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How Muslims Lie?

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The educated, moderate brand of Muslims often lie in gravely audacious defiance toward Allah to distort the meaning of Allah's words to mean exactly opposite of what they truly mean.

The verses of the Quran are words, verbatim from the tongue of Allah. In the very words of Allah, Quranic verses are revealed in clear, plain and simple words, so that anyone can easily understand it (see verses 2:187, 2:219, 2:221, 2:230, 2:242, 2:266, 5:89, 6:97, 6:98, 6:126, 7:32, 10:15, 19:73,24:18, 24:34, 24:58, 24:59, 24:61, 34:43, 45:25, 46:7, 57:9, 58:5). And Muslims must guide their life according to Allah’s true and clear commands and recommendations in life for receiving Allah’s succor in this world and the next. If Muslims misunderstand the Quran’s simple, clear and easy-to-understand message, and practice Islam accordingly (i.e. wrongly), then their life is doomed. Fire of the hell would be their companion in the next life.

Defying this clear paradigm, the way some Muslims – Muslims of the educated and so-called moderate variety – lies about and distorts the message of the verses of the Quran not only astonishes me, but also worried me as to how horribly would Allah punish them for intentionally and most grotesquely distorting what Allah has said in a verse. Intentionally distorting the Almighty Creator’s clear message of a verse is the most audacious crime to say the least, don’t you agree. And these brand of Muslims does exactly that happily, if not gleefully.

As an example, we recently saw some Muslims on our site – namely Malem, Rzq, and Muslim and Proud – to claim that bint (daughter) and hafeeda (granddaughter) means the same to Allah; similarly umm (mother) and jadda (grandmother) means the same.

I will demonstrate it by another example. Recently, I received a mass-email from some Muslim group or individual, with a list of Quranic verses, intended to show the greatness and brevity of the Quran – that it is the words of the true God. The very first verse (17:36) in the list was distorted in translation to such an extent that its meaning became exactly opposite of what it truly means. I quote the initial part of this long email:

Name: Michael | Country: USA


Allah=The only God=Dios=Gott


*Crucial Advice

[17:36] You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.

(no need for anyone to  "Tafsir", "translate" or anything for you! [Mullahs, Khakham/Rabbi, Priests))

The author advises the reader not to consider any "Tafsir" of the verse 17:36, because meaning of the verse – he/she apparently suggests – is crystal clear. He/she also prohibit the reader against consulting another translation of the verse. The author is clearly aware that he/she is spreading lies, and it can only be successfully transmitted by putting ban on consultation of "tafsirs" and other "translations".

Let us see how other great translators of the Quran translated this verse (Quran 17.36):

YUSUFALI: And pursue not that of which thou hast no knowledge; for every act of hearing, or of seeing or of (feeling in) the heart will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning).

PICKTHAL: (O man), follow not that whereof thou hast no knowledge. Lo! the hearing and the sight and the heart – of each of these it will be asked.

SHAKIR: And follow not that of which you have not the knowledge; surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that.

MAUDUDI: Do not follow that of which you have no knowledge, for you shall be questioned for (the use) of your eyes, ears and minds.

The clear and real meaning of the verse is: Allah forbids Muslims not to inquire about things that they have no knowledge about. In other words, they must just follow what Allah has made plain to them in the Quran. Beyond what is revealed in the Quran is a prohibited domain for Muslims, which they are not supposed to know, and they should be curious or ask questions about it. If they do – threatens Allah – every thing they think, see and hear would be questioned by Allah on the Day of Judgment and punished accordingly. In other words, if they make inquiry or be curious about what they are not supposed to know, they would be punished by Allah for it on the judgment day.

The fact that this is what this verse means becomes crystal clear when we consider the next verse (Quran 17:37):

YUSUFALI: Nor walk on the earth with insolence: for thou canst not rend the earth asunder, nor reach the mountains in height.

PICKTHAL: And walk not in the earth exultant. Lo! thou canst not rend the earth, nor canst thou stretch to the height of the hills.

SHAKIR: And do not go about in the land exultingly, for you cannot cut through the earth nor reach the mountains in height.

MAUDUDI: Do not strut about in the land for you can neither cleave the earth nor attain the height of the mountains.

This next verse is saying that man’s capacity is limited, and he should not make an effort to break that boundary. So, verses 17:36-37, in combination, say that certain things lies beyond the domain of man, which only Allah has the power to comprehend. Man should not try to be curious about that prohibited zone. In other words, Allah, in this verses, prohibits free inquiry, i.e. using one’s brain freely to speculate and investigate about any issues that comes to mind.

But the translation sent by this deceptive author of the email is intended to present exactly the opposite meaning of what the verse truly stands for.

One can’t but wonder how horribly would Allah punish such dishonest Muslims for such blatant distortion of the Almighty's sacred word?

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an example of...
written by bundypig , April 25, 2012
lying done here by our own malman...
he says in "Inbreeding and Resulting Genetic Disorders in Muslim Community, Part 3"
"It is your free will provided by Allah to believe all is a fairytale" he's tried this "free will" shite before and was put in his place...so here we go again.

The Qur'an is a warning to all men: to those who have the will to walk straight or upright, yet no one can decide to do so except the ones who are given that ability by Allah (81:27-29, 76:29-30).

Allah guides whom he pleases to the straight way (10:25). Allah decides who will be left to stray and who will be guided (35:8). Allah opens or hardens hearts to Islam (39:18-22). He gives some little and others much (39:52).

No one can have faith unless Allah gives him permission. Allah will severely punish those who do not have the sense to believe (10:100).

Allah decrees ahead of time every bad thing that happens to the earth or individuals (57:22).

There is not a living creature whose hair is not in the grasp of Allah (11:56).

Whomever Allah guides follows the right way and whoever he causes to be led astray will be the losers. Many men and genies are already created for Hell (7:178,179).

It is impossible for a person to correct those who Allah has caused to be in error (4:88).

If Allah had willed he could have given everyone true guidance, but the word of Allah is that he will fill Hell with men and genies (32:13, 11:119, 7:18).

so you see, there is no free will or anything even close in islam, just al making your decisions for you and you, the puppet, just dangling by his strings.
Knowing that malman says the hadith is lies made by men, I didn't even go there, but there are 3 times (or more) as many examples of al deciding for you in them.

No Critital Thinking
written by wud b apostate , April 25, 2012
1. in the very start in surah baqara allah says this book is guidance for those who believe unseen things. So once you believe unseen things without questioning them u become a devout moslem.
2. I have read in newspapers n on TV shows that our devout pakistani clerics had issued fatwas at the time of man landing on moon, that who ever believe that man has landed on moon will become kafir her spuses will become haram n they will have to re-nikah n become moslem again after saying shahadah
i think this occured long before buccailism, n now the same moslem dawagandists re interpret quran to conform it with modern science.
So where are science miracles of quran. Ibn e baz issues fatwa against spherical earth. N saudi prince has to go to space to convince him to withdraw his fatwa.
So when koran contradicts science they start giving new meanings to quran
written by vbv , April 25, 2012
Muslims are the biggest obfuscators on this planet. Take the socalled "Big Bang" theory of the origins of our Universe , for instance . The muslims claim that their Allah has already told them of it in surah 21 verse 30. This is nonsense. The verse only reverbates the words in the Book of Genesis that Yahweh 'seperated the waters ; the waters below were oceans and high above were skies ; and then made land appear'. The Quran just copies from the Bible and claims it as its own ,just like its usurpation of the patriarchs and the prophets of the Bible that it claimed to be 'muslims'. The Big Bang that scierntists postulate is totally different : it is not tearing asunder the 'heavens and earth. Earth ,Sun, planets, stars never existed at the time of this socalled Big Bang. Now there are many sceptics and scientists that question this bullshit called the Big Bang theory ,which is dubious since it has 'religious' undertones' and is not rational at all. Moreover Universe is 'infinite' and a big bang some 14 billion earth years is far too small a time for galaxies, local clusters of galaxies and superclusters of the culsters of galaxies , ad infinitum to be formed; and there are no boundaries at all for this Universe which is endless in all directions. Once this big bang theory gets totally discredited ( for there is no dogma in science and it is ever-evolving) . I wonder what other "taqiyya" or lies these muslims would engineer to prove that 'Allah already knew thsi' kind of bullshit! Infact Quran is just stoneage bullshit, otherwise why are muslims so backward in science and knowledge ? As a matter of fact in its violent history in India , muslims rulers and their mullahs torched and destroyed thousands of manuscripts in Nalanda, Taxila and other places since they felt quran contained all the knowledge that is neede and the rest should not exist. That is the level of chicanery and bigotry that muslim have. And we all know that quran has nothing but bullshits and lies. The very foundation of this cult is immoral and barbaric : there is no spirituality and free inquiry and the right to question and reject. It will be a good riddance to either ban this bullshit of quran , or atleast give everyone the right to question and criticise it without the fear of muslims attacks, rampages and terror tactics to quell this free spirit to raise issues against this amoral, immoral and violent and intolerant cult of the arabs.
some info
written by HARKAT UL JIHAD EI KAFIROON , April 25, 2012

scientists say our universe started from a very small point less than an atom in size and there was a big bang etc.so where was allah before it ? was he outside the universe ? or inside it ? today scientists say the universe goes through many cycles,and also there r infinite universes.we live in a multiverse.

finally our universe is 14 billion yrs old.solar system isn 4.5 billion yrs old.and life began on earth some 2-3 billion yrs ago.so what was the jihadi islamic deity doing from start of universe to today ?? was he inside that small tiny place where universe started ? how did he squeeze his throne and everything into it ?

where is he today ?? how far from here ? any pics ?? hubble telescope takes good pics of systems billions yr kilometers away.surely it must be able to see paradise.after all its supposed to be physical with wine milk honey and hot hot houries.

any muslim care to point hubble to it get pics and show that paradise exists at all ???
quiet day??? khan
written by abc , April 25, 2012
"As an example, we recently saw some Muslims on our site – namely Malem, Rzq, and Muslim and Proud – to claim that bint (daughter) and hafeeda (granddaughter) means the same to Allah; similarly umm (mother) and jadda (grandmother) means the same"
Allow me to retort. The background to khans comment above is from another article another degenerate apostate wrote. In it he stipulated that muslims are allowed to marry their grandmothers. To present his case he very cleverly used surah 4 verse 23 (see below)
"Forbidden to you (for marriage) are: your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father's sisters, your mother's sisters, your brother's daughters, your sister's daughters, your foster mother who gave you suck, your foster milk suckling sisters, your wives' mothers, your step daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom you have gone in - but there is no sin on you if you have not gone in them (to marry their daughters), - the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins, and two sisters in wedlock at the same time, except for what has already passed; verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful"

khan 2
written by abc , April 25, 2012
He deliberately left out verse 22 which would have negated his argument. clever apostate!!
"And marry not women whom your fathers married, except what has already passed; indeed it was shameful and most hateful, and an evil way"
Now note in both verse 22 and 23 the word fathers is used and mothers is used.
Now Khan argued that since polygamy is allowed then mothers can be used. So why on the verse before was fathers used?????????? Khan then argues that the verse should say grandaughters and grandmothers.
Since time and memorial it is understood by islamic scholars that those two verses include mothers and grandmothers.
daughters and granddaughters.
No jusrist has allowed a wedding between grandmother and grandson in Islams history.
Ibn Kathirs tafsir of the quran is over 700 years old and no laws derived to say its permissable.
No scholar has ever given such an edict.
There are no examples of muslim societies practicing such acts anywhere in the world today.
There is nothing about it in books of abu hanifa, imam shafi, imam hanbal or imam malik.
There is not a shred of evidence anywhere which says islam allows grandmothers and grandsons to be married.
written by Proud Infidel , April 25, 2012
Degenerate apostate? Your childish use of name-calling removes any credibility to your post and renders it absolutely meaningless.
written by abc , April 25, 2012
Khan with his little mind wand the word granmother and grandaughter in the verse.
This guy would still not be happy even if it was. He would then argue muslims can marry their great grandmothers and so on.
He is an apostate and reading his testimony he claims to be a pious muslim and observed islamic law. Can he recall his father, brothers or himself marrying his own grandmother and commitiing incest???????????He was the most pious of the pious. Can he recall a conversation in his life as a muslim which implied this?????
I know arabic and english are difficult for him and it shows.
Yet he publishes an article based on nothing and spins lies. NOT ONE IOTA OF EVIDENCE OR PROOF.
He wallows in his self imortance and ends up fuelling his hate.
Take your silver pieces judas and await your outcome.

Also it is poor form to write about someone and you then stop them from being able to reply to you.
Tell us all why rzq is banned?
written by Pourd Infidel , April 25, 2012
Rzq was a childish bully...strikingly similar to you.
Islamic Lies
written by balam , April 25, 2012
To decipher Islam,Allah should be replaced with DEVIL,Mohammad with SATAN 'IN FLESH' and Quran with SATANIC VERSES.Replace these words in the Quran and you will understand that book more clearly.
abc, rzq, malem,etc...
written by vbv , April 25, 2012
Allah is involved in petty things like women should be clothed ( to deny their personality and self esteem as an individual)in a black sack with peeping holes to see and find their way around , chop off hands for thievery , stone to death for adultery ,apostasy or fornication, kill the kaffirs, create a big club of zombies with mullahs leading the fanatical criminal lunacy of plunder and rape and murder of nonmuslims, deny basic humanrights to nonmuslims , oppress the nonmuslims , ask for exhorbitant protection money ("JIZZYA") just to live on with the zombies , ; then start killing each other on sectarian issues and trying to prove who is more 'islamic' than the other loony muslim with bearded mullahs screaming and calling for blood with their evil-looking beady eyes bloodshot with hate and venom..... All this is what Allah is involved with ,while the Universe is so vast and infinite . Allah is a peeping tom in the small planet of ours in a solar system that is a tiny dot in our own galaxy of around 200 billion stars , many of which are bigger than our star the Sun. And there are billions of galaxies making up a local cluster , and trillions of such local clusters making a super cluster ... and so on ad infinitum. And yet Allah in his holy shit of book ,purportedly mouthed by himself, is so petty ,insular , primitive, backward and totally ignorant of the reality of this Universe ( or Multiverse ?). Very laughable , indeed that so many human lives are lost to bolster this blatant bullshit and pack of lies called Quran.
In the twenty first century it would be insane and absolutely stupid to blindly believe in a holy book like Quran , or for that matter on any such "holy book" that makes irrational claim for exclusivity and a spook that is involved in the mundane activities of human species , and metes out etrnal punishments and rewards for the do's and dont's prescribed by the socalled holy shit of a book. And all the holy books ( especially of the mad monotheistic cults) have brought is wars, turmoils, persecutions and great loss of human lives . Religion and god have no place in a progressive and advancing society ; only knowledge, philosophy ,science and technology can take us forward for a better , peaceful and prosperous future. Certainly not the "god" and the socalled 'holy books' ascribed to that fictional creature that is fabricated by a deluded / a scheming mind that is power-hungry and wants fame and money through this misadventure of immorality called god and religion.
written by vbv , April 25, 2012
Continuing with the above , it only proves that religion makes idiots out of even intelligent persons ,since it stifles the power of reasoning and inquisitiveness with threats of "blasphemy law" hanging like the sword of Damocles over your head. And monotheistic cults are the worst culprits , islam that we see today being the worst of the lot . It defies common sense and sanity with belief in 'heaven' , 'hell' 'Jinns", Angels , devils, satan ,etc. all spooky creatures that would just fit in a bizzare and nonsensical "fairy tale". Telescopes have seen into space light years away , yet there is no sign of 'heaven' or 'hell'. Angels, Jinns, devils, satans,etc are absolute bullshits that has no substance or truth in it at all , unless you want to exploit the gullible people to siphon off their money and make a comfortable living without doing any meaningful work that contributes to the economy. That what the clergy, mullahs , padr, priests, gurus do ... and they are all scoundrels or deluded scamsters making a living out of falsehoods and a Big money-sucking Leach on the social and economic fabric of a society. So much for your religion and god.
The Truth - for both believer and kafir!
written by Tanstaafl jw , April 25, 2012
Both taquiyya (lying to advance Islam) and kittman (the denial of Islam to preserve the life of the believer) are halal under sharia law. You cannot trust what a Muslim says.
written by Editor, M A Khan , April 25, 2012
Stop name calling. If you would, show the words "Hafeeda" and "Jadda" in those verses. Or just shut up.

Outside those prohibited names, anybody is allowed to be married by a Muslim. Which Tafsir says that Muslims cannot marry their Hafeedas and Jaddas? And what are the basis of it?

Prohibiting what Allah hasn't prohibited is tantamount to playing lord over Allah.
written by Malem , April 25, 2012
Wow you are really trying to stretch to come to some conclusion that you want. The verse you site above means You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them. That is good advice, dont believe everything you hear unless you can determine if it is true. Heck, if people believed everything on this blog we would be in a terrible mess (case in point).
Satan, aka Allah, does not punish lying Muslims
written by Guy Macher , April 25, 2012
Allah, aka Satan, as does not punish lying, rape, looting, murder, or paedophilia because Muslims are dutifully aping Allah's model of humanity, Mohamed!
written by dead or alive , April 25, 2012
Who are`we`?I for one is not in a terrible mess.Islam is what it is.Its time for you to get a hold of your senses and step and look at islam for what it is.
written by malem , April 25, 2012
Correct, you for one need to understand how to construct a proper sentence
Allah, for one, needs to learn
written by Yibel , April 26, 2012
how to construct a proper universe!

Several verses of the Qur'an explicitly state that Allah created man from clay and the heavens and the earth, out of nothing. The following quotations come from Muhammad Asad's translation, The Message of the Quran:

"The Originator is Allah of the heavens and the earth: and when He wills a thing to be, He utters the Arabic word “kun” meaning "Be", and the desired object gets shape" (2.117). "But does man not bear in mind that We have created him aforetime out of nothing?"(19.67) However, in sura 96, Muhammad claims his god, ar-Rahman created man out of clots of blood. In another verse, the Qur'an states that all living things were created from water. so, which is it? Clay, dust, germs, water, clots of blood, or nothing at all? It seems that Allah just can't remember how he created things!

And Allah claims that he created the earth flat like a carpet and then he covered the earth with a solid roof (21: 32) called the sky in which the sun and the moon and stars swim in their appointed paths over the flat stationary earth (21: 33).

According to one Islamic version, Allah created water first and at the center of water surface appeared a large bubble. Then Allah created the land mass taking the bubble as the center. Today’s Ka'aba in Makkah stands EXACTLY at the spot where the bubble appeared! How's that for precise engineering?

Allah (i.e. Muhammad) said that Ka'aba in Makkah is situated at the middle of the flat earth. Allah also says that He has created the roof (i.e. the sky) and the seven heavens with such perfection that no one is able to find a crack in Allah’s creation (Q 67:3). Allah created the sun (a large lantern) and the moon and compelled them to rise in the east and set in the west. But on the day of qiyamah (Judgement), He will make the sun rise from the west and destroy the solid roof, called sky, and the debris will fall on the earth.

These Qur'anic "revelations" obviously reflect the very limited knowledge of Allah/Muhammad regarding real nature of the vast universe. Moreover, Allah is thoroughly ignorant of the real nature of the sun, and hence He said that on the day of qiyamah, He would bring the sun very close, about a mile away, to the earth. Muhammad (i.e. Allah) was also ignorant of all the stars. the Qur'an states the star are missiles for hurling at and striking the jinn when they come up to heaven to listen in on the conversations there. (72:10)

Malem, you should take your own advice - use your eyesight, hearing, and brain. It is your responsibility to do so. When people blindly believe in the Qur'an it certainly creates a terrible mess.
written by Abc , April 26, 2012
"Malem, you should take your own advice - use your eyesight, hearing, and brain. It is your responsibility to do so. When people blindly believe in the Qur'an it certainly creates a terrible mess"

says the pagan idolator, yibel!
Surely the joke of the day!
@ABC et al
written by Infidel and More Proud , April 26, 2012
So apart from the last two lines you agree with the above post?
Allah knows best.
Re: Malem
written by Gnostic , April 26, 2012
Who is stretching what? When eartth turned out to be not flat, muslims suddenly found out that the quran says it is like an ostrich egg. Green turns out to be chlorophyll and then you find the Big Bang in the quran. All nonsense!

While the quran says that there is no mystery not revealed by the quran, there is no single real revealation at all. For example, about the bees there is only written that they eat from the flowers and that honey is good for health. This is something even the most primitve people already know. But there are so many mysteries about bees not revealed in the quran: Pollination (most important), the eyes of the bees with their structure and clour so much different, language and behaviour, and last but not least, that honey may also cause health problems to babies and people with weak immune system. This is all very interesting, however, in the quran we can only find useless chat anybody already knows. Where is the revealation here?

This is only one example but we can say the same things about astronomy, geology, meteorology, biology, anthropology (cquranic lottoloy) and even mathematics.
written by Editor, M A Khan , April 26, 2012
You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.
So, it seems you were the author of that email.

I'm not stretching anything. It's you and the author of that email stretching it by translating it in a way what it is not. Here's is what it should translate as:
And pursue not that of which thou hast no knowledge; for every act of hearing, or of seeing or of (feeling in) the heart will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning).
It's meaning is very clear and exactly and clearly what I have said.
How to verify
written by Mozambique , April 26, 2012

Can one verify without Seeing, Hearing, or Feeling that there exists a god Allah or a prophet called Muhammad.

Muslims verify without Seeing, Hearing and Feeling or Touching.

Are they following Allah's command to "not to believe without Seeing, Hearing and Feeling"
written by Malem , April 26, 2012
What you stated was "The clear and real meaning of the verse is: Allah forbids Muslims not to inquire about things that they have no knowledge about. In other words, they must just follow what Allah has made plain to them in the Quran." So what you attempted to do was inject your opinion into the translation, which is not translating in its pure form, rather reformulate. It doth not forbid Muslims from inquiring about subject they no not of, rather it guides them to verify the information on that subject before accepting them. That is quite different from your opinion of what it means and is NOT exactly what you stated. The fact you use the phrase "in other words" right there tells the reader that you are in the process of interpreting the verse utilizing your opinions on the matters.
in other words
written by dead or alive , April 26, 2012
Mean that the other party is speaking in`fork tongue`.
To Malem
written by Archpagan , April 26, 2012
Have you really inquired whether Allah sent any message at all to Mo? If yes, give proof. If you have rights to interpret Koran, why not me or Khan? Does anybody has rights to say that such and such are the only meanings to such and such verses? If yes, who holds such authority?
written by Editor, M A Khan , April 26, 2012
...it guides them to verify the information on that subject before accepting them.
Where in the verse, it is said so? Which words make this meaning?

The verse says:
And pursue not that of which thou hast no knowledge
The meaning is clear -- Muslim must not to pursue matters they have no knowledge about.

This not an opinion. It's the meaning.
written by Malem , April 26, 2012
The meaning is Thou shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.

AS you are aware that is much different than saying Dont Pursue or as you put it Beyond what is revealed in the Quran is a prohibited domain for Muslims, which they are not supposed to know, and they should be curious or ask questions about it. If they do – threatens Allah

Again you are twisting the meaning by inserting your opinions, which is fine that is your choice to do so, I would just be clear that what you are stating is incorrect.
written by Salladin , April 26, 2012
Such lies and BS stories. Do we have knowledge of Gibreel, angels, revelations etc etc etc. No we don't and that's why Muslims say: we heared and obeyed. No knowledge whatsoever and still they follow what their forefahers believed and followed. How can we verify information wich we know are lies and fairytales. How to verify the unknown or the unseen....we can't. Therefor it's not God/Allah who is saying it but a sick individual who is no more. Don't insult your intelligence by believing the impossible such as religious stories (fairytales).
written by Editor, M A Khan , April 26, 2012
Thou shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.
That is not the true translation. I have given four translations in the article -- all of them distinctly differ from yours. I include a couple more:

"And follow not that of which you have no knowledge. Verily! The hearing, and the sight, and the heart, of each of those you will be questioned (by Allah)."
[Muhammad Ali]:
"And follow not that of which thou hast no knowledge. Surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, of all of these it will be asked."
[Sahih International]:
"And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart - about all those [one] will be questioned."
All the seven translations I have come across agree with each other and completely different from yours.

So, either you or those renowned Muslim scholars and translators are lying.

Please show us the phrase or part of the Arabic verse that translates into "I have given you..." and "you are responsible for using them". We will consult with Arabic language experts to see if you or those translators are liars.

If you can't, don't post any further comment on this.
Quran … 17/36
written by fineliving56 , April 27, 2012
Muslims like Malam, either they, like to fool others or fool them selves or both , when they try to change in translating Quran and they do that so they could go on with following their Quran with their head high … no problem

The crucial word in that Aya is the first one that its start with '' WA LA TAKUFU means to fallow example or to imitate

it comes from the root word … kafa or Kafu …. present tense verb for male is Takufu … for female is Takufi …

Malam translation is not accurate what so ever …. it is a lie … there is no words in that Aya that means …"'verify for your self "' …

Verify for your self … in Arabic means '' Tahakak fil al amri binafsak '' … …

I dare Malam if these words are included in 17/ 36

He is reaching to much to give the Quran a better meaning then the actual stupid meaning that that Aya implies .

So the right meaning of that Aya is :

'' and do not fallow that which you have no knowledge of , truly , every act of hearing, or of seeing [ wandering of] the heart will be QUESTIONED [ in the day of the judgment ]
Allah doesn't know diddly
written by Yibel , April 27, 2012
Qur'an 17:36 - Do not follow what you do not know. Man's eyes, ears, and heart - each of his senses shall be closely guarded. (N. J. Dawood translation)

The eyes and ears are linked to man's senses - that of seeing and hearing. However, the HEART is nothing more than a muscle. There is no sensory perception involved where the heart is concerned. It just PUMPS BLOOD!!! That is all it does.

The ancients, especially the Egyptians, believed that the heart was the seat of some special power. The Egyptian goddess Ma'at weighed the heart against the feather of truth to determine if the deceased could enter Paradise, or not. If the heart was "light as a feather" then the soul got in. The Arabic goddess (one of the three goddess of Makkah) known as Manat performed the same function for the Arabians.

But, ONCE AGAIN, when it comes to human anatomy and scientific facts, Allah doesn't know his arse from a hole in the ground.
written by Gnostic , April 27, 2012
Why are my comments so often surpressed?
Laughable Islamic Science!
written by Gnostic , April 27, 2012
According to recent data muslim countries spend only 0,2 % for science compared to 2-3% in leading western countries. But wouldnt the muslim countries have any reason to provide evidence that their quran is so right? Instead there are only men like Zakir Naik or Harun Yahya who are much more aiming muslims in order to sell them what they like to hear and to read. However, in the western world Naik and Yahya are regarded as sharlatans and nothing else and there is no meaningful scientific work performed by muslim countries anywhere.

No western scholar would even discuss islamic nonsense such as that humans are made from dirt or from clot. But I would like to provide another example to show how wrong the quran is:

On the one hand, the quran claims that it is Allah who provides rain. On the other hand, it was also Allah who separated potable water from saline water by magic.

Here we can clearly show that Allah is not only wrong in both cases, he also fails to recognise that both cases are closely related.

Of course it is not Allah, who provides rain but evaporation. And evaporation is also behind the process of the separation of the waters: In the early days of earth, salt was distributed everywhere. However, over the time the rain washed the salt from the surface and transported it over the rivers to the sea and the salt lakes where it is until today, while it disappeared from the other places.

This explanation is not only true, it si also very simple and convincing. Everybody can understand it at once. Why not Allah, who knows anything?
written by Malem , April 27, 2012
Editor M A Khan: Malem, you have repeated the same thing -- Khalifa's translation -- again for the third time (it has been deleted). That amounts to spamming.

Khalifa is a certified liar and distorter of Allah words, which earned him death. Reply exactly as I have requested. Else stop spamming, which can proceed to a ban from posting.
@ fineliving56 -- thanks
written by Editor, M A Khan , April 27, 2012
for clarifying the meaning of the verse. Yours falls exactly in line with all the translations except that of Khalifa.

It's a privilege to have Arabic-speaking apostates like you on board. Else certified liars like Khalifa and his ilk would get their way by lying through the teeth.
Archpagan, Islam belongs to whole mankind to interpret. And Islamic texts and schools of jurisprudence are almost unchangeable, finite and knowable to all.
written by Demsci , April 27, 2012
Islam belongs to all mankind to interpret and have an opinion about and it makes no difference if on believes in it or not, for the legitimacy of the opinion.

But Ibn Warraq explained that the holy texts of Islam (Islam I) are known and cannot be altered one iota. And those texts can be studied and known, also in their original Arabic by both Muslims and Islam-critics.

Furthermore there are the schools of Islamic Jurisprudence, Islam-II Ibn Warraq called them. And they have finite texts, only slowly changeable, and thus they can be studied and known too, by all humans who want to know them, not just Muslims.

But Islam-III, the interpretation of Islam I + II, that is left to the believers and critics by themselves. A fault many Muslims make, in my opinion, is that they assert to know what Islam is and is not, wants and wants not. Malem is one of those. But we should remind him that he is only talking about one interpretation of Islam-I + II.

Another fault is that Muslims do not form subgroups with clear conditions upon membership with the possibility of revoking membership of persons of this subgroup in Islam, who repeatedly, deliberately go against, in word and deed, it's clear formulated key tenets.

Because of that failing Muslims are in the Islamic Ummah together with all sorts of liers, deniers, ignorants, stupid and evil people. And it reduces their credibility and trustworthyness to almost zero. even of the well-intentioned, informed, thinking ones.
Editer M .A .Khan
written by Fineliving56 , April 27, 2012
You welcome … I appreciate your encouraging words very much, they gave me an added bost to keep going …thanks

If it was not for the seriousness and tragic the subject is [ Islam ] I would say, my pleasure .

It became a must for me to read not only to learn here in Islam watch, but mostly, to spot and expose Muslim liars who are trying to manipulate and fool People who do not know the Arabic language of Quran by tweaking, adding, omiting and just right out lying to excuse Quran's shameful content .

Reed, have done that and I caught his attempts, many times, but I believe he did know Arabic either and he just wanted to believe in Quran and fooled him self into believing Islam as a true from God.

RZQ and Mulsim and proud are non Arabs who rely on Arabic Imams [ liars] to understand Quran …. they believed in anything they are told … they do not verify for themselves and that is a shame .

Now Malam … he Knows Arabic and he lies to defend his Quran with no success …he distance him self from hadeeth because it is shameful and I do not blame him[ only an idiot would ]

He believes Hadeeth holds Islam Back and make it nothing but a gigantic joke for everyone to have fun and laugh at .

Of course he is not succeeding because Most Muslims believe in Hadeeth and Sirah and he is alone or only few like him …..

I know for sure …. He wouldn't even dare to come out and actually say it out loud, in front most Muslims I know back home … I know they will beat him and force him to admit that Hadeeth is as important as Quran and without it, Islam is not complete ….

this is reality of Islam and Muslims …. but he deny and picks and chooses what he likes from it and ditch the rest …

Your hard work is paying off …… I am so glad you created the chance for me and every one to become part of this movement to expose Islam.

Shukran Jazzelan M Khan
iran marches on...
written by bundypig , April 28, 2012
Liars one and all, muslims can't help themselves

written by malem , April 29, 2012
You know insuating that people are liars is not the best appraoch coming from someone who "apparently" comes on this site to complain about Islam and then says the opposite to her own family. I believe the word hypocrisy is one you should look up prior to presented such hateful comments. I do realize that there is a tendancy to avoid the topic discussion and for personal attacks on this blog, but it doesn't really work

written by Salladin , April 29, 2012
Why jumping to her family Malem? You're insinuating but complains about finelivings wo is insinuating.... according to you? While you speak high of qur'anic teachings, your actions seeme to be the opposite. Am i wrong Malem? She did you a favour. That translation of hers is the right one.
written by Finelivng56 , April 29, 2012
What do you call someone, who is adding a complete sentence to the words of Quran in translation ? .... give me another word to call you that is appropriate for someone who does that and I will use it ... happily .... for now I have to say lying is what you are doing ....

you complained... instead of addressing the fact that you translated the Aya, wrongly, on purpose to fool people and to excuse Quran's short comings.

You are lying again when you say I am lying to my family because I am not ... All my family know of my leaving Islam ... My husband ... My daughter ... her husband ...my 2 sons ...their 2 wives ....my unmarried son who is not Muslim any more He sow through the lies of Islam ....my sister ...her husband [ he is a closet ex Muslim too] ... my Pakistani Muslim friend who she left Islam after I have translated Quran to her what she has been repeating with no understanding what so ever .. and all of the readers here .

if My father and mother and brother were a live I would have told them ... I fear no more ... I used to fear my father ...His back hand slap was his language ... he was not even a devout Muslim ... I think if he was, considering his violent streak, he would have killed my mother... I believe this with every fiber of my being.

So .. as you see I am not living a double life ..... I do not visit Mosques any more ... Of course My husband still a clueless moderns Muslim who is terrified to open the Quran and read and really find out what I am saying is the absolute truth . ... I was ordered to not mention anything against Islam in his house [ as he calls it ] I do that to make peace ... also I feel he has the right to worship what he wants as long as he does not force me to do it which it becomes a deal breaker.

My kids think he did not divorce me or married another wife [ which he understand I will not stand for such a disgusting, slap in the face act] because he loves me ...

As you can see I gave more information then people might want to know ... I did that so you would know that what you are saying about me is wrong .

As simple as Abc
written by Yibel , April 30, 2012
From Abc , April 26, 2012
"Malem, you should take your own advice - use your eyesight, hearing, and brain. It is your responsibility to do so. When people blindly believe in the Qur'an it certainly creates a terrible mess"

says the pagan idolator, yibel!
Surely the joke of the day!

Abc, you have called me a pagan and an idolator.

A pagan is a person who is not a Christian or a Jew. Therefore, I am not a pagan.
Nor do I worship any idols; therefore, I am not an idolator.

However, since Muslims worship a rock and a book, Muslims qualify as idolators. And because Muslims are neither Christians nor Jews, Muslims qualify as pagans.

Islam is also bigotry as it has ZERO tolerance for ALL other political systems and ideologies and Muslims are ordered to make war on unbelievers and hypocrites.

Therefore, Islam is a bigoted, hate-filled, idolatrous pagan sham of a religion. It is also polythestic = having many gods. Some maintain that there are over 300 actual gods named in the Qur'an - with 99 that are official (not counting Muhammad). Since Muslims worship Muhammad, Muslims are committing Allah's most grievous sin - Shirk.

And those in Kuwait must also worship Muhammad's wives - even the bitchy ones (A'ishah and Hafsah) who didn't like it when he messed around with Hafsah's Christian slave Mariam (Q. 66:1-5). Child-bride A'ishah messed around with Safwan b. al-Mu'attal (24:1-11) and went to war against Muhammad Ali, Muhammad's own nephew (Rittah wars). But they are all goddesses now, by royal decree. All bow and worship Allah the moon rock!

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