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Islamic Multiculturalism Treat to Denmark: Kill Those Who Insult Islam

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written by Brown superman , May 02, 2012
Islam is Peace & Love...... but not the muslims. They kill those who insult Islam
Christian Pastors passive thinking is going be the cause of end of them
written by fineliving56 , May 02, 2012
At 2:14 …. '' I have no fear because Jesus is with me '' … I know Jesus has promised me " … WOW

What is going to take for these Christions to wake up and smell the blood

This thinking of seeing only the non existing good parts in the heart of these devout Muslims is such a mistake, it is going to be the end of them … these Muslims have good parts in their hearts only for them own that sheer the same sect Muslims , not for people form other religions …. they despise other religions people like Jews and Christions … they hate them more then they Atheists [ Mulihedeen ]

I know Muslims who talk about the need to kill women and men with no mercy, who leave Islam and become Christians … when the same people asked about the people who left Islam to atheism .. there no call for killing them … they rather loose Muslims to anon Blieve them to Christianity ..

When this fact about devout Muslims going to sink in the heart of these gullible [ sorry to say that but it is true ] Christion …

You have to set your bible aside and leave it at your churches …and defend your selves
one strike against each one strike these Muslims are dishing at you …

I mean listening to that paster, made me cringe of how wrong he is,dealing with the situation … Where is Jesus to defend his Gods churches … if he in not here to do it … you Christian have to do …

stop giving the other cheek like your bible tells you … if you do, you will have enough cheeks to turn to them to punch.

That video infuriated me to no end … Not only at the Muslims … but the Christians !!
And I like to add
written by fineliving56 , May 02, 2012
That these Muslims Know about this passive thinking Christians are taught to do ...and they take advantage of it and they have an inside joke … goes like this …

When a one of Muslims shows no courage … they taunt him By saying … What are you? a Christian ?

I hope readers can understand my writings … I did it without any prove reading … it wrote in a haste .
Only a monoculture in Islam
written by ronny541 , May 02, 2012
There is a single monoculture in the Islamic world...Arab supremacism...the master race.

Without oil, Arabia would be one the most backward and illiterate places on earth.

Angry to the Christians too?
written by AbuTaleb , May 02, 2012
>That video infuriated me to no end … Not only at the Muslims … but the Christians !!

Why does someone get angry to the Christians who are attacked by the muslims simply because the Christians do not fight back? It is the Christians who suffer, and they must have known what they are doing, so what the hell is the reason to get angry to the victims?

I can only think one reason, a coward expects somebody else to fight Islam head to head, so he/she will get angry to the people who doesn't do it.
written by Fineliving56 , May 02, 2012
I am sorry if I was Harsh …

What I said in my last post I say it out of love and affection for these Christian victims not at all out Malice … it is heart breaking to see a man in the video who is being harassed and threatened in his Church, while his believe that Jesus will, for sure, with him and he will save him … that will make him only a sitting duck for these savages who call them Devout Muslims …

The increased news of terrorized Christian people in Muslim countries are on the rise... and I feel something has to be done to combat this kind of targeting …

the only way is for Christian to defend them selves is to fight back these Muslims … respect is important to these people … and they do not respect people who do not fight back …and they will keep do it

Apologies only will make them laugh … their humanity is lost in the folds of their evil Quran

Remember? … How Muslims killed many more people after the apologies was announced by the American army for the mistaken burning of the Quran … they are very harsh people.

Thses Muslim have the same mentality of the people whocheered the tragedy of 9/ 11 in the streets … there is no mercy in their hearts … what there is revenge [ tha'er] , Muslim pride , respect and Muhammad/ Quran ….

I am sorry for offending … I know these Muslim's inside out … and it burn me to think that they are doing this to Christians … I live between Christians and I love them because of there soft hearted … but I feel they need to wake up to be able to deal with people like the devout Muslims .


The Muslims who are

You say it is cowardly for me
written by vbv , May 02, 2012
Instead of the socalled "multiculturalism" ,europeans should go in for strict secularism with no room for propogation of any religion/cult. The rule of law should be upheld and not give in to "Sharia courts" or any other kangaroo courts that can override the established law in the name of "god" , religion, or the socalled "divinely ordained law" which is all highly sectarian, extremely prejudicial against humanrights and human values. Islam is the worst kind of racist/ fascist cult that is bent on destroying human civilisation and impose the cult of arab supremacy ,while actually the arabs are the most backward, stupid,barbaric nuts that ever was on the face of this planet. So no concession should be given to them which ios taken as weakness and they will try to brutally impose their savage and barbaric cult claiming to be the sole owners of truth and divinity. Though there is actually nothing like "divinity" ,it is a wicked invention of certain scheming scoundrels who use it as a tool for oppression and exploitation of gullible people. All said and done the cult of islam should be exposed and consigned to the dustbins of history.
I wrote a clarification Post to Abu taleb
written by Fineliving56 , May 02, 2012
It it gone for inspection …. I hope it get to be posted so Abu could read why I wrote My earlier post that seemed harsh but out of love post ..


this is why islam is growing
written by annad , May 03, 2012
Because they kill and threaten to kill. Its time we all open our eyes to this pathethic violent cult and say enough is enough. If there is a law to defend Muslims feeling; there should be a law that defends other people feelings. I am personally offended by islamas hatefull teachings about nonnmuslims and women. Lets prosecute them and forbid practice and spreading of this death savage cult.
written by fineliving56 , May 03, 2012
Please discard the last two lines … they were not meant to be included.
written by AbuTaleb , May 03, 2012
You sound very cynical about Christians who do not fight back because their religion teaches them to be non violent. Do you think they are so stupid so that they don't know that they will be killed by the muslims after being attacked several times? No, they must have known it better than you, so please stop giving judgment to how they react. It is their own lives at stake, not yours.

If you want to get angry, then you should get angry instead to those "Christians" who live "peacefully" (read: cowardly) with the muslims and forget about what happens to the Christians (and other people) who are under attack from the muslims. Also to the rest of cowards.
Please help!
written by CGW , May 03, 2012


thanks to abu taleb
written by md idrees , May 04, 2012
every one in this world hate isalm because they kill

the peaple dont n0 about the muslims in the world who are killed useless and for ankwon reason

what happend in india in 1992 who started killing muslims?

what happend in gujrat who killed hundereds of muslims?

this people dont have answer

so who ever hated islam they should be killed
The troll is back
written by fineliving56 , May 04, 2012
I will copy this … can you guess why ?

I will pin it to few of Quran's sadistic and hate loving verses and that will make sure to expose your ISLAMIC LIES AND YOUR ISLAMIC DECEPTION
@ md idrees
written by 1proudkaffur4life , May 04, 2012
Full-quote written by md idrees , May 04, 2012

every one in this world hate isalm because they kill

the peaple dont n0 about the muslims in the world who are killed useless and for ankwon reason

what happend in india in 1992 who started killing muslims?

what happend in gujrat who killed hundereds of muslims?

this people dont have answer

so who ever hated islam they should be killed

End quote]

Here you first bemoan the death of Muslims killed and yet the LAST line is telling:
You CALL for the death of people who simply DISLIKE Islam! So HOW can you be BETTER then those of us how ONLY expose the foolishness of Islam, without calling for violence killing and murder of those who simply reject the worst men-made religion still around? Also think about this: about 80 % of people killed by Muslims are OTHER Muslims! Because even if the "Unbelievers the Non-Muslims" were all gone (dead or converted) you would kill your own people. This is the Islamic History, if MuaHamMAD had not put down his foot, Muslims would have already have killed each other before they even left their hell-holes Mecca and Medina!
Killed by the muslims
written by AbuTaleb , May 04, 2012
I think, the people who are killed the most in number by muslims are the muslim people themselves.
So muslims kill a lot of non muslims, but they kill many more muslims.
And the number one killer of muslims is the muslims themselves, not the Jews, Christian and other non muslims combined together.
written by Dwito , May 06, 2012
So muslims kill a lot of non muslims, but they kill many more muslims.

No, they do not. Go, ask them, they will reply you. When they kill, the victim is always non-muslim. And to the victim, they are always being killed by non-muslim.
To md idrees
written by Archpagan , May 06, 2012
'what happend in gujrat who killed hundereds of muslims?

this people dont have answer'.
I have full answer to your question. In 99% of the cases of Hindu-Muslim riots in India, it is Muslims who start the riot. Gujarat of 2002 is no exception. It was started by Muslims who burnt a train compartment killing 60 Hindu activists. In comparison to treatment meted out to Pakistani Hindus, whose number has shrunk from 15% in 1947 to 1.5% now, the Gujarat riot of 2002 is just a silly titillation.
written by Truthseeker , May 11, 2012
In r esponse to the first post of yours on this list, I reply with what Jesus taught us.....Bless those who curse you. Do good to those that hate you. Pray for those that abuse and persecute you.

And elsewhere, Do NOT do unto others anything you would not have them do unto you.

Even if it means dying for the cause of Christ which many of us are prepared to do
written by Truthseeker , May 11, 2012
If you can repay evil with love even unto death then you show yourself to be the better and stronger person and you just might, as the bible says, "heap burning coals" upon your enemy's head......pricking their consciences and giving them cause to change for the better.

What did Jesus say to His apostles who wanted to call down fire from heaven upon the Samaritans who rejected Him?

To paraphrase, He came to save men's souls, not to destroy them
On seeking the truth
written by Yibel , May 11, 2012
Dhimmitude is the belief that Islam is a religion. It is NOT. Islam is a vicious international organized crime syndicate like the Mafia, like the Nazi, like all fascist organizations, but disguised in pseudo-religious garb. Real religions bring out the best in people, Islam does the opposite. Read about the beast in Dan 7 and Rev 13

Muhammad was not a true prophet of anything. True prophets give glory to God, and tend to disappear in all humility so as not to disrupt the glory of God.

Matthew 7 (King James Version): Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth
forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is HEWN DOWN, and cast into the fire.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Turning the other cheek is one thing when the problem is a matter of a personal insult; but quite different when the offender is murdering, raping, pillaging, physically abusing others, molesting children, etc.

Defeating Islam is a moral imperative.

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