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Pakistani Muslim Leaves Islam: Thanks to Writers Like M. A. Khan & Ali Sina

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I can not thank you and writers like Dr. Ali Sina enough, who helped me attain liberty from the clutches of deadly evil called Islam...

Dear Mr. Khan,

I live in Pakistan and therefore can not buy your book.

I saw your reply to a reader like me when he requested for a copy to download in pdf format and want to request for the same.

I read Dr. Ali Sina's book "Understanding Muhammad" when he sent me a link to download it but last year I went abroad and bought and brought back a paperback edition of the book, which I proudly keep in my personal library now – I have read it again, in the meanwhile.

I can not thank you and writers like Dr. Ali Sina enough, who helped me attain liberty from the clutches of deadly evil called Islam.

I will remain thankful to you if you could help me access your book.

Thank you and very kind regards

Zahid R Khan


Dear Zahid,

We are pleased to learn that our work was helpful in liberating you from the clutches of evil cult of Islam.

It is extremely pleasing for us that today, years after we launched this difficult campaign, ex-Muslims are everywhere on the Internet. It's even of greater pleasure to see that the Pakistani ex-Muslim community is very strong on the internet, and they are continuing and expanding the work that FFI & islam-watch.org had initiated.

Please send me an email from your email account at admin@ islam-watch.org for assured delivery of the PDF copy of my book "Islamic Jihad" into your email box.


M. A. Khan

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M.A.Khan book
written by Kisan , June 11, 2012
Actually I found out that this book is surprisingly well known in Pakistan and many have read it and distributed it amongst their friends. There are an increasing number of humanistic leaning Pakistanis who are sick and tired of Islam and the way it is destroying their society.

God's purification of PAKISTAN
written by Fair comment , June 12, 2012
Just see the chaos n mayhem in Pakistan because of it. The sunni n the shiite are killing each other with bombs n AK 47. The Taliban are fighting with Government forces also with suicide bombings. Innocent men, women n children are injured or killed almost daily. Could this be God's purification of sins n impurity ?
Good news
written by fineliving56 , June 12, 2012
One more Muslim leaves Islam … it is truly music to my ears .

Thanks to all the leaders like M. Khan and Ali Sina, who did that first and sow how sweet it is to be free from the tight and ugly grip of Islam. They decided to spread the word and expose it . They were the first to YANK the cover of lies and deceit off the FILTH that is Islam …after 1400 hundred years of complete under radar existence.

It is amazing how humen minds created islam because of greed and ignorance and humen minds will destroy it because of education and logic …

That is power

written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , June 12, 2012


jai kafir hind.
Pakistani leaves Islam
written by balam , June 12, 2012
Pakistani Muslims are the MOST VICIOUS among all other Muslims.They even try to be more ARABS than the REAL ARABS who do not even like to SPIT on their faces .They persecute the Non-Muslims worse than Mslims of other countries.Pakistan represents the true face of Islam with its daily rapes,murders, roberies,rape of young children,corruption,bribery,hatred for non-muslims and hypocricy to say the least.t is so hard to come out of death sentence and curse of Islam which controls people with FEAR.GOOD LUCK,MY FRIEND.May GOD keep allah away from you for ever more.
Ha ha
written by abc , June 12, 2012
Spoken like a true Christian balam!
Keep drinking the bible juice!
To the designated Muslim around here
written by fineliving56 , June 12, 2012
At least it is better then Quran Juice …

Quran juice is nothing but poisonous liquid that paralyze the brain and make it unable to think for self independently.

A wander thing like a brain is a waste on a Muslim.
written by balam , June 12, 2012
You also keep drinking the CAMEL PISS to cure your impervious dead brain.ONE can never change Muslim SNAKES into HUMAN BEINGS because Islam extracts humanity completely out of a human being.Keep crawling,little man.
@ fineliving 56
written by balam , June 12, 2012
Thank you.
written by abc , June 12, 2012
Keep talking rubbish. Your broad sweeping statements just show your bigotry.
written by abc , June 12, 2012
What's your spazz attack on about now?
written by Saif ul-Haq , June 12, 2012
I ffel sorry for you brother. You've listened and read too much of their wis-wasa. Your soul has been perverted and turned from the right path. They have seduced you. Save yourself and return to the fold. Islam is THE way. Repent or you will lose your head (literally and metaphorically), in this world or the next.
Saif ul-Haq
written by Dwito , June 12, 2012
Repent or you will lose your head (literally and metaphorically), in this world or the next.

Sorry to say saif, I really can't understand your above sentence. Kud u pl. clarify a bit?
written by Abc , June 12, 2012
This is what he means:
I feel sorry for you as you have disgraced yourself, not only here but in the hereafter too.

What spazz attack ?
written by fineliving56 , June 12, 2012
I just repeated your words and applied them on Islam …

You mean to say you had a spazz attack when YOU talked about '' bible juice '' ?
written by Dwito , June 12, 2012
This is what he means:

Go F off.
written by Abc , June 12, 2012
Go back and Cwy to old mama fineliving!!!
Boo hoo!
ABC and Saif ul-Haq
written by Amboyduke , June 12, 2012
It never ceases to amaze me how anyone can constantly defend the actions of islam world wide, and state that it is the true path to some form of enlightenment.
Anyone with an I.Q. of a moron would bale out of that stupid ideology in an instant.
Look around you Saif, and let me know how you can rationalize in your own mind all the evil, viscious, cruel things that are demonstrated on a daily basis by your version of religious truth?

You state:
"Your soul has been perverted and turned from the right path. They have seduced you. Save yourself and return to the fold. Islam is THE way. Repent or you will lose your head (literally and metaphorically), in this world or the next."

Only a mentally ill, delusional paranoid schizophrenic would actually believe such an outrageous statement.

Let me ask you this:
If the "contemporary" Christian church was doing the crap worldwide that islam does, how would you respond to those actions?
If I was a "Christian", and my God sanctioned the same crazy bullshit being perpetrated by your religion, I would turn my back on such garbage in a flash.
I'd leave in a heartbeat...

Think, you 2 bozos, for just 30 seconds...use your logic, IF you have any left in those brain's of your's, to REALLY look at islam and the fruits of what it produces, and then tell me it is "THE way".

If you truly believe it is "da bomb", you both should seek psychiatric help.

We all laugh at you on here, but you should really be more pitied than laughed at.

You can't understand normal thinking, and never will.
Muslim … What is
written by fineliving56 , June 12, 2012

You must have overdosed on Quran juice today ?!

Lay off it for a while …you will see improvements all around, soon.

Especially the demented Fat'ha words that you say at least five times a day like …….. " Gayyeri al makdobi alayhim wala al daa'llen .Amen "' …

means '' not those against whom you have sent your **wrath**, nor of those who have erred ..Amen .

Unless, you do not understand what you are reciting every prayer, well, then …. that is entirely different problem you have, and you need to address .

ABC the Bible
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 12, 2012
You know ABC that your stoned-gawd allah claimed that the torah the laws and all the OLD TESTAMENT prophets were given (or sent) by him, this was allahs "guidance" for mankind, of course Jesus (and with it the "good news") was also given by allah.
So when you belittle the Bible you are blaspheming against your own gawd, and in such a case there will not be any BLISS of the grave, but rather "PUNISHMENT" and then eternal hell .... because allah does not like the "mocker"...
written by Abc , June 12, 2012
Whats wrong with you man? What can't you get?
Look it's like this, get up before sunrise (sometimes I don't n sleep through). Then it's back to sleep. Then up for brekkie and drop kids of at school before work.
Finish work n chill. Evening meal n final prayers n bed.
No drink, drugs or general pissing around.
That's how 1.499999 billion other Muslims spend the day IF they can!
From Wafa Sultan’s book
written by Yibel , June 12, 2012
“A God Who Hates” pg. 168:
“A Muslim prays five times a day, and on each occasion he recites the Fatiha, the first verse of the Koran, a number of times. This verse describes Christians as "those who have gone astray” and Jews as “those who have incurred Your wrath.” We see from this that Muslims ‘execrate’ Christians and Jews a number of times in the course of a single prayer, which they repeat five times a day."

‘execrate’ - an enlightening term - via dictionary.com:
‘execrate’ a verb meaning 1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate. 2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; DAMN; denounce: He execrated all who opposed him.

Muslims are brainwashing themselves - 5 times a day - to believe this nonsense.
This ritual chanting in Arabic and the kinetic aspects of bowing and praying in tandem with others has a distinctive effect on brain and mood, making the person militant and angry. No wonder this form of prayer was a common activity before battle!

Islamic prayer is indoctrination to hate, building the foundation of hate enabling the training for violence. Muhammad called his full-fledged attacks of thievery, rape and killing sprees on Arabia's pagans, Christians, and Jews * futuhhat Islamiya* or *Islamic openings* which means Islamic victories or Islamic triumphs.

Islam is a supremist political ideology that teaches jihad against all non-Muslims, and, as per Muhammad's example, this means murder, enslaving, raping, subjugating, humiliating, terrorizing, extortion, and racketering. As abc would say: "It's all good" according to Islam.
written by 1proudkaffur4life , June 12, 2012
ABC go ahead and show from the NEW Testament from the words of Jesus that one can kill a Person, any person for any reason! But a Muslims who WANTS to kill can do so! Every time this happen than one can read/hear he interpreted the kooran wrong! Jesus never killed anybody nor gave the orders to do so, yet your lice-ridden prophet did so, "Muslim and Proud" or even you using a incident from the Old Testament as a excuse when up to 900 Jewish boys and men were killed.

And yes ABC some crimes committed by Muslims might be because they could not overcome their violent and hateful nature or personality, no small wonder if their stoned-gawd allah himself will torture the unbelievers in hell, roasting the skin and replacing it over and over and over again, so that they may "taste" the punishment to the brim!

Heck NO I do not have any respect for such a crappy religion or deity, who is just the imagination of a SICK desert-dweller.
Just too bad when MuahamMAD died there was no such a thing as "punishment" in the grave, because this too is a lie to scare the foolish people who believed him. Shame on anyone for holding on to this crap.
Tell me...ABC,
written by Amboyduke , June 12, 2012
what crimes, in the contemporary sense, are committed in the same way, for the same reason, and with the same "rationale", (and boy, that term is in quotation marks for a reason)...as your beloved islam?

People of faith worldwide f**k-up and fail miserably trying to adhere to their belief...and they do rotten things at times...hypocrites, liars, thieves, adulterers,
child and wife/women abuse...but none of it is SANCTIONED by their religion.

What "contemporary religion" is currently conducting anything even REMOTELY similar to the garbage done WORLDWIDE by your muslim "Bros"?

How many beheadings and stonings in southern Baptist communities in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia...?
Any honour killings going on with the Buddhists?
Any Vatican sanctioned murder of "fringe Catholics" or Greek Orthodox?
Anglicans killing Lutherans?
Main stream religion(s) using their "holy book" to threaten anyone who is not interested in joining their faith with death?
An agenda to spread sharia and islam world wide and establish a "cliphate"?
Even in the koran there are many references to mohamud's contemporaries questioning his sanity...don't you ever wonder why?
I can go on and on...

Imams telling the "faithful" that it is allowed in your beloved islam to have sex with infants, sex with animals, sex with dead things...like the late Ayatollah Khomeini instructed...and a plethora of other shit that defies sanity...
and yes, you will say that "this isn't the true islam..." But even a moron could reason there is something seriously wrong with spiritual leaders who espouse such garbage, and the bigger problem is that there is a WHOLE SHITLOAD of your "bros" who buy this line of crap hook line and sinker...such as Saif al-Huq...

And I beg the question...once again...how can someone like yourself, who obviously has a modicum of intellect.....stay with, defend, rationalize and constantly say that is "not the true islam", when the real proof of something is the results of it's application...???

And it's quickly getting worse. In Canada, in Calgary, Alberta, a "moderate" (haha) mosque is sponsoring a weekend event and they are inviting a radical speaker who is on record as stating he fully supports sharia law...he is recorded as saying "if there are 4 witnesses to someone's homosexual act, then that person should be killed"!!!
It does make one wonder how 4 people could witness such an act and not be somehow involved...??? LOL

ABC...sit down...take a few deep breaths, use your noodle and think about what you see worldwide in the name of islam, give your head a shake, and get out of that lunacy....

written by Abc , June 12, 2012
You mean the this wafa sultan:


The list and charlatan
The True Islam
written by Yibel , June 15, 2012
The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers, slaughter and even crucify infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and are warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. Allah is a VERY bloodthirsty gawd.

Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, most of the verses of
violence in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that the historical context is not
embedded within the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging
word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.

The spiritual salvation of individuals is clearly NOT a priority in Islam. The major route of achieving "paradise" - which is nothing more than a brothel - is by conducting the most violent forms of jihad. Basically Murder-for-Hire - as it is a totally self-serving interest of expanding Islam with personal reward/gain.

Islam is a political ideology similar to Nazis - and totally without any enlightenment or spiritual uplifting.
written by Truthseeker , June 15, 2012
I live across the street from a Lebanese community center (where most of those who attend are Muslim). This center adjoins a....well, you cant quite call it a mosque, more like the Muslim equivalent of a house church.

I pray all the time in Jesus' name that the one true God (JEHOVAH/YHWH, not Allah) makes Himself known to these people.
written by Archpagan , June 16, 2012
Pakistanis should rename their country as 'Papistan', i. e 'The land of sinners'. Actually, the law of karma is fully operational in that country of mlechhas.
m a khan u just made a man give up sex and wine IN IMAGINARY JANNAT.
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , June 16, 2012

m.a.khan ... shame on u.u made 1 more man give up sex and wine IN IMAGINARY JANNAT.now what does he have to look in the after life ?

ya allah what will these ex-muslims do in the after life [ if it exists ? ]

there is no dogpig but alla but muhamed is his petdogpigpoopoo

Pakistani leaving Islam
written by Lakshman , June 16, 2012
For Pakistanis, not just Islam, but also their own Army (not other forces) is another enemy. The Army elites, to keep their grip firmly on the State and Admin, using the saudi bribed stupid mullahs or their ends. It is sinking. Even if Pak becomes a non muslim country, how would it get rid of so much violent chatacteristics/attitudes in every day life?
written by Saif Ul-Haq , June 17, 2012
ABC is right. That's what I meant. I also meajt that he would loose his head (literally) meaning that he is placing it in the hangman's noose of kufr "civilisation" and merely be aiding the kufr. By doing so he becomes another quisling (like thsoe on this site) who seek to undermine order and replace it with thical vertigo and moral chaos. But, more importantly, I meant (metaphorically) that he will lose his head in the moral vertigo of the whirligig that is late capitalism. The schizophrenia of capitalism will tear him this way and that by releasing his desires in self-destructive and ultimately hedonistic directions. Without a moral compass (however vulgar to kufr ears and eyes) the late modern man is lost in a mythical and fantastical workld of his own making where everything is permitted (you can be a man one day, a "woman" the next and an animal rights campaigner one day and a fervent meat eater another, who cares, its all "relative" right?). The tidal wave always hates the lighthouse; how dare we stand in its way. There is a multitude...but it's not YOU (i.e., the Kufr).
written by Saif Ul-Haq , June 17, 2012
VERY mature dude. Who WOULDN'T agree with your logically sound argument. a*****e.
written by Dwito , June 17, 2012
VERY mature dude. Who WOULDN'T agree with your logically sound argument. a*****e.

O sure !!

However he takes the last couple of words as self assessment. And he is out right, boy.
written by Amboyduke , June 17, 2012
"he becomes another quisling (like thsoe on this site) who seek to undermine order and replace it with thical vertigo and moral chaos."

Are you referring to the undermining the "order" that we see daily in islam?
The rioting, the non-cohesiveness that is going on in the middle east?
The oneness of thought shared by shiites and sunnis?
The brothery love and "tolerance" displayed daily by the likes of you and your "bros"?
The minute by minute display of peaceful co-existence in Egypt, Libya, Syria...especially displayed AFTER the muslim's over there have attained their right to self govern? They're doing a great job of it!
Excellent examples of islam at it's very, very best!

You and your "bros" really have it together...a shining example of islam at it's most loving and tolerant.

As far as the;
"The tidal wave always hates the lighthouse; how dare we stand in its way. There is a multitude...but it's not YOU (i.e., the Kufr)."
A true "tidal wave" will take out a hundred lighthouses!!! LOL

Your stupidity ASTOUNDS US!
Saif Ul Haq …more like Saif Ul beheadings
written by fineliving56 , June 17, 2012
You Condone beheadings …and you are trying to weasel out of it … I just like to inform you …you do not fool anyone here or anywhere . ….

You said in not so many ways '' You seek to under mind order [ in western world who lives without sharia ] and cause moral chaos ''

First … Is sharia moral when allows raping unsuspecting child under the cover of Islamic Marriage ?

Is it moral ….to cut a hand that is final Punishment for theft which is not the worst of crimes like rape or killing ?

Nothing is moral about Sharia and it's Islam …it is not fit for anything …

if and that is big IF …was moral, it could fixed what is wrong in Islamic society … as we all Know islamic society is the most corrupt, immoral,inhuman,disgusting and backward society in the world … even the rich ones like Saudi … the things happen there should make any moral humen being sick to his or her stomach .

You are a liar Mister Haq

written by Abc , June 18, 2012
And your are a charlatan!
Oh expert in all things Islam.
written by Amboyduke , June 18, 2012
She knows more about the true islam than any of you imbeciles!
To Saif- ul -Haq
written by Archpagan , June 18, 2012
Islam itself is the justification and beautification of immorality by the so-called message of God purportedly passed on to a rapist- debauch- bandit - vindictive warlord. A household with four wives is nothing short of a brothel. You people even dream of unending sex with 72-houris after death. Persecution of non-Muslims is your unholy duty and you came to this earth through such persecution/rape of your non-Muslim ancestors. If you still retain any self-respect you must revert to your ancestral faith. You Muslims actually form a crime syndicate and need to be treated as such. We are free thinking people, not accepting anything without applying reason and logic. Let us be immoral, at least we do not lay our hands on burqa-covered zombies with skin diseases all over.
written by fineliving56 , June 18, 2012
It is fruitless to try to install reason and logic in the cemented brain of Muslim … believe me I lived with them and I was among them …Their brain is capped with non sense of Islam .

We have a say '' hammer water, it stays water ''

I had a cousin who believes the earth is flat …he said this gem of knowledge in front of me and crowd of family, in one family gathering … the room was in shock silence for few minutes, until someone had the courage to try to reason with him, without making him look more embarrassing then he already sounds … he was told,it has been known earth is round for long time now …especially when we sow earth from the moon and we have photes that IT IS round …

He said this Islamic logic : Quran said it is flat when it describe it as paper that could be folded", ...then he dug him self more in the hole of Islamic ignorance, when he said : and when I go to the shore all I see is straight line of horizon I do not care what the scientists says … they fallow the teachings of the Satin [ Shetan ]!!!!.

There are Million of Muslims who think like this cousin of mine … he passed away now …But he had two sons who he brain watched the same way … the last time I have sat with them … they were talking about Jinns, who live under ground with families,houses and furnisher, just like us but we are unable to see them …

I kid you not .

Ignoring the jinn
written by Yibel , June 19, 2012
Muslims believe that the Jinn can possess people and take over the minds and bodies of other creatures including humans. Sometimes they do this because the Jinn has fallen in love with the person or because the Jinn is simply malicious and wicked. For this reason their Prophet Muhammad told Muslims not to loiter in those places where the Jinns reside, such as graveyards, ruins, deserts, market places etc. There are also special prayers before going into bathrooms because jinn like to hang out there.

Muslims have also been commanded to recite the Qur'an frequently as Muhammad also said: "Indeed, the shaytan flees from the house in which Surah Al-Baqarah (the 2nd chapter of the Qur'an) is recited."

Jinn are also invisible and can fly up to heaven where they try to listen in on the conversations of the angels.

"And We have guarded it (the heavens) from every accursed devil, except one who is able to snatch a hearing and he is pursued by a brightly burning flame"
(Surah Al-Hijr 15:18)

According to Islamic sources, the amount of fortune telling occuring in Muslim lands is increasing as evidenced by the fact that if you look up at the sky on a clear night you will see the heavens ablaze with shooting stars! A clear display of the jinn being chased away from the heavens.

Humans have also been assigned jinn as companions - the devil on the shoulder.

Muhammad said: "Everyone of you has been assigned a companion from the Jinn. The companions asked: Even you O' Messenger of Allah? And the Prophet replied: Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted. Now he only tells me to do good"

Question...How do we know this is true? Muhammad only taught evil. Did he just ignore his jinn?
written by Truthseeker , June 19, 2012
Yet even Job in the bible who lived 2500 years before Muhammad knew the earth was round
written by malem , June 19, 2012
do you mean steve jobs, and not job?
M a khan
written by abc , June 19, 2012
Thanks ABC for alerting. The offensive comment was removed.

Mr. Alok is being warned not to post abusives/vulgar comments and in non-English language.
odd post
written by malem , June 20, 2012
interesting that the above post ABC writes that he thanks ABC for pointing out a vulgar posts. so is that a freudian slip of khan showing bias towards pro-khan postings or is it that ABC apparently never read posts by posters like bundypig and others that were also abusive?
written by Dwito , June 20, 2012
So who is this Mr. Alok? So far I thought Mr. Khan always insists to keep posters personal identity secret.
written by maksudur rahman , June 22, 2012
now they become real humanbing

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