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Fecal and Urinary Jihad Trend Among Momins

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Allah hates all non Muslims because they are  the worst of  creations, lowest of the low  , worse than animals  and evil  ( 2.99, 8.22,8.55,95.5,  98.6). They have been declared filthy and najis (untouchable) likefeces (9.28). Here a very famous learned Muslim scholar of Quran Dr Qazi vey rightly describes a non-Muslim.

As good people are served with good food najis and evil people are served with feces and urine.   Here are some jihadi Muslims, who made the whole umma proud by serving kuffar with urine and feces.


Yasser made Allah happy by carrying his urine in bottles in his ice cream truck; and every time a little one bought an ice cream cone he sprinkled his urine on it. He carried frozen urine also for those who big kids who wanted a big bowl of ice cream.

Schlussel via RoP:

Philly Ice Cream Truck Driver Peddles Urine Pops?…

Was Muslim ice cream truck driver Yasser Hassan planning to serve “urine popsicles” to non-Muslim Philadelphia area kids?

No worries, as the Koran and the Hadiths would say: it’s okay to sell this to infidel kids….

Since Mr. Hassan works as an independent contractor, officials from the impound yard say that, for now, Hassan has a legal right to reclaim the truck and go back to selling ice cream in Eastern Bucks County.

“We have to release the vehicle to him after we clean it out,” John McCollum of Ace Towing and Recovery said.

Very cool! He drinks and drives and pisses all over the ice cream truck, and he gets the taxpayers of Eastern Bucks County to clean it for him. Alhamdillullah [Praise to Allah].



A British momin got his blessings from Allah by throwing a mixture of his feces and urine on the merchandise and food belonging to kuffar. No body knows how long was he carrying out this Islamic activity before finally the infidels grabbed him.

Here is the news:



UPDATE - 02/24/09 "A man sprayed a mixture of urine and feces in two supermarkets, a pub and a bookshop in Gloucestershire, a jury at Bristol Crown Court has heard. Sahnoun DaifAllah, 42, a devout Muslim of Bibury Road, Gloucester, is alleged to have caused damage estimated at £700,000 last May. Mr DaifAllah pleaded not guilty to four charges of contaminating goods and two of damaging property. He also denied possession of material to contaminate goods and possession of an offensive weapon. The court heard he visited the Air Balloon pub near the village of Birdlip on 14 May 2008 where police were called after he asked a barmaid how much it would cost to rape her." For article go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/gloucestershire/7906639.stm

Original Post Begins Below:

42 year old, Sahnoun DaifAllah, appeared in front of a magistrate on charges he squirted a "foul-smelling" substance, later determined to be a mixture of feces and urine, over frozen chips and wine bottles at a Tesco in Gloucester -- he then went on to  shower and ruin 706 children’s books at Waterstones in Cirencester, Gloucs. Not quite satisfied with showering his human liquid waste concoction over just two stores, Mr DaifAllah proceeded to the Air Balloon pub where, after making offensive comments to the barmaid, he proceeded to sprinkle more feces and urine all over the pub food. This filthy defilement of property has cost the business owners considerable amounts of money to clean their establishment as well as replace the urine-fecal destroyed items.


Here is an ingenious way to get blessings by feeding feces to kuffar and getting paid for it too. Read on:


Cardiff, U.K., 11th February 2008 (The Opinionator)

Two Muslim Bakery/Pizzeria owners were today fined for selling chocolate cake - which had been sprinkled with human feces.

A horrified customer ate the foul-smelling gateaux but noticed that it didn't taste or smell "quite right" and handed the cake to public health scientists.

The analysts soon established that the sweet treat was covered in feces and legal proceedings against the bakery owners were started.

Owners Saeed Hasmi, 25, and Syed Jan Yadgari, 23, were fined £1,500 for selling food unfit for human consumption.

The pair - who ran the Italiano Pizzeria in Roath, Cardiff - admitted the charge but did not say how the chocolate cake was contaminated.

The takeaway is a favourite with late-night revellers and students living around the takeaway close to Cardiff University.

A spokeswoman for the public health department in Cardiff City Council said: "The person who bought the cake realised it didn't taste or smell quite right so they reported it to us.

"Subsequent examination by the public analyst and national public health service laboratories confirmed the presence of fecal matter.

"There were bits of it all over the top of the cake.

"We cannot say for definite what kind of fecal matter it is, although it is very likely it was human. It would have to go through a DNA test for us to know for absolutely sure."

Hasmi and Yadgari at first denied the charge but pleaded guilty at Cardiff magistrates court before the trial.

Hasmi, of Roath, Cardiff, and Yadgari, of Adamsdown, Cardiff, were each fined £1,500 and ordered to pay £200 costs.



Dallas, USA where Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh, 49, a devout Muslim, is on trial for allegedly throwing the feces on pastries at a Fiesta grocery store. Police said that during an investigation, they found a pile of human feces by his bed. Investigators believe Nahidmobarekeh would dry the feces, either by microwave or just letting it sit out, grate it up with a cheese grater and then sprinkle it at the store. A young boy, maybe 3 years old, was later seen on the surveillance tape, eating one of the defiled cookies."

There were consistent complaints about foul smelling cookies and cakes which led to investigations and apprehension of the Muslim pastry Chef.

There appears to be a nasty and disgusting pattern emerging - Muslim men conducting a body waste Jihad. Such body fluids would be considered hazardous waste in a medical setting. With the numbers of serious and often fatal diseases, including polio and hepatitis, that can be carried by human waste - there needs to be harsher penalties for fecal jihadists.



While momins were taking turns raping the disrobed non Muslim journalist Lora Logan in Cairo revolution, Muslims surrounding the spectacle pulled out their private parts and urinated on the najis woman. This way they could participate in the jihad against the kafir woman and claim sawab on the judgement day…


A very brave pious Muslim woman, who did not have an opportunity to urinate or shit on the kuffar, did the next best thing; she spit on them at every opportunity she got… Nuha was arrested for spitting on white customers in a Walmart Store in Florida. She told the arresting officers that she was only doing what Allah had instructed her to do,


You really cannot blame her for practicing Islam, after all.

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Good articles are sometimes disgusting...
written by Duh_swami , May 21, 2011
Sht jihad...Muslims are full of it and just want to share...I have read these and other reports before, and will not eat anywhere Muslims cook or are employed as food handlers...
written by Simple_Logic , May 21, 2011

They should starting doing constructive work such as stool & urine testing in some lab or instead of selling bakery should open medical test laboratory.
never eat
written by Rationalist , May 21, 2011
I've never eaten in any Muslim-owned food outlets. You never know the form of Jihad they are gng to practice on you. Also avoid Quran-only Muslims as well.
written by Amboyduke , May 21, 2011
Does it never cease?
Just when you think it can't get much worse they start flingin' the piss and shit!!!

How and the hell are we gonna get rid of these freaks without bloodshed?
Apostacy is a noble hope, but holy shit (pun intended) I don't think that is going to happen.
If I ever saw someone in a restaurant or food service facility do something gross to my food, I'd beat the SOB to within an inch of his life, and gladly take the jail time.
Ayesha Ahmed
written by Kafirwala , May 22, 2011

Welcome back, Ayesha, after a very long time! This time, instead of your usual satire, it is a blood- chilling news! Thank you for bringing it to us.

After reading everything I just cannot understand the nonchalance on the part of the authorities. I can understand the true muslim zombies who consider non- muslims as sh*t and their behavior towards non- muslims. But, look at the attitude of authorities. They are totally ineffective.

In retrospect, I think this is something the westerners asked for! The result of their mindless permission given to muslims to settle down in their countries. This kind of deeds on the part of muslims serves them right. Not only this kind of activities, the acts of terrorism, sabotage etc. also doesn't seem to teach these rascals anything. All who know true Islam and the muslims well, advise them to take proper precautions, but these rascals are in the name of democracy, secularism etc. looking the other way. They will certainly pay for it dearly some day, I am sure.

Recently, it was love jihad. What kind of jihad is this? Fecel and urinary... Good!

To Ayesha Ahmad.
written by Reed Wilson. , May 22, 2011
Good you showed up at last no matter with shit, urine and all pathological lab specimens.

I hope your forthcoming articles will smell better.
no kidding
written by dead or alive , May 22, 2011
Eat shit and die.
To Reed Wilson
written by Archpagan , May 22, 2011
But, your scripture too sets rules for peeing and defecating. Does that emit fragrance?
written by Reed Wilson. , May 22, 2011
Archpagan. You are asking " But, your scripture too sets rules for peeing and defecating. Does that emit fragrance?

Do you mean Quran? I have not seen such rules in Quran.
written by Brown Superman , May 22, 2011
The Chief Terrorist (aka Sex Maniac) forgot to include those rules in the Book of Bullshits commanded by the fake god, because he was busy f**king his war booty beauties in the name of allah.
written by Christina wilk , May 22, 2011
A good question was asked "Why do we, the people, let the Government and it's democratic laws, not take serious action against these people"? Are they afraid of the repercussion? Is it true that Moslems out number the other part of the population? Send all the extremists back to where they came from. The difficulty is that our own Country has people like this that actually were born here. Where can we send them? They are bitter and twisted. What type of children are they bringing up in our Country? More terrorists ..etc..?
written by Rationalist , May 22, 2011
Your Quran itself is full of shit and waste.
written by Guy Macher , May 22, 2011
Don't do business with Muslims nor businesses that do business with Muslims. Campbell's Soup has halal soup now. I stopped buying Campbell's products. It's painless. For a while the local grocery sold only halal chicken; I told the owner "I buy my chicken at your competitor's now and advise everyone else to do the same thing." He said, "I really don't have many Muslim customers, I'll scrap the halal stuff." Simple!

Don't vote for politicians who support Islam or Muslims. Tell politicians why you are not voting for them and why they are not getting your cash contributions.

Spread the word of the Koran whenever there are Muslims so kafirs understand the danger.

Keep your powder dry.
Faecal Islam
written by balam , May 23, 2011
Dr.Ali Guma,Mufti of Egypt wrote a book,in which he gave the fatwa ,referring to the Islamic sources that the companions of prophet Mohammad used to eat his faeces and drink his urine to gain blessings of allah.If Mohammad ever spat,they would immediatly pick that up and rub on their faces out of devotion.The Kafirs do not wish to follow the comanions and eat the SHIT of Muslims and drink their URINE.They should consume that themselves.This message should be spread around so that the Non-Muslims don't eat any food prepared and sold by Muslims.This has put me off for life to ever eat in a Muslim resturant.
Islam is the Truth
written by All glory is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds , May 24, 2011
Well, this comments section demonstrates the intellectual inferiority of Islam-haters. Did any of you bother to read any of the sources? In fact, some of these "news items" aren't even sourced to begin with. The ones that are talk about some drunk man (gee, some Muslim) in an icecream truck and another lunatic in a supermarket who did what he did because he was just "fed up" (but the article did not elaborate much on that). Hardly any "fecal Jihad" here, lol. The only fecal matter is in your brains -- tons of sheep on this dishonest website. Play nicely, bye.
@ Islam is Truth
written by balam , May 25, 2011
Your denial about all the facts given in the Article are quite understandable.After all,you would no longer be a Muslim if you knew the truth about Islam.Mustafa Kemal of Turkey,who analysed Islam and declaled that Islam was the ABSURD THEOLOGY OF AN IMMORAL BEDUINE.Ref Holy Terror BY AMER TAHERI.Page 187.I am sorry,I can not give you BRAIN,if you havn't got any.
@Glory due to Allah
written by JK , May 25, 2011
Those people who have their heads up their arses asking others to check the sources? That is a joke . What is the source of Quran, a peodophile charlatan who killed innocent people and raped their widows. Any one who thinks that a a God will tell his prophet to f--k any woman he wanted (33.50) , ands that an old fogey can f--k his daughter in law (33.37) , surely has his head up his arse.

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