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Islamic State in the Grand Scheme of Things

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The Sunni Jihadist ‘Islamic State’ or Dawla Islamiya is the manifestation of what Sunni Islamists have been striving for for a long time, especially groups like Hizb-ut-tahrir and many other hardline Islamist groups.

After 9/11 as I started to research into Islamic teachings I started visiting a liberal ex-Muslim website called secular Islam. There in a comments section for several months I viewed comments / arguments flying back and forwards and in particular some Islamist kept posting links to khilafah.com articles. These were truly scary reading material, very professionally produced with a lot of erudite writers and a large following. More than anything else these articles woke me up to the threat that Islamic thought poses with the most expansionist and supremacist teachings being not a mere historical curiosity but underpinning a large movement of Muslims striving hard for them.


The Islamic Terror Orchestra

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islamic terror orchestraIt has been 13 years since 9/11 and the West is still reluctant to link the non-ending parade of jihad groups with Islam. The West is also in denial about the similarities all radical Islamic groups share. It is important for the West to realize that there is a natural division of labor between the different terror groups. Some groups specialize in terror against non-Muslims and Western governments while others specialize in terrorizing Arab governments that refused to follow Sharia. But the truly sophisticated groups are those who reside in the West, calling themselves ‘moderate’ while at the same time defending and controlling the direction of Islamist goals through advocacy, diplomacy, negotiation and PR.


Arab Conquest of Christian Syria-Palestine, 633-638

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A New Qur'an

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I was reading an article written by Islamic critic Mu’min Salih about how the Arabs did not think highly of the language of the Qur’an, while, at the same time, we see Muslims who do not know Arabic praise the “high level” language of the Qur’an!

At the end of the article, Salih provided some links to new “out of the oven” Suras written by different people of our age. When I saw such wonderful Suras, my “Eeman” (faith) increased, and I thought it would be nice to have a posting that has some links to the wonderful Suras written by the “prophets” of our age.

Readers are encouraged to provide more links to more “Suras” and “Verses”. I will update this posting with the added links from readers incorporated into it. Thank you in advance.

The following are some of the many Suras posted on the Internet by Arabs:




4. http://suralikeit.com/ (12 Suras from Wahi “revelations” so far. Angel Jebraeel is not finished yet..)


O Islamophobic Kafers! Do Not Criticize Islam before Knowing the Noble Teachings of Islam Fully, Part 1

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Recently, I noticed most western social media making fun about a Saudi Sheikh, who was killed years ago by a donkey while he allegedly tried to sodomize the poor animal.

Never criticize Islam without knowing its noble teachings fully


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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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