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Inbreeding and Resulting Genetic Disorder in Muslim Community, Part 4

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According to the laws of genetics, offspring born of close-blood couples, such as of first-cousins, would have higher chances of having manifest genetic disorders. This is because close-blood individuals carry similar genetic defects, which are often silent, because each person carries two copies of each gene, and the good copy of the gene complement for the bad copy.

Let us consider this case: suppose a first-cousin couple have defect in a particular gene, called “G”. We denoted the good copy of the gene as “G” and defective copy as “g”. So, genetic make-up of this couple for this particular gene will be “Gg”. Despite having one copy of the gene defective, both of them will still be healthy without showing any symptoms of genetic disorder. But the children born to this couple will have the following possible genetic make-ups:

Gg x Gg ----> GG / Gg / gG / gg

In other words, one in every four children will have chances of both copies of this gene defective, namely “gg”, and those children will have visible genetic disorders. But when a couple are made up of distant bloods, chances are very small that both partners will have a defect in the same gene. Thus distant-blood couples are much less likely to produce children with manifest genetic disorders/diseases.

So, any community that practice marriages between close-blood relations, such as first-cousins, will have greater incidents of genetically defective members. Since close-blood marriages are highly prevalent in the Muslim community today, studies have found higher incidents of genetic disorders in the Muslim community linked to close-blood marriages. But Muslims, particularly their clerics and mullahs, refuse to admit this undeniable scientific fact. They say that Allah – the All-knowing, has permitted them to marry first-cousins. Had it been harmful, Allah would never have permitted the same in His divine decree.

Professor John Stephen Jones, a Welsh geneticist of international repute, who led the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London from 1995 to1999 and 2008 to 2010, highlighted a year ago his observation that the common practice in Muslim communities for cousins to marry each other increased the risk of birth defects. His comment provoked a storm of outrage amongst Muslims and liberal white academics. In this context, it may be mentioned that Professor Jones has been awarded the 1996 Michael Faraday Prize by the Royal Society for his numerous, wide-ranging contributions to the public understanding of science in areas such as human evolution and variation, race, sex, inherited disease and genetic manipulation through his many broadcasts on radio and television, his lectures, popular science books, and his regular science column in The Daily Telegraph and contributions to other newspaper media". On May 29, 2011, he repeated his conviction and said that the common practice in Islamic communities for cousins to marry each other increased the risk of birth defects. (Watch video: [2])

Targeting the Pakistani Muslim immigrant community in Bradford, Professor Jones said:

“We should be concerned about that as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage. Children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene. Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there. Studies have shown that 55 per cent of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins – and in Bradford, this rises to 75 per cent.”

Other research has found that children of first-cousin couples are ten times more likely to have recessive genetic disorders and face deafness, blindness and infant mortality. Studies have shown that 55 per cent of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins; in Bradford, this rises to 75 per cent. But Prof Jones’ comments provoked immediate anger among some Muslim groups.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, which promotes the image of Muslims in Britain, said, “I know many Muslims who have married their cousins and none of them have had a problem with their children. Obviously, we don’t want any children to be born disabled who don’t need to be born disabled, so I would advise genetic screening before first cousins marry. But I find Steve Jones’s comments unworthy of a professor. Using language like “inbreeding” to describe cousins marrying is completely inappropriate and further demonises Muslims.”

It may be recalled that in 2008, the former environment minister Phil Woolas commented that the British Pakistanis are fuelling rates of birth defects by marrying their cousins and he was rebuked by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the said comment. Mr. Brown said that the issue was not one for ministers to comment on.

Mohammed Saleem Khan, chief executive of the Bradford Council for Mosques, said: ‘It is important to discuss these issues, but I just do not know of any firm evidence backing up Professor Jones’s claims. I think we need more conclusive studies so we can know for certain if there is any genuine risk. Marriages between cousins are certainly common within south Asia, but it is becoming less so in Britain and also in Bradford. Islam allows you to marry anyone you want, so in many ways Islam promotes diversity.’

A report by BBC

On May 16, 2008, BBC published a report “Cousin marriage: Is it a health risk?”, authored by  Emma Wilkinson. It said, “Over a billion people worldwide live in regions where 20-50% of marriages are consanguineous – that is, where the partners are descended from the same ancestor. In the UK, first-cousin marriages are common in some populations such as Pakistani communities. The tradition is also common among some other South Asian communities and in some Middle Eastern countries. It is known that inbreeding raises the risk of genetic illness.

It has been stated before that Professor Alan Bittles director for the centre for human genetics in Perth, Australia, claims that the risk is wildly exaggerated. Nonetheless, Professors Bittles’ own research finds that genetic defect in offspring born to close-blood couples doubles (4%) as compared to general population (2%). While more thorough studies are needed to establish the real extent of genetic diseases caused by close-blood marriages, Professor Bittles’ own research shows positive links between close-blood marriage and genetic defects.

Says Prof Bittles, "There has been a bit of a push of people saying that consanguineous marriage is dangerous and should be banned but before we start making decisions on that we need to look at the data."

But even if Prof Bittles’ findings are accurate and final, our hospitals will be loaded with double the number of genetic-disease patients if all communities will practice close-blood marriages like Muslims. It's not a small matter at all, especially when treating genetic diseases are very difficult to treat and extremely expensive, and last the entire lifetime.

Kuwait implements mandatory blood test before marriage

The Government of Kuwait seems to have understood the reality of the problem and is paying heed to scientists than what Allah has said in the Koran. A declaration issued on June 5, 2009, by the Assistant Undersecretary of Kuwaiti Ministry of Health for Medical Services, Dr. Yousuf Al-Nesf, said, “The new marriage law providing for pre-marriage checkup will be in force on Sunday, August 2, 2009.”"The aim of the legislation is to ensure a healthy and happy family and eradicate the hereditary and communicable diseases in Kuwait", said Dr. Yousef Al-Nesf during the announcement.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Al-Hamoud, supervisor of family affairs at the Justice Ministry, said if the results of the lab tests proved that the would-be marriage is unsafe due to the illness of one or both of the partners, the marriage contract would be cancelled. "A marriage officer is authorized to solemnize a marriage only after receiving a certificate that verifies that the couple conducted a checkup and were physically fit," Al-Hamoud reminded. So, we may hope that the entire Muslim world would soon pay heed to the harmful effects of consanguineous marriages and follow the instance of Kuwait.

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Even conservative Qataris agrees cousin marriage is bad. Let Bradford keep on doing it
written by Infidel and More Proud , April 29, 2012
no no keep doing what
written by Nala , April 29, 2012
oh no you inbreeders keep doing what your doing and lets have more backwards mutants for the 21 century!
r the 72 big breasted virgins also closely related to each other ???
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROON , April 30, 2012

a very pressing question needs to be also asked : r the 72 virgins also related to each other ??

any jihadi can reply ??
discrimination by jihadis against humanity
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROON , April 30, 2012

jihaids can build jihadmasjid in any part of world.why they dotn allow us to open kafir mandirs in saudi arabia ??

i want to open temple to holy menstrauting vagina goddess in saudi arabia.

they shud allow this.

cousins marriages in the middle east which mostly Islamic
written by Fineliving56 , April 30, 2012
Is so wide spread and so engrossed in the culture that a Muslim women has to be officially [ means by family meetings ] released by the parents from the cousin, she was promised to when she was born .

That usually cause friction and feuds in the middle of families that leads to fights and some times murder. ….

In my family, each one of us [ two of three sisters ] were promised to first cousins but the dislike between mothers helped it to never to happen [ you don't know how much I was glad] My third sister was married to her second cousin and her kids turn out to be normal … I am so glad for that.

My mother in law who arranged my marriage had to go and ask and make sure that I was released from my cousin family first, so no problems arise later.

Isn't that peachy ?
Scientific Societies: North-West Indian Communities following scientific culture of NOT MARRYING TO Cousions.
written by haryana ki aawaj , April 30, 2012
The practice of marrying sisters and brothers cousions is absurd. It is a formula of weakening the humanity, society and nations.
There are no Islamic and chritian marriage laws to avoid this, even those are totally ascientific, unnatural. Indian community is facing threat from such unnatural laws which permit illegitimate laws to marry cousions. even police, on the order of SC providing safe houses to cousions marrying together. such laws promoting ignorance and unnatural practices.
the local community named KHAP is trying its best to save scientific and natural practice of not marrying the cousions. Indian govt. must think again and must amend the law for the sake of science. SAUTE to the Scientific Community!
Laws of genetics
written by Yibel , April 30, 2012
In the article it states: In other words, one in every four children will have chances of both copies of this gene defective, namely “gg”...

However, the odds are the same for each pregnancy. Every child has a one in four chance of getting the "gg" combination. A couple might have four children and all of them get the "gg" combination. Or none of them get it.

EACH pregnancy has a two in four chance (50 percent) of getting the "Gg" combination, and a one in four chance of getting the "GG" combination. If the defect is recessive, the disorder will only appear if the child gets the "gg"
If the disorder is caused by a dominant gene, then each child has a three out of four chance of having the disease or disorder.

For example, Huntington's Disease is caused by a dominant gene on the 4th chromosome. This disease is a neurologoical disorder that usually manifests itself in adulthood. If a person with Huntington's has only one copy of the defective gene, then an offspring has a two out of four chance of getting Huntington's:

HG x GG --> HG / HG / GG / GG (where H is Huntington's gene and G is good)

If the person with Huntington's has two copies of the gene, then all the offspring will get the Huntington's gene and all will have the disease/disorder:

HH x GG -- > HG / HG / HG / HG

If the defective gene is recessive, then each child has a one in four chance of getting a double dose of the recessive defective gene. And a two in four chance of being a carrier of the defective gene with the possiblity of passing it on to the next generation. This is why the children of many people who have married cousins have no VISIBLE problems. But those children may be carriers, and if inbreeding continues, eventually their descendants will have visible problems.
Inbreeding is against the laws of Nature!
written by Gnostic , April 30, 2012
Sexual reproduction makes sense in order to achieve higher variability, and this in turn is an advantage in the struggle to survive. If there are many different members of a species, it becomes more likely that a few will survive critical challenges. It also means that evolution becomes faster while inbreeding means stagnation as well as increasing rates of genetical disorders and deseases. I think that there are even more social and economic aspects. Inbreeding seems to be closely relaterd to tribalism and economic stagnation.

BTW, in China, they have laws against inbreeding for more than 2500 years!

The Pope
written by Kiwi , May 01, 2012
The Pope (don't remember which one) banned consnguinious marriages for Christians in the 15th century. This was before Protestanism was born and all Europe was R.C. Christianisty. As well as noting the disabilities in children arising from this type of marriage he was trying to stop the large dominant families retaining all the land and money within their tribe.

It is my contention that this was one of the major factors in advancing superiority of the western mind over the muslim one. As for the Western Royal families - they did what they wanted being Royals and suffered the same deficincies as the muslims, all kept very quiet of course.)

Quick fact from the British National Health Service:-

Altho' muslims comprise only 2.5% of the British population, they produce 30% of the physically and genetically disabled children born in the whole of Britain.. Compare the 250,000 pounds required to take care of each of these children per annum to a diabetic who costs only 80,000 pounds annually. Absolutely staggering stats.

My sister works for the Health service and even tho' the parents are told the risks they are back each year (family pressure to produce as many as you can hoping that one will be OK, is very strong) with another disabled child - and these are only the obviously physically affected - the mental problems only start presenting around the time of puberty - this is putting such a huge drain on the NHS that the amount left in the medical budget for the British taxpayers is not enough to care properly for the indigenous who are the ones who have payed the most into a health system which is being drained by a culture that hates them.

The Imams and the muslims have been asked to try and get this into the parent's heads but the imams don't want to know so don't bother - they see it as jizya and that Britaion owes them anyway!
recursive consanguineous marriage.
written by Snake Oil Baron , May 01, 2012
The big problem is repetitive marriage of first cousins. Even sibling incest can result in healthy children if luck prevails. But each time a consanguineous mating occurs there can be more reduction in genetic diversity and recessive defects which might not be very noticeable on their own begin to interact as they co-occur. The recessive gene defects which don't happen to pair up in one child become more common in the family and thus are more likely to pair up in a future consanguineous mating.

Modern communication, air travel and genealogy can make it easier for a culture that is given to this practice to find cousins. With repeated consanguineous marriage, even safer second and third cousin marriages can start causing problems.

This could become a much bigger issue as time goes by.
2 muslim Yibel
written by Salladin , May 04, 2012
Lailahaillallah there is no god except Allah.

If it's the same Allah quraish used to worship then you're a idolator or a polytheist like quraish were!
to Salladin
written by Yibel , May 04, 2012
Yibel is not a muslim. Someone (an inbreed troll, perhaps?) is posting using my "nick"

This person has placed this same post (see malem above) on various articles on this site.

I'm sure that the site administrator will correct this situation soon.

In the mean time:
Muhammad was not from Paran (Sinai desert), but Makkah in southern Arabia. He was not the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Truth) spoken of in John 16, but a desert bandit, briggand, slave trader, rapist, pedophile (married a 6 year old) murdering skumbag. And Isaiah's prediction for Arabia was DEFEAT of the archer (enslaver) Muhammad and his Arab Horde of Murdering, Raping, Slaughtering Marauders.
are muslims reading or not?
written by peter , May 07, 2012
After series of these articles , I wonder still muslims challenging to science? And still want to continue their 7th century practice?

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