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Motto of Islam: ‘Thou Shall Not Live in Peace and Harmony’

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Muslims created Pakistan in 1947 fearing that the majority Hindus would not let them live in peace, honor and dignity. Today, it's proven beyond doubt that it is Muslims, who have not let non-Muslims, including Hindus, live in peace and dignity---thanks to the Islamic mantra: Thou shall not live in peace and harmony.

carnage left by Muslim burning and masscre of Christians in Pakistan's gojraTHIS 14th August, Pakistan will be commemorating the 62nd year of running the bloody carnage, which engulfed this region of the subcontinent in the name of its freedom of religious needs and the violence in the name of Islam, which refuses to dissipate.

Yet again, Punjab, the land of five rivers, has witnessed a spate of violence against religious communities, in which seven people were burnt alive, and much property with scores of houses was ravaged, ransacked and looted. After 62 years, the perpetrators and the victims have changed, but the motives with their background remains the same: Thou shall not live in harmony.

Gojra massacre of Christian in Pakistan: Trail of carnage and destructionLast weekend around 100 houses were looted, burnt to the ground in and around Gojra in Toba Tek Singh district (a small city in western Punjab). A couple of weeks before this latest incident, dozens of houses were also ransacked and torched in Kasur, while some five months ago, a similar incident occurred in a Christian basti (slum) in Karachi, where about 40 houses were deliberately attacked and the carnage had left the basti-dwellers in complete shock. Some school-going children, deeply struck by the trauma of the terror, are still not able to go to school.

Gojra massacre of Christian in Pakistan: Trail of carnage and destructionAnd, in all these barbarous incidents, the perpetrators were from the Muslim community and the victims were hapless Christians. The violence was fueled by a rumor that ‘members of the minority community had desecrated copies/pages of the holy Quran’.

Whatever be the truth of these allegations, the response was shockingly disproportionate, criminal and barbaric.

An 1947-48, Muslims targeted and massacred the Hindus and Sikhs in order to create Islamic Pakistan and ethnically cleanse them from the newly created Islamic State (to which the Hindus and Sikhs belatedly retaliated). Here too, the Muslim mob targeted the Christian community because of its faith. Such shameful behavior—that in 1947 created deep wounds, which it is yet to heal—is still common in Pakistan and becoming all the more common.

Gojra massacre of Christians in Pakistan: Jihad masscred dead-bodies A number of commentators blame the current levels of intolerance—be it between Sunnis and Shiites or between Muslims and Christians or even the Hindus/Sikhs—on the Islamization policies of late General Ziaul Haq. No doubt, Gen Zia instituted the Hudood Ordinances and blasphemy laws, but the root of intolerant sentiments today goes beyond the questionable laws introduced in the Zia era. Even though Muslim-Christian riots invariably involve the issue of blasphemy Law, the central reason for this carnage, which frequently ensues and engulfs entire communities, is not the law alone, but, in general, a belief that violence in the name of Islam is very acceptable amongst Muslim believers. In Islamic Pakistan, none were brought to justice for the 1947-48 massacres (very few in India), nor were the perpetrators of the 1950s anti-Ahmedi riots. Most of the instigators of Shia-Sunni violence also roam free, while the general tone after attacks on the non-Muslim minorities (Christians, Hindus, Sikhs) has always been of ‘forgiving and forgetting’.

horror of gojra massacre of christians: relatives mourn the deadWhen a major attack on Christians took place in November 2005 in the Sangla Hill violence in Punjab, a committee was put into place to bring communal harmony by involving moderate Muslim thinkers/ politicians/ scholars in writing a full report of the incident for the National Council for Interfaith Dialogue, led by the formidable Fr. Francis Nadeem, representing the Christian side. During these dialogues, many reconciliation sessions/ meetings between its members took place, and the tone of all these meetings was so conciliatory that it would amount to encouraging the same crime. At every meeting/session, it was heard that “next time, we will not do this or that or...”

relatives mourn the dead of christians burned alive by Muslim mob in GojraI don’t know to whom the laws of blasphemy were supposed to apply, but the intent was to stop the crime. Tragically, blasphemy cases (allegations/ rumors) have proliferated with time since it promulgation; and actions taken against the accused is most often not by the state but by the vigilantes, maniac Islamic mob, whom the state cannot control. Section 295-B on defiling of copy of the holy Quran says: “Whoever willfully defiles, damages or desecrates a copy of the Muslim Holy book or an extract there from, or uses it in a derogatory manner or any unlawful purpose, shall be punishable with imprisonment for life”. But the punishment has been inflicted without trial on people, who had nothing to do with it.

After great many such hearings, promising next time this and that, I always wondered what these people would do the next time there was such an allegation! If they do not torch their houses, will they just shoot them? Also, why is there always a mention of a ‘next time’? Why should there ever be a ‘next time’?

mourning the dead christians of gojra, punjab massacreGiving compensation to the victims (which was done in Shantinagar in 1997 and Sangla Hill in 2005) will never solve the problem, since there is always the threat of a ‘next time’, such as occurred in the latest Kasur and Gojra carnages (also compensation offered).

The sense of loss, the fear of another attack and the trust lost can perhaps never be reclaimed, as the victims forever live in perpetual shock and fear of a next time. As long as the perpetrators are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and exemplarily punished, as well as serious measures taken by the government to ensure rapid and decisive response to such events, these incidents will continue to happen. Suspending police officers is only a piecemeal initiative. Prosecution for inciting and perpetrating violence, murder, civil unrest and terrorism are measures, which will exhibit seriousness of the government in tackling this menace.

In addition to the blasphemy allegations, the other thing common to the attacks is that, they have so far been very well-planned.

  • No unruly mob consists of 30,000 people armed with everything from sticks to modern weapons as in Shantinagar...
  • No unruly mob goes and buys sulphuric acid in the nearest big city and then plans an attack such as the one that took place in Sangla Hill...
  • No unruly mob can successfully torch dozens of houses and then escape as easily as in the case of latest Gojra incidents.

Gojra maascre protest As concerns the recent attacks, it is clear that they have been well-planned, either by local extremists or by national or international Islamic groups, whose interpretations of the religion of Islam is markedly different from that of average Muslim thoughts. The failure of the local administrations, which played the usual silent spectator in all these incidents, is totally inexcusable.

Whatever be motive behind a particular attack, it is clear that Islamic intolerance thrives in its grotesque form in Pakistan. Be it against another religion or sect, this attitude is the larger problem in achieving much hyped-up religious harmony. It also partly explains why adherents of a specific faith, that touts itself as the proverbial religion of "tolerance and PEACE", would torch the homes of those outside their religion.

Some 62 years ago, Pakistan was created, because the Muslims of the subcontinent were not confident that India’s Hindu community would allow them to live in peace with full honour and dignity.

Today, it can be said with certainty that it is not the Hindus but the torch-bearers of Islam—who claim that Islam means “peace and tolerance” and that Allah has sent Islam for the good of mankind—who have not let the adherents of non-Muslim faiths peacefully with a semblance of freedom, honor and dignity.

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Islam is the curse from hell
written by Mark , August 10, 2009
Islam not only degenrates the muslims, it also harms all non-muslims. We really pity the christians, hindus, buddhists, bahai living in islam dominated countries or places. Islam is madness or disease. Dont let muslims ruin the western world. Just like saudi arabia make a rule that no muslim can be citizen, no mosque will be allowed and muslims can come to west and go after working for some time, but not more than 3-4 years.
When muslims will go home after seeing the development and peace in western world, they would start questioning islam and there society and they will be the catalyst in shaping and eliminating islam from the societies. I think western leaders should take step to protect us from islam and dont encourage this barbaric culture in western world. The brave apostates from muslim world will not have any place to go and live a good islam free life.
Also in UN western countries should lobby that if in muslims countries if more than 1 % become apostate then muslim countries should give that much land for the apostate and best would be to start building a apostate country in middle east. May be best would be collect all christians, hindu, bahai from middle east and form a new country in between. The christians of Iraq are also ethnically cleansed, let a new small country be formed in iraq and NATO give them protection.
written by lori , August 10, 2009
check this out
peaceful Islam
written by balam , August 10, 2009
Mohammad was a terrorist and following his footsteps the Muslims are also terrorists.These terrorists have got to be confronted head on.In stead of being burnt alive by these animals called Muslims,there is no choice for the Christian but to get united and arm theselves and defend themselves.Just as Israelies being only 5 millions as compared to 300 muslim Arabs has defeated and killed them every time,It is not difficult to defend against these coward Muslims.They have been defeated each time by India and I hope India destroys this cowardly counry and take it back what belonged to them and send these mad Muslims to Arabia.They are the scum of this world and will never learn and change.The only language the Muslims understad is brutal force.Pakistans days seems numbered.It will not be long before it breaks up and goes into oblivion.
I agree with you
written by Farhan , August 11, 2009
I agree with your views. Muslims created Pakistan for their survival but now they are threat to survival of secular India. Muslims always say in Hindi, 'has ke liya hai Pakistan, ladd ke lenge Hindustan', that means We had taken Pakistan smiling, but will conquer India or Hindustan by fighting. India muslims are the biggest threat to secular India. They are like cancer to our society. May Lord take them and Rest them In Pieces becoz they cant rest in peace.
written by Russ Fuoss , August 12, 2009
If we would just look back at the MO of these people we can see how Muslims, especially the Palestinians, play the role of victim, deciever and judge jury throughout their history. Shocking were the events that played out in the Armenian Genocide, and this sounds unsuprisingly the same.
I lived in Lahore for three years
written by Don , August 12, 2009
What we read and what is reported is just a drop in an ocean of injustices and violence against the Christian communities, mostly in and around Lahore. (I was a free-lance reporter there.) The law does nothing to protect Christians and Christians have no legal recourse, nor will the national press report on their trials and the destruction of their villages, the rapes of their women, the beatings and killings of their men. Any time there ids a slight in the world against Islam: The Pope says something Muslims don't like, cartoons of Mohammed, Salmen Rushdie gets knighted, an American soldier supposedly drops a Koran in the toilet, et al, the Islamic gangs of Lahore attack the Christian villages. Only an international reporter, at risk of life, will get the news out. If caught, he could suffer some very serious blowback in the form of being kicked out of the country, death threats, and being beaten by thugs. Though I was mostly reporting on politics, I did take an interest in the Christian communities around Lahore. I was threatened on several occasions.
Bring it
written by David , August 25, 2009
Hmmm... no pro-islam people in here to answer these charges...

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