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Conversion to Islam: The One-way Street in Marriage between a Muslim and non-Muslim

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In marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims, conversion of the non-Muslim partner to Islam is a must, failing of which may lead to tragic consequences, from beheading to burning alive even in Hindu India (see below).

It has been mentioned in the previous article that in every occasion a Hindu or a non-Muslim girl becomes a victim of Muslim love-trap, she has to convert to Islam. Starting from Indira Gandhi to Sabra Bugum and Samira Begum, all had to convert to Islam before marrying their Muslim lovers. We may add two more names to the list.

Story of Jemima and Imran Khan


Jemima Marcelle Khan (nee Goldsmith), daughter of the late UK billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, fell a victim of the love-trap of the Pakistani cricket star Imran Khan. Their marriage took place in 1995, when she was 21 and Imran was 42. Before the marriage, Jemima had to convert to Islam (with the new Islamic name Haika) and went to Pakistan after marriage. But after becoming exhausted with the strict Islamic restrictions and lack of freedom, she had ultimately to seek divorce and as a result Imran divorced her in June, 2004, and she returned to the UK with her two sons Sulaiman Isa (born 1996) and Kasim (born 1999), born out of the wedlock. In her effort to adjust with the Muslim community and adapt to Pakistani culture, she learned to speak Urdu and wore traditional Pakistani clothes. Despite all her efforts, her married life ended in bitterness and divorce. After returning to London, she once commented, "I now think, my God, I mean, how did I live five years with Imran’s whole family, who I was very close to? I mean, I really liked and respected them, but obviously, they lived very, very differently.”

But, fortunately, she could start a new life and became involved in a romantic relationship with movie star Hugh Grant in 2004.

The Story of another Hindu Girl

In her article “A Hindu Girl’s Troublesome Marriage with a Muslim”, a Hindu girl, nick-named Leona, narrated her sad story of falling in love with a Muslim boy and marrying him. During courtship, he promised her repeatedly that she would not have to convert to Islam to marry him. But as soon as he came to understand that her love had deepened, he started impose Islamic restrictions like avoid eating pork or taking Chinese food, upon her. At last, he disclosed that it was not possible for him to marry her unless she changes her religion. So, she had no other option but to accept Islam. The Islamic restrictions that followed turned her life hellish. In fact, Islam turned her “from a very cheerful, chirpy person to a depressed person who was always crying.” But ultimately, she was not doomed. Her husband allowed her to return to her original Hindu faith, but secretly.

A few other examples


Many prominent Muslims of India (and of Bengal) married Hindu girls; and in every case, they converted the bride to Islam before marriage. For example, the cricket player Mansur Ali Khan (Nawab of Pataudi) married Sharmila Tagore, a descendant of the prestigious family of the Nobel Lauriat poet Rabindranath Tagore, after converting her to Islam and adopting the new name Ayesha Sultana. Her son Saif Ali Khan married Amrita Singh, after converting her to Islam; and at present, he has started a fresh affair with the Bollywood film star Kareena Kapur. Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence, had four sons and a daughter. A Muslim fellow married his daughter after converting her to Islam. A Muslim called Nadeem Haidar married the daughter of Dr Subramniam Swami, as usual, after converting her to Islam.

Beside these incidents, the renowned Bengali poet Nazrul Islam and Humayun Kabir, an ex-minister of the Union Government, married Hindu women. Shaikh Abdullah, the ex-Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, and his son Farooq Abdullah married English ladies, after converting them to Islam. Later on, Omar Abdullah, the son of Farooq Abdullah, married a Hindu girl, named Payel, after converting her to Islam. But problem arose when Sarah, the daughter of Farooq Abdullah, fell in love with Sachin Pilot, son of renowned Congress leader Rajesh Pilot, and got married according to the Special Marriage Act of India that allows interreligious marriages without conversion. Another cricket player Muhammad Azharuddin married the Hindu actress Sangita Bijlani, after divorcing her wife and driving her out of his house with four children. Bollywood film-stars Shahruk Khan and Amir Khan married Hindu Girls, following the usual practice of converting them to Islam.

Many Muslim intellectuals of Bengal, e.g. Abu Syed Ayub, Hosenur Rahman etc., married Hindu girls; the former married Gouri Datta and the latter Purnima Rudra. It is not known how these women take their life as wives in Muslim households. Most of these women dislike the food preparations.

Interreligious marriage between Hindus and Muslims is a one-way traffic

We have seen many examples of whenever a Hindu woman falls in the love-trap of a Muslim, it is a precondition that she convert to Islam to marry her Muslim lover, while the reverse is not tolerated by Muslims.

But what is the case when a Hindu or non-Muslim boy falls in love with a Muslim girl and wants to marry her? Let first specify that while a Muslim boy falling in love with a non-Muslim girl is common and welcome amongst Muslims, but if a non-Muslim boy get involved with a Muslim girl, the relationship is rarely tolerated: both the boy and the girl face violence, even death frequently, at the hand of Muslims. As a result, a love-relation between a Muslim girl and a non-Muslim boy is rather rare.

However, in predominantly non-Muslim countries, where Muslims are not always free to exercise violence, some love-relationships between Muslim girls and non-Muslim boys do take place. And in such cases, the boy has to convert to Islam before marrying his Muslim sweetheart. A failure to observe this precondition usually leads to a disaster. A few incidents are given below for understanding the severity of the consequences that followed for not fulfilling that basic norm.

Sailendra Prasad beheaded

Nearly three years ago, Sailendra Prasad (32), a Hindu young man married Monera Khatun (25) according to the Special Marriage Act, in marriage registration office in Mumbai. Meanwhile they had a son. Sailendra had visited the paternal house of Monera, in the Lakshanpur village, district of Murshidabad, West Bengal, obviously concealing his religious identity and pretending himself as Munna Shaikh, a Muslim. On July 1, 2008, he came to Lakshanpur again to see his dear son. This time, he, along with other villagers, went to see a funeral procession and, driven by emotion, he whispered “Ram nam satya hai”, a common mantra that Hindus utter when a dead body is carried to the cremation ground. Unfortunately, one of the Muslim onlookers overheard the words of Sailendra, and this made him suspicious about the religious identity of Sailendra.

On the tip of this information, the local mullahs convened an urgent kangaroo court of the village elders, and summoned Sailendra to attend that court. There, Sailendra was asked to put off his clothes so that it could be ascertained whether he is circumcised. When they discovered that Sailendra was uncircumcised, the kangaroo court sentenced him to death for the guilt of marrying a Muslim girl by concealing his true religious identity. Then a crowd of Muslims, including the leaders Gaju Shaikh, Sattar Shaikh and Khairul Shaikh, led Sailendra to a nearby jute-field to carry out the court sentence. They then bound his hands and feet with a rope, some others pressed him hard to frustrate his bid to escape, and then one of them severed his head from the body. They also buried severed head to hide the identity of the corpse. After three days, on July 17, 2008, police could discover the headless trunk of Sailendra, and took Monera begum to the site to identify the body. But she, under threat dire consequences from her kin, denied that it was the body of her husband.

Arka burned alive

Arka Bandyopadhyay, a Hindu resident of Barasat, a sub-divisional town of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, hardly 20-25 Km from Kolkata, married Rihana Sultana, daughter of the school teacher Nazrul Islam, a resident of the nearby village of Baduria. Though both Arka and Rihana were adult enough to select their partners, unfortunately their relatives on neither side could accept the marriage.

So, the couple left their families and started their new life in the village Haroa. After a year, Rihana gave birth to a male child. But in 2007, the relatives of Rihana came to Haroa, and took Rihana and her son with them to Baduria by force and kept them in house arrest.

On July 31, 2008, at about 10 PM, when Arka went to Baduria to rescue his wife and son, one of his brothers-in-law poured kerosene on him and set him on fire. Arka, like a fireball, started running along the road and screaming, but no one came to his help as brothers of Rihana were guarding him with weapons. However, Arka succeeded to put off the flames by rolling himself on the road and a cycle-van operator, ignoring the threat, came to his help and took him to the Barasat Government Hospital. Later on, on September 9, he was transferred to a private nursing home. The renowned social activist Rabindranath Datta went to that nursing home on August 6, to meet Arka, while he was fighting for his life.

Kesav Mahato murdered

Hindu young man, named Kesav Mahato, a resident of the village Makaranpur, near Bolpur in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal, had a love affair with China Bibi, as Muslim girl, of the same village. The love between them became so intense that they wanted to marry each other. But when the kin of China Bibi came to know the secret affair, they became furious. One day they attacked Kesav and murdered him.

Changhal Sadhukha, a resident of the village Sutragarh, near Santipur, in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, was in deep love with the daughter of Liyakat Shaikh, and they got married secretly. When the incident came to light, Liyakat, with Muslim goons, attacked Chanchal’s house. Scared Chanchal and his wife could somehow flee the house in the darkness of night. An Enraged Liyakat and his goons, unable to find his daughter and son-in-law, ransacked the house of Radhanath Sadhukha, the father of Chanchal and finally, Liyakat shot Radhanath to death with a pistol.


A few Prominent Hindus, who converted to Islam, for marrying Muslim women

Indrajit Gupta

was a leader of the Communist Party of India (CPI), an MP (For 37 years) from various constituencies of West Bengal, and from the Medinipur constituency up to the end of his life. He became India’s Union Minister for Home Affairs in the United Front government from 1996 to 1998. Gupta belonged to a well-knowned anglicized Brahmo family of Calcutta. Gupta studied at St. Stephen's College, Delhi, and later on, went to King's College, Cambridge. While studying in England, he came under the influence of Rajani Palme Dutt and joined the communist movement.

At the age of 62, he married a Muslim woman Suraiya, his lover of many years. He waited till her earlier marriage with photographer Ahmed Ali (father of social activist Nafisa Ali) was lawfully dissolved. Before the marriage, he converted to Islam and assumed a Muslim name, Iftiar Ghani.

Kamal Dasgupta (married Firoza Begum)


Kamal Dasgupta was a versatile musical genius and earned his doctorate degree in Music (1943) from Benaras Hindu University for his work on the film “Mira Bai”, as the composer and singer. He sang modern songs in Bangla, Urdu, Hindi, and Tamil. He was also a brilliant and prolific composer with about eight thousand songs to his name. His work was based on classical music and tended towards the thungri style.

During his tenure, he developed a close association with great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, and composed music for almost four hundred of Nazrul’s songs. He converted to Islam, and became Kamal Ali to marry Firoza Begum, a famous Muslim singer of Nazrul’s songs.


Suman Chattopadhyay (married Sabina Yasmin)


Suman Chattopadhyay is a Kolkata-based modern Bengali singer-songwriter, musician, poet, journalist, TV presenter, and occasional film actor. In May 2009, he was elected a member of parliament of India from Jadavpur, Kolkata, on an All India Trinamool Congress ticket. He changed his name from Suman Chattopadhyay to Kabir Suman, when he became a Muslim to marry the popular Bangladeshi singer Sabina yasmin, his fifth marriage.

Two Prominent Hindus whose love could not mature up to marriage

Dev Anand and Suraiya


Dharam Dev Pishorimal Ānand, better known as Dev Anand, is a famous Bollywood actor, director and film producer of the yesteryear. His elder brother Chetan Anand was a film director, as was his younger brother, Vijay Anand, in Bollywood. Their sister, Sheel Kanta Kapur, is the mother of renowned Hindi and English film director Shekhar Kapur.

Dev Anand was romantically involved with singer-actress Suraiya; the two paired in six films together. Suraiya fell in love with him, but her grandmother disapproved the relationship Islamic ground. So, Suraiya remained unmarried all her life.


Guru Dutt & Waheeda Rahman

Guru Dutt or Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone was an Indian film director, producer and actor. He is often credited with ushering in the golden era of Hindi cinema. He produced and directed many films and out of them Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool are now included among the greatest films of all time.

Guru Dutt had fallen in love with actress Waheeda Rehman, but the relationship could not progress to marriage on religious grounds. As result, Guru Dutt remained unhappy in his marital life.


Acknowledgement: Most of the stories presented in this article have been taken from “The Silent Terror” (in Bengali) by Rabindranath Datta.

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ISLAM must be exposed of it's truely cruel,wicked,fascist,intolerant values, of monstrous bloodthirsty tenets .
written by AllaTappa , March 11, 2010
In INDIA 99% of hindus are not aware of the true - so called religion ISLAM .Government do not allow to tell the truth. While Mussalmans freely use all the generosity,magnanimity, noble values of HINDU DHARMA - as Mmoslems are hard core ,ruthless monsters and without any kindness and compassion , use every way available to Moslems to exploit and victimize HINDUS in their own country . The only anecdote is to tell the truth about ISLAM based on QQURRAN,SIRA, HADITYS, from ISLAMIC societies ( SAUDI ARABIA,IRAN,AFGHANISTAN,PAKISATAN,Bangladesh ,SUDAN,UGANDA , & many other moslem countries, ISLAMIC societies ). INDIAN Govt is propagating all lies about ISLAM and moslems. The other alternative is for all HINDUS to vote against congress and the fascist communists and put them where they belong - buried 6 feet deep - as has been done to communists in ISLAMIC countries and Christian countries. To day communism is history in ISLAMIC countries and christian countries. communism collapsed after afghanistan and in poland and in east europe, germany, Rumania ,Russia.
written by vbv , March 12, 2010
Strange, the socalled love marriage always demands the non-muslim to relinquish his 'religion'/culture/way of life to become a vulgar muslim zombie ,nothing but aN ARAB ARSE-LICKER! I wonder whether it was truly a love affair or just "love-jihad" conspiracy to convert non-muslims to this mad,criminal barbaric arabian cult?
written by Machmoed , March 12, 2010
I always thought love is unconditional. I guess i was wrong!
Gospel Truth.
written by Healer_999 , March 12, 2010
Earlier I mentioned for, A Muslim is a Muslim first then a human being.

A good article, I guess seculars in India read it, esp. stupid Hindu women.

Other thing is majority of violence is always reported from, in this kind of cases, from Muslim majority areas like Kashmir, Bengal (areas bordering Bangladesh) and Northern Kerala.

Do Bengalis deserve what is in waiting for them? I guess so. So sad!
written by Healer_999 , March 12, 2010
Payel is a Sikh woman, I think, not a Hindu.
Its a cult thing
written by para , March 12, 2010
I once asked a muslim this exact question :

If there is no compulsion in religion then why do muslims overwhelming insist on conversion when marrying a non-muslim ?

The answer was something like : There is no compulsion in religion and it is usually the non-muslims who once introduced to islam choose to convert.Also it is beneficial for children because then they are not confused of their identity.

In reality there is a SEVERE COMPULSION in islam to CONVERT and that is a fact which muslims know but are too dishonest to speak infront of non-muslims.

The solution is simple - non-muslims should tell muslims upfront that the he/she would be expected to convert to humanity (any religion) and only then the relationship is possible.At any point of time the muslim even shows a remote interest in islam - just run and save your life.
Muslim vs infidels is a common problem.
written by Common man , March 12, 2010
Its a common problem:
1) Muslims vs jews in israel in partiular and whole world in general.
2) Muslims vs christians in Europe, Africa, US, philipines, middle east like lebanon, Pakistan etc.
3) Muslims vs Hindus in Indian sub-continent.
4) Muslims vs Buddhists like thailand, malaysia, bangladesh.
5) Muslims kicked out Zorastrians from Iran/ Persia. More refugee Zorastrains are in India or US.
6) Muslims against Bahai. They torture and kill these peaceful bahais.
7) Muslims against non-religious chinese.
smilies/cool.gif Muslims against any other religion or no religion.
9) Muslims against Freedom, Liberty, Democracy.
10) Muslims against women education, equality, empowerment.
written by duh_swami , March 12, 2010
...in reality there is a SEVERE COMPULSION in islam to CONVERT and that is a fact which muslims know but are too dishonest to speak infront of non-muslims....

Quran 2:256 was abrogated by 8:39, 9:5, and numerous others...8:39, for instance', is unexplainable if 2:256 was not abrogated...
The use of force....
written by Tanstaafl (JW) , March 12, 2010
.... is a constant in Islam.
To Duh,
written by Healer_999 , March 12, 2010
2:256 was not abrogated by 9:5. Back ground of this verse is when Banu Nadir was expelled from Medina, this was reveled with regard to standing of children of Ansar, who were raising them as Jews.
This verse should be seen in with 9:29, where Jews and Christians have to pay Zizya tax and should be made to feel subdued.

From Sura 2, 216 and 256 stand for all time.

But some people say 9:5 abrogates all treaties and mercy, however not every one agrees to this. Close look tells 2:256, 2:216, 9.5 and 9.29 go all the way together.
written by duh_swami , March 12, 2010
Where's the explanation of 8:39, as well as 2:193...All verses involving killing of infidels abrogate 2:256 because all infidels are kufr...'guilty' of disbelief...
This is directly connected to compulsion...98:6 illustrates what Allah thinks of them...If a kufr converts, they are no longer guilty and Allah will forgive them...Maybe...'Fight them until all worship Allah'...Negates 2:256...No matter when, where, or in what context...it all ends up in jihad...The entire Quran, as you know, is a war manual...The ultimate goal of Islam is to remove all obstacles to the spread of Islam, until 8:39 and others like it are accomplished...The rest of the war manual details some of the 'how to do its' 8:12, 47:4, 9:5 and many others, while Mohammad sets the examples...
To Duh,
written by Healer_999 , March 12, 2010
You should understand that ultimate objective of Jihad is not necessarily converting every one to Islam at the point of sword, at the same time you create conditions such that they will convert. Thats what 9:5 and 9:29 say. So to do this you have to establish Islamic rule, which is the intermediary goal.

Many modern scholars reject the conversion at the point of sword, but they all support establishing God's law (Sharia Law) on the planet. But ultimately that's what will happen, every one has to convert to Islam because of 9:5 and 9:29. This is what happened in the past.

9:29 contains a part "made to feel subdued", it depends on how one understands this, and I think there are no limits on it, it's inference is at the mercy of Calipha, I guess.

Verses I stated do not inhibit Jihad in any manner. 9:5 is for polytheists and 9:29 is for Jews and Christians. These are the final standings for non Believers in Islam. Remember 9th Sura is either the last to be reveled or second last.

Regarding 2:193, it was reveled in between time of Treaty of Hudaibiyya and Conquering of Mecca, it is with regard to pagans of Mecca. And 2:256 is with respect to Jews. If they pay taxes it is fine.

Scholars agree that they have to wage Jihad, but they differ on sequences of verses supporting it and the means of Jihad.

Syed Qutb of Egypt says verses 4:74-76, 8:38-40 and 9:29-32 support universal and permanent Jihad.

The Reliance of The Traveler says previous scholars used verses 2:216, 4:89 and 9:36 to wage Jihad. Then it has drawn the consensus among Scholars how Jihad should be waged.

The intent and actions of demented Mohammad supports permanent war, if we take his actions like writing letters to various rulers calling for conversion and sending thugs to Yemen and other places before his death.

What ever it is, final goal is conquest, subjugation and humiliation of Infidels.
written by duh_swami , March 12, 2010
'You should understand that ultimate objective of Jihad is not necessarily converting every one to Islam at the point of sword, at the same time you create conditions such that they will convert

'Kufr have three choices...convert, submit to dhimmitude or die...

There are numerous ways to participate in jihad, not all of them are violent...But all of them have the same goal in mind...World wide Allah (only), world wide sharia, and world wide control by Islam...

'Regarding 2:193, it was reveled in between time of Treaty of Hudaibiyya and Conquering of Mecca, it is with regard to pagans of Mecca. And 2:256 is with respect to Jews. If they pay taxes it is fineOne more...'

That may matter to historians, but it does not matter to Muslims who believe the Quran and everything in it is' perfect', and applies today...for all time...
To Duh,
written by Healer_999 , March 12, 2010
'Kufr have three choices...convert, submit to dhimmitude or die... '

No disagreement with above.

'There are numerous ways to participate in jihad, not all of them are violent...But all of them have the same goal in mind...World wide Allah (only), world wide sharia, and world wide control by Islam... '

No disagreement with above observation.

'That may matter to historians, but it does not matter to Muslims who believe the Quran and everything in it is' perfect', and applies today...for all time...'

Koran ordains warfare in any form against infidels for all time. No doubt about it. It starts from concept that Fitna is crime and rebellion against Allah. Read my post in Nonie Darwish section. Or 2:193 simply says Fitna should be fought and defeated or subdued.

I agree with you in the sense that every Muslim has no regard for others and harbor secret desire that Islam should dominate this world.

Like you said that how they contribute to that goal depends on their capability.

I assume we have no differences.
Religion should not feature in true love.
written by Non-Muslims must stand their ground , March 12, 2010
Non-Muslims must stand their ground, If Muslims want to marry a non-Muslim, a non-Muslim must not change his/her religion. This is what true love is. A Muslim can't be faulted for being born into a Muslim home.

Islam is shit. We get rid and avoid shit.
truth will out
written by Kohi , March 12, 2010
"In reality there is a SEVERE COMPULSION in islam to CONVERT"

Sad but the way it is I love how muzzies always tell how there partner just loves islam after being shown the "way"
ugh. I have a friend who is married to a muzzie guy and she went from a sweet fun loving girl to a sad shell of her self what a waste!
Muslims resort to Jihadi riots in Bareili, India
written by rationalist , March 12, 2010
http://haindavakeralam.com/HKP...619&SKIN=B - This link also contains the video of Jihadi attacks
written by Demsci , March 12, 2010
"Kufr have three choices...convert, submit to dhimmitude or die...

There are numerous ways to participate in jihad, not all of them are violent...But all of them have the same goal in mind...World wide Allah (only), world wide sharia, and world wide control by Islam..."

I believe that for 100 %. And the democratic answer? In 21st century maintain, improve and expand democratic system for government, organising societies and values. Yes, preferably world wide too. But that would really only give more power to the people, to it's largest chunks possible. With reasonable protection of minorities. Whether divisions are racial, political or religious.

But very important too is: By what means? The democratic system: by improving education, letting majority of people choose, and peaceful. Oh, yes, sure, in Afghanistan and Iraq America first used violence but then gave power to elected governments, much unlike previous conquering nations, including the Muslims.

But Islam, Muslim leaders do not intend to maintain, improve, expand THEIR system in this way, no, they will use violence,deceit, and oppression of the majority, any and all means, however cruel and dishonest.

But none of this is believed by many of the Ignorant Political-Correct people around me, who keep insisting that we must respect this "religion" as much as every other religion. For them: "Insulting" people is the worst sin. But only when it concerns "poor minorities, poor Muslims", but not when the Islam-protesters are insulted by them. Such double standards!
what do you mean marriage between religions??
written by Ahamed Shareef , March 13, 2010
Muslim means a person who believes allah...

Whenever marriage happens between a muslim guy/boy and a non-muslim girl/boy, it is the choice muslim boy/girl to get converted to islam. If they want to remain as muslim and keep relationships with their families, they will convert otherwise not....

Why would you like to compare muslim vs non-muslim......compare dalit boy vs brahmin women..there are incidents dalit boy was killed for the incident.....

First of all, islam never promotes love marriages......!!
written by duh_swami , March 13, 2010
Healer_999 ...I think we are on the same page and in the same corner...I appreciate your posts...

Demsci...Ignorant Political-Correct people around me, who keep insisting that we must respect this "religion" as much as every other religion. For them: "Insulting" people is the worst sin.

I think this is one of the reasons Michael Savage referred to liberalism as a mental illness...The main symptom is a pit bull determination to ignore reality, and hold on to ignorance...Which is also the reason that Muslims hold on to Islam with dogged determination...Reality is a hard pill to swallow for liberals and Muslims alike...
written by jack , March 14, 2010
why hindus ?
first hand knowledge
written by gwawr , March 14, 2010
I was slowly getting to know a muslim named kamal in England (by way of the internet). It was about this time that I had found this website and started to read. His communication with me wasn't one of wanting to get to know me as a human being and a potential love interest, but as a muslim male that was to meet and marry a non-muslim woman. He already started talking about having kids after just a few weeks of writing! When I had asked him what religion would the children follow, he said his of course. I told him that I wanted my children to come to religion or any kind of faith only by researching for themselves as to what is right for them. And when I revealed as to which direction of how I believe in, but told him that if he wanted to be friends that was fine with me. I hadn't heard from him since. I feel for any woman that falls for this kind of trickery. He did try to insert some dominance over my by trying to tell me not to wear one of my favorite colors to wear, which is red, because he didn't like the color. Don't tell me what I can or cannot wear. I was lucky, I feel for the one that didn't get away.
You are lucky and typical.
written by Healer_999 , March 14, 2010
You are lucky. You are typical in the sense that most people make adjustments, but you did not.

I am trying to warn a girl and mentioned this website even tried to give Islam101 lesson, but I think my efforts will be futile.

Are you living in India or abroad?
written by Anonymous , March 26, 2010
Do you know, that the islamic way of re-marrying your divorced wife is a legal way of wife swapping. And this is a common practice in PORKISTAN as well as many musalman countries
written by Vijayakar Abrol , March 26, 2010
Shia Muslims cant marry Sunni muslims and cant convert either.

There is no conversion ceremony in Hindus.

I am married to a Catholic who goes to church and also installed a Ganesha in the house. Her favourite indoor plant is Tulsi and has just ordered a Tulsi stand for our front door. Our childrens names are Hindi/Sanskrit. I wonder if it would have been possible had she been a Muslim.

Pakistani Muslims think that the Indian muslims are "no good" Muslims (what about Mohajirs?)

Some more interesting observations
1 Since after the Partition more Muslims have been killed by Muslims than Hindus in the Indian sub continent.
2 Other than Northern Ireland in ALL other conflicts in the world at least one prty is Muslim and in majority both parties are Muslims
3 Would somebody tell me how many muslims like Shah Rukh Khan, Shabana Azmi, etc etc have condemened the unsavoury acts of their
Muslim brothers and sisters?
4 Why was Shah Rukh Khan so upset about Pakistani cricketers when he himself was in a position of influence and power. He even failed to
bid for a franchise> He could have named it whatever he wanted to call it.

I am sure there must be some secular minded Muslims but I have yet to see one. I have had lot of oportunities having been born in Jammu and Kashmir,educated in Lucknow and Practicing as a Doctor in heavily muslim areas in the UK.

Is it a must to convert?
written by liza , July 07, 2010
If you are in love with a Muslim girl or boy, and intend to marry that person, is it a must to convert to Muslim. Why cant the person get married with ihs or her orginal religion. And what happens if the marriage occurs?
Don't be a blind follower of any religion
written by arah , July 09, 2010
We have to differentiate the teaching of a religion and their followers.

Not all Muslim understand the teaching of Islam, not all Hindu understand the teaching of the Vedas or the Puranas and not all Christian understand the teaching of Jesus.

To understand a religion, we have to study the source. To understand Islam we have to study the Quran and to understand Christianity we have to study the Bible.

Islam is against Idols worshiping because idols worshiping is the greatest sins in Islam.

2:255 (Asad) GOD - there is no deity save Him, the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsistent Fount of All Being. Neither slumber overtakes Him, nor sleep. His is all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth. Who is there that could intercede with Him, unless it be by His leave? He knows all that lies open before men and all that is hidden from them, [247] whereas they cannot attain to aught of His knowledge save that which He wills [them to attain]. His eternal power [248] overspreads the heavens and the earth, and their upholding wearies Him not. And he alone is truly exalted, tremendous. -

2:256 (Y. Ali) Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

Half truth and full of hatred
written by M.Hussain , August 07, 2010
Dear sir,
i am astonished to see the article and the content.It is full of half truth,misleading and based on spreading hatred .Love and marriage between two individual is entirely personal matter and it must be left with the individual to deal with.Marriage to be succesful must be based on the love and tolerance of the couple and their must be compatibilty in social order.In india many Muslim girl has married Hindu boys and converted to Hinduism.Before marriage they were not practicising Muslim after marriage they are not practicising Hindu either.Zohra,Nargis,Nalini,Waheeda,Zarinna,Farrah Naaz,Farrah Singh,khusboo,nafisa ali,Simone,Manna Rukshanda,Suzzane,mumtaaz and lot many.All most all Hindu film stars or film producer has married muslim girl and no one ever was a practicizing muslim or practicizing Hindus either.Many Sangh Parivar stalwart married or kept muslim girl but there is no hullo gulla.Communist stalwart has a fashion to marry muslim girl.Case of sitaram yeachurry is not a exception.Genwerally such marriage is based on social staus and the couple adopt the religion of the one that suits them sociaaly,financially,politically in the country they are .in india,Bangladesh etc there is state law permitting inter religious marriage where the couple need not require to be converted.But to avoid ambiguity the couple must follow trhe same culture and the children be taught to be tolerant not bigots even if they follow any religion.Couple should marry to increase tolerance in the society not to increase animosity.About heaven,hell,rebirth ,it is useless thing to ponder over.Religion is based on gread,bribe and fear and if one is of fearless chaeracter ,he need not follow any religion but obey the rule of the land.Law of course must be formulated for creating unity not for creating division.Please write to create unity only.
srk is super muslim
written by rehaam , August 13, 2010
written by sudeshna basu , December 26, 2010
i totally agree with you Mr. M . hussain ...............these articles are nothing but shows mere intolerance n reflects their ignorant frame of mind....Before blaming others they should look what is in their mind .....
Salam for all
written by Taloot Khan , March 02, 2011
who want to convert to islam in the way of the marriage
written by hindu , April 18, 2011
Some facts are wrong, omar abdullah wife payal is a sikh girl.

Second waheeda rehman married a hindu man "kamaljeet singh"
written by hindu , April 18, 2011
And yeah i dont agree that very few muslim girl marry hindu boys , here you are lying their are as many cases where a hindu boy marry muslim girl but some extremist ignore those marriages and consider only the reverse.

Their are 300 marriages btw hindu man(mostly defence services) and kashmiri girl every year according to state govt data.A film was also made on it , if kashmiri muslim girl can marry hindu man then any muslim girl can marry hindu man.

This is an article feel with hatred so many big muslim actress have married hindu, what you want more.
NARGIS, waheeda,madhubala and many more infact how many top hindu actress have married muslim man then you can remember sharmila tagore .
written by ankit , May 03, 2011
do you think you have any credibility after some statements like

1-mk gandhi daughter married a muslim man.WAIT WHEN THE HELL MK GANDHI HAD A DAUGHTER.

2-Indira gandhi married a parsi man feroz gandhy and not a muslim.When did the hell you will understand that PARSI ARE REAL OWNERS OF PERSIA AND THEIR LANGUAGE IS "FARSI".

do you think after such blunders you have any credibility left in you.

Many hindu leaders have married muslim women as well.

About abdullah family, they were not against the marriage of sara with pilot but in India politics dominate everything in kashmir this thing is a political issue.

Infact abdullah eldest daughter is married to an african christian. His second daughter married to a kashmiri muslim and his youngest daughter sara is wife of pilot.

written by Bahu of Bengal , September 25, 2011
Didn't Kishore Kumar convert to Islam to marry actress Madhubala nee Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi?

Also, didn't Dharmendra convert to Islam to take Hema Malini as a second wife?
To Ankit : re Indira Gandhi
written by Scrutator , September 25, 2011

You are wrong about the case of Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi. She indeed married a moslem called Feroze Khan in a London mosque in about 1942. Feroze's father was a supplier of wines to the household of Motilal Nehru, Indira's grandfather. When 'Mahatma' Mohandas K. Gandhi the Congress supreme leader heard about this, he immediately forced J.L. Nehru (the father of Indira Gandhi) to compel Feroze Khan to change his name to Feroze Gandhi by deed poll and subsequently, a 'Vedic marriage' was enacted in India to fool its Hindu population. This is how the canard of Feroze Gandhi being a Parsee was spread.

Besides, many are of the opinion Indira's two sons were fathered by two different muslims -- Rajeev by Feroze Khan (later Gandhi) and Sanjay by Mohd. Yunus. Thus Indira was put through stealth love jihad for muslims to keep a grip on power in India.
written by terminator , January 13, 2012

YOU ARE WRONG the fact people like you try very hard to spread the rumor but the reality is "MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH DAUGHTER WAS THE ONE WHO MARRIED GUJARATI HINDU WADIA" anyone can search WADIA is gujarati hindu surname belonging to Baniya(merchants caste) further you dont have to change any name, their is no man called "NAWAB KHAN" further muslims like you try to spread this but the reality is Jinnah daughter the head of muslims married a Gujarati Hindu Naval Wadia to fool muslims as their was 1000s of hindus who were living in pakistan and if they would have known that Hindu Man married Dina jinnah then we can think that how many more hindus would have been killed therefore Nehru with cooperation with Jinnah fooled that "WADIA ARE PARSIS, PLZ SEARCH THE NAME OF ARJUN MODH WADIA THE CONGRESS PRESIDENT OF GUJARAT" WADIA are gujarati hindu you can search on internet.

Further Feroze gandhi his history is extremely clear he was born to "FARIDUNJI JEHANGIR GANDHI" , rumors such as that are only gud for muslims like you. His brothers were faredoon gandhi, dorab gandhi, and sister tehmina gandhi kersasp(married in parsi businessmen family).

Similarly his aunt Dr Shirin Homi Commisariat(faridunji sister) was reknowned surgeon of allahabad.

The only daughter who married "HINDU MAN" was Muhammad ali jinnah daughter who married "NAVAL WADIA"(gujarati hindu)
written by terminator , January 13, 2012
further two grand-daughters of Dr Zakir Husain -

1-rehana mishra

2-Nilofer Menon(salman khurshid sister)

are married to Hindu, Niece of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad -najma heptullah daughter married hindu man, aamir khan elder sister nuzhat khan(descendant of maulana azad) married Anil Pal(bengali hindu) whose son is "IMRAN KHAN PAL" the fact he use IMRAN khan because of commercial purpose,

similarly Priyanka Gandhi married "ROBERT VADHERA" non-hindu try their best to prove him christian but his father was a RSS member "RAJINDER VADHERA" and his mother was Irish national roman catholic in his interview he clearly said he asked for civil marriage whereas his mother ask for church marriage(which was rejected by church as he is not baptised) at last they(robert and priyanka) have hindu marriage.

Similarly gandhi has 4 sons and "1 DAUGHTER" hahahahaha , gandhi has daughter i swear even Gandhi dont know about that.

It was his spoilt and brat son "MANILAL" who fell in love with a muslim girl "FATIMA GOOL" whose father was a muslim gujarati businessman settled in cape town both "ENGAGED" but when in 1929 he wrote to "HIS FATHER GANDHI" that he is going to marry "FATIMA" he was shocked as he thought that his son "MANILAL" will convert to islam, he knew fatima from school days because of which gandhi warned that if he married muslim girl he will disown her and recalled him to india and married a "BANIYA GIRL" , the fact that muslim girl "FATIMA GOOL" remained unmarried throughout her whole life itself shows her love for Gandhi Son "MANILAL GANDHI".

Muslim girls naturally love Hindu boys all know about "BAJI RAO-MASTANI(NIZAM DAUGHTER)" she even commited "SATI" when Baji Rao died at a young age of 40 years it was not that Baji rao was first hindu to marry muslim women Maharana Sanga married Mahmud Khilji daughter Noorunissa in 1507AD similarly Shivaji Maternal Uncle was married to Muslim Women Rashida but "MASTANI" was first muslim mistress(they were not married) to commit "SATI"
written by terminator , January 13, 2012
plz search the surname "wADIA" including Congress president of Gujarat , Arjunmodh Wadia, muslim girls all over the world love Hindu boys,

one muslim girl from london fled to india only to marry Hindu boy ashwini, afshan azad bangladeshi muslim fell in love with arjun chauhan in london , she acts in harry potter movies.

Nobel Prize laurete VS NAIPAUL(BRAHMIN) married Nadira who is sister of (RETD) Major General and commander of rawalpindi cantonment , first nadira was disown when she married naipaul however later on her brother accepted both naipaul and his sister "HE WAS ASSASINATED BY EXTREMIST MUSLIMS FOR ACCEPTING HIS SISTER AND WORLD MOST FAMOUS WRITER OF WORLD VS NAIPAUL(HIS JIJAJI)"
written by Dwito , January 13, 2012
Thanks for your informative post. Although I don't have time to scrutiny the data you provided here and not in a mood to argue on that also, all i have to say is this essay is not about inter-faith marriage. It's sole purpose is to depict the unfair stealth social warfare of Muslims to woo non-Muslims into Islam, which is a proven vile theology. So marriage of Muslim girls with non-Muslim groom is summarily out of subject, that your basic point is.
Furthermore, your detail report proves that you have a good knowledge on this serious issue.
Therefore I would like to request you to stay with us and enrich this site with your valuable comments.Thank you.
thnx for applause
written by terminator , January 14, 2012

but i request plz use some dffferent name plz.

The fact the data from delhi register showed that more muslim girls married hindu boys than reverse atleast in delhi, similarly many of "MARATHA GENERALS MARRIED PUPPET MOGUL EMPEROR DAUGHTERS" and to do that is nothing mean as "MOGULS ARE DESCENDANTS OF TIMUR" though it was TIMUR father who converted to islam it means Mogul themselves become muslims only around some "12501-270ad"

The fact lie will not do , Once the great Modern Dictator and general Adolf Hitler said "IF YOU REPEAT A LIE 1000 TIMES , WEAK PERSONS ACCEPT IT AS A TRUTH" what he mean iwill explain when he used to ask normal Germans to Kill Jews he used to say that these "FILTHY ARE WORSE THAN ANIMALS AND WE ARYANS ARE MESSENGER OF GOD AND ITS OUR RIGHT TO KILL THEM" he tell them same thing so many times that their brain was completely washed(similar to jihadi terrorists)

The fact their are good muslims and their is no denying , lot of muslim saints have even claimed that "GOD VISHNU IS THE REAL ALLAH" they back themsevles because "PROPHET MOHAMMAD" says that only "CHRISTIANS AND JEWS ARE NOT MUSLIMS HE DONT MENTION HINDU" dont mind have you ever gave attention that "ISLAM SIGN OF MOON HAVE COME FROM GOD SHIVA , GOD SHIVA HAS SIMILAR SIGN IN HIS HAIR LOCKS, THE OM sign has similar moon like symbol"

Similarly zakir naik many consider him a uselss guy but he always tried to difuse tension btw hindu muslim by saying and pointing similarity btw hindu-muslims.

written by terminator , January 14, 2012
But spreading rumors such as indra gandhi and the so called "DAUGHTER OF GANDHI" which i am sure neither did gandhi nor his wife knew about it will not help.

Many muslim girls married hindu boys , many pakistani girls have married hindu boys from india, visit dubai and see how many indian hindu men have married local arab women, you mentioned SHAHRUKH KHAN why you dont mention

1-nargis(legendary actress)-she was born to hindu father(converted to islam) and muslim mother but in her tunr she married sunil dutt and herself converted to hinduism(nirmala dutt).

2-waheeda rehman-their will be no actress in this country who came close to her in talent or fame, this site claimed she did not married because of religion, completely fake she married "SHASHI REKHI"(punjabi hindu) who don the screen name of kamaljeet in movies.

3-Madhubala-considered the most beautiful women of world or atleast india of her time and she married a bengali brahmin kishore kumar ganguly. The reports of his conversion to islam is very very "HOLLOW" and considering the rumors spread by muslims such as conversion of "NEIL ARMSTRONG OR MICHAEL JACKSON" to islam i am more than sure that "KISHORE KUMAR NEVER CONVERTED AS THEY HAVE FIRST A NIKAH THEN COURT MARRIAGE AND THEN A HINDU SHADI".


written by terminator , January 14, 2012
this is a lie have a look at their wedding she(sarah) has "SINDOOR" and also wearing "MANGALSUTRA" , infact for most times she wear Mangalsutra. In short yes i accept that in one indian state(kerala) situation is bad, reallly bad not because only muslim boys are marrying hindu girls, know many hindu malyali boys married to muslim girls but the problem is conversion "EVEN WHEN HINDU BOY MARRY MUSLIM GIRL IN KERALA THEY CONVERT TO ISLAM" most noted example which most hindu ignored but i caught is "JAVED SHAIKH ALIAS PRANESH PILLAI SON OF GOPINATH PILLAI" who is he, he was a terrorist who was shot dead alongside "ISHRAT JEHAN" he converted to islam to marry his muslim girlfriend and has two boys from her, after which he went to dubai.

And plz do scrutinize my info "BECAUSE MY INFO ARE NOT LIES AS PRESENT ON THIS SITE" i am not saying that everything written on this site is "FAKE" but yes many things are.

How many of you know that two grand-daughters of dr zakir husain are married to hindu, aamir khan(actor) is great grand son of maulana abdul kalam azad his elder sister NUZHAT khan married Anil Pal whose son is Imran Khan Pal(bhanja of aamir khan) now you will say he use IMRAN KHAN then reason its "COMMERCIAL" wasnt their a time when we have muslims such as dilip kumar, madhubala, meena kumari similarly this is KHAN time otherwise IMRAN KHAN himself said he celebrate both DIWALI AND EID with as much enthusiasm , NUZHAT(great grand daughter of maulana azad) was first muslim from this prestigeous family to marry a hindu man, after that "HIS YOUNGER BROTHER AAMIR KHAN WAS MARRIED TO HINDU WOMAN" but some of hindus like you will always notice that "AAMIR KHAN MARRIED HINDU WHAT ABOUT HIS ELDER SISTER"

Similarly for notice Amrita singh was a sikh , herself daughter of sikh father and muslim mother , saif ali khan is now dating "KAREENA KAPOOR" you are noticing this but at the same time ignored that "HER COUSIN RANBIR KAPOOR DATED KATRINA KAIF AND THEN NARGIS FAKHRI" now listen closely these are BOLLYWOOD actors and frankly speaking they dont consider religion that much neither hindu nor muslims.

written by terminator , January 14, 2012
Saif sister soha ali khan too is dating KUNAL KHEMU(kashmiri pandit) but as usual you will ignore that. The fact i am a "HARDCORE HINDU BUT I DONT LIKE DOUBLE STANDARDS,LIES AND RUMORS"

humayun kabir married Hindu women caught your attention but his own daughter married a chrisitian "GEORGE FERNANDES" and his niece Shukla kabir Sinha(daughter of humayun elder brother jehangir kabir) is married to Advocate Mr Manas Sinha and she is Sitting Judge of Calcutta HC(also younger sister of sc judge altmas kabir)

These double standards irk me and i am frank i hate Hindus like you or all those who try to spread such rumors that Muslim Boys are marrying Hindu girls. You want a challenge give me example from news paper articles about that case and i will give you example of reverse case and its a promise i will outnumber your case.

Yes the thing on which i agree is that INDIAN MEDIA dont cover those cases in much detail , for example they dont show Afshan Azad and her Hindu boyfriend case that too they are in london all the major newschannels of England and US run that story as main news but ouR "SECULAR MEDIA WAS NOT INTERESTED" if the case was reverse then they would have been interested.


ANSWER-NOT REALLY- sharmila tagore mother was grand daughter of "RABINDRANATH TAGORE BROTHER HIJENDRANATH" in short she is not descendant of rabindranath tagore by any means. Let me give you an example.




all B,C,D,E are descendants of A but D is not descendant of C and E is not descendant of B. Descent means offspirng by "SEXUAL INTERCOURSE" .

On the contrary dr zakir husain has two daughters and 7 grand children(including salman khurshid).

He has 5- grand daughters and 2 grand sons two grand daughters -Dr Rehana Rehman Mishra and Niloufer Khurshid Menon are married to hindu man this is direct descent.

Similarly Aamir khan is direct descendant of Maulana azad(great grand son) and his sister married a hindu man.

written by terminator , January 14, 2012
Niece wise najma heptulla(niece of maulana azad) daughter is married to hindu, one of the most well known teacher of classical music "USTAD ALLAUDIN KHAN" gave away his daughter to "PANDIT RAVI SHANKAR" because he was so impressed by his student his daughter roshan ara became annapurna devi and won padma bhushan and ofcourse ravi shankar has already won "BHARAT RATAN" and he is only asia to win French legion de honor(highest civilian award of france).

I know this is a very long post but its necessary reason i am not worried about such marriage as i knew that both are very much balanced.

WADIA-Any gujarati Hindu know that WADIA is hindu gujarati surname which belonged to baniya(traders and merchants) caste but after hindu wadia married jinnah daughter you will find that gujarati muslims adopted WADIA surname.

Search matrimonial websites and see the real "WADIA" and if not then search who is "CONGRESS PRESIDENT OF GUJARAT CONGRESS PRADESH COMMITEE"-arjun modh wadia
this whole site sucks
written by terminator , January 15, 2012
This site is made by "MUSLIMS" who try to show that how "POWERFUL" muslims are they must be aware that when Maratha Empire retaliated it destroyed "WHOLE OF MOGUL EMPIRE" , Maratha empire under Peshwa Baji Rao raided delhi twice in 1736-1737(3 years before nadir shah defeated already defeated moguls at karnal).

Maratha empire at its peak cover area from Kashmir to Tamilnadu and Bengal(bangladesh) to Peshawar/attock. At 1761 Maratha empire alone fought against 4 muslim empires-1-Durrani empire
2-Mogul empire
3-Nawab of oudh
4-rohilla afghans

Maratha a clan which population according to 2011 census Maratha clan counts 78 lacs and today india population is 121 crore in short only 78 lacs people are the one who "sAVED HINDUISM FROM MUSLIMS" therefore those who have done nothing and now are scared or just try to show themselves as "PROTECTOR OF HINDUISM" go home and sleep.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh single handedly destroyed Afghan(durrani empire) his empire includes "KHYBER PASS" (located in afghanistan-pakistan both) . If these British Empire would have not come "KABUL WOULD HAVE BEEN CAPTURED BY HINDU-SIKHS LONG BACK"

most hindus dont know who ended muslim rule in kashmir(1354-1819), the Hindu general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh "DIWAN MISR CHAND" who defeated Pathan governor Jabbar Khan(durrani empire) killed him and ended 500 year muslim rule. Similarly Sayyid ahmed a muslim fanatic declared" JIHAD AGAINST HINDU AND SIKH" in dera ghazi khan(now in pakistan), Maharaja ranjit singh send "HARI SINGH NALWA AND GULAB SINGH JAMWAL" two of his best generals in the end "THE SO CALLED JIHADI SAYYID WAS DEFEATED BROUGHT TO LAHORE(SIKH CAPITAL) AND HIS HEAD WAS CHOPPED OFF BY MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH ON DIWALI"



written by terminator , January 15, 2012
the fact is hindu dont have "UNITY" during panipat war when their was need of understanding and belief lower caste maratha chiefs such as "SINDHIA" ND "HOLKAR" were discussing that "IF THIS BRAHMIN(SADASHIV BHAU WAS CHITPAVN BRAHMIN) WON THIS BATTLE HE WILL RULE FROM BENGAL TO KABUL AND WE WILL WASH HIS CLOTHES"

this was the division in "MARATHA CAMP COMPLETELY DIVIDED ALONG CASTE LINES" .. We have nothing to fear against "MUSLIMS" today these "PARSIS" seems so nice to Hindu their was a time when these Persians have masscared numerous "HINDU IN THE TIME OF CYRUS THE GREAT" but the fact is we "HINDU HAVE BIG HEART IF SOMEDAY MUSLIMS ARE IN SUCH A POSITION THAT THEY ARE ALMOST GOING TO END EVEN THEN IT WILL BE HINDU WHO WILL GIVE ASYLUM TO MUSLIMS" .

As our religion says never say no to anyone who asks for your help even if in past he double crossed you.
written by terminator , January 15, 2012
infact the money you waste on sites like these better donate it, cowards remain cowards and braves remain brave either they win or they die.

You guys dont know about great indian freedom fighters and will only talk about same thing "MUSLIMS ARE MARRYING HINDUS" it is true for both genders on both side, creating stories are very easy, when sambhaji(shivaji eldest son) was killed and his wife yesubai and son were taken to mogul emperor aurangzeb he wanted to convert this boy into islam it was his daughter who oppossed her father aurangzeb and for next 13 years they live in the palace those who have dirty mind like you they spread this rumor that "AURANGZEB DAUGHTER LOVED SAMBHAJI AND THEREFORE SHE WAS EXTREMELY CLOSE TO SHAHU(HIS SON)" infact raised him as her own son the so called name shahu was given by aurangzeb himself to the grandson of shivaji. Further to prove they will say that aurangzeb daughter never married and raised shahu as her own son , people like you will distort this fill it will stories of affair and love . after aurangzeb death all the relatives were released by mogul in 1707, the boy who was taken captive at an age of 7 was now 20 and become the chatrapati of maratha empire for next 32 years.


but people like you will find stories full of spices and spread it as rumor.

written by terminator , January 15, 2012
if you want more name to satisfy yoursel here is another prominent muslim women " rubina malhotra grand daughter of former jammu and kashmir prime minister(royal times their was PM NOT CM) baskhi ghulam mohammad is married to ranjeet malhotra son of former punjab governor surendranath malhotra"


Mix marriage and conversion; @terminator
written by M. A. Khan, editor , January 15, 2012
If you have read this article carefully, you should know that it is about mixed marriages between a Muslim and a non-Muslim, and the non-Muslim partner's conversion into Islam. It doesn't say that a Muslim girl never marries a non-Muslim. What it says is that when mixed marriages happen between a Muslim and non-Muslim, the non-Muslim partner almost always has to convert to Islam -- when conversion does occur. If you think, this premise is not accurate, then please present us statistics to show it otherwise. Else, stop loading irrelevant stuffs on this article.
written by Nataa , January 16, 2012
have no words to say..
in dact I am confused...
written by terminator , January 17, 2012

yes i have the biggest example Dr Zakir Husain grand daughter Niloufer Khurshid Menon(also salman khurshid sister) , plus her father was external ministers in indra gandhi regime she converted to Hinduism upon marriage with civil servant who works in external ministry himself.

You have not counted many you think that any muslim man who marry hindu woman she convert to islam but dont accept the reverse.

Sarah Pilot converted to Hinduism upon marriage with Sachin Pilot son of Rajesh pilot. Nargis converted to hinduism upon marriage.


Neither Hindus are concerrned with muslims and their Jihad, because of sikh empire and sikhs hindu legendary generals "DIWAN MOHKAM CHAND AND DIWAN MISR CHAND" are hidden they were commander in chief of maharaja ranjit singh from 1799-1827 . We hindu(mostly pajnabi khatri and jammu dogra rajputs)-sikhs decisively defeated afghan governor jabbar khan in 1819 and ended 500 muslim rule and for past 200 year we hindu-sikhs(togehter india) have gone strength from strength.
written by terminator , January 17, 2012
I think mr ma khan you didnt notice i said that kerala has serious problem as many hindu boys converted to islam for marrying muslims but not other indian states many kashmiri girls married hindu boys and converted to hinduism . Kashmiri separatist never forgot to remind kashmiri muslims of marriages btw hindu boys with kashmiri girls and to portray it as "a plan to capture kashmir".
written by terminator , January 17, 2012
@ma khan first your fake facts keep it with yourself such as gandhi has a "INVISIBLE DAUGHTER" or Indra gandhi i dont read history from internet like you so the question of "FOOLING A GUY LIKE ME INTO YOUR FAKE ARTICLES AND SOME BLOGS SHOWING THE SAME RUMOR WILL NOT DO ATLEAST NOT TO ME" therefore fool those who dont know history and they will say "i am surprised , i didnt know that".


Dr Zakir Husain grand daughter converted to hinduism her name niloufer khurshid menon.
written by M. A. Khan, editor , January 17, 2012
We are certainly aware that in the elite class, where religion matters little to people, there are some conversions from Islam to another religion. But one or two cases do not change the fact that an overwhelming majority of conversions (>90%) occur from non-Islam to Islam. And this does apply to India only, the same is happening in the West -- where many Muslim boys, as well as girls to a lesser extent, establishment love relationship with non-Muslim partners and convert them to Islam before or after marriage.
written by Scrutator , January 17, 2012
Mr M A Khan is right; there are a few stray cases where the muslim partner has converted to a marry a non-muslim person. But they are the exceptions, in the vast majority of cases (over 95%), the non-muslim has to convert to marry a muslim !

As a boy, at Lucknow, India I observed my elder sister's friend, a Hindu state-level female athlete married a a muslim man who converted to Hinduism at the Arya Samaj, taking the surname of 'Chowdhary'. This happened because the girl's dad insisted she married a Hindu. But how such cases are there ?

Terminator, you are wrong above to dismiss my assertion of Indira Gandhi converting to Islam to marry a muslim (Feroze Khan). Google this topic and you'll find all the relevant information. She DID convert to Islam at a London mosque around 1942, taking up the muslim name of 'Maimuna Khan'. Much later, on a visit to Saudi Arabia as a PM, the authorities there suggested she could do the 'Umra' during her visit. If she had not converted, why would the Saudis suggest this ? This suggestion was turned down, as her advisors held performing the Umra would be political suicide for her back home in India.

The fact remains very few have come out of Islam to marry a non-muslim person, while millions have had to convert to Islam in order to marry a muslim. Throughout the ages, this has displayed the rigidity, intolerance and unjust behaviour of the muslims.
@ Terminator
written by Scrutator , January 17, 2012
My earlier comment on your assertions is being reviewed by the editorial team.

Incidentally, say if a Miss Bharti Misra married a certain Mr Imran Khan, will muslim Mr Khan allow Bharti to name herself as "Bharti Misra Khan" after her conversion ? Certainly not ! The ex-Hindu girl will be allocated a muslim female name, which she will have to use throughout her life !

This contrasts with the example you've cited above; here Mr Menon has allowed his muslim wife to carry on with name of "Niloufer Kurshid Menon". In all probability, she has not had to convert to Hinduism either, both going through a 'civil marriage' !

This show the difference between liberal people and illiberal, unjust muslims !
written by terminator , January 17, 2012

you know what i am a ardent book reader , history culture religion and all those things first all your site myths and "FAKE CASES OF MARRIAGES WRITTEN ON THIS PAGE WAS ALREADY EXPOSED BY ME keep your bed time stories for your children not me"

about niloufer khurshid menon . Her father was external affairs minister and her mother was one of the 2 daughter of dr zakir husain.

Sher fell in love with a civil servant , till her grand father dr husain was alive they used to meet regulalry and marriage was almost fixed unfortunately dr husain died and this give her father an opportunity to transfer the civil servant away, she went to mukul banerji for help he reported that the girl niloufer was so attached to the boy she read all hindu texts stop eating non-vegiterian food.

She then went to atal bihari vajpayee for his help to persuade her father however her father refuses , then indra gandhi noticed this incident summoned her father and marriage was solemnize as per hindu rituals.
@terminator; stop spamming
written by M. A. Khan, editor , January 17, 2012
Please try to write your says on an article in a single post. Wait for someone to respond to your initial comment before posting your the next comment.

You have been spamming the site by continuously posting comments. If this continues, you will be banned from commenting. I have asked you to produce statistics of mixed marriages with Muslims. I can challenge you that if there were 100 mixed marriages occurred between Muslim and non-Muslim partners and conversion occurred in all 100 cases, in some 90 cases -- conversions were to Islam.

Mind that we are talking about India, a kafir country. In Muslim countries, 100% conversions occur to Islam.

Now if you disagree with me, then produce the complete stats of Muslim-nonMuslim mixed marriages in India over the past 10 years. Alternatively, show us one case where in a mix marriage in Pakistan, the Muslim partner converted to Hinduism or Christianity or Sikhism. If you cannot, then I request you not post any further comment.
written by terminator , January 17, 2012
hey man, now i exposed your site as well as your fake myths and many fake cases all the muslim girls love hindu boys further hindu remember the revenge till he completes , Shivaji descendants married mogul emperor daughters and fullfill their promise we took away "THE MOST PRIZED MOSLEM WOMEN DINA JINNAH A GUJARATI HINDU BUSINESSMEN WADIA TRAPPED HER"
written by terminator , January 17, 2012
oh first all your cases of hindu woman converting into islam are fake for ex subramaniam swamy daughter converted to islam from which source you are claiming. Oh this is challenge you copy and paste muslim boys marriage with hindu girls news articles from reliable and firm sources and i will post marriage of hindu boys with muslim girls lets see who outnumbers who.
written by terminator , January 17, 2012
oh yeah i challenge that in 100 such cases 99 cases are those where conversion took place into hinduism. if not then you prove it.

"terminator" banned
written by M. A. Khan, editor , January 17, 2012
Folks, this spammer "terminator" -- who has not only been spamming non-stop, but is also making false accusations about us. For example, in his last post he says:
The fact is: we have made reference to conversion of Jinnah's mother, and Firoze Gandhi.

Moreover, to my reading, Jinnah's daughter married Neville Wadia, a Parsi -- whom "terminator" is portraying as a Gujarati Hindu. Wadia is a well-known Parsi surname. And Dina's son Nusli Wadia lives in the Parsi community in Mumbai.

However, because of his unrelenting spamming, ignoring my warnings, I have banned him from posting further comments.
one should know Islam before commening on anything
written by common man , January 20, 2012
Half knowledge is evil. If I tell you something thing good about Islam people who are against of Islam they will refuse to hear. Then it is very obvious that people who talk against Islam they not pay attention to hear what Islam speaks about, they just talk what they like and people who talks without the knowledge of the subject it is madness . The great personalities above who embraced Islam do you thing that they were not intelligent to know what Islam is. It very communalism to say that what they did was bad. It was their life they are best decision maker for themselves who are we to say anything about them. Islam teaches the simple and easy life first one should understand the subject before commenting on anything.
I love my country …. J
ai Hind
@Common Man
written by M. A. Khan, editor , January 20, 2012
The great personalities above who embraced Islam do you thing that they were not intelligent to know what Islam is. It very communalism to say that what they did was bad.
To know what Islam is, one must thoroughly read and understand the Quran, hadiths and Sira. And it is a fact that not even one in a thousand Muslims read the Quran, understanding its meaning, forget about reading the hadith and Sira. So, these well-known persons, who converted to Islam after falling in love with Muslims, definitely did not try to understand what Islam truly is. I can challenge that not even one of these persons read the Quran thoroughly before converting. And we know that when Jemmima eventually freed herself of her infatuation for Imran, she went back to old infidel ways. Which clearly says that she was forced to embrace Islam capitalizing on her love for Imran Khan.

Diving human beings are communalism. And capitalizing on someone's love to force him/her to convert to Islam and break his/her kindred relations (with father, mother, brothers, sisters and relatives) is the worst form of communalism. And Islam is most adept at that.

Those people are not unintelligent per se. They are just good-hearted people who fell in love with the wrong persons, communal persons, hell-bent on severing their kindred and family ties, and they were willing to make those big sacrifices.

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