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Inside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

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Vice News gets exclusive access into the life and working of the ISIS.


Sahaba – The Incomparable Companions of Prophet Muhammad

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This article is about the ‘noble’ qualities of the companions of Prophet Muhammad, known as Sahaba in Islam. Hundreds of pages will not be sufficient to discuss the outstanding ‘nobility’ and ‘morality’ of the Sahaba thoroughly. This article only touches on a fraction of their 'noble’ virtues.

The Arabic word ‘Sahaba’ or ‘Sahaaba’ denotes the ‘Companions of Prophet Muhammad’, namely those non-Muslims who had seen the prophet and accepted Islam under him and remained Muslim until their death. During the first thirteen years of Muhammad's prophetic activity in Mecca before migrating to Medina, he barely had managed to acquire about one hundred local Arabs as his followers. They comprised his close kith and kin and also a number of slaves, whom Muhammad and Abu Bakr had purchased from their Pagan masters.


Jihad Attacks in Canada: Innocence Lost

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“He did this because he wanted to reach paradise and assure paradise for his family. He wanted to be a martyr.” – Friend of Canadian Jihadi terrorist Martin Rouleau.

Bukhari: 4852:220: “Allah’s Apostle (Prophet Muhammad) said, “I have been made victorious with terror”

Quran 3:151: "Soon shall We cast terror into the Hearts of the Unbelievers"

If we foil 1000 terrorist attacks but fail on the 1001th, then terrorists win, we lose.


Open Mosque Day 2014 in Southern California – Dumb and Dumber

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Once again, twenty-five mosques in the Southern California area participated last weekend in an annual Open House to encourage non-Muslims to learn more about Islam and the activities of Muslims in their neighborhood. I have visited several of these mosques and written reports on the findings reported by other visitors. As the title of last year’s report indicated, many visitors were not impressed: “Open Mosque Day – Muslims Serve Up Tea and Taquiyya". Instead of striving for more honesty and clarity about their religious beliefs and practices, the hosts of these open mosques seem to be doubling down on deception and distortion. From a public relations point of view, it is dumb to put the Islamic falsehoods on display. It is even dumber to assume that visitors won’t “fact check” the assertions.


Not In My Name: A Campaign of Disinformation and Deception

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Muslims in Britain have started a campaign entitled #NotInMyName, referring to ISIS barbarisms in the Middle East. It can at best be described as a disinformation campaign to deceive unaware non-Muslims about the atrociously violent teachings of Islam.

Quoting the organizers of the campaign:

“British Muslims are taking a stand against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by launching a social media campaign to deliver an important message: Hate and violence do not represent their religion.”

“Many others are saying the extremists are “hiding behind a false Islam.”


Please Sign: Petition to US Govt. for Granting Asylum to Imran Firasat

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imran-firasatDear friends and supporters of Islam-watch.org.

You should be aware that Imran Firasat be deported from Spain to his death in Pakistan or Indonesia any time. We are pleased to see Dr Basil Qaqish has posted a petition online urging the US govt. to grant him asylum.

Please sign the petition clicking this link:  Grant Imran Firasat Asylum in the USA


Judgment Day October 16, 2014: Will Spain Condemn Imran Firasat to Death?

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imran-firasatSpain does not have death penalty. And recently, dozens of Spaniards blockaded the house of an Ebola-infected nurse for saving her Ebola-infected dog after a court had ordered the dog be euthanized. When the security forces eventually broke through the blockade and took away the poor dog, the protesters chanted, “Assassin! Assassin!” with many bursting into tears.

Yet a Spanish court today may arrive at a verdict, which would mean death penalty for Imran Firasat, a Pakistani ex-Muslim and convert to Christianity.

His offence? Criticism of Islam, which is a constitutionally protected human rights in Spain.


Al Qubsiyat: The Syrian Secretive Islamic Women's Cult (Painting)

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Description of the painting (see inside)

This painting depicts a group of women gathered in a circle around their leader "Munirah Qubsia”. I got the idea of this circle while watching a video showing women gathered around her waiting on every move she made and every syllable she uttered. As usual I sketch any ideas for a new paintings right away before they disappear. I drew it and what came out is exactly what you see in the painting except for the 4 extra arms and the things the arms held, which I added later.

The figure in the middle depicts Munirah as the master of slaves. She has a hold on them mentally. But they aren't aware of it. The chains of Islam are invisible.

I depicted Munirah growing out of the Quran. Her roots are deeply ingrained in it, which is where her power comes from.


Allah is the Big Lie

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The biggest and most pernicious religious lie ever perpetrated on humanity is the assertion that Islam’s holy book, the Quran, is the verbal word of God, a.k.a. Allah. The dangerous civilizational damages emanating from that lie are: 1) the commands and examples of Allah and his prophet eclipse all moral values of good and evil based on reason; 2) since Allah claims to control all events, his followers do not have to take responsibility for their actions; and 3) all mankind is divided between believers who are blessed and unbelievers who are considered filth and are worthy of torture, slavery, and murder.


Spain about to Send Imran Firasat to Death under Islamic Law

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/imran-firasatIt appears that the Spanish authority has set the stage for condemning Imran Firasat to death for his criticism of Islam by extraditing him to Indonesia.

We reported in July 2014 that after the Spanish Supreme Court upheld the Spanish government's decision to revoke Imran Firasat's refugee status for his criticism of Islam, he tried to seek refuge in Norway, a country that hosts the murderous Al-Qaeda Jihadi leader Mullah Krekar from Iraq. But the Norway government refused to consider his asylum request and hurriedly deported him back to Spain.


Sharia Shock: Graphic ISIS Videos Force Moderate CAIR and Fiqh Council to “Revise” Sharia Law

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Thanks to ISIS’s well-oiled social media publicity campaign, Muslims and non-Muslims around the world are seeing just how gruesome and barbaric the actual provisions of classical Sharia Law truly are. This has forced “moderate” Muslim organizations CAIR and the Fiqh Council of North America to publish an “Open Letter” admonishing ISIS for being a bit too zealous and literal in their implementation of commands of the Quran and Sharia Law. (See: http://lettertobaghdadi.com/index.php) Careful reading of the 28 page letter reveals some new spins on Sharia Law that are intended to make it more palatable to Western consciences. If they were implemented by ISIS, they would certainly tame ISIS, but the revisions also confirm that classical Sharia Law (as documented in al-Misri’s “Reliance of the Traveler”) has no place in the 21st Century. The references below apply to the numbered topics in the CAIR/Fiqh Council Open Letter.


Mind of Young Canadian Jihadi Recruit of ISIS

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He traveled to Syria to join the ISIS in the hope of martyrdom and 72 virgins. He got his wish, but before his other wish to raise the Black Flag of Islam over the White House.


Pakistani-born Sarah Haider Declares Her Apostasy from Islam

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She is openly secular and humanist.


High Regard for Jesus & Mary in Islamic Scriptures? Part 2

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In Part 1 of this article, the ‘place’ of Jesus in Islam has been discussed. This part analyses the ‘place’ of Mary, mother of Jesus, in Islamic Scriptures.


It is a practice among many non-Arab Muslim communities that they don't print the names of brides in the marriage invitation cards. Instead they denote her as ‘Noor-e-Chashmi’ – an expression that somewhat mean ‘our loved one’ or ‘light of our family’. This is because Muslim men don’t want the public, particularly other men, to know the names of female family members unnecessarily. They try to hide the names of female family members from the public.

The Saudis have a unique practice of addressing fellow Muslim men. A bachelor will be called by his name until he gets married. After marriage, he will be called Abu Muhammad (father of Muhammad) until he fathers a son. Even if he fathers 10 daughters and but no son, he will still be called ‘Abu Muhammad’ (‘Abu Muhammad’ here doesn’t refer to Prophet Muhammad, as nobody would dare to be the prophet's father). Only after he fathers a son, say named Qasem, he will be called Abu Qasem. The idea behind this practice is to highlight the names of male family members but hide the names to female members from the public.


High Regard for Jesus and Mary in Islamic Scriptures? Part 1

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Allah's Apostle said, " If a man believes in Jesus and then believes in me, he will get a double reward. And if a slave fears his Lord (i.e. Allah) and obeys his masters, he too will get a double reward." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4:55:655)

Muhammad was trying to sell his brand of religion to the Christians by offering his product two times at the price of one. Was he really liked Christians, their scriptures and their Messiah Jesus?


9/11 Painting

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