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How I Rejected the Unholy Prophet and Fake Islam

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An ex-Muslim, named Ahmed, wrote the following letter to Ali Sina, founder of faithfreedom.org:

Dear Mr Ali Sina,

I am Ahmed. I am writing to you from my friends email id. I thank the power of whatever is ruling this earth that I landed on your website in search of the truth.

I was a God fearing Muslim. As early as when I was 20 years old I had so many questions regarding my religion. Questions like:

a) Why is music not allowed?

b) Why shouldn’t we laugh loudly?

c) Why will Non-Muslims (even very good ones) not be ALLOWED in Heaven and will continue to burn in Hell forever? Aren’t all humans God’s creation? Any creator will love his creation and not discriminate.


Sarsur: An Israeli Muslim Living up to His Name

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His name is Ibrahim Sarsur. He is considered a very moderate Muslim. When one reads about moderate Muslims like him, one can't but wonder what moderate Islam is all about. Here are some narrations about him:


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 4H - Second Pillar of Islam: How Muhammad Treated Prayers?

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Did Muhammad fear Allah and respect Prayers?

In articles 4A-G in this series, we have studied the various types of prayers in Islam and how they benefited our prophet. Most of Muhammad clever followers understood the motives behind his establishment of the prayers. So they preferred to go Jihad, which brought them wealth and women, than bearing the burden of praying and spending most of their time with Muhammad in his mosque-cum-military camp. Prayers were the traps that Muhammad used to bribe, recruit, and train his follower for Jihad, and finally send them to Jihad expeditions against the non-Muslim tribes. That was his ultimate goal. When a few of his followers really took the prayers as the way of salvation, Muhammad was disturbed by their attitude, and spoke to them openly to advised that they should not be too religious and spend too much time on praying.


‘Islamic Civilization’ - The Biggest Lie Known to Mankind

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By Ali Hassan (Translated by Ibn Kammuna; Reviewed by Jon MC)

I can say with confidence that the only civilization attributed to religion is the so-called “Islamic civilization”. Other civilizations do not base themselves on religion. We do not hear about the “Christian civilization”, the “Jewish civilization” or the “Buddhist civilization”.

When I was a student in the Arab schools, I studied a curriculum module or unit called 'Islamic civilization' which was taught by a Salafist Imam. His whole curriculum was a biography of the Salafists “Ahlu Sunna” group; a group that wants to follow the works of Muhammad’s times and the early Muslims. All we studied was “so and so said...” and “the Shari’a tells us to do such and such...” the whole curricuum was designed for “Islamic brainwashing”. The instructor Imam never gave a smile in his lectures and taught topics that had no relation to civilization For me, this class was “the straw that broke the camel's back” and that led me to go and finish my studies in the lands of the heathens.


Imran Firasat: Am I Going to Suffer Death for Telling the Truth about Islam

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The Spanish government approves Imran Firasat’s extradition to Indonesia.

It seems all set that I will suffer death or severe punishment for exposing the truth about Islam. And it is not fanatic Muslims coming to get me and claim my life, say, like the murder of a British soldier on a London street on 23 May 2013. Instead, the stage for my sufferance of death or severe punishment for criticizing Islam has been set by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Interior, which has decided to extradite me to Indonesia for serving punishment for alleged murder charges.


Halal Slaughter of British Soldier on London Street

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About the horrific public beheading of a British soldier on a London Street to the shouts of “Allahu Akbar” by 2 Muslim men, Ahmed Jama (26), a Muslim, said: "Screaming ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ and killing innocent people is nothing to do with Islam." Similarly, the Muslim Council of Britain that represents Britain’s 2.5 million Muslims, said in a statement that it was “a barbaric act that has no basis in Islam.” So said David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister: “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

But if Islam’s sacred scriptures and its 1400-year-old history are to be given any credence, then the religion of Islam has everything to do with this horrific murder.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 4G - Second Pillar of Islam: Importance and Motive Behind 'Khutba' of Friday Prayer

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In my last article on Friday congregational prayer in this series, we have noticed Muhammad’s struggle to maintain his influence and power over all of his followers. To achieve that he initially forced his followers to say all the five daily prayers at his mosque under his imam-ship. But as he took up arms to engage in jihad wars for subjugate the kafir communities of Arabia, the Muslim community spread far and wide. Under these circumstances, forcing all of his followers, especially those living far away from his house in Medina, to come to his mosque for every prayer became impossible. He, therefore, established the once-in-a-week compulsory Friday prayer, the Jumaa, to be performed in congregation at his mosque.

In continuation on the same topic, let us study the norms Muhammad set for Friday prayers with the sanctification of Allah, and the essence of Muhammad’s khutba sermon. We will also investigate how Muhammad used the weekly Friday prayer occasion to motivate his followers to wage Jihad attacks on non-Muslims in the name of Islam.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 4F - Second Pillar of Islam: Importance of Congregational Prayer and Invention of Friday Prayer

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In order to keep his hold over his followers, Muhammad initially forced them to say each and every prayer at his mosque under his own Imam-ship, but when that didn't work as his community spread farther and farther from Medina, he invented the once-in-a-week Friday Congregational Prayer, the Jumaa, in order to keep his sway over all of his followers.


Islam is Hate-Crime Par Excellence

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Recently, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the Biblical Speech Opposing Homosexual Behavior is a ‘Hate Crime’.

Hate is demeaning to human dignity – for both the hater and the hated. Yet, abhorrent as it is, hate speech is not necessarily a criminal act. Hate speech that calls for violence, murdering, terrorizing, enslaving or torturing of any individual or groups is criminal.


A Muslim on Trial for Assault in Malmo, Sweden

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This is an excerpt from a letter to Ali Sina from Alan in Sweden, a victim of Muslim assault in Malmo.

In September last year (2012), Muslims demonstrated in Malmö against freedom of speech. I protested and was kicked and beaten by Muslims. And as I ran to police for safety, they arrested me, not my assailants. The assault on me as well as was my detention by police was filmed as can be seen here:


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 4E - Second Pillar of Islam: Funeral Prayer and Muhammad’s Greed

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Readers may be bored that the chapter on prayers is getting too long. I’m trying my best to keep the discussion as short as possible. Prayers are the most ruinous requirement of Islam for us Muslims. There are more than 30 different kinds of prayers that were designed by Muhammad for his own benefit and advantage. So, I want to cover it as much as possible in the shortest span.

Prophet Muhammad collected a 1/40th portion of obligatory Zakat, that he imposed on Muslim, to swell his coffer. He collected it even after a Muslim’s death as a condition to lead their funeral prayer. He had received the pending Zakat for the deceased from their kin or friends. This clearly shows: How fond of wealth and greedy Muhammad was!


The Purpose of Islamic Prayers

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Muhammad invented Allah, Islamic Prayers and Zakat (Islamic Tax). Omar invented Azaan, Qibla, Hijab, Sharia, and other khalifs published the Quran and Hadis after the death of Muhammad.

Muhammad’s purpose of inventing of Allah and Islamic Prayers was to organize the Arabs against the Jew and Christians. First, Muhammad declared himself a Prophet, and initiated the prayer rituals. He claimed that angel Jibreel came to him and a spring of water gushed out of the rocks in front of him. Jibreel then showed Muhammad how to make ablution, and how to offer prayers to Allah. Muhammad began to pray two Rak’ah (units) twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. He went home and told his wife Khadijah about what he had learnt from Jibreel.


Great Islamic Fatwas of 2011

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Scientists all over the world try hard to improve human knowledge. Medical researchers spend endless hours in laboratories trying to help improve treatments of disease.

The great religion of Islam is not lagging far behind. Reputable Muslim authorities are giving out unique Fatwas to solve practical societal problems. I was hoping for fatwas to limit the number of wives to one, declare illegal the beating of a wife by the husband, and declare Ham Halal meat to enjoy. I have not heard anything like that yet, but I keep hoping.


Boulevard of Islamism: How Islam is Spreading and Impacting Europe

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mireille-valetteAn Interview with Swiss writer and Human Rights activist, Mireille Valette (Translated by Jacob Thomas)

Introduction: On 25 January, 2012, the Algerian essayist and author, Hamid Zanaz interviewed Mireille Valette, the author of “Boulevard de l’islamisme: L’essor du radicalisme musulmans en Europe, illustré par l’exemple.” An Arabic version of the interview appeared in “Al-Awan”, an online reformist Arabic journal, on Sunday, 20 January, 2013.[i] Here is my translation of the Interview.

Hamid Zanaz (HZ): Does Islam constitute a serious menace to the West?


The Myth of Spain’s Islamic Golden Age

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We have traditionally been told that the first two centuries of the Spanish Emirate, supposedly founded in 756 by Abd’ er Rahman I, constituted a veritable Golden Age of Spanish history. And indeed the opulence and prosperity of Spain during these years is contrasted very favorably with the poverty and ignorance of Christian Europe in the same period. The following description of eighth-tenth century Cordoba, written by English historian H. St. L. B. Moss in 1935, may be regarded as fairly typical of the genre:

“In Spain … the foundation of Umayyad power [in 756] ushers in an era of unequalled splendour, which reaches its height in the early part of the tenth century. The great university of Cordova is thronged with students … while the city itself excites the wonder of visitors from Germany and France. The banks of the Guadalquivir are covered with luxurious villas, and born of the ruler’s caprice rises the famous Palace of the Flower, a fantastic city of delights.”


African-American Muslims—Slaves to a Racist Ideology

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The fastest-growing sector of Muslims in the United States is among African-Americans.  African-Americans have been receptive to Islam, which they see as an anti-White and anti-Christian religion. The Nation of Islam was founded in the 1930’s by a white silk merchant Wallace Fard, who urged African-Americans to dress like Arab Muslims and buy his robes and apparel. Islam became the “lost-found nation of Islam in the wilderness of North America.” Today, many African-Americans are lured into Islam while in prison after learning that Allah’s laws reject those “man-made” laws that got them into prison in the first place. There is no clearer and sadder case in history of the exploitation of a group of uninformed people in the name of Islam than the Black Muslim movement in America.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 4D -- Prayer, The Second Pillar of Islam

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How the Tahajjudh (midnight) prayer---compulsory in Muhammad's time, not today---was designed to keep Muslims awake through the whole night for ensuring the safety of Muhammad!


Tahajjud prayer (midnight prayer) was imposed on us Muslims during the time of Muhammad for some important reasons. There is no fixed time to offer this mid-night prayer. This prayer can be said at any time at our home or in mosque from midnight until pre-dawn Fajr prayer.

What was the need of this prayer?


An Enlightened Muslim’s Moral Dilemma: How Can I Enjoy Heaven when Others Suffer in Hell?

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The following is a letter from a Muslim (Saeed) to Ali Sina:

Mr Ali Sina,

I have been following and reading your website since a year now. I honestly don’t know what to think of you. Initially just like every other born Muslim, my faith was based on blind imitation and I followed Islam moderately without much knowledge of it other than what is required to know as the basic tenets of Islam. I was brought up in Pakistan with religious grandparents who always instilled the thought that there shouldn’t be any “why” when religion is concerned. Everything should be followed to the letter as described by Prophet Muhammad through his Hadiths and the Quran and we are not supposed to question it. Thus questions such as “who created god?”, “why is God invisible?”, “what gender he has” shouldn’t even be attempted to ponder on because human logic is fallible, and god didn’t impart us with the brain to comprehend his existence. Islam as taught in school, madrassa’s, and by the society was always portrayed in one dimensional version where the “good” parts were largely emphasized and most of the eye brow raising things (polygamy, double standards, beating of wife, Aisha’s age, killing of non-believers, prophet marriages, muta, discrimination of women, keeping slaves, sex with slaves and captives of war, Prophet's wars with Jews and treatments of prisoners of war) were either totally ignored or were presented in a sugar-coated version.


To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 4C -- Prayer, The Second Pillar of Islam

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In the previous article, I have discussed how Muhammad designed Islam’s daily five prayers so as to surround himself with his disciples, especially at night hours, fearing possible attacks from the victims of his aggressive violence. In this article, I will analyze how Muhammad used his Medina Mosque for training his Jihadi band of disciples for raiding and plundering the infidels of Arabia.



Alarming Pew Poll Data on Islam despite Pew’s Taqiya

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The recent Pew poll on the attitudes of Muslims worldwide is not worth the paper it is written on. Most of the questions were designed to present Islam as normal and Muslims as no different from average Americans. Indeed, the conclusion of the Pew Poll (discussed below) is: Muslims in their belief are little different from Protestants.

When you read the outcomes of Pew Polls on Islam, you need to understand that there is no multiplicity of Islam—no moderate or radical Islam, no Western version, Indonesian or Saudi Islam. Islam is an evil religious creed—one and only one—which is founded exclusively on the Quran and Sunnah. The difference between Islam practiced in different Muslims countries lies only in the degree real Islam is applied.


How Allah Hypothesis Amounts to Atheism and Irrationalism

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Islam's Allah hypothesis is self-contradictory in its own term of an imaginary entity that doesn't and can't exist. So, "Allah" means "nothing"; and believing in "nothing" (no creator) is Atheism.


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'Islamic Jihad' in Bangla
Aasma Riaz: "Thank you so much for your book "Islamic Jihad" and showing me the "Big Picture". For 7-8 days, I was glued to your book, absorbing so much information that I did not know existed. You have crisply covered so much in your book and quoted historical references extensively. I am just overwhelmed with different emotions after reading your book..., a priceless tome."

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