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London: Muslim Rally to Enforce Ban of Alcohol

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If you do, 40 lashes wait for you.


Islam is the New Far Right

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Angela Merkel, while running for reelection as the German Chancellor in 2013, became the first Chancellor to visit the Dachau Nazi concentration camp. There she warned of the dangers of far-right extremism, pointing to the German lessons as an example for all of Europe.

“How could Germans go so far as to deny people human dignity and the right to live based on their race, religion, their political persuasion or their sexual orientation?” she said in a somber ceremony on the wide plaza where inmates once assembled daily for roll call.


Interpol at the Service of Islam

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The title of this article may baffle you. You may be thinking: Has Imran gone crazy? But Islam is indeed exploiting the power and long hand of Interpol in order to advance its agenda. Let me explain.


Understanding the Problem of Islam

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Critics of Islam, who feel aggrieved by the hostility of Muslims toward all non-Muslims, often point to many verses of the Quran as the underlying reason. A few such verses are listed below (taken from clearquran.com):


Stoning Adulterers in Islam: Muhammad’s Motives and Double Standard

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We hear and see from time to time on television and other media outlets about the horrific punishment of ‘stoning to death’ in some Islamic countries around the globe. Those of us, who study Islam with objective mind, know that Islam is a dangerous political ideology in a religious mask. Whatever Muhammad said or did had nothing to do with religion, or spirituality for that matter, but to achieve political gains in his ambition to conquer the whole world. This article deals with one such political conspiracy of Muhammad in the name of ‘stoning to death’.


Was Muhammad Persecuted in Mecca?

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Introduction: It is a fact that Muhammad faced harassment in Mecca. There are incidents in Islamic history books testifying to this fact. Muslims take such narrative to claim that Muhammad and his followers were treated with cruelty; so they had to “flee” to Medina. The prophet was lucky to be able to escape.

Such a narrative of the Meccan's cruel persecution of Muhammad and his community does not hold up in light of the facts cited in Islamic historical documents.


How the Sikhs Countered the Brutality of the Foreign Muslim Invaders turned Rulers in India, Part 9

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Khalsa Panth

It has been mentioned in the previous part of this essay that on the Indian New Year day in 1699 (30 March), Guru Gobind founded the Khalsa Panth in Anandpur Sahib as military movement against the Mughal oppression. Later on, a Sikh temple named Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahib was erected at the birthplace of Khalsa (Pure). Guru Gobind Singh then recited a verse -- 'Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe guru ji Ki Fateh' (Khalsa belongs to Guru; victory belongs to Guru) -- which has been the rallying-cry of the KeshgarhSahib Gurudwara at Anandpur, the birthplace of the Khalsa. The word Khalsa translates into ‘Sovereign’ or ‘Free’. Another interpretation of it is ‘Pure’ or ‘Genuine’. Then on, the temporal leadership of the Sikhs was passed on to the Khalsa with the bestowed title of "Guru Panth" and spiritual leadership was passed on to the Guru Granth Sahib, the sacred Sikh Scripture. Khalsa was responsible for all the executive, military and civil authority in the Sikh society.


The Pact of Umar and the Status of non-Muslims in Islamic States

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The Status of Non-Muslims Under Muslim Rule.

From the Tafseer of Ibn-Kathir (1301–1373 circa.) 700 years after Mohammed:

[Sahih] Muslim recorded from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet said, “Do not initiate the Salaam to the Jews and Christians, and if you meet any of them in a road, force them to its narrowest alley.” This is why the Leader of the faithful `Umar bin Al-Khattab [the second of the “Rightly guided Caliphs” and one of Mohammed's contemporaries], may Allah be pleased with him, demanded his well-known conditions be met by the Christians, these conditions that ensured their continued humiliation, degradation and disgrace.


Quran's Flat Earth Theory

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Muslims claim that the Qur’an mentioned the shape of the earth to be like an egg in the 7th century, long before modern science discovered this fact. Such a scientific fact, and similar ones, Muslims claim, convince us of the divine origin of the Qur’an.

On the other hand, many non-Muslims claim that the Qur’an did not mention the above fact at all. In fact, to the contrary, the Qur’an specifies that the earth is flat, thus reiterating false scientific fact believed by the 7th century humans.

Who is correct? And who is not? This article aims at answering such a question. I will divide this article into the following sections:


Cursing of Suraqa and Muhammad's Inner Conscience

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The fifteenth century of hijra to become the death-knell of Islam?

After Muhammad, Muslim rulers badly needed fairy-tales about Muhammad to put a veil on their cruelties, and to have control over the subjects in their massively expanded territories captured by surprise raids. So they tried their best to superimpose a “divine label” on their mentor Muhammad. They fabricated tons of fairy-tales about him. In the process, they have created enormous amount of fables that no one can complete its reading in their lifetime even if they wished to.


Angola Becomes the First Country to Ban Islam

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All intellectuals, who have studied the Quran, are of the same opinion that Islam is evil and Quran is the cause (Here are some thinkers on Islam: http://www.Islam-watch.org/AyeshaAhmed/Great-Thinkers-on-Islam.htm)

Some political leaders in many countries think that banning the Quran and Islam is the only solution to rid their countries of the ever-intensifying Islamic problem. Some courageous ones like Geert Wilders have even publicly said so. There have been demands and petitions in many countries to do just that. The Calcutta Quran Petition in India is the most well known.

Well at last, one country has eventually got the ball rolling. It banned Islam and demolished all mosques. Wishful thinking? Nope, it’s a fact. Read on:

Angola Bans Islam, Destroys Mosques


Harun Yahya: Epitome of an Islamic Liar and Deciever

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Many of you should know the name of Harun Yahya, whose real name is Adnan Oktar. He is a liar of the league as that of Zakir Naik. They just know well how to become rich and famous among Muslims, fooling them by sustaining and conforming what Muslims are eager to believe. If one wishes to see how an Islamic liar looks like, the opportunity is here. He has written a number of books refuting Darwinism, although he doesn’t have the necessary qualification for discussing the theory of Evolution. When I read his book called ‘Atlas of Creation’, I could trace no less than hundreds of fallacies and lies. His works are mostly sensationalism and stand only on the fall of other theories without validating his own proposition.


An Error Free Quran

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“The Quran is such a good book and is free from errors. I conclude it is from Allah”

The above short statement helps to explain why there are Muslims in the world- because they believe the Quran to be “such a good book with no errors”.


Islam Is Polytheism minus Its Tolerance for Pluralism and Diversity

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Polytheism means pluralism – diversity of thoughts and freedom to various faiths. Muhammad promoted monotheism to make a united front against Judaism and Christianity. He wanted that there should be no pluralism in thoughts and faiths in the Arab Peninsula.

While under Muhammad, Muslim remained largely uniformly united and monotheistic, after him, they became polytheistic (pluralistic) by developing various schools and thoughts and faiths, although they deny it. While they claim to believe in one God, but in facts they remain divisive like the polytheists with all kinds of divisive thoughts and sects among them. They only unite as one body against non-Muslims, but remain very divisive in its most virulent form among themselves. They cannot produce a united and peaceful front both within and among Muslim states.


How the Sikhs Countered the Brutality of the Foreign Muslim Invaders turned Rulers in India, Part 8

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Aurangzeb’s barbaric execution of three closest disciples of Guru Tegh Bahadur

It has been mentioned in the previous part of this article that three closest followers of the Guru Tegh Bahadur—namely Bhai Dayala, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Sati Das—were also arrested at the time of his arrest. Emperor Aurangzeb also issued order to execute them alongside Guru Tegh Bahadur, and they were put to death with such horrific cruelty that only Muslims could contemplate and implement. Bhai Moti Das was sawed into two pieces, Bhai Sati Das was burnt alive, while Bhai Dyala was boiled alive on Nov 9, 1675. Bhai Sati Das was first was wrapped with cotton, then the cotton was soaked with oil, and set on fire.


Islamic Cartoons

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The Quran and Some of Its Origins in Arabic Poetry of Old

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In this Article I like to expose some supposed miraculous facts, that came in the Quran. Muslims brag about the fact that the Qur’an was ahead of the times. They assert that the Quran mentioned scientific facts that were never discovered yet, and such facts came from an illiterate man; Muhammad.

The fact is the Quran was but a collection from earlier religions and myths that spanned the Middle East and Arabia regions. Muhammad also “borrowed” from existent Arab poetry.

It is this last part of the relation between the Qur’an and Arabic poetry that this article is interested in. Below, I show evidence that indeed Muhammad “pirated” from famous Arab poets.


A Look into “Chasing a Mirage -- The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State” by Tarek Fatah

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Here I present excerpts from the well-acclaimed book, “Chasing Mirage” by Pakistani-born author and founder of Candian Muslim Congress, Tarek Fatah, who dedicated the book to Benazir Bhutto (a Muslim) Daniel Pearl (a Jew) both victims of terrorism in Pakistan.


Islam Can't Have a Human Face

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Totalitarian regimes mask their criminal brutality by surrounding their leaders with happy smiling faces. On May 1st, May Day under Communist dictatorships, block leaders would go through apartment buildings under their control to ensure that all residents were on the streets yelling and cheering to celebrate the Communist paradise.


How the Sikhs Countered the Brutality of the Foreign Muslim Invaders Turned Rulers in India, Part 7

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Orthodoxy and Bigotry of Aurangzeb

Aurangzeb, the third son of Shah Jahan, captured and ascended the throne of Delhi on 21 July 1658 after defeating all his rival brothers in the war of succession. He was an orthodox Sunni Muslim. As a pious Muslim, he considered it his sacred duty to carry out jihad against the infidel non-Muslims and convert them to Islam for turning India, a dar-ul-harb, into a dar-ul-Islam or Islamic country. One of his ploys was to hurt the sentiment of the Hindus and demean Hindu heritage. In 1659 he issued a number of ordinances aiming to implement the dictates of Sariah law as contained. He forbade the building of new Hindu temples. In 1664 he went further to forbid them from repairing old temples. He undertook a campaign of mass demolition of Hindu temples and schools. Over 200 Hindu temples were destroyed in the year 1679 alone. The famous Viswanath temple in Benaras, the Kesav Dev temple in Mathura and the Somnath temple at Patan were among the victims of Aurangzeb’s temple demolition campaign.


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