attack
written by Jimi , February 24, 2013
Said "Or are you just a loudmouth here? Simply spewing your vile filth, and then go back to your little cave and BE the true coward you are? "

Wow look at the hate filled rant. I was simply defending Islam and the prophet. And for this I am attacked. Islam is the one true religion and Allah gave us rules to follow fora reason. People cannot just go around Insulting Islam and its prophets (this includes Jesus). Islam and Muslims respect all the prophets and all religions. It is not ok to insult any religion in Islam. But the heavy punishments are reserved for insulting Islam and Mohammed because Islam is the one true religion.

With the media being electronic and worldwide it is more important than ever today to enforce blasphemy laws. And to make sure islam's message of peace gets out to everyone. We thank Allah Muslim countries are trying to get worldwide blasphemy laws passed that protect all prophets.
to Jimi
written by Infidel and MP , February 24, 2013
Jimi I shove Allah , prophet , quran hadith , sira and sharia up you backside as far as possible.
You are free to take it more up as possible till you burst from anger.
written by Kaser , February 24, 2013
You're a funny one.

"islam's message of peace"
"Kill all blasphemers"

In the same discussion thread. And you wonder about reactions?

And why again, are we to believe Islam is the one true religion?
Care to bring forth some proof, Mr proselytiser?
jimi .. I give you this : at least you are honst ?!
written by Fine , February 24, 2013
What peace ? ..what Islamic peace ?... From what plant are you from ?

There was more then 20,000 Islamic terrorist and attempted attacked since 9/11 !!!??

How could you say in the same sentience .. words like enforce blasphemy laws which includes killings and beheading, and the word peace .............

You say you to make sure Islamic message ??

Oh we got YOUR message lowed and clear ... All one have to do is ... READ YOUR POSTS to know how violent, you and your Islam IS.

You delusional , sick Muslim man ... I am shocked at your refreshing frankness .. Muslims usually l i e for Islam ... you do have NO RESERVATION TO COME OUT AND declare Islam have to enforce the laws of Sharia whether we like or not .

Oh please .. keep at it .. let everyone know the real Muslims who are proud to be violent ... the l i a r s s we are sick of their clear l i e s

Yes Fine
written by Betty , February 24, 2013
at least he's honest, but I believe he is very young, maybe 14-15 years old trying to *protect* his *religion* with the bull he was raised on like Kaser said ""islam's message of peace"
"Kill all blasphemers"

In the same discussion thread. And you wonder about reactions?"
He is just parroting what he has been indoctrinated with from a very early age, sorta like a baby malem.
Betty (and Jimi, of course)
written by Kaser , February 24, 2013
"Like a baby Malem" - Good one!
Maybe it's actually one of Malem's kids !!! Jimi, how old are you my little Islamo-fanatic blogger?

Your English is good, so I'll venture to say you're in your thirties. Somewhat educated. Living in the West.
You feel insecure about your religion, so you feel the need to post here how wonderful it is, and how it asks to kill anything contradicting it. Fantastic!

Seems you do not know who we are Jimi. We know for a fact your Islam is nothing but man-made crap.
EVERYTHING about Islam is man-made. Your "prophet" invented all he did not copy from other religions.
Islam is actually probably the least credible religion out there (and Jimi, they all pretty much FAIL at being credible).

You sport a beard Jimi? A beard the size of a man's fist? Good for you, because we all know men that don't have luscious, full beards are not trustworthy.
You think women are weak of intelligence Jimi?? I encourage you to discuss with two women on this forum - Betty and FineLiving.
I'm certain interesting discussions will come out of this... That is, if you are courageous enough to engage them.

So Jimi, please, continue hating anything non-Islamic, because haram scares the hell out of you.
Islam is your only frame of reference, and it seems, Jimi, you have a lot of work ahead of you to defend it because the west is, day in and day out, seeing the vile stench that Islam spews onto the world.

Good luck, you'll need it.
to Jimi
written by Infidel and MP , February 24, 2013
Probably he is Malmans Son in law..
Either brothers or sisters son.
Beware of engaging betty and fine for they castr*te your kind many times over and make you look small (not that your not small). Its nice to know that your mum just stopped wiping your arsz (babies bums are wiped by their moms) and your pubes have started sprouting.
Meanwhile feel free to make and arsze of yourself and your muslim brethren on this site.
Tell us more about your real Islam for try as hard we may but abc does not want to embrace wahabism and Salafism.
We are running short of jokers for the one we have; Kopi is not very regular..
written by vbv , February 24, 2013
Islam is afilthy , backward and immoral cult founded by a criminal in Arabia by name Muhamad - the fraud and charlatan who proclaimed himself a "prophet". This is evident from the backwardness, turmoil , oppression and unmitigated bloodshed in all the muslim countries. Allah is no god and Muhamasd is no "prophet". Quran is a violent terrorist manual with plagiarised and distorted tales robbed from the Bible to sanctify it as a 'holy' book ,which it is not. It is a book of incoherent rants by a bunch of power-hungry, misogynistic, madcap criminals who justify slavery, discrimination against humanity if they do not join the 'islam' club,justify murders ,rapes, plunder , torture ,lying ,cheating ,robbing ,all in the name of this fake imaginery 'god' of arabia called Allah and that selfproclaimed prophet ( actually a fraud and a charlatan) called Muhamad. All this murder, mayhem, loot , plunder , oppression, slavery and rape is supposed to signify "peace" ,heh??/ Some peace indeed , fit for the worst, uncouth barbarians .
Evidence that Islam is wrong!
written by The Great Buana , February 24, 2013
There are so many restrictions in Islam. Muslims are not allowed to enjoy music and arts, dancing, pork, interest and many other things that are useful and good for the people in many regards. It is not that interest by itself is usury. This is a clear misunderstanding. Only too high interest rates can be considered usury.

It also depends on the quantity such as in the case of alcohol or even gambling, if it is done within certain limits.

But there are also things that should be clearly forbidden and restricted and this is killing.

There are no excuses for killing and murder and all major religion have laws against killing and murder. There is only one exception and this is islam. While it is forbidden to shake hands with a woman it is allowed to kill somebody because he is an infidel .... is this lawful? Is this logic?

@Fine on origin of "assassin"
written by MA Khan , February 24, 2013
It is certain that the English word 'assassin' originated from the Muslim sect name "Hashashin". It is just possible that people in the West, particularly Britons used to call that sect by the name "assassin", just like "Mumbai" became "Bombay" in English.
The word "Hashasheen" also evolved, in street talk, to refer to people who use drug ''hasheesh'' so they called them "Hashasheen"
Hasheesh may, indeed, be linked to the origin of this word or sect name. Because those "assassins" used to be put on drug by their leaders in order to create hallucination in them before sending them to carry out the extremely dangerous "assassination" plots.
written by youcancallmeV , February 24, 2013
Interesting....hashish has funded Islamic terrorism for decades. Red Lebanese and Lebanese Hashish was sold on European and N. American streets to fund Lebanese and Palastinian terror organisations. Afghani/Pakistani Red and Gold seal funded the Taliban, Mujahideen and Al Qaeda.
MA Khan
written by Fine , February 24, 2013
Amazing ..

Muslim Al hashasheen used to use drugs to make followers hallucinate so they have control over them … no surprise !!

Come to think of it [ and we talked before ] .. that drugs that alter people's senses was USED purposely to fool people in to thinking they sow miracles preformed by SLY or [ on DRUGS THEMSELVES ] prophets to convince them they are prophets sent by God ..

Using logic will only give answer as to why some people [ prophets ] SAY they sow, for example, ..A stick turned to a snack ..or Gipra'eel... flew sitting on a chair with 70,000 wings and 70,000 of each and every part of body when he talked to Muhammad ….

I think Muhammad was eating hallucinating mushrooms when sow Gibra'eel, seven heavens, .. etc .. … added to all his pure invention of his Quran .

I think at that time, Knowledge about plants that have hallucination effect was not known and because of ignorance, people thought unbelievable miracles, came from God because they were spacial .

The reason miracle had stopped happening, is not because God stopped allowed to happen with the last supposed prophet Muhammad, but because in our time, people have knowledge of effect of drugs and they do not get fools by it anymore.
Speaking of Arabic to English
written by Fine , February 25, 2013

Few years back, my Syrian girlfriend took me to enjoy a day in an Arabic convention. I went and we visited all kind of booths from every Arabic countries selling everything from Hookahs to Gellabiyas.
One very interesting booth I went in, has many displays of long lists of words to show the effect of the Arabic language on other languages including Spanish and English. I went through the lists for the English language and it was interesting

Later I wished I bought a copy of the long list, to go over it, later, I am into fallowing where words came from .

But, thanks to the internet today, that list is available in Wikipedia, to me it is fascinating how people were connected and exchanged language throughout out history.

Here is the list


It is intriguing, to know that because of the 800 years of Islamic occupation of Spain [ Muslims call it futuhaat Islamiya, It should be called what it is '' an occupation'' ] … the Spanish language got effected by the Arabic language, and in turn English language got effect by the Spanish language, and that is why there is so many English words, originated from Arabic .

I read somewhere that English language is a product of 15 languages .
written by abc , February 25, 2013
Oh an expert on etymology too?
Give me a break!
written by Fine , February 25, 2013
When did I ever say I am an expert on etymology .. wow you like to say anything to say something.

'' Into '' is not '' expert'' … my interest was born out my never ending translating Between Arabic and English .. my dictionaries books were worn before I learned to use the internet to look up words.
abc is the expert (aka former drip)
written by Yibel , February 25, 2013
Nowhere in fine's comments about the origins of English words does she say, or even imply, that she is an expert in etymology. She merely expressed an interest in the Arabic origins of some English words and provided a link to a web page with further information on the subject.

I have said this before, abc - but, apparently, must repeat once again: Take a class in reading comprehension! It might help you to avoid making these inane (from the Latin word inanis meaning "empty, vain, void of substance") comments.

See, abc, English has Latin origins, too!
written by youcancallmeV , February 25, 2013
Interesting to watch abc dismiss historical fact again.
English is also comprised of ancient Anglo Saxon, Gaelic, Scandinavian and Germanic...I should imagine that some part of the English language survives from the Palaeolithic, Lower and Middle Palaeolithic, Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Mesolithic-Neolithic transition, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age. A long long long time before Mohammed ever p!ssed in the sand of the desert and a massive span of time before he dreamed up his scam with the moon demon and bits of rock.
There's Britain....a tiny little island in the Atlantic, building stone circles long before the Egyptians built the pyramids, next door to the Irish who built stone circles and temples long before the Egyptians built the pyramids. Near France and Scandinavia who's people built stone circles long before the Egyptians built the pyramids.
written by abc , February 25, 2013
Keep talking big guy!
Jimi's crimes must be prosecuted
written by appolyon , February 25, 2013
I must insist that the moderator of this blog ascertain the ISP of this disgusting character and have him reported to the Police and Security authorities.

He is publicly advocating violent murder, and the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children who do not share his archaic and unsustainable death cult views.

For this very serious offense he must be dealt with using the full force of the legal system of the country in which he resides, assuming that he is in the more-tolerant West.

The time is over for discussion - such evil must be confronted head-on using those very democratic principles which he would deny us under his evil system of Sharia.

Alternately, should the authorities favour political correctness over justice, seek him out and give him his own justice: "smitten from above the neck".
written by abc , February 25, 2013
Good luck with that request.
This moderator can't organise a piss up in a brewery.
Afghans '' Hashasheen'' have another job on the side …'' Police
written by Fine , February 26, 2013

Afghan police 'sell weapons to Taliban, are addicted to drugs and kidnap and rape young boys'

Lacking Morals
written by Fine , February 26, 2013
It is really funny how Muslims, pride themselves on their Islamic life that based on pure Morals that Quran is full of … mean while they bad mouth the life of westerns who have problems with crimes .

It looks like .Muslims .. l i e and do not look at what their own doing .. . I guess, the Hashasheen Muslim Afghani police, are not above, using drugs, raping boys and kidnappings … I guess Quran did not succeed in installing morals in their hearts and minds .

Could be that THAT happens because Quran it self lack high Morals ???

Yes !!!
Why the name '' Allah and His Prophet Muhammad'' shouted by every Islamic terrorist groups all over the world
written by Fine , February 26, 2013
Boko Haram Threathens To Execute French Family Kidnapped in CamerounBoko Haram Threathens To Execute French Family Kidnapped in Cameroun


See the black sign with bold white letters, over the heads of the French kidnapped people … No need to add explanations .
written by MA Khan , February 26, 2013
Please be more careful in expressing your views.

We do not tolerate incitement to violence and racist propaganda. Please make sure that your comments do not break those boundaries.
MA Kahn / abc
written by Kaser , February 26, 2013
Thank you Mr Kahn.

abc, you were saying?
written by Kaser , February 27, 2013
Boko Haram...
Ansar Dine...
Al Quaeda...
Al Shabaab...
The Taliban...

... And so many others...

All fine, outstanding, pious, righteous groups that clearly show how low, vile and hateful men can become when Islam rules their miserable, angry lives.

Religion of peace my A$$
Another explanation for the word assassin
written by Yibel , February 27, 2013
Hasan-i Sabbah (circa 1036-1124CE) founded the State of Alamut, south-west of the Caspian Sea, and the "Ismaili Nizarites," the secret society of assassins.

According to texts that survived the destruction of the library in Alamut, the sects main fortress, Sabbah liked to call his followers Assassiyun, “those who are
faithful to the Assas” - the “foundation” of the Islamic faith.

Under their leader Hassan-i Sabbah (or Hassan bin Sabbah), the Shi'ite Nizari Ismailis captured and occupied many mountain fortresses and began to pose a strong military threat to Sunni Seljuq authority within the Persian territories.
This terrorist group, which existed in Iran from 1090-1257 - and in Syria till even
later - carried out numerous assassinations over the years. The assassins, called
"Fida'i," were told that if they were killed and had killed they would go to heaven and have beautiful women as per several passages in the Qur'an.

Note: The Alamut fortress (means “eagle’s nest”) fell to the Mongols under the leadership of Hülegü Khan in 1256 CE and much of the library was destroyed.
Salafists fail to stop 'Harlem Shake' in Tunisia
written by lw1 , February 28, 2013
Salafist Muslims tried to prevent the filming of current craze the 'Harlem Shake' at a Tunis school on Wednesday, but were driven off after coming to blows with students, an AFP correspondent said.
When the dozen or so ultra-conservative Muslims, some of them women in veils, showed up at the Bourguiba Language Institute in the El Khadra neighbourhood, a Salafist bastion, students shouted 'Get out, get out.'
One of the Salafists, wearing military gear and carrying a Molotov cocktail he never used, shouted 'Our brothers in Palestine are being killed by Israelis, and you are dancing.'
The Islamists eventually withdrew and the students were able to film their production.
On Monday, Education Minister Abdellatif Abid said a probe had been ordered into a previous staging two days earlier of a 'Harlem Shake' by students in a Tunis suburb. He said there could be expulsions of students or sacking of educational staff who were behind the staging of the dance.
In response, the ministry's website was hacked and a call went out on social media for the staging of a mega Harlem Shake in front of the ministry on Friday
kill muslims at will
written by hate muslims , March 03, 2013
As prophet of the new world, i decree all free thinkers to slit the throats of all non pig eaters wherever u may find them. Stop associating with them, force them to pay higher taxes if they wanna live in your country and strip them of every human right. I permit you to trade them as slaves and allow you to use them on your farms and as beasts of burden. Unless you keep these satan worshippers in check, you don't believe in the God of free thought

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