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Inbreeding and Resulting Genetic Disorders in Muslim Community, Part 3

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The practice of first cousin marriages or marriage between close-blood relations in the Muslim community across the globe and the low-IQ children such marriages produce is a major cause of the Muslim backwardness globally. Since some 70% of the world 1.5 billion Muslims are conceived of inbreeding, and therefore likely to have low IQ, its impact on the well-being of the Muslim community is undoubtedly huge.

After the 2nd part of this article appeared in faithfreedom.org and islam-watch.org, reader "Muslim and Proud" termed my observations wrong by citing the findings of 30-year-long research of Professor Alan Bittles at the Centre for Comparative Genomics at Murdoch University marriage of first cousins. According to him, most babies born to first-cousins are healthy. Opposed to Professor Bittles’ finding, numerous other researchers have found definite and positive correlation between close-blood marriages, such as between first cousins, and the inheritance of genetic diseases. Not only that, the whole mechanism of genetics that is understood by scientists today – which enables us to produce all kinds of genetic foods to clone animals including humans – will turn out wrong, if Professor Bittles’ findings were to reflect reality. One would wonder if Professor Bittles is another of those Western scientists, like Maurice Bucaille and Keith Moore, who find all the treasure-trove of sciences in the Quran.

After the second part of the article, against my calling Prophet Muhammad a child-molester pedophile, some Muslim readers have cited a few references from Hindu scriptures that sanction child-marriage and sex with underage children.

  1. Verse 9,94 of the Manu Samhita says that a man, aged thirty years, shall marry a maiden of twelve who pleases him, or a man of twenty-four should marry an 8-year-old girl.
  2. He also pointed out that the verse III,10 of the Vishnu Purana says that a man must marry a girl whose age is one third of his own age.
  3. Mahabharata prescribes a man of 30 to marry a girl of 10.
  4. Baudhayana and Arya Gautama advise a man to give his daughter in marriage before she attains puberty.
  5. Some others say that a girl should be given in marriage before she wears clothes, and so on.

What one must comprehend is that the Hindu scriptures were written by men, called Rishis; they were not revealed from heaven by the almighty creator, unlike the holy scripture of Islam and other Abrahamic faiths. Men can change or ignore what is written by men (Rishis) as new reality arises. So, the current Hindu Marriage Act in India forbids the marriage of a girl below the age of 18. All Hindus accept this. But difficulty for Muslims is that, their holy scriptures are God’s words. Changing or instituting laws contrary to what Allah commanded and prescribed in the Quran is the most horrible and sinful things to do, which will land Muslims in hellfire for eternity.

Crippling impact of the tradition of first cousin marriages amongst Muslims

I previously thought that marriages between close blood relations in the Muslim community were stray incidents and it has no perceptible adverse impact on the Muslim community. But when I started investigating the practice of cousin-marriages in the Muslim community, I was astonished to find how widespread and deep-rooted was the practice of cousin-marriages in the Muslim community.

Muslims care little about its harmful effects. They are indifferent to the fact that consanguineous marriage produces low IQ progeny. The tradition has lasted 1,400 years or 50 generations; and in today’s world, about 50% of the total Muslim population are likely to be of low IQ due to inbreeding. The impact of this in the Muslim community will be huge, which is reflected in their poor achievements in our world today. And they are aspiring to conquer and rule the entire world. How dreadful will be the impact on humanity should they succeed!

While talking about the harmful effects of first cousin marriages it is important to distinguish between certain stray incident of such a marriage and the tradition where it is repeated again and again throughout the history. This second kind is very dangerous as it produces offspring with physical deformities. Nearly 6,000 serious ailments, including deficiency of IQ, are linked to genetic disorders. To highlight this aspect, I have attached nearly 11 Youtube video clips to the 2nd part of this article. Research on this field revealed that a child born out of incestuous marriage is more likely suffer from the diseases arising from genetic disorder.

Are diseases linked to genetic disorders inheritable? Genetic defects are always inheritable, but it may not always result in genetic disease or disorder. For example, when one parent – say father – has a genetic disorder, but the mother does not have the same genetic disorder or defect, the children born out of them may not have the father’s genetic disorder/disease, because the mothers good of the gene repairs the defect. Of course, not all genetic disorders are inherited. Many of them are acquired by a person during his/her lifetime due to new mutations. For example, excessive sun-bathing exposes one to UV radiation, which can cause damage/mutations in genes of the skin-cells. Some of those mutations hit cancer-related genes, they cause skin cancers.


Microcephaly (also called microcephalus) is a disease that prevents normal growth of the brain of the affected person.  The circumference of the head remains much smaller than normal, because the brain does not grow at the expected rate. In this condition, the brain's small size will result in a head circumference that is less than 2 standard deviations below the average size for a child of that age.

“Microcephalus is of two types. Primary microcephalus occurs with no identifiable cause as an inherited trait in families where many members are born with small head sizes. Secondary microcephalus occurs when the brain's growth is decreased because of conditions that can be identified: chromosomal anomaly such as Down syndrome, congenital infections with organisms such as the virus rubella, metabolic disorders, bacterial meningitis, or lack of oxygen early in life (called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy). A mother who uses drugs or alcohol during pregnancy can also have a child with microcephalus. Exposure to radiation or chemicals can also produce a small head size (and thus, small brain). This is especially the result of conditions that occur in the first two years of a child's life when the brain growth is most rapid”, says Wikipedia.

But most of the investigators have found a direct link between microcephalus and genetic disorder arising out of consanguineous marriages. “Primary microcephaly is a genetic disorder in which an affected individual has a head circumference >3 SDs below the age- and sex-related mean”, says an investigating team. “Microcephaly or microcephalus is a neuro-developmental disorder in which the circumference of the head is smaller than average for the person's age and sex. Microcephaly may be congenital or it may develop in the first few years of life”, says Linda Lindeke, an Associate Professor University of Minnesota, School of Nursing & Department of Pediatrics.

“The prevalence of consanguineous marriages was studied in 940 families belonging to four different socio-economic groups in and around Lahore, Pakistan. The births occurring in these families from September 1984 to March 1987 were also investigated for birth defects. …Although, the frequency of both consanguinity and birth defects were related with the socio-economic levels of the study groups, there was no association between inbreeding and birth defects. Perhaps, deleterious recessive genes for birth defects have been “bred out”, because of continuous inbreeding over generations in this population”, says a study team in Lahore, Pakistan. [5]

A group of Dutch scientists found a direct link between microcephaly and consanguineous marriage and says, “Data were collected on the incidence, geographical distribution, and genetic aspects of 113 cases of microcephaly in the Netherlands: thirty-nine cases, or about 34 %, appeared to be of special genetic origin. …Consanguinity among the parents of the ‘genetic’ propositi was found in 54 % of the cases. In 23% the parents were first cousins. In 24% no genetic arguments could be shown to exist for the diagnosis ‘special genetic type’. In 24 % the only confirmation on genetical grounds was the existence of more cases in sibs hip and/or family.” [6]

A team of Japanese scientists also found that the most cases of microcephaly originate from incestuous marriages. “Microcephaly is one of the most severe congenital abnormalities found in man. Its main characteristics are a distinctively small skull and brain, extreme idiocy, underdeveloped body and some neuropathic symptoms. Although it is rare, it may be found in both Caucasian and Mongolian races and possibly in other races as well. The cases occurring in the different races have many similar features. Great interest attaches to the genetic study of this abnormality, because of its severity, its conspicuousness and its rarity. Most of the microcephalics are undoubtedly of genetic origin, but there are cases apparently due to non-genetic. The Japanese investigators of this problem seem to have an advantage over the European or American workers is that microcephaly of genetic is apparently more common among Japanese than among occidental people. These greater incidents are based upon these facts: (1) the higher rate of consanguineous marriages among the Japanese and (2) the almost total lack of pelvic irradiation in the pregnant mother”, says the study. [7]

Rat people in Pakistan

In Pakistan, where nearly 70% of the marriages occur between first cousin marriages, produces many offspring afflicted with microcephalus, with deformation of the brain and skull. People with this deformity are called rat (Chuha, Urdu for Rat) people. Most probably the term "rat man" was coined by the German psychologist Sigmund Freud. These rat people are unfit to do any job, except begging and there are mafia gangs, who utilize them for begging on the streets.

A rat man begging on the street Gujarat,
Nadia, Pakistan

About such people in Pakistan, Mikel Joshua writes, "Hundreds of microcephalics – people born with small skulls and protruding noses and ears because of a genetic mutation – can be found on the streets of Gujrat, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Called the “rat children”, they are sold by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that they are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine's 17th century Sufi saint."

A Twitter news, on August 2, 2008, says Outside a Muslim shrine in Gujarat, Nadia, a 25 'rat woman" with a tiny head sits on a filthy mattress and takes money from worshippers who cling to an ancient fertility rite. Many of these people have been sold off by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that the “rat children” are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine’s 17th century Sufi saint. “These are God’s children. We are proud to look after her,” said Ijaz Hussain, the shrine’s government-employed custodian, as Nadia shrieked unintelligibly and put coins in a battered wooden box at her side.

According to a local legend, an infertile woman who prays at Shah Daula’s shrine, at Gujrat, she will be blessed with children, but at a terrible cost. The first child will be born microcephalic and must be offered to the shrine. Otherwise, all the children born thereafter would be microcephalics or rat children. This legend serves two purposes: (1) help concealing the real cause of microcsphalus and (2) provides an opportunity for dumpling the microcephalic baby usually in the darkness of night. The staffs of the shrine, in most cases, sell those babies to begging mafias at a lucrative price.

“Nadia was just a young child when she was dumped at the shrine 20 years ago in the dead of the night. Her parents were never traced. Since that day we have taken care of her, she is like family to us. People come here for prayers and seek fulfillment of their desires but they are respectful towards her,” says Hussain (56), a staff of the shrine…

Rat people work for the mafia gang as
beggars in Pakistan

Many believe that the beggar mafias produce rat children by arresting the normal growth of the brain of the victims by clamping the children’s heads in infancy. Pakistan’s government says it has tried to crack down exploitation of the “chuhas” and planned to set up a shelter in Gujarat to rehabilitate them.

The root cause of Muslims’ backwardness

In previous articles, such as Muslims: A Shackled People Enslaved by the Koran and Sachar Committee Report Uncovers the Backwardness of India’s Muslims etc., I have discussed backwardness of the Muslim community in India and beyond. I was then convinced that the Muslim backwardness stems from suppression of freedom of thought, freedom of expression and suppression of their women. In addition, brainwashing of them by Muslim clerics and religious leaders with archaic and backward thinking contributes to their backwardness.

After the present study on the extent of cousin marriages amongst Muslims, and the genetic disorders, especially low IQ, that it may cause to them, I am now convinced that consanguineous marriages also play havoc on the intellectual capabilities of Muslims. According to Nicolai Sennels, the Danish psychologist, the rate of first cousin marriages is high amongst Muslim immigrants in Denmark and the children born out of such marriages are incapable of coping with Denmark's high standard education, due to inadequate intelligence, thus, swelling the rank of school-dropouts.

So, the practice of first cousin marriages or marriage between close-blood relations in the Muslim community across the globe and the low-IQ children such marriages produce is a major cause of the Muslim backwardness globally. Since some 70% of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims are conceived of inbreeding, and therefore with high chances of low IQ, its impact on the well-being of the Muslim community is undoubtedly huge.


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[8] http://mikel-joshua.blogspot.in/2009/07/rat-people-from-pakistan.html

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written by Salladin , April 18, 2012
Muslims believed and some still might believe an unborn child could stay many years in the whomb of his mother. Islamic science! hey also believe rain comes down because of Allah and so they chant and ask for rain. Ironically they don't get what they are asking for. In the west however, they never ask and they get enough. Backwardness indeed! It's about geography and not about Wether you pray or not.
Inbreeding in Islam
written by balam , April 18, 2012
Mohammad married off his first cousin Ali to his daughter Fatima.Then the Quran also allows first and second cousin marriages.This Inbreeding has affected 1.5 billion Muslims all over the world currently.No wonder Muslims have never produced any Inventors.In Britain,the Muslim comprise about 2% of population but their percentage of mentally defective child birth is aboutv 33% of total births in Britain.That would drag the country down intellectually.It will produce RAT CHILDREN rather than Shakespears in this Great country. Thanks to LABOUR PARTY and BLAIR who opened the door wide open for Muslims into Britain .Forget about Newton or Bell in this country with any more Muslims.
@ salladin
written by balam , April 18, 2012
There is no geneological evidence that Mohammad-the prophet of Islam was the grandson of Abraham.Do you have any evidence?Mohammad's forefathers were Pagans and Mecca was a centre for Pagan Idols which were worshipped there.Mohammad carried on the Pagan rituals at Mecca during Hajj while the Idols were still there for forty years.He used to kiss the BLACK STONE like other pagans which the Muslims still touch or kiss.He adopted all the pagan rites which are still carried on by the Muslims.There is no evidence that Abraham and Ishmael ever visited Kabba for Hajj.Those are all cock and bull stories to give some credibility to the cult of Mohammad.Without the power of sword it could not have been spread or survived.
written by Salladin , April 18, 2012
Who said Muhammad was the grandson of Abraham? You're not serious to believe Abraham existed as the fairytales tells us right? Abraham? Do you have evidence that he actually existed. I think you are deceived by fairytales. Abraham like Noach and Adam etc. are not real characters who lived real events. They are symbolic, so your question is not relevant. No i don't think Muhammad was the grandson of Abraham since Abraham is a fictitive character. More and more scholars (revisionists) think the same of Muhammad. Religions are manmade Balam and not from any God. If you believe it is i would ask for the proof wich a book is not.
is this the result...
written by bundypig , April 18, 2012
of inbreeding, or just fear of educated muslim women?

Hindus in Pakistan
written by Healer_999 , April 18, 2012
written by bundypig , April 18, 2012
To Salladin
written by Archpagan , April 18, 2012
You are right, Abraham is not a historical character. Most probably, it is a corruption of the Sanskrit word 'Brahman' meaning the 'Supreme Being'. Ancient civilizations were not air-tight compartments as many Pundits want us to believe. 'Brahman' has been personified and a myth developed around him in order to serve political purpose of the Hebrews, Romans and later on the Arabs.
written by balam , April 19, 2012
No body can force a skeptic like you and Archpagan to believe any thing.Have you ever seen Electricity but still you can not deny that.You can hold the live wires of electricity sometime and find for yourself.Did you see your father impregnating your mother but still believe in your father and mother to have produced a specimen like you.No body wants you to believe the Biblical Truth.No wonder you remain sub-human and backward like most Hindues and Muslims.What have they contributed?
@ABC and the IQ
written by Infidel and More Proud , April 19, 2012
The IQ is in the name abc at least knows abc from the language of infidels. If you used xyz at least that would have covered the alphabet.
RZQ masquerading as abc after the ban. From a name to noname.
@ABC eat all you can
written by Infidel and More proud , April 19, 2012

Genetic defects in Bradford (part of yorkshire)

written by Salladin , April 19, 2012
Proof and evidence is what counts Balam. Electricity we can proof it. Maybe i can't see it but i can't proof it by instruments etc. We can't see other galaxys but we can see them still by using instruments etc. God or those fairytales stories can not be prooven. I'm not saying a God doesn't excist or anything. I merely say religions as institutions have nothing to do with a God. Take it as an advise.
written by Abc , April 19, 2012
"written by Infidel and More proud , April 19, 2012

Genetic defects in Bradford (part of yorkshire)


Clever boy! Can sit and roll too?
Wtf has all the above got to do with me???
written by malem , April 19, 2012
So Noah was a fairytale, yet they found the ark...
To Salladin
written by Archpagan , April 19, 2012
Way back in the nineteenth century, the Chinese scholars assessed Christian Missionaries as semi-literate, vaunted and useless band of people. Balam is a living example. All Semitic religions are based on local Paganism as no one can build castle in the thin air. Seminal works in all branches of knowledge was done either in pagan Rome/ Greece or India/China.
Inbreeding marriages
written by fineliving56 , April 20, 2012
Was allowed in Quran by an Allah who knew that it is a bad idea to let that happen but, yet, Allah gave the permission for Muslims to marry first cousins …. So millions of innocents had to be born with deformation and mental problems to live a life of misery and a which for death to silence the pain .

Just a weak a go a 5 legged boy was born in *Pakistan* [ a shock ..huh ] who looked like a humen spider … I felt so sorry for that clueless boy who is probably has no chance for any kind of surgery to fix his legs … he will crippled and made fun at all his life .

An Allah who does not know the result of ITS action !!?? …

Is it …. a stupid Allah or a stupid Muhammad ….. it is ,of course, all stupid and all one and the same.
Dr Malem and the arc
written by Infidel and More Proud , April 20, 2012
"So Noah was a fairytale, yet they found the ark... "
And you believe all animals to fit on it as explained in the fairy tale?

Where is your rationale?
You are a doctor therefore you are supposed to know somewhat more than an average muslim arent you?
written by Salladin , April 20, 2012
Where did they find the arc Malem...in Ararat? Suppose Noach did collect all the different species that exsited in his time. Why would God let collect them and then extinct them/wipe them of the face of the earth such as the dodo and all the species that do not exist anymore? Noach is the plagiarization of the gilgamesh epos. It's a fairytale and ofcourse fairytales are symbolic and exagerated.
To fineliving 56
written by Archpagan , April 22, 2012
In India there is a famous Siamese twin who are Muslims but named Ganga-Jamuna by a Hindu doctor. The family accepted that nickname and made some easy money by displaying them in the public as a freak. They have single buttock/waist, but below that three legs, one leg being totally defunct. Above waist, they are two with two heads and two torsos with full sets of hands, breasts et all. What a bizarre creature!

They were born probably in 1982 and caused much interest in the medical fraternity. When they grew up it was found that they had common drive for sex and got pregnant. But, a miscarriage followed soon. They gradually became very tired of being displayed as freak. I don't know whether they are living still.
written by Archpagan , April 22, 2012
Oh … that is so cruel … these Siamese, not have, to deal with the their life time burden to be stuck like that … they have to deal with embarrassment to be displayed like piece of meat … deformed freaks … WoW

And Muslims think they are better then others with their Mercy [lol]

Freaks of nature, always have been used in Cirques through out history all over … but Muslims think of themselves as better then that … but it looks like when it come to money … the Mercy of Islam …goes right out of the window.
written by fineliving56 , April 22, 2012
Please … just swish our names … the above post I wrote …of course not you …haha

I hate when this kind of mistakes happen … sorry
written by malem , April 22, 2012
Dont forget the hundreds of people who knew Noah and Moses etc.. are they are dreaming? and the Texts which name them all fake?
Whatever are you talking about malem
written by Yibel , April 23, 2012
No one has ever found Noah's ark and if hundreds of people knew Noah they all drowned in the so-called world-wide flood thing and left no record saying that they knew him. As for Moses (circa 1500 BCE) there is no record of him either, aside from the Bible story.

As for Gilgamesh, the legend says that he lived some time AFTER the flood. According to the story about him, he went hunting for the god that caused the flood that drowned his ancestors in order to get even with him by destroying him. The god's name was Huwawa, and Gilgamesh found him somewhere in the region that is now Lebanon, or Syria, and defeated him and returned triumphant and built great cities.

In the Bible, Gilgamesh is referred to by the derogatory term, Nimrod, which means "The One who Rebelled" He is recorded as being a mighty hunter; however this term meant hunter of men - a slaver. He built Babel (means Gate of the God) and Uruk/Erech in the land of Shinar/Sumer. This is where the worship of Marduk the Lord of the Universe and Lord of the Throne, Nabu/Nebo the Lord of the Pen, Sin/Nanna the moon god, Rahman the thunder god, Ishtar the war goddess and Malik/Molech, the Keeper of Hell, first began. This was all recorded on clay tablets in a script called cuniform, which have been translated. In Muhammad's day these gods were still being worshipped. Many of Muhammad's surahs contain references to these god. This is why Muhammad was accused of telling tales of the ancients, and stories and fables from the past.
written by Salladin , April 23, 2012
You're making a lot of mistakes Malem. If you believe Noah and the flood you know there can't be witnesses since they died remember. Moses is only mentioned in the jewish scriptures while an early story about a figure like Moses was called Sargon. For Noah it's the same story but way before his name was Gilgamesh. Can't you see that the names you mention are plagiarizations? You say you're a doctor but evidence of moses being not true is overwhelming. They did extently research in Egypt and there were no thaousands of jewish people who buil the piramids...it were Egyptians themselfes and certainly not slaves. The exodus never happened Malem. Why ignoring these facts?
written by abc , April 23, 2012
What do you pagans do?
You pagans start to think the extra limb child is lakshmi a godess and start worshipping the


@RZQ how about all pirs in Pakistan ?
written by Infidel and More proud , April 23, 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfBLGRZatLc for example

And all others
infidel MP
written by abc , April 23, 2012
I dont know much about them, i have never met one pakistani or otherwise.
What i can tell you is that there alot of charlatans out there and they will seperate you from your money in a heart beat and they will do it in such a way that you will thank them.
written by Malem , April 23, 2012
No mistakes lad, no mistakes at all, but then again why do you care, it appears your belief mantra is unless you have met the folks face to face they never existed hahaha, good luck with that!
written by Salladin , April 24, 2012
What i posted was not my belief. Your assumptions are besed mere on speculation. The whole islam especially those silly revelations are mere speculations without any proof. My assumption is based on research by many and extintive research. Read my lips: Noah, Moses, Abraham etc. are no part of histirical events. It's the most silly and childish thing to believe except when it is symbolic. Remember what some great scientists said....feeble minded! That's all there is Malem. It you who has to provide evidence for their existence. I'm just saying there is no evidence for the mentioned characters. Shouting they existed without any proof is indeed childish!
written by Malem , April 24, 2012
It is your free will provided by Allah to believe all is a fairytale. The proof is in the Quran, the Bible and of the many texts written about the subjects discussed. In addition it is not part of the original topic, which you have again gone astray from
written by Salladin , April 25, 2012
Malem, i agree with you on the above. If you want to belief what i call fairytales it's not my bussiness. If muslims only believed stuff without threatening others with the same belief i wouldn't be here. I'm opposing the lie that Allah/God wants you to spread those fairytales even by force or that my God is not the real one or that islam is a true religion and thus must be forced on others like history proves. It's not to me and to the biggest part of the world. We both know that qur'anic law is inferior to the constitutionlaw. Even in islamic societies such as Morocco, Algeria etc. they do not practice sharia or anything like that, wich is great. Let's focus on what people have in common and not what separates them like religions do. You'll be free when you realize that islam or any other religion has nothing to do with a deity. Till then you will not be enlightened and free.
written by MAlem , April 25, 2012
What is Quranic Law? Do you mean Sharia? That is NOT Quran. Quran is the word of Allah, pure and simple. I have said this many times, and apparently you have not gotten that yet. I could care less what religion you follow, there is no compulsion in Islam. I force nothing on anyone, and neither did Allah, that is called free will. So go an worship whatever false prophet or god you want, I know in my heart that Allah is the only one.
are you thick...
written by bundypig , April 25, 2012
or just stupid? Free will does not exist in islam any more than non-compulsion...Duh is here, you just can't figure that out, are you inbred?

The Qur'an is a warning to all men: to those who have the will to walk straight or upright, yet no one can decide to do so except the ones who are given that ability by Allah (81:27-29, 76:29-30).

Allah guides whom he pleases to the straight way (10:25). Allah decides who will be left to stray and who will be guided (35:8). Allah opens or hardens hearts to Islam (39:18-22). He gives some little and others much (39:52).

No one can have faith unless Allah gives him permission. Allah will severely punish those who do not have the sense to believe (10:100).

Allah decrees ahead of time every bad thing that happens to the earth or individuals (57:22).

There is not a living creature whose hair is not in the grasp of Allah (11:56).

Whomever Allah guides follows the right way and whoever he causes to be led astray will be the losers. Many men and genies are already created for Hell (7:178,179).

It is impossible for a person to correct those who Allah has caused to be in error (4:88).

If Allah had willed he could have given everyone true guidance, but the word of Allah is that he will fill Hell with men and genies (32:13, 11:119, 7:18).
written by malem , April 25, 2012
Maybe it is you that is thick ad. Allah warned, he did not force, Allah fortold he did force, Allah advised he did not force. It seems you might need to read up on free will, I can point you to good sites for that
The sun rests under Allah’s Throne
written by Yibel , April 26, 2012
and from beneath Allah’s throne flows the scintillating river of Paradise. Allah allows the sun to rest under His throne after its daily routine of shining over all the subjects of Allah. The Islamic sun is actually a LIVING creature: it actually prostrates under Allah’s Mighty Throne and effusively seeks His permission to be sent forth for its daily chore of swimming across the sky, the lowest level of Allah's seven heavens.

Tto comprehend Allah’s unlimited insanity, we have only to read the Let us read the following hadith:
The sun prostrates underneath Allah’s Throne… (Sahih Bukhari, 6.60.326).
Allah has created seven heavens above this boundary (sky), and there He has built a heavenly Kaaba, just above the Kaaba at Makkah. So, if anyone drops a plumbing rope from the heavenly Kaaba, it would touch the mundane Kaaba at Makkah. It would be possible for a man to reach the heavens by climbing that rope, but it would take 700 years. To calculate the height of the solid roof of the sky, one needs to calculate the height a man can climb a rope in 700 years.

It is worth mentioning here that the apparition Jibril used to take nearly 12
hours to cover this distance and whenever Allah wanted to reveal a new verse (or verses) of the Qur'an, Jibril had to leave heaven in the evening with the new message to reach the earth next morning. After communicating the new message to Muhammad, he used to leave the earth in the same morning and return to the heaven next evening. He also used to fly with his 600 wings to cover the distance.
written by Salladin , April 26, 2012
I know in my heart that Allah is the only one.

If there is only one, no name is needed. Allah is derived from Al Ilah and means The Lord/The deity. The quraish called it Hubal. You actually say: The lord/deity is the only one, wich actually means nothing in the end.
I do not worship prophets/idols/books etc. they are not ment to be worshipped. Wouldn't that be shirk?
@ Yibel He is a she
written by Infidel and More Proud , April 26, 2012
"He also used to fly with his 600 wings to cover the distance. "

He is a she who used to rest Mo in her lap.
written by Malem , April 26, 2012
If there were no name, then the phrase Allahu Akbar would be just ackbar and frankly that just sounds odd :)
More news from the Muslim word. Mo will be proud
written by Infidel and More proud , April 26, 2012
brother marrying sister
written by Anthony Roberts , April 27, 2012
why is it that in Egypt muslims can marry brother/ sister. when i asked the groom and brides uncle at a wedding that I was tasked to take photos of. he said they are not related. she is from my brothers second wife. so was she a goat I asked. no he said but he, pointing to his brother Mahmoud el kelany my landlord. has married again how many is that now? not counting his scotish wife 5,
and how many has he divorced, none he said they apart from his money wife Ie scoty, have died. but is still married to his first wife who is also his sister from his step father. in the culture of Islam in Luxor home to the great Dr sheikh Amed mohamed El-Tyeb. head of the islamic faith in Egypt anything is possible as long as the say insha allah.
written by peggy , April 27, 2012
ever seen some of the pics of some of these terrorists.? goofy looking cockeyed idiots, eyes going in two different directions and one tooth in their head. products of inbreeding for sure. mommy was either a first cousin, sister, or the family goat.
written by Malem , April 27, 2012
It is not an "islamic" thing , but maybe you were unaware of that. Int he Jewish Faith, Uncles can marry nieces for example, Polygamy is allowed in certain circumstances, they can marry their cousins, a man can marry his brothers wife etc... then again with your reference to goat I would guess you are not mature enough to understand much
written by bundypig , April 27, 2012
But it is prevalent in islam to marry first cousins,it happens everyday many times and places,whereas in Judism it is a last resort.Why don't you try the truth sometimes instead of this kittman crap you spew, lies and 1/2 truths is your game malman
written by bundypig , April 27, 2012
also malman, shouldn't you be out giving aide and comfort to your people, like these guys?

written by Malem , April 27, 2012
I realize that most of the conditions Mr Khan applies only to those who do not support his position but the name is MalemN not malman. It is more prevalent today in the hasidic societies of Jews than anywhere. You should know this since you know all
written by bundypig , April 27, 2012
Are you here on your stool while western medics are treating your people?I thought you said we were the couch potatoes?Seems like it's the other way around.
To me sweet prince, you'll always be MALMAN
written by Malem , April 27, 2012
Actually I'm in a lounge chair, I find it more comfortable. My local practice I only need to be there 3 days a week, if you had your own practice you would know why. Also you have been warned once already to use the correct Nick or it will be groundS for banishment, you would then be joining Duh
so then...
written by bundypig , April 27, 2012
you don't care about your people?Good on the Aussies for helping the poor children, as you sit on your "lounge chair"(probably a stool) and go on about how successful you are to only work 3 days a week, you are a hypocrite malman
written by bundypig , April 27, 2012
All Mr. Khan has to do is to look back at all the posts I've made with you as a subject or fellow poster and he will see that malman is all I've ever called you. Now, since you are defeated and looking like a fool, you have to divert attention, so you whine.
That is the muslim way
written by Salladin , April 28, 2012
You wrote: If there were no name, then the phrase Allahu Akbar would be just ackbar and frankly that just sounds odd :)

Here's a fact: The polytheistic arabs/quraish before Muhammad used the phrase already. It means the lord/the deity/the god is the biggest/greatest. What does it mean?
written by Malem , April 28, 2012
Lad if you kept up with the posts you would have gleamed I work only a few days pre as the rest of my time is spent volunteering my services. Unlike you, I am able to help my fellow citizens who have found themselves with problems and no where to turn. I spend another few months a year travelling to various Muslim dominant countries to volunteer as well. You should try helping others once in a while. Rather you think by telling someone their religion should be banned, making fun of it, making fun of them, somehow you will get them to change. A first year phsyc student can tell you that approach will never work. So instead of using your fist, try extending your hand, logic and power always beats force.

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