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Imran Firasat's Music Video Denouncing Islamic Terrorism

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In Spanish with English subtitles, written and sung by Imran Firasat.

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Brave …brave man … Imran Firasat ….
written by fineliving56 , August 02, 2012
Here I go … Crying again …

beyond words … there no words come near to explain feelings …

Pictures are a replica of what is happening in Syria right now … it brakes the heart .
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , August 03, 2012

in india xtians r also terrorists killing non xtians
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROOON , August 03, 2012
in india xtians r also terrorists killing non xtians for last 800 yrs.millions killed,pls send msg of peace to them also.

crusaders stop killing indians.
The evil Islam!
written by Kafirwala , August 03, 2012

Imran Firasat, it is really great that though muslim, you discovered the evilness of Islam and decided to stand with humanity. It is really sad that everywhere non- muslims are the first victims of Islam and when they are reduced to a microscopic minority or nought, the other sects of Islam become the victims as now happening in Syria. It is a proven fact that without oppression, violence and mindless killing of the innocent lives, Islam just cannot exist. The so- called Islamic countries numbering 57 or so bear ample testimony to this fact. Not even one country is there among them which is not in constant tumult, trouble, turmoil and turbulence. The reports coming from these countries are always heart- rending tales of miseries and oppressions suffered by the religious minorities and these countries are all alike in that respect. As you rightly pointed out, Islam is the lone factor which makes these countries the heartless oppressors they are. That is how Islam qualifies to be called the no. 1 enemy of humanity or the cancerous growth on humanity. Your song is a bold step forward in focusing attention on this poisonous tree called Islam which is trying to branch out everywhere in the world, announcing in its wake the doom of world peace.
Why, why, why... Isn't it obvious?
written by Georgina , August 03, 2012
As long as people delude themselves that there will be another life when they die, where they will be magically given an eternally healthy body,
and as long as they believe that killing for the second life is a necessity and a joy
and as long as they believe that anyone who disagrees with the idea should also be killed

then it does not matter which cult they join, they will continue to kill.
written by Abc , August 03, 2012
Bollywood here he comes!
islamic terrorism eh?
written by bundypig , August 05, 2012
That's a good topic...We know the c*nts aren't vicious or anything, here's the score on ramalama ding dong, what a great Christmas they would have hahahah

written by bundypig , August 09, 2012
to the calls of allah akbar in he background just before the creep meets satan


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