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Why Do You Believe?

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written by IKBA , January 14, 2013
The question is not why ou believe, because its part of human dimension to fill a spiritual void.The fact is people will believe different things, no matter how wrong.But the fundamental question is dont force your belief on others.True religion will expose itself in as much as false doctrine will, and is now.
written by vbv , January 14, 2013
Excellant video. Monotheistic cults are the worst offenders . They are rabid, intolerant to all other perespectives except their own irrational beliefs. It is only the moniotheists that claim that if you do not conform to their god and their socalled 'prophet'/son of god , you will be consigned to some imaginery fiery "Hell" after your death. Monotheists are the reason for all the wars in the name of glorification of their socalled "god". Why is it so that their socalled "god" is so impotent that "he" depends on his bunch of fanatical ,intoloerant bigots to do all the dirty work of murders, massacres, plunders , rapes and slavery to impose their rotten cult on others??? Because this "god" actually does not exist , it is just a figment of imagination and the zealots do the nasty barbaric things incited by the clergy ,who live off these zombies comfortably and in secure future. All this shows that this "god" business is a real shady , fraudulent and barbaric business that only promises the sky to the gullible masses and delivers nothing to them tangibly , except the clergy and the ruling elite who benefit from this rotten fraud.
Nice Video!
written by Gnostic , January 14, 2013
If you once begin to ask all religions become questionable. But I see some differences. Some religions such as budhhism and taoism are more philospohic, much like stoism, while others such as islam are only looking for believers who never ask or question anything.
All true
written by fine , January 14, 2013
We can't deny that ..

If the Muslims readers here, were born to Christian families,

And, if the Christians here, were born to Muslim families,

And if the Buddhists here, were born to Hindus families,

And if the Jews here, were born to anyone of the these religions,

All, will be, as enthusiastic, in defending their religion, they are born to, as they are doing now, for the ones they actually have .

if we are going to be honest, we cant go around that fact …

I think, the only people who are not included in that group, are the Atheists and agnostics, they are the ones, who realized that fact, among other shady facts about religions and decided, to leave them all together, so they will not live in dissipation with their own selves .

Not that I am lumping up all religions and saying they are all the same … they are not .

All I am saying is .. One will never know if one's '' true love'' for the religion we were born to, was for "' it self '' or because one is '' groomed'' to love it

Spot on - nice, clear and super-factual video
written by Kaser , January 14, 2013
Religions are nothing more the conditioning parents dish out to their children because they were themselves conditioned by their parents.
It's actually no more complicated than this. Conditioning = Brainwashing. Parents do this not because of malice, but because it is their frame of reference.
And when you have been conditioned by your parents to believe in something which is impossible to LOGICALLY defend, then emotions come into play, because we are conditioned also to defend our parents and their value system - which is something very emotional because (usually) we love them very much.

And I agree with IKBA, there is a spiritual void to fill... Or is there?

In the dark ages of humanity yes, there were so many incomprehension, so many things unexplainable, the creation of a GOD to explain it all made sense. It comforted humans.

But SCIENCE has explained things, in the last 400 years, at a rate faster than the previous millions of years of humanity's existence.
It's about time as a race that we abandon religious beliefs and work on the true aspect of our presence here...
That people face reality and STOP looking for comfort and salvation is FALSE ideologies...

Thank you for the video.
to fine
written by Yibel , January 15, 2013
You are certainly right that most people in the world are whatever religion that they were born into. However, many people also change their religious beliefs after they are grown. You are a prime example. You became an atheist after being raised as a Muslim.

I was raised as an atheist. I studied Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam after becoming an adult. I became a Christian. Why? A personal, very profound life-changing experience.
To Yibel
written by fine , January 15, 2013
Hello friend … no time no see I am glad you are back …

I actually was going to add what you said, to my last post but I did not, thinking I will add it in another post …

I did not know you were an atheist, you never mention it … I do understand that sometime a life changing experience, will turn person's life and believes upside down, and changes bound to happen .

I don't know if last year, you have read, son's Rami's Article about his life in leaving Islam, how he too, went through a bad experience that shook and changed his life completely and that made him rethink his opinion of Allah/ God … eventually he became an atheist.

The main reason for him was his poor ex wife who locked her self, in her house FOR 8 MONTH praying all day and all night with Quran being recited, non stop … she was doing that to get rid, her self of the Jinn [ demon ] supposedly took her body .. she believed that Allah/ God will help her ….


She end up in a mental institute back in Syria and doctors over there zapped her brain with electricity, like they did here in the forties [ they still do that over there ] …

She end up with NO short memory and improved problems with paranoia and life time of medications … IT WAS UP TO A HUMEN BEING .. A DOCTOR WHO HELP HER … Allah'God on the other hand, did NOT left a finger to help her …. the no good for nothing bum

Anyway .. my son [ was a real believer] realized that the reason, his wife, did not get no help from her God, the whole time, while she was being tortured by her sick mind ,is that, Allah /God is not there TO help .. My son walk out of silly believe and never looked back .

As for me … my believe was diminished as a child because, I prayed every night for things to improve and change in my family's life … nothing … not one prayer was answered … not one I asked for,,, I felt,Allah failed me ..I was led to believe, That if I prayed and was a good Muslims, I will get what I want … what a fool I was !! .. as an adult My leaving Islam was gradual understanding .. it was reaching a conclusion and wake up, [ My son's experience played a role in my leaving Islam too ]

written by fine , January 15, 2013
Continue from above

The way I look at it is this :

If your God, is the one and only God who created all of us, Muslims included …

why your God could not reach out to helpless a Muslim child like me way of there in Syria … when I was praying for help ?

Was your God waiting for me to leave Islam, then, find a church and be born again Christian THEN * HELP ME* … does God want me to learn English too so he could understand my prayers…. can't YAHYA understand arabic ….;) ?

Yibel … do you see the absurdity of it all ?

May be you find comport in believe in YAHYA after your life changing experience, and Atheism lacked something you need and I am glad for you …

My experience was completely different, I have to tell you that the only time I tasted happiness and assured is when I left Islam, all together and I do not see my self, changing to another religion will give me the same feeling .
written by Jimi , January 15, 2013
This is why it is so important for Muslims to rule the world so people are forced to follow the one true religion.
written by Jimi , January 15, 2013
Muslim know that Mohammed and his sock puppet is the one true religion. And Muslims who follow it truly can kill you for making suggesting that they don't follow it
@ Jimi
written by Brown Superman , January 15, 2013
Because muslims suffer from inferiority complex badly and they are trying their level best to self-convince that their religion is not the worst in principles and practice. So they want to lead and others follow. They talk great about the number joining their religion but not a word about more who are leaving upon realisation that it is a hoax and cruel religion.
Fine / Yibel
written by Kaser , January 16, 2013
Fine, you asked: "why your God could not reach out to helpless a Muslim child like me way of there in Syria ..."

You know the answer, and I also know the answer. It's also the reason why there is such an overwhelming amount of religion-induced violence in the world. Always has been and will be for the foreseeable future. Because there is no god to intervene, and ALL die-hard fanatic religious f**k-ups KNOW THIS FULL WELL.

So, all pious humans, overflowing with righteous faith, know they can pretty much do ANYTHING in the name of their god because he's never going to say a peep about it. So, as long as you act according to your make-believe god's dictates (or rather interpretation of them that suit you), you are, in your mind, NOT accountable for your actions - and on top of this, you will earn paradise.
Why no accountability? Because there are not manifestations of anger and frustration for their gods. There is no concept of punishment like you do when raising kids.
It's ALL VERY CONVENIENT - punishment (or reward) is deferred when you die - final judgment day. Isn't it just perfectly practical for religions???

GOD will never intervene because he has NEVER intervened before.
Yibel, I was born a Christian and abandoned it a long time ago. I am now an atheist. I understand what you said about a life changing event. You know Yibel, there are 7,000,000,000 humans on the planet. Every year, countless of them live life changing experience such as yours, of what their perceive as divine. I did no go through this - a life changing event. But anchor yourself in reality and I am certain your atheism, rooted in logic and science, will resurface. BTW, I hope your life changing event was a positive one, and not a traumatizing event as I know people have suffered through...
written by xyz , January 16, 2013
Religions are for mentally retarded..
Nummers do not lie
written by fine , January 16, 2013
The future of humanity is not with any of the religions we have today, the future is with the "" void of established religions" of the past, which all about the control of the masses, control women, and gaining riches .

I do not care how many times we keep repeating it … We will keep talking about until it will sink in …

"' the future of Humans will be with humanism / atheism / agnosticism and the numbers do not lie …

Here it is


As you can see , most former Muslims are NOT adopting Christianity or Jewish or Buddhism or Hinduism or any other religion …in fact the majority are becoming Atheists and agnostics or unknown … I think the reason for the '' unknown'' mark is the bad stigma of the word '' Mulhid '' [ atheist ] that makes former Muslims retreat from the declaration of their atheism.

That is just about former Muslims … what about former Christians, or former jews … etc ..
to fine and Kaser
written by Yibel , January 16, 2013
Thank you for your comments. Yes, my particular life changing event was a very positive experience, and I have had numerous such events since then. There is a saying - trite, but true - that God works in mysterious ways.

We don't always get the things that we ask for. And sometimes the answer is no.
In your case, fine, you are now here in the US and able to work to end the suffering of Muslims. Yes, ALL Muslims are suffering due to a repressive political, legal, totalitarian cult that infects their minds and leads them astray. Your voice - here on the internet - is reaching out in ways you may never fully know about in this lifetime, but your song is being heard. Perhaps your prayers were answered after all - but not by Allah. That being is evil, and only wants misery and suffering for humans.

Kaser, my belief is based on logic and science. I have degrees in Biology and I can assure you that DNA did not, and could not, create itself. The universe is full of marvelous things, miracles of perfection - and we are, indeed, wonderously made.

Yes, there is, as you call it, "religion-induced violence in the world" and there is also a lot of non-religious violence as well. The biggest atrocites of the 20th century - WW1, WW2, Stalin's massacres, Mao's China, Pol Pot, to name a few - were not religion-induced violences. But, today, in this century, we are once again faced with a religion-induced violence. And that is Islam. And YHVH will intervene - it's all written in the Bible prophesies. Things are being fulfilled even as we write.
Kaser, there is ALWAYS accountability - for everyone.
written by Kaser , January 16, 2013
Thank you for your very interesting reply Yibel - I enjoy reading your posts, as I do others here.

FYI, I am an engineer. And I love all aspects of the natural world. Astronomy is by far my greatest fascination, followed by geology and medicine (But I had to choose something and I chose engineering). While I agree with you the DNA molecule cannot have created itself spontaneously as it stands now, we cannot arbitrarily assign it's current being to "god's creation". Because this means you deport the unexaplinable to god himself. If he can create such complex things as humans, he must be more complex, and so, who created him. Answering he always was is unacceptable for a man of science such as you.

If we do this, to assign complex things we do not yet comprehend fully, then all current unknowns will be "god's creation" until we explain them. So "god's work will diminish with time" because they will move from the "god's creation" bin to the "Ahhhh, we know and can explain" bin.

My father was a medical doctor and a believer. He had similar arguments as you about life - and it's massive complexity. He could not agree with the pure "creation" theory, but was also unable to believe we started as a bunch of smart molecules in the proverbial soup. So he watched his favorite sports team on TV and that was that...

You say Allah is evil. Indeed. The god of the bible is good. Indeed. Two different god concepts created by men for different purposes. Allah having been created by Mohammed to make sure he could control and have as many women as he could.

And Yibel - THANK YOU - for saying there is always accountability for everyone this is what I believe.
BUT, some fard-core believers do not believe we are accountable to anyone else than their god.
I believe we are accountable to all of humanity, all of the biosphere and our small planet. SHAME on humanity for the way we treat it (wether or not we believe it was created by a god or not).

Yibel, I have ONE question for you. A question NO ONE on Islam-Watch ever dared answer. Here goes.
You are a man of science, so you may be familiar with the Iridium anomaly found all over earth. Google it.
Now this Iridum anomaly points to a massive meteorite impact 65,000,000 years ago - just when the dinosaurs became extinct.
Meteorites are rich in iridium - the earth's crust, relatively poor of it. Think it over.
The scientific mind in you will say " this means a giant meteorite crashed on earth, exploded, and deposited a fine layer of dust all over the planet. Iridium-rich dust".
You would be right. This means earth is, at least, 65,000,000 years old.
Now the question - religious scriptures do not go that far. Maximum 6,000 years.
How do you reconcile this?

And since you are a biologist:
Adam and eve. Noah's ark. two individuals of a same species. DNA pool insufficient to sustain a species.
Please explain.

Now if you find so many errors in these scriptures, what does it say about them....

To fine, Kaser, Yibel
written by Archpagan , January 16, 2013
I am fascinated by you people’s posts. A person really does not know what would be good for him/her. A parable on such theory is in circulation among ISKON people which goes like this:
A state minister was on inspection of a lunatic asylum to verify its functioning. He was taken on a round to the inmates. At one end the minister saw three inmates dashing their heads against their cages and screaming frantically – ‘Seema, Seema, Seema, where are you!’ The minister asked - Who is Seema? Why do they cry? The doctor replied – ‘Seema is a very beautiful lady--- all these three men loved her madly, but failed to win her heart, so they are mad now in grief.’ Then, the minister was taken to the cellars on the other side. Here also the Minister saw another man screaming in the same manner –‘ Seema, Seema, Seema- - ’ Oh! Here we see another lover of the same Seema? - inquired the minister. But the doctor ruefully replied- no sir, he is husband of the same lady.
Sant Kabir, the Hindu saint of the 15th century, who was born in Muslim family, compiled a beautiful verse on the theme. It goes like this- My lord, I came to your temple bleeding in the feet, as I had no money to buy footwear and complained to you why you are so cruel to me. But, while returning, I saw a man who had no leg at all, only then did I understand how merciful you are.
written by Yibel , January 17, 2013
I, too, believe as follows:
"I believe we are accountable to all of humanity, all of the biosphere and our small planet." This is true Christianity. We are stewarts of the earth, accountable for all we do. G-d left us in charge. And "SHAME on humanity for the way we treat it (wether or not we believe it was created by a god or not). "

Yes, I know about the iridium layer, and its possible cause of earthwide devastation leading to the demise of the dinosaurs. And, yes, the earth is much older than a mere 6000 years.

The creation story in Genesis - in the Hebrew - uses the word "yom" which can mean a day, starting at sunrise and ending at sunset. However, it also has the meaning of an unspecified time period with a beginning and an end and can be used to convey steps in a series. This second meaning is the one intended.

We all carry within our genetic code lethal and detrimental genes due to mutations over time. However, if the code was perfect than who knows how long it would take before harmful genetic alterations would start to cause problems?

Noah's ark story: Was there a WORLD wide flood. No! Was there a large flood in the Black Sea area which decimated the population there and did it happen within the memory of modern mankind. Yes. People tell stories about major events, such as floods. These stories get passed down from generation to generation, changing over time - and usually becoming greatly enhanced! This flood was massive and anyone living through it would have talked about it for generations.

Did Noah, if he existed, build a large floating raft with a box on top (an ark) and gather SEVEN pairs of livestock and One pair of local wild animals - those that he could catch, of course - and then ride out the massive flood that put cities all around the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea under a hundred feet of water? Don't know, wasn't there! But, it is an interesting story.

Take care and best wishes to you and yours, Yibel
To Kaser, part two
written by Yibel , January 17, 2013
"Answering he always was is unacceptable for a man of science such as you."
Well, perhaps, but certainly no more unacceptable than saying that the universe created itself...Out of what? It appears to be expanding - red shift theory - so, what is it expanding into? Nothingness? How did it create living beings from inanimate objects? How did it create inanimate substances, for that matter? Is it an inanimate substance? Is it a being? Does it have consciousness? Is it a god?

And - if it is expanding - will it contract someday? Is there enough matter out there to eventually bring about a state of contraction - a blue shift? Are there smaller
particles than electrons, protons, and neutrons? What about those quarks? And String Theory?

There are so many things we do not yet comprehend. And perhaps never will.

"He stretches out the north over empty space, he hangs the earth on nothing." Job 26:7

BTW, got a great laugh out of your "fard-core believers." This is going to be my new definition of Muslims - "a gaggle of fard-core believers."
written by Kaser , January 17, 2013
Thanks for the reply - we could have interesting discussions you and me!

Looking forward to exchanging again with you here.

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