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Breast Feeding a Man, Re-Visited

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Recently, Dr. Ali Gom’a, the former grand mufti of Egypt, argued that the issue of adult breast feeding was treated unfairly by the media(1). He described Dr. Izzat Attiya’s ‘controversial’ fatwa in 2007 as principally correct but misunderstood by both the public and the media. He elaborated that a woman is only required to offer a glass of her milk to her colleague, therefore, no direct suckling involved. He also suggested that hormonal treatment can be used for women to enhance their milk production.


Key Concepts Having Different Meanings for Muslims and Westerners

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In this article I shall address four key concepts as generally understood in the free western world and the Islamic world.

My experience when talking to Muslims is that when these (amongst other) words are used we “talk past each other” in that each is trying to convey a different concept to the other. Thus I might just as well have titled the piece “Western concepts misunderstood by Muslims”.

That said, I also have to acknowledge that some Muslim speakers exploit this disconnect in order to “say one thing whilst facing west and another whilst facing east”. In other words they use these “conceptual discrepancies” for the purposes of Taqiya.



The Western viewpoint. In the West “freedom” is used to describe a whole range of things encompassed in civil, political and individual rights.


With a Media Like This, The West Can't Win

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The influence of the main stream media(MSM) on public opinion cannot be underestimated. In most cases, public opinions are mere reflections of what the public read in the papers, hear on the radio or see on television. The professionalism of the Western media made it a towering institution of journalism and earned it a reputation second to none. It was its impartiality in reporting and its uncompromising pursuit of the truth that built the solid foundations for Western democracy. Regrettably, this is not the case anymore; something happened to the progressive West that prompted the gears to turn backwards towards the dark ages, and not many people notice it. Unfortunately the Western MSM is no more the honest and impartial voice it once was, and it happened at a time when honesty and impartiality are most needed.


Streamlining Pedophilia

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Researching Islam for some time, there are a few things that stood out in my mind, and wondered why Muslims can’t see them.

For instance, Muhammad beheaded more than 700 Bani Qurayza (tribe of Qurayza) men in one day. How can a Muslim say that all those men, who had wives and children they had to take care of, be guilty by law, and deserve being killed on the spot? After finishing this job, Muhammad went and had sex with Rihana; one of the widows of Bani Qurayza. Muhammad had beheaded her husband just hours earlier.

In another case, Muhammad marries his daughter-in-law Zaynab bint Jahsh (Zaynab, daughter of Jahsh). How can a Muslim muster that about Muhammad, and still think Muhammad was a prophet of the almighty?

In another case, which is the core of this article, Muhammad “marries” a six-years old child, Ayesha, and goes to bed with her when she was nine years old (in fact, she was not even nine years old yet. She was three months short of that as Arabs during that time used the lunar dating system). How can a Muslim learn that, and remain a Muslim?


A Closer Look at the “Muslim Manifesto” for the U.K.

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Louis Palme's articles (see here and here) and the analysis that followed drew my attention to this “manifesto”.

Here I take a more holistic look on the issue. Those familiar with the “Cairo declaration on human rights in Islam” will know that whilst a superficial reading of it would lead to nothing objectionable, a deeper reading, including article 25: “The Islamic Shari'ah is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification of any of the articles of this Declaration”, will be aware how this one clause negates many others in practice.

Thus the OIC declaration was less than the sum of its parts.

Consequently, I intend to consider the “Muslim manifesto” from how the various parts interact together.

Further, whilst we often hear variations on the theme that “Islam is a religion of peace (and love)”, the actions of a host of Islamic Terrorist groups around the world which appeal extensively to the scriptural canon of Islam to show that their actions are Islamic demonstrate that the “peace and love” interpretation of Islam is not the only one.


The Language of Islam

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Introductory background

As the Islamization of the Arab World, which kicked off in the 1970s, gathered speed, Arabs were re-educated in a new brand of Islam and a new matching style of Muslim language to go with it. This ‘Islamic language’ is a slightly modified version of the Arabic language with a selective use of Islamic friendly words. Some Arabic words and expressions became blacklisted and deemed inappropriate for the Muslims’ use. Employing the Arabic language in this way serves as a useful tool for Muslims to tell those who are Muslims from those who are not. It also helps to give an idea on how Islamized a person is.


Jihadi John: Why a Wonderful Muslim Boy Would Become Monstrous Murderer?

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The revelation that SIS beheader Jihadi John was from a wealthy and privileged Kuwaiti family, who attended university in the UK, has thrown the Western media and political leaders into a desperate frenzy to explain how this was possible. (aslo see)

Too much is written about how wonderful and lovable child Jihadi John was and how the UK society failed this wonderful person, and forced him into become a cruel murderer.

Speaking to BBC Two's Newsnight, his unidentified former teacher said the former pupil was a "lovely, lovely boy", who had a "real willingness to try and succeed.”

Indeed the whole world is wondering how such a wonderful boy could become such a monstrous murderer.


Islamic Lawfare in America: Muslims Shoot Themselves in the Foot .... Again

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Muslims are quick to litigate whenever their perceived religious rights are impacted. Unfortunately, with each case they win, their community ultimately suffers. Here are two recent examples:

In 2006, the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society issued a fatwah (religious edict) prohibiting taxi cab drivers from carrying passengers transporting alcohol. About 75% of the 900 taxi cab drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are Somali, mostly Muslim. Passengers with dogs were also refused service. These refusals amounted to about 100 complaints a month. In April, 2007, the Metropolitan Airports Commission ordered that taxi cab drivers would face a two year suspension of their licenses if they refused to carry passengers carrying liquor or accompanied by dogs. As a result, cab drivers were faced with either failing to comply with a religious fatwah or losing their jobs.

In 2011, two McDonald’s Restaurants in Michigan introduced Islamic compliant (halal) Chicken McNuggets to accommodate the 150,000 or so Muslims in the Detroit area. Ahmed Ahmed, an operator of a local health clinic, determined that the restaurants weren’t fully compliant with halal standards, and so he sued McDonald’s and won a $700,000 settlement. After that, McDonald’s stopped offering halal menus. (Why didn’t he just work with the restaurants to make sure they were certified halal?)


Islam and Ancient Treasures

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A few days ago, some Islamic State thugs stormed a museum in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and destroyed its treasures. This action is not peculiar to the Islamic state but is peculiar to Islam. This evil act is not unprecedented in Islamic history, therefore, comes as a no surprise to those who are familiar with Islam. When Mohammed conquered Mecca, the first thing he did was to enter the Ka’aba and destroy all the statues inside, thereby setting his destructive example (sunna) which is being emulated by his followers ever since. “Islam erases the past” Mohammed taught his followers.


The Author of the Quran Is a Cameleer, Part 4

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Part 3 of this article discussed about how Muhammad condemned camels as the Satan when the Bedouin owners of camels were uncooperative with him, how he blackmailed the Bedouins by imposing trade-embargo on them, and then when they showed willingness to join his cult, how all-of-a-sudden did he elevated camels to the level of God and equated the Quran with camels. This concluding part discusses the roles of the camel on the Day of Resurrection and in heaven. On his way to mesmerizing the Bedouins, Muhammad went further to tell them that their close relationship with camels will not end in this world. It will continue in the afterlife.


Islamic State Jihadis Destroy Iraqi Acheological Treasures in Mosul

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Just like Prophet Muhammad destroyed the Idols of the Temple of Kabaa.


How Upset are U.K. Muslims by IS?

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In 2003 in the U.K. the “Stop the war coalition” (StWC) organised a march against the impending Iraq invasion by a military alliance which included the U.K.

A major theme was that this war was “not in my name”, i.e. the protesters were dis-avowing the government's impending action.

Estimates of the numbers involved range from 750K (Police), 1 million (BBC) up to 3 million (StWC).

This might equate to 1.5 million in reality.


The Media and 'Prophet' Mohammed

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The Western main stream media is sleep walking towards a speedy Islamization of their societies. Many journalists voluntarily chose to do the Islamists’ dirty jobs for them. Many Western journalists increasingly refer to Mohammed as a “prophet’ even though they do not believe he was. They also describe the Quran as ‘holy’ despite they believe it is not. It may look a trivial matter but it is not; in the UK, the media is strictly secular and doesn't refer to a ‘holy’ Jesus or Bible even though the country is traditionally a Christian country. The reasoning behind this twisted judgment is ridiculous. Their argument is that even though the journalists do not believe in Islam, there are people out there who do. Well, there are people out there (many of them Muslims) who believe Hitler was great, based on this rationale, should we refer to Hitler as “the great”?


The "Unlettered" Prophet

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The Muslim claim that Muhammad was an unlettered prophet does not withstand critical analysis. It is a lie marketed to the public.  I have published some articles in the past analyzing such a claim using evidence from the Hadith as well as the Qur’an. What I felt was lacking in my work is a more thorough analysis of the four verses in the Qur’an that use the word “Ummi” or any of its derivatives , where such a word is translated as “unlettered”. The current article is an attempt to correct this weakness.


The Concept of Jihad according to Dr. Jamal Badawi

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The concept of Jihad according to Dr. Jamal Badawi

In a 5-minut video on youtube, Dr. Jamal Badawi explains the concept Jihad as he sees it. The assumption is that this is the meaning of Jihad in Islam. This article is an analysis of his ideas.


Browsing Around an Arabic Bookshop

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Have you ever wondered what does the name of the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram actually means? It literally means: books (boko) are forbidden (haram), in other words: all un-Islamic education is sinful and must be forbidden, which is why the organization targeted school girls.

The irony is that Muslims do not stop bragging that ikra' (meaning read) was the first word of the Quran that was ‘revealed’ to Mohammed. Interestingly, Mohammed actually failed to read at the time, although he later parroted what Archangel Gabriel allegedly told him to say. The Muslims too still fail to read apart from parroting those same old ‘revelations’. Muslim scholars may produce a long list of verses and hadiths that urge Muslims to learn. What they do not say is that all of those verses and hadiths urge Muslims to learn about one thing: Islam.  As a matter of fact, Muslims often say: science is about a verse and a hadith (al ilm aya wa hadith), outside this, it is a waste of time (or mashghala). As a matter of fact, the Arabic word for ‘science in Islamic terminology refers to Islamic learning and the word scientists (ulama) refers to Islamic scholars (the singular is scientist(Alim)).


Satire - Muhammad: The Cursing Prophet

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Muhammad – The Cursing Prophet

We, good Muslims, take our religion seriously. We love cursing. In fact, it is such a pleasure to just curse. We learned that from our master, peace be upon him, prophet Muhammad.

Now, let me tell you.. the Jews and Christians think Prophet Malachi of the old testament was a cursing prophet. You look up the book of Malachi. All that guy had in his book is three curses! Well, big deal. This is nothing. Those infidels are ignorant. You want a real cursing prophet, it is Muhammad. Malachi does not stand a chance when faced with a cursing giant like good ole Mo. If you do a little search for the word “curse” in the Qur’an, there is 55 of them in 47 verses. If you look up the word “cursed” in the Qur’an, you’ll find it 25 time in 24 verses. What a joker that prophet Malachi is compared to the master of cursing, prophet Mo.


The Author of the Quran Is a Cameleer, Part 3

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The Quranic verses with full of wisdom mentioned in Part 2 of this article are the direct words from the author of the Quran, the non-existing Allah – the shadow of Muhammad. Similarly, there are countless hadiths, believed to be the voice of the prophet of Islam, speak volumes about camels. The volume of those hadiths are too large to discuss them all in a short article. The following are a small fraction of the hadiths on camels from the most authentic ‘Sahih Siththa’ hadith scriptures. These being the direct words of Prophet Muhammad on camels make him a perfect cameleer, like his Allah.


#MuslimLivesMatter and the Missing HashTag Campaigns

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The murder of 3 Muslim students in the college town of Chapel Hill in North Carolina is a tragedy.

And the murder has rightly ignited a worldwide hashtag campaign #MuslimLivesMatter. Every person has the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. So had those three Muslim victims.

The murderer is an an atheist. And a parking space dispute and noise from the Muslim students' quarter have been reported to have been the motivation of the murder. It is also claimed that he had hatred of Muslims. Whatever the real motivation, this is an incident of horrendous criminal homicide. No grievances justify taking lives. This heinous act stands against everything the American people stand for.


When Man becomes God

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It is only Islam that asserts the fact that Allah, the Islamic deity, and his angels, are so thankful to the prophet of Islam that they prostrate and pray on/for him.

Arab Muslims in their everyday context of speech may use an expression like “Salle Ala Al Nabi”. Translated literally, this expression says “Pray on the prophet”. The meaning of this expression does not become clear until we hear the response of the second Muslim who heard the first Muslim utter that expression. The answer is something like “Allahumma Salle Wasallim Ala Sayyid Almurasaleen, Sayyidina Muhammad.” Translated, this expression says “Oh God, pray and greet with peace the lord of those who were sent, our Master Muhammad.” Such an expression within everyday talk context in the Middle East is a common occurrence.


On Adoption in Islam

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The concept of adoption in Islam is a “distorted” concept indeed. There is no adoption in Islam. Muslims try to market a specific concept of adoption because Muhammad, through a sequence of immoral actions, canceled “adoption” as we know it in Islam and, subsequently, in Muslim societies. The sum of it is that Muhammad married his daughter in law and justified such immortality by Allah’s Qur’anic verses. I will start this article with a section on Zayd; Muhammad’s adopted son, followed by a section on the wedding events. and Muhammad’s desire to “sleep” with Zaynab. The last section will deal with the issue of Muhammad’s morality regarding the adoption events.


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