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High Regard for Jesus & Mary in Islamic Scriptures? Part 2

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In Part 1 of this article, the ‘place’ of Jesus in Islam has been discussed. This part analyses the ‘place’ of Mary, mother of Jesus, in Islamic Scriptures.


It is a practice among many non-Arab Muslim communities that they don't print the names of brides in the marriage invitation cards. Instead they denote her as ‘Noor-e-Chashmi’ – an expression that somewhat mean ‘our loved one’ or ‘light of our family’. This is because Muslim men don’t want the public, particularly other men, to know the names of female family members unnecessarily. They try to hide the names of female family members from the public.

The Saudis have a unique practice of addressing fellow Muslim men. A bachelor will be called by his name until he gets married. After marriage, he will be called Abu Muhammad (father of Muhammad) until he fathers a son. Even if he fathers 10 daughters and but no son, he will still be called ‘Abu Muhammad’ (‘Abu Muhammad’ here doesn’t refer to Prophet Muhammad, as nobody would dare to be the prophet's father). Only after he fathers a son, say named Qasem, he will be called Abu Qasem. The idea behind this practice is to highlight the names of male family members but hide the names to female members from the public.


High Regard for Jesus and Mary in Islamic Scriptures? Part 1

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Allah's Apostle said, " If a man believes in Jesus and then believes in me, he will get a double reward. And if a slave fears his Lord (i.e. Allah) and obeys his masters, he too will get a double reward." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:55:655)

Muhammad was trying to sell his brand of religion to the Christians by offering his product two times at the price of one. Was he really liked Christians, their scriptures and their Messiah Jesus?


The Spectacular March of Jihad in America Post 9/11

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Stretching from Dearborne in Michigan in the north, to Los Angeles in California in the West, to Miami in Florida in the South, to New York in the East – an Islamic curtain has descended upon the United States!

Behind this curtain, the greatest democracy the world has ever seen, a democracy that has enshrined the equality of all mankind, the equality of women with men, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, assembly, the separation of powers, freedom of religion, equality before the law and the greatest declaration in history:


9/11 Painting

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IQ Rasooli, Author of 'Lifting the Veil', on MidPoint Discussing the Root Causes of Islamic Terrorism

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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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