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Psychological Aspects of the Muslim Slave Mentality

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Logical minds wonder:  How could a man, so devoid of humanity, honor and self-respect, and a demonic god have such an astonishing influence over the Muslims? Though slavery of any form is distasteful to dignified human being, to a Muslim, the greatest achievement in life is being a slave to Allah and Muhammad as much as possible.

The chains men bear they forged themselves. Strike off their chains and they will weep for their lost security.” -- John Passmore

Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” -- George Gordon Byron

In a country when Muslims are a minority, they demand more and more special privileges and rights from the host country. When their number grows by birth or immigration, they want to introduce Sharia law in steps. When they become majority, they show their true color: they start destruction of culture and tradition the host nation and ethnic cleansing of the aboriginals in the name of Allah. This is the Muslim mentality and quite in line with Allah says/commands in the Qur’an:

O my sons! Allah hath chosen the faith for you; then die not except in the faith of Islam”. (Q: 2.132)

If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah) never will it be accepted of him…” (Q: 3.85)

Do they seek for other than the Religion of Allah? While all creatures in the heavens and on earth have willing or unwilling bowed to His Will (accepted Islam) and to Him shall they all be brought back.” (Q: 3.83)

It is He who hath sent His apostle with guidance and religion of truth to proclaim it over all religions even though the pagans may detest (it).” (Q: 9.33)

All the above verses proclaim in unambiguous terms that Islam is the best and should be the only religion on the Earth. Few more quotes from revered Islamic sources:

Allah will perish all religions except Islam.” (Sunan Abu-Dawood 4310)

Allah’s religion is the religion of Muhammad. We are satisfied with it.” (Ishaq, p. 580)

Muslims have a different type of relationship with their god. They consider themselves slaves of Allah. A slave’s activity is not spontaneous. It belongs to another; it is the loss of his self.

Islam is not a liberating religion. Instead, it is a vicious cult that creates a slave mentality among its followers. A common Muslim name is Abdullah, which literally means “servant of Allah” or “slave of Allah”. Allah makes it clear that humans are his slaves. Slaves have no freedom; they just do what the master orders. Though the infidel government spends in billions to protect their citizens including Muslims, they often fail to see this point. Little do they understand that it is impossible for a Muslim to live and commune with non-Islamic societies without an obligation to convert them to Islam by force or deception. One who has put his trust on Muhammad and his Qur’an fills up his mind with unjustified hate and paranoia.

Muslims are not only slaves of Allah, but their slavery extends to Muhammad also. Let us consider these texts from the Qur’an,

Say: O My slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt! Despair not of the mercy of Allah, Who forgiveth all sins.” (Q: 39.53)

Say: O My slaves who believe, be afraid of your Lord and keep your duty to Him. Good is for those who do good in this world, and Allah's earth is spacious! Only those who are patient shall receive their rewards in full, without reckoning.” (Q: 39.10)

The first verse is a message of consolation or comfort and the second one is a mild threat. Allah addressed the believers, calling them “my slaves”. For some reason, the author of this verse decided to change the verse from a direct speech of Allah to a command to Muhammad to speak these words by putting the word “Say” (in Arabic “Qul”) before it, i.e., “Say (O Muhammad, the following words)”. Adding the word “Say” before the sentence means that the speaker now changes from Allah to Muhammad. Now there is a serious problem -- Muhammad said and/or was supposed to say: “O My Slaves …” The question is -- are Muslim believers the slaves of Muhammad?

No doubt whoever made the decision to add “Say” at the beginning of this verse had overlooked the problem. We cannot call it simply a human error, because the Qur’anic claim is that God is the actual author of this book.

Thus Allah actually confirms that Muslims are not only slave to Allah, but to Muhammad also. There is a considerable amount of evidence that the Qur’an elevates Muhammad to the level of God in various ways. Praising Muhammad is an integral part of the daily prayers of the Muslims – “La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah”. This is called Shahada (Muslim declaration of faith). It means; “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God”. A Muslim utters those words several times a day. The Shahada is also recited in the muzzein’s call to prayer, included in the Salat (daily ritual prayer) and incorporated in Sufi meditative prayer. It is also recited in the moments before death. Muhammad associated himself with Allah in such a way that practically they became inseparable. By recitation of this confession of faith, the Muslims affirm their bondage to Muhammad. One poet (cited Noor Allah Marqadah, 2010) was not shy about it.

Muhammad Ki Ghulami Hay Sanad Azaad Honay Ki.

Khuda Kay Daman-e-Tauheed Mein Abaad Honay Ki.

Muhammad Ki Muhabbat Deen-e-Haq Ki Shart-e-Awwal Hay.

Agar Is Mein Ho Khami Tow Sab Kuch Na Mukammal Hay”.

(Slavery of Muhammad is the guarantee of forgiveness of Allah. It is the only way to get to the divine light. True love with Muhammad is the first condition of true Islam. If there is any doubt in it, nothing is complete or acceptable to Allah).

When members of al-Qaeda, Islamic jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and Hamas were asked why they were killing non-Muslims, they said, “Islam. We are following Muhammad’s orders” (Winn, 2004, letter to the reader). Thus Muhammad is directly responsible for today’s Islamic terrorism. Logical minds wonder:  How could a man, so devoid of humanity, honor and self-respect, and a demonic god have such an astonishing influence over the Muslims? Though slavery of any form is distasteful to dignified human being, to a Muslim, the greatest achievement in life is being a slave to Allah and Muhammad as much as possible. How do we explain this?

To search for an answer, let us look at the Marx’s theory of alienation. Marx was a true Humanist, and nothing was more attractive to him than human beings themselves. Alienation, for Marx, is the estrangement of humans from aspects of their human nature. The man does not experience himself as the acting agent in his grasp of the world, but that the world and he himself remain alien to him. They stand above and against him as objects, even though they may be objects of his own creation. Alienation is essentially experiencing the world and oneself passively, receptively, as the subject separated from the object. When man bows down to an imaginary power, he often transforms himself into a “lifeless object”. He transfers to this imaginary power the attributes of his own life, and instead of experiencing himself as the creating person, he is in touch with himself only by the worship or slavery of that power.

Islam is a dictatorial religion. In this religion, man is controlled by a higher power. Allah is entitled to obedience, reverence, worship and praise. But the reason for worship, praise, reverence and obedience lies not in the moral qualities of the deity, not in love or justice, but in the fact that the deity has absolute control or power over man. Allah, the higher power, has the right to force man to worship him, and that a lack of reverence and obedience constitutes sin. Therefore, Allah is the sole possessor of what was originally belonged to man. The more perfect Allah becomes, the more imperfect becomes the man. Qur’an says,

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.” (Q: 1.2)

He is Allah, than Whom there is no other Allah, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, Peace, the Keeper of Faith, the Guardian, the Majestic, the Compeller, the Superb. Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him).” (Q: 59.23)

“… Allah is the Absolute, Owner of praise.” (Q: 2.267)

In order that ye may believe in Allah and His Messenger that ye may assist and honour Him, and celebrate His praise morning and evening”. (Q: 48.9).

A Muslim projects the best he has unto Allah and thus impoverishes himself. Now, Allah has all love, all wisdom and all justice. Man is deprived of these qualities; he is now empty, poor and completely powerless. The more he transfers his own powers to Allah, the poorer he himself becomes, and the more dependent on Allah. Ultimately the man is alienated from himself. His only access to himself is through Allah. Having lost his own he is completely at Allah’s mercy. This mechanism of projection is the very same which can be observed in interpersonal relationships of a masochistic, submissive character where one person is awed by another and attributes his own powers and aspirations to the other person. When he has thus projected his own valuable power to God his relationship to his own power is ruined -- he has become alienated from himself. The alienation from his own powers makes the Muslim slavishly dependent on Allah. Slowly he becomes a man without self-confidence. That is why everything is Insha’Allah (if Allah wills it – fatalism) for a Muslim. His religious experience is always tyrannical, never blissful. What an extraordinary parallel to those famous words of Dostoyevsky! (cited Felty, 1997, p. 258),

In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, Make us your slaves, but feed us.

In his famous discussion of the alienation of labor in 1844, Marx (cited Elster, 1986, p. 40) compared material alienation with spiritual alienation and wrote;

Just as in religion the spontaneous activity of the human imagination, of the human brain and the human heart, operates independently of the individual—that is, operates on him as an alien, divine or diabolical activity—in the same way …

This is a trap – for a Muslim self-realization is possible only in an external manner. He has become estranged from his own life forces, from the wealth of his own potentialities, and is in touch with himself only in the indirect way of submission to life frozen in the Allah. Deprived of everything, such a person’s only hope is Muhammad. Only through Muhammad, a Muslim can beg Allah to return some of his humanity and for this he is ready to reserve his full life for Islam. This is one of the main reasons why there is hardly any humanity in Islam.

Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property ...” (Q: 9.111)

The delusion of helplessness in turn acts on him. He always feels himself to be a sinner (living without humanity is sinful). The more he praises Allah, the emptier he becomes. The emptier he becomes, the more sinful he feels. The more sinful he feels, the more he praises Allah – and less he is able to regain himself. The less he is able to regain himself, the more he comes within the evil grip of Muhammad. In Muhammad’s lifetime, Muslims used to worship him like a living God and he did not object to it. Bukhari recorded,

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas; Abu Bakr said, 'To proceed, if you used to worship Muhammad, then Muhammad is dead, but if anyone of you used to worship Allah, then Allah is alive and shall never die’”. (Bukhari: 5.59.733).

This is the same mechanism that makes people endow the leaders of even the most inhuman systems with qualities of super wisdom and kindness. Whether the people worship a punishing, awesome god or a similarly conceived leader makes little difference. Qur’an says,

Being niggardly with respect to you; but when fear comes, you will see them looking to you, their eyes rolling like one swooning because of death; but when the fear is gone they smite you with sharp tongues.” (Q: 33.19)

It is always a terror-based abusive relation. The slave is terrorized by the master; he has no free choice. Slavery does not need respect but fear. In such a terrorized state, Muslims don’t understand that his own spiritual forces were robbed from him by his Prophet, and subsequently, the same forces were erected into autonomous power to act against him, to enslave him. The power that enslaves Muslims actually belongs to them, not to Muhammad or Allah. The strength of Allah is an externalized expression of the potential spiritual power of individual Muslims. In worshipping Allah and Muhammad, a Muslim does not affirm himself but actually denies himself.

Great teachers such as Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tze, Buddha and Jesus opposed the control of the human spirit by the external forces of oppressive religions. They reminded individuals of the great potential power within the individual consciousness. Thus, Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven is within each individual, not the property of a separate temple or church. Lao Tze reminded his followers of the original harmony of the individual with the natural and social totality, thereby pointing to limitless potential power for the individual who reconnects with species life. Spiritual quest should be a spontaneous activity; it cannot be imposed upon the individual by a tyrannical God or Prophet in the name of a revealed ideology. Buddha was another great teacher. He did not speak in the name of a supernatural power but in the name of reason. He called upon every man to make use of his own reason to see the truth (Fromm, 1978, p. 38). These great teachers did not bring down any revelation, yet they had contributed much in the growth of the civilization. The prodigious success of the Arab conquest proves nothing. Attila the Hun, Genseric the Vandal King, Gengis Khan and Alexander the Great brought many nations into subjection; yet civilization owes them absolutely nothing. A conquering people only exercise a civilizing influence when it itself is more civilized than the people conquered.

In this world, nothing is Insha’Allah. Allah does not create history. All power belongs to men; they are the creators of history. From one generation to another, men learn from history, develop and transform themselves. As Fromm (1991, p. 26) commented,

History is the history of man’s self-realization; it is nothing but the self-creation of man through the process of his work and his production.

Muslims will never be free without this self-realization. Self-realization is a maturing of the personality to allow the soul to grow and to reveal itself. To achieve self-realization, first the Muslims have to liberate themselves from their own belief, and true freedom can only be realized in that state. When I speak of freedom, I mean absolute freedom – freedom of the soul. If Muslims could only see that Allah is nothing more than a lie that had been used to enslave them, they would walk away from this evil cult of Islam within no time. Then only they will become fully and truly human. There is no glory in slavery; it’s a disgrace.


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Sujit Das lives in Mumbai (India). He is the author of several articles critical to Islam and a book Islam Dismantled: The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad available for online purchase at Amazon.com and in various book stores. He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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i agree 100%
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , October 10, 2012

i agree 100%
written by gratifaction , October 10, 2012
A nice article
Sujit Das
written by fineliving56 , October 10, 2012
As a Muslimah I had felt all the thinking processes that you wonderfully have described.

I was in constant feel of fear, emptiness , powerlessness , guilt, insignificance and superstitious.

The fear mongering that Quran is full with, managed to create an unhappy and confused women [just it did to many Muslim women] on the inside,completely different from the outside.

What really amazing.. is that a Muslim women cannot voice her unhappiness or she would be called a traitor or a kafira … she has to ACT that she is thankful to be a Muslima or else …. what a miserable way to live ?!

but not any more if I have to say anything about it …

Leaving Islam made me take back some of this power and self assurances, you have talked about and it has been increasing with every day that passes away from Islam.

But still , I think ex Muslims will never feel as normal as they should .. it is a managed process that never quite be free from the poison of Islam.
written by Imam Douchebag , October 10, 2012
Just shows you the intellect of followers of Islam.......low and dense.
OT … I discovered yet another lie in translating Arabic of Quran in to English to make look better to the eyes of non Arabs
written by fineliving56 , October 10, 2012
Here it is …

Quran, Suri,t Al Nahil 16/ 93 …and Surit al fatir 35/8

basically, both say '' Allah ** misguide or mislead ** whom ever he wanted and guide whom ever he wanted ''

These words I put them in bold letters, are apparently, problematic words that made few English Muslim translators to lie in order to hide the vindictiveness of Quran/Allah, … the word that is changed is :

Yadillu … means …he misguide or he mislead"

it is …. Male present tense for the root word '' Dalla '' to misguide ''

Now …. in the English translation I have, it is by an American Muslim named Dr Syed Vickar Ahamed '' he relied on the study of … '' who else? …if not Dr Zakir Naik, him self .. the Muslim mad man who made the sneaky act of obfuscating to perfection .

Look, how he translated the 2 ayas :

35/8 :

'' Is he , then , to whom the evil of what he does, look to be attractive [ equal as the one is rightly guided ] Surly, Allah ** leave to wander** to whom he wills, and guide whom he wills ..

As you can see the Translator avoided writing the word '' Yadillu '' misguide'' and he translated it to a completely different harmless word which are '' yatrukuhu li Yasseh …or Yadee'e …

'' Leave to wander'' is not Yadilu …

Yadillu / misguide … has an intend to mislead a person …

'' leave to wander '' has no sinister meaning … it is in fact a diffrent word .

I am convinced there is a conspiracy to softening the Quran and beautifying it to non Arabs who live in the west .
Muslims are hollow men -
written by Tanstaafl jw , October 10, 2012
stripped of their humanity by the mindless cult of Islam.
Muslims are Slaves
written by Gnostic , October 11, 2012
A slave is not supposed to have its own brain and without brain, he has no rights, no morality and no ratio.

He is not supposed to ask why he must do this and that according t islamic rules and therefore, islamic life is so full of nonsense.

Sujit das
written by abc , October 11, 2012
Looking at the descriptive parts of your article.
You describe the internal workings of a munafiq.
In English you would describe them as hypocrites.
They say one thing and do another. They outwardly express something and in their heart is something else.
This carries on and creates conflict between the heart and mind.
The disease increases and then they become apostates.
Lost souls!!!
written by Jimat Khorasan , October 11, 2012
A very good article indeed. Pity it does not reach a wider audience, especially in the Muslim world where they truly are victims of Islam..; from which they cannot walk away or leave.

While this articles extols the virtues of Christianity and other non-Islamic faiths, lets not overlook the darker side of all 3 so called Abrahamic faiths; based on Prophets, one God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Adam / Eve, creation and revealed Holy Books ...all emanating from one geographical locality of the world.....the so called (not so) Holy Lands!!
All very convincing and respectable except ..after centuries of religious conflicts, our world is still being blighted and denied peace by the youngest of these 3 very ugly religious sisters!

Like Christianity in its ugly history of intolerance and violence, (Crusades, Inquisition, Cathars, 30 year War, persecutions, Reformation etc) Islam is presently going through similar head bashing. I just hope they keep it all within their turf!

My single wish is for all dogmatic ('read' militant Islamo-Fascist like Dr. Zakir Naik) militant Islamist to take an early exit from our world and seek their Allah's Judgement & proceed to their promised Islamic Paradise where their 70 virginal 16 year old Houris and Pearly boys await them..... 70 virgins!! If you can believe such nonsense as part of Islamic Jinnah, then I see only doom for those who continue to remain in this lying cult....mostly those with limited brain cells!!
But lets not forget the other 2 ugly sisters in this trinity of horrors foisted on our beautiful world!
written by fineliving56 , October 11, 2012
is an Arabic word means '' a hypocrite man "' … comes from root word '' Nifaq ''

Munafiq … is word a to describe a man who say something and do something else .

So .. how is this word describe an apostate ?

An apostate is a man or a women who leave their religion and TELL ABOUT IT … they do not say something and do something else like ABc said … we actually do exactly the opposite …

We SAY we left Islam and we DID leave Islam … where is nifaq ?

Isn't , more accurate to say …

That Muslims Moderate, ARE the ones who are '' Munafiqeen '' they recite the atrocities that their Quran contains, while they run around boosting on their [ hardly exciting] peaceful parts of the same Quran .

It is BECAUSE we want and care about the truth, we became apostates .
written by Malem , October 11, 2012
Show me how Muslims are slaves? They have free will, they work where they want to, they live where they want to, they travel where they want, they have the same rights as anyone else. In terms of morality they live by the laws of allah. You really need to learn what you are talking about lad, your just babbling nonsense
written by vbv , October 11, 2012
Hohohohoho!!! Tell me if a muslim from Pakistan/Bangladesh/India can really work "freely" in any arab country, or buy property, marry an arab girl or own business their fully ? So much for muslim "Ummah"! Any south Asian or east Asian muslims are looked down upon as slaves by these arabs and treated as such. What about mohajirs in Pakistan ? Even after 65 years they are third class citizens in Pakistan ? East Pakistan broke away only because west Pakistan treated them in the most derisive manner. What about the Kurds in Iran, Iraq and Turkey ? There is no equality in islam. It only supports arab supremacy. The rest are to be just enslaved. It is the worst kind of barbarism.
written by Jye , October 11, 2012
What's with all this "lad" business? A Muslim patronizing others. ROFL - oxymoron.
Fine living
written by abc , October 11, 2012
Thanks for the Arabic lesson. The last post was for Sujit hence used the term in its singular masculine present form.
I will make it simple for you.
The road to murtadville runs through munafiqoonville!!! There is no other way of getting there. See what I did there, americanised it just for you!
That should help you understand.

"We SAY we left Islam and we DID leave Islam … where is nifaq ?"
Really? You want me to explain that too.
To fineliving56
written by Naruq , October 11, 2012
Dear Fineliving,
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that I appreciate the effort and guts it would have taken you to discard Islam from your life...I have deep respect for people like you that can find their way out of a labryinth on physical, social and psychological morass...to seek the light longingly as you do.

You have cast off the terrible evil of a sick man's mind...be free and find your own path...and thank you, for being you.
To abc
written by Naruq , October 11, 2012
Muhammad...is by far the worst human being in historical record that I have ever encountered. His paranoid schizophrenic ramblings in the Quran are worse.

What is to be said for this utter shambles of a cult left behind?

written by fineliving56 , October 11, 2012
According to devout [ true] Muslims , a Muslim moderate is nothing but a Munafiq need to be exposed of …

Osama said "' all moderate Muslims who live in the west need to be killed because they live with the enemy "' after he knew they were hundreds of Muslims working in the two towers he demolished and he killed Muslims .

In order to be a peaceful moderate Muslims … Muslim need, and have to be '' Munafiqeen ''

The only NON "' Monfiqeen"' among Muslims … the devout Muslims, in other word , THE VIOLENT Muslims who walk in streets with Quran in hands ...pointing with their fat fingers to such ayas …. l 9/5 …and … 9/73-74-123 … trying to shift responsibility, to whom ever welling to listen:

** they are not violent becouse they are violent people it is because Quran's orders them to punish the non believers, after all, they are nothing, but the ever hard working obedient servants of Allah.

Now …. Here a lessten for you to study …

Murtad , masculine … ex Muslim

Murtadda , feminine … ex Muslima [ me ]

Murtadeen, Masculine plural …all ex Muslims

Murtadaat, feminine plural … all ex Muslimaat

All come from root word '' Rada … rejection > return …

yes, that is right,

We are Murtadeen [ ex Muslims ] ….

we are NOT '' Munafiqeen''

we are Murtadeen [ returned ]…… back to humanity

Have you got that , ABC ? …… you are a Munafiq ….. and …. I am a Murtadda

To abc
written by Naruq , October 11, 2012
Good resources for you to learn about Islam:






etc etc etc...no end to these loving sites of Islam...they just love it...you should love it like they do...it's the correct way to love Islam.

abc...listen to your mind...you know it's a load of shit...time to let go...let go of evil...be free...

Fine living
written by abc , October 11, 2012
Keep your verb conjugations for your fellow murtadeens!
Clearly the example went over your head!

The road to murtadville runs through munafiqoonville!!!

lost soul!!
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 11, 2012
Islam means submission, do you know that? There are so many muslims who are going to their muslim teachers asking for the latest fatwa what to do and what not to do. They need a fatwa for everything from praying to shi**ing in what direction and how often.

And there are hadith and fatwa for everything whom to greet and whom to not to greet ...
Proud to be a muslim
written by Khan , October 12, 2012
I am a muslim and proud to be 1 i would appreciate u understand wt islam is all about before u assume wt it is not, its never about violence, or un-civilised or about 70 virgins and Quran is a holly book to teach how to live ur life. Islam teaches loving ur parents, respecting ur neighbours and spread peace in the world. We r the fools Christians, Muslims, or anyone coz we belive wts shown in the TV is the truth never try to find out wt actually happened so don let this political fights named Religious come between our brotherhood and peace full life so my christian brothers, and everyone else lets fight for ourselfs not with each other.
written by Malem , October 12, 2012
Now why are you starting to lie lad, no one needs a fatwa to use the hamam or deficate. Fatwas are not in the Koran are they? No they are not and they are not part of Allahs words either chap.

Jye - lad or Chap are just references to other men, you might want to check out other countries and the use of the local verbiage, lad.

VBV there are many Pakistani's working in the west, are you saying they are not supposed to be there? hahaha your a joker arent you
The mindless
written by Montegue , October 12, 2012
Well written article. The comparison of Mohammad and founders all other major religions is illustrative of how the founder of Islam stood out as the only tyrant who demanded the be worshiped.

Muslims know that Mohammad violated rules he set for his worshipers. When ever he was violating his own rules, he excused himself by telling his worshipers that it was Allah's desires that he fulfilled. The mindless worshipers weren't even suspicious of his lies. This imposter was supposedly a prophet, but he could only be suspicious of and accused of his wives for having sex with other men, and could not even bring Allah down to strike them dead. All he could do was deprive them of sex and hoped that they admit their adultery. What an incompetent, sissy prophet. Quite amusing that there are still so many mindless Muslims yearning to receive his empty promises.

Muslims can never become a great nation. Mindless, willing slaves of Mohammad, who considered them subhuman. They are enslaved to Arabism, tribalism, super dumb prophet, and a worthless Allah.
written by Jye , October 12, 2012
Don't make me laugh, Malem. I know patronizing comments when I hear one - just like your last ditty. Would you like an explanation? To call someone "lad" assumes they are younger and therefore not as knowledgeable. Too easy, but continue on calling me lad if you feel you must :-)
written by Malem , October 12, 2012
Its a term of endearment , not a patronizing comment much like bloke, chap, feller etc... You are very paranoid arent you lad
written by Jye , October 12, 2012
You're contradicting yourself, Malem. A post a go you said 'chap' was just a reference to other men - now it's patronizing?
I'm not paranoid at all. I'm also not gullible
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 12, 2012
Malem I am not lying but I am referring to a great number of muslims, perhaps the majority, who believe in hadith and in fatwas.

Of course there may be some muslims less enslaved than others; there are also moderate ones and radical ones.

But how about the majority? We might call them slaves of Allah or slaves of the clerics but they are very much like slaves.

Very promiinent scholars teach that according to islam, humans do not have their own rights and their own ethics. It is all the sovereignity of the imaginery Allah.
written by Malem , October 13, 2012
The sentence was constructed to equate lad with chap, fella etc not to say there patronizing, they are not I use them all the time fella!

Gnostic, no you lied, you stated that Muslims need a fatwa to deficate etc.. Just admit you made it up and move on lad. Its easier when you except the consequences for your actions, its the grown up thing to do
A very common misconception
written by Yibel , October 13, 2012
is that Islam is an Abrahamic faith/religion. Islam was conceived by ONE man and ONE man only. It was founded in the desert of Arabia - over 1000 kilometers from the Holy Land. Muhammad's concept of god was/is a being full of hate for humankind and a desire to torture those who refuse to follow Muhammad' commands. Islam is NOT a sister religion to Judaism or Christianity - IT is a bastard cult of a evil man who desired world conquest, booty, and sex slaves. He wanted to be worshiped.

The Crusades and the Inquisition were responses to Islam's aggressive totalitarian behavior and would not have occurred otherwise.

Jimat Khorasan, you know nothing of Christianity. I suggest you read the 4 gospels of the New Testament. It is from the Judeo-Christian tradition - as you put it "the virtues of Christianity" - that the modern world gets its concept of freedom and morality.
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 13, 2012
Come on! There are millions of fatwas for everything in the world how to do this and that! And on the toilet, muslims are not allowed to sh/t in direction of Mecca while they have to pray in this direction.

Isnt Allah supposed to be everywhere and not only in Mekka? Here we can see how stupid islam really is.
To Naruq
written by fineliving56 , October 13, 2012
I just read you're encouraging and inspiring post to me … I must have miss it before ..

I thank you …

The women I was might have disagreed with you on your appreciation of me for being me , you would have understood considering how I thought that I, was the last thing I wanted to be …

Islam has robbed me from my self, and by me leaving Islam, I took it back and I WILL NOT LET ANYONE TO TRY TO DIMINISH IT BY SHAMING ME .

I value this freedom … I value what left of my life … I value my self … I want to devote my life now, to help other Muslims to value them selves enough to leave Islam …

I have been posting here non stop … my fingers have worn out … :)

My birth Country is destroyed ..death is the bread and butter of the people I came from … I find refuge here to stop thinking of what is happening over there .

Islam will be defeated
written by vbv , October 13, 2012
You are the worst joke that has ever been. You are obfuscating and skirting the issue.Muslims in the west are enjoying all the freedom which they cannot dream of in their socalled"islamic" countries , ruled by dictators, autocrats, mullahs and ayatollahs, whatnot , where the barbaric muslim code caled "sharia" prevails. If muslims are so happy , free and comfortable in their shithole islamic countries , why do they clamour to go to west? Because islam makes muslims slaves under the mullahs and autocrats who actually call the shots. No wonder you have Pakistan ( the terror hub of the world) , Somalia which thrives on piracy, kidnapping and ransoming, or any of the socalled islamic country which is nothing but a deep hole of dark misery.
written by Malem , October 14, 2012
Gnostic my poitn was your statement was a lie, that was it and that is correct.
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 14, 2012
A lie? Maybe somewhat exaggerated but how do you call people who are required to submit without thinking about it?

If you are not free to do what you want then you are a slave. And in islam there is absolutely no space for freedom. If a muslim does not take part in daily prayers others will call him an infidel and he might get trouble.

Or do you want to tell me that islam is not against individual freedom? The islamic wold has even openly and frankly declared that they do not accept the UN human rights declaration as it is.

They want to make prisoners of all people and slaves!
written by .... , October 15, 2012
women who believe in this Islam crap are weak and obviously don't care about free will. they also have no self-respect if they would allow the religion to demote them so much.
written by Malem , October 15, 2012
Ok so at least we have established and agreed you initially lied, thats a good starting point because now people will be able to determine quickly that they need not take you statements seriously.

People are free in Islam, why do you not think they are free? I get up and go to my practice each day, free to do so. I speak out on any topic I want, I eat what I want, i travel where I like to travel? I as well as my family are able to pursue whatever we like?

Now I do know of countries where all you communication is listened to , you are able to be interred for an unlimited amount of time without representation, where drones fly over watching innocent civilians, where almost 50% are fed by the government, but you know that place already
Islamic Slavery
written by Gnostic , October 15, 2012
Or consider the people in Saudi Arabia. Cinemas are forbidden because people are not allowed to mix. A man and a women sitting in a cafe without being married or closely related are committing a crime and deserve to receive punisments according to the Hanbalites and Salafists, such as prison or lashes.

Is this slavery or not?
written by Malem , October 16, 2012
I am not sure what you call it, but I know what it is NOT, and that is Islam. Show me one Surah that states why men and women should not mix. Can you? NO because it does not exist. The Saudis have it wrong , period, they may be keepers of the holiest spots in Islam but the "rules" they are making up are not Islamic in any way.
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 16, 2012
Who is lying? Who is tweaking and twisting the truth again and again?

And there IS a word in the quran that men and women should not mix, a simple sentence, but, as you perhaps know, Hanbalis, Wahhabis and Salafists take everything very strict.

The obvious problem is how to determine who is right about the interpretation of the quran. Does this sentence really mean that everything must be separated?

This is why you run into trouble if you try to rely on the quran instead of human intelligence and experiences.
written by Malem , October 16, 2012
So what you are saying is that you have no proof at all that the Koran says men and women should not mix. You then claim there IS a word, but dont state it. In summary, you made a claim, I stated it was false and asked for proof, you provided another claim and yet still no proof. I think you need to rethink your approach lad, it is not helping you argue you side at all. As for lying, you stated something as fact, that was untrue. Im pretty sure that would be considered a lie. Peace
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 16, 2012
Even in mosques there are backrooms for women and many Hadith explicitely teach that gender mingling is forbidden. It is considered a crime in Saudi Arabia and the Taliban threaten to kill anybody who breaks this law.

Please try to convince the Saudi government and the Taliban that gender mingling is okay according to quran. Lets wait and see what they will do with you!

Or do you really think that we all should love islam because there may be some muslims a little more progressive or less idiotic than others?
written by Malem , October 16, 2012
Ok so evading is the path you are taking. I asked 3 times to show the line that you state is in the Koran that says women and men cannot mix. You cannot, thus proving my assertion you lied.

I have said already I do not live in Saudi Arabia, thus have nothing to do with them. maybe you can convince the West not to pay them so much for their oil and give them military support? OH I see that would mean you would have to do more than just post arbitrary lines you make up.

I never have asked you to love Islam, that is your choice as there is no compulsion to do so. Good luck making up more imaginary verses and lines lad! Peace
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 16, 2012
You like to put the word lie into your mouth , dont you?

What about an error? I am still not sure because I believe to remember that there IS such a statement but you cannot demand that I am so stupid to memorize the entire quran.

There are statements that women should be decent, cover themselves and so on. And some teachers even teach breastfeeding of adults in order to allow them to mingle. You know very well what I am talking about but you are only trying to find anything you can insist on.

Gender segregation is so widespread and so typical for the islamic world that it is almost impossible to separate it from islam.
written by Malem , October 16, 2012
Thank you for admiting you made it up, you "believe" there is a statement, but cannot find it because although you think you know the Koran you do not. You made it up, so now all your comments are suspect at best.

Your other comments, again where does it say it in the Koran, either show the proof, or continue lying lad, your choice. By the way nice attempt at trying to jump from being caught in a lie to another totally disconnected conversation, very nice try.
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 16, 2012
All I admitted is that I am not free from errors. I am releasing so many comments here in this very free discussion and it might happen that sometimes people correct me.

So gender segregation is perhaps not in the quran but definetely and explicetely in the hadith and the majority of muslims believe in them.

Women are even not allowed to pray together with men in most mosques throughout the muslim world and you want to insist that I am wrong?

Nice try, really. Believe me or not but I am not here to spread lies. I am interested in the truth. I once watched a documentation about Saudi Arabia were a man told that Islam requires gender segregation. I also know that many islamic lawyers release fatwas in favour of gender segregation- So what do you want from me?

You only want to prove me wrong.

BTW, How would you call muslims who deny that the quran allows wifebeatings? Liars? According to you standards you have no choice!

Are you free of errors?
Islam doesn't want love
written by Yibel , October 17, 2012
"I never have asked you to love Islam, that is your choice as there is no compulsion to do so..."

Islam is NOT about love:
“Indeed there has been an excellent example for you in Ibraaheem and those with him, when they said to their people, ‘Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah. We have rejected you, and there has started between us and you, hostility and hatred forever..." Quran 60:4

Islam demands submission. Islam means SUBMIT!

"Fight those who believe not in Allah...until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." Quran 9:29

written by Malem , October 17, 2012
Do you ever fully quote a surah correctly or is it just a condition you have? The Koran surely advises people to follow Allah, but it also is understanding in those who wish not to and then tells those non-believers what lies ahead for them in heaven.

You get funny when your a desperate, you just toss out random miss-quotes hoping someone will believe you, Yibel lad you really need to get a life.
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 17, 2012
Yibel is quoting the quran correctly. Islam wants non muslims to pay a poll tax or to submit. What can we conclude from that?

Many muslims converted to islam in order to avoid the poll tax, nothing else. But now their children and offsprings are all born as muslims without any way out.

This is some kind of slavery too. Born as muslims and no way out without the risc of getting killed, losing the heritage, becoming outlawed, getting divorced and so on.

There are not many things worse than being a muslim.
Malem, Gostic
written by Kaser , October 17, 2012
Assuming the references in the following article are correct (I did not check them all)

All these scriptures place men way above women.
This leads to segregation.
We saw what that did in South Africa between whites and blacks.

Saudi Arabia is a perfect example where men and women cannot mingle without good reasons - something unheard of in most other cultures. This form of Wahabi Islam makes women hermetically sealed from young men. Frustrating them. Making them despise what they crave and cannot have... Leading to the violence and desire to control them once they are " married"...
written by Malem , October 17, 2012
Gnostic, no he is cut and pasting parts of the surah, which I know is the way you all operate to try and twist the message for you own gain. As for "There are not many things worse than being a muslim. " Just wondering if you have looked in the mirror lately lad.

KAser, I wouldnt expect you to check them, a lot of stuff that is tossed on this site has no checking done, just ask your mates. Keep trying to make the connection that somehow what the Sauds do is in the Koran, wont happen lad, your wrong just admit it and move on
written by Kaser , October 17, 2012
Malem, will you eventually put forth some facts? Ay facts.
You keep mentioning that we are always wrong in our assumptions, grow up!

The Saudi Arabian official motto is: "There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God"
Muhammad, the source of the wonderful Quran scriptures is head of the Saudi State I guess?
Saudi Arabia, a "Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy"

Note the ISLAMIC in the name...
What shame Saudi Arabia must bring to the likes of you Malem... Blatantly exposing to the world the wonderful light of Islam.

So go ahead - again accuse us of not having all the facts dear...
written by malem , October 17, 2012
Little kaser, you have so much to learn. What facts can I provide for you lad that I have not done so numerous times. I realize you struggle each day to come up with a string of BS to toss out on a blog, that must be tiring for you. Wahabism is not in the Koran neither is Sunni or Shia. Why? Because Allah knew there is only Muslims, period. Now you can latch on to whacky groups like the taliban or boko cookoo whoever you want. However they do not follow islam as Allah outlined in the Koran. Please note Hajj starts the 25th so I will not be posting for a few weeks! Cheers!
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 17, 2012
What do you think do I cut and paste? Sometimes I quote and then I add the marks that I quote.
I am hoping is not really the case
written by Arthur , October 17, 2012
Malem: Don't lecture me, don't just tell me that is the way it is. I don't want to get into the you said, I said. Its that alright with you? If it is not, don't trouble yourself, for I am trying to be as objective as possible, but I need to read it myself to make my own conclusions. Just tell me where in the Koran says both genders should not mixed? Tell where I can find it and what is your true opinion on this rule?
written by Malem , October 17, 2012
Arthur, the Koran does not say women and men cannot mix in public. That little ditty was made up by the likes of Kaser. You see he makes these thins up and then to defend it, he points to Saudi Arabia for justification rather than the Koran. That is like saying cars are bad because of the one person who speeds all the time. The Koran is the guiding words of Allah, if you make up your own rules, than so be it, they are yours. So you asked "Just tell me where in the Koran says both genders should not mixed?" and Im telling you as I have told others, it does not prohibit such.
Malem (Big and strong Malem)
written by Kaser (Little Kaser) , October 17, 2012
Again, you avoid the core subject Malem - you are indeed a coward in the face of facts.

You always state "Allah does not prohibit men and women from mingling" You are most probably right. It does not say so outright in the Quran. It does not say so litterally.

But Malem, you AGAIN avoid talking about the many verses that place men above women.
Many many many verses. And like I said above, verses that you deliberately AVOID commenting.

These verses establish two classes of citizens - men and women (Actually, three classes, Men, Women, and non-believers) - Oh, I forgot Slaves - silly me... Four classes.
This man/woman segregation breeds contempt. Breeds "I'm better than you". This leads to an apartheid-like society. Like Saudi Arabia.

BUT MALEM - please do not comment this information, SIMPLY brush me off as fabricating it all...
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 17, 2012
You wrote that the quran is the word of Allah/god.

Dont you thing that it is blasphemy to claim that god would write so much nonsense?
The legal foundation for Islamic gender separation
written by Yibel , October 18, 2012
is based on Qur'an verse 4:115 which warns Muslims not to follow any path other than the believer's way - 4:115 is a principal foundation for the Islamic legal concept of "Ijma" - meaning group consensus. This is the idea that once the Islamic community has agreed on a matter, it can be sure that Al-Ah has guided it to the truth.
Ibn Kathir explains it thus:
“the Ummah (i.e. the Muslim community) of Muhammad is immune from error when they all agree on something, a miracle that serves to increase their honor, due to the greatness of their Prophet.”

The legal concept of Ijma is the basis for Islamic laws which command the separation of males and females, as well as other non-quranic rules, such as: women need male family members to escort them ouside of the home; women cannot drive cars; women cannot work with males they are not related too; women must wear the nijab or burqa; etc.
written by malem , October 19, 2012
Where is the nonsense? It all makes perfect sense to me but then again it does require you to be able to read and comprehend at more than a 3rd grade level lad
re: Malem
written by Gnostic , October 19, 2012

So you think that god wants men to behave like dirty little cowards and beat their wives? Do you call this wisdom?

No, it is very stupid and criminal thinking!
@ Malem
written by This is Rami Rustom , October 19, 2012
> Do you ever fully quote a surah correctly or is it just a condition you have?

This is ironic. Here you are criticizing someone for quoting partially, where in the very next sentence you quote nothing at all.

> The Koran surely advises people to follow Allah, but it also is understanding in those who wish not to and then tells those non-believers what lies ahead for them in heaven.

Instead of asserting without explanation, you should assert with explanation. And part of your explanation should include a quote from the Quran or a translation of the Quran (while also citing who/which organization did the translation).

> You get funny when your a desperate, you just toss out random miss-quotes hoping someone will believe you, Yibel lad you really need to get a life.

Here you are asserting that his quotes are random and partial, but without explanation that it is random and partial. Instead of unexplained assertion, you should include an explanation that explains why his quote is random and partial in the context of his point.
@ Malem
written by This is Rami Rustom , October 19, 2012
> Thank you for admiting you made it up,

He did no such thing. He said that *it* was in the Hadith, not the Quran.

> you "believe" there is a statement,

He "believed" there is a statement in the Quran. He was mistaken. It was in the Hadith. Therefore, he did not "make it up".

> but cannot find it because although you think you know the Koran you do not. You made it up, so now all your comments are suspect at best.

So making 1 mistake means that *all* of one's ideas are suspect at best? That is false. What is true is that *any* of everyone's statements are suspect, regardless of their past history of mistakes. We are all fallible. That means that anyone of our ideas can be mistaken.

Your argument is ironic. You're saying that since a person made 1 mistake (which is true for *everybody*), then *all* his ideas are suspected to be mistaken. So by your argument, *all* ideas by *everybody* are suspected to be mistaken. This is false. We need only suspect that an idea is mistaken *if* we have a criticism of that idea.

> Your other comments, again where does it say it in the Koran, either show the proof, or continue lying lad, your choice.

He already told you that its in the Hadith. Actually I think you told him that, or maybe it was another poster. And he already admitted this. So why are you still stuck on this? Move on.

> By the way nice attempt at trying to jump from being caught in a lie to another totally disconnected conversation, very nice try.

Here you are saying that he evaded your question. But he didn't. He already admitted his mistake.

I note that *you* are the one evading. You have not addressed many questions. You are evading Betty's questions, finelivings questions, and my questions. I expect that you are evading many poster's questions and criticisms. What do you have to say for yourself? Why do you continue to evade? What are you afraid of? How do you expect to convince any of us of your ideas if you continue to evade criticism?
@ Malem
written by This is Rami Rustom , October 19, 2012
> So you think that god wants men to behave like dirty little cowards and beat their wives?

He doesn't believe in God. He believes that Mohamed authored the Quran. So he believes that Mohamed wants "men to behave like dirty little cowards and beat their wives".

> Do you call this wisdom?

Kaser's idea *is* wise. The content of the idea, which is Mohamed's idea that men should be sexist, *is not* wise. Do you have a criticism of Kaser's idea? Do you have a criticsm of Mohamed's idea?

> No, it is very stupid and criminal thinking!

Right. Mohamed's idea is "very stupid and criminal thinking"!
@ Malem
written by This is Rami Rustom , October 19, 2012
> Where is the nonsense? It all makes perfect sense to me

That is because you turn a blind eye to criticism. We've criticized your interpretations of the Quran and you deny them categorically without addressing our criticism on the merit of the criticism. Instead, you reject our criticism by attacking us. This is highly irrational thinking. You cannot determine the truth by rejecting criticism.

> but then again it does require you to be able to read and comprehend at more than a 3rd grade level lad

Another ironic statement. I've have exposed many of your misunderstandings. I see way fewer misunderstandings in Kaser's explanations.

Premise: Kaser misunderstands English text less than Malem.

Premise: Kaser's reading comprehension is 3rd grade level.

Conclusion: Malem's reading comprehension is 2nd grade level.

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