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Barbaric Islamic Cruelty on a Muslim Woman in West Bengal, India

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A Muslim cleric in West Bengal, India, strangled his wife to death, tried to sever her head from the body with kitchen-knife, failing which he used his hands and feet to pull her head apart from the body. How could the cleric commit such extreme cruelty? Is Islam at play here?

Razia Bibi, a young Muslim woman of Gobramari Village (Canning Police Station, South 24-Parganas District, West Bengal, India) was brutally murdered and beheaded by Moulana Mohiuddin Sardar, an Islamic cleric of nearby village Moukhali. Mohiuddin worked as a religious teacher (moulabi) in the village of Palta (Dhubulia Police Station, Nadia District). Previously, he worked as a madrasa teacher in the Karajgram Village (Katwa Police Station, Bardhaman District) for a number of years.

Last year, he went to Gobramari to conduct the Eid Prayer, and lodged there with the family of Razia Bibi. There, he soon got involved in a sexual relation with Razia.

When the news of the relationship, considered a disgraceful scandal especially for the women, came to surface, the villagers and family members of Razia forced Mohiuddin to marry her; it was also alleged that he had made Razia pregnant.

It turned out that the allegation of pregnancy was not true; it was made, perhaps, to compel Mohiuddin to marry the girl. This made Mohiuddin angry. He was also not satisfied with the marriage, because Razia was of dark complexion and delicate health. On October 22, Mohiuddin, on the pretext of a visit to Dhubulia, he took Razia to Karajgram, a comparatively lonely place suitable for committing a crime. There he and Razia stayed at a lodge, and at night, he suffocated Razia to death with her scarf. Then, he tried to behead her with a kitchen-knife, which he had bought for the purpose at the Howrah Railway Station for ten rupees. But, the knife was good enough to do the job. To be sure of her death, he pulled apart her head from the body using his hands and legs. The next day, Katwa police discovered her dead-body, head completely severed, beside a canal in Karajgram.

Having committed the crime, Mohiuddin returned to Kolkata, and took shelter in a lodge in Canning. Incidentally, the Canning police went to the same lodge to investigate a different case at night. They entered Mohiuddin’s room by mistake, when Mohiuddin cried out, “I have committed a mistake. Please leave me. I shall not commit such a mistake again.” The police then took him to the Police Station, and, upon interrogation, came to know about Mohiuddin’s gruesome crime. He was then handed over to the Katwa police.

Mohiuddin confessed that on 22nd October, he set out from Gobramari with Razia and roamed the streets of Kolkata for the entire day. In the evening, they boarded a train to Katwa from Howrah Railway Station, and reached the destination at night. Interrogation further revealed that Mohiuddin first strangled Razia with her scarf; then he tried to sever her head with the kitchen-knife, but failed. Finally, he put his left foot on Razia’s chest, and caught hold of her hair with hands, before tearing her head off the body.

There are a few points that warrant special notice in this incident. It was not difficult for Mohiuddin to get rid of Razia. Firstly, he could easily divorce Razia by pronouncing ‘talaq’ [divorce] three times permitted in Islam. Secondly, he could also marry a second wife or more of his choice, as Shariah law allows him to keep four wives at a time. So, this brutal murder was not essential at all. Therefore, one has to conclude that Mohiuddin resorted to this cruelty only to avenge the wrong done to him, namely forcing him to marry Razia on a false allegation.

Such extreme cruelties against women are rather common amongst Muslims. Recently, a New York Muslim man brutally murdered and beheaded his wife for seeking divorce. It warrants investigation as to why predominantly Muslims commit such horrible acts of brutality? This author is convinced that it is the creed of Islam that inspires Muslims to commit such horrid acts of violence. Islam originated in Arabia where, till today, pastoral lifestyle persists, and killing animals for meat and letting of blood is a daily routine occurrence.

This cruelty is also overwhelmingly reflected in the Koran. Allah urges Muslims to mount cruelties and bloodshed on the kafirs, apostates, heretics and hypocrites. Islam’s message of the hereafter is also overwhelmingly frightening: horrible punishments and tortures of all sorts for infidels and deviants. One may recall here the legacy of horrible punishment by Muslim rulers in India for nearly 700 years. Ordered by revered Aurangzib, three disciples of Guru Govind Singh were murdered with extreme cruelty. Bhai Moti Dass was sawed alive like a log, Bhai Dyala was boiled alive and the third disciple was burnt alive. Firstly, he was wrapped with cotton and linen, soaked the cotton with oil and then setting it to fire.

It was a normal practice for the Muslim rulers to kill the kafirs, even suspect/deviant Muslims, arrested for any pretext, with extraordinary cruelty. Smashing the head under the foot of an elephant or under a heavy log, and tearing the limbs apart by pulling them by elephants etc. were common as well as amusing to those barbaric rulers. There were people who could invent newer kind of cruelties like flaying a child in front of a mother, flaying the husband in front of his wife and force her eat the flesh of her husband, cutting a child into pieces on his or her mother’s lap and so on. Even today, in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, women suspected of adultery are stoned to death in front large assemblies of common Muslims, who rejoice at the barbaric act.

Prophet Mohammad himself had taught his followers many such extreme brutalities, and it will be relevant to narrate one here. On one occasion, eight people of the Ukl clan came to Medina, embraced Islam, and became very dear to Mohammad. But the climate of Medina did not suit them, and they fell ill. Mohammad prescribed camel-milk as food and camel-urine as medicine for their recovery. They were shifted to stable of camels in the desert. Within a short time, they recovered from their illness. But after that, they committed a crime. Betraying Muhammad, they murdered the stable keeper, and fled with the camels. They were pursued and soon captured by Mohammad’s men, and brought back to Medina.

They committed three very serious crimes: 1) murdered the stable keeper; 2) stole the camels; 3) betrayed Muhammad. The first and the third crime deserved death sentence, while the second crime demanded chopping their right hands off. Mohammad decided to punish them with exemplary punishments, and, that too, by his own hands. He took two iron rods, made them red-hot and then pushed the rods into the eyes of the victims. Then he chopped the limbs of the victims off, and left them in the hot desert-sand under mid-day sun. Within a couple of hours, all the eight victims bled to death. They were denied water as they cried for it. If the Prophet could have exhibited such examples of cruelty, what can one expect from his followers?

What is most instructive to take note is that, Muslims around the world quickly pick up this pastoral cruelty, after conversion to Islam, through Koran and Hadiths, and the teachings of their Imams. It is needless to say that Islam has instilled similar cruel instinct in Mohiuddin of West Bengal, India, 14 centuries on.

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written by 3X , October 18, 2009
This is what the H72A1M1 (in short HAM, full name Houri72Allah1MadMo1 virus) virus does to people. Please be careful of this virus so that it does not spread further.
barbaric Islam
written by balam , October 19, 2009
Islam is a lethal virus and it is spreading fast in Europe and America because of the political correctness of the leadership of these countries.The situation is getting very dangerous and beyond control.Time has come for the West to wake before it is too late to mend.Islam attacks the human mind first.With its influence,the normal human being changes into a deadly snake without any compassion.The Christians in the Muslim countries are paying a very heavy price with their lives because the Muslims belief that the west represents Christianty which is not the case.By helping the Muslims in the Muslim countries,the West is wasting their money and it is like casting their pearls before SWINES.It is like PISSING in the desert of Islam,which would never turn into oasis.It is just a waste of PISS.They are trying to win the loyalty of Poisonous snakes by throwing their hard earned tax payers money at the ungrateful Muslims.Muslims behave just like their cruel prophet who did not have even an ounce of compassion because of his madness.
re: Assassinate religious leaders
written by Homer , October 19, 2009
To stop jihad and cruelty we have to destroy all the mosques of extremists.

Kill all the Islamic clergy, kill their leaders, bomb their mosques and kill them and their immediate family.

It is clear that you too are infected by the islamic virus in a certain way. Your hatred for the islamic extremists is understandable, but in this hatred you have become an extremist yourself. You are the mirror image of the jihadi. Fight the ideology of islam, as we all do, but do so within the limits of the law and in a decent and humane way. Stop instigating people to comit crimes and atrocities.
Group pychosis
written by duh_swami , October 19, 2009
There is something about Islam that erases conscience, which allows the worst kind of animal/demonic behavior to rise to the surface. It may be a 'virus' as stated above, but whatever you call it, it's a psychosis...My contention for a long time is that Islam 'causes' psychotic episodes in submitters. This is not an excuse for pzz poor behavior...every Muslim has a choice...stay in or become a man and apostate...But the desire for supremacy and the power over others that comes with it, is hard to give up...
Especially when your god feeds you this manna...Manna from Allah makes every kind of atrocity possible...Much of it is made reality...Allah willing...and he always is...
written by Mulhid , October 19, 2009
Muhammad's sidekick Zayd ibn Haritha ordered Qays ibn al-Musahhar to kill Umm Qirfa Fatima, a very old woman, who held a position of honour among her people, the banu Fazara. (The Life of Muhammad a translation of the Sira, page 665). Muslims consider Mo and his bandits figures to be emulated.
written by Bravo , October 19, 2009
islam is a multi-headed demonic curse. It has to be faught in multiple fronts. Yes terrorists like osama etc has to killed as they have become 100% muslims and so in the point of no return.
Average muslims have to told about true history of islam and tried to save them.
Also just like muslims try to play with economic jihad, non-muslims should stop giving a single penny to islam or muslims which includes muslim countries, societies etc. Even dont help any indivudual muslim, first if he becomes apostate, then help them. Almost 60% of the muslims cant live for a week if we non-muslims dont give medical, food etc aids from UN etc. Let them starve for sometime and pray 100 times with ass on air to allah or muhammed for food etc. If they repent and leave the deadcult islam and takes out the koranic poison from mind then help them.
written by Arp , October 19, 2009
3X , LOL- is there any vaccine for this virus ?
written by DP111 , October 19, 2009
BTW, this gruesome story is really part of the "Nothing to do with Islam" series.
Woman in Islam
written by Walter Sieruk , October 19, 2009
"As long as men read and believe the Quran, women will be despised, sceond class citizens." [Form the book THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT GUID TO ISLAM p.77 by Robert Spencer
Islam is like a cancer upon the world
written by Jaap Boetha , October 19, 2009
Islam is like a cancer eating at society. And just as we would excise a cancer to save the body, so must we excise islam from the West to save it from a slow and painful death.

We must cut deep and true.
written by plain talk , October 19, 2009
Why should there be any opposition to the killing of muslims? There is a time for peace and a time for war. Muslims have repeatedly declared war on the whole world and should expect to shed their own blood.

I see no problem in war with muslims. No matter what country they live in. They have had more than enough time to declare peace and leave the political regime of Islam. By remaining with this regime, they are knowingly in a state of war with us.

No doubt when they are the ones to be killed on the street, in cafes and at the mosques they will get the message. The sooner the evil of Islam is eliminated the better.

Keep in mind, we are not the ones who declared war. We are the ones responding to war and the war they prefer is guerilla warfare.

Let them be ambushed, attacked and struck down where they are. At any time, at any place. Just like they do to us. This is a time for war.
Kill the clergy!
written by Carusoe , October 19, 2009
I'm certainly glad to see folks call for the murder of Islamic clergy. So we're all Muslims... is that it? We all want to slaughter somebody... you know the ones.. the ones with the bad religion.

What is the difference between a Muslim and a Christian if we're all calling for the murders of the others?
written by evropa eaterna , October 20, 2009
No, it is common sense. One of the major misconceptions of and about being European is that some tend to say what they think will make them more European, instead of what they really think, which made Europe Europe in the first place.

It is of no extremism to defend Europa lux mundii by any means neccessary, and for violence, only violence is an effective answer - or do you think these lesser animals care about your political correctness (the wellknown fashion sadly mistaken to the extent of inviability).

It is a kill or be killed situation, and it is loyalty and willingness that distinguishes the citizen from the mere resident. They have to be killed. All of them, and any islamic view banned in Europe on condition of immediate exile if proven, regardless of ethnic origin. There is no way to make a fascist barbaric medieval ideology to come to its senses, what can you possibly argue to those worshipping amd obeying a "religion" that demands its followers to kill themselves just to kill others? Read the quran, you have to be able to understand that sometimes, there is no effective measure apart from total extermination.
written by evropa eaterna , October 20, 2009
not too much, indeed, but is the question about one barbaric idiot religion compared to another similar psychological disease designed to control mentally inferior people, or is it about survival of our people, our culture, and our future.

the clear difference between islamic aggression and cruelty, and a desirable zero tolerance militant response, is the purpose itslef: islamiofascists are barbaric, medieval scum being little more than animals, whereas counter-islamic movements are always driven by defending a culture of science, merit, and discipline.

However, yes, in some sense, it always boils down to one group fighting the other, and your only choice is to choose your sides. If you do nothing, you have chosen your side (along with strongly questioning the moral raison d'etre of your stance), as islam s not less than actively infiltrating our beloved Europe, for which our ancestors gave their sweat, blood, and tears for countless centuries. What you are willing to fight for, is yours. Otherwise, you're just as good as the rest of the cattle.
written by evropa eaterna , October 20, 2009
They have shown countless times that they cannot be saved, and do not want to be saved, furthermore, it is not our European responsibility to distinguish "moderate" terrorists from active extremeist ones, let alone to explain anything to communities openly accepting a hostile animalistic ideology, claim benefits, support, unwilling to assimilate or even to learn the language of the host nation, and insulting our culture every day, while demonstrating on our streets demanding beheading those who insult theirs. Wake up, before the vanity of us Europeans preferring to show ourselves to the mirror as the saviour of all lessers slits our own throat.

If in doubt, read the quran, the very primary icon of their fascist medieval (or worse) ideology, and understand that ANYONE even accepting the quran, IS a terrorist.
Killing Clergy etc.
written by M. A. Khan , October 20, 2009
We have warned our commenters that instigations, like kill this or that, should not be propagated through this forum.

Ours is an intellectual battle against Islam for enlightening the Muslim mind. This is the way we think we can win this battle at the minimum loss of life. And this forum should be kept within that spirit, instead of turning it into an avenue for spreading bloodletting propaganda.

Editor, M. A. Khan
To M A Khan
written by Archpagan , October 20, 2009
We, the modern people pretend to be civilized by showing sophistication. So, whereas the ancient people disposed of POW's by sacrificing them before a god, in order to avoid scruples, we kill our POW's by sending them to gallows after ritualistic trial in a so-called International Court of Justice. All that we require now is a 'civilized' version of the Spanish drug administered to the Muslims in the 15th century.
stop calling for genocide
written by Homer , October 20, 2009
Read the quran, you have to be able to understand that sometimes, there is no effective measure apart from total extermination.

I know the koran probably better than you do and I know what is coming our way. Personally, I am ready to fight in an honorable way and if needed to lay down my life. But I will never be prepared to comit the cruel and cowardly act of genocide that you have in your nazi-like mind.
stop islam
written by TheExpat , October 20, 2009
The writer of the quote is 100% correct. In ordfer to stop islam from destroying our world, we have to destroy the mosques, the madarassas and ban the practice of islamic religion all together. It sound cruel? No, it's justified self defence
written by Non-delusionist , October 21, 2009
Voltaire was spot on when he said"

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."
to Arp
written by 3X , October 21, 2009
Yeah Arp, there is. The solution is what American military general Pershing did in Phillippines last century to this virus attack.
written by 3X , October 21, 2009
Wrap them in bacon & let others know that they are not going to heaven & enjoy the 72 houries!!
written by Machmoed , October 21, 2009
Wow! I see idiot after idiot posting here. The islam must be vanished etc etc and kill them etc etc. Well those who want to kill muslims...there are a lot of fundamantalist muslims who want to kill you. So seek each other and murder eachother. You will be alone! Religion is mental slavery. Islam, Christianity are false and bad. How many peoaple are burned and killed bij Christians because people didn't believe Jesus was the son of God. It's prethetic, there is no Religion from God. God is not wat the church, imam, mullah, rabbijn etc. say he is. Nobody knows God and that's a fact.
Muhammed Set The Standard
written by The Infidel Alliance , October 21, 2009
As we read daily about Islamic barbarity in the modern world, and examine the barbarity of Islam over the past 1,400 centuries, we constantly are challenged by the issue of Christian barbarity as some sort of justification or moral equivocation for Islamic barbarity.

In truth, however, there is no comparison, justification or moral equivocation.

Islam began with Muhammed. Christianity began with Jesus.

Muhammed murdered, raped, enslaved, maimed, mutilated, tortured, robbed, terrorized and committed genocide, and demanded that his followers do the same. Islam reveres Muhammed as a "al-insan al-kamil" or "the perfect man", and the Koran cites him as "an excellent model of conduct" for all Muslims to emulate.

Jesus also murdered, raped, enslaved, maimed, mutilated, tortured, robbed, terrorized and committed genocid, and demanded that his followers do the same......oh....wait...no he didn't...sorry about that. In fact, Jesus did none of that, nor did he demand that of his followers. Just the opposite, in fact.

Thus, when a Muslim commits an act of gruesome barbarity, he is simply being a good Muslim following the example and standard established by his "prophet", Muhammed.

When a Christian commits an act of gruesome barbarity, he does so in direct contravention to the teachings and examples of Jesus.

The reason Islam is so barbaric is because it was founded by a barbarian, Muhammed. Simply put, Muhammed was the "Alpha" Islamic terrorist whose vile legacy afflicts humanity to this day.

~ The Infidel Alliance
written by TrueMuslim , October 21, 2009
Islam do not condone all those terror act as usually claimed by the non muslim especially the west
Re. Killing Clergy etc.
written by M. A. Khan , October 21, 2009
Folks, you may have your own judgement on the treatment of POWs today and in olden days.

You may find it justifiable killing some groups in self-defence.

But, this forum is meant for an intellectual assault on the foundation of Islam, and should be kept within that confine.

It must not be turned into a platform for war-strategy or any such things.
clerical cruelty knows no bounds
written by RRWest , October 21, 2009
Here we have another example of the brainwashing of Muslim men, especially "clerics".

The name is deceptive, since there is no real equivalent to what these men are in the west.

They are not cloistered monks who live isolated from the world, but otherwise active men who pray 5 times a day, go to "religious" classes and are focussed on creating an Islamic world.

Monks may do charity, but they are concerned with spiritual matters and leave others pretty much alone.

Not Muslim "clerics". It is they who stir up the hatred, the lies and deception that Islam is noted for.

This type of "cleric" is dangerous, since he obviously has learned too many lessons on how to "discipline" your female relatives from the founder of that vile control system called Islam.
why is the koran and life o Mo so violent?
written by RRWest , October 21, 2009

To analyse religion, you must look to the source.

I studied many religions out of personal curiosity and also at university.

Islam was largely a mystery, yet I found something repellent about the life story of Mo their founder (I cannot justify using his full name, it disgusts me). It is full of war, battles, cruelty and outright insanity.

Since 9/11 I have been following different blogs and news services and have come to the conclusion that Islam is not a religion as the rest of the world knows religions.

It is a total control system that has successfully operated in a large part of the world because it has covered its methods of control and brainwashing with religious overtones.

You cannot make a cat into a dog by cosmetics alone.

Threats of death to apostates should tell all thinking people that this is one "religion" to avoid at all costs.

I sincerely wish that more people would understand the viciousness and babarity that underlies Islam and its practices. Then perhaps the west has a chance of regaining lost ground and its own diminishing self-esteem.
dude, where is your perspective
written by RRWest , October 21, 2009
While there are many who think that Christianity spread through the sword alone, history shows a very different picture.

It was largely due to the unifying efforts of the early church fathers (and "mothers") that kept western civilization together during the "Dark Ages". They travelled, wrote books, taught people how to read and kept the remains of the Roman Empire somewhat together.

Only three times during that period did the Christian leaders use force to convert entire tribes; with the Avars, the East Saxons and and, if I recall correctly, the Magyars. All other kingdoms used the connections and the growing wealth of the church to forge royal alliances and were converted as a result.

The so-called "burning times" that still are promoted as truth, never happened because the victims were being "converted". Many were killed for their heretical ideas about Christianity and were surpressed by the Church.

Later on during the 16th and 17th centuries many were killed because they were handed over to the secular courts as witches and their properties seized by the courts and their accusers. To often, the religious courts found no evidence for the practice, but many laws allowed accusers to take you to secular courts if the religous ones found you not guilty.

Islam is the only religion that has had a central tenet of conquering by the sword. You can see that sword displayed on many flags of current Muslim nations.

That should put an idea in people's heads that Islam is not your average "religion". Its not.

exactly, yet
written by RRWest , October 21, 2009
I agree with your aims, Mr. Khan, but here is an analogy for you to ponder over.

If you are facing an enraged man who has a gun to your head and is threatening to pull the trigger unless you comply with his wishes, what would you do?

You may be able to dis-arm him with words and a kind heart, but what if the man will not listen? What then?

And would he stop threatening you and yours once you comply?

What if he has not told you what he wants?

Or what if he has demands that you are now to bow to him and obey his every command?

If I were in such a situation, I would act first and ask questions later. That may pre-empt a bullet from entering my head.

So how can you discuss negative aspects of Islam when many Muslims believe that its founder, and its laws, scriptures and practices are not to be criticised and that by doing so, you can freely be killed?

Death is a harsh consquence for having a conscience and daring to use the ability to question authority. Islam is the only world "religion" that uses this threat to stop dissent and mass exodus from its ranks.

That is why we have to do what they do; fight on all fronts and by any means necessary.

Thank you for the great blog.
how do you de program hundreds of millions
written by RRWest , October 21, 2009
How would you de-program hundreds of millions of people from Islam's grip?

Blogs like this one could help, but there is a more pressing question for you: how would you stop the flow of OPEC oil and gas to the west?

That money and power has been freely given to the leaders of Islam as they continue to spread the stories that hajri as a "benign" mass emigration to the west.

I fear that if the figures and estimates are correct, there may be at least 160 million hard-core jihadists (thats only 10% of the Muslim world) ready to die and kill for their beliefs living all around the world. Many are waiting in secret as the highjackers of the 9/11 planes and the Mumbai killers were.

The probllem seems a lot like that faced by the US forces in Vietnam.

How can you tell friend from foe when the enemy looks like anyone else? How do you know when and where they will strike next?

I would suggest that non-Muslim countries take a close look at their immigration policies and question the very nature of the recent hajri from Muslim lands to the rest of the world.

If the events of 9/11 are any indication, Islam's leaders have a very long memory and the hajri appears to be another long-term strategy for bringing the world to bow to them under Islam.

On Sept 11, 1683, the Ottoman Turks were prevented from conquering western Europe at the gates of Vienna. The hijackers, their leaders and hundreds of millions of Muslims knew this fact, so the date was not arbitrary at all.

It was payback.

Who's next?
its a case of follow the leader
written by RRWest , October 21, 2009
You are absolutely bang on with your assessment of how Islam erases conscience.

Once a Muslim boy is born, all that he does from then on is pretty much sacrosanct, meaning that the only discipline is that which is allowed by Islam.

Yet, non-believers have to accept this state of affairs and also that the Muslim has the obligation to do evrything he can to convert you to Islam, otherwise you can be treated with contempt.

Five times a day, he prays for gifts, blessings and other things. Five times a day, he is reminded that he and his beliefs are superior to all others.

This, in any other context, would be called brainwashing.

Yet in Islam it is called devotion.

But followers are discouraged from questioning decisions made by their leaders. They cannot question the truth of their scriptures or the fact that the life of their founder is filled with war, death, lies, insanity and dozens of crimes including peodophilia. To do so means death.

As I have written earlier, death is a harsh consequence for following your conscience and the ability to question authority.

That is a powerful incentive to never do those things.

It remains the prime reason why Islam has spread and why people are reluctant to leave.
Political Correctness
written by Dirk Sorensby , October 21, 2009
You must participate personally in saving your own country and ultimately the world.

There is a huge vulnerability in today’s world that is being exploited by the enemies of freedom, people who’s ideas are a virus upon all ways of life and every nation’s well being . Also, this vulnerability is allowing many self serving parties to aid the enemies of freedom - not because they support the enemy necessarily, but because they are too consumed with their own greed to recognize that their actions open the door wider for the infiltration by the enemy. The root vulnerability which is the enemy’s main weapon, is political correctness. Those that fail to realize that this weapon is more powerful than any atomic bomb, will continue to dig the graves of all free and loving people of the world. If you can’t see it, ask someone from Holland or Germany, even the UK or France. Political correctness prevents truth and danger from being identified and exposed. Truth and openness is a society's main defense - the lowly citizen’s main defense - against evil people and enemies - who can and will sneak in to power, and smuggle oppression into a culture: undetected, if the political correctness gets too thick to shine light on the danger and sound out warnings.

The evil Muslims have 1/2 taken over Europe by using the following steps. A. Migrating in mass numbers. B. not assimilating. C. forcing their ideology upon formerly free cultures. D. Silencing opposition by promoting a culture of political correctness to where the correctness is worked into law and can be used to sue and even imprison those that speak out in opposition. E. keep people quiet and resistance ineffective, using fear and political correctness, long enough for enough enemies to migrate and build a network of bases (mosques) , where the enemy ultimately has the numbers to take over leadership and enforce their own law and ideology upon the target Country (by vote if not by force.). Conclusion, it is politically correctness that enables all the steps of this process.

What must you do?
Every individual MUST reject political correctness and DEFEND freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a free man’s most powerful defense against oppression and invasion. This is modern warfare. This is WW3. No weapons needed - just silencing. Europe, America’s most important allie, is 1/2 taken over if not more. America will eventually fall the same way, if people like you reading this do not make an effort to protect free speech and reject the political correctness bullshit. Then main way you do your part, is by speaking your mind as loudly and frequently as you can, and, by not letting anyone nor anything intimidate your point of view, the expression of your opinion, and the celebration of your culture and ideals. The easiest and best way to get started, is to make it a point to be overly non-politically correct. This is how political correctness can be subdued. If millions of people speak out whatever they wish, and even exaggerate the language to where it deliberately offends the rules of political correctness, then two resulting things will happen that will kill political correctness. 1. Because millions are being politically incorrect, the offenders would be too numerous to contain. If the number is large enough, exploiters of political correctness cannot target individuals legally, or at work, or any other way that might be possible upon a mere few "offenders." 2. Expression that is not caged within the rules of political correctness, will expose the truth in everything, including the absurdity and real motivators behind political correctness itself.

If you do not do this. If any one of you do not consciously do your part to assert non-political correctness, then you deserve the death that will ensue; continued encroachment onto your freedom, and the quickly approaching death to your way of life.
I Knew Muhammad Ordered the Torture, But What Is t
written by traeh , October 22, 2009
Where in the Islamic documents does it say that Muhammad himself put the red hot metal into the eyes of the criminals?
Islam sucks!
written by William , October 25, 2009
Islam is the devil's religion, and his followers are demon worshipers.
written by Sol Soloman , December 07, 2009
Islam is backward looking, violent and barbaric belief system should no place in the 21st century world.
written by zaid akther , December 09, 2009
written by Reddy anil , August 30, 2010
Islam Shame on Humanity
written by Meeth , February 20, 2011
Islam is a stupid religion full of lies and bullshits. It prevents its followers from having and open mind and logically reasoning things out. It brain washes it followers who commit crime against humanity.

f**k Islam and it blind followers.

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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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