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How Muslims Lie? Pakistani Islamic Scholar Dr. Qadri Shamelessly Lies in Western Media!

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written by vbv , December 25, 2012
What says abc, Malem, Kope, Reed Wilson ,et al to this video of an "islamic scholar" who lies brazenly to promote this bloodthirsty, immoral cult of Arabia??? This is the only cult from the deserts of Arabia that says it is alright to lie at any cost to promote itself and claim converts . It is an evil cult , an immoral and totally unprincipled. It lacks spiritual values , for spirituality cannot exist in a vaccuum of morals and just relying on lying ones way through to promote a cult as a religion. Infact islam does not fit the concept of religion , just a cult of barbarians.
written by kope , December 25, 2012
he is as lier as you
so kope admits mulahs is a liar
written by annad , December 25, 2012
At least mope u admit he is aliar and there are proofs of it for everyone to see. On the other hand there are absolutely no proof of vbv lying.
Muslims should reject their evil cult in mass to be considered by the rest of the world as respectable members of humanity. Your cult does endorse lying in order to promote Islam.
Islam is evil cruel baarbaric anachronism.
You should all say - to hell with its evil lies.
How can anyone after this video believe one world from Islamic scholars?
annad ji
written by kope , December 25, 2012
he as lier as you

he as evil as you

you and him both are curse on earth
Kopi curse not accepted
written by infidel and More proud , December 25, 2012
Kopi curse not accepted therefore keep it to yourself....
Keep cursing yourselves
Anyone surprised at this Sheik [email protected] ?
written by Fineliving56 , December 25, 2012
Now, Does everyone know why I hate Imams as much I hate cancer …why I trust Imams as much I trust a pythons ???!!

I except their [email protected] like I except the sun to appear the next morning!!

Look what I do when I see a man wearing a white head dress [ laffah ] ,

A man's dress [ Glabiya ] ,

A long beard [ lihya ] ,

A Quran in hand [ evil book ] ,


Nothing good and wholesome comes out of their [email protected] gap in their faces …

Disgust is weak word to describe my feelings for these parasites .

In this case … generalizing is correct … painting in a wide brush IS correct .

If you all know them like I know them all my life … you would feel as strong as I feel …. %$&%$

Molla Qadri
written by Kafirwala , December 25, 2012
This animal, Molla Qadri ( I refuse to call him a Dr. How scholars in Islam can be called a Dr., I don't know. If we do that, we should call an expert in black magic or exorcism also a Dr.) is a true representative of the Islamic clergy. What they constantly do is doublespeak and they have no qualms about it. In other words, it is taquiya, the same exercise abc, kope, malem, Reed Wilson etc. (please note that the order is not in their prominence or the skill with which they perform here, but alphabetical only, lest RW should have reason to question.) are engaged in and exhibited here. You can also expect the negation mode question from these gentlemen asking, after all who this Quadri is. They also will have no heartburn to disown Quadri completely and to declare that Islam is totally different from what Qadri says or does. That kind of taqiya artistes that we have got here, who are elevating that art to almost perfection. May their tribe increase!
Wow, clear as rain
written by Kaser , December 26, 2012
I think we are witnessing a backward ideology's retarded "clerics" face a brand new problem... This problem stems from the modern, thorough scrutiny available through the persistence and permanence of taped communications...

While an evil, "faith"-motivated fraud like him would have been able to act like he does 50 years ago without any problems, today, thanks to WESTERN technology, namely the internet, these low-lifes are seen for what they truly are. Liars lying for the "advancement" of the "love" and "joy" of Islam. It's harder and harder for them to talk to the masses they want to reach (using TV) and AT THE SAME TIME, tailor their speeches to suit their target audience (to spread fear, hatred and intolerance) or their needs (lie to the Western media)

Yes, "love" and "joy"... because any "religion" that threatens death to whomever disrespects it is truly a religion of "love" and "joy" Right Malem? Right abc?
Kope, you must drink these hateful speeches like we breathe air no?

Malem, is that the "love" you were referring to during your Hajj pilgrimage? Love of killing apostates and blasphemers?
The "love" of threatening non-believers with an imaginary hell - to try and control them?
The "love" of lying to the western media (hence lying to us) to make us believe Islam is a religion of "love"?
written by Gnostic , December 26, 2012
There is no doctrine more blasphemic than islam. Only muslims would call their political parties "Party of God" like the Hisbollah does. Or when they claim to rule or to judge in the name of god. How can people think that they are entitled to do so?

This is the true nature of islam: To provide legitimation to any tyrant, dictator or any other ruler if he only provides postions to the islqamic scribes in return who cooperate by keeping the people stupid.
written by vbv , December 26, 2012
You are gasping for breath in sheer frustration at the exposure of your cult called islam. You are at a loss for words to retaliate and state your case otherwise logically. So you keep harping like a birdbrain ( as a matter of fact , it would insult even the birds to be compared with obfuscating islamists) "you are a lier". I am neither a "lier" nor a liar. The facts are there before you on the video. Only such insular minds that cannot and will not see the truth will resort to violence and murder as do the islamists. Wake up ,kope, come out of the dark tunnel of ignorance and join the humanity with a free mind.
written by berq , December 26, 2012
Mohd said,O Muslims,If you lestion the Kafirs you will become one of them.But I think Kope, malem, reed wilson, and mullana qadri are true muslims.O Kifirs,If you learn and follow them you will become one of them,and If any body wants to become lier follow one of them.
written by Light , December 29, 2012
It should have been mentioned that this video was made by Muslims to highlight the lies of Tahir Qadri. Muslims are not in need of lying clerics.
written by Mo , December 30, 2012
What's that had to do with ISLAM ?
Hate speech is not a serious form of debate ... You just weak and ignorants

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