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Epidemic of Acid-Attack on Women in Pakistan

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A sample of horror stories of acid-attacks on women in Pakistan...

It has been mentioned in the previous article, Islamic Barbarism: Disfiguring Women by Acid Attack, Part 2, that Pakistan tops the list of incidence of acid attacks on women with nearly 150 incidents of nationally every year of which about 50 occur in Balochistan. A report, entitled “Acid Terrorism Against Women in Pakistan”, dated December 12, 2009, presents some incidents of this horrific crime.

A statement, titled PAKISTAN: Acid attacks continue to be a serious concern, by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) contains a few incidents of acid attacks with images of the victims in Pakistan (presented below). Behind each one of these pictures lies a painful tale. These are pictures of once lovely women. These faces are no longer and will never be the same again.

In a heart-rending description “My Scars Tell My Story” of the victims of acid terrorism, Talath Naqvi writes:

If on the one hand we get shocked at the criminal violence that exists around us, then on the other hand organisations like DSF (Depilex Smile Again) also give us some hope that benevolence exists in a society where such criminals breed. I cannot fail to be shocked at the capacity some people have for violence. It stuns me that there is perfect planning involved in setting about the stage and this is conceived, only to be followed by the enactment of the sinful deed.

Naqvi continues:

How does one go about buying the necessary equipment prior to carrying out a heinous act? Is it like ordinary folks going out to buy groceries? And in all this time, it is alarming that their conscience doesn't kick in to make them take a step back and comprehend what they are doing.

Recently, I came across 'faces' who gave meaning to the words "a picture is worth a thousand words"... The pictures were heart-rending. What could possibly have led to such horrifying deeds? I could not help but try and trace, at least a part of the story that lay behind the images. Behind each one of these pictures lies a painful tale. These are pictures of once lovely women. These faces are no longer and will never be complete and whole again.

Story of Irum Saeed

Irum Saeed, PakistanIrum Saeed, 30, is a resident of Rawalpindi. She recalls how 12 years ago, when she was only 17, a boy, whose marriage proposal she had rejected, followed her to her college. The street he chose for the scene of crime was narrow, and Irum was unable to escape his hot pursuit of her. The rejected boy proceeded to throw a jug full of acid on her. As she turned to avoid this, he threw the remaining acid onto her back and shoulders, badly burning them. The photograph was taken at her office at the Urdu University of Islamabad, Pakistan, on Thursday, July 24, 2008. She has undergone plastic surgery 25 times to try to recover from her scars.




Story of Shameem Akhter

Shameem Akhter, PakistanShameem Akhter's face was mutilated with acid when she was only 17. Now aged 20, she is still unable to comprehend how she fell victim to criminals, who kidnapped and raped her for revenge. Then they left her face mutilated, hoping her appearance would silence her forever and ensure that she would never marry. They have succeeded in destroying her life and much of her spirit. Shameem has undergone plastic surgery 10 times to try to repair from her scars.




Story of Najaf Sultana

Najaf Sultana, PakistanNajaf Sultana, now 16, of Lahore, was burned by her father at the age of five while she was sleeping, apparently because he didn't want to have another girl in the family. The burning left Najaf blind. Abandoned by both her parents, she now lives with relatives. She has undergone plastic surgery around 15 times to try to repair her scars.





Story of Shehnaz Usman

Shehnaz Usman, PakistanShehnaz Usman, now 36, of Lahore was burned with acid by a relative due to a family dispute five years ago. She has undergone plastic surgery 10 times.





Story of Shahnaz Bibi

Shahnaz Bibi, PakistanShahnaz Bibi, now 35, of Lahore, was burned with acid ten years ago by a relative due to a family dispute. She has never undergone plastic surgery.





Story of Kanwal Kayum

Kanwal Kayum, PakistanKanwal Kayum, now 26, of Lahore was burned with acid one year ago by a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has never undergone plastic surgery.





Story of Munira Asef

Munira Asef, PakistanMunira Asef, now 23, of Lahore was burned with acid five years ago by a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has undergone plastic surgery 7 times to try to heal her scars.




Story of Bushra Shari

Bushra-Shari-acid-attack-victim-pakistanBushra Shari, 39, of Lahore was burned with acid thrown by her husband five years ago because she wanted to divorce him. She has undergone plastic surgery 25 times.





Story of Memuna Khan

Memuna KhanMemuna Khan, 21, of Karachi was burned by a group of boys who threw acid on her to settle a dispute between their family and Menuna's. She has undergone plastic surgery 21 times.






Story of Zainab Bibi

Zainab Bibi PakistanZainab Bibi, 17, of Islamabad was burned five years ago by throwing acid on her face a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has undergone plastic surgery several times.





Story of Naila Farhat

Naila FarhatNaila Farhat, 19, of Islamabad was burned five years ago by throwing acid on her face by a boy for rejecting his marriage proposal. She has undergone plastic surgery several times.

The case of Naila Farhat was brought to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in November 2008 and received great publicity. The perpetrator was sentenced to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay Rupees1.2 million in damages. This represented a landmark decisions in dealing with gender violence, but the judgment could hardly stem the menace of acid-throwing. This was also somewhat exceptional case in the landscape of acid attacks in Pakistan. In most cases, measures, if at all taken, are still disproportionately low as compared to the sufferings inflicted by the attacks.


Story of Saira Liaqat

Saira-liaqat-acid-attack-victimSaira Liaqat, 26, of Lahore was 15, when she was married to a relative. The families had agreed she would join him only after finishing school. But then he demanded her to live with him after the marriage and eventually attacked her with acid when his demand was not met. Saira has undergone plastic surgery 9 times.







Story of Zubaida Khatoon

Zubaida-Khatoon-acid-attack-victimZubaida Khatoon was burnt by her husband to resolve an argument. Her husband had made it a hobby of frequently marrying women from families to lower economic groups. When she discovered this, Zubaida protested his actions. He tried to settle the argument by setting her on fire after pouring kerosene on her. Raising an objection to his lechery was all needed for her to bear these scars.





Story of Nasreen Sharif

Nasreen-Sharif-acid-attack-victimNasreen Sharif, 23, was once a beautiful girl. When she turned 14, her cousin poured a bottle of sulphuric acid on her face as she slept. His excuse was that he couldn't stand other boys whistling at her (because of he beauty) when she crossed the street. She no longer bears any resemblance to that youthful beauty. "My skin melted and my hair burned away. I am now blind, I have no ears and I have no sense of smell", says Nasreen.




Story of Parveen Akhtar

Parveen-Akhtar-acid-attack-victimParveen Akhtar, 38, from Jehlum found her life changed when her husband asked her for her written permission to allow him to remarry. Her refusal to it angered him and he tried to murder her by dousing her body with kerosene and setting it alight. He portrayed the incident as an accident and told people that he wanted to remarry because she cannot bear children.



Story of Bashiran Bibi

Bashiran-Bibi-acid-attack-victimNearly 25 years ago, newly-married Bashiran Bibi (now 57), a resident of Sukheki, Pakistan, was pushed by her mother-in-law into a coal stove. The family proclaimed it to be an accident. Her husband blamed it on a fit of epilepsy that she suffers from. Resolved to her fate, Bashiran continues to live with her husband and in-laws and gave birth to 5 children after this "accident". Whatever money is donated to Bashiran's cause, her husband uses it for himself and doesn't spend any on her treatment.






Story of Mumtaz Bibi

Mumtaz-Bibi-acid-attack-victimMumtaz Bibi, 39, from Khairpur, Pakistan, came under her husband's wrath while trying to protect her daughters. Her offence was that she refused to let him selling off her girls, shielding them with her life. Because of her lack of compliance, her husband poured acid all over her body, then proceeded to divorce her.






Story of Tasneem Shahzad

24-year-old Tasneem Shahzad's story is repeated all too often. A girl, too poor to bring much demanded dowry, she bore the wrath of greedy in-laws. Tasneem's ex-husband was an addict. It was left to her to support her own household as well as that of her extended family. Tasneem worked in several homes to support all those who depended on her. However, that was not pleasing enough for her greedy in-laws. One day, her clothes were set on fire by her rapacious in-laws and she suffered severe burns. They then proceeded to try and prove that the incident was an accident.








Rays of Hope

Amidst this grim state of affairs for the unfortunate women of Pakistan, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is working to expose the extent of the gender-violence in Pakistan and the misogynist mindset behind it, which is spreading within the Pakistani Middle Class. The AHRC is working closely with acid-attack victims as part of its involvement for denouncing human rights violations across Asia. 

The Depilex Smileagain Foundation is another organization, which is working with victims of acid-attack to help them smile again, however impossible a task it may appear: they are trying to make impossible possible. In fact, DSF is working in partnership with the Italian NGO Smileagain Foundation that believes, “There is every possibility that these survivors can manage to live the rest of their lives with dignity, with some help.”

A team of Italian doctors, linked to Italian Smileagain Foundation, visit Pakistan every three months to conduct operations on those victims in an effort to give them back as normal a life as possible.

In September, 2008, the team visited Lahore where they carried out two operations and then proceeded to Multan, where surgeries were carried out in Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Trust Hospital. Some 60 patients were evaluated and 8 surgeries carried out.

The stories from Mutlan were strangely different. This is an area where people have property and the disputes often revolve around inheritance. Here wrath knows no gender. Whereas in other parts of the country it is often women who are burnt by acid or fires, here there are as many male victims as well. Those who have been working with Smileagain Foundation, say that what they have seen in Multan is very similar to what occurs in Bangladesh. Property encourages men to lead an idle life, it leads them to indulge in pursuits of personal pleasure, and when they see a chunk of their means of this blissful idle life slipping away, their greed turns them into violent criminals.

Undoubtedly, the life of misery and horror the victims of acid-attacks have to live on is hard to comprehend. While organizations like Smileagain Foundation works toward giving these devastated victims as dignified and normal a life as possible, let us hope that works of Human Rights groups, such as AHRC, of the media and civil-society groups help expose and discredit the Islam-motivated misogyny that is responsible for the malaise, which only can cure this problem and help restore women as a dignified and equal part of men in Pakistan and any other society.

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oh f...this is really cruel
written by oh f...this is really cruel , July 20, 2010
oh f...this is really cruel.these women r exposing their face and not in burka,so imaginary allah will surely
put them in imaginary hell.

just imagine the tithe/land/property of men dare to show their problems to kafirs.

la houl vila kuwaat.

these shameless women r no more muslims but infidels for showing their faces and shud be
punished as per hateful shariat.
written by waterwillows , July 20, 2010
While Pakistan may be a world leader in the number of 'reported' acid attacks on women, it is no less of a terrible problem where ever muslim males are. Including the west.
These men are raised by the degenerate Islam guidelines and have grown into people more akin to a beast than a human.
It is beyond their comprehension to acknowledge women and children as people who deserve consideration and protection. This ability of empathy is never developed and consquently we have animals in the shape of men.
Muslim homes and mosques teach young children the "rule of hate" no matter what country they are raised in. Even children's TV in muslim lands teaches hate. In a way, we should not be surprised at their disgusting behaviour towards women and children.
They are filled with debauchery and evil. They do not acknowledge normal boundries. They do no even want normal boundries. They have learned to like and enjoy the doing of evil. They are worse than addicts, in their lust for evil and wrongdoing.
The are the enemies of the Most High. They are also, thankfully, doomed.
Bangladesh Sex Attacks, Murders Dismissed as ‘Eve Teasing’
written by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari , July 20, 2010
July 15th, 2010 | Author: Un:dhimmi

Bangladeshi women protesting acid attacks to mark International Women's Day earlier this year

The chattel status of women in Muslim-majority countries is once again highlighted in this disturbing report:
Aleya, 18, sustained burns to 70 per cent of her body and died after six days in intensive care, becoming one of dozens of teenage girls to be killed or have committed suicide in Bangladesh this year because of sexual harassment.
“A huge fire ball engulfed Aleya and she was screaming, running around and trying to put out the fire, but she couldn’t — everything except her face was burned,” said Aleya’s aunt Rajia Begum, 40, who witnessed the attack.
“The man started asking her to marry him in April, she was dead by May 26. She was scared of him. We all were. When she told him she wouldn’t marry him, he said ‘I’ll make sure you don’t marry anyone else.’”
A string of teenage suicides, at least 22 this year, according to local human rights group Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK), and dozens of high-profile attacks on teenage girls have highlighted Bangladesh’s sexual bullying problem.
“Eve-teasing” – the south Asian term for sexual harassment – is an everyday reality in Bangladesh, but it also causes public outrage in a country that regards itself as more progressive than other Muslim nations such as Pakistan.
“We recently have seen a lot of eve-teasing and teenagers committing suicide, and the government is very aware of this,” Bangladesh’s Women and Children Affairs Minister Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury said.
Bangladeshi teenage girls have no real protection from bullies or stalkers, and deep-rooted traditional attitudes mean violent crimes against women are easy to carry out and often go unpunished.
“The family and society together blame girls if they’re being harassed,” said lawyer Nina Goswami, who works with local rights group ASK.
“The family would tell the girl, ‘you laugh too much’. They would tell her to lower her head when she’s walking to school.”
“Some girls even chose suicide as they feel so unsafe. The parents don’t listen to their daughters. Instead they accuse her of being responsible for the harassment.”
Islam vs. Reality
written by Tanstaafl jw , July 20, 2010
"Eve teasing"? Thuggery, plain and simple.
written by Truthseeker , July 20, 2010
I pray for the healing and salvation of these women in Jesus' name, I pray the Lord lays His gentle hands upon them and heals them and shows them true love through Christ the King.

I cant imagine what these women are going through; I look, for example at the 57 year old who quite literally has no face left at all and wonder what kind of agony is she going through. Does she feel that worthless that she feels she had no choice but to stay with her husband all these years?

Lord Jesus save them
written by waterwillows , July 20, 2010
I very much disagree with white-washing muslim male behaviour by referring to it as ""deep-rooted traditional attitudes"".
Let's not beat about the bush and call a spade a spade. It is the deliberate choosing, acceptance and desire of evil that is deep-rooted. They are like unto a beast.
Primitave tribes, living almost in isolation, have a strong sense of protection for their members. Especially the women and children. Why? Because mankind has an innate and fairly well-developed sense of right and wrong. It has always been that way. Even in the beginning when Adam and Eve instinctively 'knew' they had transgressed.
This revolting behaviour is not anything near deserving of being referred to as a 'traditional thing'. It is pure evil. Simple as that. They chose it.
That's the way these guys like things. They are beyond the pale.
The Danger of Islam
written by Walter Sieruk , July 20, 2010
The pictures in the above article can show the world the results of belief in the religion of Islam. What more does it need to take for people to wake up to the truth of the danger of Islam?
little winkys on mussie men
written by Kuffar &Proud , July 20, 2010
because all mussie men have sad little winkys woman have to pay for there inadequacys? smilies/cheesy.gif
written by waterwillows , July 20, 2010
This demented call to convert the infidel is loathsome to any decent person. Guess what the 'salt in the wound' is? Should the disfigured women try to escape her husband or family......she would be thrown in jail and/or returned to her tormentors. No charges are laid against these men. She would also be very lucky if she did not also receive the lash or cane for being a bother to these savages. Sometimes they just simply kill her outright and go on as if nothing had happened.
But have I got news for them. There is Justice. They will eventually face the wrong they have done. They will be constantly hunted, without rest. Blow after blow, thrust after thrust. Endless terror, misery, pain and bitterness of soul. No one but the Lord can stop the Energies that attack. There is no where to hide or escape to. This is not for the worst of evil.
Think you are a tough guy? Feel you can take it and more besides? Interesting, because there is another place for the really worst offenders. I don't know what happens in that evil looking place. Just a look was enough.
There is no failure. All will understand fear of the Lord. None will even think of transgressing that which is forbidden. Some only learn the hard way.
I am counting the days until Justice prevails. Time flies swift.
And paybacks are a bitch.
written by duh_swami , July 21, 2010
They will be constantly hunted, without rest. Blow after blow, thrust after thrust. Endless terror, misery, pain and bitterness of soul. No one but the Lord can stop the Energies that attack. There is no where to hide or escape to.

If the 'Golden Rule' applies, what are you asking for?

Your enthusiasm is commendable, but I don't think you can threaten a Muslim with the Christian version of Hell, and get anywhere...
written by waterwillows , July 21, 2010
Hi duh-swami,

I like the blogs that you do. Many good reads, thanks.
I would never threaten anyone, much less a muslim. It is simply a matter of been there, done that, won't do that again. Just some timely advice, which I doubt very much they will take.
I couldn't care less about what opinions they may have regarding what is in store for them. My opinions and their opinions will change NOTHING at all. In good time they can find out for themselves. One has to be crazy to offer any insult to the Most High. He definitely does repay.
Yet anyone wanting to have the Golden Rule, just has to live by it. Then it will be there for them to receive. One gets out, exactly what one puts in.
As I said, been there, done that. They can make out what they want about good advice. But all that acid......it is just waiting for them. Exactly.
All those beating of females.....just waiting. Exactly. Same for Everything.
We will all get to see and witness in good time.
written by duh_swami , July 21, 2010

A woman who was 5 hours in surgery after a wreck, clinically dies several times but then revived...I heard her explanation of what her experiences were during that time...One was of Hell...The door is always open, but according to her there was a suction and she was pulled in, she was floating above the scene...she described every kind of torture and torment. She did not mention Allah shoveling kufr and wayward Muslims into the furnace. I think she just didn't stay long enough or go far enough into the pit...Allah's in the bottom there somewhere...she also discovered that since the door was always open, it was possible to escape/leave, which she did...but the other people did not seem to care to do so...There was more to her experience, but that was the part about Hell...All in all, I have no idea about credibility, but it was interesting...
written by waterwillows , July 21, 2010

I have never died at all, but I have had visions since I was three years old. At no time in my visions and experiences have I ever seen people in fire. Though I would suppose that those who maliciously inflict fire on others, will get the same treatment back. They get everything else back, so why not fire, or acid?
What I went through and was shown, was in a kind of slow motion. Like for instance; the spears that were thrown at me were very slow and I could easily deflect them. That type of thing.
Nonetheless, I was very upset at this happening. Especially when the wild animals attacked. I was not hurt, but I was upset. I was fairly young.
Now years later, my understanding is improving and I can see what it was that happened. I have seen much over the years.
The Lord intends to do 'something'. He is not pleased with this earth and I do what I can to let the people know.
The world of the spirit is as real and as solid as this world. The pain is felt, the emotions are there and no one in their right mind would mess with the Lord. It is wise to fear Him. He will easily create and easily destroy.
He hates arrogrance, pride, violence and cruelty. Things muslims are very accomplished at, to their own folly.
He always repays in kind. Measure for equal measure.
You are fortunate to hear these words. Others may not and what is, will continue to be. Whether they know it or not.
Muslim hypocricy
written by lw1 , July 21, 2010
In London Underground, Exploring Islam Foundation is running a poster campaign 'that aims to create positive dailogue on Islam and improve the religion's image in Britain.'One poster says, quoting a woman featured,' I believe in women's rights. So did Muhammad.' The message Muhammad claimed Allah gave him does not give equal rights to women.The poster does not say 'equal rights' so it is deliberately trying to deceive while appearing to strive for justice for women.
A recent poll by research organization Yougov found that 58% of Britons surveyed associate Islam with extremism, 50% with terrorism and 68 % feel that the religion encourages the repression of women.
dumb comments
written by laura , July 21, 2010
all these stories up there are so horrible and i feel nothing but sympathy for these women ..but for most of the comments here to be about how muslim men are bad and all like this is just stupid ,grop up you lot!
written by duh_swami , July 21, 2010
...grop up you lot!...

Where can I find that in the Quran?
take revenge from the culprit
written by vinay , July 23, 2010
take the revenge, do not let them go free, try to kill people/families like that at the earliest, so that they cannot do to other people
written by duh_swami , July 23, 2010
written by vinay , July 23, 2010
take the revenge, do not let them go free, try to kill people/families like that at the earliest, so that they cannot do to other people

Where can I find that in the Quran?
proper punishment for perpetrators
written by Sal , July 23, 2010
The proper punishment for anyone who commits this horrific crime should be to dip them in a tank of acid so that they are completely dissolved away.
written by waterwillows , July 23, 2010
It is appalling that these men who did this, are walking around free as a bird. Do not think that the police or authorities will ever do anything about these crimes. They simply turn a blind eye to this evil.

So we have an even bigger problem alongside the act itself. Whole muslim countries, the entire nation, will sanction attacks against women and children. It is an evil day when men will make war against their women and children. When a country refuses to protect the women and children in their communities, the men have fallen and degraded themselves to the level of beast.
So it is probably a good thing that these guys love and desire death. Because that is all that they deserve. May they have it soon.
written by Atheist Joe from Toronto , July 23, 2010
Mohammed (Personal Bravery Upset Him) has left one hellllll of a legacy for muslimahs, eh?

From the dirrrrty pages of Bukhari:

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 30:

Narrated Abdullah bin 'Umar:

Allah's Apostle said, "Evil omen is in the women, the house and the horse.'

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 31:

Narrated Ibn 'Umar:

Evil omen was mentioned before the Prophet: The Prophet said, "If there is evil omen in anything, it is in the house, the woman and the horse."

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 32:

Narrated Sahl bin Sad:

Allah's Apostle said, "If at all there is bad omen, it is in the horse, the woman, and the house."

And those blasphemous Ammediyya Muslims from London have something positive to say about Mohammed and women's rights??

In case anyone wants to see the full requirements of being 'good, pious muslim wives'....
Bhukari, book 62 on Nikaah (marriage):


There is no Hell, get real and get fighting, if you want to live.
written by Adrian Cain , July 23, 2010
Lets clear something up. There Is No Hell, not for anyone. Nothing so psychotically barbaric could ever come from any "Good" God. Hell is the obsession of Muslims, writen about more then nearly any onther subject in the Quran, described Humdreds of times in incredibly sadistic detail. Belief in Hell is one of the main Causes of Muslim psychopathology. It justifies any possible cruelty and oppression perpetrated by those who believe in it, since "God" has already gone WAY further then you ever could. Muslims must be stopped in the here and now in the real world. Quit hoping for Hell and start Mocking those who threaten you with it, especially Muslims, but also any fundamentalists. I am mot a mere athiest but the existence of the Quran, and the Bible to a lesser degree, are so infantile that they make a strong arguement against any kind of monotheist "Gods." "God" is on the side of whoever has the biggest guns. What a coincidence!
Adrian Cain
written by duh_swami , July 24, 2010
Hell is the obsession of Muslims

That is right, but further, the real obsession is not to be sent there, but in the other direction to Allah's Paradise...The problem is, that Allah did not promise Paradise to everyone...According to the literature, he created some Muslims just to toss them into the fire...Mohammad said that only one in a thousand Muslims would go into Paradise, and the space was limited to seventy thousand...What are the other billions supposed to do? It does not even matter to Allah if a Muslim is pious and does everything right...Dead jihadi's are the only ones given preference...This must cause a lot of anxiety in the Muslims who know about it...The only thing they can do is to further all the causes of Allah, stay within the boundaries of Sharia and hope Allah expands paradise, and chooses them...
They would be better off worshipping some other god, who's hobby was not torturing his slaves...
written by NEWCOMER , July 24, 2010
this is terrible, however i must agree with laura - how does this reflect islam? just cos some infidels, cruel, heartless, thick, men decided to do this - doesnt mean islam allows it or its part of islam ... does it?
written by Person , July 24, 2010
This isn't directly related to Islam itself, but to the consequences of that barbaric ideologie. Or maybe not even barbaric; the European barbarians were far more civilized than these guys. If you have a religion with sick morals, the morals of the followers will be corrupted aswell. If you have a lot of sick opinions due to a religion, and if you sincerely agree with them, it's very unlikely you have a decent, healthy view when it comes to issues that are not directly related to your religion/opinions.
Human Rights activist, chairperson of Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan.
written by Valerie Khan , July 25, 2010
Just a few facts after reading all these comments and the article :
- Pakistan does not top the world in terms of quantity of acid attacks, Bangladesh does as per available data to date.
- Relevant studies to give a quantitative data per country facing acid attacks have not been made, therefore all the figures are indicative and not final, so careful before drawing conclusions!
- Acid violence is perpetrated by MALES AND FEMALES from various origins, religions and cultures : acid violence is present in Japan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Cambodia, Jamaica, Nepal, India, Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Columbia, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong.
- DSF (Depilex Smileagain Foundation) is currently being criticized and accused of having exploited acid victims and having embezzled funds by their ex volunteers, directors, and Italian donors: so careful before referring an NGO : ask for their audited accounts and their annual reports first...

Regards, VK.
written by waterwillows , July 25, 2010

There is an old saying; figures never lie, but liars always figure.

It is laughable that you call yourself a humanrights activist while showing concern that Pakistan might not be the worst offender.
The fact that Pakistan has no track record for doing anything about attacks on women and children did not stand out in your comments. So do your concerns run with the victims or the authorties who do nothing?
No one here is concerned with who has more 'hits' than another so we need not "be careful". Our concern is that there exists hits in the first place. Too many do-gooders, do very little good. But they get some nice grants and hand-outs for efforts.
written by duh_swami , July 25, 2010
For someone who asks to learn something of Islam, you seem to be learning fast enough to start defending it...
From post above...
written by duh_swami , July 25, 2010
- Acid violence is perpetrated by MALES AND FEMALES from various origins, religions and cultures : acid violence is present in Japan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Cambodia, Jamaica, Nepal, India, Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Columbia, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong.

The next question would be, how many attacks happen in these countries individually, and how many are made by non Muslim compared to those that are Muslim...
written by vixi , August 17, 2010
It seems that Acid is popular between Pakistanis, Indians, Afgans,Iran...all the"ANS"

I have heard Hindus burn their women with Acid toosmilies/cheesy.gif
Mosque in NYC
written by Steve , September 03, 2010
And THIS is what we want to be 'tolerated" in OUR country?
written by Kanters , October 12, 2010
Stuur This page to De Rechter van Hr.Wilders
written by Abdul wahab , November 06, 2010
kill those who did this........I don't have word to describe....ALLAH bless those who suffering this problem ..BESHAK ALLAH INSAF KARNAY WALA HAI.......
written by Me , March 15, 2011
Absolutely heart-breaking
written by Grateful , September 07, 2011
We in the U.S. complain about our government and think our lives are unfair? Makes me truly appreciate my life, my daughter's life. My problems are nothing in comparison.
written by Dwito , September 07, 2011
My problems are nothing in comparison.

But not for long Mr American. You have brought the representative of these perpetrators as your Presi. Soon these fanaticals will take over your country. And then? Be prepared.
written by mr hussain , November 25, 2011
unbelievable that people can comment on the face being exposed but truly the issue is cruelty
islam is not unfair and these women will get justice eventually allhamdulillah
i am very impresed
written by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , November 27, 2011
Terrible for me, the cruelty and the ignorance is shocking.
And you some people have the nerve to threat north americans


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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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