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Muslim Pedophile Gang-Rape Scare Grips Britain

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Religion and racism inspired gang-rape by Muslim pedophile gang leaves UK parents of young girls in scare...

A concerned Parent of school-going children wrote the following email to us:

de Wyche College, Cheshire -- http://dewyche.webs.com/ -- is a girls boarding school that has turned away prospective Muslim students because their parents objected to the school uniform on religious grounds. (Why would they apply in the first place, if they objected?) Since then, groups of Muslim men have been hanging around near the school shouting abuse at students leaving and arriving, and some have also been following the girls (who are aged 11 to 18) to the local train station and doing the same. This is particularly worrying in light of recent revelations about Muslim paedophile gangs operating all over the country, but no one seems able to do anything about it.

UK Muslim pedophile rape-gang. From top-left: Abdul Qayyum, Hamid
Safi, Kabeer Hassan, Abdul Rauf, Abdul Aziz, Mohammed Amin, Adil
Mohammed Sajid.

The special concern of this parent about the gang-rape spree of Muslim pedophiles deserves close attention.

When a gang of 18 Australian Muslim men of Lebanese descent raped a few white girls in Sydney in coordinated sexual attack in 2000, it created massive outcry in Australia and beyond. But in the United Kingdom, Muslim rape-gangs, especially pedophile gangs, are engaged in a sustained rape-spree of much larger scale, but it doesn’t get much attention, at least, from the outside world.

According to a recent report, a gang of 9 Muslim men in the UK – 8 of Pakistan descent and one Afghan exile – targeted underage girls from youth centers for systematic rape. According to court proceedings, they raped a total of 631 girls – aged 12-16 years – over the past 5 years and 187 in the past 10 months. The rapists, acting in concert with taxi drivers acting as pimps, used draw out the girls from youth centers, and drug them or made them drunk before taking them to apartments, pubs and clubs, where they were systematically raped. Two of the victims from shelters in Manchester and Rochdale died as a result of the violence.

The Sydney gang-rapes by Muslim men were motivated by racism, as attackers called the victims "Aussie pigs", and said, "I'm going to fuck you Leb style."

The UK gang-rapes of underage girls also have similar racist and religious motivation. In sentencing the gang of 9 Muslim pedophile to a total of 77 years in jail, the judge said, "You preyed on girls because they were not part of your community or religion."

Abdul Rauf, one of the convicts, aged 42 and father of five children, is also an Islamic preacher.

Detectives, who broke the gang-rape ring, are looking for another pedophile 56 sex-attackers.

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jihad is for all to do and white women r for all to rape this is the message of pisslam
written by 72 VIRGINS...I WANT THEM NOW , May 11, 2012
jihad is for all to do and white women r for all to rape this is the message of pisslam
written by bundypig , May 11, 2012
As they continue to shoot themselves in the feet, more and more people realize what this nasty ideology is all about, and when the muslims get the idea, that maybe this isn't the way to live, maybe we can be better and not follow like blind,deaf,dumb sheep, zombies if you will, things will begin to happen and they will join in with humanity.
"By their fruits ye shall know them." Matthew 7:18
written by Walter Sieruk , May 11, 2012
What else may one expect but evil actions as a result of believing in the doctrines of the heinous religion that is Islam. Hate of females and extreme misogyny are but some but not all of the wicked outcomes of men having faith in Muhammad and the Quran.
Why only western/christian/white girls?
written by Gnostic , May 11, 2012
Because the criminals must not fear honour killings by civilised people!
Muslim's hypocritical thinking
written by fineliving56 , May 11, 2012
The judge said, ''You preyed on girls because they were not part of your community or religion. ''

That kind of thinking is the exact truthful thinking that Muslim men have and talk in between each other.

but the general thinking Muslims men have [ especially the Muslim men who live in the west ] is that Non Muslim meat [ white woman ] is halal to all Muslim men because they are *not Muslimat*…

it is believed that it is haram to sleep or rape a Muslim women because if they do they know they will be punished by Allah and … * a father or a brother of that Muslim women … they will have his head for it* or they make him marry her, if he is lucky .

On the other hand, white women are not honored by that rule … they are only white women who are easy and loose any way [ I am relating what they think ]

This kind of thinking originated from the time where Pagan captured women slaves were free for all Muslims men to do with,as they like … without the patently of dishonoring them
... Quran and hadeeth is full of Suras that permit such a thing.

The phrase that I hear some times between Muslim men while they think, their women, are not listening haha … is, '' Who care … go and have her … Allah hallalahum [ Allah made lawful for you ] like Quran says ''

written by Ex-Muslim , May 11, 2012
I have the same experience. Kafir women are halal for Muslims -- that's how my Muslim peers usually viewed them. And that's just following the Prophet. And as you said, "Allah hallalahum [Allah made lawful for you] like Quran says''.

How this UK pedophile rape-gang is different from Muhammad and his footsoldiers? The only difference is: they are much more civilized in doing it on the sly than Prophet Muhammad gang's raiding of Kafir villages and harvesting their women for raping.
Castrate Them
written by Archpagan , May 12, 2012
'Abdul Rauf, one of the convicts, aged 42 and father of five children, is also an Islamic preacher.'

It is easily presumable what he actually preaches. Muslim rapists should be castrated. That would be the perfect Islamic way of delivering justice.
written by Infidel and More Proud , May 12, 2012
How about some islamic justice?
Islamic action therfore islamic justice.
hang them by their bollox...
masochist uk
written by boot boy time , May 12, 2012
brits have been effectively nuetered by their marxist dreams. I think the modern brit man just enjoys being cuckolded and spanked by jamaicans and pakis. This also goes for the dutch and swedes now too. forget christianity - it can't save anything. They need to go back to medieval days and treat the foreigners as the backward animals they want to be. deport them to another slaver in africa after a good beating. ta
Even the Police are afraid
written by Henry in the USA , May 14, 2012
I first read the story a week or so ago. What I found shocking was that the gangs were called Asian. It was not until they started listing names that we could learn that they were really Muslim.
To Henry in the USA
written by Archpagan , May 14, 2012
Exactly, that's why Indian Hindus living in England are increasingly refusing to call themselves as Asians. Rather, they prefer to call themselves as British Hindus.
Proud Muslims
written by Nemesis , May 15, 2012
These "proud" muslims, who now live in the British midlands, raped young white girls for years until they were arrested. At least one of them is known to have told his victims that their ages did not matter. Why does this country allow individuals living in the dark ages, to cross our borders ? They are known supporters of an evil cult, with no obvious backgrounds for living in Britain, and with nothing to offer this country, and should all be kicked out. They do not want to mix with us and we certainly do not want them to be here. When will our government listen to the will of the people ?
written by joe , May 16, 2012
Folks we need to work together. Those who can assist (see post by islam is a crock) should post the names of the muslim t___s involved. If the police cannot be relied upon to protect society, the society should take take preventitive action.
United we stand... divided we fall!
written by kat , May 17, 2012
The amount of rapes commited by muslims is ridicilous...especially those of Afgan, Turkish and Pakistani origin. It's clear we have a huge problem here. The muslim population in Europe shoes little respect for other communities and ignores laws and basic human rights. A sadistic, violent, diagusting religion.

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