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Humanity Assassinated: Ethnic Cleansing of Minorities in Islamic Bangladesh

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A horror picture of sufferings, persecution and ethnic-cleansing of Hindus and other minorities in moderate Islamic Bangladesh... [warning: some grusome images inside!!]

"The dead, it is said, do not live to tell the tale, but this is not true in ethnic cleansing. The dead do tell the tale; it is the living who are reluctant to speak." -- Horowitz, 2001, p. 224

Islamic fundmentalists murders hindu professorWe now know the Holocaust of the Jews, Hitler’s “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”, which is written in history with human blood. The “Final Solution” of some kind of a different by murderers of different religious belief in a country has been occurring over the last four decades. I am talking about the ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in Bangladesh. And yes, as Horowitz said, listen carefully to every dead human. Each one of them has a tragic story to tell; pay attention and you will hear an unmistakable whisper in their silence, the stories of their suffering and injustice caused to them because of their minority status in a Muslim majority country. Those who are still fortunate enough to live for few more days are in mental wreck so much so that they are all living dead. Today not only the victims, but also the humanity itself cries bitterly for your attention.

Government of Bangladesh has published many Census documents. In 1941, 28.3% of the population was minorities. Out of this, of Hindu was 11.88 million, while 588 thousand was other religious and ethnic minorities, like Buddhist, Christian and animist. As per the 1991 Census, the Muslim majority increased by 219.5%, while the Hindu community increased by 4.5%. If usual increase rate prevailed, the number of the Hindu community would have been 32.5 million in 1991, but the actual figure is 12.5 million. It means twenty million Hindu souls were missing. (Samad, 1998)

Is the Bangladesh Government ready to give a satisfactory explanation, how those twenty million souls had vanished in fifty years?

Did they vanish into thin air like a Houdini magic?

Hindu women gang-raped by Muslims in Bangladesh

No! In the course of Bangladesh's 1971 war of independence, a large number of Hindus were targeted for extermination, like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany, by the Islamist Pakistani government and their Bengali collaborators. Many of those twenty million Hindus were put to permanent rest in mass-graves in unknown places or mass cremated anonymously and unceremoniously or their dead-bodies thrown into the rivers. Many of them were forcefully converted to Islam. Many of their women were brutally raped and reduced to prostitution. And yet, many of them were victims of forced exodus to neighboring India, after Muslim hooligans evicted them penniless from their homes and properties.

Sadly, most of these atrocities had approval of the Government of Bangladesh. The so-called Muslim intellectuals and ‘secular’ politicians deliberately promoted the view and made the common Bangladeshi Muslims believe that the ethnic minorities are migrants and not ‘Bhumiputra’ (son of the soil). The Home Ministry had instructed the commercial banks to control withdrawal of substantial cash money against account holders of Hindu community and to stop disbursement of business loans to Hindu community in the districts adjoining the India-Bangladesh border (Samad, 1998). It’s an unwritten law in Bangladesh, that the religious minorities cannot be given sensitive positions, like head of state, chief of armed forces, governor of Bangladesh Bank, Ambassador in a Bangladesh Mission, or secretary in the ministry of Defence, Home, Foreign Affairs and Finance. Minorities are deliberately discriminated in recruitment in civil and military jobs, business and trade, bank loans and credit (Shaha, 1998, p. 5). The mainstream political parties also cannot accept that their leader could be from among the minority community. It is rare to find a religious minority at the helms of affairs in Bangladesh.

Can the Government of Bangladesh deny the fact that the Minorities are “Legally identified enemies” in their homeland, where they are living for many generations?

It’s a shame! Instead of protecting the minorities, the Government of Bangladesh had always tried to hide the whole gamut of torture, rape and murder incidents behind a fabric of lies.

Bangladesh 1971: Pakistan soldier checks man circumcised or notThe Bangladeshi Government officially encourages forced conversion to Islam by giving incentive. As per B.D. government religious ministry circular number 2/a-7/91-92 dated 28 November 1991, the new Muslims are paid cash doles through budgetary allocations in the name of so-called rehabilitation (Press Release, nd).

For writing this article, the present author had interviewed many Bangladeshi refugees and liberal Muslims, gone through their websites and newspapers, and read many books and articles. This article will enumerate many facts, which the World is unaware of.

To begin with, let’s see how much freedom Bangladeshi government has given to minorities. The Constitution of 1972 pronounced secularism as a fundamental principal of state policy. Article 41 guarantees freedom of religion in Bangladesh and Article 12 has provided an interpretation of the principle of secularism that made Bangladesh a multi-religious society and maintained separation between state and religion. But this Article was discarded in 1977 and subsequent constitutional changes under military rulers compromised the principle of secularism and gave rise to religion-based politics. Under General Ziaur Rahman (1976–1981), the 5th amendment of the constitution was effected. Under this amendment, the principle of “secularism” was replaced by “faith in Almighty Allah” [Article 8 (1)]; and the amended Article 8 .1(a) states: “absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah should be the basis of all actions”. Gen. H. M. Ershed through the 8th Amendment declared Islam as the state religion. The constitution, in fact, makes its beginning with the words Bismillah-ar-rahman-ar-rahim.

While Articles 27–29 confirms equal opportunities for all citizens, Article 44 equivocally guarantees the enforcement of fundamental rights, and Sections 295–298 of the Penal Code give protection from offences against religious places or practices, the reality is far too different. Minorities are never adequately represented. In the seventh Parliament, there were only 11 male and three female members belonging to minority communities. Taken together minority groups occupied only 4.24 percent seats in Parliament, though they form 12% of the total population. Democracy is a rich man’s game in Bangladesh. Business is the primary or secondary occupation of about 75% of the elected representatives (Barman et al, nd).

The political parties, despite electoral promises written in election manifestos, failed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the minorities. Not a single political party has ever come forward for a cause of the minorities (Shaha, 1998, p.5). Ain O Shalish Kendra (1999, p.192) reported:

The constitutional amendments have introduced an overt bias towards Muslims in public policy and practice and encouraged discrimination against other religious communities… with the increasing politicization of Islam by the state and political organizations, religious minorities fear that an escalation of religious discrimination may stigmatize them as second class citizens and lead to religious intolerance.

Bangladesh is on her way to become a ‘Talibanistan’ and the state religion Islam is helping the process by killing and displacing minorities, be it the Hindus, Christians, Buddhists or Animists. Islamic extremists often target temples, churches, and libraries etc. of minorities in an effort to eradicate their cultural memory. Islamic extremists have already formed a shadow government in Bangladesh. Roads of Bangladesh are shacked with the slogan “We are Taliban and Bangla Will be Afghan”. It’s long since democracy had died in Bangladesh and the Islamic theocracy had triumphed. In the near future, Bangladesh will become a major threat to world peace and security.

Ethnic cleansing of Minorities in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) started in 1946 with the infamous Noakhali carnage (10th October 1946). In the full-moon night of Kojagari Lakshi Puja (a Hindu festival), 218 Hindus were slaughtered, over 10,000 Hindu houses were looted, more than 2000 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam and several thousand Hindu women were raped and hundreds of Hindu temples were destroyed. The sad part is that Mr. Burrows, the then Governor of state, said that it was only natural that Hindu women would be raped by hundreds of Muslims because they are prettier than Muslim women (Roy, 2007, p. 120,165).

During the infamous genocide of 1971, which continued for nine months, by the then Muslim East Pakistan Army, up to three million Bangladeshis were slaughtered, ten million Hindus fled as refugees to India (Kennedy, 1971, p. 6-7) and two hundred thousand women were raped (Roy, 2007, p. 298). The neighboring Muslims of the Hindu families use to mark a yellow “H” on the Hindu houses to guide the marauding army to their targets like the Jewish holocaust (Schanberg, 1994). The bulk of the victims of the 1971 East Pakistan holocaust were Hindus, about 80%, followed by Muslims (15%) and Christians (5%) (Roy, 2007, p. 312).

Minority oppression has increased tremendously after the October 2001 National Election in Bangladesh. The thugs of the pro-Islam Bangladesh Nationalist Party and their Islamic ally, Jamaat-e-Islami, beat up the Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. Their political involvement is strongly opposed by the nationalist-Islamist political parties, with many Hindus being prevented from voting in elections, through intimidation or exclusion from voter-lists (The Daily Star. January 4, 2006). Often the Hindus are warned that if they want to vote their women would be violated; they would be made to leave Bangladesh. A third method is physically preventing the Hindus from voting. The nationalist-Islamist party thugs act as vigilantes to prevent Hindus from going to polling centers, mainly in rural areas (Roy, 2007, pp. 359, 152). The government does nothing to ensure a free and fair election.

Kidnapping and rape of women and children, forced marriage of minor girls, extortion of money as Jizya tax, forced conversion and murder of members of the minority communities are a day-to-day happening. Hindu widows are often forced to kill one of her cow by her own hand, cook the beef and eat it and become Muslim (Roy, 2007. p 120,125).

Many families migrate out of their “Homeland” since time immemorial for physical safety. And there is no end in sight. It is because this ‘Hindu Holocaust’ is fully intentional and approved or connived by the government, aiming to wipe out the entire minority to turn Bangladesh purely Islamic. The situation is so alarming that, while describing the plight of minorities in Bangladesh, The published an article (Nov. 29, 2003) with the heading: “Bangladesh's religious minorities: Safe only in the departure lounge”. (cited Dutta, 2005). A list of prominent incidents from various sources are given below:

  1. Bangladesh 1971 mass-grave of murdered minoritiesHindu women (from age 8 to 70) are often subjected to gang rape. About 200 Hindu women were gang raped by Muslims in Char Fashion, Bhola, in one night at a single spot (The Daily Star, Nov. 16, 2001)
  2. The Islamic terrorists have levied Jizya taxes on the minority Christians and have told the Christians to give them their wives, sisters and daughters for sex if they failed to pay the tax. (Source: Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Dec. 13, 2001).
  3. The Muslim thugs gang-raped mother and daughter together on the same bed with the parents and children forced to watch; and they have raped mothers in front of their children (The Daily Janakantha, Feb. 5, 2002; April 22, 2002).
  4. On February 8, 1989, about 400 Muslims from the neighboring villages attacked the Hindu community of the village of Sobahan, in Daudkandi, Comilla.  The Muslims reminded them that, “the government has declared Islam to be the state religion, and therefore you have to either convert to Islam or leave the country.” They set ablaze every Hindu household after looting, razed the temples, and then gang-raped women. (Source: ‘Baishammer Shikar Bangladesher Hindu Sampradaya (The Hindus of Bangladesh: Victim of Discrimination), Matiur Rahman & Azizul Huq eds., 1990, cited Dutta, 2005).
  5. Often the commanding officer of police stations personally conducts violence against minorities. As example, Tofazzal Hossain, Officer-in-Charge, "led a procession at the dead of night that ransacked two Ashrams (place of religious retreat for Hindus), a temple of Goddess Kali, and three houses at Gopalpur when seven to eight people were injured in mass beating."  (The Daily Star, June 3, 2003).
  6. On August 28, 2004, the Paramilitary forces, together with local extremists, burned down 400 dwelling houses in Mahalchari, Chittagong Hill Tracts, after looting the villages, gang raping their women and destroying Buddhist temples. These indigenous Buddhist people represented 97% of the population in 1947, by 2001 they accounted for less than 50% (US Department of State’s Country Report on Human Rights Practices, 2004).
  7. The police rarely allow rape victims of minority groups to press charges against their rapists. Typically, if a rape victim goes to the police and insist on action, they are given the “run around” for a few days so the rape evidence disappears. The police officers themselves will then persecute the victims. The victims frequently face death-threats or kidnapping if they try to file charges (The Daily Janakantha, Feb. 16, 2002).
  8. Eleven members of same family roasted alive (which includes a child of four day) in village Southern Shadhanpur on 19 November 2003 (Bando, 2004, p. 13)

Several thousand Hindu temples have already been systematically destroyed (352 in 1992 alone). Delwar Hossain Sayedee, the Jamaat-e-Islami leader decreed that all statues except those of Muslim worshipers should be destroyed (Baldwin, 2002). The Sanskrit and Hindu religious University (Saraswata Samaj) in Dhaka, in operation before independence of Bangladesh in 1971, was closed after the independence. It’s land and assets was confiscated by the government of Bangladesh in a bid to wipe out Hindu educational system, whereas millions of dollars are spent for the development of Madrassas (Roy, 2008).

Following table summarizes the atrocities of various types and their consequences:

Sr. No

Category of Violence

Types of Violence

Immediate affects

Long term affects


Political and social discrimination

Denial to Job, Prosperity and discouragement in political involvement

Loss of social status, Unemployment, No scope for prosperity.

Social backwardness, Poverty, disenfranchised from holding political power, Political and social insignificance.


Legal oppression

Vested Property Act of 1972, Justice and police protection often denied.

Loss of property, forceful capture of agricultural lands.

Poverty, Mass emigration, Forced exodus, refugee displacement


Physical repression

Physical Assault, Kidnapping of women and rape.

Fear, Loss of self-respect.

Mass emigration, Forced exodus, refugee displacement.


Mental Torture

Islamic Death threat, Rape threat, Arson threat.

Fear, Loss of security, Physiological trauma.

Mass emigration, Forced exodus.


Cultural and Religious suppression

Destruction of temples, Forced conversions, Forced marriage

Social and religious genocide

Loss of inherited identity, Loss of Religious Freedom, Frustration


Financial oppression

Money extortion as Jizya Tax, Kidnapping children for ransom, Arson.

Fear, Loss of security, Loss of property.

Poverty, Mass emigration, Forced exodus, refugee displacement.


Organized Mass Torture

Sadism, Islam approved torture. Rape

Religious slaughter, Brutal suffering,

Loss of population,Mass emigration, Forced exodus. refugee displacement


Predetermined Mass Killing

Infamous genocide of 1971, Noakhali massacre in 1946; Islam approved Mass Murders,

Mass death, Number of orphans increases.

Community cannot reconstitute itself as a viable community and get destabilized, Poverty, Mass emigration of the living, refugee displacement


Suppression of facts

Honest journalists, educationalists and prominent people are killed, Human rights investigators are detained.

Brutalization unreported. Media silenced, censored and / or purchased by ruling party.

World blissfully ignorant and Ethnic cleansing continues unabated.

Banglaesh Muslim devotees kill hindu manThe Bangladesh government can seize the land of these ‘legally identified enemies’ at any time lawfully and force them to emigrate. In Bangladesh, it is legal to capture the land of a Hindu and to give it to Muslims. It is Vested Property Act (VPA), which is same as was Enemy Property Act (EPA) in Pakistan. In 1965, when Indo-Pakistani War ended in a shameful defeat for Pakistan; in an undisguised act of revenge, Pakistan passed the EPA, which was deliberately aimed at its Hindu population. This act empowered the government to declare their land and possessions as enemy property and confiscate it. After independence, the new nation, Bangladesh, rewrote the EPA as the Vested Property Act, explicitly stating that only the law’s title had changed, not its content. This had caused much horror to the Hindus and other religious minorities, who were now ‘outsiders’, nay enemy of state, in their own country. At the time of Bangladesh independence, nearly one in five citizens was a Hindu; today the proportion is less than one in ten. The Vested Property Act and fear of communal violence are the two main reasons behind the emigration of Hindus to India (Ain O Salish Kendra, 1999, p. 192)

How inhuman the Vested Property Act (VPA) is and how insulting would such a law be?

Just imagine for a moment that the U.S. or the Canadian law empowers the government to seize the land and property of non-Christians and give it to Christians, or Indian Government or Israeli Government is empowered to seize the lands of Muslims and give it to the Hindus or to the Jews, respectively. It’s not difficult to imagine the kind of international outcry would, quite justifiably, be heard from every human right groups, NGOs, media, and governments around the world. Every right-minded citizen will raise an outcry.

Fortunately, no such inhuman law exists in the civilized world sparing us of deafening protests from those advocacy groups. But distressfully, both Pakistan and Bangladesh have such a barbaric law on the books for several decades. The only difference between their law and the hypothetical one above is that they are Muslim-majority countries and the laws address property of non-Muslims.

The seized lands under VPA have benefited every major political party in Bangladesh. Between 2001 and 2006, 45% of the spoils went to the center-right BNP, 31% to the center-left Awami League (the figures were reversed when the Awami League was in power), 15% to Islamist parties, and the rest to Jatiya and others (Benkin, nd). Till 1998, more than 2 million acres of land have been taken over from Hindus under VPA (Barkat & Jaman, 1998).

As per another newspaper report, the Adivashi (aboriginal) community already had lost about 80% of their land to the local hooligans, supported by strong political backing, as they are poor and ignorant of their rights. They have hardly any knowledge about the legal provisions and documents related to land property. Therefore, they easily fall prey to opportunists (Bhoumic & Dhar, 1999). The survival of the Garo tribes of Mymensingh is already under threat, because the government had taken their natural forest for rubber plantation. As per another report (Barkat & Shafiquzzaman, 1996, p. 7), from 1964 onwards, on an average basis 538 Hindus have 'vanished' each day because of this act. The same report calculated that the vanishing-rate has not been uniform over periods: in 1964-71, it averaged 703 per day; between 1971 and 1981, it was 537; and in 1981-91, the figure stood at 439 (Trivedi, 2007). Another report estimates that more than 500 Hindus crossing over the border every day (Chowdhury, 1998, p. 214). Professor Abul Barkat of Dhaka University undertook the most authoritative study of the VPA and concluded that by 1997, 40 percent of Hindu families in Bangladesh had been affected by it and more than half of all Hindu-owned land already had been confiscated under the act (Benkin, 2008).

Here’s another common method of land grabbing. Bangladeshi Muslims are mostly landless agricultural laborers, whereas many Hindus are rich farmers, owning a large tract of agricultural lands, tilled by Muslim peasants. At a time, when the Hindus suffer from extreme insecurity, some Muslims would appear as their protectors in exchange of land, to be sold to them for a pittance. After some time, they would disappear, and their place will be taken by another bunch of similar protectors, who would ask for some more land. This way, eventually the Hindu will loose all his land and leave the country to become as refugee in India. The idea is to take over as much of his land with proper documentation for as little money as possible (Roy, 2007, p. 165).

Though during 2001, the Supreme Court of Bangladesh had directed the government to return the land, confiscated under this Act, to real owners, but no Hindus got their land back. There are two reasons behind this.

Firstly, the Ruling Party has no intention to abolish such a law. The VPA is still in force and actively being used right at this time. In 2001, at the conclusion of its term in office, the Awami League passed the Vested Property Return Act. Everyone considers that this was an empty gesture, which the AL government knew would never be implemented. They had five years to do something, but did not act. It was a cynical action, and in fact the Awami League received as much spoils from the VPA as did its rival, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Therefore, no land has been returned. (Benkin, 2009).

Secondly, corruption has touched almost every level of the legal system and there is widespread abuse of legal process. Such malpractices, contrary to judicial independence, are undermining public confidence in the administration of justice. The clerks and peons often under bribe misplace records, remove documents and sometimes even destroy them. Even the Judges in Bangladesh as a normal (mal) practice receive bribe or other undue advantages (Talukder, 1994, p. 101). Police is also identified as the most corrupt category in the country. In fact, Berlin-based Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index 2001 and 2002 each identified Bangladesh as the most corrupt country in the world. In this scenario, it is not difficult to imagine, not many Hindus will be benefited by the Law in spite of Court decision.

How silly, a Bangladeshi official even justified the VPA as a form of “protection” for the Hindu minority! Again how silly it is when, Kazi Azizul Huq of the Khalefat Andolin Bangladesh said that many of the Hindus have left “voluntarily” even abandoning or selling their lands (Benkin, nd). Did the World forget that countless German Jews “voluntarily” transferred their properties in the 1930s?

What a terrible irony! In 1971, the new Bangladesh was greatly indebted to India, without whose support it never could achieve independence.

International human rights organizations are yet to acknowledge the full extent of the ethnic-cleansing in Bangladesh, because the facts often go unreported. Often Human Rights Investigators are detained. Media is often censored and / or purchased. Honest journalists are often murdered. Hence, the World is blissfully ignorant and their inaction encourages the perpetrators to continue doing it with impunity. But in spite of this, Amnesty International has procured significant factual data and the State Department-supported U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has gathered limited documentation. Foreign diplomats in Bangladesh have set up a “Fact-Finding Commission” to investigate such atrocities and repression.

Very recently, Bangladeshi newspapers have started featuring stories on minority oppressions. To suppress facts of minority oppressions, Islamic fundamentalists have killed many Journalists and prominent members of minority community as well as liberal Muslims, while many have been jailed.

Bertil Lintner, a Hong-Kong based senior journalist for the Far Eastern Economic Review and a contributing writer for The Wall Street Journal, with much frustration, described how authorities initially declined to grant him a visa to visit Bangladesh after his first reports created a furor. He also received threats over email that said he would suffer the same fate as journalist Daniel Pearl [kidnapped & killed by militants in Pakistan] if he ventured to visit Bangladesh again. Linter lamented that rising Islamic fundamentalism and religious intolerance are posing trouble for the regions and beyond (Guha Mozumder, 2003).

William Sloan, president of the Canadian branch of the American Association of Jurors, visited Bangladesh and described his horror on seeing Hindu victims of torture. One man's fingers had been cut off, another's hand was amputated, still more were blinded and others had iron rods nailed through their legs or abdomen. He also recalled the desperate stories of women and children who had been gang-raped, often in front of their fathers or husbands (Baldwin, 2002)

Taslima Nasrin, appalled by what she witnessed, described the horrifying experience of one Hindu family in her 1993 novel, Shame. Muslim clerics threatened her life with fatwa. Fearing for her life, she fled to Europe, where she still lives.

Abdul Ghaffar Chowdhury, a columnist and liberal activist from London lamented that "After seeing what is happening to the minorities, I am ashamed to say I am a Muslim," (Guha Mozumder, 2003)

It is shocking that the Hindus in India, who share the same ancestral root, culture and religion, are completely apathetic to their coreligionists in Bangladesh. It is utter disgrace and real shame to Indians (particularly those old, fossilized and spineless Indian politicians) that they silently watch the cleansing of Hindus from Islamic Bangladesh. When Indians remain silent about the sufferings of their coreligionists, what can be expected from the international community? It’s not time for Indians to maintain a hands-off policy. How we can ignore the continuous influx of Hindu refugees on Indian soil? The basic cause is that the spineless Indian politicians typically lack the courage to ignore Muslim vote-bank politics in India and publicly address this problem.

The Hindu refugees should be given strong legal protection in India. This will assure them their human rights, education for their children, freedom of movement, and better employment opportunities. Many of them are well-educated and have potential for creative contribution to the society. Often they were wealthy people in Bangladesh but now reduced to wandering day-laborers or rickshaw-pullers; or in worst situation, to digging through garbage dumps for food with their skins sticking like paper to their skeletons and the bones protruding. They fit every classic definition of a refugee community. The Muslim nation of Bangladesh gave them nothing except pain and suffering but they have something to expect from the civilized nation, India, world’s second-largest democracy. The great nation of India, throughout her recorded history, never refused protection to anyone; then why this apathy? If given chances, they will prosper.

Like a cruel joke of Allah, many Muslims are also taking shelter in India in guise of Hindu refugees for better living standard and for promoting Islamic terrorism. They need to be positively identified and pushed back to Bangladesh.

Indian Government should also put pressure to repeal the racist Vested Property Act in Bangladesh. This callous law offends every principle of human dignity. With this Act in force, ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh remains legal. Also, the refugees need to get suitable compensation for their loss of property under this act. Until the Indian government, who has to open borders to the victims of the horrendous Act, takes any action, the international community is not going to anything. The time for empty speeches, lame excuses and official meetings that lead nowhere is over. Bangladesh must be made not only to act, but to act fast. We need to focus on the results rather than efforts. To achieve this, the Indian politicians must put aside their individual egos and recognize that our goal and the welfare of the Bangladeshi Hindus are far more important than any of us as individuals. If we can accomplish something for the people, it is not at all important who gets the credit for it or the praise. But regretfully, too many of Indian politicians still put themselves or their organizations above a noble cause, which is, of course, a betrayal to the cause itself. The Indian politicians must organize an umbrella organization that coordinates action to stop ethnic cleansing in neighboring countries. No person or group needs to give up their independence, but if we are to succeed in helping these people, we must be organized and united. It is not just Hindus but also Sikhs, Christians and others in India who, if they believe in equality, should insist in public that India's neighbors show respect for the human rights of minorities.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the civilized world should demand an end to this human tragedy. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and others often have urged for setting up international monitors of human rights violation in various parts of the world, but they have been silent on this matter. The United Nations, NATO, and other international organizations, likewise, can be found in all sorts of international trouble spots. But they, too, have been silent on this issue.

Through this article, all right-thinking common citizens of every country, the honest and upright journalists, prominent political leaders, global opinion makers, human rights groups, and people seated in positions of authority, European Union and the United Nations are appealed to pay their kind attention to the sufferings of minorities in Bangladesh at the earliest. The oppressors must be handed due justice for the ethnic-cleansing, murder and violation of human rights of people from minority communities in Bangladesh. Humankind has witnessed numberless incidents of ethnic cleansing in history. Open the 1400 years of recorded history of Islam: blood dips from every page of it. Whatever is happening in Muslim Bangladesh is nothing new. In modern times, the civilized world, quite sadly, has been consistent in combating them in timely manner. Generally nothing is done until dead-bodies are piled up too high to be obscure. If left unchecked, the Bangladeshi Muslims will very soon add another glorious chapter to the Islamic history by completely cleansing the minorities from its soil. Would they succeed? Let’s wait and see.



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The author can be contacted at counter.jihad (at) yahoo.co.uk

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written by vbv , July 12, 2009
Islam makes maniacs out of normal people by incessant indoctrination and spread of hate and apathy. Bengalis have also given great souls like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,Swami Vivekananda,Rabindranath Tagore,Bankim Chandra Chatterjee,Aurobindo Ghose, Shyamprasad Mukherjee,S.N.Bose, Meghnad Saha,etc and even today you many intellectuals coming from that province in India. But islam zombifies and destroys all with its arabian barbarism and savagery. Islam is nothing but an arabian mafia cult crafted to show arabs as a superior race to all others in the world. It lacks intellectual and spiritual content . It has borrowed from the Bible to justify itself as a'religion'. It hates the jews the most though all the prophets it claims for itself are jews except for Muhammad who is the only arab. Yet jews are its bitter enemies. What a paradox? It clearly shows that it has no locus standi if the Biblical adaptations are removed. It becomes pure arabian barbarianism and a hopeless mafia-cult!
written by a guest , July 12, 2009
Recent report on riots in murshidabad (a border district of India with bangladesh)between Hindus and muslims on the issue of offering of namaaz in school premises. 12 hindu and many more human lives lost - http://islamicterrorism.wordpr...and-burnt/
I came to know about riot through net not main stream secular Indian media
I have read Bangladeshis hindu genocide at this site , i literally cried out and my soul is still shacken

I always lived in tinsel world full of non violence, freedom of self enqiry who i am? - as taught by hindu saints/yogis, but now i ahve started worrying, what will happen to peaceful, temple going Hindus in Indian swords of Islam , christanity, marxism,secularism, divisive forces and power hungry politicians of india. Yes truth tears you apart , the great message i have learnt that never believe any body research yourself and find out the truth

I see no hope to end this violence perpetrated on the name of religion/God, I pray to God sincerely i should never take birth as human being on this earth again, how much more to see?

Once and for all the battle should come in open with both Islam and christanity lets see who survives, else we all will kill each other on the name of God instead of realising him.
written by john , July 12, 2009
This is grotesque inhumanity in the name of a god, as most grotesque inhumanity has been all through history.

Religion offers the idea that human beings cannot judge for themselves what is right or wrong, and must rely on the guidance of abstract beings and their earthly prophets in order to discern morality.

How often I see the phrase "Allah Knows Best" and wonder how anyone could come to such a conclusion.

Crying for the helpless souls
written by Steve , July 12, 2009
Islam is just pathetic. If anything in the whole world deserve to be called Satan, then its surely is Islam. I spit on so called educated muslims, who justify there evil muhammed and his barbaric creed.
Pray to God, that no more souls suffer because of Islam, and muslims get some sense and get out of Islam.

The christians, hindus, buddhists in muslim majority countries give us hope, as they suffer torture from muslims but still cling to there faith. We will also fight, spread the message of pure love and humanism among muslims so that they can see some sense and leave Islam.
written by balam , July 12, 2009
I agree with V.B.V that Mohammad was an odd one out as a so-called prophet.All the prophets have been Jewish but Mohammad was the only Arab who claimed prophethood,which seems very strange and illogical.Amagine all the calves are given birth by the cow and suddenly a baby buffalo comes along and start claiming its lineage with the off springs of the cow!!.It seems impossible to me.In fact Mohammad was nothing but FRAUD,who was the biggest deceiver and left no sin un-committed and died in his sins.
written by tq , July 12, 2009
Where did you come up with these answers from?
If you want fight Islam, you need to do better than spreading falls information about It.
written by geoff dickson , July 13, 2009
Sujit, many thanks for this scholarly effort!

After reading about the distress caused by muslims, I ponder why I never read this in the Australian press or see it on TV.
But if a few hundred Palestinians lose their lives when Israel retaliates for thousands of rockets fired at them, the world goes ballistic. Politicians, activists and people from all backgrounds condemn Israel and donate to the Palestinians. It is madness!

I too wonder how the Saudis would react if we imprisoned them if they carried a Quran into our country, or stopped them from building mosques or charged them a protection tax.

My prayers go out to the poor souls in India who suffer from this Satanic religion called Islam.
Islam - a curse to mankind
written by rationalist , July 13, 2009
Islam is the biggest evil to mankind. What I realise is that in order to defeat this evil ideology, all other religions must join hands.
written by vbv , July 13, 2009
Islam is immoral right from its very inception. The founder of this cult was a criminal,a psychopath,a murderer,a rapist,a highway robber,a looter, an arsonist,etc.... infact a well packaged criminal who saw the advantage of using 'religion' as acover for his nefarious activities. Therefore he usurped all the biblical patriarchs for the promotion of his barbaric arabian cult, he found justification in the barbarism in the Old testament of the Bible to carry out his criminal and violent actions,especially the book of Deutronomy. Infact islam robs and distorts everything from the Bible and claims all its patriarchs are "muslims" which is laughable ,and hates the jews most ,though all the so-called 'prophets' ,except Muhamad, are JEWS! That is the moral standing of islam,utterly depraved,lack of any spiritual or moral values. This is clearly reflected by the actions of muslims ,not only in Bangladesh or Pakistan ,but anywhere in the world,with its violent ,intolerant bigotry and spread of ignorance,fear,superstition,oppression and misery wherever this irrational mafia-like dogma flourishes!
To: tq
written by Truth Detector , July 13, 2009
tq, pictures don't lie. How can you be so blind? Why do you remain in that evil ideology of Satan called Islam?

Islam is the only "religion" that sanctions Honor Killings. Islam is the only "religion" that stones women to death.

Islam is the only religion that allows old, sadistic, depraved Muslim sex perverts to kidnap little girls as young as seven years old with impunity, the only religion that forces these little girls to "marry" the Muslim animal sex perverts with impunity, and the only religion that allows the Muslim animal sex pervert to rape the little girls with impunity. And stupid Muslims dare say that it's the "custom." Do those Muslim sex perverts ever ask the little girls if they like the "custom"?

And you want to stand there and lie to me, and tell me that Islam is the religion of peace? You're a sick boy if you remain in that cruel, sadistic ideology of Islam, the religion of Satan.

Why do you think hundreds of us, of all faiths and no faith, keep hammering away at Islam? tq, it is because that we know and understand that Islam is a cruel filthy ideology. The stupid Islamists are even murdering each other. The Muslim Sunnis murder Muslim Shiites every day, and vice versa. The Muslim Kurds are murdering Muslims. The stupid Muslim Talibans are murdering Muslims. The Taliban especially enjoy murdering Islamic girls all because these poor kids seek an education. tq, why be so foolish?
written by HT , July 13, 2009
I think he had an inferiority complex and wanted to be accepted by the Jews as a prophet in their faith. He did not think much of his own people's religions.

His first wife was Christian I think. She was older and had her own business. Seemed to have more freedom than her husband later gave to his other wives, or Muslim women today.
Islam and puke
written by Don , July 13, 2009
Islam is evil, period. It is a religion of hate, bigotry, war, death, mysogany, child abuse, oppression, and jihad. It is the cancer of humanity. It should be destroyed and out-lawed. Muslims should thank their false and evil prophet that I am not the President of the United States. All its military power would be used to obliterate this evilness from the earth.
written by Jessup , July 13, 2009
is it any wonder most of the world believes islam is a curse on the human race? such inhumanity and all the muslims can do is make excuses for their barbaric and savage cult of death.
False statistics
written by Jai Maharaj , July 14, 2009
The basis for this article is totally wrong. Using 1941 census numbers, instead of 1951, and ignoring the flight to India of millions of Hindus, you claim that "twenty million Hindu souls" are missing, and on that basis allege genocide of Hindus. This is the grossest misuse and abuse of statistics, and removes any credibility you may ever have had. There are also other factual errors and omissions, quite deliberate, and too many to address in one comment.

That there has been persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh, and that it is an ongoing issue, is not in dispute. But when "hindu" sources such as this website put out factually incorrect and misleading information, it discredits and taints the cause.
written by ARUN , July 15, 2009
This community can never let any one live in peace
re: False statistics
written by M. A. Khan , July 15, 2009
The basis for this article is totally wrong. Using 1941 census numbers, instead of 1951, and ignoring the flight to India of millions of Hindus...

Jai, during the partition in 1947, some 3.5 million Hindus moved out thanks to severe persecution that had began in Oct 1946. Only 500,000 Muslims from moved to East Pakistan, despite that they were eager to emigrate, do hijrat like Muhammad, from the kuffar land.

Of the 400,000 Hindus in Noakhali district, 95% were coverted to Islam perforce; 99% of their houses were looted & burned down. There relocation was not separate from Islamic persecution.

Yet, after the patitition, Hindus constituted at least 24% of the population. Ethnic cleansing of Hindus re-started in 1950, after Pakistan failed to achieve its intended goal in the Indo-Pak war over Kashmir. It reinvigorated after the Enemy Property Act was instituted in 1965.

B'desh population today are 150 million, and Hindus only 10%. Still, at least 14% of 150 millions--that is, 21 million Hindus are missing, even if we consider the post-partition stats. If we consider an steady of the eviction and exodus, some 10+ million Hindus were forced out of Bangladesh in real time.
Muhammed: The Root Cause
written by The Infidel Alliance , July 16, 2009
It is good to see that people are finally understanding the truth about Islam & its barbarian "prophet", Muhammed.

Muslims revere Muhammed as "al-insan al-kamil" or "the perfect man", and he is feted in the Koran as "an excellent model of conduct". In truth, Muhammed was a sadistic sociopath, a murderer, a decapitator, a mutilator, an amputator, a torturer, a slaver, a sex trafficker, a paedophile, a rapist, a looting thief, a liar, a terrorist and a genocidist motivated by unquenchable lust, greed & power.

Muhammed was perhaps one of the most vile men in the pantheon of human history, leaving a 1,400 yr history of death, oppression & human suffering. By any standard of decency Muhammed, like Charles Manson, should be reviled not revered.

Muhammed with his words, actions & violent, intolerant mandates set the standard for all Muslims. He was the archetype Islamic terrorist.

Please help spread the truth about this monster.

~ The Infidel Alliance
The Legacy of Muhammed
written by The Infidel Alliance , July 16, 2009
We all know Islam is violent & intolerant, but we must face the larger truth about what is really going on. Some call it a "War on Terror", but that is a politically correct misnomer.

What we are really facing is nothing less than an ISLAMIC WORLD WAR. Let's look at the facts - Islam against:
- the Catholics in the Philippines
- the Buddhists in Thailand
- the Zoroastrians, Baha'is, Christians & Jews in Iran
- the Hindus in India
- the Hindus in Bangladesh
- the Chaldean Christians in Iraq
- the Jews in Israel
- the Christians in Lebanon
- the Coptic Christians in Egypt
- the Christians & animists in Sudan
- the Christians in North Nigeria
- U.S. Embassies in Tanzania
- the school children in Beslan Russia
- the Han Chinese in western China
- the athiests in Europe
- the train commuters in Spain
- the tube commuters in London
- the native Swedes in Malmo
- the native French in France
- airline travelers
- the Jews in S. America
- office workers in New York
- defense workers in Washington
- airports in Scotland
- free speech in Canada
- free speech at the U.N.
- novelists like Salman Rushdie (death fatwa)
- cinematographers like Theo VanGogh (savagely slaughtered)
- Dutch cartoonists & newspaper editors (death fatwa)
- Dutch politicians Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Geert Wilders (death fatwa)
And on, and on and on......

Speak the truth. It's dar al-Islam against dar al-Harb. Islam actively engaged in a global "hot war" against every non-Islamic group, in every corner of the Earth.


Say the words that we are told not to say,the truth we are told to deny:


~ The Infidel Alliance
written by The Infidel Alliance , July 16, 2009
Please feel free to copy & paste my posts to help spread the truth.

The facts are undeniable.

~ The Infidel Alliance
Islam is a paradox
written by waspboy , July 17, 2009

One thing I have never understood till date is that Islam frowns upon sex especially extra marital and gay sex yet the "Koran" says that faithful Muslims will be rewarded with 72 virgins and 23 young boys (I a m not sure about the exact number) . What a load of crap this wartime cult is!! It is such a hypocritical religion .Muslims are always in self denial . Weirdos!
Dunt be stupid!!!
written by sam` , July 18, 2009
Dear \"Sam\"....
written by The Infidel Alliance , July 19, 2009
There is a Latin phrase that suits Muhammed perfectly...."Res Ipsa Loquitur"...."The Thing Speaks For Itself".

Islam is easy to understand, because the words & deeds of the barbarian Muhammed speak for themself.

~ Muhammed decapitated and told his followers they must decapitate, thus Muslims today engage in grisly, inhuman decapitations.

~ Muhammed amputated and told his followers they must amputate, thus Muslims today engage in grisly, inhuman decapitations.

~ Muhammed murdered and told his followers they must murder, thus Muslims today engage in grisly, inhuman murders.

~ Muhammed focibly converted, subjugated & killed infidels, and told his followers they must forcibly convert, subjugate & kill infidels, thus Muslims today engage in forcible conversions, subjugation and killing of infidels. Hindu infidels. Jewish infidels. Buddhist infidels. Christian infidels. Zoroastrian infidels. Baha'i infidels. Sikh infidels. Even "the wrong kind of Muslim" infidels.

Islam is violent because Muhammed was violent. It's that simple.

~ The Infidel Alliance

Get Lost!!
written by waspboy , July 19, 2009
Back off sam .. We don't need morons like you here! If you support this Islamic crap then go practice it. Don't try to talk bullshit. We are not kids and we know the truth so get lost!!. :angry-red:
written by bengal , July 20, 2009
bangladesh is a islamic state always was always will be. hindus know this so they left bangladesh in numbers in 1947 and a slow exodus of hindus continues till today. hindus go to india uring kali puja then after finishing their idoltry they again come back to bangladesh. i wish they would stick with one country and stay put. bangladesh is a over populated country it would feel good have more space. as for hindus they leave bangladesh for india in numbers for economic oppertunities not cause they are forced to leave. bangladesh is a free and democratic country. hindus have such a strong position in the country that they dare to try to change the constitution. they are always speaking of secularism and they have infidels like taslima as a trumpet. taslima is a disgusting personality. a slut/whore. she wrote a book called "ko" describing her sexual encounter with hundreds of hindu men .such a personality certainly cannot stay in ISLAMIC BANGLADESH .indira gandhi was the biggest supporter of bangladeshi independence. even she never tried to use her popularity and influence in bangladesh to change the bangladeshi constitution. so bangladeshi hindus go back to your mother india . bangladesh was made for servicing islam and the muslim umma. jst because we split for paki doesnt change our identity our goals our aspirations. hindu are welcome to participate in ISLAMIC BANGLADESHI DREAM but they should never conspire or try to destroy our identity our destination. hindus can be proud citizens of ISLAMIC BANGLADESH but they have to accept the fact that we will be forever islamic and never surrender to secularism!!!
Hey \"Bengal\".....
written by The Infidel Alliance , July 22, 2009
Dear "Bengal",

You say "I wish they (Hindus) would stick with one country and stay put." We wish Muslims would stick with one country and stay put too...the hell hole of Saudi Arabia. Can't you all just go back there with your creepy kaaba and leave us "infidels" alone?

Also, how many sexual encounters/rapes did your disgusting personality. slut/whore "prophet" Muhammed have?

Muhammed was a pig and you know it. Maybe that's the real reason why Muslims can't eat pork.

~ The Infidel Alliance
To all speakers..
written by timhaas , July 30, 2009
To The Infidel Alliance:
you just forgot to say what muslim bastards do in Russia! They've blown up houses with sleeping people inside, they've molested and raped women, even underaged girls (because they don't really think it's a sin if they rape a non-Muslim girl), they took hostages and kiiled them, they beheaded the caught soldiers as well civils, etc. The list can be endless, actually!
But anyway, I don't believe it's just up to Islam that those vastards did such cruelties. I myself an Orthodox Christian, but I donb't think it's the Islam (in general) is to blame. There are just too many Islamic groups, trying both to catch everybody's attention by killing civilians and placing themselves as some "victims" of whatever, hoping that anybody would support their "movement for protest". I think that Islamic countries should stay Islamic, just don't they bring their point of view to other lands, that's it.
To bengal:
I do myself have a few pals from Bangladesh. One is Hindu and two are Muslim. And I never heard that Hindus are suffer in Bangladesh, just because it's an Islamic country. I don't believe that Hindus are suffering from any tortures or sexual harassmant. Bangladesh is not Afghanistan, afterwards. It's an owerpopulated, but still, a pretty calm and civi;ised country. So just let Muslims be Muslims and Hindus be Hindus, and if they don't kill each other, it's just great!
Finally, I just wanna say I respect Islam and good Muslim people, however I naturally dislike when they (or anybody else) blow up civil houses or take and kill hostages...
written by timhaas , July 30, 2009
Please excuse me for so many grammatical mistakes, buds! I'm really lousy in typing! :love:
an answer 4 waspkid
written by toib , August 01, 2009
kid u r just putting curtain on wat sam brother wanted 2 say ... u r just disaccepting da truth dat sam wanted 2 say.. u r just holdin an issue dat in real daz not exists.. u r willing 2 deny da truth and u kno it well urself... ur just a li'l guy very very li'l knoledge ... in my opinion u shud first check out wat is da real damn truth and den talking watever u want 2 say... and wat abt dis site dey have done a very great job in publishing deez issues and pridicting as if world is warless.. thier crores of hindues dat were killed by several Christians several mjuslims killed by hindus several hindus killed by jews several jews killed by cristians etc.. but u r only highliting muslim mistakes or may b due 2 some reason.. dis just an ajanda 2 propagate enmity between pupils of bengal ... thier was another great fite between our sikh brothers and hindu brothers after mrs Indra Gandhi was shot by a sikh bodyguard no one made an issue of such riots ...wich muslim was involed in it >no one< all deez sites , articles, fotos r made for wat reason the reason is 2 break the indian and also world unity.. and many of the religion orthodox cant c islam growing so fast, this is another reason 4 y dey make such efforts 2 save their religion istead of making efforts of reinterpriting their religion and propogating their religion.. dey have found just an easy way of insulting fast growing religions and saving their religions wich dey in actual dont follow..
thank you evry1 and try 2 sumhow respecting others religion..
may God b pleased wid ya..
written by toib , August 01, 2009
can u just quate some of some quranic verses or any of hidith wich can support all of ur's quatations.. or all deez r made by ur self ...
To Toib
written by waspboy , August 04, 2009
First ,toib I am sure you are a Muslim and thats why you are making such statements. Ha all Muslims may not be terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims . Haahaa.The stuff u quoted was just an aberration. We have suffered 1000 years of Islamic rule in India and that has ruined our Vedic culture. Vedic philosophy is the only true philosophy, all other religions are wartime religions derived from the Vedas. I have done plenty of research on all this .So u have lost the right to make any contradicting statements .
written by waspboy , August 04, 2009
:angry: U r the one downgrading the others posts .I feel sorry for lost people like you
Russia & Islam
written by The Infidel Alliance , August 07, 2009
Dear "timhaas",

I did mention the Islamic carnage in Beslan, Russia. Islamic terror is so ubiquitos, so universal, I can't mention every act of Islamic intolerance, violence & hate.

You say "I just wanna say I respect Islam and good Muslim people". I respect good Muslim people too, but I have absolutely no respect for Islam. Why do you?

Do you also respect the teachings and examples of Charles Manson? I'm sure you would say no.

Why then would you respect the teachings and examples of Muhammed, whose evil made Charles Manson look like a schoolboy?

Get your head on straight Tim. Islam, its unholy "prophet" Muhammed, and its repulsive war manual the Koran, deserves the respect of no one.

~ The Infidel Alliance
f**k all
written by hindu007 , September 10, 2009
fuck all da muslims in india first our govt should stop giving support to muslims in india muslims in india must be treated just as muslims in gujarat if we will treat muslims like dat then bangladesh and pakisthan will b feared
written by sudhanshu , October 03, 2009
bengal is a muslim atankwadi
Analysis abt Mulsims ard the world
written by hindu , October 03, 2009
Muslims are most uneducated and poor.


One muslims (father) having 100 acres of land will have 10 children. So , land avialable to them becomess 10 acres each.

- Muslims dont send their children for education.
-Islam , i believe dont teach hatred, but they dont have anything else but to fight.
- Muslims areas are worst in any country , stinkiing , smelling and overcrowded .

US supported afganistan against Russia but afganistan turned against it.
Now US is supporting Pakistan ..sooner or later pakistani fundamentalist vl turn against US.But then it might be too late as they might have nuke weapons.

guys, please hear me!
written by timhaas , October 04, 2009
Dear pals! Please firstly understand just one thing: I respect both Hindu and Muslim people equally. Second: my respect concernes the good people ONLY! Third: I never was and I now am not sure that Islam is overall evil. If Islam was so evil-like, then I don't think so many millions of people would cofess it, right? I also do think that Islam has quite a few very good laws, especially concerning "man-to-woman" relations. However, I also know that this religion is toom strict and full of restictions for me personally. See - it's my personal opinion, and I don't claim it to be the general one!
Speaking short - dear friends, please, stop this hatred towards each other! It does no good for neither of you!
Both Hindus and Islamic poplulation of India and Bangladesh (which were the one country and one nation just recently - in 50s, at least) have great culture and hustory, both of the nations have enough of national leaders and artists to be proud of and all they lack is peace. Please, guys, be at least more tolerant to each other!
I myself live in many thousands of miles from u, but anyway, I always regret when hear abouth another massacre in Jammu and Kashmere or in S.Lanca.
You live in such a paradise land, where summer is around the year, where exotic fruits grow everywhere, where sun is so warm and see is so tender! (I don't mean tsunami and tornados, of course). If you've lived here, where I am, you'd face colds up to -40 degrees of Centrigrade, very strong winds and bananas for ca. 2 euro a kg. Doyou like the prospect? No? Then just don't quarrel then and try to live in peace!
I honestly believe that if I don't prevent any other believer to confess his own religion (and to live down to his own traditions), he wouldn't prevent me from doing just the same! Sure, everywhere there are some exceptions, but the general idea is right, I think.
Anyway, I just wish you all peace and happiness! With deepest respect to all of you, Yours timhaas.
written by chosenone , October 31, 2009
Dear all,

Religions are only as good (or bad) as their practitioners. The practitioners of Islam seem to intent on taking the world back to the dark ages. It is a religion which is is regressive; it seeks to perpetrate old customs, shuns everything new, and tends to view the world through the lens of the "holy book".

I encourage everybody to read Muhammad's biography and hadiths (for people not in the know, hadiths are texts written about muhammad's deeds and seek to interpret their meaning). Wiki is a good place to start (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad). His life speaks about the religion.

He was a man with identitiy crisis plagued with epilepsy. His first wife (Khadija) appears to have been woman of strong character and actually instilled some degree of confidence in her husband. During this period while being in his 40's, Muhammad declared himself a messiah, and started preaching God's words. He was promptly thrown out of Mecca for causing disturbance by people of Mecca. Muhammad also withdrew some of his preachings (aka Satanic Verses). At this time, the people of Mecca followed a religion similar to Hinduism; Kaaba was their holy temple.

Muhammad was also insecure because of the fact that he was the only non-Jewish messiah (Muslims will tell you that Abraham - one of the messiahs - was also of Arab origin; but this claim can be safely disregarded; the Arabs were born out of his slave girl, and the jews were born of his wife). Muhammad was given refuge by the people of Medina. Muhammad repeatedly strived to come to Kaaba to pray, but the people of Mecca kept him out for fear of causing disharmony.

Muhammad's power started to grow here, and he started retaliation against non-followers. This is where his life largely differs from other messiahs. He was vengeful and brooked no tolerance against him. Unlike Jesus, he was recognized as a messiah during his lifetime, which helped him amass huge power. He was also the only messiah with strong political ambitions, which led him to use this power for his political conquests and massacres. Finally, he led his people against Mecca, conquered it, and could finally pray at the Kaaba.

Muhammad's life is the story of a man battling his insecurities, his rise to power using the tools of war, battles, and cruelty. His life embodies what most Islamists believe today.
written by Wasim Ahmed (Rawalpindi) , November 20, 2009
Islam is cancer.
Apostasy is the answer.
written by Micky Shetty , December 01, 2009
Islam is leprosy.
May Nostradamus predictions come true that the religion which has come last
( Islam) will vanish from world first.
Why everywhere Muslims are involved in terrorism, I do not understand.
written by you are all hating fags. , December 20, 2009
That's all a bunch of bullshit. If you look at Christians history, they have done shit too. And you idiot motherfucker talking about raping and killing of hindus in Bangladesh, in 1971, Muslim Bengalis also acknowledge that you shit. At that time Bangladesh didn't have a government, it was ruled by Pakistan, Pakistan did atrocities to muslim Bengalis also. Prophet mohammad never forced anybody to convert. He defended Islam and the muslims, when other's were attacking muslims. Just because we're some pussy mother fuckers that get killed and say we will die for our religion, but not kill, doesn't mean we're violent. It's you christians who have forced people to convert. Like in south America, the native americans in America, and African salves. Get your facts right. You violent, oppressive, ignorant, hypocritical christians.
written by you are all hating fags. , December 20, 2009
the part where it says we're some pussy mother fuckers, it's supposed to be we're not pussy mother fucker.
Photo-exhibition on the Bengal genocide
written by A saddened human being , February 11, 2010
"Asru (Tears) - Exhibit on Bengal" can be seen online (total of 27 panels), here:

http://www.factusa.org/bdesh exhibit complete show01.pdf

or here (lower resolution, faster to download)


Online book on the tragedy of the Hindus of Eastern Bengal
written by A saddened human being , February 11, 2010
This online book called "My People, Uprooted: A Saga of the Hindus of Eastern Bengal" by Prof.Tathagata Roy can be read free-of-cost at:


The shaky future of West Bengal and India
written by A saddened human being , February 11, 2010
Mughalistan: The second partition of India


written by Reed Wilson , April 28, 2010
To Infidel Alliance. I am afraid you exaggerating the matter out of proportion.
This will weaken your case.

- the Catholics in the Philippines Have no problem.
- the Buddhists in Thailand Have no problem
- the Zoroastrians, Baha'is, Christians & Jews in Iran They dont exist in Iran.
- the Hindus in India Have no problem
- the Hindus in Bangladesh They seem to have problem according to article
- the Chaldean Christians in Iraq They have their internal disputes.
- the Jews in Israel No problem
- the Christians in Lebanon They have combined government.
- the Coptic Christians in Egypt No problem
- the Christians & animists in Sudan
- the Christians in North Nigeria They have problem. It is mutual.
- U.S. Embassies in Tanzania ?
- the school children in Beslan Russia ?
- the Han Chinese in western China ?
- the athiests in Europe
- the train commuters in Spain ?
- the tube commuters in London ?
- the native Swedes in Malmo ?
- the native French in France ?
- airline travelers
- the Jews in S. America ?
- office workers in New York
- defense workers in Washington ?
- airports in Scotland ?
- free speech in Canada
- free speech at the U.N. ?
- novelists like Salman Rushdie (death fatwa)
- cinematographers like Theo VanGogh (savagely slaughtered)
- Dutch cartoonists & newspaper editors (death fatwa)
- Dutch politicians Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Geert Wilders (death fatwa)
And on, and on and on......

The real cause of overall unrest is deviation from religion and rejection of ethics. Such crises were there before advent of Islam.

written by sarvesh , April 30, 2010
sujit ji you helped me to come out of comfort zone.....its frustrating the people in india who talk about bangladeshi hindus and their plight are termed as retrogative, fundamentalist or bhagwa brigade.
half information is no information
written by musa , July 03, 2010
all those who hav written so much about islam above if bother to study the quran they will know the reality of this religion. the laws and doctorines presented by islam r tottally absent in any other religion.and as far as hinduism is concerned everyone knows very well the in human and unsocial and immoral orders. the buring alive of widows commiting suicide wandering naked in the public polyyandry and more over in the hindu books clesr orders of tearing and buring of the enemy is given withoput discrimmination of men or woman or combatants or non combatants. the whole world knows wat hinduism in reality is. a doctorine devised by the aryans to maintain their high class and power amongst the local indian dravidians.
I condemn these atrocities!!! Everyone will get what they deserve on Judgement Day.
written by Servant of God , July 11, 2010
I am a Muslim. If the photos are to expose human rights violations & are true, I condemn the atrocities and ask that the Government of Bangaladesh be held accountable immediately! These are heinous crimes of humanity!

If they are not truthful and your only bent is to cause strife & mischief in the lands, I pray that Allah will hold you accountable here and on the Last Day.

Here is what the writings on the baby's skin says in various language translations:- Quran: Chapter-41:53

سَنُرِيهِمْ آيَاتِنَا فِي الْآفَاقِ وَفِي أَنفُسِهِمْ حَتَّى يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ الْحَقُّ أَوَلَمْ يَكْفِ بِرَبِّكَ أَنَّهُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ
Transliteration Sanureehim ayatina fee alafaqi wafee anfusihim hatta yatabayyana lahum annahu alhaqqu awalam yakfi birabbika annahu AAala kulli shayin shaheedun

English: We will show them Our signs in the universe and within their own beings until it will become manifest to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough about your Lord that He is witness to everything?

English/Marmaduke Pickthal:l We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the Truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since He is Witness over all things?

FRENCH: Nous leur montrerons Nos signes dans l'univers et en eux-mêmes, jusqu'à ce qu'il leur devienne évident que c'est cela (le Coran), la Vérité. Ne suffit-il pas que ton Seigneur soit témoin de toute-chose?

JAPANESE: われは,わが印が真理であることが,か 003cbr /> らに明白になるまで,(遠い)空の彼
(示す)。本当にあなたがたの主は,凡 003cbr /> のことの立証者であられる。そのこと

RUSSIAN: Мы покажем им Наши знамения по свету и в них самих, пока им не станет ясно, что это есть истина. Неужели не достаточно того, что твой Господь является Свидетелем всякой вещи?

PORTUGESE: De pronto lhes mostraremos os Nossos sinais em todas as regiões (da terra), assim como em suas próprias pessoas, até que lhes seja esclarecido que ele (o Alcorão) é a verdade. Acaso não basta teu Senhor, Que é Testemunha de tudo?

GERMAN: Wir werden sie Unsere Zeichen überall auf Erden und an ihnen selbst sehen lassen, damit ihnen deutlich wird, daß es die Wahrheit ist. Genügt es denn nicht, daß dein Herr Zeuge aller Dinge ist?
Porkithan murdabad
written by Locco_man , July 31, 2010
Said to make people crazy...
I am offering my Loyal Black ASS to Allah...
The truth about Islam
written by SolydTruth , August 10, 2010
"It is certainly true that not all Muslims are terrorists, however, sadly we say that the majority of terrorists in the world are Muslims." -Abd al-Rahman al-Rashid, September 23, 2004

The precepts of Islam are second to none in encouraging violence against others, muslim and non-muslim. NO other religion in modern history has so well influenced its followers to believe that the wholesale slaughter of non-believers is the way to heaven. The Christians may have had to crusades but that was during the dark ages. This is the modern world and the islamic world is still stuck in the dark ages. They literally still chop off appendages, stone people and other backwards punishments in the name of the "holy" book. The subversion of women is routine practice! Camel riding tribesman are the foundation of islam and it certainly shows!
written by JUGGERNAUT , August 10, 2010
Please afraid your god. Never present a fraud thing.
written by Ashis , August 18, 2010
I don’t know well all the picture you posted except the killing hindu person in masque. Actually two group of Muslim fight each other there and they used there shoes. By the way well red paint on the victim face and also a very good story. As your say we the hinds of Bangladesh under threat but actually we get more facilities then Muslim here
Muslims are bigest threat to civilied world
written by raja raghavendra pratap Singh , September 10, 2010
Muslims are bigest threat to civilied world
What more proof?
written by OMG , October 31, 2010
Beslan is the best proof of islam at work. Islam is what Islam does. Even after Beslan if Muslims refuse to acknowledge the deep seated sadism and the insatiable lust for blood and sex that is the root of Islam, they will never wake up.

It is another matter that you cannot wake up one who pretends to be asleep.
written by ehtesham , December 23, 2010
hi to all

i believe that people who are very seriously adding comments here must go through history of worl

go for dark age, go through great plague in france, i mean go through history of mankind.

you all will be surperised that socrate and gallelio were made to take cup of poision for their most rational works, which today we welcome very much.

rioting looting is nothing but a part of illeteratte society, it has nothing to do with any religion.
abusing somebdy , expressing fanatic views towards somebeody is part of frustrated society,

its not good or bad religion or good or bad muhaamed,
its good or bad human being.

so plz you people go through history of mankind/world then post your comments.

justify it through history./
You guys desever no place on Earth
written by O u Muslims , January 05, 2011
These are no cruel than animals, this religion should be stopped from practise otherwise I do not know how many more innocent people will become a victim of them :(
written by rajnikant , January 09, 2011
shut your f**ked up website.stop living your dreaming world of never happening you jahiadi fool..
yaa start sucking coooks here as always..by your own sister,daughters even mothers..

south indians
written by HASEEB , January 19, 2011
Political prophet
written by Bhaskar Bhattacharjee , March 31, 2011
The two most important aspects of Islam are "Iman" and Mohammad's own claim of being the "Last Prophet". The first one makes a muslim illogically indoctrinated and second one drives the last nail in the prospect of any new prophet. These are the master strokes more of a politicialitician than a prophet.
about bangladesh
written by devis , May 29, 2011
they is not muslims its sooo wrooong
written by halima , June 10, 2011
sunni muslim is the real religion and there is not many sunni muslims in pakistan. sunni muslim must not killl !!!!!
islam haters
written by ashley , August 07, 2011
all you islam haters are ignorant,sad malicious people with no real knowledge of islam. where in quran does it say go kill innocent humans who have done no wrong? where? it is a myth that muslims are killing hindus and others just because they are hindu or other. thousands of pictures/videos can be produced showing hindus/jews/others killing, raping, torturing, burning muslims. the prophet of islam was a mercy to mankind. he was a gentle kind soul who had nearly the whole world at his feet. yet he used to sew and patch his own clothes and sleep on the floor on a woven mat. his companions were pained to see him with marks on his side by sleeping on the hard surface of his earthen hut. with tears in his eyes umar asked him why kings and caesars were living in luxury while the prophet of god almighty was sleeping on the hard floor. the prophet of islam asked "o umar is it not enough for you that they have this world and we have the next?". think about that you haters. study islam and the prophet and then come with something concrete, until then dont write bullshit you got from hearsay.
hate no religion! hate only ones faith
written by ramallah , October 29, 2011
In islam religion is good but the followers are not, In hindus religion is not good but the followers are good!
written by Editor, M. A. Khan , October 29, 2011
A religion is a philosophy of life. It shapes up how the person look at life -- his/her perspectives/outlook on life, character. In other words, a person is as good as his/her religion is. It can't be that a worse religion creates better people.
written by jahin , October 31, 2011
Oh. Ha! Ha! Ha! U idiots….I don’t knw who the dog who is also the owner of this site…He is making fool of all of u… Let’s see how… the 3rd pic which described as “Mass murder of minority Tribal Christians” a fake identity was given there… it is a scene of war which was held in 1971… As a Bangladeshi I can assure u that the people who were killed in the picture…were neither tribal nor Christians bcz the face cutting or shape of tribal people isn’t this kind…u can search in Google and can see the picture of tribal people of Bangladesh. Secondly, 1971’s war wasn’t a religious war… it was a war for a new country… so, why people would like to kill cristians…as, people of all religion worked together to bring their freedom…. Then, the 4th pic…where we can see that Muslims are beating a hindu… Ha! Ha! Ha! U idiots… it was a fight between two political parties… And the man sitting down and injured wasn’t a hindu… U canwatch this link and then can see the real incident… http://www.sonarbangladesh.com/blog/actvisit/72917
It was a political incident and the news also came in a newspaper named Daily Inqilub in 11/06/2000. So,you can understand that some people are trying to Contemptible both Bangladesh and Islam.
ha ha ha ha ha......
written by olee , November 01, 2011
The people made this site is real fraud. they made a political incidence "torture". ha ha ha ha ha ha. Everybody please first know the real incidence than blame.
written by Yibel , November 01, 2011
Your knowledge of history is faulty. Before the Muslims began invading Mother India in the 8th century, India was a beautiful and ancient country with a rich history and
culture. And that includes the regions known today as Bangladesh and Pakistan. The
Muslims destroyed everything. The destruction was both widespread and lasting. Islamic law (shari'ah) is immoral and unjust. Under this law, the non-Muslim is depised, humiliated, subjugated, and systematically robbed through the jizya tax, which is nothing more than extortion.

Muslims brutally conquer the non-believers and then forcefully convert them to Islam. Is it any wonder then that Hindus and others do not want any part of the Islamic dream.

"bangladesh was made for servicing islam and the muslim umma" only because of conquest and forced conversion.

You mention "our identity our goals our aspirations. hindu are welcome to participate in ISLAMIC BANGLADESHI DREAM," Could you elaborate on what these goals, aspirations, etc. would be, this Islamic Bangladeshi Dream?
folow god
written by ... , November 30, 2011
God is the only way to go if you dont folow God you are lost
written by ... , November 30, 2011
you are dumn if you argue over this crap
written by MacdonaldSTEFANIE34 , December 30, 2011
That's cool that we can take the mortgage loans and that opens new opportunities.
@ ehtesham
written by Cererum123 , December 31, 2011
Galileo was never made to drink poison. He was put under house arrest (he died while still under house arrest 3 years later) ,but he wasn't poisoned. In fact this punishment was only put in place because he defied a direct order from the Pope ,and not for any of his ideas. Socrates was found guilty of the crime of denying the state appointed gods. The vote to punish him was 280 to 220. He was against the democratic system ,and some of his students had overthrown the local government ,and killed many people (at least this is the information I have found). As long as Mohammed is considered by Muslims to be the "perfect man" ,we are going to have people following in his footsteps. This will inevitably lead to horrible things happening. Also your worldview affects the things you do in your life ,and if your worldview tells you to kill everyone who doesn't believe the way you do then you are most likely going to start killing people. If Nazism and Hitler were the one's being discussed rather than Islam and Mohammed don't you think you would be in favor of this site? It's essentially the same thing.

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