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The Quran-Burning Saga: A Perfect Ending & Fitting Memorial to 9/11 Victims

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The Quran-burning saga ended in a palatable way, achieving its objects best, namely toward creating awareness about vileness of the Quran. This awakening is what is needed for the complete and final downfall of Islam, which would be the greatest service to humanity at our time; and there couldn't be a better memorial than this to the souls of 9/11 victims than our treacherous politicians' sermonizing over their graves about the peacefulness of Islam..

As an editorial note to an article, On the Burning of the Quran, I wrote:

We are against burning books, given that humanity has regretted many such previous incidents. But after studying Islam's 1400-year history, knowing the Quran's content in its best of details, and the sufferance humanity continues to suffer because of this book—we believe this is one book-burning incident that humanity would not regret, but may deem it a blessing down the years. Let us emphasize that life is what value and treasure most. And the number of human beings fall victim to death and other sufferings and inequities in a day due to the Quran and its Islam is a reason good enough to justify the burning of entire collection of this most horrendous book existing in the world today.

I hold most of what I have said before in the above passage, despite that the burning event has been called off permanently. Yet, let me explain that this intended Quran-burning event was not the same as the previous book-burning incidents, which humanity has regretted. Instead, they are opposite in intentions.

The book-burning incidents by the Nazis in modern times or by the Christians, Muslims and others (Muslims still do) in the olden days was intended for destroying those books' messages, for destroying their existence altogether. The purpose of those events was that human beings never get a chance to read those manuscripts.

Pastor Terry Jones' intended Quran-burning event was intended not for destroying the vestiges of the Quran, not to destroy its message. Instead, it was meant for drawing people's attention to its message; it was about asking people of the world to read this book and find out the message it contains. It was, in actuality, an attempt to serve a book's purpose, i.e. it be read by as many people as possible. However, the way to advertise it was odd. Yet, many authors, including me, would be happiest had anyone, whether Pastor Jones or Muslim fanatics, would try to do the same with their books.

Nonetheless, this Quran-burning saga had a perfect ending. The burning did not occur; still it served its purpose in the best possible way. Civilized minds cannot just accept that a book gets burned whatever its message is. This saga has given us respite from that distress of consciences, and still has achieved its goal. That goal is: draw attention of the world to read this book. Thanks to media coverage it received, also thanks to Muslim outrage in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, the attention of the world has been drawn to what Pastor Jones said about the Quran: there are good things in the Quran; there are also very bad things.

Now come to the question: Why is the aborted Quran-burning saga a perfect memorial for the 9/11 attack victims on its 9th anniversary?

The 9/11 attacks were inspired by the violent and barbaric passages contained in the Quran. While those fell in the 9/11 attacks constitute only a negligibly tiny fraction of the total victims, hundreds of millions, of the violence inspired by this vilest of books ever written in history, it nonetheless can serve as a signature event in the history of Islam, potentially putting an end to Quran's indefatigable violence once and for all. And that can only be achieved by drawing attention of global masses, Muslim or otherwise, to its message, by prodding and inspiring people to read the Quran carefully.

Unfortunately, the message that our politicians and the media have spread out since the 9/11 attacks has not been directed to that end, but to its opposite. While their messages should have been for careful reading of Islam and its holy texts, they become the ambassador of portraying Islam as a "religion of peace", the Quran as a "repertoire of peaceful divine messages".

Nonetheless, drawing attention of the world to the true message of Islam, despite desperate attempts to obfuscate it by our politicians and media, are getting across the masses, thanks to vile actions of Islamists themselves and somewhat helped by small-time media outlets like ours. The ever-increasing disapproval of Islam among non-Muslims across the world, some 71% New Yorkers' disapproval of the Ground Zero mosque, and the fast-growing build of the community of ex-Muslims etc. are a reflection of that.

Yet, it is an awful insult that the same treacherous leaders would go to the 9/11 attack-sites on the anniversary days to sermonize for the well-being of the victims' soul. While we have witnessed over the past years enough sermons on the 9/11 anniversary by these politicians, treacherous to the souls of fallen victims of the attack, Pastor Jones' adventure was a perfect gift on their death anniversary, because it sent out a message what those fallen innocent soul would want most: study Islam and take measure not to let other innocent men and women like them ever fall victim to it.

The 9/11 attack can be a signature event in history concerning Islam. Its victims could be proudest of the horrendous death they suffered, only if we would treasure and exploit it the right way. While humanity, foremost the souls of the 9/11 attack victims, has been betrayed our leaders, politicians and the media, the awakening to the vileness of the Quran is obviously, albeit slowly, growing which would eventually ensure the final downfall of Islam. Pastor Jones' Quran-burning stunt has helped that cause like no other by drawing attention, widely, to where the problem of Islam lies.

The success of this stunt has been best summarized by Jones himself. When asked for his reaction to the casualties in violent protests in Afghan, Jones termed it "absolutely terrible" and added: "I haven't even done anything. I think it reveals... the violence in Islam. Just the mere mentioning of it, just the threat, causes them to kill people, to protest, to say they are going to kill the president. I think it is quite obvious that what we are saying is definitely, definitely true."

Pastor Jones' Quran-burning stunt has undoubtedly achieved its objectives, much more than what he could have expected. He has produced the best advertisement for humanity to study this book and make an understanding of it, which is the only recipe for Islam's complete and final downfall. And then, only then, would the souls of the 9/11 attack victims' mournful souls would rest in peace.

Yet, being an ex-Muslim atheist and liberal humanist, I am somewhat uncomfortable that it done by a fundamentalist pastor. But when that's going to help achieve one of the best good things that can happen to humanity, I would take it whoever does it.

M. A. Khan is the author of Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery, and the editor of islam-watch.org Website.

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Exposing Islam for what it is
written by Steve , September 11, 2010
Surfing the Internet on a regular basis and watching some of the media in our society, I'm beginning to think that the average kuffar on the street is starting to wake up to the reality and danger that Islam poses. However, there is still a long way to go. I'm afraid to speculate, and I hope it never happens, but methinks another 9/11 "event" may be needed to jolt a sleepy, lethargic society into action. Perhaps, instead of burning Qurans, start distributing them among the non-Islamic population to educate them. Expose the people to the Hadiths and Sira (biography) of Muhammad as well. You can't fight an enemy that you don't know and don't want to name.
written by vbv , September 11, 2010
Frankly,this whole episode of 'quran burning' went down with a pathetic whimper,with muslims claiming victory for having reined in the persons who were to carry out this stupidity. Burning a few books of quran is not going to register anything with muslims. It is counterproductive as it will only get more muslims on the wrong side of humanity ,since creed and cult are very sensitive that muslims get very touchy about. It should have been better to have had expose quran and hadiths ,exposing their barbarianism and arab supremacist cult and the objective of the arabs to subjugate the entire world under them. There is this five pillars of islam - the last one of 'haj' or pilgrimage to Mecca is mandatory.Why? If millions of muslims come to Saudi Arabia for the socalled 'pilgrimage' and its accompanying stupid rituals - it brings in money to the local inhabitants and the country. It is pure economics ,nothing spiritual. Not for health either! After all Saudi Arabia is a buring hell-hole of sands and rocks - not Switzerland or Europe or any other part of the world with bountiful nature that will heal or cure. Saudi Arabia is a barren land and Muhamad made sure that the economic interests of his tribe in Mecca is best served if this socalled pilgrimage is made mandatory. It places arabs as 'the best of mankind', others can be enslaved and made to serve the arab masters - no wonder apostasy is awarded with capital punishment. As far as the non-musilms are concerned ,they are just squaters on this planet Earth who have to be in utter humiliation and have to pay protection money for their personal safety - their properties can be confiscated or their women/girls can be raped at will or taken captive as slaves. Can islam be called a'religion' with these kinds of inequities and barbarities? It is just a mafia cult of the worst kind masquerading as a religion - cum political cult. And there are scores of such inequities that come directly out of the quran and the hadiths that can be publicly exposed that will have a better effect and force many muslims and their apologists to offer explanations and justifications ,than merely burn the rotten book which will only incite more violence and find more recruits for their rotten 'jihad'. It is better to shame them than needle them to bite like mad rabbid dogs that they are infected with the disease called islam.
I am disappointed. SOme HIndus should burn the Koran
written by Intelligent lad , September 11, 2010
I am very disappointed that the Koran was not burned. Christians failed. I want some Hindu organization to burn the Koran in public.
Islamic reaction?
written by Healer_999 , September 12, 2010
Just look at the way Islamic world reacted to this whole epoch? If dhimmis have brain they will try to understand why Islamic world reacted so violently and threateningly. But lets not expect that it will happen.

The end is palatable but the only thing to be worried is all infidel countries just bowed to threat of violence.

Other good thing is Terry Jones has not provided ammunition to radical left to justify probable terrorist activities in the future by calling of his plans.

Thank you, Jones.

I forgot.
written by Healer_999 , September 12, 2010
Another Church Did
written by Sheesh , September 12, 2010
The Westboro church did burn the koran with an American flag in it on 9-11. They SUPPORT the Ground Zero Mosque ironically enough. They are out there.

Another man burned pages of the koran in NYC on 9-11 saying "Americans should never be afraid to give their opinion".
VHP burnt koran publicly in Delhi
written by Shan , September 12, 2010
In March 2001, VHP burnt Koran in Delhi Publicly, to protest against Taliban destroying Bamiyan Buddha

SIMI, an Indian Muslim jihadi group distributed pictures of that event in muslim ghettos

Muslims rioted in Kanpur, VHP counter rioted and demolished some mosques
written by democrat1 , September 13, 2010
I am glad at least some muslims are awaking to the horrors of religion. In christianity and other religions, people long ago revolted against the tyranny of the religion and they are better for it. It is long over due in islam and I wish you all the best
written by duh_swami , September 13, 2010
For a pious Muslim, there is no tyranny with Islam...So there is no need for a revolt...
To democrat1
written by Archpagan , September 13, 2010
For a Muslim Wahabism is renaissance and 9/11 is the French Revolution. Will they learn anything?
To Archpagan,
written by Healer_999 , September 13, 2010
"For a Muslim Wahabism is renaissance and 9/11 is the French Revolution. Will they learn anything?"

Very brief and very accurate.
written by THE ETERNAL ERECTION , September 13, 2010

muslims / islam is world most peaceful ppl/religion.as a proof of this they shud allow burning of koran.

they shud allow building of church and temples near kaba.

when muslims peacefully demolished bamiyan buddhas and so many other temples no one protested,sonow muslims
shud keep quiet and not protest to prove their peacefulness.
Pastor Jones
written by balam , September 13, 2010
I admire the courage of Pastor Jones to express the anger of Americans against 9/11 MUSLIM TERRORISTS.The Kenyon President is still trying to pacify his Muslim brethren.He has not once told IMAM FAECAL RAUF and the Muslims to back off and behave like human beings with humane heart.Islam is like the most poisonous snanke and terrorism is the venom it spits out.The Black Muslim president commends the SNAKE as PEACEFUL and condemns its Venom in the form of Islamic terrorism.Why not condemn the source,which is Islam.Obama as a good Muslim is a good TAQIYYA MASTER and does not desreve to be in the WHITE HOUSE.His wife is equally bad.She was seen shedding her crocodile tears where as LAURA BUSH was most dignified at that ceremony at Pentagon.Obama's loyalty lies with Islam and he has no remorse at the loss of 3000 innocent lives.He is completely inept.He is like a truck driver who has been assigned to fly a plane with unfortunate passengers.MAY GOD SAVE AMERICA.
Russian Kaffer
written by Sergei Bourachaga , September 13, 2010
During the demonstrations opposing the 9/11 mosque project, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the cleric heading the Ground Zero mosque project, declared to the press that the mosque will be built to encourage “Inter-Faith Dialogue”, and it is not an act of defiance designed to undermine the pain inflicted by Islamic radicals on all those who lost loved ones in the Twin Towers 9/11 disaster.
If Imam Abdul Rauf strongly believes that Islam is a religion of “Peace & Tolerance”, he should also head a project of building a church in the city of Mecca-Saudi Arabia. The Vatican is the seat of Catholic Power representing almost 1 billion Christians, showed Christian tolerance with deeds not words, by convincing the City of Rome in 1974 to donate (absolutely free) 32.000 squ.m of land in an area of Rome, less than 3 km away from St Peter's Basilica known as “The Pope Diocese, to build a mosque and an Islamic Cultural Centre to encourage “Inter-Faith Dialogue”. The inauguration of the mosque took place on June 21, 1995, and the mosque’s construction was financed by king Faisal of Saudi Arabia, head of the Saudi royal family, as well as Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
Isn’t it time for Imam Abdul Rauf to convince the Saudi King to lift the absolute ban imposed on building churches anywhere in the Kingdom, especially Mecca. If any person is interested on knowing why the ban does exist, he/she should consult the following link:

Sergei Bourachaga
Aloke Kumar Nath
More Lies
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 13, 2010

Are we serious here??????

Please point me to the sura in the koran that advocates, promotes, and encourages INTERFAITH.

I can point you to numerous Sura's that COMMAND, us infidels must be put to the SWORD.
The sword, the symbol of islam, The weapon of choice that will turn our nations red with our BLOOD.

I am really fedup with the perversion these Imams sell to the naive.

Islam is the doctrine of Satan, propogated by a possessed bloody thirsty, sex maniac that entered into a pact with satan.

The Pact been,
Mohammed my boy "promote my evil doctrine, and I will bestow and grant upon you every whim and satisfy your worldly urges, lust, power and stealth"

Jesus totally refuted the temptations of SATAN.

Mohammed, thought hold on,
This sounds to good to be true,
Satan, you have a deal!!
When do we start??

Today we have to confront and deal with the aftermath of this evil covenant between satan and man.
Satan, has succeed in his quest to war with GOD by controlling, manipulating the true infidels known today as muslims.

These are undeniable facts that are reflected in the dark history of islam, its oppression, violence and torment to their sex toys "women"

It is time to openly confront ISLAM with these facts.

I would love nothing more than to have an open debate in any forum before the entire world, and have them justify to the world the evil life of the Pedophile tormentor and Satans rule book "the koran".

The greates weakness of Islam, is scrutiny of the koran and mohammed.
Exposure of the true nature of the corrupt ideology of satan referred to islam, will be the end of Islam.
be active
written by mike , September 13, 2010
I am a christian in the middleast. I should say that your boldness astonishes me. Islam is the most dangerous thing in the world today. But i ask you to be active all the time. Make public protests on daily basis. Send letters to governments. Do more.
written by duh_swami , September 13, 2010
Please point me to the sura in the koran that advocates, promotes, and encourages INTERFAITH.

Well there's not much, but the 'second part' of 5:82 comes close...Of course that faulty thinking was abandoned years ago...

5:82..Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; ......and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant...
Aloke Kumar Nath
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 13, 2010
Be Active,

I feel your pain, I too are from the middle east.
I know full well the pain and suffering you Persevere on a daily basis.

Rest assured, we liberated christians that escaped the wrath of islam, will never stop denouncing the butcher and perversion of islam.

May God protect you all.

Rest assured, the day will come when Islam will be impaled on its own sword.

God Bless all the Jews, Christians, freedom fighters and every other denomination oppposed to islam all over the world.
Aloke Kumar Nath
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 13, 2010
Thank you for the reply.

The purpose of the question is to highlight the contradiction and oxymoron of ALLAH,
Their Allah is clearly one confused mother!

Allah gave mohammed so many mixed messages,
that the Koran is but a mere supermarket filled with "perverted, rejected goods" that cater for the specific needs of every muslim, the true infidels opposed to the peace and love of God.

Imagine raising your own children in such a manner and giving them so many opposing and mixed lessons and rules.

It is a Disaster.
written by Day , September 13, 2010
They should have brunt the Korans. Muslims in other countries burn Bibles AND the American Flag. Those people in Floride failed.
Aloke Kumar Nath
Islam is a hypocrisy.
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 13, 2010
We need to do more than burn a koran.
We need to reclaim sacred, Jewish, Christian, Hindu sites that have been desecrated by the filth of Islam.

Hypocrisy In Islam. Islam is Hypocrisy, double standards, lies, deception.......

Hypocrisy goes hand in hand with Islam.
In fact hypocrisy is a fundamental tool in Islam;
Hypocrisy is the mastery of lies and deception.
The Koran, teaches muslims, that lying is acceptable to Allah, and is infact sanctioned by Allah. To lie to someone, is to deceive them, and have them believe you hold a specific view on an issue, which is far from the truth. This is deception.
Likewise Mohammed, reflected this virtue in his behaviour, manners, faith in Allah, and of course in his teachings as recorded in the koran and Hadith.

The word Hypocrisy is defined in Webster's dictionaries as:
an act or a practice of feigning to be what one is not,
or to feel what one does not feel;
especially, the false assumption of goodness.

Therefore, all advocates of Islam a hypocrites like Mohammed, a false pretender and dissembler to virtue or piety.
In the Islamic terminology, the word Hypocrisy is a substitute for 'Nifaq'.

Muslims today, are the children and end result of many generations of perversion.

Islam prohibits any muslim from acquiring virtues that nurture and establish within themselves any personal behaviour not sanctioned by Satan’s guide to the universe otherwise known as the “koran”.
Allah makes it clear Islam can not be challenged or questioned, and warns them “that their punishment is indeed hell”.

Allah says in Sura At-Tauba: “God hath promised the hypocrites, men and women, and the rejecters of Faith, the fire of Hell; therein shall they dwell; sufficient is it for them: for them is the curse of God, and an enduring punishment”.

Effectively Allah defines hypocrites as anyone muslim or non muslim, that dares question the integrity of Islam.

The oppression is marked by a heavy penalty, saying in Sura Nisa:
“To the hypocrites give the glad tidings that there is for them but a grievous penalty. Yea, to those who take the unbelievers as their leaders rather than the believers (4:138-139)

Who is a hypocrite according to Mohammed and Islam?
1. A person who has no faith in Allah, His Messenger, and the Day of Judgment may act as a hypocrite.
2. A person who has a weak faith in the Koran and the standing of Mohammed
3. A person who lacks confidence in him/her self and fails to adhere to the letter of the Koran.
4. A person who lacks security, morally, psychologically, or financially, and may be led by an infidel.
5. A person who is conceited, selfish, and fails to execute the laws of the koran e.g “honour killings”
6. A person who is not a man in the likeness of Mohammed unto himself,

Hence A person who seeks to please Allah can cheat, lying, steal, murder, rape and engage in paedophilia just as Mohammed did.
The signs of a true Muslim are the following three signs:
1. He lies whenever he talks.
2. He fulfils his commitment to Allah.
3. He betrays the trust that he takes from infidels
4. When he gives an agreement, he does not fulfil his commitment;
5. When he is entrusted, he betrays the trust.

Islam has given a new meaning to a “double-faced person”;
- He shows the infidels one side of his face,
- While he exposes the other side of his face to his own kind.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the old saying “beware a Greek bearing gifts” (Trojan horse).
The Greeks were saints in comparison to islam!!!

This evil is a vice propagated by Allah and His Messenger,
It is a ready to use weapon without raising the awareness of the enemy.
Lying is of the mind, it can not be seen or felt unlike any other weapon, it is in the mind and can be carried everywhere and utilised in any situation as needed.

written by proudest kafir , September 14, 2010
You have attempted to compress lot of information in one message and this makes it difficult for a casual reader to complete reading your response. An average reader will lose interest, after the 5 th or 6 th line and just skims through your message.Simpler way is to first formulate your thoughts in your language ( I am assuming that English is not your first language, by the way, it's not my first language either) and then translate this in to English.This leads to different set of cultural and language induced problems.Start thinking in English and type as you think and read it two or 3 times and then press the send key! Hope you don't take it as an unsolicited criticism! Its unsolicited no doubt,but a friendly thought sharing?
No Quran Burning
written by The Great Buana , September 14, 2010
To be honest, I am happy that the burning of the quran did not take place. It would have been a similar desaster like the so-called war against terror in Iraq. Of course many muslim have the feeling that the western world is against them and this is not helpful in order to free them from their superstitious beliefs. There are already muslims leaving islam just because they feel disgusted by all those heinous acts of Al Qaeda, Talibans and the like. But if the west invades in muslim countries without any reason (the situation in Afghanistan was soemwhat different) or burns the quran openly, then there will be only frustration among muslims and that may turn into violence again.
No use burning the Quran
written by Human , September 15, 2010
Rather someone should print a low-cost edition of an authentic Quran translation, with all the hateful and intolerant verses HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW, and distribute it free of cost. I will be curious to see how muslims react to this.
written by Scared , September 15, 2010
Please, inform yourselves about "Taqiyya" and then evaluate comments on this site for what they are!@!
Great idea.
written by Reed Wilson , September 19, 2010
To Human. Your "written by Human , September 15, 2010
Rather someone should print a low-cost edition of an authentic Quran translation, with all the hateful and intolerant verses HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW, and distribute it free of cost. I will be curious to see how muslims react to this" is great idea.

Since you are curious, you shoul better sponsor this project. You might find some like minded people to share with you.
Aloke Kumar Nath
written by Aloke Kumar Nath , September 19, 2010
Now, that is a brilliant idea.

All it would take is for someone to go through electronic version of the koran and highlight ALL the suras that are offensive, derogatory, in one colour and highlight all the suras that contradict them in another colour.

Let The islamists decide which is right and which is right,

More importantly, I want them to explain how a peace loving Allah would get so confused and forgetful and why he would make commands that directly contradict each other. They can also why Allah needs to tie people to islam under threat of death.
For gods sake where is the peace?

It will be interesting as to how much of the koran will end up in red and green.
stop and go.

Edit the quran ceremony.
written by dd , September 26, 2010
We could hold a edit the quran ceremony like the edit the bible ceremony.

Edit the quran.
written by Reed Wilson , September 29, 2010

To dd . I have to say Do do. Something positive, something constructive.

written by Epic Stache , September 29, 2010
September 11, 2011 is Worldwide Burn a Koran Day.

On this day people throughout the world will burn Korans.

Until then, people worldwide will plan to burn Korans,
they will publicize their intent to burn Korans,
they will encourage others to burn Korans, and
they will defend the right of all people to burn Korans.

Happy Worldwide Burn a Koran Day!
written by Quran , October 11, 2010
Starting from Khatna and Kissing at Kaaba, Quran followers are sleeping with their daughters, sisters, ....Just a need a direction to pray a "hole" in the name of Muhammad. Save the Muslim women it is worst than female-foeticide.
hey suckers
written by hey suckers , October 27, 2010
hey suckers, you all will repay on your verdicts, the alighty one is there and he has seen you guys doing, yall shall pay for this, get a life moron's leave us muslims alone and if you come and interrupt, you guys will be kissing the ground. If you dare come 1 on 1 with a muslim. ow you gay ass lords cant do that, why? cuz you guys are gaylord worshippers.
written by Zarbo , November 08, 2010
How do Muslims know that "Muhammad spoke with the messenger sent directly by God?" Why, isn't it obvious? It's because Muhammad said so, and "That's good enough for us!" cries the entire zombified Ummah.

To them, the fact that Muhammad was a sadistic murderer, thief, rapist, treaty breaker, wife stealer, and all around bigot "in the cause of Allah" only adds to his holy stature, as his slaves longingly pray, "Oh, if only our children would grow up to be just like Muhammad, how soon infidel scum and all Jewish pigs would be killed and dispatched to hell where they deserve to be tormented forever and ever and ever and ever..."

See Islam. See hell's religion manifest. Hear Satan roar with laughter at the spectacle of 1 BILLION+ Muslims prostrating themselves in prayer toward the exalted meteorite in Mecca instead of to the one God, living and true.

The ruse worked! The damned idiots fell for it! Mohammad, what a fool of a tool! We chose well!

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