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Battle of Badr: Islam at Its Best

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On the 17th of Ramadan of every year, Muslims celebrate Islam’s most blessed and most important day – the battle of Badr, which took place two years after Hijra. From the Muslims’ point of view, the battle symbolized the victory of what is the right (Haq) against what is wrong (Batel), the oppressed against the oppressors, the Muslims against the Kuffar; in short it symbolized the victory of Islam against the enemies of Allah. The Muslim army won the battle and Mohammed emerged as a rising leader in Arabia that every tribe should fear and respect- or else.

In Badr, the Muslims demonstrated their best. They have never been that good before or after that ‘glorious’ day.  Since then, Badr has been a medal that honored those Muslims who were lucky enough to join Mohammed and fight the battle. There is nothing more prestigious to any sahaba (Mohammed’s companion) than to refer to him as a Muslims who ‘shahida badr’, meaning fought in Badr. Being so blessed, the Muslims of today often use the name Badr in military exercises /operations or prestigious organizations.

Our knowledge about that battle comes only from the Islamic sources because there are no others. There are no accounts from the defeated party, the Kuffar, who were completely annihilated and no accounts from other neutral parties. This is a typical example of the adage “history is written by the victorious”. It is logical to assume that the Muslim historians did their best to paint a picture that is biased towards Islam.

Mohammed’s immigration to Medina went well, but soon the inevitable happened and he ran out of money. Normal people who find themselves in similar circumstances would look for work or learn new skills to support themselves, but I don't think the idea crossed Mohammed’s mind. Simply it was not in his culture. Mohammed opted for the easy money that comes through raiding other tribes and stealing their properties.

That was the beginning of that form of jihad known as ‘gazwat’, which is a polished word for raids. Mohammed and his followers carried out a number of those raids before the battle of Badr, which was a continuation of those raids, only on a larger scale.

The Quraish was a tribe of trade. Their richest caravan was coming home from Syria heading to Mecca under the leadership of Abu Sufyan. The rich caravan was protected by some thirty men. The news of the arrival of the caravan reached Mohammed, who couldn't resist the temptation. He called for the Muslims and said: “These are the camels of Quraish with their money, go for it may Allah make it yours” (1). What a nice preaching!. He then organized a force of over three hundreds of his followers to intercept the caravan and raid it before it arrives to Mecca.

Abu Sufyan was a careful leader. He knew what was on stake and how rich the caravan was. His strategy was to send spies to explore the roads ahead and screen them for gangs who might be tempted to raid the caravan. Indeed, the news came that there was a huge gang, an army in fact, under the command of Mohammed, waiting to ambush the caravan at Badr. Abu Sufyan diverted the caravan to an alternative route that went towards Yanbu, at the red sea coast. At the same time, he sent to Mecca to alert them that Mohammed and his gang were planning to ambush the caravan.

Nearly every Meccan family had a stake in that caravan, so the news generated a lot of anger. About a thousand men gathered in haste and rushed to Badr to protect their caravan. Just as they were about to reach Badr, The news came to them that their caravan has arrived safely to Mecca. However, the two armies were destined for a confrontation and the Meccans decided to teach Mohammed and his gang a lesson. Because they had time on their side, the Muslims were better positioned as they already occupied the water sources. Mohammed was encouraged by a dream he had the night before that the Meccan army was a small army, which he interpreted as a good sign (2). Angel Gabriel, with three thousands of his angels, supported the Muslims’ army (3). The battle lasted only a few hours and ended by the early afternoon as many of the leaders of the Meccan army were killed.

The caravan was saved, but the Quraish lost some of its best men in that battle, including Omar Ibn Hisham and Nadr Ibn Al Harith, who often exposed Mohammed’s ignorance when he was still in Mecca. Both men often asked Mohammed questions to which he had no immediate answers. After weeks of thinking, Mohammed used to come up with useless responses in the form of Quranic verses like “they ask you about the spirit, say the spirit is something my god understands!...” Omar Ibn Hisham was a respected man renowned of his knowledge about religions and history. Mohammed was not comfortable with Omar Ibn Hisham’s status and reputation and later changed his title to Abu Jahl (father of ignorance), which suggests that the original title was ‘father of knowledge’, as Mohammed was known to reverse the titles he didn't like. Ibn Al Harith was not killed in the battle but was taken as a prisoner but Mohammed did not like to see him alive and gave his orders to Ali to kill him, to which Ali obliged by beheading him! Of course, Mohammed released the necessary verses to justify his actions (4).

No matter how you read it, or from which angle you look at it, this what happened in Badr:

  1. A trading caravan coming home from Syria to Mecca.
  2. Armed gang waiting to ambush the caravan, kill its men and seize the caravan and the merchandise for themselves.

There is nothing else to see in the story, as the Muslims told it, other than killing the prisoners, which was (and still) against the prevailing ethics of war.

And that was Islam at its best!

That what Muslims celebrate on the 17th of Ramadan every year!

The battle of Badr was piracy on a large scale carried out by a gang of merciless and blood thirsty murderers against innocent traders- plain and simple. It will remain a disgraceful piracy to the end of time. When Mohammed and his companions left Medina to intercept that rich caravan, they were not interested in preaching a religion or teaching ethics; they were only interested robbery and murder.

But that all Mohammed had ever done. He and his companions were professional gangsters who made a living from murders and theft.

Why Muslims do not see the reality of Badr?

When Muslims read the story of Badr, they do not sense any piracy or murder, which looks bizarre to non Muslims. This is also true when Muslims read about Mohammed’s other raids. Indeed, sensing any of Islam’s inanities is not as straightforward to Muslims as the non Muslims think. I spent decades in Islam without feeling there was anything disgraceful in the battle of Badr or any of Mohammed’s other raids, which were far worse. Some may wonder: How does that happen? Is there something wrong with the Muslims’ intellectuality?

The fact that it happens emphasizes the concerns that Islam cripples the mind. The problem is that we keep comparing Islam to other religions; the fact is that Muslims are brought up in a completely different way than the followers of other religions. It may look as an overstatement, but I do believe that professional research is required to understand the effects of Islam on the mind. I do believe that Islam is dangerous to mental health and something must be done about it. The fact that people who convert to Islam suddenly become dangerous to their relatives and their societies says it all. We all know that people commit suicides or murders soon after converting to Islam. If it is observed that people commit suicides after taking a drug, that drug would be banned.

In my experience, Muslims’ inability to see the reality of Islam has to do with the extensive brain washing the Muslim is subjected to since his/her birth (5). By the time a Muslim comes to read about the battle of Badr, his/her mind is already conditioned to revere words like rasool, PBUH, sahaba and their titles, Muslims ..etc. At the same time, his/her mind is conditioned to despise and be repelled by words like Kuffar, enemies of Allah, Mushrikoon etc. The Muslim’s basic facts are established at an early stage in life as absolute facts, and that becomes difficult to change later in life. When the Muslims read the sira books, they are already prepared to accept, even think highly, of anything “the prophet PBUH” might do or say.

A Muslim school book introduces the story by claiming that the Quraish had already confiscated the properties of the “prophet of Allah PBUH, and the Muhajeroon, may ridwan of Allah(acceptance) be upon them”, therefore, raiding a caravan was approved by “Allah SWT and his prophet PBUH” as a justified action to make the ‘haq’ (right) victorious and the ‘batel’ (wrong) loser. The Muslims’ books actually put the blame on the Quraish and depict them as war mongers and portray Mohammed and his gang as peace loving people! "The battle could have been averted, as the caravan arrived safely to Mecca. The prophet PBUH and the sahaba, may ridwan (acceptance) Allah be upon them, were preparing to leave, but the enemies of Allah SWT seized the opportunity to fight the Muslims to extinguish the divine light of Islam, but Allah SWT will protect his light to eternity."

The killing of the prisoners is also justified: “The prophet PBUH asked for the Sahaba’s (May ridwan Allah be upon them) opinion. But Allah SWT, the all knowing, revealed verse Q.8:67, which blamed the prophet PBUH for being soft and nice to the enemies of Allah SWT and ordered him to apply Allah’s punishment on them, because SWT, the all knowing, knew that the hearts of those prisoners were too black and filled with hatred to Allah SWT and his prophet PBUH. Keeping them alive would be too dangerous to Islam. Allah SWT knew what was best for his religion and his prophet”.

It is worth mentioning that most of Mohammed’s companions in Badr were from the Ansar, who lived in Medina, and had no properties at all in Mecca. The battle of Badr was not a one off piracy; the Muslims raided many other tribes where Muslims, Muhajeroon and Ansar, had no properties at all. Interestingly, the issue of properties never came up in any of the negotiations Mohammed had with the Quraish after hijra, which means it never existed.

Criminals are never short of justifications, but a piracy is always a piracy and a murder is always a murder.

That was the battle of Badr, when Muslims did their best and Islam appeared in its best form!



1.  Sirat Ibn Hisham

2.  Q. 8: l 43,44

3.  Q. 3: 123,124

4.  Q.8:  67

Please refer to my article: http://www.faithfreedom.org/the-making-of-a-muslim/

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The Battle of the Moat.
written by Ming the Merciless , August 02, 2013
From the Throne of Emperor Ming the Merciless.

On Mongo, we also fought Gabriel and his 3000 angels. Before they attacked the major city of Mingatropolis, we dug a trench, sometimes called a moat, around the city. We filled the trench with 10,000 living pigs. That stopped them in their tracks. That's when we found out they are not bullet proof. Gabriel lost a lot of angels that day. The forces of Ming rode out and chased the rest of them away. They have never been seen or heard from on Mongo again.
It is a piracy
written by apran , August 02, 2013
A Muslim school book introduces the story by claiming that the Quraish had already confiscated the properties of the “prophet of Allah PBUH, and the Muhajeroon, may ridwan of Allah(acceptance) be upon them”, therefore, raiding a caravan was approved by “Allah SWT
The claim above is false, because of what Muhammad said “These are the camels of Quraish with their money, go for it may Allah make it yours” (1)

It should be noted that Muhammad said using the words "may Allah" or "insha allah". It showed that Muhammad did not receive a command from his Allah to do the piracy, therefore he was not sure that he would succeed. Another indication that there was no Allah, Allah was only an alter ego of Muhammad.
perhaps they do
written by kaz , August 02, 2013
"Why Muslims do not see the reality of Badr?" when a "religion" that was actually a crime ring raised its ugly head in the Arabian peninsula, criminals from all over the region rushed to join the new gang. they understood the reality of badr all too well. in 7th century Arabia, crime did pay, and for the followers of allah, crime has been working very well for 14 centuries.
Vikings by another name
written by Elena , August 03, 2013
They rather remind me of how Europe experienced the Vikings or the Mongol hordes. Theft and murder seem to be connected to hearts that covet another's property and success. Perhaps this is why there is a commandment proscribing it. Coveting will lead to nothing good.
written by Joseph , August 03, 2013
The muslim mindset is very obvious in the way muslims perceive persecution. In muslim majority countries worldwide ( Egypt ,Indonesia , Pakistan , Iraq , Iran, Bangladesh ,Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf countries minorities and non " correct " sects of islam are actively and systematically attacked and persecuted and this is regarded as perfectly normal and acceptable. However when there is any real or perceived " attack " on a muslim or islam then there is outrage and violence and recriminations - even to the stupid extent that when the Pope indicates that islam is a religion of violence the response is rioting , burning , killing and physical attacks and destruction of Churches and Christian property to demonstrate that this assertion is completely wrong and it is actually a very peaceful religion.
Fact or fiction?
written by Ming the Merciless , August 03, 2013
From the Throne of Emperor Ming the Merciless.

What if the Battle of Badr never actually happened? Or if it did, did Mohammad actually lead it? Was he actually there with the 3000 angels at his back? The general location of this battle is known. I would bet no one has ever walked around using a metal detector. The real battle ground should be a wealth of small metal objects, dropped or broken off during battle.
That would confirm that a real battle had taken place. But like everything else in Islam is made up, it's possible this battle was made up also.
Pbuh was clever.
written by Jim , August 04, 2013
"Mohammed was not comfortable with Omar Ibn Hisham’s status and reputation and later changed his title to Abu Jahl (father of ignorance), which suggests that the original title was ‘father of knowledge’, as Mohammed was known to reverse the titles he didn't like"

Note this is a good example of how pbuh was clever with language, a skill helpful when "revealing" Quran verses.
written by Jim , August 04, 2013
Were there any battles that Muhammad lost?

I mean if he was being protected by the Almighty then he would'nt have lost them right?

Please do an article on the subject. It would serve to humanize the divine prophet.

Thank You
written by ----------- , August 05, 2013
Here is some info about the battle.


thank me later
raid v standard practices?
written by Mark in Bostond , August 05, 2013
I am no expert in ancient Muslim life but I thought raiding caravans was a fairly common practice, and a very rich one would make a tempting target, even to the Prophet. The Badr event is a sad example of the Muslim religion "at it's best", BUT it is favored because it established the Prophet as a foce to be reconed with. NB: I am not Muslim or any other religion specifically. Most Muslims are not violent, and abhor the violence other member perpetrate. I do not dispute Mr. Horowitz's assertions, such as the Muslim religion is exclusive, intolerant,violent, with a reverence for martyrs and has a surprisingly large number of suicidal/homicidal members, but... I believe the religion came about during a warring clans period, and it reflects those origins today, IMO.
written by 987654321 , August 05, 2013
written by 987654321 , August 05, 2013
written by 987654321 , August 05, 2013
Were there any battles that Muhammad lost?
written by Yibel , August 05, 2013
Well, the Battle of Uhud (March 19, 625, 3 Shawwal 3 AH in the Islamic calendar) wasn't a great success! Muhammad was severely wounded, and it ended in a sort of draw. Most of the earlier "battles" (622-624) took place in Waddan Abwa and were just small skirmishes: sometimes only arrows were fired and no casualties.

And of course there were the failed caravan raids - where either the caravan left before Muhammad and his marauding band of looters arrived (Invasion of Dul Ashir in 2AH/623 AD) or the caravan - containing a herd of fifteen hundred camels - took an different/unknown route (Muhammad's 5th Ghazawat, the Invasion of Buwat)

Then there was the "Invasion of Safwan" in the year 2 AH of the Islamic calendar. The expedition was ordered by Muhammad after he received word that Kurz ibn Jabir al-Fihri had rustled some grazing cattle belonging to the Muslims. Muhammad led about 70 Muslims, who chased Kurz ibn Jabir al-Fihri to Safwan on the outskirts of Badr, but he managed to escape.

I wonder why Muhammad didn't just ask for guidance or help from Jibril so he could find the caravans and the cows? It would seem that Muhammad's al-Ilah wasn't being very helpful! After all, Yah'shua/Jesus could turn water into wine, walk on water, tell his followers where to find the most fish, and multiply a few fishes and loaves of bread to feed a multitude. You'd think that good 'ol allah would be able to find a few cows and some camels.
written by Fine , August 05, 2013
Isn't amazing how Allah did not help Muhammad to win Battle of UHud!!

When I ask casually, why Uhud was lost, I thought Allah wanted Muhammad to win and make every human on earth MUSLIM and that was crucial win .

Do you know the absurd answer I got that I have an inward '' rolling of eyes '' ..

'' Allah did that on purpose, so Muhammad's followers will know Allah is not going to hand them everything, they have to earn and if they do not fight hard and kill hard, they will loose ''

As if they are in Allah's mind and lowly muslims know this impossibility

As you seem, they use '' the TEST argument '' !!??

The only battle that counts
written by Ming the Merciless , August 06, 2013
Mohammad may have won a few battles, but he lost the war. He died and a few people cried, but Allah abandoned him when he needed Allah most. Why did Allah allow him to be poisoned and then suffer to death? Was Allah upset with him? After all those years of faithfully supporting Allah, this is Mohammad's reward? If Allah turned on Mohammad and stabbed him in the back, maybe it's not a good idea to worship Allah.
Ming the Merciless
written by Fine , August 06, 2013
Allah hatred Muhammad not only he tries to prevent the poisoning of him by a jew, no less, his body was dumped under his bed .

How appropriate !!

Come to think of it, for sex- crazed, Muhammad, to be buried under his own own bed was fitting, after all,he practically lived in his bed .

Having 13 teenagers wives and unknown number of concubines and his milk have to be dried on his close unwashed from too much hanky pinky, no time to have to cleanse, have to be scraped with nails of his Aisha ..

Muhammad and his sex antics, gives a new meaning to the saying :

'' You made your bed, now lie in it '' …

Muhammad made/ lived in his bed and when he died he laid under it .

Do not yawn, Shatanis might slip in your mouth as you open it or he might laugh at you
written by Fine , August 06, 2013
I did not know the devil has a sense of humor !!?? lol

The wise Muhammad said :

'' Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Allah loves sneezing and hates yawning.

When one of you sneezes and praises Allah Almighty, it is a right for every Muslim who hears him [ yawn ] to gloat over it .

Yawning comes from Shaytan. When one of you yawns, he should control it as much as possible. When a man says, 'Aawh!,' Shaytan laughs at him." .

حَ ,عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ، عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَ‏:‏ إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْعُطَاسَ، وَيَكْرَهُ التَّثَاؤُبَ، فَإِذَا عَطَسَ فَحَمِدَ اللَّهَ فَحَقٌّ عَلَى كُلِّ مُسْلِمٍ سَمِعَهُ أَنْ يُشَمِّتَهُ، وَأَمَّا التَّثَاؤُبُ فَإِنَّمَا هُوَ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ، فَلْيَرُدَّهُ مَا اسْتَطَاعَ، فَإِذَا قَالَ‏:‏ هَاهْ، ضَحِكَ مِنْهُ الشَّيْطَانُ‏.‏
: Sahih (Al-Albani)
  صـحـيـح   (الألباني)
حكم     :
English reference
 : Book 40, Hadith 919
Arabic reference
 : Book 1, Hadith 919

Another I didnt know .. gloating over others misfortune is RIGHT of a Muslim ??

Comedy of Islam is nothing like it …… :-)
And if you don't wake up for morning prayer
written by Yibel , August 08, 2013
then Shaitan/Satan aka Iblis, a Jinn (a genii) has urinated in your ears:
Narrated 'Abdullah: "A person was mentioned before the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and he was told that he had kept on sleeping till morning and had not got up for the prayer. The Prophet said, 'Iblis urinated in his ears.'"
(Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 21, Number 245- and Volume 4, Book 54, Number 492)

Yes, Islam is hilarious - or would be if it wasn't so deadly!
written by ********************** , August 08, 2013
And if you don't wake up for morning prayer
written by Yibel , August 08, 2013
Yes, Islam is hilarious - or would be if it wasn't so deadly!

Destination Mongo!!!
written by Genghis Scalper , August 08, 2013
Mongo is Good! Mongo is Gr8! I would love to apply for a permanent resident visa on Mongo.Any place where the muslim mongrels don't exist is Paradise. Mongo...here i come!!! :-) Maybe we can unleash the Mongo pigs on these muslims & drive them away from Planet Earth too. Will surely talk with the Mongo Ambassador about this.
Happiness is a yellow watermelon.
written by Ming the Merciless , August 08, 2013
From the Throne of Emperor Ming the Merciless.

Everyone who knows about Mongo wants to live there because it is the land of happy and watermelon's. As Emperor, one of my duties is to encourage Earth people here to follow the Mongo model which consists of banning Allah, and planting lots of watermelons. So far Allah is still here and the only people growing lots of watermelons are farmers in the state of Mississippi in the US. Allah is not banned there but stays away because all those farmers are Baptists. Allah avoids Baptists like he avoids Wicca. You don't have to be a Baptist to ban Allah, but it does help. Banning Allah is what is needed to establish Mongo like happiness on Earth, kuffar can worry about watermelons later.
moomin 2
written by ----------- , August 11, 2013



written by ---------------------------------------------------------------------- , August 11, 2013
Happiness is a yellow watermelon.
written by Ming the Merciless , August 08, 2013

From the Throne of Emperor Ming the Merciless.

Everyone who knows about Mongo wants to live there because it is the land of happy and watermelon's. As Emperor, one of my duties is to encourage Earth people here to follow the Mongo model which consists of banning Allah

written by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ , August 11, 2013
Eed festivities in Iraq …. let us celebrate
written by Fine , August 11, 2013
[img=The Eed celebration continues In Iraq with all kind of festivities... fresh blood, countless fresh bodies and colorful bombs for decorations and fireworks effects …. cheers

[announcement, conditions to qualify to participate :

you have to have forehead satiny zubaiba,

long unkept beard,

shaved mustache,

4 wives [ one must be 9 year child ] ,

Minimum of 3 of sex slaves [ optional ]

Mastery at beheadings,

Mastery at eating just cut out hearts

Occupied by minimum of 3 jinns ..[ one lives in veins …. one lives in brains …. one lives in maize ]

Unneeded requirements:

Thinking brains …. Humanity .... mercy … compassion … love … honesty

Car bombs kill 60, wound nearly 200 in Iraq
A series of car bombs in mainly Shi’ite areas of Baghdad killed 50 people and wounded 140 on S
written by Ming the Merciless , August 11, 2013
The US gov has said the violence in Iraq has nothing to do with Islam. The US government lies.
Ming the merciless
written by Fine , August 11, 2013
I afraid you are right

Whether,out of ignorance or malice, it does not matter, the results are the same …

It is really self-defeating
written by ################################### , August 12, 2013
written by Fine , August 11, 2013

I afraid you are right

Whether,out of ignorance or malice, it does not matter, the results are the same …

What is wrong with Muslims in the UK .. Abc ??
written by Fine , August 13, 2013
Did all the Muslims who love to behead people and all the Muslims who love to laugh at people who get beheaded, had a conference call .. and ALL decided to move to the UK and breed there.???

'' UK: Muslim charged for inciting jihad terrorism gloated over jihad murder: "Muslim laughs at British Soldier killing"

Seriously ??!!

Cant you do something about them ? … after all you and them read the same words of Quran !!
Pam Geller
written by 1proudkaffur4life , August 14, 2013

NOT ONCE in this article does she accuse ALL male Muslims of being rapist.
She levels the guilt at the FEET of those who are the criminals.

Yet so many "self proclaimed" islamic Spokespersons are claiming to be able to speak for ALL Muslims.
4 devout males one woman....
written by 1proudkaffur4life , August 14, 2013
We had a rape case here just a few days ago, 4 guys attacking a 41 year old woman, 3 raping her, while the fourth was holding her down and TAPING it with his cell-phone! Islamic Scum! This is how these overly devout'n pious muSLIMs honor human beings? Even if a prostitute (which this woman was NOT) says !NO! his has to be RESPECTED! Yet this simple fact the gawd-dammned “best” people of the BEST society CAN not get! Based on what? On the deluded ramblings of a sick mind? Of course one can understand why SOME Muslims do not want to get rid of PISlam, after all if one who wants to rape some-one they can find some Islamic cleric who claims that Allah and Mohammad allowed it.

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