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Zaynab and the Beast: Zaynab’s Divine Marriage to Muhammad & Zayd's Life-shattering Loss

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How Allah's sanction to Muhammad's marriage to his daughter-in-law Zaynab relegated marriage simply into an institution of satiating sexual desire; how it was for Zayd, Zaynab's former husband and the prime loser in this divine drama, a life-shattering experience; and how Muhammad paved shattered Zayd's demise from the world soon afterward????

"Your marriages were arranged for you by your fathers, but my marriage was arranged for me by Allah from above the seven heavens" -- Zaynab to Muhammad’s other wives

The above assertion was Zaynab’s claim to fame, which no other woman had been able to match. Indeed, no other woman was privileged to have her marriage and family life planned for her by Allah, and carefully documented in the preserved tablet and the Quran. Zaynab’s ‘divine’ marriage was not a private matter because its implications still affect the life of Muslims. As a corollary to satisfying Muhammad’s sexual desires, Allah had to ban the highly moral practice of adoption, and introduce, instead, a morally corrupt legislation that allows women to breast feed adult men. Another upshot of this saga is that the Muslims today are still perplexed and divided regarding the wisdom of the ‘barrier (~hijab) verse’ that in effect locks women behind the dark shields of Islam. The historical events mentioned in this article are well-documented in the Quran and reputed sira (prophetic biographies); no Muslim can question their authenticity. The analysis, however, is mine and an attempt to read the small prints to understand that famous Islamic love, or rather lust, story.

Zaynab Bintu Jahsh was related to Muhammad from her mother’s side. Being twenty-three years younger than Muhammad, he must have had seen her many times as a young girl in Mecca, and noticed her good looks, which explains why he had chosen her as a wife for Zayd, his adopted son.

Zayd Ibn Haritha was an Arab slave, who was given as a gift to Khadija, Muhammad’s first wife. Muhammad inherited Zayd after Khadija’s death and because he liked him so much he adopted him. The tradition of adoption in Arabia, highly respected by the Arabs, ruled that the adopted children enjoy the same rights as the natural children. Zayd demonstrated exemplary obedience and loyalty to his master and served him with extraordinary devotion. In return Muhammad treated Zayd well, indeed, so well that he eventually adopted him.

muhammad zaynab saga

The marriage of Zaynab and Zayd took place in Medina around the year 629 CE, when Muhammad had turned a renowned political leader in Arabia. Some Muslim traditions claim that Zaynab and her brother objected to the marriage on the ground of the superiority of her class to that of Zayd. Those traditions also claim that Zaynab really wished be married to Muhammad, not to Zayd. While it is understandable that Zaynab may have wished to marry Muhammad, who was the most important figure in Medina, there are doubts about the class issues because Zayd, once adopted, had automatically acquired the social class of his adopting father. Besides, Zayd was not an African slave but an Arab, who was captured in war.

The marriage was agreed and the couple lived in a house of their own in Medina. One day, while Zayd was away, Muhammad paid an unexpected visit to the couple’s quarter. While waiting at the door, a gentle wind blew a lightly woven curtain revealing a nearly naked figure of Zaynab inside the house. Muhammad was struck by the attractive figure of near-naked beautiful Zaynab, and went away saying: “Praise be to Allah, who can change how the heart feels”. The meaning of this ‘prayer’ is that Muhammad’s feeling toward Zaynab is now different from what it was, when he asked her to marry Zayd. In other words, he wasn’t attracted to her before, but now he is. What has changed in Zaynab that made Muhammad feel attracted to her? Obviously, when Muhammad peeped at Zaynab, he did not ‘see’ a change in her personality, but a nearly naked woman with a sexy figure. Zaynab told her husband of what happened, including what Muhammad had uttered as he left.

Accidents involving male and female members of the same family seeing each other in embarrassing positions or situations tend to happen in most households. The persons involved try to ignore the recollection or forget it completely without allowing it to have any negative consequences on their lives. What happened at the door of Zaynab would’ve passed without any far reaching consequences, had the person at the door been a man other than Muhammad.

The culture of strict sexual segregation practiced in the Gulf States, and some other Muslim countries, make some Muslims behave like wild sexual beasts. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the mere sight of a woman’s leg can be sexually-arousing experience to men. Women without total coverings were described by Australian Imam, Taj al-Hilaly, as uncovered meat; in other words, mouth-watering meals to would-be predators. However, it is hard to imagine that a man in his fifties, with many wives and sex-slaves at his disposal, would become a sexual monster at the sight of his daughter-in-law in flimsy dress.

There is nothing unusual for a man to see, accidentally, his daughter-in-law in underwear and Zayd shouldn’t have panicked at all, because it was nobody’s fault. But Zayd knew something the others didn’t know. He spent a lifetime with Muhammad and watched him grow from an insignificant person in Mecca to become a formidable warlord in Arabia, who claimed to have links with Allah. Zayd was not a psychoanalyst, and had no clue about why Allah had chosen his master to become a prophet. Muhammad’s success must have overwhelmed Zayd, who didn’t know how to make the connection between all those odd characters of Muhammad. Probably he thought it was all part of the package of being chosen by Allah. Having served Muhammad for years as a slave and then as a son, Zayd had a fairly good knowledge of Muhammad’s characters. He knew what his master liked and how he thought, and knew of the sex-monster imbedded in his personality. Zayd knew that, once Muhammad had a glimpse of Zaynab’s naked figure and uttered those words, no power on earth could stop him from having sex with her. For Zayd, the situation was a battle impossible for him to fight.

Zayd was so confident of his knowledge of the carnal nature of Muhammad that he had the courage to say to him what would be unthinkable for an ordinary Arab. Zayd panicked and went out looking for Muhammad until he found him, still preoccupied by his sexual fantasies about Zaynab. Zayd openly said to his adopting father, “perhaps you liked Zaynab, in which case I leave her for you”, to which Muhammad responded: “Keep your wife for you”. Of course, Zayd did not mean that Muhammad liked Zaynab as a person but as a sex-object.

Zayd offer his wife zaynab to muhammad

What makes a man to panic and offer his wife to his superior, just because he happened to see her in her underwear? It strikes me with wonder about the amount of fear that generates that courage for a down-to-earth man like Zayd to say something that would so improper, immoral and offending to any man—never mind a prophet of Allah and the chief of Medina! Muhammad’s response springs more surprises. One would expect him to be outraged by the morally offensive offer, but he responded as if he had been offered something to eat: ‘You may keep her! (…and of course, if you persist, I will take it…)’

It is not that Zayd had simply guessed that Muhammad possibly liked Zaynab’s figure, he was dead-sure that he had been infatuated by her beautiful figure; otherwise he wouldn’t have dared ask Muhammad to take his daughter-in-law the way he did.

Similarly Zayd was firmly sure of how much lust Muhammad had developed toward Zaynab; otherwise, he wouldn’t dare suggesting divorce her, paving the way for Muhammad to have sex with her.

Likewise, Zayd was aware that Muhammad was capable of destroying any person, who would dare stand in his way to have what he desired; otherwise, he would never have announce his willingness to hand over his own wife, whom he was supposed to protect.

Zayd was dead-sure that Muhammad would eventually get his way; otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to suggest doing something would put the respected law of adoption in disrepute, which Muhammad, until then, recognized.

From that moment, Zayd knew that Muhammad would do whatever needed to have sex with Zaynab, even if that it be cancelling well-developed Arab law and tradition.

Having lived so closely for over three decades, Zayd had developed his own psychoanalysis of Muhammad’s personality. Muhammad’s generosity and kindness were always for a purpose; in Zayd’s case, they were because of his extraordinary commitment and total obedience to Muhammad. Zayd knew that he shouldn’t read too much into the fact that, he was Muhammad’s adopted son, because even that bondage wouldn’t tame the sex-monster Muhammad was.

Muhammad’s sexual desires towards Zaynab were not the product of the heat of the moment; weeks later, he was still in his world of fantasy about her. He became thoroughly convinced that Zaynab was too endowed to be given to Zayd. As with all other difficult problems Muhammad had faced, he had to use Allah to get his way.

One afternoon, while relaxing in Aysha’s house, closing his eyes and, undoubtedly, thinking of that beautiful figure of Zaynab, he came up with an ingenious solution. He suddenly opened his eyes with a big smile on his face, and said: “who can go to Zaynab and give her the good news? Allah ordered me to marry her”.

This is what Allah had to say:

وَإِذْ تَقُولُ لِلَّذِي أَنْعَمَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَأَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِ أَمْسِكْ عَلَيْكَ زَوْجَكَ وَاتَّقِ اللَّهَ وَتُخْفِي فِي نَفْسِكَ مَا اللَّهُ مُبْدِيهِ وَتَخْشَى النَّاسَ وَاللَّهُ أَحَقُّ أَن تَخْشَاهُ فَلَمَّا قَضَى زَيْدٌ مِّنْهَا وَطَرًا زَوَّجْنَاكَهَا لِكَيْ لَا يَكُونَ عَلَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ حَرَجٌ فِي أَزْوَاجِ أَدْعِيَائِهِمْ إِذَا قَضَوْا مِنْهُنَّ وَطَرًا وَكَانَ أَمْرُ اللَّهِ مَفْعُولًا

[Q.33:37] Behold! Thou didst say to one (i.e. Zaid), who had received the grace of Allah and thy favour: "Retain thou (in wedlock) thy wife, and fear Allah." But thou didst hide in thy heart that which Allah was about to make manifest: thou didst fear the people, but it is more fitting that thou shouldst fear Allah. Then when Zaid had dissolved (his marriage) with her, with the necessary (formality), We joined her in marriage to thee: in order that there may be no difficulty to the Believers in marriage with the wives of their adopted sons, when the latter have dissolved with the necessary (formality) (their marriage) with them. And Allah's command must be fulfilled.

Allah sanctions Muhammad-Zaynab marriage

As usual with translated Quran, the above translation contains serious and deliberate errors, this time, to conceal the rudeness of the original Arabic text. Yusuf Ali, Pikthal and other translators were stuck in the Arabic word ‘watara’ (coloured red), which means desire, want or need. I couldn’t help laughing when I read things like ‘dissolving the marriage’ and ‘divorce formalities’! What formalities were known at the time of Muhammad?

A more accurate translation would be: “when Zayd had finished what he wanted from her”. A man’s need for his wife is a lifelong need; there is no time in a successful marriage, when a man can say to his wife: “now I had accomplished my want from you” unless that man is speaking about sex. In simple language the above verse says: “as Zayd had finished from Zaynab, now it is your turn”.

In remarkable insensitivity to the suffering of Zayd, the prime victim of this whole saga, the above verse starts with a rather impolite reminder about Muhammad’s past favours to him. There is also a perceptible disrespect to women and the institution of marriage, in general, in this verse, as it suggests that Zaynab’s marriage to Zaid was for satiating mere sexual desire. The verse mirrored what was in Muhammad’s mind about Zaynab, and exposed his lack of integrity and his failure to recognize that Zaynab was a “loving” wife to Zayd, not merely a sex-object, like the way Muhammad wanted her for himself.

The section in above verse, “you feared people and it’s Allah whom you should fear”, raises another valid and embarrassing question that has no convincing answer. It is a sin for a Muslim to fear people more than Allah, and in the case of Muhammad, that sin contradicted the very principle of ‘issma’—i.e., his supposed infallible nature as a prophet. However, Muslims, who only see miracles in the Quran, come with this explanation to this issue: “this verse is a miracle that proves the Quran is from Allah, because had Muhammad authored the Quran he wouldn’t write something in it that implicates him”. Muslims do not grasp the idea that the Quran is Muhammad’s own thoughts spoken loudly. It is normal for people to kick themselves if they feel they made the wrong decision. In the above verse, Muhammad kicked himself, because he shouldn’t have let the fear from the public opinion to delay his decision to have Zaynab for himself.

Zaynab’s saga is one of those many Islamic issues that lie behind the red-line, which Muslims do not like to discuss or debate very often. In their defence, they say the moral of the story is that Allah wanted to put an end to the practice that prohibited the marriage of the divorced wives of the adopted sons. The Arabs have an old saying that describes this explanation: “the excuse is worse than the offence”. Muslims become speechless when they are reminded that Allah could have revealed a verse about the new legislation without having to go into that socially damaging scenario. That is, of course, if we accept that there was something wrong with the old legislation, which there wasn’t.

Out of all his marriages, Muhammad celebrated this one the most, probably the only one he threw a party for. A large number of guests were invited to enjoy free food, courtesy of Muhammad, and the celebrations went on for several days. Muhammad might have regretted that generosity because, one day, after everybody had his food and left, three of the guests stayed behind. Muhammad left them briefly to see his wives, and when returned, he saw they were still engaged in what seemed like an endless gossip. Muhammad was craving to be with Zaynab in bed, but those bad-mannered guests were wasting his valuable time. While waiting impatiently for them to leave, Muhammad must’ve recalled that infamous day, when he saw Zaynab in her underwear. He remembered that gentle wind that blew the lightly-woven curtain away revealing Zaynab’s beautiful figure, which led to his infatuation for Zaynab. Suddenly, Muhammad became alarmed, lest the same happens again, but to others at the door, including those guests, staying late at Muhammad’s home. Muhammad decided to shield Zaynab, and his other wives, with thick, windproof, curtains for added protection. Filled with greed and selfishness, Muhammad sought divine verses, not only to ask those men to leave, but also to stop all his followers from peeping at his wives or marrying them after him. Allah was waiting for Muhammad’s call and immediately revealed this handy verse, with far-reaching consequences for the Muslim woman-folk:

Q. 33:53: “O you who believe! do not enter the houses of the Prophet unless invited for a meal, but not waiting for its cooking being finished, but when you are invited, enter, and when you finished eating then disperse, do not linger for conversation; that would hurt the Prophet, and he would be shy of (asking) you (to go); but Allah is not shy of the truth. And when ye ask of them (the wives of the Prophet) anything, ask it from behind a barrier (a curtain, Arabic for hijab). That is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not for you to hurt the messenger of Allah, nor that you ever marry his wives after him. That in Allah's sight would be an enormity.”

Allah's sanctioning of veiling in Islam

The above verse is now famously known as the Hijab Verse. As we can see it has nothing to do with the hair or head scarves. How many of those Muslims, who read the Quran every day, noticed that? So far, I met none!

The end of Zayd

Moral principles, ethics and human integrity were all losers in this tale, but Zayd was t he main victim because he lost his beloved wife and family life. Unlike Muhammad, Zayd did not consider Zaynab as a sex-object, but his only wife and partner for life and his entire family. He must have had struggled with his inner sense of loss and disappointment that it was divine will that broke down his family, robbed him of his beloved wife, and give her to Muhammad, who already had a number of wives and sexual partners. A blow of that magnitude would devastate any person regardless of his will-power or ability to endurance. But for Allah, punishing Zayd, it seems, wasn’t harsh enough as yet, as the Almighty delivered next shattering blow to Zayd in revealing verse Q.33:4:

....nor has He made your adopted sons your sons...

This verse delivered the final blow to Zayd’s only remaining comfort as concern Muhammad in that the warm fatherly bondage that Zayd had developed for over three decades, which was still connecting him to Muhammad, was also destroyed with the stroke of this divine revelation. With this verse, Zayd became an abandoned man, who not only lost his wife and father, but also his future and social standing. Totally, heartbroken and let down by Allah and his messenger, Zayd had to settle with the lie that he too was a winner because his name was mentioned in the Quran. His only option was to live in the shadow of the man, who was behind all this, to sing his praise and love him more than he loved himself, which Allah, indeed, demanded of all Muslims [Q 33:6]:

The Prophet is more worthy to the Believers than their own selves...

As to Muhammad, who got everything he wanted, there remained one tiny blemish that kept spoiling the pleasure of his greed. That was those sad looks from the eyes of Zayd. After his marriage with Zaynab, Muhammad didn’t see in Zayd anything more than a reminder of his insatiable hunger for sex. Zayd, once Muhammad’s loving adopted son, is no longer welcome in the world of Allah’s perfect man. Zayd had to go.

In 629, Muhammad decided to send Zayd to his final trip. He sent him with a small unprepared and poorly equipped army of around three thousands men to Muta, in present-day Jordan. From the beginning, the mission was doomed to fail because of the superiority of the Roman army in numbers and equipment. Muhammad assigned Zayd to hold the flag, which made him the first to be targeted by the enemy. The humiliating defeat was no surprise, neither was the fact that Zayd was one of the first to be killed in that battle.

And Muhammad lived happily ever after!

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Very Good
written by Manish Kumar , August 13, 2009
This article shows the true character of Prophet Mohammad, who was a man full of lust. Sex was his only intention. He cannot be messenger of God. How can Muslims praise a rapist? His crimes are really very serious, which show his lust for sex. By watching his own daughter in law in underwear he became ready to marry her. Even a hardcore criminal would not do such an heinious act.
Which beast was the worst?
written by Shafee al-Zindig , August 13, 2009
Zayd ibn Haritha was the same swinish thug who killed the female tribal leader Umm Qirfa by having camels rip her apart. Not much to chose between him and his disgusting prophet. One gave the orders and the other carried it out.

This is Islam in action where women of authority could never be allowed to exist. So much for Islam giving women rights. What a sick joke.

Zayd was no victim but merely Muhammad's docile slave. No sympathies for this thug from me. I am glad his randy prophet screwed both him and his wife.
Zaynab and the BEAST
written by balam , August 13, 2009
Mohammad had an insatiable urge for sex because of his mental illness.He simply could not control this urge.Sex helped him to get revelations.Once he had one night stand with UM Hani,Abu-Talibs daughter and his cousin.His followers were quite concerned .When they caught with him,instead of telling them the truth,he came up with Verse ! Sura17 .He explained how he rode Burak-with the face of a woman with make up on, and back side of a horse.It was actually Um-Hani ,he was riding.With each stroke ,he felt in next heaven and with the seventh,he felt in the seventh heaven.It is all cock and cunt story only for idiots to believe.
written by IK , August 13, 2009
Interesting article. I never thought of relating the end of Zayd's life with Muhammad's affair. Zayd was actually a pawn in the hands of Muhammad. he was a complete cult follower. In any case, this article reminded me of Uriah the Hittite plight in the old testament:

there are some remote similarities, but interesting. Both Zayd and Uriah were pretty much murdered by their leader.
thank you
false story written by Muhammad\'s enemies in 170t
written by Dr Pakistan , August 13, 2009
i am proud to be a muslim... actually a learned muslim.. i know all these kind of stories are false...oly Quran is uthentic with the correct translation... Muhammad is was d will remain great... whether you believe it or not.... we all muslims will love him always...
respect for Muhammad always
written by Dr Pakistan , August 13, 2009
smilies/cheesy.gif All praises to Allah that he chose a great prophet like Muhammad for us...
lust syndrome
written by wagamama , August 13, 2009
Muhammad suffered from lust syndrome.... What a shameful, dirty ba$tard he was. He couldn't differentiate between a 6-yr old (Aisha) and daughter-in-law (Zainab). Show him any female (could be animal also), his lust would eat up his brain.

World's dirtiest rascal = Muhammad :0 smilies/cheesy.gif
Hello Mr Pakistan
written by Roy sylvester , August 14, 2009
Hello Mr Pakistan,
If you love your Mohammed so much, and are a learned man, why dont you show your true name. Are you ashamed to refer yourself defending Islam and Mohammed. If you love him give your name, address i want to meet and discuss with you about the False Prophet Mohammad.
written by brijesh , August 14, 2009
Hello Dr Napakistan of the napak pakistani biradari. Just becoz of your Islamic values you are at the same place as you were 62 years ago. See where India has reached. You napak irado wale pakistani shut your mouth and try to solve your own problems rather than wobbling here.
written by vbv , August 17, 2009
Harharharharharharrr!...... This so-called 'prophet' of islam is after all an immoral,lecherous bastard,who lusts for others' wives and children! What a monster this lout must have been! Phew, he stinks in every way you think and this has been illustrated rather picturesquely in the cartoon!
written by Abraham Stubenhaus , August 18, 2009
Interesting, is it not,? that this ala who is supposedly the creator of the universe, could not figure out anything better or deeper, than to have a heaven where sex is the biggest thing he could think of for the after life??!!
That is the extent of his abilities????!
As fearless outsiders, we know the truthis that sex is the biggest thing that Mohamed could ever think of not ala at all. So, Mohamed is so hung up on sex (holy prophet), that he gives himself permission to have sex with more than 21 wives, and then he decides that heaven also has sex because he can't handle thinking about anything higher than sex.
What a load of total bull!!! And he is supposed to bea leader??! It is laughable that almost a billion people believe this garbage!! No wonder they all hate women and then the dumb women who get their clitorises cut off runaround claiming how wonderful it is. More Bull. Next, they will tell us how Louis Farakhan is right, that there really is a mother ship up there. Mr. Farakhan also claimed that he was abducted and taken to a huge UFO from a smaller UFO, and that one was the mothership. Now, anyone who reads this, and doubts the authenticity, should take a minute and do a search of "Louis Farakhan" (you know, the one who hates whites and Jews), and after Mr. Farakhan's name, you just also type in "mothership". and then check it out guys; I kid you not.
Then (now this is crucial), realize that Mr. Louis Farakhan was honored at a dinner. At that dinner was a known supporter of the PLO and other terrorists organizations, andhis name is Rashid Khalidi. And therewere only two couple sittingat that particular table at Farakhan's honor dinner....Mr. andMrs. Khalidi and Mr. and Mrs. Obama. In fact, the Khalidis are so close to the Obamas that they used to babysit the Obama girls.
Listen, I have so much research done on them, I just can't even write one twentieth of it here, even if I wrote another ten pages, but nobody is going to care because Mr. Obama has a smart shield blocking him from the press.
Mr.Obama hired Rohm Emanuel who is Jewish, so if anyone questions Mr.Obama, he can always say. "Look, if I would be against the Jews, why would Mr. Emanuel be my Chief of Staff?"
written by john , August 19, 2009
Its quite unbelievable , how can a man who is so much lustful can be accepted as a prophet, from the fact that Islam is growing its proving that the world can be forced to accept corruption saying lies, what a tragedy.
i support u
written by dr muslim , August 19, 2009
[Dr Muslim, please write in proper English. Else, you comments would be deleted]

u r rite dr muslim we muslims r proud to be a muslims wat eve dey r speaking false one this is becuase dey r looser n indirectly dey r removing der eagerness fr a women by fasinatin OUr PROPHET MOHD n WOMENS God send them all to hell. who wrote such an Abusive things bt still it didnt hurted to us dis is becuase we knw what is truth.
ignorant commentors
written by muhammad , August 21, 2009
you people dont even know who prophet mohammad is.. u are the sick ones not him he was the best prophet sent to earth moses and jesus notified people he was coming after them...
just read about islam and then comment all these stories are false and just want to hurt muslims. islam is the right religion to everyone.. if u read the real quran and read the real stories then u can judge not when u read crap like this... and y would u cuss our prophet out and make fun of him since we never cuss jesus out or other prophets.. u know y because u r ignorant and we are the right poeple we respect all prophets and believe in them...
Ali Sina
written by vartan sepanian , August 21, 2009
Hi MR. Ali Sina i like your site you are giving live saveing truth to muslames. i believe in Jesus.He proof he is who he is.what you think of him.thank you for your time vartan .
written by muhammad , August 21, 2009
go learn proper english and then come and talk... if u r really into jesus u should know that he said that prophet mohammed was comin after him anyways if u dont wanna believe this well wait until the judgement day and u will regret everyword u said when u see the truth in front of u
written by muhammad , August 21, 2009
u r the most ignorant ive ever seen ...wow im so amazed there is people who actually judge a whole religion and a whole population just from seeing a stupid and false story someone made up ...mmm just an advice for u go do some research and think again...thats the poeple's problem these days they believe what they hear but never make sure...
written by muhammad , August 21, 2009
first of all i think u should do more deeper researches, when the prophet got married to aisha she was previously married and wasnt 6 yrs old at all. just read more form the riht stuff and ull understand ..im srry ur brains rusted from not using them
written by khan , August 21, 2009
hey.. who the hell are you? do you think you are a brave and good man? tell me where and when should i meet you...? and come with any topic which u want to discuss.. later you'l b ging back with frustrations and humiliation...
written by Ashraf , August 22, 2009
Zayd bin Harith was a freed slave. Prophet Muhammad personally arranged the marriage of his cousin Zaynab to Zayd. According to Arab traditions, a noble Arab woman could not marry a slave. From very early on in during the Jahiliyya, the period of ignorance in Arabia before Islam, the enslaved were seen as second class citizens; they were looked down up and denigrated. These people, regardless of having acquired freedom, were unable to overcome the inherent class barrier in society due to the wrongful perception that had been etched into people's minds. Arabs placed a great deal of significance on lineage; they classified and evaluated people not on their personal accomplishments and traits, but the lineage which they came from. For this reason, the Holy Prophet began with his own family members in abolishing this old tradition and perception. This application would ensure that the old tradition would be erased.

As well known, one of Rasulallah's methods of delivering the message was through his personal application of commands and restrictions ordered by Allah; if he was unable to or did not have to opportunity to apply the commandments himself, we would have his relatives apply the command or restriction. This is because for the Messenger of Allah, no factor should give one exceptionality or privilege, with the exception of the fear of Allah or taqwa. The Quran confirms this, saying, "Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you." (Surah Hujurat (49):13). But the belief of privileged class, which had been continuing since the times of Jahiliyya, needed to be abolished. And this ban needed be realized through one of the most sensitive issues: marriage.

Zaynab, who was the daughter of our Prophet's aunt who migrated to Medina and Abdullah bin Jahsh, was a good candidate for a marriage that would be exemplary. One day, when Zaynab's potential marriage was being discussed, our Prophet ruled that the time had come for an old and bad custom to be abolished and asked for Zaynab's hand in marriage for his adopted son, Zayd. But neither Zaynab nor his brother Abdullah welcomed the idea of a noble and free woman marrying a freed slave. They both asked Prophet Muhammad whether someone like him would be suitable for their family. For them the daughter of a noble man could not marry a freed slave. Zaynab even went a step further and actually said that she will not marry someone like Zayd. So strong were the traditions and customs of that time that Zaynab's family refused the request of even Rasulallah.

Despite the fact that Prophet Muhammad emphasized Zayd's value in Islam and for himself, as well as his noble person from both this father's and mother's sides, they didn't want fort his marriage to take place. Consequently, the following verse was revealed: "It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any option about their decision: if anyone disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path." (Surah Al-Ahzab (33);36).

Zaynab agreed to this marriage in order to follow the orders of Allah and Rasulallah. However, she was just not able warm up to Zayd, and therefore in a continual state of unease. And at times she didn't hesitate to put into words her superiority over Zayd. In reality, neither side seemed happy in this marriage. Because this marriage took place in the absence of emotions, a true union did not take place and about a year later Zayd consulted with Prophet Muhammad, stating that he could no longer continue with this marriage. Our Prophet was pained to hear this and he said, ""Retain thou (in wedlock) thy wife, and fear Allah." (Surah Al-Ahzab (33):37,) meaning think about how serious a matter divorcing a woman is in addition being an issue which requires responsibility in the eyes of Allah. This is because "The most despised thing in the eyes of Allah is divorce." (Abu Dawud, Talaq, 3).

Despite the advice given to them by Rasulallah, Zayd and Zaynab could not make it work. Despite Zayd's upstanding qualities that could have made him a commander, his past a slave always belittled him when juxtaposed with Zaynab, who was from one of Mecca's noblest families. Consequently, Zayd made a final decision to divorce his wife whom he did not wish to be with, thereby making Zaynab bin Jahsh available.

After some time had elapsed, it became time for yet another bad custom to be abolished. This particular custom was the treatment of adopted children as though they were biological children and their wives to be treated like actual daughter-in-laws
this principal brought on by Islam, would in certainty become put into practice through him. As a matter of fact, the Quran states the following: "But thou didst hide in thy heart that which Allah was about to make manifest: thou didst fear the people, but it is more fitting that thou should fear Allah. Then when Zaid had dissolved (his marriage) with her, with the necessary (formality), We joined her in marriage to thee: in order that (in future) there may be no difficulty to the Believers in (the matter of) marriage with the wives of their adopted sons, when the latter have dissolved with the necessary (formality) (their marriage) with them. And Allah's command must be fulfilled." (Surah Al-Ahzab (33: 37).
Zaynab bint Jahsh is among the most oft spoken of wives of Prophet Muhammad. Throughout history, the enemies of Islam, particularly ill-intentioned Orientalists, would manipulate the facts on Zaynab's first marriage as well as her marriage to Prophet Muhammad, wanting to attack our Prophet Muhammad through these events.

Zaynab's marriage to our Prophet following her divorce from Zayd created gossip. This marriage was criticized for Zayd being the Prophet's adopted son and back-biting spread among people who said that our Prophet married his own daughter-in-law. Despite this matter being legalized in the Holy Quran, people, through word of mouth, spoke about the issue using made-up narratives, some people even uttering inappropriate words based on these unreliable narratives. These slanders actually went into Islamic literature and became sources for Orientalist scholars.

Narrations from old sources are to the effect that Prophet Muhammad was overtaken by Zaynab's beauty and consequently divorced Zayd and Zaynab, facilitating Zaynab's marriage to himself, thus leading to his union with her. The narrations, which are outside of the realm of logic, in many ways contain contradictions are not considered to be reliable. Ibn Kathir (death: 774/1373) and Ibn Arabi (543/114), in many of their works, contain criticisms of these sources when recalling these narratives, stating that it is not possible for these narratives to be sahih (reliable and truthful) based on their chain of narration and content; they cautioned on this matter which are considered to be valid for scholastic travelers of today.

Orientalists of today such as Leone Caetani, Emile Dermenghem and Claude-Etienne Savary, attacked Prophet Muhammad, using and distorting this historic and social event as the reason. Some Islamic historians such as Ibn Ishaq (150/76smilies/cool.gif, Ibn Sa'd (203/845) and Tabari (310/922) used these narrations without holding them the science of narration. They put forth these narratives without taking into consideration the custom abolished from the Jahiliyya, and the revolution which took place via Islam and without consideration of the Prophet's purpose in doing so. We should note here that certain researchers who possess fairness such as John Davenport, Montgomery Watt and Maxime Rodinson approached the topic in a realistic and just fashion
written by Ashraf , August 22, 2009
you people do it and talk about our prophet(P.B.U.H.) doing wrong translations and all..
it was all fortold in qur'an, don worry you unblelievers count your days, the day of judgement is coming soon.. you will definitly know the truth you can not do anything coz Allah is almighty, all hearer and all knower.. but stop talking bad of our prophet, cz he spent his whole lie for mankind... how much he suffered for the sake of us.. do not let yourselves be cursed.. think properly..
Charlie Manson
written by Worry01 , August 22, 2009
You sound like a follower of Charles Manson. Do you have anything to say that relates to the article?
Can refute the Qu'ranic passages?
written by Worry01 , August 22, 2009
"Zaynab's marriage to our Prophet following her divorce from Zayd created gossip. This marriage was criticized for Zayd being the Prophet's adopted son and back-biting spread among people who said that our Prophet married his own daughter-in-law. Despite this matter being legalized in the Holy Quran, people, through word of mouth, spoke about the issue using made-up narratives, some people even uttering inappropriate words based on these unreliable narratives. These slanders actually went into Islamic literature and became sources for Orientalist scholars. "

What self-serving nonsense. If the prophet molested dogs you would find some holy justification for it. You can scrub and paint turd all you want, it is still shit in the end. What Mohammed wanted, Mohammed got, and Allah never seemed to stand in the way of Mohammed's self-interest.
written by Worry01 , August 22, 2009
Mohammed had a whole plethora of wonderful things he did to women. Do you really want to bring all of that out? And, if that is all put before you for examination, will you squeal, "no, no, no," and run away?
written by Worry01 , August 22, 2009
Could you actually learn to write in something resembling English? If not, maybe your caregiver could help you. Finally, just asserting something to be wonderful is not proof of it. The article does cite verses. Can you?
written by R A Khan , October 11, 2009
These kinds of things are false, we are muslim and proud to be. Read Quran and find out the answers of your questions and then tell us is it true or false, islam is the religion of peace.

required any clarification, leave your scrap....
written by kjhsø , October 30, 2009
hate all of you who have write frong about Muhammad.
we love him always
written by Anonymous , June 20, 2010
Thanks for pointing out such harsh truth about Muhammad. I myself was fooled by this prophet's religion for years.

People should know the truth and think deeply.
shou up
written by reshide , June 25, 2010
Do not tell lie.you do not now anything about our beautiful islam.If you want to tell about islam,you read the QURAN and hadis,true islamic books first.may Allah guide you.subhaniallah ,estghpurullah.smilies/angry.gif
written by Yasmine , June 26, 2010
It's really sad that the noble tradition of adoption was discontinued in the large parts of the world because of Muhammad sick mentality. Even today it's difficult for Muslims in India to adopt because Muslim personal law does not recognize adoption.
people can say all they want....but in the end its nothing just a waste of time...
written by abdullah , August 28, 2010
such a low life... im sorry...its the lowest of the low...all of you fell for a sick cartoon like that..... what an idiot.....haha. taking only some phase of quran and mix it with your weak mind is not enough to understand islam.... go on....try give everything you got. in the end all of you kafir gonna rust in hell anyway....so enjoy your earth....coz its just gonna break anytime soon...and for muslimin and muslimat, heaven awaits for us. enjoy your ramadan...assalamualaikum.....smilies/tongue.gif
written by aisha , September 21, 2010
qur'an is a book which is full of lies. muhammed was a sick person who treats women as object of sexual desire.
written by STUPIDS , September 21, 2010
PLease just make a small effort and read the quran before you tell this nonsense.
Muhammad never ever got married to have sex as a final aim.
First of all, every time he gets married it was an order from God and it was not for his personal favour, it was to make more and more people converting to islam, because woman is the origine of life, of families, of societies.
So please educate yourselves before telling nonsense and insulting people.
Absolutely Misleading Trash
written by NooR , October 07, 2010
Did you know that King David took a virgin Abishag when he was 90?

Did you know that Joseph was 90is when he married 12 to 14 year old Mary?

Just to educate you, not to slander Christianity which is an honourable religion. In the Bible there are scores of such marriages and these men are not laughed at or ridiculed.

America is such a hating nation, so propagandized, that they believe everything the Zionist owned media tells them. Yeah, tell something enough time and the people will believe anything and the more outrageous, the better the chance they will believe.

Many of these marriages were for humanitarian or alliance purposes. ‘Aisha and some wives were daughters of powerful chiefs Mohammed need the support of. Others such widows, "taken care of" by Mohammed after their previous husband died.



KhadijahR.A d/o Khuwalid Qureshi Asad Qureysh
40 years
595 AD
25 years

SaudahR.A d/o Zamah Amer Quraysh
50 years
620 AD

AyeshaR.A d/o Abu Bakr Taym Qureshi
16 years
620 AD

HafsahR.A d/o Umar bin Khatab Adee Quraysh
21 years
625 AD

ZainabR.A d/o Khuziama bin Haris Qaisia Amer Banu Suhsah Qureysh
50 years
626 AD

Ume SalmaR.A d/o Khazeefah Abi Ummayah Al-Mughaira Mukhzoom Qureysh
29 years
626 AD

ZainabR.A d/o Jahash Al Assadya Asad Qureysh
38 years
626 AD

JaveriaR.A d/o Haris bin Abi Zarar Mustalak Khazia
Freed slave (Widow)
20 years
627 AD

Ramla Ume-HabibahR.A d/o Abu Sufyan Shams Qureysh
36 years
628 AD

SafiaR.A d/o Haye bin Akhtab Banu Nazir (Jewish)
Freed slave
17 years
628 AD

MaimoonaR.A d/o Haris Ameria Hilalia Amer Sahsah Hilaly Qureysh
27 years
629 AD

written by jesus , January 25, 2011
jesus is sun of the beitch
f****r jesus

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